So much for standing pat


Remember how some Rangers had said they wanted to get on a roll so they wouldn’t have to keep changing lines?

They still feel that way. Problem is, they’re still not on a roll.

So a day after saying he didn’t want to tweak his lines for tomorrow, Tom Renney decided otherwise after watching a tape of the Florida game.

Here are the new lines, which seem like a safe bet for tomorrow against the Pens. Note the reunion of a top line that started out training camp together; the return of Petr Prucha to the lineup after 10 straight games as a healthy scratch; and Lauri Korpikoski moving to the wing:





The defensive pairings stay the same. And the team didn’t practice the power play so it’s too early to tell whether they made any adjustments there.

More in a bit…

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  1. hmm i guess he was trying to give Blozival and Redden some more confidence by not practicing the PP.

  2. Z will be the wing on the first line.

    And give Prucha a shot on the Power Play, something has to change!!! I hope he can prove it on the score board, that he deserves to be out there. If he continues to get checked off the puck he won’t get any ice time. I like Prucha, but for some reason his time has passed as a Ranger. If he was on the Blues/Hurricanes/Blackhawks he would be out there on a nightly basis.

  3. Agree on Prucha, give him some games and see what happens, if he scores some goals, maybe his trade stock will rise a bit.

  4. Finally Z on the 1st line with Gomez and Prucha back in there. It only took Renney 27 games to put his 2 best offensive players on the same line.

  5. Well, although I think Prucha has earned his spot in the press box, it’s good to see Prucha get another shot (can’t be worse then what the 3rd and 4th line has been doing) but Renney picked the wrong guy to sit….Both Orr and Sjostrom have been worthless. Their total lack of offense is a given but neither has provided much of a physical element and both (especailly Sjostrom)have been on ice for a heck of alot of goals against with their weak defensive coverage..but they always get a pass from Renney..Besides we need Orr to fight Pittsburgs big goon…what’s his name…?

  6. And if a 3rd-4th liner like Korp on the 2nd line with a 3rd liner like Cally..and Voros and Prucha on a 3rd line don’t blast our need for a top 6 forward, nothing does..Some horendous planning by Sather and Renney in the off-season has left this team with several big holes (and even a small one like the need for an energy/hitting/agitating player)

  7. I would have swtiched PRucha to the second line and put Cally on the third



    That would have put Prucha on a fast line, and make the 3rd line super nasty. Cally loves to hit, and Voros likes to fight, and dubi does a little bit of both and can score (not lately though)

    Either way, Happy Peter P is in, lets just pray to God he’s put to use on the freaking power play and is given more than ONE game to show he has some scoring touch.

    Now Sather, Go trade Rissmiller, Fritsche and Dawes!

  8. haha Rob L
    Your right, this is Renney.

    He probably consulted a psychic before he he wrote out the lines, jsut to make sure everyones aura was in synch.

  9. Renney may be frozen and mute the whole game as his brain becomes overloaded by trying to give Dubi minutes without giving any to Prucha.

    Just kidding.

    Hey, wouldn’t it be nice if this lineup exploded? Hope they do.

    Go Rangers!

    Come on, Redden. Know how much flake can fit in in the Stanley Cup? A lot! Go get ’em.

  10. It’s great to see Prucha is back in the line up but he needs to be on the top 2 lines. Renney has shown all season that he favors his 4th line over the 3rd line. I doubt Prucha will play more than 5 minutes. He should be on a line with Drury or Gomez, not Voros and Dubinsky.

  11. Howyagonnatellme on

    I like Prucha on the third. He had chemistry with Dubinsky (but really who hasn’t) last year before getting hurt and then being scratched for the rest of the season. His only impressive stint last year was right before his injury, in Jan, when he played with Dubinsky. Voros gives the line size to coumter balance Pru, and it might prevent people from running him. Only problem is both Voros and Prucha like to pick up the garbage goals, and since Voros is the bigger one, will probably be the one in front of the net.

    That line has tons of attitude, though, which is great. Cally would bring that, too, but putting Prucha with Drury did nothing in the beginning of the season, plus thats two small guys on a line together.

    I’m loving Z with Gomez, lets see what they do together. Zherdev might have to let Gomez take over the puck possession though and just worry about cherry picking… will Renney let him do it? Of course not but how fun would THAT be to watch? Only worried about Korpi on wing.

  12. I hate this lineup.
    Z and Gomer are both puck carriers. Which means one line loses its ability to take the puck in the offensive zone cleanly, as Tom said earlier…teams know when things change. So, this means the teams will know to cover the dump and chase method for 3/4 of our lines.

    Dubinsky-third line? Are you kidding me? He’s one of the only 1st or 2nd liners on the team! Lets give 5 minutes to one of our best forwards. This also means no PP time for him. And here goes Dubinsky’s career, just like Prucha’s.

    Prucha-third line? Great! Knowing that the 3rd line only gets 5 minutes of playing time a game this means he will never get the adequate amount of time to get out of his slump.

    Callahan- He is a true 3rd liner. So, put him on the third line.

    The more and more I look at this team, the more I realize the talent that they are missing. Either way, he are my top lines in my head


    Orr’s done nothing recently.

  13. Zherdev-Dubi-Naslund/Prucha

    My first one was a little bit messed up, but now I fixed it.

  14. Where is MiniMan Dawes in those four lines?

    I guess he has earned a spot in the press box with his 2 goals in 19 games.

  15. ThisYearsModel on

    Much better lines. This will result in more speed and energy. I hope Prucha can contribute.

  16. REPOST

    From what I am gathering here and some of my own belief is that as fans we get frustrated with underperformance and a feeling that we are still a “work in progress” after 1/3rd of the season.

    Clearly (nothing new) we have a glut of 3rd liners on this team. Expecting them to be 2nd liners (Cally…forced in there) or high scoring, big contributing 3rd liners (Korpi, Voros, Dawes, Fritsche, Riss, Pru) is misplaced energy because (a) none of them are THAT good and (b) they’d be 2nd liners if they were.

    None of the management would ever admit this. Sather would be admitting his incompetence and Renney would be showing disrespect to Sather. So they sugarcoat crap and give 100s of reasons for “still tinkering” and make up whatever excuses they want.

    Someone proposed it above….what if this team is really a 4th or 5th place team in the conference? Would we be all fired up at a 17 and 8 record? Probably not, I am guessing. But they get off to a rip roaring start and all of a sudden we have Stanley Cup visions.

    Then when the team floats back to reality and the coach and GM start to make BS excuses, we fans are all fired up.

    At the end of the day how would we feel if Renney stood up and said, “We have a strong top 4-5 players, then we have a dropoff to where we probably have 7-8 players who are 3rd and 4th liners. On D, we have two guys getting paid huge who are not pulling their weight.”

    I think we’d be relieved to hear it, pissed off at Sather for being so stupid for all those moves (we already are pissed off though), and saying, “Sounds like Renney has given up.”

    Something to think about.

    BTW, tomorrow night vs Cindy it should be interest to see if this team gets up for playing against one of the top teams.

  17. Eric – True, cally kinda is..and why I like him..but miscast on a 1st or 2nd line….Despite being small, his energy and two-way play belongs on the 3rd line..Maybe with Dubi after we pick up a top 6 forward (SUNDIN?) somehow..

    And why do people keep bumping Sjostrom up to the 3rd line?..The guy has been an offensive zero for about 60 games…Has been having trouble defesnively..and does little physically..SHould be a black ace..

  18. For Prucha, his even-strength line/minutes will mean nothing. Renney needs to insert him on the FIRST power play unit, tell him to set up in btwn the circles and wait for a pass from Gomer (who should be doing all his work below the goal-line, enough of this half-boards-look-to-the-non-existent-point-shot-shit). Why not give the kid a couple of go-rounds – that’s where his VALUE is…..

  19. So Prucha’s decision against going to Hartford has worked out in his favor. Good Move, Pruchs.

    This may be just a showcase for PP because Renney doesn’t like players who don’t kiss his ass. Either way if he scores a goal or two he wins. It will mean either a trade to a team with a better coach, or more playing time here.

    Renney’s reign is drawing to an end. The sooner the better.

  20. Newb,
    Nice post. I completely agree.

    Another thing to think about…if Prucha does score 3-4 goals in 10 games and works hard every game are we really going to want to get rid of him?

  21. Can Dawes be sent down without the whole waivers deal? Does it make sense for him to sit in the press box when he can be playing?

  22. I am glad to see Prucha back in the lineup. But how many
    minutes is he going to get? We all know that our great
    coach will give the Betts line more minutes than Duby’s
    line againt the Penguins. Renney will worry about playing Betts against Crosby all night anyway. Nothing better to Renney than a 0 – 0 game heading for a shootout!!!!!

  23. I have two extremely important questions:

    1.) Do Redden and Rozsival have NTCs?
    2.) Does any GM from the other 29 teams have a substance abuse problem?

  24. a guy having a NTC does not automatically mean that a guy can’t get traded. We’ve all seen players in all the major sports get moved with NTC. They usually want some kind of compensation or extension for waving a NTC.

  25. What the HECK,

    Maybe it’s good to have Z and Gomez together — that way every opposing player doesn’t immediately know that who exactly is going to move the puck. Having one designated guy per line may be a problem, not a boon.

  26. About time Renney put Naslund and Zherdev with Gomez. I agree with others who stated they’d put Cally with Dubi and Voros and Prucha with Drury and Korpedo.

  27. Chris,
    On that note, maybe our one line might flourish a little bit more, while the other three suffer tremendously? Does not sound like a good trade off to me.

  28. Yo what the HECK , I started to agree with you on the 2 puck carriers on the same line as in Z and Gomer . But then I was thinking …Its harder to read who is gonna rush up the ice on that line . It could be a good thing now . Gomez with Z and Naslund is how I said yesterday I would start my PP with Dubinsky and Staal on the points. Heck , I was thinkin the lines were good for now from this switch but I 100 percent agree with you about Dubinsky not being on there , Heyyyyyy thats right , why give dubi 3rd line minutes!!?? OMG this is getting really shitty.

    Hospo , looks like you don’t watch the games? Shoey is a dam good hockey player and tries really hard. Hes agressive and has moves. Your statement on him makes me puke.

    oh yeah and HECK …Cally is more than a 3rd liner . He shows heart , skill and is very young remeber , we dont want him stunted like Prucha and hopefully it dont happen to Dubi . We were dead in the water if Cally didnt steal that puck in Prauge and score the game winning goal. Maybe on Detriot he would be a 3rd or 4th.

  29. I really hope Prucha goes out there and scores a few. I never understood why this organization did so little to accomodate him. They throw him out there once every two weeks as trade bait. He’s a goal scorer and he’s one of the hardest working players on the team since 05-06. I know he’s kind of a casualty of team reconstruction, and I hope he ends up getting traded somewhere that’s a good fit for him.

  30. Yeah Chris I agree , thats what I was thinking …Hey 1 line that scores is better than none.

  31. Greg,
    The same comment I said to Chris applies to you…

    Also, I love Callahan. I think he is one of our best hitters and works super hard for everything. That being said, he doesn’t have the best skill set to work with but makes his talents through hard work…therefore third liner. And I would never want to trade Callahan. He is one of my untouchables.

  32. I am thinking that, unless there is truth to what Zip is pushing about Sundin coming and they need to just offload players, i think we can expect to see Prucha, Riss, and either Dawes or Fritsche packaged up for something…..any thoughts

  33. YAYAYAYAY my wish FINALLY came true. Naslund/Gomez/Zherdev
    together. Christmas came early. I have them all on my fantasy roster LOL ;)

  34. You can change the lines and the lineup until the cows come home. Until this team practices the PP they are nothing but pretenders. Really,these guys would benefit most from practicing nothing but the PP for the next 2 weeks.

  35. At least Prucha is back on the right side. That might be the first time this season. I am hoping Renney will just rotate the three forward lines on the power play, but somehow I know that won’t happen. Otherwise, stick someone like Zherdev back at the point to open up a forward spot to Prucha.

  36. This is me just thinking way way way outside the box… but maybe the PP guys are discouraged because in practice they cant score either. Between facing Hank/Valli and our rather dominant PK group its probably not that great for their confidence.

    Now, I dont think thats the case… but it was a thought that crossed my mind so I figured I’d throw it out here.

  37. I’d like to see this line on the powerplay


    Nazzy and Dubi can cycle the puck down low and on the side-boards all day long while zherdev can QB from the point. Girardi has been pretty good and decisive from the point lately and getting pucks to the net. Prucha can then plant himself in front of the net/in the slot and pick up the garbage

  38. The POWERPLAY SHOULD BE DRILLED EVERYDAY and memos should have been given out during the offseason because we have all heard this song and dance before .Hell we never knew who we would end up with before the season started , so It is back to scratch for the PP .

    Heres an interesting thought :

    If a coach uses his exact line , lets say the second line as a POWER PLAY unit and it can’t do nothing on the powerplay with the other team down a man , that maybe if it can’t get it done with an advantage then it probally gonna be worse at even strength. Am I right or what?

  39. whats up everyone? just thought id throw it out there that has an internet coupon for 70 percent off. ALLOFF70. gonna get some stuff. shipping is a flat rate of 10 bucks, so id order in bunches i guess.

    heres hoping prucha can do some damage! i love watching that kid play when hes on.

  40. Hit people…
    Crash the net…
    Skate and shoot…

    Its all physical; I know people get sick of the Renney criticisms but man; here we wait while the professor keeps juggling around all the same guys- HE’LL FIGURE IT OUR!

    It doesn’t matter w/o passion and agression theyre doomed to mediocrity…this is hockey not frickin’ chess

  41. Plus if you play the your regular lines as a POWERPLAY unit you can’t give the other team a different look. The POWERPLAY is the time when a team puts all it’s eggs in its own basket. The second unit is usually a thrown together group of whos left . Pern has being oblivious to this and teams read what were doing. It doesnt take a genious to watch a RANGER highlight of the game before to see Gomez rushing up the ice and that were using relar lines as POWERPLAY units. What ever the lines are that night , you can bet to see the same on the POWERPLAY units. Absolutly sick.

  42. Does anyone know if Z or Dubi has a good slap shot or not. I’ve seen Dru take a couple so far (and he’s not very good at them), but it seems like Dubs and Z stick to wristers. I know it cant hurt to change things around, but I just don’t see anyone that can play the point position except for our D. Worth a try though

  43. The power play cost the Rangers 10 points last year. This was due to – in large part the work of Jagr. Not a criticism but…

    Jagr controlled play along the half boards for most of the first minute and usually 30 seconds into the second minute. This caused two problems. First, it was easy for other teams to prepare for that Jagr/half-boards setup. It did not help that Jagr’s control of play did not yield enough shots from the points and generally did not generate much in the way of puck movement. Second, it left less than a minute for the second unit to get on and get setup. This had the effect of creating a single unit that could be scouted and defended.

    This year it is the same result without Jagr because there is still not enough puck movement and not enough shots from the points.

  44. Note,
    WRONG! Jags was not a problem on the PP at all. Its the way that everyone played. If people moved for Jags then it would be just as effective if they moved now. Jags has been the best Rangers since Leetch. Plus who cares about that now…we need to worry about this years team

  45. Unrelated tot he topic at hand… but:

    I sometimes see people responding to the post of another person, but I cant find that persons comment when Im viewing the blog. Are some posts removed? or am I just missing something? (could easily be the latter of the two)

  46. What is the over/under on Prucha either A) receiving a bone crushing hit or B) trying to deliver a big hit that lands him on the ice and out of position?

    My guess is within the first 12 minutes.

  47. What the Heck

    The comparison is that the PP has new personnel but the same result. There is not enough puck movement or shots.

    If you don’t think Jagr was responsible for that last year, too bad.

  48. Pavel,

    The last thing NYR need to do is give Cindy any reason to cry to the ref. He does enough of that already.

  49. The power play was pretty good when it was Jagr, Straka, Sykora, Nylander, Rucinsky. But when Shanahan came, and then Drury and Gomez, they split it in to two groups, so one line had to come off after 1 minute. Thus the penalty killers could change, and weren’t tired against power play group 2. Despite Joe Micheletti always saying that Shanahan and Drury were the shooting power play, that is not true, as evidenced now. Once again, the coaches messed up a good thing by trading away scorers and interfering with proven offensive players’ style. Renney can’t coach offense.

  50. The Russian Diva on

    Why is everyone so anti-Fristche?

    He plays hard and is a solid third liner. He’s much more valuable than Backmann or Tyutin so it was a solid pickup. In the games he’s played he did what he had to do. He was somewhat productive unlike Prucha.

  51. Why does Renney say Prucha is not in game shape? Aren’t they always talking about how the healthy scratches and recuperating players have to do so much extra conditioning? What happened to that? Very convenient that Renney forgot about that. The reality is that they wanted to bury Prucha in the minors to get his salary off their roster, and good for him for wanting a trade or to play.

  52. Fritsche was a throw in on a trade. He’s nothing special and hasn’t really cost the Rangers a thing.

    I don’t doubt that Sather thought between Fritsche, Voros, Rissmiller or Sjoestrom that one would click or have a breakout season – all on the cheap. Like playing a bunch of longshots at the track.

  53. Wtf is going on with this team?! Renney just watched the video and decided to change the lines?! I’m baffled.

    I think the genius of Tom Renney (staal wart, that’s for you) is now scrambling. I think he’s losing this team, if he hasn’t lost it already. He certainly pissed Dubi and Z off at least once and I wonder how they might take to a second punishment.

    BTW: I love how Renney has re-organized his lines to help get Gomez producing, while Dubinsky and Prucha are put to the side. Note that Dubinsky had produced 2-3 games with his wingers. LI Joe, this is the favoritism I’m talking about. Did Sather text Renney “Get Gomez going, play him with Z and Naz tonight?!” Something’s fishy.

    I’m getting really frustrated with this team.

  54. I really don’t understand why Renney would want to get Prucha off his roster when he’s the only one of all of those guys who has shown that he knows how to put the puck in the net. Yes, I know, it was on the PP with Jagr. But Fritsche and Rissmiller have NEVER been able to prolong goal scoring over a season. Prucha is the only one with that upside. Renney’s first priority should be getting his confidence and game back.

    As taken from Burnside on
    3. Does it really matter how good your power play is?
    No. But we also think goaltending is overrated, scoring is luck and it’s OK to announce your home crowd as 18,000 even if you’ve given away half your tickets and there are only 500 real human beings in the building.

    OK, a little sarcasm there.

    Yes; in this NHL, if you can’t produce on the power play, your chances of making the playoffs diminish dramatically, and the probability of advancing in the playoffs starts to fall off the map.

    Last season, seven of the top 10 power-play producers made the playoffs. Out of the top five — Montreal, Philadelphia, Detroit, Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay — only the Lightning didn’t make the playoffs (they were dead last; go figure). Meanwhile, Montreal advanced to the second round, Philadelphia went to the Eastern Conference finals, Pittsburgh went to the Cup finals and Detroit won it all.

    On the penalty-killing side, seven of the top 10 teams made the playoffs, but only one of the top five teams (Dallas) advanced in the postseason.

    This season, Detroit is the runaway leader in power-play efficiency (32.3 percent) compared to No. 2 Minnesota (24 percent). St. Louis, Boston and San Jose round out the top five. With the exception of St. Louis, all of those teams are almost certain to make the playoffs, and there’s a pretty good chance your 2009 Cup champ comes out of that group.

    On the penalty kill, Minnesota (see a trend with Jacques Lemaire’s squad?), the New York Rangers, Buffalo, Ottawa and Philadelphia round out the top five. There are certainly fewer Cup favorites among this group.

    If Prucha could help get our PP going, he could be like Manna from heaven. Get rid of Fritsche and Rissmiller, those guys will never amount to anything we need. Keep Dawes and if there are injuries, dip into Hartford

  55. FINALLY… new December Schedule Rangers wallpaper is available!! I wasn’t sure if I could take another day of Redden staring at me from my desktop!! Every time I looked at the screen I had a feeling as if i am coked outta my mind…

  56. off topic, anyone catch the things avery has been saying about the flames? dion phaneuf is dating averys old girl and he said

    “I just want to comment on how it’s become like a common thing in the NHL for guys to fall in love with my sloppy seconds. I don’t know what that’s about. Enjoy the game tonight.”

    got a good laugh

  57. Joe in DE,

    Good post – exellent.

    Are you anywhere neer Greenville? I was down that way for Thanksgiving.

  58. actually, this is wallpaper of Renney and Slats washing each other in the team shower after the game… and captions on the bottom read this:

    Renney: Hey Glen… do u think im doing a good job ruining this young team?
    Slats: Don’t be so self-centered Tom… it takes two…remember?

  59. Very good to see everything, I’m torn about dawes though, I want him in but not at the expense of korpikoski who is actually a better winger than center. Why not put dawes back with drury and callahan if that line was good last year? Dubinsky played well with Z and nas but he is still no gomez, that line should be good for them. For those complaining that dubinbsky’s career is headed down the toobs please remember that the rangers cycle the top 3 regularly and drury spent most of last year on 3rd line and was positive a big contributor to the team , plus, the’ll load up the the pp with hopefully naslund on the point so more forwards can play

  60. “FINALLY… new December Schedule Rangers wallpaper is available!! I wasn’t sure if I could take another day of Redden staring at me from my desktop!! Every time I looked at the screen I had a feeling as if i am coked outta my mind…”

    This is an interesting observation… Naslund was invisible in October (besides the games in Prague) and he was on the calendar. Redden wasnt bad in October but fell on his face in November… could it be that whoever is on the calendar for that month is bound to have a less than optimal month?

    Granted nobody on the team is really having a stellar season… I think its just ironic that when someone is on the calendar (so far this season at least) that they dont play well.

    /end pointless banter

  61. Prucha is hopeless in New York. Callahan with Dubinsky is better. Gomez with Prucha and Korpikoski and Drury with Nuslund and Zherdev.

  62. renney claims that prucha is not “game ready”… does anyone know what that actually means??

  63. prufan:

    “renney claims that prucha is not “game ready”… does anyone know what that actually means??”

    Yeah.. it means that he’s in the same condition as Renney.

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