Rissmiller assigned to Hartford


The Rangers have finally pulled the trigger on assigning Patrick Rissmiller to Hartford, which is not to be confused with the conditioning assignment he accepted there last month.

The difference is that in officially designating the forward for assignment — he had already cleared waivers — they have cleared a roster spot and his salary in cap space ($1 million prorated after 27 games is what, roughly $650,000?).

More importantly, should the Rangers want to recall Rissmiller, they would have to expose him to recall waivers, where another team could pick him at half price. In other words, we probably won’t be seeing much more of Patrick Rissmiller this year, which isn’t saying much since we didn’t see much of him anyway.

Meanwhile, a more important question: Why now? Do the Rangers have something else brewing? Are Zipay’s delusional calls for Mats Sundin actually being heard? (I kid my fantasy co-owner. At this point, if the Rangers could land Sundin without mortgaging their future, I’d be for it, too).

Beyond a trade or a signing, there is also the possibility that the team is ready to call up a seventh defenseman, especially with a three-game in five-night swing through California two weeks away. Like I’ve said before, at least from a manpower standpoint, the team could get away with carrying six defensemen with Hartford so close by. It’s much tougher when you’re 3,000 miles away.

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  1. Not sure that Zipay wholly convinced me, but I thought he wrote an excellent brief for his side of the Sundin argument.

  2. Sending Rissmiller to Hartford is a move in the right direction. Bringing up Potter would be my next move but I don’t get paid to make that decision.

  3. Zipay did write a very convincing post about Sundin. I’m still not sure if he’s worth it.

    Let’s get Potter up and throw him into the fire against the Penguins. If he does badly, then so be it. It’s time to start making statements.

    (Of course he won’t be in the lineup tomorrow since he has not praticed with the Rangers since the preseason, but this is just my angry feeling.)

  4. Things are in turmoil…

    A change needs to be made…

    The city waits with baited breath….

    Sather has awoken from in-season hybernation…

    He’s about to make the big move…

    He’s just….

    Sent Rissmiller to Hartford; bring on the Pens!!

  5. Rob L – I agree, I’d LOVE to see them bring Potter up. The question is, who sits? Redden or Roszy could use a seat due to their struggling play lately, but as high profile as they are (in terms of salary and the eyes of Sather), I think it’s optimistic to expect either of them to sit. I’d imagine Kalinin would get the bench in favor of Potter playing a few games.

    But, I’m not in charge. All I know is I’m glad Rissmiller’s gone, because it frees up some space for change – ANY kind of change would be helpful at this point.

  6. I like the look of the new lines. We definately need our best 2 wingers with our best set-up man, although i think Z and Dubi have good chemistry. In this case i guess inserting Prucha with Dubi and Voros should help Petr find some space on the ice if he’s with the 2 big guys. I hope he takes his chance.

    Rissmiller was a waste of cap space, when we had Voros, Sjostrom, Orr to provide size and guys like Dawes, Cally, Korpedo, Fritsche and Pru to fill out the 3rd/4th line wings what was the point?

    As for the Zipper and his Sundin story, we’d have to be getting a big discount – without Riss’s salary (by my maths thats $670k to add to the cap space) that leaves us with $1.7m (which pro-rata is a $2.5m per year contract). But, if we add Corey Potter or someone else on D at around minimum wage thats about $7k per game off the above $1.7m figure.


    I really don’t understand why Renney would want to get Prucha off his roster when he’s the only one of all of those guys who has shown that he knows how to put the puck in the net. Yes, I know, it was on the PP with Jagr. But Fritsche and Rissmiller have NEVER been able to prolong goal scoring over a season. Prucha is the only one with that upside. Renney’s first priority should be getting his confidence and game back.

    As taken from Burnside on espn.com
    3. Does it really matter how good your power play is?
    No. But we also think goaltending is overrated, scoring is luck and it’s OK to announce your home crowd as 18,000 even if you’ve given away half your tickets and there are only 500 real human beings in the building.

    OK, a little sarcasm there.

    Yes; in this NHL, if you can’t produce on the power play, your chances of making the playoffs diminish dramatically, and the probability of advancing in the playoffs starts to fall off the map.

    Last season, seven of the top 10 power-play producers made the playoffs. Out of the top five—Montreal, Philadelphia, Detroit, Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay—only the Lightning didn’t make the playoffs (they were dead last; go figure). Meanwhile, Montreal advanced to the second round, Philadelphia went to the Eastern Conference finals, Pittsburgh went to the Cup finals and Detroit won it all.

    On the penalty-killing side, seven of the top 10 teams made the playoffs, but only one of the top five teams (Dallas) advanced in the postseason.

    This season, Detroit is the runaway leader in power-play efficiency (32.3 percent) compared to No. 2 Minnesota (24 percent). St. Louis, Boston and San Jose round out the top five. With the exception of St. Louis, all of those teams are almost certain to make the playoffs, and there’s a pretty good chance your 2009 Cup champ comes out of that group.

    On the penalty kill, Minnesota (see a trend with Jacques Lemaire’s squad?), the New York Rangers, Buffalo, Ottawa and Philadelphia round out the top five. There are certainly fewer Cup favorites among this group.

    If Prucha could help get our PP going, he could be like Manna from heaven. Get rid of Fritsche and Rissmiller, those guys will never amount to anything we need. Keep Dawes and if there are injuries, dip into Hartford

  8. Joe;
    You have to at least have a PP that can punish teams occasionally from say……running your goaltender at will;without fear of being scored on or injurying him or having him play jumpy…etc

    Its not JUST the goals

  9. Joe in DE,

    Good post – exellent.

    Are you anywhere near Greenville? I was down that way for Thanksgiving.

  10. Pruuuuu-ka

    I just want to hear “Peter Prucha Picked Picked the Puck uP- Put it off the Post and In!! its a Power Play goal by Peter Prucha!!

  11. Rissmiller’s cap hit is around $295k.The Rangers save $705k and now sit just a shade under $1 million in cap space.

  12. REPOST

    True Fans Bleed RW&B December 2nd, 2008 at 4:18 pm

    CCCP, is the wallpaper the entire team on the golf course for a beautiful late April day?

    actually, this is wallpaper of Renney and Slats washing each other in the team shower after the game… and captions on the bottom read this:
    Renney: Hey Glen… do u think im doing a good job ruining this young team?
    Slats: Don’t be so self-centered Tom… it takes two…remember?

  13. The re-entry waivers is for the duration of the contract.If the Rangers re-called Rissmiller and was claimed,the Rangers would take $500k hits in 2090-10 and 2010-11.

  14. It sounds more like;

    Hey Tom Ok-Prucha wont go down; lets send Rissmiller down

    OK Slats; its a shame he’s in good shape and I was thinking of maybe using him soon

    When in April? thats the last time I ever sign a guy for three years for you

    Yeah; you sign them for six

    What was that Renney?

    Nothing..I said wow! send me more kids!!

  15. Glad to see that the fourth line stays together — NOT !!

    Orr and Sjostrom -7 together with a total of 5 points … 5 points !!!

    Sit them down and play Fritsche and Dawes

  16. Kaspar, true enough, but a good power play is going to maintain offensive pressure and keep people away from Hank. This is in stark contrast to our current arrangement where it look like we’re the one’s killing the penalty. Also, I don’t think other teams fear us scoring too much on the PP. We’ve let us a league worst 7 SH goals, and that figure could easily be double digits if Hank, an elite goalender, doesn’t make some huge saves. Something must change. I see no coincidence that Detroit has a PP efficiency of over 30%, and they are able to dispose of opponents with abandon all the while giving up more goals than we do.

    Note, I’m actually living in West Chester, PA currently, but next month I’m moving back to school in Wilmington, DE. I spent that last four and half years at UD in Newark, DE, and I still play hockey down there. I think Greenville is a bit south of me

  17. some other great quotes from around the league……

    Everyones fave piece of shit…Sean Avery has this to say about All-Star defenceman Dion Phaneuf

    “I am really happy to be back in Calgary, I love Canada,” Avery told TSN on Tuesday. “I just want to comment on how it’s become like a common thing in the NHL for guys to fall in love with my sloppy seconds. I don’t know what that’s about. Enjoy the game tonight.”

    Further to that…he has singled out Flames’ captain Jarome Iginla for being “boring.”

    Isn’t Dallas in last place….Sean Avery leads the NHL in PIM…..thank you GM Mr Hull for taking this jokester from us!!

  18. Pavel- Everyone in the summer reported it was 1 year, but all of the Rangers beat writers have confirmed during the year its 3 years.

  19. prediction:

    by early january mats sundin will be a ranger.

    prucha / dawes / fritsche traded.

  20. Joe / Kaspar – Both of you have me thinking of the PP in a slightly different way than I did. It always seemed obvious that a good PP was crucial in the playoffs (thanks for the actual research, Joe) but it’s not just about the actual point on the scoreboard toward a win, it’s also about other players NOT getting away with things like running Hank, high-sticking, boarding, lazy hooking. Sure they sit in the box for 2 minutes but if the NYR don’t score on them, then there is no real deterrent. Nobody will be worried about pulling whatever they have to in order to keep a Ranger off the puck in that moment because the PP won’t make them pay. So the weak PP bleeds into 5-on-5 in more than just morale..it’s taking away real chances.

  21. Are you kidding? We have Rissmiller for 3 years? God damn, I thought it was just Voros, both?

    Let’s face it we need to get that PP working, I like Zipay’s idea of bringing in Sundin, and if only we could do something with Redden or Rozsival, at least get rid of one of them….

  22. Mister Delaware on

    “Are you anywhere near Greenville? I was down that way for Thanksgiving.”

    I live 3 minutes from there! Yea Delaware!

  23. lol @ kaspar

    This is exactly what makes NYR fans the best fans in any sport… we can laugh at ourselves any time no matter what!

    Sundin shmundin… bring back Krzysztof Oliwa!

  24. Ahahaha

    Did anyone see what Aves said ??

    “I am really happy to be back in Calgary, I love Canada,” Avery told the media. “I just want to comment on how it’s become like a common thing in the NHL for guys to fall in love with my sloppy seconds. I don’t know what that’s about. Enjoy the game tonight.”

    Verses SUCKS !! They’re playing the boring Philly Flowers vs Tampa Bolts, and not playing this game ?? Why because poor babies have to wake up early for work, ugh. I hate Verses, Buttman needs to get a deal with ESPN, i think they usually played a couple of West games as well as East.

  25. ORR !! What Is It Good FOR ??

    I actually live in Calgary…and it is great to get home from work, click on the NHL network, watch any east coast game I want….then watch the west coast games till 11:00 pm.

    Going to the Flames/Stars game tonight, and I hope Dion P kicks the shit out of Avery. He is such slime…

    3.8 million over 4 years, GM Brett Hull must have gone to the “how to pay for crap” school of Glen Sather

  26. Joe From DE-West Chester,PA-Hahaha, that’s the home of Bam Margera and all those Jackass guys. You should look them up. I hear from friends who live close to their the town wants to have a witch burning and hates all those dudes.

    Rissmiller? Eh, whatever. Honestly, does it really matter if he stays in the minors the next few years? It’s not our money, it’s Dolans’ dough and they owe it to us to put the best team on the ice after the 7 years of junk they gave us; INCLUDING eating up Reddden’s deal.

    I’d call up Potter abd realistically sit Redden, but that will never happen.

    Realistically this D corps is not gonna all play 82 games, so Potter/Fahey/Sags/Sauer will get a shot, it’ll most likely be when Kalinin gets hurts as he has a history of that. He’s been OK this year, no problems with him as a one year rental.

  27. and on that note fresh from TSN….

    The NHL has suspended Dallas Stars’ forward Sean Avery indefinitely, pending a hearing with the league, and he will not be playing in tonight’s game against the Calgary Flames.

    Avery is being suspended for disparaging remarks he made this morning in reference to Calgary player Dion Phaneuf and Phaneuf’s girl friend Elisha Cuthbert, who previously had a relationship with Avery.

    “I am really happy to be back in Calgary, I love Canada,” Avery said on camera this morning in Calgary. “I just want to comment on how it’s become like a common thing in the NHL for guys to fall in love with my sloppy seconds. I don’t know what that’s about. Enjoy the game tonight.”

  28. Is Zippay half retarded. Why would we want an old wash-out who’s heart would be checked at the door since he needs the cash in this troubling economy. Sather better have some patience and wait for someone who can quarterback the blueline.

  29. the rangers have one mil in cap space???? that must be some kind of new record…use it to bring up Sauer, its his time, maybe he’ll play well with Mara, im sure its an upgrade over the -10 Kalinin

  30. sauer is just coming off a major injury – acl

    the Rangers are far better served keeping 22 roster and generating some cap space. $1 mm in cap space can translate to a $ 3 mm player for 1/3 of the season at the deadline.

    even if they don’t go that route a little cap space is a vert good thing

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