And you wanted this guy back (Updated)


The NHL suspended Sean Avery for being Sean Avery today. Specifically, the league took issue with comments Avery made today about Dion Phaneuf’s relationship with Elisha Cuthbert, his former squeeze.

“Via TSN”:

“I am really happy to be back in Calgary, I love Canada,” Avery said on camera this morning in Calgary.  “I just want to comment on how it’s become like a common thing in the NHL for guys to fall in love with my sloppy seconds.  I don’t know what that’s about.  Enjoy the game tonight.”

This is the umpteenth example of why the Rangers made the right decision in cutting ties with Avery. He’s a good player in small doses. But not the type of guy you want around for four seasons.

If you haven’t seen the video, check it out “here”:, along with the annoyed measured reaction from his Dallas teammates.

Updated, 8:04 p.m.: Two things on this, since it’s a fair point:

Yes, I liked covering Avery when he was in New York. How could you not? The guy was an endless source of entertainment, although not always for the right reasons.

But with that in mind, let’s not confuse what’s good for the press with what’s good for the team. If the two were synonymous, Jerry Seinfeld would be on the point on the Rangers’ power play.

What I’ve said all along is that Avery’s act was bound to wear thin with his teammates over time. And if you doubt that would have happened, I suggest you check out some of the Stars’ reaction to today.

All that being said, a league suspension does seem harsh for a guy just shooting his mouth. It sounds like more of a team matter to me, or better yet, something that the Flames and Stars could have settled on their own.

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  1. So, someone explain this to me: Avery doesn’t name names and makes a general statement that’s more insulting to Elisha Cuthbert…and of all the things he’s done, THIS is what gets him suspended?

    Gary Bettman must be Elisha Cuthbert’s agent.

  2. I just finished reading an article about the all star game voting….So far…no Big O no Sid the Kid no Malkin, and who is Marc Andre Fleury…I scoured the top twenty in the major goalie categories and he never broke any of them…how is he second in voting?! Carey Price has eleven wins! Otherwise he has no accomplishments of note! This is going to be the most poorly rated of a poorly rated event of all time. Who the hell is going to watch this? The league should step in and have the GM’s or the players or the coaches or writers or something vote and over-rule this farst of a roster. Not one of the starters is top 5 at their position in the Eastern Conference IMO, let alone best at their position.

  3. Sundin IS coming!!!

    Sorry, it’s been a while. Either way, I have been saying this for a while. I do think before the end of December, Sundin will be a member of the New York Rangers. And in a classy move, Zherdev will offer his number 13 to him and choose a different number.

    I kind of like the line combos for tomorrow night, but wonder what a line of Prucha Gomez Zherdev would look like. It could either be an offensive display of gigantic proportions or a defensive shit show.

    Any thoughts here?

  4. I agree with Adam… no names were dropped…

    I wonder what kind of trash Avery will have for Phaneuf…

    “How do you like kissing my old recepticle?”

  5. Playing in the NHL, as in any professional sport in the world, is a privelege, NOT a right. The league has every right to impose rules of conduct and make demands upon the folks that get paid millions of dollars for playing a game. Granted, they’re the best in the world, and as the players go, so goes the league, but unless every pro decided to leave en masse, there’s another terrific player right behind them.

    We may not like some of the stupid rules/uniform changes, inane lockouts, and such the league decides to make, but rules defining minimum standards of conduct are ok in my book. Sweet Lou across the river has his players following comparatively draconian rules, because he knows character is built on AND off the ice, and that respect of self translates to respect of one’s teammates, one’s team, and one’s sport.

    Extremely personal and crudely base comments are inexcusable. When it’s directed toward family members or loved ones outside of the sport – much more so.

    His days in the league are numbered. Who thought having Ott AND Avery on one team was a good idea????

    Surely not Brett?

  6. Are any of you actually kidding???? And according to the Owner of the Dallas Stars….I’m guessing he has played his last game in the NHL.

    The statement in general was rehearsed, pre meditated and he stepped WAY over the line…”sloppy seconds”.


  7. Scotty 2 Hotty on

    The league had no right suspending him over that. He never said a name nor was anything directed toward anybody verbally. This is a terrible move by the NHL. TSN has it all wrong when they say he said something “derogatory.” What did he apparently say derogatory, “sloppy seconds” now poor Phaneuf can go cry himself back into the arms of “boring” Iginla and they can talk about how mean he Avery is.

  8. Scotty 2 Hotty on

    Bettman’s getting the “thirsty thirds” that’s why he suspended him lol

    I apologize for that comment please don’t ban me from commenting on the site lol but you have to admit it is kinda funny

  9. Well guess what…betcha Glen Sather can claim him off waivers by the end of the week!!

    I’m just saying keep it on the ice class-less piece of shit.

  10. In all seriousness, how can this suspension possibly be legal through the player’s association? What he said isn’t detrimental to anybody, so what is the official reason the NHL is going to use when his suspension is appealed?

    This is a joke. Stuff like this is why the NHL is so weak and nobody cares about hockey. There was finally a game people were probably actually looking forward to and the NHL suspends Avery for quite possibly the dumbest reason in the history of sports.

    This is just an example of Bettman having an agenda out for Avery, and this proves everything Avery has said about the NHL front office to be true.

    I believe in Sean Avery!

  11. If anyone has not watched the video (go to TSN.CA to see it), Avery spots a few cameras in the locker room doing interviews and says “Oh camera’s! I’ve got something to say!” and then arrogantly launched into his comments. They were completely premeditated and un-necessary and by the looks of it, teammates such as Marty Turco have had enough of him and I don’t blame him at all.

  12. Scotty 2 Hotty on

    now lets wait for the “It’s because Avery is such a detriment in the locker-room that the Stars suck so much this season” rumors to come from the Stars brass.

  13. I don’t think it’s right that the NHL suspends him, and to be honest, it’s stuff like this that will get the NHL some much needed press. However, it’s not good for the integrity of the game, and I would hate to see the day where NHL players are getting hauled off to jail and shooting themselves like in the NFL and NBA

  14. HAHA, Avery’s a pisser. Hey, football players shoot themselves in the foot to get suspended. Hockey players? Just publicly talk shit about someones biatch

  15. the NYR miss him, and maybe buttman has a thing for him. Why would a reporter even repeat that remark? The NHL made sure to make something of it to get publicity, idiots.

  16. Wolfpack called up a d-man from Charlotte today so maybe a 7th d-man is coming. I think the Pack now have 8 d-men on the roster.

  17. Chris Pronger elbows people in the head time after time and gets either no suspension or one games and Avery makes comments that will drum up interest in a game and gets suspebned amazing. Just another reason why Buttman and Campbell need to be fired.

  18. Avery is a jerk – any Ranger fan that thinks he is good for the team, think back to last years last playoof series!

  19. NHL By-Law 17 and Article 6 of the NHL Constitution for conduct “detrimental to the League or game of hockey.”

    Wow, can this be anymore open-ended. Talk about covering your ass.

  20. jason
    December 2nd, 2008 at 6:45 pm
    If anyone has not watched the video (go to TSN.CA to see it), Avery spots a few cameras in the locker room doing interviews and says “Oh camera’s! I’ve got something to say!” and then arrogantly launched into his comments. They were completely premeditated and un-necessary and by the looks of it, teammates such as Marty Turco have had enough of him and I don’t blame him at all.

    Marty Turco needs to fucking stop the puck instead of worrying about what Avery says. Turco is without a doubt the #1 reason the Stars have had a horrendous start to the season.

  21. “Had the league not have suspended him, the Dallas Stars would have,” Hicks stated. “This organization will not tolerate such behaviour, especially from a member of our hockey team. We hold our team to a higher standard and will continue to do so.”

    Umm dallas why did you sign this guy than?

  22. complete bull*, if you want to cover your ass for signing a cancer to 4 years with a no-movement, you can…oh wait, you already look stupid.

  23. It is great watching the Star’s reaction on Tsn, and you can just tell they all hate Avery haha.

  24. lobster
    December 2nd, 2008 at 7:01 pm
    Avery is a jerk – any Ranger fan that thinks he is good for the team, think back to last years last playoof series!

    How about recalling how the Rangers don’t make the playoffs in ’07 without him?

  25. NYR56,

    Because Brett Hull whined and pouted and threw a temper tantrum until Hicks gave in.


    I agree with you but I doubt that Turco is alone in feeling that way.

  26. I’m glad Avery is not on our team with his contract, but this was definitely not worth a suspension. I didn’t even know what he was referring to at first, and once I did, it was hilarious. The comment had quite the opposite effect of being detrimental because I’m sure it would have made the game more interesting. Those Pronger non-suspensions are even more egregious errors.

  27. Graves9,

    He was great in the 07 regular season and 1st round of the playoffs that year. Then he ran his mouth about how he’d “hurt” the Sabres and he was invisible for the entire series. In 08 he played well but was often injured and started to cause said friction in the locker room with the players that remained this year and in that, he became larger than the team in ways that only cancers can.

  28. ThisYearsModel on

    Dumb reason to suspend him. Sure, it is a vulgar, idiotic statement but I am sure his tongue was planted firmly in his cheek. He and Phaneuf have been verbally going at it for awhile. I am glad he is gone from the Rangers, because if he was here they would have also had to bring back Shanny to keep him in line. This from a league that cannot police itself on hits to the head, but seemingly can on words from the goofball’s mouth.

  29. sam are you kidding me? you had the biggest man crush on avery than all the other rangers writers put together.

  30. They probably just suspended him to keep him from getting owned by Phaneuf and Iginla tonight, or from Bertuzzi breaking his neck

  31. I blame the film crews for this. THEY chose to air that crap. The press is to blame for this. They had the power to save Cuthbert & Dion from embarrassment. Shame on them.

  32. just heard…..”I know a guy who lived in Pickering, Ont, where Avery is from, and he confirms that Sean Avery’s parents are brother and sister. Explains everything.”

    and joe in DE…yep!! If they (the NHL) was worried about “repeat offenders”, Bertuzzi kicking his ass and then breaking his neck at least wont happen tonight..

    and what about the cameras…..Dion P is a young immature hockey boy…if Avery would have whispered that in his ear say around the second period tonight Pheaneuf would have gone off the deep end.

    but Avery is bigger than the game….and his team

    For all you defenders of this loser…betcha he is available on waivers by the end of the week!!

  33. Ahh, wow. Y’know… I just watched that thing on

    Pretty sad really.

    1) Sean’s bitter about the chick. That was immediately obvious the minute his mouth opened… very embarrassing honestly. I used to consider Avery an alpha male but not after seeing that. He’s broken up over a girl, and it’s painfully obvious. That was what we call a ‘JV’ move around here. Pretty pathetic showing.

    2) Wow, does his team despise him or what? Holy effing ess! WOW WOW WOW! Turco must f*cking hate him so bad by the looks of that video, not to mention Richards…Modano is as vet as you get and he can barely keep his cool when it comes to it….

    2nd time I’ve been FLOORED today by NHL news/quotes!

  34. dan o
    December 2nd, 2008 at 7:22 pm
    sam are you kidding me? you had the biggest man crush on avery than all the other rangers writers put together.

    No question. Sam kissed Avery’s ass so much he set records for chapped lips. How many blog entries did we read about Avery’s sense of humor and his fashion sense? I can’t wait to read Brooks’ tear the league apart over this.

  35. Salty, I don’t think he misses her – its part of his game! He said things about Brodeur beating his ex-wife. He said things about Blake. He says things!! He gets under players skin that way and so why not use part of his past to do it?!

    Was it unprofessional? YES! Did it embarress the team?! Sure. Is it worthy of a indefinite suspension?! Are you F’ing kidding me?! Mike Mateau flys through the air elbowing players in the head, breaking their legs in the process, and Sean Avery gets an indefinite suspension for what…?! Not saying names? Using the phrase “sloppy seconds?” I guess he shouldn’t be so happy to get back to Canada afterall because all the ‘beauracrats’ in Toronto are a bunch of p@ssy’s. They just have a hard on for Avery and like slapping him on the wrist for anything and everything.

  36. What an absurd suspension! Gary B must have thought Dion was going to know Avery’s head off, because this is weak.

    Avery is such a classless prick, but I loved him on this team.

  37. His teammates and his owner have all said he is an ass…why all this ranger love??

    This is WHY he has finally been suspended

    (And it really is about time…historically speaking Avery has made some outlandish comments about)
    -the lockout (called the league liars)
    -french players (denis gauthier)
    -visor wearers
    -blacks (called him a monkey)
    -fined for diving ($1,000)
    -been called a turtle (for well…being a turtle)
    -suspended by LA Kings for refusing to practice
    -fined for comments to Cancer victim Jason Blake
    -NHL placed a Sean Avery Rule for unsportsmanlike conduct
    -pre game antics vs rangers this year
    -giving the cameraman the finger

    Hockey God Don Cherry has the last word…I’ve known this kid since he was about 16 years old; Once a jerk, always a jerk. You can’t blame the referee, because ‘he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.’

  38. Avery’s definitely a jerk, but I don’t remember A-Rod being suspended by the Yankees when he was photographed with his stripper girlfriend on a road trip while his pregnant wife was at home. Apparently it’s speaking to the media that is bad, not the act itself.

  39. Don Cherry is ten times the scumbag than Avery is. Cherry makes hateful and disgusting comments about Euros. Avery was right about the league during the lockout(the owners were looking to break the union and get Goodenow fired)

  40. What a waste of time and space is this tempest in a teapot. I worked many years ago alongside Bettman in a Manhattan law firm. Sorry, Gary, Avery’s remarks are not justiciable. Concentrate more on getting officials who can call games correctly (Bouwmeester interfering with Naslund in the third period right in front of a (blind?)referee comes to mind.) Leave Sean to play himself out of the league on merit.

  41. If Bret Hull had any brains, he’d sign Shanny to give this guy a friend, and control him.

    Aves ruined himself, he was on a team that actually respected him, and actually liked him. Even Jagr had a man crush on him, and he threw all that away for money. Now look at him, his team hates him, and now more players around the league are hating him more.

    BTW – I think that’s a pretty dumb name for the post, “And you wanted this guy back” ?? get outta here, everyone wanted him back, and if you didn’t you’re a moron, cause he was good for Nyr, and he had a bad year of injuries last year, but he made up for it in the playoffs, scoring some big goals, and bitching Broduer, and the Devils. I don’t want him back now, we cant pay him that much with all the players we need to re sign, but still, i did want him back, and was pissed when he left.

    All Nyr reporters, and the idiots at MSG do nothing but kiss Avery’s ass, and they bash him behind his back. Such jerkoffs, like Giannone, and especially this idiot Fishler, saying how he missed him, even though a few weeks before he was saying how classless he is, and blah blah blah, what ever. Makes me sick. Make up your mind, do you like him, or do you hate him.

    As for the suspension, yeah it had to be done. Blame Bertuzzi for that.

    Who knows maybe the Leafs still want Avery, haha, oh that would be something, him seeing that Berger guy every week.

  42. “Don Cherry is ten times the scumbag than Avery is. Cherry makes hateful and disgusting comments about Euros”

    One of the only hockey related things ill agree with you on.

    Just like Pauly from the Sopranos once said, “He’s a wormy c*ck s*cker” I fuggin hate that guy. He bashed Jagr every time, just for being a Euro. He’s a shit head who needs to check out, if ya know what i mean. Guy goes crazy for Canadians, but cant give credit to anyone that has a couple of V’s, Z’s, or X’s in their name. Fugg em !!!

  43. Hmm…Jerry Seinfeld. His shot from the point isn’t all that bad I’ve heard. And he isn’t fazed by booing from the audience. Could be good.

  44. Good point about Don Cherry. Cherry personally attacks most of the Europeans in the league — the comments he made about Jagr were beyond rude — yet for some reason Cherry is an icon. But questioning the dating habits of an ex-girlfriend is suspendable? Is the next board of governors meeting going to focus on Sean Avery or maybe do something finally about hits to the head? It would be nice if Gary Bettman worried about real issues affecting hockey instead of worrying about Avery’s annoying comments.

  45. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Maybe Bettman was trying to avoid a reenactment of ‘Slapshot’ tonight. He was afraid Avery would be skating around in a Chanel jockstrap.

  46. point being …keep it on the ice!!!!

    and as far as the NHL and bettman…


    FRISCO, Tex. – The National Hockey League announced this afternoon that it has suspended Dallas Stars forward Sean Avery indefinitely, pending a hearing with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, in accordance with the provisions of NHL By-Law 17 and Article 6 of the NHL Constitution for conduct “detrimental to the League or game of hockey.” The suspension was imposed following inappropriate public comments, not pertaining to the game, made by Avery earlier today.

    “I completely support the league’s decision to suspend Sean Avery,” said Dallas Stars owner Thomas O. Hicks. “Had the league not have suspended him, the Dallas Stars would have. This organization will not tolerate such behavior, especially from a member of our hockey team. We hold our team to a higher standard and will continue to do so.”

    And when GM Brett Hull was on OTR (tsn sports show) this year, he said “Avery can say what ever he wants as long as he doens’t embarrass this Organization, the Team, or his Teammates.

  47. Not an Avery fan , nor do i hate him

    His comments were hilarious tho

    Freedom of speech anyone ?

    That clause the NHL has limiting speech

    is draconian and way too open ended to cover their own

    asses and apply in any fashion they wish to use it

    Buttmans way outta line on this one

    Keep it comin` Avery

  48. Hey guys … its me Sean… I am actually home tonight since u all know ive been suspended indefinitely by the league… Its me and Elisha Cuthbert home alone… just fooling around… earlier we had sex and for some reason she called me “ Gary” a few times… do u guys know anyone named Gary?

  49. Whoa Sam, funny you mentioned Seinfeld. He scored some big goals for the Rangers in the 94 playoffs…oh wait, that was his bizarro twin Doug Lidster.

    I once put a pic of Seinfeld and Lidster together in my Spanish class during Lidster’s 2nd tenure with the Rangers and asked my Spanish teacher which was Seinfeld. She threw her hands up in the air and said “I don’t know Michael, they are both Seinfeld to me!”

  50. yes, good point, when I found out the day after his signing how much avery was getting paid I took a big sigh of relief that he was gone, I never really liked his attitude anyways, be a jerk but leave it on the ice….plus, he only has 9 points so far for the stars….and you guys are complaining about drury’s production? Well, should be a fun one tomorrow, looking forward to seeing Naslund on the point, he reminds me of straka except more ruggedly handsome and with a better shot, and straka WAS good on the point…..

  51. kc
    The thing about Cherry is that he does all kinds of good charity stuff, very generous guy and all that, so people like him even when they hate him. Myself, I can’t count all the times I wanted to through a rock at him for his opinions, but he still makes sense about some things…and basically, he’s really good for ratings. All the smartest and most well mannered hockey analysts in the world gathered together on HNIC wouldn’t get as many people watching. Just one of those money issues.

  52. I watched the Stars’ reaction.

    Ribiero thought it was funny. Never mind what he says, he’s smiling the whole time.

    Richards looked embarrassed but in an “aw shucks” way.

    Modano doesn’t like him because unlike Shanny and Jagr he doesn’t know how to handle him.

    Turco hates Avery but should be more concerned with his own impersonation of a sieve.

  53. Unfortunately, Avery’s time with the Rangers added a massively inflated ego to his baseline ass-ness. I think that the antics we saw are nothing compared to the stuff he feels he should get away with now. Why say that on camera? He specifically asked for a camera…I agree that he wanted Cuthbert to hear it firsthand. Hah. Arrogance overshot into pathetic. Funny that Turco said “all year” in reference to Avs, these 2 months must’ve seemed like a forever. The comment was disgusting and embarrassing. He could have just said leftovers or something.

  54. Still find it ironic that the NHL pays Milbury and Cherry to insult their own players, but the players themselves are not allowed freedom of speech. And yes, Don Cherry does charity work. He is not evil, he is just prejudiced. He should not be paid and celebrated for his prejudicial comments. He is as much a jerk as Avery is, but he gets paid specifically to be obnoxious. Maybe Avery can take over from him in the future.

  55. ThisYearsModel on

    Modano had all he could do to keep from laughing. it was entertaining watching the clip. he obviously thought it was funny, as did everyone by Emporer Bettman.

  56. It’s so funny how much Avery owes to the Rangers and their fans. The team and WE made him a legend. He goes from a loudmouth jerk to playing in the biggest media market in the world, to getting in a movie, to getting an internship at Vogue, etc.

    Without his time in NY, he’d be a mid-level sideshow.

  57. The suspension is just so absurd. Seriously, I think about Mattau getting 2 games this year and Randy Jones almost ending Bergeron’s life, let alone career, and he got 3 games. Now Avery gets indefinite (which will probably be 2-3) because Campbell hates him. Canada hates him.

    SO BE IT!!

    The shenanigan’s and subjectivity are ridiculous in this league. And, the fact remains, the antics on and off ice delivered by Sean Avery are good for the sport’s publicity!!! Whether you love him or hate him, he’s a villian and he gets the sport in the headlines.

  58. I don’t think Canada hates him. I know I don’t as well as some of my friends who are not Rangers fans, because he is a contrarian and that demands respect in my mind. The NHL feel threatened by him, though.

  59. Hilarious, hilarious, hilarious. And in no way is it the league’s business. The Stars could have, and would have, taken action.

  60. …my Calgary Flames insider says the Dallas Stars dressing room is delighted to have this piece of poison heading home to Dallas…..
    I was looking forward to a great game…still am…but I think nutgirl and mikeA make a good point…

    and agitators are NOT worth 4 million a year

  61. Maybe Avery is actually trying to get thrown out of Dallas — maybe this is the only way he can get out of there.

  62. I can see it now… The New York Rangers have claimed Sean Avery on re-entry waivers… how awesome would that be!?

  63. I guess it just shows how different the makeups of various teams can be. I don’t think Avery has changed all that much, but in my mind he was a boost to the Rangers, and I cannot argue with anyone that he is definitely not that with the Stars. Shows how different teams need different things, never mind the money, not talking about that.

  64. KC – I half thought that too. It was just so blatant, even for Avs. Maybe he wants to be suspended for as long as possible so he won’t be linked with the team’s terrible season.

    Doogie, I’m sure you’re right. Even if most of the guys thought it was funny or no big deal, obviously a few aren’t happy. And when a few aren’t happy… That’s what people were hinting about with him in NY. Some teammates are just going to be offended by crudeness and then there’s tension everywhere.

    Amusing side-note from the Flyers/Bolts game: Hartnell couldn’t catch up to a breaking Malone so he took off his glove and threw it to the ice between Malone and Biron. Shame Malone missed the penalty shot, maybe he was still laughing like I was.

  65. kc-i actually believe there’s something to that. i talk to sean and he’s not happy. for whatever reason. did he orchestrate this? not sure, but he’s very calculated in everything he does.

    as far as the actual event, does this warrant a suspension when guys are getting run all over the place and concussed and missing substantial parts of the season for hits the league won’t address? you tell me. the nhl is the only league we have but it’s real bush league when dealing with players getting hurt or image problems.

    one other thing: the neanderthals that are commenting on the tsn site about sean is something that scares me more than anything, comments like he should wind up in a pine box and shite like that. a bunch of whack jobs and aholes were all over this today, hoping if he would have played tonite he would get severely hurt. i don’t understand that.

  66. Why get bent out of shape about Avery? How could his antics possibly matter that much? It’s not like he went into a public place with a loaded gun with the safety off. So, hate him if you want, it doesn’t really matter. He doesn’t affect the New York Rangers play from night to night.

  67. And for those who question Cherry, nobody is perfect, but at least he is smart enough to realize where the NHL brass should be focusing their attention, and that is on the way the game is called. Since everything turned 180 degrees to the point you cannot slow anyone down, guys get drilled through the boards when they are protecting the puck. And all the perpetrator has to say is “He turned at the last minute” Yep, lots of guys getting hurt because they ‘turn at the last minute’.
    And Avery is the big problem? He may possibly be the Dallas Stars’ biggest problem, but let’s keep things in perspective.

  68. Bettman and the NHL hierarchy are a bunch of hypocrites.

    This is the same league that has let a criminal like Todd Bertuzzi play again after he criminally assaulted and ended the career of Steve Moore. This is the same league that will not recind the instigator rule. The goons of the league can get away with all the cheap crap they pull because they haven’t got talent. They are playing because the talent pool has been diluted with over expansion.This is the same league that made up the “Avery Rule” last playoffs to assuaged the whining of Marty “CryBaby” Brodeur.

    Why wasn’t Brodeur suspended when his personal life was bringing bad publicity to the league. (Least we forget, Marty was carrying on an illicit affair with his sister in law, while his then wife taunted him that she was “doing’ players on opposing teams to get back at Marty). I’d say that was pretty unseemly behavior. Uncle Daddy got a pass. Guess there’s only a morals clause with respect to what a player says, not what one does.

    PS. If Avery were a defenseman, I’d trade Redden to Dallas for Avery in a heartbeat and eat the difference in the contract

  69. margaret, you’re right about the hypocrisy. those are terrific examples where the nhl failed the test of protecting their “image,” one that obviously just depends on the player fostering the image. and the irony still is sean brings more attention to the league than almost any player shy of crosby.

    yeah, sam, i’d want this guy back in nyc. redden even up would be a dream. sean would crack up if that happened.

  70. If i ran the NHL i’d push a player like Avery..
    Fans of the WWF and Nascar would proabaly start watching and the NHL would be bigger than ever…

  71. People, you gotta think there’s a lot of crap about Avery that isn’t reported. What makes more sense? He’s getting suspended because he’s an idiot and has a problem? Or because he used the phrase “sloppy seconds” (when was that a slur? 6th grade?) That’s just an excuse for the NHL.

    Guy’s on the road to TheoFleuryville and people hate him and he’s a cancer and the league wants to stop him before he becomes a real embarrassment.

    Rangers don’t need him.

  72. Rucchin

    Not sure what you mean about Canada not having freedom of speech. Looking at the article, that’s a pretty loose term used by that I think would actually be pretty hard for them to back up. Crappy journalism, in my opinion. Second rate.

  73. No way Avery comes back after what Vally and Dubi said. I’d still trade Redden and a 4th or 3rd round pick(I know, I know I hate it too) for him though just to get rod of Redden.

    Zubov is having hip problems again…hmmmmm……naaawwww

  74. We liked him when he helped us beat the Devils .When he showed Tucker whos team rules . We also liked the fact he said he bled Ranger red white n blue.

    Thats all changed now … WE USED to like him but now think hes scum ,. He dissed our team to now eat his words. If he went to a better team as he said …then why is the Stars in last place. Avery didnt love NY , he loved the fashion show. Who is he to talk , the finger-nail painted freak. He looks wayy to cocky and is getting his just deserts.

    The only reason we clung on this idiot is because hes a heart beat! The Rangers are like a horney old guy who broke up with his gal years ago…first sign of woman or heartbeat(avery) and you embrace it. We embrased this guy and he asked for way too much and our GM made a smart move to let him go. This day makes Sather look like a genious and I bet hes smiling.

    We need a heart-beat , a banger , a guy who plays smart and can shoot , but Avery my friends is NOT the guy …like an old girlfriend , time we move on.

  75. chris, i hear ya but i don’t know if i want wrestling and race car fans around me at msg. i should say more than are already there!

    sean is most effective when the suits leave him be. that all goes back to the nhl and their “image.” dolan had a noose around him and the idiots in texas put one on him too.

  76. ‘We’ is subjective. Lots of people don’t like Avery as a Ranger, lots of people wish he had carried on, and take it for what it is, and that he is not ‘scum’. I like the ‘heartbeat’ analogy (especially without the horny old guy part) because I saw with my own eyes what that kind of attitude did for the Rangers. So, let’s say it is not Avery. Then who is it, can you think of anyone?

  77. People have no sense of humor. “Sloppy seconds”?!?!?! Any of you watch an NFL press conference in the last oh, I don’t know 20 years?!?!?!? This is child’s play compared to that stuff.

    Clearly, Avery was making a joke and the NHL, which has had a stick up its @$$ for the last 100 years, has gone and punished Avery for doing nothing wrong. It’s a shame. I truly believe the NHL is sitting on an entertainment (and RATINGS) goldmine in Avery…he’s the perfect villain to the rest of the NHL’s goody two-shoes. Now, I understand if the league doesn’t want to let Avery drag the league down into WWE territory, but this is hardly that. This could have been policed on the ice, which is where this sort of thing needs to be taken care of. People like passion. I believe rivalries are what draw people to sports, and Avery has a clear ability to make the opposing team hate him. THAT ALONE is worth viewership the NHL can’t garner by promoting vanilla, family-friendly crap like Jarome Iginla…I don’t care how talented he is, PEOPLE DON’T CARE. They are not impressed by Sidney Crosby’s stickhandling, or Hank’s goaltending. Hockey is a uniquely fast and physical sport, and Avery ratchets up the intensity.

    The NHL will continue to sit firmly in the 4th spot of the current “Big 4” sports if it doesn’t wise up its marketing strategy.

    Oh, and yes, I would want this guy back. I think the only place he can function is New York. I think he and Sather both knew that, but Avery turned and took the money. Fine, so be it…this is professional sports. But if you don’t think Avery’s sparkplug mentality could help this often-listless Ranger team, I don’t think you know too much about hockey, personalities in the locker room be damned.

  78. Ranger fans who liked him , saw Avery as a tool in beating the Mighty Devils with Martin Brodeur.We questioned it but in the end if it helped the Rangers , I was all for it. I like what he did for us and do believe we are missing his tenacity and kick in the pants he gave some of our players.

    I do believe he needed us as much as we needed him. Who to get instead of him…? well that is for Glen Sather to deside. I like Jordan TooToo but I dont think hes avaiable and I don’t think he could score like Avery. Avery has 2 goal this year , Ranger made Avery good , with out us hes nothing.

  79. They suspended him for those comments? Yes they were childish and perhaps idiotic but come on.

  80. Ya know, a guy like Iginla listens to the press ask him about Avery’s comments, how many times now. He just grins and laughs, and he isn’t even pretending. It doesn’t threaten him, Avery doesn’t threaten him. He laughs, and then he goes out and does what he does. What a big huge pile of crapola this is.
    Avery is a good hockey player. And I never saw him cut someone off with knee on knee or similar. Correct me if I am wrong, but I myself never saw him appear to want to really injure another player. Like I said, correct me if I am wrong.

  81. if you made comments like this in your office out loud, would you get in trouble? When players talk to the media, they are basically always at work. They get paid the big bucks to represent the team publicly. He deserves whatever he gets.

  82. I still don’t get Renneys logic. How does Prucha go from trying to be convinced to go to Hartford for a conditioning assingment to all of the sudden back in the lineup? I feel like he is being rewarded for disagreeing with the coach and organization. Don’t get me wrong I want to see Prucha play but it just doesn’t make sense. Renney wanted to send him to hartford because he wanted to keep Prucha in game shape and he obliviously didnt think he could do it with the Rangers. Now as soon as he rejected it he is back in the lineup. Rissmiller should have tried this.

  83. How about Semin talking about Crosby? Hmm, pretty controversial too. Bettman is a lawyer, but I doubt that he can slice a hair that thin.

  84. Travis

    I hope you don’t stay up too late trying to figure it out, you might be up for a week.

  85. travis, you are looking for reason where there is none, Renny is grasping at every straw just like you and me, there is no plan just a hope and a prayer. part of this is on Sather who is unbelievably lazy and checked out but a lot is on renny who literally is picking names out of a hat because he has no sense of what works, he lacks that hockey intuition that no coach who lacks it can win jacksquat!

  86. Avery has a BIG MOUTH and acts like BOB on here , He used the word ” N.H.L ” in his lil jelous comments. Thats a no-no . People go for the knees and intentionally hurt others in the heat of passion . Avery does it when it suits him , Dumb reporters should ignore him but are cramming for the story because they have a job to do and have a familly to feed. Avery sees the reporters weakness and pounces because he know they NEED his storey. Avery is like a Vulture or hyenna , they can only go after the weak , or peoples weakness.

  87. To Beer Me and Staal Wart and all the others who have cried about the supposed degradation (?) of the talk on this site i think today shows there is a lot of reaaly interesting back and forth

    of course if you want to hear nonstop Renny is the greatest thing since sliced bread you might go elsewhere but no one today has gone after the coach too bad. so I am certain now that those guys have taken their ball and gone home NOT because the back-and-forth got monotonous (sp?) but because in fact the level of dialogue got BETTER and LESS kiss-ass of the status quo …. and when that happened, Beer Me and Wart and the rest had no answer! because they were wrong, and they were too small to admit it. pretty sad and small when you come down to it

  88. MIKEA

    Actually Dubi had nothing but good things to say aboot Avery during this Q&A on Inside The Rangers. Saying he was valuable to them, and did a lot, and was a good teammate. Also after the game against the Stars & Rangers, Aves said some good things aboot Dubi, and Hank.

    Im sure Aves would come back here, but this is a different team, and KC was damn right, Jags, and Shanny can control him, Dru, and Gomer cant.

    I could definitely see them wanting to get rid of Aves, they have a lot of forwards who can take that spot, like Neal being one of them. But also they can sign Shanny with the cash.

    I knew it was gonna be a mistake, Hull was thinking with his ass and not his brain. Dumb move.

    The Stars won 3-1 tonight, who knows maybe it is Aves who’s holding them back.

    As far as him coming here, i don’t know. It would be great just to see the look on Fatso’s face when he picks up the paper, and reads the sports section and reads “Avery back with the Rangers”, im sure he’ll throw up. Eh, needs to lose weight anyway.

    No room for the guy though, lol you think we have a problem with Pruchs, Dawes, Korp, Danny F ? Throw this guy in and forget aboot it, plus another forward with Mats, potentially. It just cant happen.

    Get Tootoo, not Avery !!

  89. The one thing ill give Renney credit for, is coaching Aves the right way. Shanny, and Jags had something to do with it, but it was mostly Renney, cause for once Aves had a coach that wouldn’t boss him around, and made him feel at home.

    But of course, THAT right there, is the fuggin problem, he’s to much of a pussy. He’s to liked. In my opinion, coaching that way, you wont really get 100% out of your players, but that’s my opinion.

  90. Good god. What a joke.

    The NFL’s got a thug who shoots HIMSELF in the leg with his OWN gun and the perpetually struggling National Hockey League is up in arms because one of it’s biggest stars makes a wise crack about a loose Hollywood broad? Who cares! Go get ’em, Sean. I will take you on my team any day. Lighten up, people.

  91. Greg L.

    Bit of a difference in what you say. Dirty players usually commit the same crimes over and over again. e.g. Chris Pronger. I really doubt that anyone could hang that on Avery. Of course he has a big mouth, so what? Didn’t Billy Martin have an extra huge and super foul mouth, surely it was only because he reached a certain stature that people accommodate it?
    And check in with Madonna, Christine Aguillera (or however you spell her name) and umpteen others who have a symbiotic relationship with the press. The press flocks to them because they butter their bread.
    Same as my Don Cherry on HNIC comment earlier, no difference at all.

  92. GREG L

    Oh yeah, Toots is available, they lost out on Radulov, they could use a scoring forward. If Pruchs plays good in these next couple of games, i could definitely see it happening.

    Or who knows, maybe Danny F for Toots.

  93. TRAVIS

    That’s cause Renney is a pussy. He lets his own players bully him around, lol. Pruchs finally had it, so he stands up for himself, and puts his foot down, and boom, he’s back in the lineup. Rismiller has no brains, he should have done this.

  94. Not even saying to get Avery back, just saying someone like him would be nice. Most teams do want to have that component.

  95. Yes TOPCORNER , but Madonna and christina agulara and even grapes are not as pompous as Avery. Mike TYson is the only one who is worse by far , he said he’d eat yor children and stuff like that and took no shit from reporters.

    Avery is more of a slime . Look in his eye , he’s some kinda freako . But a HELL OF A HOCKEY PLAYER. When he stops painting his nails and dressing dolls . He has a great shot and if we claim him off of waivers I want a contract renegotiation for as much as Dawes or Prucha make.

  96. U guys are nuts! Fugg Too too chuga …seriously

    U think a team like the Rangers will all of the sudden grow a set of balls by signing some lil’ midget? C’mon now…

    How about the novel idea of getting a coach to fire up this listless , over-paid, boring piece of crap lack of leadership team?

  97. Greg L

    I guess I just look at it differently, but I do connect with your hatred, only I reserve it for Bobby Clarke, it’s my touchstone.

  98. yo Liquid metalhead , if we trade 2 midgets in Prucha and Dawes then we got 1 guy who has more balls than the 2 of ’em . ….2 for the price of 1 . This canadian is indian man ( like feathers not turbins). I like around where he is from and Ill tell you most natives can play , and play very very well. Alot come from background were thay can’t afford hockey and alot of talet is waisted.

  99. wd40

    can’t speak to others but i can speak for myself. it got way too personal with some people. in the last week alone

    salty – told me to die in a bus fire. and wanted to shower me with liquids

    true fans – plenty of nonsense back and forth for last few mos

    yourself – again a few episodes and then you were harassing me with same question. sometimes just let something go

    dewey – the least of the insults but called me a wimp and timid

    so to me it became more about me and people insulting me. plus others were subjected to this nonsense which is also not fair.

    still read and you’re right things were more civil today (but some of the above posted a lot less too). i even saw good posters return like spider as well as new posters. and added bonus saw the bond film.

    reminds me of the line in the movie war games. the best move is not to play.

    final thought. no need to call out people for not posting whether for a day a week or forever.

  100. “This canadian is indian man ( like feathers not turbins)”

    Ahaha, well said. These Feather Cheif Indians, or what ever the fugg, are one tough sons a bitches. He isn’t a midget, and he can throw a mean right hand as well, just ask Robidas.

    He is a hard hitter, and doesn’t show respect when he hits, and i don’t wanna sound like a heartless prick, but with guys like that on your team, a lot more teams wont be taking as many liberties, cause they know, what ever they do, this guy could do it worse. He’d fit beautifully on the 3rd line with Voros, and maybe Cally centering them. Oofah that would be sweet.

    Dawes, and Pruchs is way to much for Toots. Dawes still has potential. Id be willing to deal him away if we can get Cheech from the Sharks, throw him with Gomer, and who knows. Some Alaskin thunder.

    This team is far away from a contender. I don’t see these guys marching to the playoffs, and pushing teams around, their so called “speed” isn’t doing much, despite where they are in the standings.

    If they cant sign Mats, i think going for Cheech is the way to go. Although this whole “change of scenery” BS isn’t going to great so far, except with Voros, and Nicky Z, but Kal, and Wade, whole other story.

    I don’t wanna sound like a broken record, since last season i said the same thing aboot wanting Cheech, and Toots. But it would be nice to have them.

  101. NUMBER 22 is available for you know too too . Bobby Clarcke is an arrogant sob.

    If we get SUNDIN , it will be for a season or 2 , why should Zherdev give his number up ? Like crosby or Ovechkin would or anyone else for that matter . Gomer and Drury fliped a coin , which is fair . Sundin takes …um ..the year hes born or something in the 90 ‘s . 73 would be cool .

    If Zherdev is feeling unlucky with his number 13 , then its his choice with absolutely no pressure . If I could choose either Sundin for 1 run at a cup or Z for years shots at cups….Ill take Z .

  102. alex – czechthemout

    thanks for the kind posting the other day. i thanked you in newsday comment after i saw your post there but not sure if you saw it. you’re right we do go back a long way. and your kind words are much appreciated.

  103. LI Joe,

    I hope you stick around. Like what you stand for and how you say it. It’s just that turbulence happens. I remember posting here a few times at first, and was basically ignored. It seemed to me like an insider’s club at times, often with discussion that seemed pretty damned exclusive. So, not everyone can be pleased in a public forum. But it ain’t all bad either.

  104. CHUGGA chugga CHHEECHCHOO and TOOTOOOOO , come on man don’t be teas’ing me like dat , we wish . If we got that … F**k we would be tough !!!

  105. LI Joe — get off your high horse, do you not remember the crap that Beer Me poured on anyone who dared question Renny last year, last playoffs. gimme a BREAK!

    and love the way you left out Staal Wart’s “morons” and “assholes.” hard to respect you when you choose your targets the way you do.

  106. Yes, it is not like it is Sundin or bust. The team has great talent but they also have a lot of people that in two years or even one year you will be saying “remember that Rismiller guy?” Why would anyone not want to turn the spare nuts and bolts, the over-stocked parts that will never fit, into something that maybe would take you another round into the playoffs. Nothing to do with giving up on anyone except those who should even be here.

  107. topcorner – thanks. we’ll see. maybe i can do what i’ve done on newsday and ignore totally a couple of posters.
    i’ve been following sam’s predecessor gross blog too. he has veryt few posters so it gets more interactive with him for now.

    i’ll be going to game vs pitt so either way won’t post during that one. try to improve personal 5-1 record.

    a break won’t be such a bad thing either. i think if the team loses next 2 games i will prob try not to read the comments.

    like i said it is an addiction (has some good to it since i am passionate but like any addiction some bad to it since there are other things i can do with my time like exercising more so i don’t get hurt playing tennis}.

  108. LI Joe

    I think you forget just how bitterly many who came on this site last winter were treated and ridiculed by posters like Beer Me and others, simply because they dared to question Renney. Lots and lots of vitriol — where were you then to defend the abused?

    Payback is a you-know-what, I guess.

  109. wd40 – i made my decision to take a short break yesterday at 3 pm. staal’s stuff happened later that night. like i said in my post especially with true fans there was plenty of nonsense both ways. i don’t even remember you or dewey posting until last couple of weeks.

    you can think what you want. but i would prefer you not reference me and i will do the same. keep the peace for all concerned.

  110. GREG

    That would be dreamy. And i can see it happening. Especially with Setoguchi playing the way he has, and Pavelski having a good year, they may be willing to deal Cheech for another piece of their puzzle. But then again they are 21-2-1 or something like that, who knows.

  111. LI Joe

    WTF, you mean this typing isn’t exercising? I thought if my heart was beating really fast I was doing good. What’s my doc gonna say at my next checkup?!!

  112. LI Joe — since when what does the timing of Staal Wart’s “morons” and “assholes” comments which you obviously saw mean they can’t be sited by you when attacking other who don;t agree with you! amazing how selective you are, when the worst words were used by SW and no one else

  113. Look , wd40 , you said you werent gonna reply to LIjoes post , well its day 2 and we are at it again. LI joe hates being called a wimp but he said this place is a tolit , which I disagreed. Renney should take responsiblity and resign. Deweys right this time. Chuga Chuga …

  114. wd40 – last post to you. i was referencing posts that became personal toward me. i was only speaking for myself not the others. why can’t you drop it and leave me alone.


  115. Well, sorry to see this. None of it is necessary, gotta talk about the team, not the politics.

  116. LI Joe — I await your response to my message @ 1:18

    I think you forget just how bitterly many who came on this site last winter were treated and ridiculed by posters like Beer Me and others, simply because they dared to question Renney. Lots and lots of vitriol—- where were you then to defend the abused?

    I welcome your answer, and sincerely wish you well, because I believe you are a positive force on this board.

  117. topcorner, you deserve credit, you have added value to the discussion here.

    Let’s Go Rangers! because that’s the bottom line, isn’t it?

  118. LI Joe

    I am sorry for getting too personal with you (and the others that night). FWIW its worth I was out drinking and more fired up than usual…

    for your sake though, it may be better to try to skip my posts. I’m colorful and firey and a little too much for some.

  119. Dayoff tomorow and Its only 1am here , sweet . wd40 , yes yo did , i can get you the quote if you like.

    Penguins are comming , I can’t wait…Staal vs Staal . Plus Malkin in town should fire up Z. I hate when the pens win ….go Rangersssss. Then those dam HABS!!!!!

  120. Leetch is the man on

    Thats fukin a funny comment not racist or really bad in anyway. Good job Sean keepin things humorous

  121. HA! Classic. I leave for like 2 days and all some of you want to talk about is me. It’s like I’m Sean Avery or something.
    “Conduct detrimental to the NHL”. That’s the driving force of the suspension. And given the context of Avery’s comments, the suspension is 100% completely called for given the verbiage of an NHL SPC.

    That being the case, I don’t know if a long-term suspension is the right call here. A few games wouldn’t hurt, but it won’t correct the problem.

    More than anything, I’d like to see Tom Hicks fire Brett Hull and give Les Jackson full control. I like Brett Hull, but this was one of the worst contracts the NHL will ever see. And the NHL & NHLPA better not give the Dallas Stars any ‘wiggle room’ (LouLam-style) to get out of this contract.

    He’s officially a ‘cancer’ in a lockerroom. That debate is over.

    And so is my posting for the day.

    I leave you with a prediction…. Prucha gets 2 ppgs tonight.

    (And Trautwig gets the assists on both.)

  122. Elisha Cuthbert’s so hot, I would take sloppy fourths, fifths, sixths…you gotta take what you can get!

  123. I’ve been saying that about Alexi Yashin for years now. What’s with the NHL getting PC? So he said something classless, so what? It’s also pretty funny how he’s trashed on this board like some bum, yet last year everybody praised him and begged Sather to sign him. Like I’ve said many times before, I only watch NYR games so I have no idea how he’s doing in Dallas but I did get the impression from preseason that the vets there were none to happy to have him.

  124. Avery’s comments were hysterical, he couldn’t even get them out with a straight face. Love it.

    Classless comments – sure. Worthy of a suspension – not in my book. He didn’t actually say anything that could be directly attributed to one person.

    Dallas should thank him, tell me that this press isn’t going to help attendance for a dead last hockey team in Texas…..

  125. I liked Matthew Barnaby’s take on it. He said something like say what you want on the ice, but you don’t say crap like that to the media.

  126. So you can intentionally drive a guy into the glass from behind, thirty feet away from the puck and it’s 1-3 games, tops. Unsavory comments about Dion Phaneuf’s girlfriend: indefinite suspension. What a joke. I love how his teammates hang Avery out to dry to the media, but they’ll stand behind their washed up, awful goalie any day of the week.

  127. The Dallas Stars benefited from a little addition by subtraction Tuesday night.

    AND yes to DanLD his teammates HUNG him out!!
    “I’ll put it this way,” one Star says, “From the top of our organization to the bottom, there’s only one guy who wants him here.”

    Were is Brett Hull in all this…have not seen a comment from him?

    For all the Avery lovers….YES hes is coming back to NYC!!! (thursday to meet with bettman)

    The Stars organization should send him to the minors for the duration of his contract.

    And I’m sure the Garden faithful will have fun with Dion and Jerome on Sunday night

  128. We live in a society in which foundational institutions like the family, marriage and the church – not to mention Christmas and free enterprise capitalism, are under MAJOR assault from powerful, internal Marxist-Atheist forces which virtually control our nation, now, – so never be surprised when any, albeit trashy, public statement made by a WHITE MALE is mangled for P.R. fodder, in the Leftist press.

    Hey, we can marry homosexuals and teach our kids all about the “two mommies” bullshit in the first grade, but a “Sloppy seconds” off-color remark by a white male is considered more offensive than all of the above.

    Don’t look now but it’s OVER for what used to be known as “America.” Enjoy the hockey game.

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