Prucha balks at Hartford assignment


The Rangers made clear they thought Petr Prucha would benefit from a conditioning assignment in Hartford, but the player thought otherwise.

More on this in a bit…

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  1. good for Prucha. The team has been jerking him around for 2 years now. Play the kid or trade him.

  2. You know what, I agree! Good for him. He has been jerked around. Handled very poorly. Preached in the pre season that he was going to get a fair chance and time on the power play and so on and so forth. Don’t get me wrong, he didn’t do much in the little time that he did get, but I for one don’t blame him at all for taking this stance. I say play him for 10 games with Gomez and on the PP. If he doesn’t score at least 2-3 goals, do with him what you wish.

  3. Rob L. December 1st, 2008 at 11:58 am

    good for Prucha. The team has been jerking him around for 2 years now. Play the kid or trade him.

    Well said.

  4. We can bitch all we want, we really can. But Renney is not going anywhere, and neither are the big salaries. All we can do is watch them switch lines around and move people in and out of the lineup. Those people being Dawes, Fritsche, and Prucha. So with that being said, I don’t think having a Prucha discussion is a big deal. All the talk around the Rangers seems to be about him right now anyway.

  5. Rangers have mishandled this situation. It’s one thing to know injuries may become a problem and to insure you have a deep lineup. It’s another to let a guy have his confidence and enthusiasm crushed. Personally, I think he’s too much of a weeble-wobble to ever succeed too greatly in the NHL, but still.

    And I can’t say I like how much stubbornness and indecisiveness seem to be defining traits of the Renney-Sather regime. Anyone see that quote in Larry Brooks’ article from Renney about why he didn’t switch up the lines? He didn’t know. Not reassuring.

  6. The main reason y prucha wont go to hartford is in fear of me taking his gf from him while he is away

  7. If Drury and the others hit the net in the first period it would have been a totally different game.

    Dubi has been awful… -3 yesterday. He can’t score and constantly over handles the puck and turns it over.

  8. The lousy part is, as much as I agree with Prucha for taking his stand, pissing off the powers that be isn’t going to help his cause any. He knows that the conditioning assignment is only for 2 weeks, and if he does well he will likely have a spot in the line-up, even if it’s only a 3rd line spot. He would probably be better off just going and be thankful for being able to suit up for a game.

    The BS part is that he’s still set up to fail. Let’s say he goes to Hartford and starts lighting the lamp hardcore. He comes back, and get’s 9 minutes of ice time with Korpo and Fritsche. Surprise surprise, no stops scoring…and gets scratched again. One big vicious cycle. The sad thing is he can’t get any power play time. WTF has the current PP unit done that they can’t be broken up? This whole situation is unwatchable

  9. Good for Pruchs, fugg that piece of shit Renney. This moron just feeds the media, and fans total bullshit aboot Pruchs. He “wants him to play”, fugg you !! He’s been saying that for over a year now, it makes me sick. Pruchs isn’t the same player, but he doesn’t deserve this crap.

    I hope he goes back to scoring 30 goals, just to show how Renney never gave him a good chance.

    Slats didn’t help the situation, re signing both Freddy Shoes, and Danny F. To many forwards on the roster. It sucks for Pruchs, because even though he hasn’t been scoring, he’s been playing decent as of late. Renney makes me sick. Slats needs to trade this guy, im surprised Pruchs hasn’t asked to be traded, it just goes to show you how committed to this team he has been, even though he’s been getting jerked around, and lied to, every god damn week, it makes me sick.

    I really thought he’d be here for years to come, but i never thought it would turn out like this.

    I hope Nyr rapes the Pens so bad, and Crosby, and Malkin both get injured. Fuggin hate those big lips losers.

  10. Oh boy… this will only get ugly from here on out.

    Good for Petr. He was NOT given a fair shake this year considering his history here. I hope they move him and move him soon. He’s still young and in another organization I could see him regaining top 6 status.

    I will always keep an eye on him wherever he goes, but this just turned ugly and I hope Prucha is able to keep cool and not spiral out upon his assignment.

  11. Dawes should have this conditioning assignment as well, he cant go to Hartford cause i think he’ll have to go thru waivers, i think. But put him on this, and at least he’ll know that he’s not safe here if he’s not scoring, cause clearly scratching him isn’t doing jack shit.

  12. Hard to see how this ends on a positive note for Prucha. I, too, agree that he hasn’t gotten a fair shake. No way he has been any worse than (fill in the blank)…

    BTW, with all this talk of PP’s GF: who is she? anyone have a link to a pic?

  13. Prucha25,

    I have no idea who she is, but i saw petr and her getting out of a cab to go to a game. She was gorgeous.

  14. Lou Lamoriello on

    The Devils perspective on Prucha is:

    PLAY HIM, and sit down a big physical forward!!!!

    The question is: Who do you sit down to play Prucha?

    Is it Callahan? It shouldn’t be…Although he did not play his usual physical game yesterday, he has been the most consistent forward all season.

    Drury? Can’t do that..
    Fritsche? Maybe..
    Orr? You need some protection especially since the power play isn’t fearful.

  15. Lou Lamoriello on


    Here’s the deal: Do you want Prucha on a checking line?

    He was signed for $1.6 Million to SCORE..

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