Overflow media at the MSG Training Center


Pulling into the practice rink today, I saw a parking lot overflowing with cars and TV trucks.

Did the Rangers trade Petr Prucha? Is Jaromir Jagr coming back? Is Glen Sather retiring?

None of the above. Down the hall, Stephon Marbury is set to meet with Donnie Walsh.

As for your Rangers, they had only an off-ice session. We’re set to meet with Tom Renney in a moment.

Until then…

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  1. I think Mikey from the last thread hit it on the head. Prucha needs to be given the same chance as Fritsche. Give him the minutes and if he doesn’t produce trade him or cut him. He’s really the only guy on the team that has shown the ability to be a finisher (aside from Naslund in his prime).
    Drury Gomez Prucha
    Naslund Dubinsky Gomez
    Dawes Korpikoski Callahan
    Sjostrom Betts Orr/Voros

  2. REPOST:

    I will get into other stuff later…but first this:

    Who the F made up this schedule? I mean fine, 2 games in Prague to start us off. That gets us 2 games behind everyone to start. OK. Fine. I get it.

    But who the F designs the schedule this week for example? From last night to Thursday night the Rangers have 3 games (they have played 27 now.) From last night to Thurs night the Devs have 1 game (they have played 22 now). From last night to Thurs night the Isles have 1 game (they have played 24 now.) So on Thursday night the NYR will have played 29 games versus the Devils 23 and the Isles 25.

    How the F can we get another 2 games ahead of them in this 5 day period? I mean who was the elementary-school-only educated illiterate that made this schedule?

    It makes no sense.

    Can anyone explain that? Again, I understand we played 2 more than anyone to start the season. But once that is out of the way, how is it that we play 3 in a 5d period when others play 1?


  3. Newman…everybody plays 82 when all is said and done. It’s really not that big a deal. I’d rather play more games now when the team is healthy as opposed to more games in March and April when they all have little nagging injuries.

  4. Rucchin…Dawes has been sitting. Why would you think if Prucha goes down he’s going to come back and play? Rissmiller did the same thing and he’s now back and sitting again.

  5. My 3 biggest questions are:

    1. Why is Renney infatuated with playing Gomez with Drury when Drury can’t finish. Move Drury down to play with Prucha and Dawes on the 3rd line. He is very good at that role.
    2. Why Renney chooses to waste Korpikoski at center when he is a better finisher than someone like Callahan? I know Callahan scored 52 goals in the AHL but does anyone think he can score anything more than garbage goals in the NHL? The guy has no real “sniper” type shot, while the 2 goals I have seen Korpikoski score in the NHL all have been lazers. (Playoffs v. Pitt, One timer in the slot v. I forget). He is a defensively responsible player who is better suited for the wing. He is big and has a good shot…Wonder how he would be with Gomez, doubt we will ever find out though.

    3. I understand why Renney keeps playing Redden and Roszival on the Power Play. They have the best shots of all the NYR Dmen. But they refuse to shot at any time. Why not play Staal there? He may not have a rocket but when given time he gets the puck on net, is not afraid to shoot and occasionally scores. Plus itll eliminate any short handed chances?

    WTF Renney.

  6. Off-ice session?! After yesterday’s game, I’d make them skate until they beg for mercy. That utter lack of effort is disrespectful to the fans and the sweater.

    For a team that brags about how rigorous it’s conditioning program is and how fit it’s players are, they sure look like crap for most of the games. They skate like they’re coming down off a 3 day bender.

  7. The skating was OK yesterday, it was the hitting, shooting and passing that were generally sub-standard.
    Someone also need to have a word with MSG, thats 2 straight clunkers Hank’s had when they play some clips about him pre-game and talk about how he’s carrying the team etc..

    1. Drury can’t finish…ha! You are joking right?
    2. Callahan’s been one of our best players in the last month, Korpedo’s been good but only in spells. Having said that i’d give him a chance on the top line for a couple of games to see if he’s got it, but if not Cally goes straight back up there.
    3. Roszival had 4 or 5 shots from the point yesterday, his confidence is returning, just leave him be…

  8. Blurt, Kovalchuk has long had a tendency to become unhinged and hurt the team. If you recall him flipping out at Avery and jumping him during the 2007 quarterfinals. He’s done it numerous times this year, taking idiotic, selfish, undisciplined penalties at critical junctures in close games. He did it last week against Toronto, though I forget the name of the guy he fought. He needs to learn to harness his anger, and I don’t think he’d fit the dynamic of this team, especially with Drury as captain. If Drury was traded for Kovy (along with some other players too for sure), then it might be a different story.

  9. Kovalchuk is a real scumbag… but kind of funny. Look for the youtube of him pointing at Crosby in the penalty box upon scoring his hat trick… ridiculous.

  10. Salty, that’s pretty damn funny. Maybe that’s because I hate Crosby so much.

    Remember when Voros celebrated in Colin White’s face after a goal this year?…that stuff is classic

  11. Rob L., normally I would just lambaste you for telling me that all the teams play 82 games. I mean WTF dude? “After all is said and done?” You are a regular Socrates…

    Further to my point, I think the idea of leading the East in points gives this team a false sense of security. They just don’t give a crap about playing teams like Florida. My guess is if they are not leading the conference in points, they play these games differently. (Or maybe not and the team just sucks.) I don’t know but having this team play another 2 games in the next 4 days while other teams play one or none is just BS.

    BTW, by your logic you’d be happy for this team to play 82 games in 100 nights and then just sit around waiting for April? Yeah, that would work! This isn’t baseball.

    In any case, I brought my son to his first game yesterday. He skipped his nap so by the end of the 2nd he wanted to go home. He and his mom ducked out then. They were the smart ones.

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