Before you pull your hair out


No question, there was a lot to dislike about yesterday.

In fact, I’m trying to think of something there was to like about the Rangers game, and the best thing I can come up with is that no one accidentally shot themselves in the leg before the opening face-off. Beyond that, though, it was a “clunker of the first order”:

But let’s try to maintain some perspective. This is a flawed team that probably isn’t as good as its record suggests. But it’s still a team that has managed to win more games than its lost. And no, that’s not just because of Henrik Lundqvist.

Do the Rangers need to make some personnel moves between now and the trade deadline? Absolutely.

Are there moves Tom Renney and Glen Sather could make to get more out of the players they have? Affirmative there as well.

But just as the Rangers might not be as dominant as their spot atop the standings would suggest, they’re also not four goals worse than one of the worst teams in the league.

What will be more telling is how they respond this week against two formidable opponents. If you’re looking for a truth serum, you’ll probably have it there.

More from practice later…

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  1. One move Renney needs to make is to get Drury and Callahan off the top line. Both guys are not worthy of top line minutes.

  2. I’d like to see Callahan get some time with Gomez.

    Is anyone as invisible as Redden?
    Can’t help myself to say almost every game 6yrs 36M+….
    I hope I’m wrong but this signing is going to hurt for a while especially when we need to sign some important players.

  3. onecupin67years on

    They need a big time trade ASAP , enough of the juggling act ,might as well pull the names out of hat to make the lines.

    OR get a coach who can motivate, I think the team has quit on Renney and they don’t believe in his methodology.

  4. I don’t know if moves are even the answer at this point, the team needs to care more, and show up to entire games more often. I’ve developed a new theory as of this year when it comes to watching games… In years past, I ALWAYS watched the whole game, no matter the outcome, but for some reason this year I am having a hard time doing that, so my new theory is this… If the team doesn’t care to play the game they are currently in, then I don’t care to watch it. I hate to say it, but it’s the only way I am maintaining sanity with this team. I will tune in to every game, but the only way I can stay and watch is if the team actually stays and plays. I don’t even care if they win or lose, but I just won’t watch a game they don’t care to even play any more, I have enough stress in my life

  5. Callahan has had plenty of time with Gomez. He is a great role player, but he is not a finisher. Gomez needs a sniper to play with him. Someone who will finish. I hate making up lines, but here it goes.

    Naslund Dubi Z
    Prucha Gomez Korpi
    Callahan Drury Voros/Sjo
    Orr Betts Sjo/Voros

    I have no problem with Voros on the fourth line, as long as they give the guy some Power Play time in the crease where he had success earlier in the year. And play Prucha with Gomez for some time and give it a shot. Play Prucha on the Power Play as well. Let this be his last chance. I don’t care what they do with the guy if he doesn’t produce after that. Fritsche has not really done much that he has really earned shit. Dawes/Prucha/Fritsche all have not earned a thing as far as I am concerned. A lot of these players haven’t, but since the revolving door has only been for these 3, this is what I want to see.

  6. I think they need to make a trade much more substantial than whatever they’ll get in return for Prucha (who has consistently gotten the short end of the stick this season). Maybe they should throw Dawes and Prucha into the same deal along with a draft pick and see what they come up with. Dawes is a solid team player, but I think he’s definitely hit the ceiling in terms of potential, no matter how many times Renney calls him a “natural goals scorer.” This team would have been better off with Jagr on it.

  7. Speaking of moves….

    Am I the only one who thought, at the time of the Gomez-Drury signings, that Gomez-Prucha on a line was the way to go?…The pure set-up guy with a guy who scored 30 and 22 goals???

    I know to speak of Prucha is laughable here sometimes but we killed the Jagr, Shanny, Sundin rants..theres a guy sitting there drying up…I cant remember that combo getting a chance…we pay a guy 7 million a year, based on his set up skills and it would seem a Prucha resembles Elias a little doesnt he?

  8. Dan I like that approach…why should you put watching time in if they don’t show up…

    JAB, I also agree on Redden. I don’t know what Sather was thinking…to offer a contract to a player that was quite obviously on the downswing. Don’t get me wrong Redden may have been worth alot of money a few years ago but I just don’t see it now. and I am starting to hate seeing Redden on the ice.

    I said this yesterday and I’m going to say it again. WTF is up with moronic fuggin fans who boo Rozi? Face it he’s here and he’s not going anywhere, Booing does nothing…in fact it probably makes him play worse. It destroys his confidence even more. its pointless. So if you are at the game and you boo Rozi…A big Fugg you!!

    Mara has been closer to deserving the big money contract than R&R…I actually think Redden has been worse than Rozi. Rozi at least occasionally makes a good play…Redden just kind of floats around out there. I don’t see him hit, I don’t see much…in fact I never really notice anything he does and thats not a good thing.
    Staal, on the other hand I don’t notice either, but thats usu. because nothing bad is happening.

    I also want to add that every team has a clunker of a game here and there, but that being said, we’ve had alot of clunkers in a short period of time and I haven’t seen much get better. This week is going to be interesting. We have shown this past week that we can skate as bad as the bad and not bury a bad team in regulation. But against quality teams how will we fair? guess we will find out soon enough.

  9. When is someone who covers this team going to recognize that responsibility not only lies with the players, but with the coach and GM as well? How about asking Renney what he is going to do – other than mumble a series of cliche-filled run on sentences – to make this a better a team? Other than shifting a few guys around, is there any plan to improve the powerplay? Why is our offensively-handicapped 4th line center getting more TOI than the third line center?

    And maybe ask the GM why it was so important to sign 10 guys to play the six spots on the 3rd & 4th lines? Why is there no 7th d-man to give someone a break? Was this whole team constructed with the idea that Jagr or Sundin would be here and since neither are that there is no answer for where the goals are going to come from?

    Or does everyone get a free pass because of a paper-thin record that flatters to deceive?

  10. onecupin67years on

    Dan, I watch the games and I’m not surprised by the results, it seems that the Rangers play down to the competition , and they don’t do what the bloggers have mentioned in the past,
    poor power play,lack of hitting, etc.
    I think part of prucha’s problem was that he was constantly creamed on the ice and his linemates never stuck up for him, a lot is Prucha’s fault too, he should have belted guys back , but thats history.

    If the Rangers lack motivation then get a motivator.. a new coach, Sather should step behind the bench , but I think his ego is too big for a demotion in his mind.
    Renney is fine because he is Sather’s puppet.

  11. Time to try 10 games in a row with Prucha now.

    Let Fritsche sit and give Peter the same chance
    Put him on the power play, and on a line with Gomez
    after that, if he shows nothing, he’s finished.

    And I agree with above about Cally, love the kid, plays hard every game, but is not a 1st line player.

    Gomer needs people who can put the damn puck in the net

  12. Bill r, no way. That guy is way too moody and tempermental to have on this team. We’re trying to build team unity, not tear it apart. Someone as enigmatic as Kovalchuk would hurt this team, regardless of what his production is. Teams that operate as a cohesive unit, with everyone chipping in top to bottom, and exerting full effort for the duration of the game, win championships. Not to mention we’d have to sell the farm to get him… not worth it

  13. Until Renney makes players accountable (ALL players!) for their play, nothing’s going to change. They’ll continue winning by scraping by shootout or one goal wins, and will also be blown out when their passive, defense-first system fails them. That is going to be the entire 08-09 season for this team. Take that to the bank.

  14. Kaspar –

    Im with you on the Gomez/Prucha combo. I thought that was going to be a match made in heaven. I wasnt a huge fan of the Gomez signing, especially given the amount of $$ that was literally thrown at him. Im sorry he isnt worth the $10 million and the $8 he is getting now. That is AO, Malkin & Cindy type salary.

    I would bet that Prucha will be playing against the Pens. Renney will try to “shake things up”. So laughable…
    If he is playing who wants to guess at #1 how much ice time he will get. #2 how much PP time he will get?

  15. I will get into other stuff later…but first this:

    Who the F made up this schedule? I mean fine, 2 games in Prague to start us off. That gets us 2 games behind everyone to start. OK. Fine. I get it.

    But who the F designs the schedule this week for example? From last night to Thursday night the Rangers have 3 games (they have played 27 now.) From last night to Thurs night the Devs have 1 game (they have played 22 now). From last night to Thurs night the Isles have 1 game (they have played 24 now.) So on Thursday night the NYR will have played 29 games versus the Devils 23 and the Isles 25.

    How the F can we get another 2 games ahead of them in this 5 day period? I mean who was the elementary-school-only educated illiterate that made this schedule?

    It makes no sense.

    Can anyone explain that? Again, I understand we played 2 more than anyone to start the season. But once that is out of the way, how is it that we play 3 in a 5d period when others play 1?


  16. New Newman –

    You can thank Gary Bettman & his henchman for the way the schedule is set up. This is one brutal schedule for them.

  17. New newman
    I’ve been screaming about that for weeks
    at a certain point Last week rangers had played 26 games the other three teams that went to Europ had played 22,22 and 21(Ottawa)

    I said at the time that Milbury made the schedule

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