As Prucha stays, Rangers contemplate other options


Some tidbits and thoughts after our session with Tom Renney today:

<li>No practice today for the Rangers, which could be a surprise given yesterday’s meager showing. But Tom Renney said the plan all along was to have an off-ice conditioning session and some meetings, and said he didn’t feel the need to change course after yesterday’s 4-0 loss.

I can go either way on this one. I know there’s a feeling that the Rangers should be skating Herbies until they keel over after being outworked against the Panthers. But there’s also something to be said for giving a team that has been on the ice every day since Nov. 21 a chance to clear its head, especially with a busy week ahead.

“We’re not going to dwell on it,” Renney said of the Florida loss. “We’ll move forward. We were ready to go. Our start certainly looked like it and we have some good opponents coming up. It’s not like Tom Renney has to say a whole lot to get them ready for Pittsburgh.”

<li>The clear sentiment from Renney and the Rangers management was that Petr Prucha would be better served playing in Hartford rather than idling here, where he has been a scratch for 10 straight games. But Prucha and his agent decided otherwise, and they exercised their option to stay in New York.

“It’s a tough decision,” said Prucha, who was one of only a handful of players still hanging around by the time the media was allowed in the locker room (Steve Valiquette, Dan Fritsche, and Blair Betts, who was testing out new skates, were the other ones).  I don’t know if I made a good decision or not, but I hope I have a better chance if I stay here so I can jump right in.”

I asked Prucha if the team was adamant about him going to Hartford or if it was more a case of them thinking it would be a good idea. He said it was the latter.

“It was more like, ‘Maybe it would be good for your confidence to go there and start playing again and get in shape. Maybe after that you’ll feel better,'” he said. “But I’m in good shape and ready to jump right in. I feel like it’s better to stick around so they can watch me every day on the ice and see that I’m ready.”

A player disregarding his coach and general manager’s preference could be problematic. But at least outwardly, Renney said it wasn’t an issue. Heck, why should it be? Given yesterday, I think the Rangers could use Prucha’s energy in the lineup against Pittsburgh.

“He’s in great shape,” Renney said. “But playing is important. It’s critical. There’s a difference in shape and then there’s game shape. But we’ve decided to let it go for a little while. We may come back to it. But there’s no way I could dispute his level of fitness or his effort or his attitude. Never ever. So I can appreciate why they want to be here and on the ready.”

<li>While Renney said he was unlikely to switch the lines around after yesterday, he did acknowledge a need to switch things up on the power play. And then came a curious revelation — that the coach would consider using a forward on the point on the power play.

You may recall that this was something I had asked Renney about a couple of weeks ago, and he said he wasn’t ready to go there yet. I mention this not because I’m taking credit for the idea — a forward at the point on the power play, who would have ever thought? — but because it seems to illustrate the team’s frustration with the man-advantage unit.

“I think there’s forwards who can do that job. There’s defensemen, too. They just have to do it with a certain level of confidence and assertiveness,” Renney said.

“We can look at a number of different guys. What would Zherdev be like back there? Chris (Drury) we’ve tried. What would Scott (Gomez) be like back there? What would Nazzy be like? That’s a short list of guys.”

Whether the Rangers actually throw any of those players back on the point is something to follow in the days to come. More likely is an adjustment in which Gomez is not the player consistently carrying the puck up ice since Renney acknowledges the team needs a new look.

“I think Scott does that more and more often we become too predictable. Anybody who’s scouting us could have a look at that and say, ‘Make sure we eliminate him.’ A part of the issue is to have different looks coming up the ice, which we’ve done well this year, but not consistently.”

Interestingly enough, Renney even seemed to suggest that we the media have a role in this as well. Not that he was blaming reporters, but he was saying the team’s power play problems have been so well-documented, it’s simultaneously cut into his team’s confidence and given opponents something to chew on.

“I tell you, when you read about how bad your power play is every day I’d be pressuring them everywhere. I’d be pressuring them below our goal line,” Renney said. “That takes on a life of its own. Smart coaches read clips. They read what other teams have to read about themselves and they try to find a psychological advantage there.”

More later…

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  1. Sam
    Does this guy ever speak from the gut?

    If not…Do you feel he does in private but all he releases to the public is that everybody is well and trying their best and dedicated etc etc…??

  2. Zherdev on the point makes the most sense. He’s our most gifted offensive player and to say he would be an upgrade over Rosizval or Redden is the understatement of the year.

  3. i cant stand renney. he wont change the lineup cause they won, he wont change the lineup after the loss cause he doesnt want to look like all is lost.

    so i ask u, tom, when do u change the lineup?

  4. The idea of Gomez on the point scares the piss out of me. Gomez is a really gifted playmaker, but he is good for at least one turnover every game from a errant pass. The idea of one of those coming at the blue line with everyone deep…ugh. If we let up another SH goal, I swear I’m gonna snap

  5. Good for Purcha. He has heart and he knows it… He’s a PP goal scorer but has yet to see any significant PP time. Shame on Renney for that. He’s too busy blaming his PP problems on the media. What, he thinks this stuff is a secret? All you have to do is watch one game. Sorry, I feel no sympathy for him in that respect and Sam and the rest of the media should blow him out of the water for that remark.

  6. I’ve been asking for Zherdev on the point for a while now…

    He couldn’t be any more of a defensive liability than either of Rozi or Redden.

    Bottom line is that there are some guys on this squad pulling their weight (some even more than their weight) and then there are a group who are underachieving… in some cases massively.

    This team could be as good as their record if those folks started contributing.

  7. Sam, now that Tom has pinpointed the press as the problem with the power play, the question is how do we fix it? Can we send you guys down on a conditioning assignment? Do you have to pass through waivers?

  8. Does anyone else feel like Gomez may not like Zherdev? I only have once instance that I can think of off the top of my head, but there have been others over the course of the season that lead me to this.

    During the one 5-3 powerplay (if im not mistaken) where Gomez got ‘stuck’ on the ice (looked to me like he just didnt want to get off) he had the puck deep, with Zherdev sitting by the far post with a absolutely clear passing lane… and Gomez looked at Zherdev, who was beyond ready to slam the puck home, then dished the puck to the point.

    1st, why would gomez refuse to pass it to Zherdev when he’s looking at an open net?

    2nd, while im thinking of it… why on the powerplay dont we EVER make the cross-crease pass? I see other teams do it constantly, but we NEVER do.

    Thats all ive got for now

  9. How disgusting is it that a guy is brought in for 6.5M to at the very least take bombers from the point on the PP and he ca’t even do that…

  10. “I tell you, when you read about how bad your power play is every day I’d be pressuring them everywhere. I’d be pressuring them below our goal line,” Renney said. :That takes on a life of its own. Smart coaches read clips. They read what other teams have to read about themselves and they try to find a psychological advantage there.”

    Right, Tom. Blame the messenger. Pathetic!

    Well at least he hasn’t slimed Staal today by comparing him to Redden. (As far as we know anyhow.)

  11. holy shit…I just caught this addition:

    “I tell you, when you read about how bad your power play is every day I’d be pressuring them everywhere. I’d be pressuring them below our goal line,” Renney said. :That takes on a life of its own. Smart coaches read clips. They read what other teams have to read about themselves and they try to find a psychological advantage there.”

    I am FLOORED!!! The most desperate attempt at blame shifting I have ever seen on a professional level!

    Holy. Shit.

    PS. Beer Me hasn’t been around it what seems like weeks…. what gives.

  12. I just cant stand Renney’s bullshit excuses

    He’s always in the middle on every interview
    Stand up and be a man about some of your players.
    If someone is sucking, call them out on it. Motivate them by there own actions. IT worked on me and my teamates in college. Not bashing but saying so sand so is having a rough patch, or so and so needs to start stepping up there game.

    As far as PRucha, Wasnt it Renney who said he was in the BEST shape out of the whole team coming into training camp?

    It jsut boggles my mind him and SAther wouldnt give him 10-15 straight games in the beginnning of the season to see if he’s worth keeping and can refind his scoring touch ON THE POWERPLAY!!

    If they dont do it now and get him in consistently, then I hope for hsi own sake he gets traded to ta team that will appreciate his STRENGTHS, and play him.

  13. The beat media covering this team has been criminally negligent in its beatification of this nice, well-spoken man who is a very mediocre hockey coach ….. and he has the gall to blame them for his power play issues??

    A new low. Renney would last about two weeks in a city like Toronto. Embarrassing and clueless and self-pitying …. and above all inept.

  14. “I tell you, when you read about how bad your power play is every day I’d be pressuring them everywhere. I’d be pressuring them below our goal line,” Renney said. :That takes on a life of its own. Smart coaches read clips. They read what other teams have to read about themselves and they try to find a psychological advantage there.”

    An amazing quote and a flashlight shined into the face of the problem..which is the coach

    He thinks he’s going to “Psycho-analyze” this team and the opposition into winnig or else other coaches will do the reverse

    What about passion, hitting,jamming the net,taking bodies…NO!

    He’ll think his way around it all

    Classic Ron Wilson speech there.. remember his”they can only play so well, after that I must deliver them to the promised land”?

    Coaches with diplomas thats the problem

    Hire Messier or that lunatic Tie Domi

  15. Phalanx,

    renney wont allow it. thats y he doesnt have a forward on the pp, its risky. and im sure the only forward whose allowed to be on the pt for the pp is betts cause hes defensively responsible.

  16. I’m really floored. Just the fact that “Smooth Tom” has stooped to that level is really scary…. that quote is ridiculous…ESPECIALLY when you consider how EASY the media is on them!

    Thats a desperate move… I hope he gets slammed in the papers. What a true f*ck.

    I knew it all along.

    This is the unraveling of Tom Renney.

    For better or worse, New coach next season…. but this season is about to go into a death spin.

    And don’t look now, but it looks like Lunqdqvist has HAD IT with this organization.

  17. dewey – blaming the media (criminally negligent) is total bs. hate on renney all you want. if you read the reporters comments they call it as they see it not as you see it. and if you really read what they’re saying they do criticize renney.

  18. staal and callahan on the points to start the PP. i’ve seen cally blast pucks from the point. he would be fine there. and is quick enough to get back if necessary. and how can he not try staal there? the 6.5 mil man can’t do it and rozy won’t.

    this team drives me nuts.

  19. havent posted here in a while (outta work).

    COMPLETELY agree with DEWEY far and beyond. Renney is probably one of the best spoken coaches in the league, which may lead you to believe that he’s just as good as a coach, but in my opinion, nothing more than mediocore. And if this was the same roster in Toronto, and Renney was coach, I’d see him getting the boot by the all-star game. That won’t happen at all unless this team decides to stop playing for him and his system.

    I also wanna add that in the first month of the season, I suggested putting a foward on the point for the PP. Why be picky about who should go where? Why not throw Gomer, Nazzy, Z, or Drury on the point? Do you honestly think they can do any worse than our D-men? Putting Z on the point can add an incredible dynamic to their PP and he will do things that NONE of their defensemen will even try. And why is that? Cause everyone is so damn indecisive on the point. How much worse can the PP get anyway? I’d rather see them continue to butcher the PP trying new people on the point rather them screwing everything up with the same knuckleheads that continue to cough up shorthanded chances for the other team. Just my 2 cents. Feel free to disagree

  20. Sam did u and ur colleagues fire back at renney when he said that. its a good thing im not in the journalism business cause if someone said that to me id fire right back at them.

  21. Hey fella’s… Rough few days for BeerMe! around the holiday. The life of those close to you vs. Sports can be put in perspective quicker than you think. And when the Rangers and Jets don’t show up to shed a bright spot on a sh*tty week, it doesn’t help much either.

    I’ve seen the games, read the articles, but have skipped the comments section since posting last Tuesday. Largely due to being busy, and just not in the mood. But also because you can really just change the names & dates and recycle them year after year.

    Its fun sometimes, but I’m finding it pointless more and more. I don’t need anyone to try to persuade me that ‘X’ should be in the lineup, ‘Y’ shouldn’t be on the PP, or ‘W’ shoulda done this or that. Nor do I find a point in trying to defend an opinion. If any of us knew as much as we think we know about the NHL, we’d all have more important things to do other than argue about something that we cannot change.

    It was great for a while, and the regulars that have been around for 2+ years know that for sure. But the double-edge sword that is a flashy record on one side, and a busting at the seams-bandwagon on the other, is the part of deal that I find a deterrent.

    (funny you should ask Salty) 1/2 of the reason I haven’t been ‘around’ is in the 15 or so posts above this one. There’s a lot of people that I wish would follow another team. They make me ashamed to be a fan sometimes. Unfortunately, internet message boards are all the same. I’ll hopefully be starting a new job next month that will keep me occupied more of the day, and I’m counting the minutes. I don’t mean to sound like a d*ck, or ‘above’ anyone, I really don’t, just being honest here.

    The intelligent conversations that brought me here are long-gone. It’s just not that interesting to read the same shit day in and day out. At the same time, it’s not that fun to SAY the same things over and over, and have the same argument over and over.

    It’s gotten really boring. *Really* boring.

  22. LI Joe

    The press is afraid to ask Renney why Redden sucks. Not if he seems low-key. Not if he plays with urgency. But simply why does he SUCK.

    And as long as that inability continues, they are enabling Renney and negligent. And as long as you ignore that reality, you are sticking your head in the sand as much as they do.

  23. Joe from LI, tell me that you find Renny’s comments about the press making the PP worse acceptable, tell me that you find that even close to professional from a caoch.

  24. Renney shouldn’t get interviewed, because it seems like ever time he talks, he just sounds more and more dumb. Every time he opens his mouth i just hate him more and more.

    Pruchs should play the next game, who knows maybe this pissed him off enough, and he’ll pop a few in, maybe.

    Renney is retard, i don’t believe a thing that comes out of his mouth. He should make the team pay for what they did the other night, but no, instead they’re probably having baby workout sessions, and heading into an IHOP.

  25. Beer…People on this board are passionate about the Rangers and when the team lays an egg like they did yesterday this is the place to vent about it.

  26. BeerMe, hah, the facts went against you and you bailed rather than admit you’re defense of Renny was wrong, open and shut, when it gets too hot the kitchen gets left.

  27. Prucha is not a NHL caliber player, unfortunate but true. Before you quote the 52 goals in two seasons back at me, let me say yes – I remember those two seasons, they were with a Hall of Fame skater and there isn’t one on the team now.

    Last year he had 62 games to light the lamp and he couldn’t. That was his chance, he just couldn’t get it done. This year he hasn’t shown the staff that he can even crack the lineup. How many 5’11” 170lb NHL players are there in the NHL who make over $1.5mn, don’t score goals, and don’t play good defense? My guess is close to none.

    I think if you take a step back and ignore Prucha’s first two seasons and take an honest look at his play since you’ll see that he’s a non-factor. Prucha in or out of the lineup isn’t even going to matter to the success of this team.

    I personally don’t understand why they haven’t played him. In my mind, him and Dawes are interchangable and pretty much equally worthless at present. I completely understand why he wouldn’t accept a conditioning assignment – all he can do is fail.

    At the end of the day Prucha wants to get paid some cash and he’s not going to get it in the NHL or in Europe by being a AHL superstar. It’s far easier to say “the coach didn’t play me” than to take an AHL assignment, put up some numbers there then fail again at the NHL level.

  28. Look at MacT with the Oilers, ripping apart Penner, basically saying he’s worthless, and a waste of space, and cant stand the guy. Look at Penner now, he’s getting his shit together, he’s playing better. Then look at Wilson in Toronto, if his players aren’t playing the way they should, they’re out of the lineup until they can.

    Renney is a pussy. I hate to say it, but it seems like some of these guys wont give 100% because they know they wont be taken out of the lineup for that, cause good ol’ Renney has their back. Renney is to liked, and that’s the problem. He picks on the young players, but not the Vets, that makes no sense. Benching Voros, and Nicky Z, and Korpedo, Danny F, Dawes, Pruchs, and not benching Dru, Gomer, Nazzy, Freddy, Betts, etc. When they’re all doing the same exact thing. Fuggin asshole, i hate this guy. If i was playing on this team, and he treated me like that, as much as i love Nyr id want to get traded.

    All you Renney lovers can hide behind your love for the guy, but you’re pretty clueless if you actually think this guys such a good coach, that he could march his ass to LA, and coach the Kings into the playoffs. This team is Lundqvist, and always will be. Renney has jack shit to do with it, and it seems like he’s holding them back.

  29. agree with beer me. big time.

    dewey – i agree redden s*cks. so how does that put my head in the sand. the media has a relationship with the garden. from the top down (dolan) they strongly discourage the behavior you advocate. they gave a knicks writer an unbelievable hard time for trying to do his job. so a wise guy writer to “appease dewey” would lose most access to the team and its mgt. this is not a murder or a driver being negligent. so maybe you are the one with the head in the sand.

  30. wd40 – i told you in previous threads. start the fire renney chants. i like beer me am sick of the whining. so stop whining and do something about it.

  31. JJP

    You try “lighten the lamp” when you’re playing with fuggin Betts and Orr. Lol, get out of here. He had his chance i agree, but gimme a break, this guy was never put on the same line with Jagr, or Gomer, why not. He scored 52 goals in his first 2 years, why cant he play with Jags, or Gomer ? That makes no sense at all.

    Like i said, Renney must have the ultimate hard on for this kid. And that sucks or Pruchs, cause he’ll never get a fair chance.

  32. Joe, you are a lost cause. No one is asking for abusive behavior! Simply the direct questions that Torre got asked, that Manuel gets asked, that Wilson in Toronto gets asked, that Carbonneau gets asked.

    Your timidity is astonishing. Renney feels free to blame the media for his PP because he knows it is completely in the bag! And that is a disgrace.

    What Dolan wants, Dolan gets because of wimps like you.

  33. Joe from LI, again I ask a very simple question of you. Do you find that Renny’s quote about the press being to blame for the PP is professional/acceptable?

  34. “renney wont allow it. thats y he doesnt have a forward on the pp, its risky. and im sure the only forward whose allowed to be on the pt for the pp is betts cause hes defensively responsible.”

    Its no more risky than having Rozsival at the point… but he allows that day in and day out *shrugs*

  35. dewey – stick it. don’t try to put the blame onm the team being terrible on me. i am not timid or a wimp or i would have given up on this board a long time ago. so you know where you can stick ytour comments. blame RENNEY NOT ME

  36. wd40 – i don’t love renney (nor do i hate him). i just want him fired because i am sick of your whining. start the chant in person FIRE RENNEY

  37. Here`s a question on Renny history,Why did he only last a year and a half in Vancouver with a talented team and a good youth core. HMMMMMMM does me smell something foul in the air

  38. LI Joe

    You obviously care more about decorum showed to clueless coaches than you do about the fortunes of the Rangers. Oh well.

  39. OK Joe from LI, the bonus round where you get ANOTHER chance to answer a simple question that has nothign to do with renny getting fired but about his behavior today.

    Do you find that Renny’s quote about the press being to blame for the PP is professional/acceptable?

  40. I really hope the Rangers beat Pittsburgh, because if they don’t this quote alone should have the noose around Renney’s neck…
    “We’re not going to dwell on it,” Renney said of the Florida loss. “We’ll move forward. We were ready to go. Our start certainly looked like it and we have some good opponents coming up. It’s not like Tom Renney has to say a whole lot to get them ready for Pittsburgh.”
    …and wtf, when does Renney start referring to himself in the 3rd person?! hahaha. Comical.

  41. Newsflash:

    This blog is, was, and always will be a proverbial “toilet”. Anyone can stop by post anything and disappear. There’s no registration to speak of. That’s the bigger issue. I personally enjoy that aspect, but to each his own.

    But for those of us that have been around a little longer, let’s not pretend this is something “new”. The “bandwagon” kicked off when we started competeing again and then took off with the additions of Gomez/Drury.

    I expected more out of Beer Me to be honest, to stick around and defend his side of things right now, through thick or thin. I’d like to hear what he thinks about this new Renney quote and what he thinks needs to happen for this team to come out of the funk. hope everything is alright with your family Beer by the way.

    It is lame to see people unable to handle the enraged side of the fanbase right now though. This is what we have been talking about for some time now. Obviously no one thinks posting on a blog will change what happens on the ice or in the locker room, but this is an open forum and it’s soft to pick up your toys and go home when things get hairy and you have to go against the grain so to speak, (welcome to my world). Just the way I’m seeing it.

    That said… I doubt anyones going anywhere. We know who the addicts are by now.

  42. phalanx,

    ur preaching to the choir. half way through last yr ive started to hate renney and wish he was gone. id take bruce boudreau over renney

  43. dewey – i was defending poeople like Sam not renney. i have no great affinity for Renney. i do for people like Sam

    as beer me stated abpove this place has become a toilet. reminds me of green acres shopping mall where most “normal people” will no longer venture

    wd40 – i did not read the quote and choose not to. pplease stop asking me to comment on something i choose not to read. just like i need to be much more selective on who’s posts i read here. that is on me and my fault if i keep reading certain peoples posts

  44. BillyDeeWilliams on

    And the depths of conversation go even lower. At some point, you’d hope some of these people would get a job that requires them to do some work away from this blog.

    Beer is absolutely correct. If I need to hear about the latest Tom Renney hatred I can come in here and check out all the fresh stuff you guys are spewing. Otherwise, it’s easier to just read Sam’s posts and ignore the nonsense.

  45. If I could just convince myself that the people complaining that this blog has become a “toilet” were truly more upset at that … rather than the fact their pro-Renney arguments have been completely demolished by the man’s performance and words over the past few weeks.

  46. Good on prucha for balking at Hartford. It’s F’N ridiculous at the way they have treated him.

    As far as Renney blaming the press, is anybody really surprised? This guy should NOT be coaching this team.

    All people see is the numbers how he’s like 3rd or 4th all time in wins. Well you know what? Didn’t Roger Neilson have a decent-good record with the Rangers also? Where did he get the Rangers besides some consecutive playoff appearences here and there? NO WHERE!!!

    Yeah sure they won the presidents trophy with him, but did they win a Stanley Cup? NO!!!

    It’s all about the philosophy Tom Renney has in the way his playing style is.

    Be conservative and sit back.

    Anyway, back to Prucha, I swear to you, Renney runs this team as if it were a Kindergarten day care center.

    You watch, this is the type of thing that will break the camel’s back for Prucha, by balking at the Hartford assignment, and offend Tom Renney and this will be the thing that gets Prucha traded.

    Want proof? remember last year when we all wanted Malik benched? And Tom Renney REFUSED to sit him out because he felt that Malik was a “nice guy” or something like that, so the reason why Tom Renney finally sat him out and put Malik in Renney’s doghouse for good was the fact that he didn’t shake Renney’s HAND!!!

    Maybe all Rozsival needs to do is REFUSE to shake Tom Renney’s hand and he’ll be benched!!! Not that I would have a problem with that.

    Are you F’N kidding me!?!?!? That’s why you finally sat him out instead for his horrible play!?!?!? And i’m no Malik fan. So don’t view this as me defending him. I’m not. I’m just making a point that Renney runs this team like a Kindergarten class.

    “Oh you didn’t shake my hand. Take a timeout in the corner and put your dunce cap on.”

    Are you F’N kidding me!?!?!?

    Anyway, back to Prucha for a second.

    Prucha should play. End of story!!!

    And when I say play, I don’t mean on the 3rd line. I mean on the 2nd line with some actual good players for a few games, Let’s see what he does. With some actual good minutes, and some time on the PP. I don’t mean 1 or 2 shifts on the PP, I mean stick him out there and give him a fair chance!!!

    Any comments and suggestions for this post are all welcome.

    I’d like to see what everybody thinks about my Malik and Kindergarten comparisons.

    End of Rant.

  47. …and wtf, when does Renney start referring to himself in the 3rd person?! hahaha. Comical.


    YAH forgot to mention that tidbit! … he’s LOST it.

    It’s sad. The reality is that I don’t really want to start from scratch with a new coach in a year or two … but… it looks like it could actually come to that if this keeps up.

    Whats Renney’s contract situation anyway? This year or next year?

  48. salty – pick on renney all you want. just stop picking on other posters. i’ve seen several disappear because of that approach. unless of course you want only 1 side of things,

    an addiction by its nature is not good and should be looked into for help in treating. whether its alcohol drugs or internet. i am getting good on not reading some people’s posts on newsdays blog. just have to carry it out here or maybe even ignore the comments entirely. am i addicted yes. can i stop – i hope so. and with people like beerme stopping posting it just got a little easier.

  49. BillyDee

    The “depths of conversation” you cite were this morning triggered by the Alice-in-Wonderland, Kafka-esque depths of conversation the head coach used in describing why the power play is bad.

  50. Salty, dead on bro.

    To Joe and Beer Me…this place is a forum where posters have expressed their concerns about a team riding one of the best goaltender’s in the NHL to success. If you can’t handle that fact coming to fruition (in real Losses), then you should leave. Hockey isn’t for the weak of heart. We’ve stuck around to hear you bend over backwards complimenting Renney and his cronies. And now, that you’re both wrong (or how many of “you” there are), you bounce out? Well, we know better. You’re only gone until the next winning streak.

    I rejoice with Rangers wins and successes. But I’d rather see the Rangers compete and out-work an opponent in a loss than most of the wins I’ve seen the past 6-8 weeks. Some of those wins have been the ugliest I’ve ever seen in my life. Renney can either nip these problems in the bud, or Sather needs to can Renney.

  51. “If I could just convince myself that the people complaining that this blog has become a “toilet” were truly more upset at that … rather than the fact their pro-Renney arguments have been completely demolished by the man’s performance and words over the past few weeks.”

    It’s pretty hard to not see it this way.

  52. “I expected more out of Beer Me to be honest, to stick around and defend his side of things right now, through thick or thin. I’d like to hear what he thinks about this new Renney quote and what he thinks needs to happen for this team to come out of the funk. hope everything is alright with your family Beer by the way.”

    I appreciate that salty, thanks.

    But see, that’s just it. Defend what!? Why?! To “WHO”(?!) is really the important question. There’s no point. Tom Renney’s success in NY continues week after week. “6pts out of the last possible 8 available.” That’s the snapshot I take to examine. And who, on what basis can tell me that I shouldn’t?

    My perspective doesn’t mean anymore than anyone elses. If someone sitting in front of their pc nods and says ‘ok, I can see that’, I really don’t care.

    Sometimes I get a kick out of everyone bitching about Renney, because as he climbs the wins list of an original six team, getting blown away by the 28th team in the standins on a November afternoon won’t mean jack-sh*t decades from now when his name is up there with some of the greats.

    I’m a “big picture” guy. And I’m not looking for anyone to sway me to believe otherwise. Nor do I really care if theirs other that agree.

    And to FINALLY answer your question Salty, “I’d like to hear what he thinks about this new Renney quote and what he thinks needs to happen for this team to come out of the funk.”

    I’d offer only this – stay the course, stick to the plan, and if the time EVER comes this season that we drop more than back to back games, I’ll worry then. *There’s no doubt we can play better.* And that’s the best part about being tops in the Atlantic right now.

  53. Joe, well I guess you HAVE stuck your head in the ground if you refuse to even read a quote from the head coach! talk about denial. LOL

  54. see i was never pro renney. i am pro drury and pro gomez. i am totally sick of the whining and the personal attacks on other posters and on Sam. it has become mob rule. so anti renney talk never bothered me. 1/2 of it is even true. but a lot of you wanted to blame beerme and myself as if we had something to do with it.

  55. wd40 – look at my 2:35 post. i am not pro renney. i want him fired so your whining stops. if i was pro renney i would not be writing that i want him fired

  56. Renney: “Ok guys, im gonna shuffle the lines tonight…”
    Redden: “ Ok coach, then I’m rolling a dollar”

  57. Joe, it sounds like you, Beer Me, and BillyDeeWilliams are more upset that Renney is being criticized (and you take *huge offense* with Gomez and Drury being criticized), rather than the team actually losing right now!!

    Salty, Dufarge, myself, along with others like wd40, kurt, dewey, and dubi or not dubi all are *upset with the team losing*. We pretty much all see one significant *source* of the problem as Tom Renney (and also the potential remedy).

    You see the difference, right?! Us “toilet” fans, we want to win. There’s nothing wrong with pointing out the faults and perhaps our need for this team to win and our ability to acknowledge their faults in order to achieve that implies that we’re bigger fans than you think, perhaps bigger fans than you. I hate when the Rangers lose. I hate it so much that I NEVER want to see them lose and I have no problem acknowledging their flaws until they bring the cup back to NY.

    I’m not sure how you guys avoid these facts or even the current down-spiral the teams in. Maybe you’re just “sticking to your guns” because you’ve been defending certain players/coaches for so long, maybe you’re all just 50% “glass-is-full” kind of guys even when now the glass is at least 75% empty!

  58. just hard for me to stomack how people get offended by posts here and on other blogs but do not show the same disgust for when the coach blames the press for his PP, that to me is way more offensive than anything i read from people here, even the ones who hate me!

  59. BillyDeeWilliams on


    I was more referring to the nonstop “answer me, why don’t you?” type comments.

    as for Renney’s quote and how he has looked the past week or so, no matter how many of you gang up and decide that he’s the second coming of mental retardation, I’m still not buying it. For those of us who don’t want the coach fired, it’s just Renney being Renney. There is nothing really different in what he said than any other Renney quote. and for those of you who hate him, it’s just fuel to the fire.

    While a lot of people have taken the quote as Renney blaming the media, I don’t see it that way…and it would seem, neither does Sam. He states right in his post, “Not that he was blaming reporters, but he was saying the team’s power play problems have been so well-documented, it’s simultaneously cut into his team’s confidence and given opponents something to chew on.”

    This is true to a point…the power play’s problem is well documented…because we’re in NY, probably more so than other teams. And other teams can see that and play against it accordingly.

  60. I am hoping that we step up and play this next stretch hard. I know we have barely been winning games, but I think this teams plays harder against harder teams. Last year we would play good teams hard and shit the bed against shit teams. This year, we had been beating up on lesser opponents and playing good teams hard, though we haven’t faced one in a while, with the exception of Vancouver, which isn’t even THAT good. We got away from what we need to do to win. I am hoping we can bounce back from yesterdays bedshitting.

  61. Just to clarify something….. I don’t HATE Tom Renney. I think he’s a nice guy and a good coach. A good enough coach to get your team back to respectability. But not a good enough coach to take your team to the next level.

    So I hope no one puts me in as one of the typical Renney haters.

    I’m just not in love with his in-game decisions. That’s all.

  62. Nasty 1… there’s a usual mood up in here… fire renney, sundin is coming, redden sux, trade rozi, Hank is the man… and occasional fan brawl… other than that all is good!

  63. 940obession thats exactly how i feel about renney. he was good for us when the rangers had no pressure and not much talent, but wont bring us back to the next level. as everyone says its a business so if this guy (renney) cant hack it now with the pressure and expectations fire him.

  64. Oh ok, so everything is status quo, ha. I am alright, it has been a shitty two weeks though.

  65. Beer I’m with you on your first post…there really has been no reason to come here and read or post…I read what Sam writes and move on. its the same old shit just a different day, and I find myself not really posting hockey talk just wise ass cracks that Salty says ruins my Cred with him and others.
    I’ve read the Renney quote 5 times and I still don’t see Blame Shifting. I see Renney saying that because people know the state of the Rangers PP they pressure them more…well fugging duh!!!
    and coaches and players read what is said about other teams
    to gain an pyschological edge or more or less looking for ways to exploit the other team…well fugg you think.
    Its funny how some of you say Renney just sounds so educated and is so smart and you don’t understand what he’s saying…Renney could mentally run circles around most people here.
    I think your interpretation is off, at least how I read it…

  66. Renney could mentally run circles around most people here.

    but what about an effective power play?

    classic staal wart

  67. staal – I really couldn’t agree more with the fact that those that don’t understand the coach, don’t like the coach. A good friend of mine is a complete idiot. Seriously. 30, lives at home, unemployed His best friend is his bong. Rangers posters everywhere. Attends 10-15 games a year…a fan. A big fan, a good friend, and a miracle to have ever graduated high school. … and hates the coach. Go figure. Of course I wouldn’t say its across the board. But I find it more and more each time I find someone that wants a coaching change.

  68. “but what about an effective power play?”

    But what about changing the perception and the identity of the NYR?

    It goes both ways, and it’s the single biggest gripe I have with those who want a coaching change. That there’s only 1 side of the fence.

  69. onecupin67years on

    Prucha balks …let him walk

    Who (WHAT)does he think he is …
    every time he got a chance he did absolutely nothing. but there is more to this story in the Ranger locker room ,than we know

  70. beer me,

    i dont like the coach cause i dont agree with anything he does, not cause i dont understand him. i think his system is hurting us not helping us.

  71. Classic Salty
    what the hell does running a good PP have to do with mentally running circles around you?

    go back and read the quote…

  72. “Salty, Dufarge, myself, along with others like wd40, kurt, dewey, and dubi or not dubi all are upset with the team losing. We pretty much all see one significant source of the problem as Tom Renney (and also the potential remedy).”

    you can add me to that list

    “Just to clarify something….. I don’t HATE Tom Renney. I think he’s a nice guy and a good coach. A good enough coach to get your team back to respectability. But not a good enough coach to take your team to the next level.”

    agreed on this as well

  73. onecupin67years, You actually think Prucha has gotten a fair chance!?

    Prucha has been yanked in and out of the lineup more times than some person with diarreah has been in and out of the bathroom. With no sustained playing time when he was in there, no PP time either.

    Prucha has gotten the shaft for some unknown reason.

  74. I dont know…I’m kind of proud of the ranger fans ( as long as they’re not cursing people out) who look beyond the 17-8 start and the politically correct coach and want more for this team…I remember Yankee fans thinking that it was unfair when Buck (never cracked a smile) Showalter got the ax after bringing Yanks back to respectablity

    That doesnt mean this is the same situation but it is possibel that Renney’s philosophy was good enough to go from 24th to 12th and thats it

    the only time I get upset is when people feel sorry for him, as if he’s doing a job like Barry goodness he’s had Jagr, Hank, Shanny, Drury, Gomer and now Zherdev and its as if one by one the Renny-backers single guys out as a the source of the problem…some of these guys were cup winners too..thats the part I dont get

  75. First of all, Beer Me!, I read your original post. I hope all is well at the “brewery.” At the end of the day, this blog doesn’t mean jacks**t relative to other things in the world.

    Second, I agree with your post much more than I disagree with it (and your follow ups). To be fair though, I don’t give a rat’s ass about total wins. Until a Cup is here, Keenan always gets more props than Renney, I don’t care if Renney racks up 1mm wins. But to have to defend your view to anyone here is a waste of time and energy. (I should probably live by that mantra more too…LOL.)

    Third, I agree with your thoughts on 6 of last 8 possible points. And if they lose more than 2 in-a-row and look horrible doing it, I will become more irked.

    That being said, his blaming the media and the like for the powerplay is disgraceful. Him not benching guys who are lacking passion is pathetic. Not sitting Rosy or Redden and giving them carte blanche to f**k up day-in and day-out is bordering on unacceptable. It is getting tiring.

    Take out the 57 games more we have played than everyone else and I think we are looking up at the Pens, Bruins, Habs, and maybe the Capitals. How would we all feel then?

    I am staying the course, but I gotta tell you after watching them yesterday I felt like whomever’s blog earlier said, “If they don’t care to play, I don’t care to watch.”

  76. “Stall Wartz: what the hell does running a good PP have to do with mentally running circles around you?”

    You said Renney could run mental circles around the posters here, Salty basically said he doesn’t give a rats @ss if he can think/talk circles around us as long as he can run a good PP. Do you get it? Let me piece it together, more literally, Salty’s point was: “Renney can talk circles around us all day…but can he run a good PP?!”

  77. onecupin67years on

    So Prucha knows whats good for the team,

    he refused to to be reassigned.. shouldn’t he be suspended ?

    What kind of message does a coach and GM send when the tail wags the dog?

    Let him play in the chech republic and pull this crap, he’ll be cleaning the toilets at the rink.
    here in the USA you can say F u to your bosses and get away with it.
    There has to more to this Prucha story behind the scenes.

  78. The Russian Diva on

    Z shouldn’t be on the point. He is great down low, and a great sniper as well. He’s got a killer wrist shot but I’d rather have someone with a better and more accurate slapper back there.

    As far as the PP and on the whole, Gomez and Drury need to step up. This is THEIR team, they are the faces of this franchise, and they have the big contracts. For Voros to be putting up as many goals as them is insane. Can’t blame the coach for the two “franchise” players his GM brought in not being able to outplay their own 2nd line.

    My boy Z is playing great as usual and after what happened in C-Bus, I think part of it has to do with the quality of the coaching (I know it’s popular to hate on Renney here but he got Z to get physical and backcheck, two things he got knocked for in Columbus)

  79. Prucha is tired of being jerked around, and I don’t blame him.

    What exactly are they trying to do with Prucha? Kill his career!?

    The bosses are idiots btw.

  80. Kaspar,

    The other part I also don’t get is that Renney has done a good job in some regards. He’s a winning coach, congrats to him for that. He lasted more than one season, again congrats. But he’s had work-horses like Jagr and Lunqvist when, in seasons prior, the goalies were Kirk McLean and Guy Hebert! The forwards weren’t much better either.

    The other point I’d like to make is that Renney did an awesome job managing the personality and team chemistry surrounding Sean Avery. For that, Avery saved Renney’s job. The Rangers were in 9th or 10th place when they aquired Avery who sparked them into the playoffs. The following year, Avery comes back from injury and moved them again from 7th or 8th place up the conference latter. Without Jagr, and Lundqvist, Renney may have been gone 3 years ago. Without Avery, Renney may have been gone 2 years ago or even last year. Obviously, these relationships aren’t mutually exclusive so it’s extremely difficult to judge how much these players helped Renney and how much Renney helped specific players.

  81. onecupin67years on

    94 , who knows what goes on in the locker room..

    prucha has been on a 4 year slide , zero pts this yr.its not like he ‘s been yanked after producing.somethings up, drugs,booze, emotional problems all under the radar?
    maybe he’s a prick of aperson, who knows

    As far as the power play goes, it seems clear that Drury and Gomez can’t get the job done with whats on the ice with them.
    And when the pres is on PP ,Then Renney can bitch. is he nuts? he’s cracking.. he lost this team

  82. I think the answer is NO Renney has never been seen on the PP he’s not QB-ing it he’s not screening the fuggin goalie. Hell he’s not even wearing skates! Remember Redden was supposed to run the PP and so far he sucks…how bout chewing on Sather for a bit.
    My point was that everyone thinks Renney talks in such difficult language and he sounds so smart. oh hes using his college education and he’s “blame shifting”, Bullshit he’s blame shifting, he’s making an observation, on how teams and coaches prepare.
    Let me ask you this…
    If you were Guy Carbonneau, what would you tell your players after reading about the horrific state of the RAngers PP?

  83. I can’t really understand why it wouldn’t help Prucha to go to Hartford. He’s probably behind Dawes anyway if someone from the lineup gets injured, so why not play a little bit? I guess the Rangers have just been lucky with injuries so far this year, making their healthy scratches stay off of the ice. Only Gomez has been injured and out of the lineup for a significant amount of time. Prucha doesn’t really deserve to be in the lineup based on what he has shown, but it doesn’t make any sense to trade him now after he hasn’t played.

    Can we please just get rid of Rissmiller so we can bring up Potter (or whomever) and start benching Redden and Roszival. I would say just play five defensemen for a game or two, but that would clearly be a worse situation.

  84. True Fans
    Well said; its obviously not “just” the coach or not “just” the players that bring success or failure…sometimes it gets set up that way though; obviously the Avery karma isnt working out in big D right

    I remember being a little “Happy” that Bill Parcells never won another superbowl after leaving the Giants; and this was after loving the guy, the reason: with all the “genius” comments being thrown at him people were forgetting that he had LT, Phil Simms and guys Like Bavaro, Burt and others…Hey! they played apart too!

    And I’ll give Renney some slack on individual wins and losses; I just observe a stubborness in him to adapt; and the stubborness is based on what success?? the playoffs? more than half the league makes the playoffs; Just because we were bad enough to miss every year before he got here(and thats pretty bad) doesn’t give him cart-blanche to have me believe…advance to final 4 and pass thru an elite team; and I’ll feel different

  85. onecupin67years, thanks for the response. Prucha doesn’t strike me as that type of person. I think he knows his career is at a crossroads and that he doesn’t want to be jerked around anymore. He’s telling the coach, i’m ready to play and will do everything I can to succeed.

    Renney should just play him and give him some actual minutes and PP time.

  86. Staalz, Renney pointed out the obvious though. It’s one thing to say something novel, but the quote is so bizarre and about something so mundane that it warrants us questioning why he said it?! It seems like he’s doing a little song and dance to shift the pressure away from himself.

    Concerning criticism of Sather, I’ve never held that back. The contract duration and amounts for the big 4 (CD, SG, WR, MR) has always been something I dislike. At the same time, Perry Pearn’s hard on to get Redden has failed us and Pearn’s power play. Many people have already pointed out Pearn’s failure as the PP coach and his failure in scouting/aquiring an over-paid and over-rated defensman.

  87. BEER ME , now look what yo started!!??? You act all whinny and ya hate the blog , bla bla bla , and SALTY peants says that we are addicts if we come on here alot!!?? You guys like to stir up crap more than you think others do. This AINT no tolit and hell yeah WE RANGER FANS voice out on here , don’t like get the hell out and stop your bitching because all your doing is starting shit up. NO ones gonna go cheer another team because your too :sick: of the blog ,,gimme a break. Renny blames the media which is dumb and I think we had enough of his “work in progress crap , and i quite honestly…” Fire him and pern and start benching regulars .

  88. Couldn’t agree more with Beer. While I may not have the longevity as some of you, I have been following the blog on a regular basis for quite some time. The level of conversation has rapidly declined since last year’s playoff run.

    It’s really the same ol’ same ol’ negativity; right or wrong, it just gets old.

    At the end of the day, I love the Rangers so I’m going to find more positive than negative about this team on a regular basis. If I didn’t, I would find it hard to root for them, and in essence, there would be no point in having season’s tickets.

    Sam’s insight is great and there are some people here who really give a fresh perspective on the team.

    However, there’s a fine line between opinion and complaining and arguing and whining.

    I think there’s a great amount of people here who just “love to hate”, which gets old fast.

  89. “If you were Guy Carbonneau, what would you tell your players after reading about the horrific state of the RAngers PP?”

    Oh, wait. Right. Carbonneau would have NO idea that the Rangers’ PP sucked unless he read it in the paper.

    Might just be the numbest post today, and that is saying something. Because Beer Me’s tale about his friend who lives with his mother and barely got through high school and hates Renney is very stiff competition.

    Talk about the degeneration of posts.

  90. No hate here Brandon; just opinions.
    I love hockey period. I watch Rangers, NHL center ice, going to Hi-school games this week!

    Its the media’s fault!


  91. Does anyone else remember hearing a story from last year’s Western Canadian roadtrip (January of 2008) that Shanahan and the team went out for a team dinner to one place and that Malik, Prucha, and someone else (Jagr perhaps?) went to a separate place? That would have not been long before Malik’s Renney handshake incident that you spoke of 94Obsession, because that was right by Leetch Night.

    I’m not saying there is any connection, but that can’t have looked good to have the team divided.

    I agree though, I think there has to be more to the story with Prucha that we’ll ever hear.

  92. “Him not benching guys who are lacking passion is pathetic. Not sitting Rosy or Redden and giving them carte blanche to f**k up day-in and day-out is bordering on unacceptable. It is getting tiring.”

    Hey…I’d love R&R to be benched as much as the next guy. But again… BIG PICTURE. You’re only given 6 dmen by the GM. If you were to sit anyone, you tire out the rest of the dmen. You tire out your players at the beginning of the season, and what’s left at the end.

    The structure of the roster, as well as not protecting yourself from ‘waiver issues’, limit what you can and can’t do. Newman…I know you see the bigger picture than just “bench this guy, bench that guy”. (not you) Those are the types of things that …. not worth it.

  93. Brandon Agreed.
    as far as Renney goes…complain, yell, scream, and post all you want…its not gonna change a damn thing and hes still gonna be behind the bench on Wed, and Thursday.

    True Fans let Sather have it. I have more angst against Sather than Renney any day. Sather is a bone head and outside of getting Zherdev I think he’s useless

  94. Lets change the subject here (For you Beer!)

    Sundin to make a decision this week
    HEard it comes donw to VC and NYR

    IF we fail to land him, Sather wants to go after Bowwmeester from FL

    HEard this through a friend this afternoon but then I read something similar on Eklund (whose always wrong)

    so don’t know how valid it is, but maybe SUNDIN is a brewing, or were dumping one of our horrible Dmen

  95. dewey

    You beat me to the punch on the Carbonneau extract. My God, with friends like these, Renney doesn’t need enemies.

  96. Beer thats a good point on the 6 d-men,
    I’d love to see Potter here, I’d love to see Redden or Rozi sit a game.
    But I hate hearing Rozi get booed more than when he coughs up the puck…that just pisses me off so bad.

  97. MikeyNJ

    I though Sather was brilliant in moving out Backman and even Tyutin salaries…hows he gonna unload a dee-man now?

    They have life-time contracts and are paid like Nicky Lidstrom??

    If Sather does that; if he can pull that off I’ll never knock him again!

  98. Kasper maybe he’ll bring you back?

    and dipshit Dewey my point was the hearing or reading about the pp makes no fuggin difference, he’s still going to tell his players the same thing.

  99. Kasper,
    Maybe if Sather can unload Redden/Rozi (which he can’t) you can come back. you may want to spend some time in Hartford first for conditioning reasons

  100. It seems to me that a lot of posters who dislike Renney also dislike some combination of Drury, Gomez, Roszival, and/or Redden. Most that stems from the size of their contracts relative to their most recent level of play.

    We all know that Renney is not the GM of the team and is somewhat hamstrung in terms of his roster – he has to make due with what he’s got (ie no 7th defenseman).

    In my mind, the coach’s success is based on where the team winds up at the end of the year. At some point there has to be a deliniation between poor player performance and poor coaching. It’s hard for me to rationalize the arguements against the coach given the abject critisism of the players by most, some of which is deserved on the player part. If you hate the coach, hate the players and assuredly hate the GM, why even bother?

    I personally haven’t seen anything that would lead me to believe Renney is doing a horrible job this year given the turnover in the roster and the relatively short time frame. The guy isn’t there to teach players basic passing and how to play a 2 on 1, they should already know that – he’s there to manage an organization that will win games – which so far they’ve been doing.

    This isn’t a team with a skater like Jagr, Crosby or Ovechikin that is going to go the way of that one player. I think the jury is still out on Renney and this team at this point. I thought the Rangers were a lot closer to beating Pittsburgh last year than they got credit for. That said, if they miss the playoffs or succumb in the first round this year – I think he should be under the gun.

    This board is just so full of knee jerk reactions after every game its hard filter out the constructive posts from the same old “fire the coach”, “player X sucks”, “bench player y”, etc. It would be nice if people tried to think longer term.

  101. HAHA blame Canada , right ..hem hem Im in Canada’s nice N warm lately …ahhhh . I missed the game …only one I missed , dam ..but good kinda . I never saw Hank throw his fit. I really think hes upset with all the breakaways hes facing on the PK and other situations. With Broduer out , Hank wants the best goalie awards and is getting freaked out by all the stuiped situations that hes hung out to dry on . Can’t blame him though …

  102. I wish Prucha had the confidence to go to Hartford and light up the scoreboard to the point that the Renney would have to find a spot for him. I think he feels he’ll be exiled there for the season and/or his career if he doesn’t score at that level and has thus opted to “hang around and let them see me skate everyday”.

  103. You know
    alot of people assume that Sather says “six defenseman…thats all you get!” and that Renney is asking him for a 6th guy, cant get one and he’s being a good soldier..poor renney

    Its funny, it could be Sather saying I’m bringing up Potter and Renney saying he cant play the system yet dont do it

    The point is nobody knows!

  104. JJP…nice post.
    knee jerk…BINGO!!!
    82 game season people…like Beer said…BIG PICTURE!
    Our season so far has been far from bad, actually to the sane people, pretty damn good…we are 17-8-2 and some people here need to smoke a joint and calm down…
    I wonder, if we were 8-17-2 what would be said?

  105. Is there really nobody out there in the league we can trade for? Can Prucha not fetch at least a 5th or 6th dman for us? he’d probably flourish out west, the kings have the cap space. would they not be willing to give up a 3rd or 4th rounder? is that asking too much? who knows if he has any value now but the rangers lineup is full of midgets so i dont think he can stay here. it is a necessity to get a 7th dman in here asap.

  106. JJP —

    I agree with all of your points, and your assessment is spot on. However, even with that said…


  107. How hard can it be? If anyone has played n64 nhl99 or the new x-box could tell you how it’s done …

    1st POWERPLAY unit
    Zherdev RW
    Gomez Center
    Naslund LW
    Staal D
    Dubinsky D

  108. No Way STAALsie wart , I’m talk the real deal here . Play theses line , or those lines and your gonna see results.

    Renney should move on like Jagr , Shanahan , Avery , Straka and even Malik and BoB . It’s only normal to fire the coach when the teams acting all screwey and inconsistant . All teams do it , lets hope hes gone before the “fire sather chants” come a knocking at the garden . FIRE RENNY is what well here …don’t look at me , im in Saskatchewan , which is far away from NY . I have notice over the years and years that the fans in NY are quite fickle . Maybe its like that in all of NY ? ..Like for example when ya guys buy a hotdog at some stand and as yuo walk away ya notice ya got no sour crout or something missin and ya scream bac …” Yo ‘ a ss holee ..ya forgot the sour crout!!!

  109. Lol Greg L.
    I don’t live in NY and I never would want to. I’m about an hour + away.
    but since you live in Saskatchewan…do you hunt? you must…Monster deer out there

  110. if i was slats id call florida and say you can have your pick of redden or rozi and dawes or prucha for boumeester. maybe even throw them a low pick. he’s essentially a rental player so i don’t know if it would take anymore than that to land him. and to be honest, id much rather be stuck with rozi’s contract than reddens.

    id continually waive rismiller until he’s picked up by someone or id banish him to hartford for the year and id trade whoever is left of prucha / dawes for a pick or prospect to replace sending a pick to fla for boumeester.

    maybe then we could bring in mats on the cheap side. i dont know why but more and more i’m starting to feel like bringing mats is a good idea as long as it doesnt cost us dubi, cally, sanguinetti, or del zotto.

    something has to give soon.

  111. oh. and to everyone saying renney has to go: who replaces him? you honestly think replacing the head coach mid season is the way to go?

    i’m not buying it.

  112. Greg L.

    I dont know if you follow basket ball at all and know of Isiah Thomas (knicks head coach). Did you hear about his sexual harrassment scandal? 3 Losing seasons? Well the Dolan’s didnt fire him for a while after that. So again, I really doubt Sather/Dolan will fire Renney. Like I said before unless the Rangers slide I mean really slide 10 game losing streak… then I really dont see Renney going anywhere.

  113. Shesends

    Doubt FL has the cap space for Redden. They have $1.4 and Bouwmeester takes up about $4.8. LOL too bad and to answer your other question. Hey I would love to give Torts another shot at this group of Rangers. I think he would be a fine fit for them…

  114. I don’t even think a 10 game losing streak would get Renney/Sather fired.

    CCCP…I too hate the smell of Cigars unless I got a glass of Johnny Walker and a Monte Cristo…but I only do that 1x/year

    True Fans…the only golf course in my area went out of business…YES!!! I was so happy. there’s more woods than anything…Yup Woods in NJ

  115. alot of big picture talk. here is the big picture, rangers will never win the cup with renney. to conservative, coaches not to lose, and relies to much on 4th line type players.

  116. MAKO:
    guess i shoulda looked at florida’s cap situation first.
    boumeester makes 4,875,000 this year and fla is 2,044,167 under the cap. technically they could take rozi or redden but the problem is booth is an rfa after this year and he’s going to get a big raise. over the long term, it probably wouldn’t work unless there was a third team involved. the rangers could send redden / rozi to one team who then sends someone to fla and then boumeester gets sent to the rangers.

    not likely.

    torts is who i was thinking of but im not sure it would work. torts is a hardcore taskmaster and although i like the guy as a coach he has a heavy reputation. i dont feel like renney lights a fire under enough of his players asses and i think torts would def help do that but at the same time i’m super cautious of switching coaches up mid season. plus, maybe im wrong about this but arent torts and renney friends?

  117. Play Prucha or trade him. I give him props for standing up for himself and saying F.U. to the dick who’s trying to bury his career.

    You’d think a guy who scored 16 PPG could help one of the worst power plays in the league, right? Nah, not Renney.

    Renney has finally gotten on the bad side of his one true ally – the press. If they now start to point out all his flaws and all his b.s., he won’t last long. It’s time for him to go anyway, IMO. Clueless under pressure.

    Messier saw right through Renney when he went to Vancouver. I value Messier’s opinion of a coach more than anyone’s. If he says Renney is clueless, bet money on it.

    Fire Renney. Fire Pearn. Trade Rozsival. Play Prucha.

  118. The team has not treated Prucha fairly – but that’s life. Why should Prucha risk his reputation and health for the team by going down to Hartford in return? Ordinarily I would say he should do what the team wants but Pruchs needs to start looking out for himself or his NHL career will be over soon.

    I think everyone on the team has gotten powerplay minutes except him, including Orr. Renney can’t even try the Rangers leading active scorer in power play goals on the power play? A power play that is beyond ugly and bordering on criminally negligent? It just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

    If the team doesn’t need him, trade him and give him a chance in the NHL elsewhere. Or put him on waivers. This dangling him along is ridiculous.

  119. Also, it just kills me to see a Rangers team play without any passion and get killed by a bottom-dwelling team. But what is new? It has been the MO of the Rangers for the 25 years I have been watching them, except for the 1993-94 team.

    I have given Renney the benefit of the doubt but his ice is wearing thin. Without the shootouts, this team is 500 at best. Without Hank standing on his head they are under 500, and they have played the easiest teams in the league! The real test comes now!

    The least a coach should be able to do is get a good effort out of players who are paid astronomical amounts. Messier as coach would at least demand a full effort from everyone.

    I am not scared to turn on the game lest the Rangers disintegrate in front of my eyes.

  120. Why don’t we send anthrax letters to all of the Rangers and coaching staff and call up the Wolfpack :)

  121. All we can do is sit back and watch how this thing unfolds. This week will be telling. If we go on a losing streak, expect some changes or moves to be made, if we win, I don’t know what will happen. Whether we need him or not, I do feel that Sundin will end up with us. At what cost, I have no idea. If I had to choose between Redden and Roszival, I would get rid of Redden, but who in their right mind is going to take him. At this point, if I am Hank, I plant some coke in his carry on and get him busted. There has to be something in the rules that say we don’t have to pay a player’s salary if they are a substance abuser :) Ha. That might work.

  122. Just read that Pit Martin died in a snowmobile accident. He was a top center for the Blackhawks when I was a kid, part of the huge trade that sent Esposito to the Bruins in ’67.

    Apparently the ice on the lake cracked under him and he was submerged in the freezing water. Sad.

  123. Do you all really want Messier to coach? The guy was like an Assistant GM from 95-97. it was him who had a role in booting Zubov and Ray Ferraro out of town in two of the worst trades in Rangers history.

    I love the guy as a player, but last time this organization tried having a legend run it, Esposito nearly destroyed the franchise inside out after having one successful post season with a mediocre team and a hot goalie (86).

    Say no to Mess. If Sather were to retire, I’d rather give the keys to Schoenfeld, Anders Hedberg, and Christian Rockstrom.

  124. onecupin67years on

    stal wart, I hunt , I have a Ithaca deer slayer no scope and a baretta 12 ga. no scope , my riflres do ‘cepy for my winchester model64

  125. czechthemout!!!!! on

    First of I’d like to say to some of the posters,please lay off of LI JOE.I’ve posted with him now for about three years on here and on the polyana BB.He is a class act and is not a Renney fan at least I don’t recall him being one.He is just trying to keep it clean there is nothing wrong with that.

    AS for Renney,it just keeps getting better and better with this ass clown.First he undressed Marc Staal by compariong Reddens AWFULL play with arguably the Rangers best dman.NOw he’s blaming what every objective person would call a friendly press for the teams failings on the powerplay. A powerplay that has been terrible for 3 1/2 years now.He’s done zero about as have his “brilliant” asst. coaches.He is also tsarting to lose it now because he’s reffering to himself in the 3rd person wich is a sign of someone who is incapable of taking responsability for his mistakes. He’s always blaming the players for their mistakes and taking credit for any Henrik Lundquist made success the team has.If you listened to the teams best player in last nights post game show,you hear a very pissed off individual who is about reay to lose it.I think that Renney has lost the team and a change is long overdue.There us however enough time for things to be cleaned up around the team and that starts with a coach who will come in here and institute a system based on the players he has instead of something resembling nothing more than a wing and a pryer that King lundquist stands on his head night in and night out and bails your inept coaching out.And that wonderboy Blair Betts and his “checking” line stops the other team from scoring any goals.

    In addition,I used to think that Renney was a nice guy just not a good coach,but after the last couple of days of his demeaning of Staal,his blame of a VERY friendly press for the failings of the PP,and his double standard for discipline,and his ass kissing of vets at the expense of the young players,I think REnney is a back stabbing prick who’s act is starting to wane on some of the players who matter on this team like Drury and Lundquist.Above all else,people like Renney are survivors who will say anything,brown nose anyone just to keep his job because he’s starting to feel tthe heat,not only from the fans,the players,but also from the press.Only heat left is from the GM and the owner.Once that happens,Renney is finally gone!

  126. I tend to agree with you. But you’re giving Espo too much credit — Patrick and Sator were still in power during that run in ’86.

  127. great post czech, i think you nailed the big points, especially the way the guy slimes Staal and whines about the VERY friendly press. the more I think about him bringing Staal into the question on Redden the more it gives me the creeps, not the act of a man whose honorable.

  128. czech unfortunately there will have to be a sub .500 record or worse for a move to be made. But Renney has worn out his welcome. And his sticking by Pearn who runs the misnamed PP and vouching for Redden, makes it 3x worse. But I think that’s part of Sather’s plan C or D. He’ll try to do his usual CYA act, that Renney is troting out now.

  129. Am I missing something on the Renney comments about Staal/Redden? As I read it, Renney is saying that a calm exterior is masking a player who does have a sense of urgency about his game. Obviously, someone in the press has said that to him about Staal in the past. If anything, I think he is paying Staal a compliment by implying that he acts like a veteran who isn’t going to get fazed. Also, Staal hasn’t been in the league long enough to bitch about comments in the press from what must be one of the most non-confrontational coaches in the league.

    Is there such a thing as positive press for the Rangers in NY? No offense to Sam but I think the overwhelming majority of print coverage comes from the Post and Larry Brooks is anything but positive.

  130. I agree with Nasty 1….

    As hard as it may be…I’d rather keep Rozsival over Redden. After this season, I’d consult every lawyer & capologist on staff to see which direction would be the most logical in getting rid of Wade “Slow-motion” Redden. There’s no denying that his undeserving 6.5/6 year contract would be a daunting task to un-load. The smart thing to do is cut our losses and think of the future, which clearly Redden will be an even bigger thorn in 2 – 3 years time. The post lockout rules did not cater to Redden’s skill level at all, rather they compounded all of his flaws ten-fold.

  131. Not to rationalize defeat, which is unacceptable, but I noticed at least three times Ranger players lost their edge and fell down. This happened to Dubinsky near the Florida net, and to Staal, which led to the first goal of the game. WHO THE HELL IS SHARPENING THE RANGERS SKATES, THAT THEY ARE LOSING THEIR BALANCE WITH REGULARITY? Something is wrong in the locker room and needs to be addressed.

  132. JJP

    If Redden DID have a sense of urgency, then your take would make sense. But because he doesn’t, and everybody knows he doesn’t, and because Renney can’t speak the truth about what a bust this signing has been because it would get him in hot water with Sather, and because the press knows that he won’t speak the truth ….. Renney is permitted to dodge the issue by pointing to a player whose calm exterior DOES in fact mask a great sense of urgency.

    Again, does anyone in his or her right mind believe that Redden has played hard?? With pride?? With hunger??

    And does anyone doubt that Staal in contrast has brought desire and hunger and drive every night??

    That is what is offensive: To put it out there that what we are seeing with our own two eyes — an overpaid, passive, disinterested lazy hockey player — is in fact something else. It isn’t, and Renney should know better than to try and sell it to even the least savvy observer.

  133. Sorry ass Beer Me,

    You have this sorry ass job when you have nothing better to do than make nice nice with the Rangers and their assorted friendlies and not-so-friendlies. Now that you have the prosepect of a better job, you take an entirely different point of view,

    Go FYS a-hole!

  134. JJP (cont)

    I lived in Toronto for a year when the team was good (1993), and the press there was relentless, not missing a beat about every last move Burns made behind the bench and in practice.

    The treatment of the Rangers by the NY beat reporters in contrast suggests hero worship, Trust me, Renney could not have it easier than he does in such an enormous market.

  135. Does Redden remind anyone of Kevin Hatcher? He didn’t give a crap about his year in NY and it was very apparent in his lackadaisical play. I remember him following up a breakaway very casually when he had a chance to hound the guy from behind.

  136. The fact that many in the media — and I give credit to Sam W. for being among this growing number — might just be beginning to permit themselves the thought that Renney’s amiable, gracious manner with them doesn’t automatically mean he’s a good coach (!) shows precisely how gentle his ride has been from them, and how far behind the curve the hockey coverage in this city has been.

  137. Beer Me,
    Your 1:45pm post today sums it up perfectly. esp. this…
    “The intelligent conversations that brought me here are long-gone. It’s just not that interesting to read the same shit day in and day out. At the same time, it’s not that fun to SAY the same things over and over, and have the same argument over and over.”

    I can look back over the last two weeks and I bet I could pull the exact same comments over and over and over again…the same shit, different day has never been more true.
    I too find myself checking the blog to see what Sam wrote but for the most part I bash that fugging looser bob, or find myself defending a coach that needs no defending. His record speaks for itself…I notice esp. since the start of the season, all the negative shit, nothing or very little is good…yet for some unknown reason we are light years ahead of our record last season and yet people still spout the same verbal diarrhea.

  138. Staal Wart, because the evidence over the past two weeks you cite was a disaster for you renny lovers, and you cannot stand that people you despise might be right, it hurts your ego, end of story

  139. Why exactly did the Rangers keep Dan Fritsche and Rissmiller anyway? Why do they need to tie up their salary with 3rd and 4th liners? Why does Sather never speak to the press? Why does Schoenfeld never speak to the press? Don Maloney did an interview last week as the visiting GM where he spoke about the Rangers, but Sather can’t be bothered?

  140. Stall Wart’s idea of the way the blog should be:

    “Lousy effort? No way. Tom prepares his players great. The Panthers were too good.”

    “I agree. Anyone who thinks players on this team aren’t improving every day must be stupid.”

    “Why are people complaining? The Rangers win a playoff round, before losing their asses in the next round. That’s a whole lot better than it used to be!”

    “Yeah, what’s all this whining, can’t people see that the PP is the media’s fault?”


  141. Staal Wart

    The last two weeks you are unhappy about? During that time, alot of what Renney’s non-fans were saying BEFORE that period has come to pass. If the team had played great during these two weeks, then the unhappiness you are reading would undoubtedly be far less widespread.

    The Rangers have only one regulation victory in their last eight games, two in their last 11 and only three in their last 14.

    That is not a pretty picture, and to expect people who were as it turns out prescient in seeing this pretty lousy run coming not to continue to express their concern is nuts.

  142. Mako

    I hope your wrong and he gets demoted to inside the club , just don’t need him on the bench .

    Stallsie wart , I do not hunt but ya have to watch out on the highways. Dam deer are runnin onto the road all the time.

    Messier as coach would be great . His presence would help and he could bring his passion to our club again.

  143. See you morons its not that you guys fucking bitch and moan. its that you never move the fuck on, thats the problem, I don’t have to check the blog or make small talk because its the same comments day in and day out…on wednesday if the Rangers win…Thursdays posts will say the same exact same thing…and if we loose Thursday…same story, catch my drift…
    Post all star break…Ranger may still be in first place and the same comments, nothing changes here. So while you assholes sit here and stroke each other about how bad the teams is, or how Renney must go, or how Drury is overpaid. I’ll watch the games and just enjoy the ride.
    I don’t understand following a team which is supposed to be a fun and enjoyable thing, only to continually put down the coach and players on the team…its absolutely fucking moronic! Don’t you get it, not coach or player reads what you write, no one cares what you have to think or say…its totally laughable

  144. Zherdev on the point could be interesting because of his laser shot…lets see, good to see Renney isn’t going to dilly-dally around the PP like last year…as for you renney haters, GET OFF IT, the man took them to the play-offs 3 straight years, he’s not getting the axe because of one bad streak…not everything is his fault so stop acting like it, I really hope the PP gets better not for his sake but for yours so that you guys will stop griping….just enjoy the game on Wednesday and have fun with it.

  145. on the flip side, I don’t like the desicion to keep benching prucha, Renney is making this whole situation…the kid says he’s ready and im sure he’s been working out day in day out to avoid a conditioning trip to hartford, AND Renney even said he wants to get him playing….he can’t make the PP worse, give him a shot with Gomez or Drury and let the magic fly

  146. “His record speaks for itself”

    Not only do I disagree, but I also wonder if you are proud enough of your opinion to hold onto that through the next 2 months, let alone the rest of the season.

    We are not happy about it, but we are calling it now: This next two months is going to be quite embarrassing for the New York Rangers as that pretty little record evens out when we play some real teams with real hunger and lots to prove.

    If you can’t see that Tom Renney has all but completely lost this team… you will.

    I meant to respond to some of the stuff earlier I caught while on my handheld but for some reason the post didn’t get through… abbreviated version:

    -Beer Me

    Renney is changing the perception of the organization? Overpaid/Underachieving players are now a thing of the past under this hockey brain? Please. Start with not giving up shorties, then worry about the “perception” of the team…which has hardly changed as far as I can tell.

    -True Fans

    Thanks for clearing up the obvious for our resident doctor… ironic how he accuses others of “not understanding Renney’s brilliant wording” then himself fails to pick up on a simple and direct point himself. Classic staal wart.

    RE: Prucha

    Should have gone to hartford….I respect his heart but it would have been better for him long term to get playing and scoring.

    RE: Renney’s Redden/Staal comparison

    It wasn’t a shot at Staal by any means, if anything, a compliment.

  147. Staal Wart calls others who know more than he does “morons” and “assholes,” while simultaneously moaning about how rudely people treat Renney.

    What a comedian.

  148. He’s frustrated that not everyone is a sheep or takes things at face value. Does hockey or the New York Rangers _really_ matter in the grand scheme of things? Of course not… It’s a hobby… there are differing opinions and discussions get heated and colorful and it passes time. Of course nothing said on this blog really affects the game, but it’s the closest thing we have to that, and that’s why this comment section is here.

  149. Maybe it’s time for the Garden faithful to let their boos rain down on Renney instead of Rozsival. Sather sleeps through the games after putting away half a cheesecake and a few bourbons, and some loud fan unrest may just wake him up.

    Send Renney, Pearn & Pelino back to western Canada and create some set lines… get Prucha back in there and bring up Potter or Sanguinetti… let Rozy ride the pine for a while.

    First PP unit: Prucha/Gomez/Zherdev with Girardi/Staal. That’ll create some sparks.

  150. SAM get ready for the dolan treatment of the media. Just like he did to the guys covering the knicks. It’s all you and your fellow writers’ fault for the PP and whatever goes wrong. And it’s also the players. But it’s never Pearn, Pelino, or Renney, asnd no way Sather’s. But it is the fans’. Renney has gone over the line in desparation . Don’t let him intimidate and get away with it. Remind him of freedom of the press.Let him start talking about the refs and his assistants along with himself. Put the mirror up! He should blame Sather if he has the gonads to. It’s not his problem, so he seems to be saying.

  151. It seems gone are the days of friendly debate and discussion of potential lines and trade moves and development of young players etc…
    Now all you guys want to do is sit around and call each other derogatory names because you can’t understand that its human nature to have different opinions. We’re not all robots and we’re not going to change our minds because of a few stats and use of the term “end of.” at the end of their post. Blogs are meant to be about points of view and each person’s different opinions but so many of you small minded idiots can’t deal with that.

    On another note, for those of you that want to read about Renney calling out his players in the media – any coach who does that will have already “lost the room”. What a coach says to the media is nothing near what is said behind closed doors.

  152. Here’s another knock against Redden: apparently, he is last on the team in terms of “penalty plus/minus,” the amount of penalties drawn to the amount taken. He is at -6. (link in name) However, all of our defensemen are even or minus, probably because they don’t have as much of a chance to draw penalties and are more in a position to have to correct for their mistakes. Surprisingly, Kalinin is our best defenseman, at even. It also says that Voros has drawn 23 penalties, but that probably includes fights and misconducts. Callahan is our best in penalty plus/minus at 9.

  153. MikeA, classic commercial. As many hockey players have successfully made it in TV and movies (“kick his ass, Sea Bass!”, the current Pens are definitely not in that group. That was almost as funny as the Pavel Datsyuk commercial that airs of FSN Detroit.

    Spriderpig, interesting stat. I’d say the reason Cally draws so many penalties is because he always keeps his legs moving and never quits on the play. Players take penalties when they get beat. Hell, we should know that for watching Malik and Rozy as long as we have. Player gets by you, so you hook, hold, slash, trip, interfere… The problem is, how many goals has Cally cost us by getting those PPs and us giving up shorties?

    I’m not looking for Redden to turn into Lidstrom. In fact, if he could disappear on the ice that would be great. Same for Rozy. Because that would mean that they didn’t make any glaring mistakes. Strip the puck in the defensive zone, make a good pass up, forward gains the offensive zone. Perfect. I don’t need huge hits, or laser slap shots ripping through the net. Just smart, rudimentary defense with a shot from the point that is at least on goal and deflectable. Staal and Mara have been the closest we have to that, with the exception being Mara’s shot, which I swear is going to kill someone in a luxury box before the season is over

  154. Salty – glad to see you agree with me on the Staal/Redden thing.

    Question on one of your other comments though. You mention that the next two months will be embarrassing but I’m not sure what you mean. I’m of the opinion that this is a 4/5/6 positioned team in the conference. Not to say I wouldn’t be thrilled if they won the division but realistically I think Pittsburgh has more weapons.

    If the team is in the 4 through 6 spots at the end of January, is it really “embarrassing” or just the team equaling out to where they belong?

  155. Rocket-Do you really think that if Potter and Sanguinetti were ready for the NHL, the Rangers would purposely keep them down? And for everybody calling for a 7th defenseman to be brought up, he would probably sit out more than Prucha and if he does get in, Mara or Kalinen would be sitting, not Rozy or Redden.

    UK & Beer- Yes this board is different from 2 years ago. It seems like when the Rangers were building from the rubble of 4 years ago, everybody was happy to see progress in little steps. Now everybody expects to win every game and even when they do win, it wasn’t good enough. I still like to check out this board during the day, but it is definitely different and less fun/friendly then before.

  156. Spiderpig, thanks for linking to the Penalty Plus/Minus figures. Just to let you know, those figures do include Fighting Majors, but exclude 10-minute Misconducts. I use 2, 4, and 5 minute penalties because those are the ones that can impact on-ice strength for each team.

    For fighting majors, those typically balance out (one drawn, one taken for each fight), so the effect on Penalty Plus/Minus is nil.

    And don’t knock Redden too much for his -6; most teams have someone below that figure, and 8 players are at -11 or worse!

  157. 22figure8:

    “Rocket-Do you really think that if Potter and Sanguinetti were ready for the NHL, the Rangers would purposely keep them down?”

    Do you think that either of those guys could be any worse than Rozsival or Redden? I don’t.

    As for being ready, weren’t Callahan, Staal, Girardi and Dubinsky supposed to be “not ready” also? We were calling for them to be called up and inserted into the lineup for months, but we kept getting that answer. Then surprise, when they got their chances, they did fine. They played better than the washed-up veterans they replaced.

    My opinion is that SatheRenney don’t want to embarrass Rozsival and Redden – or the Rangers organization which gave them disgraceful contracts – by replacing them and having the kids play better.

    Same with Prucha – if they ever gave him a real shot on the PP and he started scoring, they’d have a lot of answering to do for their horrible treatment of him. They’d rather have the worst power play in the league than to take a gamble that Prucha will revive the PP and show that they don’t know their asses from their elbows. So Prucha sits.

    It’s full-blown cover your ass mode at MSG.

    I heard that at the last game, the fans were chanting “We want Melrose” – LOL!. I wouldn’t go that far, but we certainly need a better coach than we have to get the team rolling on all cylinders. Tortorella, Laviolette, Nolan are all better coaches than Renney, and all are available. I’d be fine with any one of the above.

  158. Shesends

    I looked on NHLNUMBERS for the stats on their cap. Hey I really like Bou. Anything other than Redden or Rosi right now would be an instant improvement. Im always winning to give the benefit of the doubt, but 20+ games into the season and you still cant get it together… there is something wrong there.

    Torts is a very emotional coach and doesnt take any sh*t from his players. I think he would be able to motivate this team. But like you said… Maybe he is good friends with Renney. But ultimately, its Dolan & Sather…

  159. How is it that just anyone can write a blog and get as popular as this? Its not like youve said something extremely impressive –more like youve painted a quite picture about an issue that you know nothing about! I dont want to sound mean, right here. But do you definitely think that you can get away with adding some quite pictures and not actually say something?

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