Prucha still around…for now (Updated)


Some quick notes before the first MSG matinee of the season.

<li>Petr Prucha is still with the Rangers, at least for now. Although the team did not send the forward to Hartford on a conditioning assignment, Tom Renney referenced a need to talk to both Prucha and his agent about his options.

In other words, there’s a possibility the Rangers want to send Prucha down, and the forward has balked.

We’ll try to find out more later.

Either way, Prucha is a scratch for the 10th straight game. The Rangers are going with the same lineup, including Henrik Lundqvist in net.

<li>Thanks to MSG’s ubiquitous John Giannone (who will be doing play-by-play today in Sam Rosen’s stead) for highlighting this stat: If the NHL ended games after five minutes of overtime and didn’t go to a shootout, the Rangers’ 17-7-2 record would be a substantially less impressive 11-7-8.

Needless to say, this is a relevant topic of late given how the team has blown leads in each of the last two games, only to go on to win in shootouts.

<li>The fun stops after today. After five straight games against teams with sub-.500 records — not an easy thing to do in the watered down shootout-heavy NHL — the Rangers’ next three opponents are a combined 41-21-8.

We’ll chime in with more during the game…

Update, 1:45 p.m.: Gee, you think the Rangers might have mentioned shooting high on Craig Anderson during their pre-game meeting? The team had at least three chances from point blank range in the opening minutes of the game, and all resulted in shots above the crossbar.

Other than that — and one hairy stretch in the middle of the period — it was a fairly sharp start. No goals, of course, which always helps, but enough chances and no serious breakdowns.

Now it’s just a matter of holding on for another 45 minutes so they can steal another one in the shootout.

I’m kidding….sort of.

Update, 2:42 p.m.: And then there was the second period…

Wow. Whatever good vibe the Rangers created both collectively and individually during their recent three-game winning streak evaporated in just a few minutes here.

Where do you start? With Michal Rozsival pinching and Marc Staal falling on the first Florida goal? With Rozsival being pick-pocketed by Michael Frolik on the second? With Brandon Dubinsky completely losing sight of Gregory Campbell on the third?

With Wade Redden showing about as much urgency as a secretary on a lunch break?

Add it all up and you have Panthers 3, Rangers 0.

A comeback is not out of the question when you consider the Panthers aren’t exactly indomitable. It is out of the question if the Rangers continue to play this game as if they’re half asleep.

Update, 3:10 p.m.: Make that 4-0.

So the Rangers have now had two afternoon games this season, and those games have probably been their worst two of the season.

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  1. and yea without shootouts wed be in the middle of the conference and it wont fly in the playoffs. we gotta tighten up late in games and we seem to be doing it except for a handful of players that should never be on the ice with a minute left to begin with.

  2. That statistic shows what we’ve probably all been thinking, that the team isn’t as dominant as the number of points would lead you to believe. However, a great goaltender covers a lot of mistakes and I can’t help but believe that if all those OT games where played in sudden death that having the #1/#2 goalie in the conference doesn’t help you win the majority of those.

  3. i wanna see a 5-1 win today. if they go to ot and shootout im gonna miss the rest of the game or be late for work. i guess im gonna have to be late for work today, lol

  4. ya gotta think that maybe the rangers are real comfortable in shootouts and thats why they’re maybe playing a little relaxed late in games and its no excuse but at least the trend of coming from behind constantly is changed and id still rather get a point in a ot loss than in regulation but these ot games are no good for my blood pressure and hopefully as the year goes on they start puttin teams away earlier in games.

  5. onecupin67years on

    Shootouts and a watered down NHL is what US fans really want and its the best method for attracting new fans to the NHL, ask Gary Bettman. we need more teams!!!

  6. The whole “if shootouts didn’t exist” and the subsequent playoff allegory is wholly bullshit. They are a part of the game, and they do exist, ergo, they count. Furthermore, it pays to have a shootout specialist in the lineup just in case – thats why a guy like Freddie Sjostrom, in spite of being a 4th liner, is an insanely valuable guy.

    The whole “There aren’t any shootouts in playoffs” thing, also BS. Playoffs also don’t have 5 minute overtime periods, nor do they have 4 on 4 overtime. Winning those games is a matter of conditioning and willpower – and we’ve got that by the truckload.

    In summation, drop the shootout argument, because its dumb. Its a part of the game.

  7. I don’t think anyone feels that this team doesn’t make an effort to get to the shootout once a few minutes have passed in OT. They’d be fooling themselves if they did.

    Like it or not, it is a part of the game and to be honest… if Renney had these guys go out and take chances during the OT and we had 5 OT losses the folks on this board would ream him for not “playing for the shootout” with the best shootout goalie in the league on his squad.

  8. great line by Brooks today in his Slap Shot article: This just in: President Bush has refused to pardon Glen Sather for his signing of Wade Redden

  9. Pretty entertaining first ten minutes of the first. The Rangers are flying even the pp looked really good.

  10. Not to get on my soapbox but it’s ridiculous to have a sunday afternoon game during Football season.

  11. Pretty good period. I think Orr had like 10 secs of ice time, cause i barely saw the guy.

    It was god damn annoying that they kept missing the net on odd man rushes, gotta put that puck on net. But they did do a few good things, and Rozi has been way better than he has been playing. Hopefully he continues.

  12. So far a pretty bad period. Dvorak looking like the Dvorak of ’01 in these two games. Staal pulled a Redden falling on his ass. If not for Hank it’d be 3-0 this period.

  13. I dont understand the booing of Rozi this game. He has played really well. Once again…if Hank plays mediocre this team is a sub-500 team?…No I would say bottom 8 team in the league. We need another bonafide scorer! We will not make it far in the playoffs with this lineup.

  14. Did Snotwigg have a giant booger hanging out of his nose just now, or was that a shadow? God I hate him.

  15. I feel bad for Rozy getting boo’ed by the crowd for that 2nd goal. He actually had control and Betts knocked it away from him, then he lost it in his skates. The 3rd goal was almost completely the fault of Girardi who tried to catch the puck instead of playing the man, and allowed both to get well behind him. Hank was hung completely out to dry, and I hope he lets his teammates know how shitty they’re playing. No passion, no desire, no urgency. We’re getting bitched by one of the worst teams in our own building. What an embarrassment

  16. You know it’s bad when the IO Highlight of the day is Drury breaking his stick. What a shit show today.

  17. onecupin67years on

    The NHL under bettman is a joke.
    1- shootouts- the NHL didn’t have this crap for the 1st 75 years or so.
    2- more expansion
    3- all these B.S. penalties for obstruction, if the refs did their jobs ,it wouldn’t be necessary
    4 afternoon games now during NFL
    5 Sunday and Sat. afternoon hockey in the spring ,and they (nhl) wonder why their TV ratings are low.

  18. This is the team we’re supposed to march to the Cup with ?? A team that cant score a goal against the worst team in the league, a team that gets raped by the worst team in the league.

    This team’s pathetic, Hank has to sit around and get molested while his team doesn’t do shit. What a fuggin embarrassment. All the chances to score a goal, and they either fire it wide, or its blocked. This team really makes me sick, it seems like when they win, they just manage to sneak a win out, and when they lose, its total embarrassment. Fuggin sickening, i should have stayed asleep instead of watching these morons play like a bunch of fuggin retards.

    I hope Orr takes someone’s head off. The only thing to look forward to in this period, is seeing how “tough” Nyr can be, and try to make a statement. But im sure this pussy Renney will tell his team not to do something stupid, but even if he did, there’s no toughness.

    This team relies on Hank way to fuggin much.

  19. Dvorak has 4 points in 5 periods vs the Rangers and only 4 points in the other 20 games he’s played.

  20. LI Joe
    November 30th, 2008 at 2:33 pm
    graves wake up early? where do you live hawaii?

    Haha I usually sleep till like 2 on Sunday’s.

  21. Renney should use the third period to try Zherdev and Naslund with Gomez. Knowing him though he’ll bench Dubi and play Zherdev and Naslund with Betts.

  22. JOE

    I thought that was Redden who tried to catch it ?? Sometimes i get confused between the two. Also Rozi did what he always does, which is pinch in at the wrong time, and left Staal alone, and the Ice raped Staal, and Hank got raped.

    This team deserves to get boo’d, not Rozi, fuggin all of them. This is pathetic, these are the games we have to win, especially wince we have the toughest teams coming up.

    I wonder what the great “coach” is telling his men right now. Maybe its something like “Don’t worry if you guys lose, you’re all good guys, lets just prepare for the next game, sicne this ones already over, oh yeah, and try to avoid physicality, no need to start any trouble”

  23. Looked like Redden was running around and his man scored the goal. Girardi was covering his guy.

  24. 6 goals allowed against Florida in two games? Seriously? The Florida Panthers? This team frustrates me more and more every day. I wish the playoffs would be tomorrow so I don’t have to watch this team crash and burn when they play real teams in December. Honestely, if I’m Hank, I ask for a trade. He is Stanley Cup caliber goalie playing on a sub-par team. I would be fed up with this crap.

  25. Orr

    Rozi wasn’t pinching in fact if anything he was back, he moved forward for the keep but it was cut off and passed cross ice… Staal fell it happens

    the second goal was by Betts knocking the puck off his skate… but still it was a scramble…

    ANd Redden was the one who tried to catch it.. Girarid guarded his man and left the other side open becuase no forwards came back…

    they need to tighten up…

  26. Its Ok
    Wanted 3 out of 4 when I looked at Schedule but; I hear this conversation taking place soon;

    Hank: Hey slats
    Sather: Yeah Hank?
    Hank: Next time you make someone the highest paid Goalie in the NHL make sure you spend some other funds on Defenseman who take the body a few times a month, stay at home once in a while ( cause they cant score anyway) and especially at the end of goal games
    Sather: who is this again…my brain hurts

  27. OK fess up, who were the geniuses who ten days ago were touting Girardi as one of the top 10 defensemen in the NHL?

  28. This team blows. The Panthers are an absolute shit, joke team and this is embarrassing. I love those $7m contracts!

  29. Betts and Rozi on the second goal? Like they were going to be shot if they dared to play the man and not the puck.

    Will Joe the Shill point this out? Will any in the media ask the coaches about this? Will any teaching be done in practice?


  30. ford,

    I wasn’t but that first goal was more Redden’s fault then Girardi’s… as for the second one I didn’t see where they were at the time…

  31. Time to turn this off and watch a NY team that gets it; thats coached by someone who ADAPTS TO THE SITUATION;( this isnt the 90’s there is no trap, the “possesion” game is a lie-we are not the Wings, the dee-first myth is a lie-we are not the Devils with Danyecko and Stevens nailing people; we are a playoff contender- thats it)y

    Giants vs Redskins

    If you swapped Auld for Hank the Rangers would be 8-10 and the Sens 17-7….PERIOD

  32. I just don’t see any players improving as they ought to be by this point in the season under this staff!

  33. This is an absolutely disgusting game. I’d rather lay down naked and have King Kong Bundy stomp down repeatedly on my nuts. What a disgrace. The whole team. I’m not calling out any 1 player. This bed shitting was a team effort. Boston beats Detroit convincingly last night and we get blown out at home by this joke of a team. Talk about lack of respect for an opponent. Seems like they just took the game off completely. Awful, awful, awful!

  34. Voros is showing some enthusiasm, he must be the only one. Put him back on the top two lines.

  35. Agravaine

    It was Girardi’s positioning on the fourth goal that got me out of my chair. Simply horrendous — dangling by the bench, leaving the entire lane open directly to Valli.

    Again, these are mistakes you don’t see in pee-wee hockey!

  36. how much more lousy play must we endure? sather needs to take control of this situation, either fire renney or get different players. this team has no guts or character, it looks like they’ve tuned renney out. enough already. other teams make changes and don’t need all this time to gel, this team is a joke. what a bunch of mutts.

  37. It’s obvious that Renney has lost this team. They no longer play for him. He may make very good public speeches and say the “right things” but I bet he does not walk the walk. There is more behind the “curtain” that we don’t see. The way he has treated Prucha is just a public symptom of his actual character and I bet the players, many of whom have received the same crap (though less public), have written him off.

  38. And one last thing;

    Sather: demand and End to this juvenile coaches decisions to try to instill fear in his own team by constantly sending in the Betts line on PPs etc……my God? is that the only response this fool can come up with? “You guys aren’t winning; I’m sending in Betts and Orr”….OHHHHHHHH..what a genius

  39. That was absolutely Wade Redden trying to catch that puck. By trying to catch that he completely let the Florida blow right by him. Never regained his footing. This game is a complete disaster. How many hits to the Rangers have in this game? They refuse to take the body. Someone said last week that Voros has disappeared off of the radar physically wise. And my friend you are right. He got all of those points by playing that nasty game, standing in front of the net with that big thick body of his. Lemme tell you something. Rangers face Pittsburgh Wednesday and some pretty heavy hitters the next month – Canadiens, Flames, Hurricanes, Ducks, Kings, Caps and yes the Sharks. If they continue to play like this we will see them sitting in the middle of the conference by the New Year.

    Their power play is just continually woeful. Why not try 4 forwards on the ice? Im sorry I dont by into the “Im looking for a good lane to shoot” sh*t anymore. Just lob it at the net stick a body there. They should watch tapes of Adam Graves and Vic Hatfield standing there and getting all of those “garbage goals”

    As I type this Voros got into a fight. LOL but is gone for the game.

  40. yea im pretty much writing off this season for the rangers. its just no heart, no urgency games like this that will be our downfall. looks like noone cares and now theyre not even trying to make a comeback. im sory i love the rangers but not these rangers. until they start playing hard and earning their ridiculous paychecks i cant help but hate this team. not the rangers but the phonys wearing the jersey and the 3 dorks behind the bench. and king retart upstairs

  41. I was going to write a long winded well worded post but much like the Rangers I guess I just don’t feel like it. Bottom line. Renney SUCKS!!! The players don’t suck, the coach does. Get a decent coach then worry about which player(s) isn’t carrying their weight. So many players don’t suck so bad. Start chopping heads at the top!!!!

  42. Ironically enough the Rangers played one of their best first periods of the year and it all went to hell after that.

  43. Blaze; I emailed you earlier today, LI Joe told me about the tix offer: I emailed you- My dads B-day on the 5th going to NY
    Thanks anyway

    Like I’m Bored said…Fire cant make any trades, they’ll just get sucked into his “System”

  44. LI Joe

    LOL that’s right. I forgot about them. Ok, that’s the 3 Stars of the Night

    1. Prucha
    2. Dawes
    3. Rissmiller gets third star bc of waivers…

    At least the Giants are Dominating ;) Even with that idiot Burgesses shooting himself LOL Put a pair of skates on him, he cant be worse than Redden :)

  45. What a bunch of idiots this team has. Absolutely no heart, they cant even score a 5 on 3 goal, they cant even gain the zone on a 5 on 3. This team is a joke.

    The B’s bitch the Wings around, and we cant even score a single goal against these motherless fuggs. It gets more embarrassing after each loss. I just cant wait to see them against the Pens and Habs. Maybe they’ll blow a 3 goal lead against the Pens again, or they’ll blow a 4 goal lead against the Habs.

    What more can you say aboot them. They make me sick. Enough said.

  46. ok what else do people need to see that this team is held to no standards, they don’t hit they don’t hit and then they don’t hit and renny doesn’t even seem to know thats a part of the game. the safest plkace on earth is the front of the Ranger net LOL

  47. well if u think about it every damn player we trade or lose to free agency turns their careers around and done even look like the same players they were here. so i know its this non physical, defense first, snoozefest of a system renny has implemented has won us some games but for the most part, has really crippled our offensive guys and i cant believe that every player sucked tonight because of him but obviously its not working and lets face it. hank wasnt great either and not once when hank had a bad game did we win or force ot. so basically we just lost to the worst team in the nhl at home with their backup goalie and 3 main guys injured for them. u gotta think if we didnt have hank, wed be worse than the panthers. damn.

  48. Prucha was the best Ranger today…I have no idea how he can’t even sniff this lineup.

    I thought this team was turning a new leaf two games ago. Last game, reverted back and got lazy after the first 5 minutes. Today, the listless Rangers Tom Renney simply cannot motivate.

  49. im waiting for the rangers to lose a bunch of games in december and im willing to bet any amount of money that they will have to pull what they did the last 2 years to make the playoffs. until they beat a crap team, nevermind a good team convincingly, i have no faith in the rangers whatsoever in the playofs, which im sure we’ll make it to, just to tease us, and then be out 1st round. im sorry, but if i still lived in ny id find wade redden and beat his ass so bad i would force him into early retirement so we could bring up potter. somebody please beat that losers ass please

  50. Great line by Sam of Redden playing with the urgency of a secretary going to lunch. The Rangers D was about as bad as it get gets. They were soft(what else is new) out of position and generally clueless. Even Staal struggled mightily in his own end. Redden is not only killing the team with his play but he has dragged Girardi down with him. The first was freeflowing with nice crisp passing asnd plenty of good chances for both sides. After that the Rangers were tripping under there own feet. Renney did not benchg one player he did not switch up one line. All he did was pull Hank(to save him from his Dmen) Dubinsky had a big game vs the ‘Yotes but has fallen back into his shell. Gomez had a great game in his first game back but he’s looked sluggish since. He has no chemistry with Drury at all. They need to put Zherdev and Naslund with Gomez and move Drury back to center. Not much you can do with the D except call up a 7th dman and throw him into the mix. Zherdev has played great lately so he gets bit of a pass for being invisable tonight. That said they sure could have used something from him. The pp sucked again ho-hum. Fow whatever reason no Voros on the pp. Now they play the big boys coming up and all their warts will continue to show more than ever.

  51. No killer instinct. So often in sports if you don’t capitalize when you have the edge, you run out of steam and the other team steps up the pace and takes control. Dubinsky, Callahan, etc. you really need to score on point blank shots early in the game, not just shoot the puck into the goaltender’s gut. So much shooting right at the goalie, today. Why? Hell, if you hit the post, you at least have a chance for a decent rebound.

  52. I have lost some respect for Dave Maloney, saying the Rangers were fatigued from their grueling trip from Florida.

  53. Orr

    Rangers already blew a 5 goal lead against MTL LOL


    You made an interesting point. Brooks said that Roszival’s game went downhill when lined with Redden, now Girardi is lined with him and yes his game has suffered because of it. Hmmmm is there a trend here? I watch Redden closely because I cant figure a defensive player making $6.5 million a season for 6 years, clearly I wanted to see what was so special about him. The “change of scenery” hasnt done anything for him. He had his success in OTT, but I really dont think he will have much here.

    I say line Zherdev-Gomez-Naslund as the first line. Like they did in Prague. Amazingly fast tough of beat line.

  54. Fellas –

    Rangers have no snarl to them. They are a VERY soft team. Hell even Jagr took the body sometimes. What happened to Dubinsky? Orr? Voros? Usually the Captain has the first bite and snarl to lead the team and as much as I like the guy Drury just doesnt have it. Management should have pulled a Vancouver and made Lundqvist the Captain or Gomez (as much as he is still a Devil to me LOL)

  55. I’m concerned with this team’s lack of intensity. Bottom line, that comes from the top down. Drury should be stepping up and providing that spark. He’s the captain, this is his ship now. Moreover, Renney is ultimately the one in charge and he needs to do something to shake this team up. Absolutely no heart. If this team won’t play for fear of losing their roster spot, what will they play for? This team was exciting in the first part of the season. Hard rushes, hits, fights, grit in front of the net…WTF happened? It’s like this team has had the wind punched out of it.

    On a more positive note, I finally snapped my cheap ass Easton Octane shaft and bought a new stick. I wound up buying an Easton Synergy ST 100 flex shaft and an S15 composite blade with the Sakic profile. It was the closest to the Shanahan that I could find. The whole stick is lighter than the old shaft, I can’t wait to try it out Tuesday

  56. All Hail King Henrik on

    Goals For Per Game: 2.44

    Goals Against Per Game: 2.37

    I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that this is a major problem. The Goals For stat all the more concerning when you consider that we’re ranked 4th in shots per game @ 33.3 per.

    Horrible loss. Shutout 4-0 by what may be the worst team in the league, certainly one of the worst. They had chances in the first period, but after that they just stopped playing. The team defense was terrible, as it has been all season.


    If you’re Hank you asked to be traded? Please. Henrik is the KING of NEW YORK, he plays every night in the most famous arena in the world, and lives in the most famous city in the world in what I’m sure is a ridiculously expensive penthouse apartment. He’s a flashy type guy and NYC is a flashy city. Do you really think he wants to go play in Nashville or Calgary or Columbus or Colorado or Minnesota, etc. etc. etc. He doesn’t want to get traded, no matter how terribly his team plays in front of him.

    Henke was pissed in his interview, but noted that “it doesn’t matter” the team played terribly in front of him, it’s his job to stop the puck. If it wasn’t for his competitiveness and skill, we’d be in last place. This is HIS team, not Drury & Gomez’s.

  57. onecupin67years on

    I don’t know what you’re all grumbling about, with the exception of winning the cup in 94 this typical Ranger hockey

  58. King

    All the more reason management should have made him “C” of the team. Like Vancouver did with Luongo. This IS his team.

    Too bad he really doesnt have a consistent team to play in front of him. Can you imagine if the Wings had him? YEOW!!

    But I love him here in NYC :)

  59. MAKO

    Ohh, i thought it was 4. Im trying to forget that game, i guess i did sort of a good job.

    And that line you want, never even happened. Nazzy, Nicky Z, and Gomer were broken up during pre season. Renney will probably put them together in January or something, like he did with Jags, and Gomer last year.

    All i want for Christmas is to read aboot Renney getting fired. And Nyr trading Rozi, and Dawes for a decent D-man that doesn’t cost to much but is reliable, and Pruchs getting traded for Tootoo, and Sundin signing with Nyr. Then ill be happy for a bit. Until i have to witness shit like this again.

  60. #1)Coach makes playoffs with mediocre lifeless team= people say he’s a good coach “he made the playoffs!!”they cry

    #2)in playoffs Team loses to a skilled passionate team ; its better than ’98 thru 2004!they cry!

    #3)Team will burn out goalie playing him in 70+ games a season in effort to squeek into playoffs=coach saving his job

    #4)team loses to skilled passionate team in playoffs=coach comes back ( see #1)

    and round and round we go!

  61. Orr

    Yes you did. And you know what. You are probably right about that pre-season line up. I remember listening to the game on the radio and thinking wow they are a good line together.

    Yeah well unless the Rangers free fall and lose 10-15 straight the idea of Renney getting fired isnt going to happen. Sorry :( They would have to move some serious salary out to get Sundin. I dont see Renney wanting to part with Rozi either. Again I dont want to ruin your Christmas wishes….

    Hey I would love to have John Tortorella behind the bench. At least he has passion, disciplines his players and errr won a Stanley Cup :D

  62. craig anderson? a vezina winner i guess. the rangers would get shut out by a peee wee goalie. no plan, no system no guts.

  63. ALL HAIL,
    Good points…but personally if I was him (and I wasn’t a Rangers fan my whole life) and a team offered me the same contract with a legit shot at winning the Cup, AKA Detroit, Pittsburgh, Boston, San Jose I think I would take it. I highly doubt Hank came over here and thought to himself the NYR are the only team that I want to go to. I sure hope that he stays here because I feel like he is the only hope we have in winning a Stanley Cup. I think I’m just really frustrated with this team and how they dont defend Hank.

  64. This is Rangers in a nutshell;

    First period today is wide-open; they had lots of chances; very exciting up and down play;

    In between periods gutless Troutwig interviews Perry pearn and Both of them agree that coaches do not like that type of play; Pearn promises that they will be told to…”tighten it up” during the break

    second period boom boom boom…yes get back to the system boys!

    You know the result

    Fire Renny

    And dont cry “we’re 17-8 how can you do that’

    Its because no one should believe in records at this point of season..we are all smart enough to know that this team, as currently constructed and coached, cannot play with the Penguins-Caps-Sharks-wings-Ducks..unless Hank stands on his head

  65. Great posts guys! Love commiserating with fellow fans.

    Honestly, this was just another Ranger loss on a Sunday afternoon, ones we have seen far too many times in years past.

    What I do not like to se is Henrik throwing his stick, having a temper tantrum on the bench. You are a professional, Henrik, take your lumps, and move on. Obviously easier said than done, but didn’t like to see that and I do not like how he pulled himself from the game last week. I don’t know what that’s all about.

    And oh that’s not all. We have Captain Clutch, Chris Drury throwing his broken stick and hitting the ref. He broke his stick on a 40 ft slapshot and he carries on like that?

    First of all that crap is unacceptable behavior on my bench. And neither Renney or Sather will say a word about it.

    This is such a country club in New York.

    I watched Montreal play the other night. They are not looking good at all right now. I thought they were going to be one of the top four teams in the east and I thought Boston would just get in to the playoffs, boy was I wrong.

    Wade Redden is a waste of space out there and in my opinion there should be lots of scratches next game and a few call-ups on defense.

  66. Kaspar

    You are right is saying that. I believe this team does have talent. It all depend on what night the “talent” wants to show up. This team is perfectly capable of being a top tier team, but only on nights they want to show up. Their in lies the coaching staff. The coaching staff SHOULD get the very best out of their players. If not then bring someone in behind closed doors to get their heads straight. Motivational coach or a sports psychologist. What is the harm in that?

    I dont mind seeing passion like that out of a player. LQ wants to win night in and night out. He has commented that he is VERY competitive. And yes he is human. He has emotions just like all of us. He is professional but mostly all players show emotion at one point or another. Just think about what we DONT see when the camera go off and doors are closed…

    But you are right and I think we will all agree that Redden is a waste of space. Perhaps you should all google his wedding pics and see what his wife looks like, maybe the honeymoon really isnt over. LOL

  67. MAKO, Redden’s wife is smokin hot. Quite honesty though, with the contract he’s got now, I’m pretty sure a one legged midget with testicular elephantitis and buck teeth could pull a chick of similar status.

    Maybe he’s sucking so bad because he’s too busy thinking about going home and boning his hot wife. My dream scenario is what happened in Buffalo years ago. Coach Ted Nolan bones Hasek’s wife, and immediately gets his ass beat and shit-canned by the organization. Hasek goes on to have HOF career.

    In this case, Renney bangs Redden’s wife, gets owned by Colton Orr just because and banished from hockey for the next decade, only to resurface for a perennial non-contender of a team. Wade Redden goes onto have all-star seasons, Hart and Norris trophy contention and save the Rangers defense.

    Ohhh a boy can dream…..

  68. Everyone bags on Renney for instilling a Defense first system. However, do you really think the Rangers can play a wide-open game?? Look at the roster, they HAVE to play a Defense first system. If we had the Naslund of 4-5 years ago it would be a different story, but the current roster is a bunch of 20-30 goal scorers (at best). The real problem is the Powerplay. The success of the Rangers hinges on a successful powerplay–something they currently do not have.

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