Lundqvist back in tomorrow; Decision on Prucha imminent


So just how competitive is Henrik Lundqvist?

Competitive enough that after locking down four points in two games for the Rangers by stopping four of five penalty shots, he was still frustrated enough to break his stick in two when rookie Lauri Korpikoski beat him in practice today (with a phenomenal backhand move, by the way).

And competitive enough that after Tom Renney originally said he would consider putting Stephen Valiquette in net for tomorrow against the Panthers, he’s decided to go back to the King instead.

Granted, the schedule is such that Lundqvist could play tomorrow and still get two days of rest. But even then, when I asked the King about playing back-to-back games against Pittsbugh and Montreal Wednesday and Thursday, he said he’d want to play both of those, too.

“I like to play,” he said.

No kidding.

“We’ll see how he does,” Tom Renney said. “He feels good. He’s well rested. And he’s on top of his game, obviously.”


At the other end of the spectrum is Petr Prucha, who has been a healthy scratch for nine straight games, and who could be spared a 10th game only because he might be on his way to Hartford on a conditioning assignment.

The plan according to Renney is to talk the issue over with Jim Schoenfeld and Glen Sather this afternoon. Although the coach wouldn’t tip his hand one way or the other, it does sound like some time with the Wolf Pack is in store for Prucha.

“The bottom line is I’d like to get him playing,” Renney said. “And that’s not easy to do when you’re not changing your lineup.”

The plan is for the Rangers to play the same lineup tomorrow.


So what does an NHL team that has spent pretty much the last three months on skates do for its Christmas party? Why go skating of course.

The Rangers are planning to have their party on Friday at the Museum of Natural History, where they’ll skate at the adjacent rink. I’m told the skating part is really for the kids. But maybe Tom Renney will try to get in some defensive zone work while he’s got everyone there.

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  1. Henrik knows that he is the only reason for the winning! Haha…Hank…what a guy. The best always have the desire to keep playing and winning.

  2. I’m getting really tired of them jerking Prucha around.

    But it’s ok. Coach idiot, will never be questioned about anything. The press is in love with him. Because he has a big vocabulary, and starts off almost every sentence with “Quite honestly”.

    Well you know what…… Quite honestly, it’s time to be “pro-active”.

    Quite honestly it’s Roger Neilson all over again.

    I think Tom Renney is a good coach and a nice guy, but he will never take us to the next level. Too defensive minded and too conservative.

    He’s a good enough coach for us to succeed and get to the playoffs, but we wont win a cup with him.

    Too bad that there’s no Messier on this team to get him fired like he did with Neilson in 1993.

    And why doesn’t this guy put our best offensive scorer (Zherdev) with our best playmaking center (Gomez).

    Sometimes I feel like we’d be better off with a chimp coaching this team.

    I’m neutral on the Renney issue…I have noticed a few bad habits of his, but also, he does do many things right. Thats why we have the best PK in the league. Good assessment on the Quite Honestly…I never really thought about that until you said it. Anyway onto my real argument

    We have already seen the Z and Gomer line for a couple of shifts and it always results in the same thing…confusion. They are both players that want the puck and like to carry it into the offensive zone. They like to then dish it off (or shoot it for Z) and add a new dimension to the team. If you take Z off the second line and put him on the first, you severly detriment the second line while adding little to the first line. Only one person can take it over the line at a time…Then the team knows for our second line that we will just dump and chase and can play that line more deeply. Two things I noticed about Gomer during the game last night.
    #1-He can not shoot
    #2-He never passes the puck in the middle, always towards the outside.
    Thats why he would never work well with a Aaron Voros or any other “crashers”.

  4. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Hank definitely knows that without him, this team is under .500. He’s let up 2 or fewer goals in what, 15 games this year? That’s NOT the system because good systems don’t allow 5+ odd man rushes per game.

    So fine, if you want to measure Renney by his W/L, then keep him. What about Pearn? For the last two years the PP didn’t work because of Jagr… Yeah, the PP didn’t work because of the fifth highest scoring player of all time. So we get new personnel and it is worse! How about Pelino? He is responsible for the defense, and last time I checked, their D let’s up all of those odd man rushes I just referred to.

    Frankly, I don’t even know why anyone would want to watch a team with an awful defensive system. This team is generally more boring to watch than the Devils! Historically the most boring team of all time! EVER! Of course they also had defensemen who were taught positioning…

    I hate Renney because he preaches boredom, he benched two of his most exciting players, if not the most exciting. Whoever mentioned Drury and Gomez loving him, DUH! Drury isn’t a skilled player and was handed the “C” without earning it! Gomez gets more icetime than EVERYONE, and at 7.5 mil a year, with 23-25 minutes a game, he should be leading this team in points by a TON, but Renney still leaves him out there. Ugh, I could write a book on reasons to hate Renney.

  5. Dubi – say what you want about renney but you are barking up the wrong tree about Drury and Gomez. both are solid 2 way players. they kill penalties, go in front of net (an area that people always criticize the Rangers for not going). AO or Sid caliber no but good players yes.

  6. IDK what they’re trying to do with Prucha. he’s tying up 2 million dollars and Dan Fritsche has stolen his spot on the team (and ya’ll thought it was bad when Shanny took his spot)…QUITE HONESTLY I think it’s time for them to make or get off the pot with this situation.

  7. Dubi don’t you realize that beating awful teams (missing their top players) by the absolute skin of your teeth = good coaching? Stop being such a *BAD FAN* !!! ;)

  8. Jeez, we bitch when we loose. we bitch when we win.
    We must be REAL Fans !!

    The Rangers are planning to have their party on Friday at the Museum of Natural History – maybe we’ll sign Sundin & Shanny !!

  9. Jesse — That boring Devils team allowed 5+ odd man rushes per month, not per night. There is no comparison between that type of boring and Renney-boring.

    Anyone who thinks this Ranger team is defensively sound has no idea what sound defense is.

  10. onecupin67years on

    Plaxico Burris should have taken Prucha out last night,maybe prucha wouldve been shot instead. the Giants need Burris ,the rangers dont need Prucha!

  11. here’s a few things i’ve been thinking about lately. i apologize for the length.

    prucha is going to be traded before the deadline. his salary is way to high for the team to carry him as a healthy scratch. you know slats is going to try to bring someone in around the deadline as he’s done in the past. moving prucha’s contract frees up some much needed breathing room. conditioning assignment or not, prucha’s days as a ranger have got to be numbered.

    if anything, i think ryan callahan has played prucha out of new york. callahan hits harder than prucha and more often. he brings a lot of the same intangibles that prucha brings but callahan is way more consistent. he might not be putting up the goals that prucha put up in his first two years but he’s leading the team in hits and plays a sound game night in and night out.

    for what its worth, and it might not be all that much but i find it interesting that in both of the last 2 offseasons the rangers have signed or traded for top 6 forwards with hopes of them meshing with their current core only to be disappointed with the results. last year when slats let nylander walk and then delivered gomez and drury he was banking on one of them developing some chemistry with jagr only to find out that brandon dubinsky was a better choice at center. this year slats brought in zherdev and naslund hoping that the two wingers would develop some chemistry with his top 2 centers only to find that once again, dubinsky proves to be the best option. i’m not suggesting that dubinsky is a better center than gomez and/or drury but what distinction can be made here? is it simply that dubinsky’s game is more suited for european players or is it his ability to adapt to the style of play that his wings are comfortable with? lastly, what does this say about gomez and drury? twice now we’ve been fooled into day dreaming about the numbers certain players would put up if given the opportunity to play with a great center like either of those two. twice now we’ve been disappointed…

    i’m also starting to feel like dawes could be moved as well. we don’t have room for him in the line up and he’s not producing consistently when he does play. i know he’s been scratched a bunch this year and that its hard to maintain the confidence you need to be successful when you’re not playing but i simply don’t think we have room for him. he reminds me a lot of prucha in that he gets pushed all over the ice like a rag doll when he does play. honestly, i feel like dawes and prucha are two comparable players who are very much in the same boat. that very boat might be sailing out of town sometime soon.

    moving both prucha and dawes frees up just over two million and both are restricted free agents next year anyway. with those contracts gone we’d be sitting right around 2.3 million under the cap to make a move at the deadline.

    why on earth did we sign rismiller to a two year deal? his contract could be dumped as well to free up some room. he’s sitting at 1 mil a year for this year and next.

    let’s say all three are moved. rismiller isn’t going to be traded but he could be picked up on waivers or spend the remainder of the year in hartford. who could we package dawes and prucha for? should we keep the cap space available and just seek picks and prospects for them? or should we try to bring in more scoring? if so who? i have to think that neither of them will land a significant return so maybe the best option is to stock pile a few picks or prospects for them and keep the cap space available.

    i wouldnt be shocked if slats moved kalinin either. at just over 2 mil a year you have to think we could get a more physical d man in exchange for the supposed puck moving defensemen that kalinin is. afterall, teams are always looking for more mobile defensemen.

    next year there’s going to be new contracts and raises coming to zherdev, dubinsky, callahan and korpikoski (maybe no raise for the korpedo) they likely aren’t going to have a lot of room to keep either dawes or prucha anyway.

    is 3.3 million enough to bring in mats sundin? more important, do we even want mats sundin? i know he’d help on the powerplay but is it worth it? could he put us over the top?

    i know i’ve been saying it for awhile not but moves have to be coming.

  12. I had a dream last night that the Rangers had signed Sundin. In the real world, I’m on the fence on whether we should or not, and have no idea why I dreamed about watching a game where he was playing for us… Maybe it’s a sign. Who knows.

  13. Several questions for Sam:

    Has anyone in the press asked Tom about the way his defensemen continue to attack the puck carrier on 2-on-1’s against? A lonnball method which is counter to the way one is taught to play from midget hockey on?

    Has anyone asked Tom about Redden’s horrendous play? Or is this subject simply off limits?

    Has anyone questioned Orr being on the ice with less than two minutes to play in a 3-2 game?

    Thank you for your consideration, Sam!

  14. nice points shesends… and I too have started to question Gomez… when NO ONE seems to be able to gel/keep up with him… and he’s not doing anything on his own…you have to start to wonder…

  15. what a dilema, and the Renney bashers are not helping, I hate to break it to you guys but the man that took this team to the playoffs 3 years straight and is looking at a potential 4th time isn’t going anywhere any time soon…i feel bad for prucha cause now the fans are against him, if he gets sent to Hartford then we probably won’t be seeing him again for the rest of the season and my bet are his chances of being a ranger for the 09-10 season are steadily dropping, on the other hand, he could play there for a few games, be stellar, come back and score for the rangers like Korpikoski did. I however am more concerned with Dawes, who needs to avoid a slump and being scratched doesn’t help…

  16. P.S. prucha is on a 1-way contract and the chances of him getting picked on waivers are so high because then another team could easily send him straight to THEIR minor system with nothing to loose. The only plus for the team then is they clear up 1.6 mil of salary cap room that was being used on a man who has been sitting the press box for most of the season.

  17. Gresch-
    I think I can answer your question about the 2 on 1’S. I remember last year during a taped practice that maloney and albert were talking about the defense and Lundqvist said that he can handle one of the shooters, the system is designed that the defense man ties up one of the attackers and lundqvist protects the net from the lone shooter.

  18. Evan…. That’s hockey 101…. The concern is that the Rangers don’t seem to practice that…. They attempt to cover the puck carrier rather than the open man…. Which is not normal/effective

  19. Dubi or not Dubi on

    I didn’t mean to insinuate that I dislike Gomez or Drury (Well, Drury I am indifferent about). I dislike the amount of time they play when you consider the small amount of production they put up. We complain about Betts playing too much (Which he does), but Gomez led the team in ice time in the game following his return from a STRESS fracture! Does that seem dumb to anyone else?

    As for people trying to say that Lundqvist WANTS to face 2 on 1’s, that’s ridiculous. I’m sure he’d prefer a 2 on 2, what I think is being misunderstood is that WHEN there is a 2 on 1, he prefers for one of the two to get locked up so that he’s one on one and not guessing who will take the shot.

    Gomez hasn’t had wingers that suit his style of play. He NEEDS fast break type players, as much as nobody wants to hear it, there are only two players on this team who could work with him. First one being Korpi, who can fly and has a decent shot. The other is the banished Petr Prucha, he scored most of his goals off of one timers if I’m not mistaken, and he can fly as well. Drury and Callahan both have third liner mentalities and playing styles, which is why those two play well together, but not necessarily with Gomez.

  20. onecupin67years
    November 29th, 2008 at 3:48 pm
    Plaxico Burris should have taken Prucha out last night,maybe prucha wouldve been shot instead. the Giants need Burris ,the rangers dont need Prucha!

    You’re a freaking idiot check yourself into bellevue or creedmore you scumbag.

  21. Thank goodness for Hank. Without him who knows where this team would be. He bails us out nightly and keeps us in games we have no business being in. No doubt he is the team MVP up to this point.

  22. Trade Prucha for Tootoo !!!


    Renney isn’t getting fired, that’s pretty fuggin obvious. But at the same time, would you feel comfy if that 4th line was out there with a minute left in a playoff game ?? I don’t care if this is a November game, cause just like the last 3 seasons, at the end of the year we might be thinking “Damn, if we didn’t blow that lead, if this didn’t happen, or that didn’t happen, we might have locked up the division, and got home ice advantage”

    These games may be meaningless right now, but they wont be if we’re in that position again. So yeah, im willing to bitch after a win, or after a loss. Nothing is gonna be perfect, i understand that, but things like last night could have easily been avoided. And of course Dru, and Gomer would say he’s doing a good job, cause the coach loves them, and they love him back.

    Renney isn’t that great of a coach, put him on the Blues, the Kings, the fuggin Trashers, Panthers, what ever. He’s not turning things around. Put Lundqvist on any of those teams, then yeah, things could very well turn around big time.

    Good coaches don’t bench players for no reason, when other players are doing worse, but making more money, and good coaches don’t let their god damn defense do what ever the fugg they want without paying the price for their mistakes.

    Renney is a good guy, and a decent coach, but i don’t like him. Unfortunately im dealing with this guy, and im not expecting him to get fired, he’ll be here for a long time unless we have a Philly Flowers 06-07 style season. Which im hoping doesn’t happen. If he gets fired this season, ill get an “I love Devils” tatoo on my white irish ass. Im willing to make that bet, knowing he wont.

    As long as the team wins, and works hard every night, and doesn’t have games like that one against the Sens, and Sabs, and ill be happy. But things like last night, those are things i don’t wanna see. I love Orr, but the guy doesn’t belong on the ice with fuggin 5 mins left, let alone 1 minute.

    Im starting to think Slats should consider trading not just Pruchs, but Dawes as well. Along with Rozi of course. Bring in Toots for some toughness, maybe a d-man, and of course, the ugly bald swede that can still play hockey. I wouldn’t mind that at all.

  23. DUBI

    How can you be so sure. This guy says he loves the shootout, he’s confident one on one. Maybe he’s sick of having the puck go off hid d-man like in his last 3 seasons. Maybe he just wants to face one of those guys instead of both. That has to be the reason for the dumb plays.

    Its either Renney, or Hank. The D cant be THAT retarded that they keep making the same retard play over and over.

  24. Dubi or not Dubi on

    As a follow up to my own comment, there are five guys on the team who can skate with Gomez: Korpi, Prucha, Fritsche, Sjostrom, and Zherdev. The reason I don’t think the latter three fit with Gomez are that two of them are third liners at best, and the other is a puck carrier, which is exactly what Gomez is.

  25. The Prucha situation just keeps getting weirder and weirder. We’ve sent a whole bunch of players down to Hartford for conditioning before, when were there ever extensive meetings about it? What does Renney want to ensure that Schoenfeld completely misuses him too?

  26. Hey guys I have 2 seats tomorrow just found out can’t make it. Trying to get 70 for the pair. Can do Paypal, and email you the tickets. Let me know if anyone is interested.

  27. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Orr, I think you were talking to me, either way, last night Girardi didn’t take out either one of the two so whatever they were practicing didn’t even apply! I don’t think Redden is coached to step up in the defensive zone and miss everything to leave Girardi and Hank out to dry. Frankly, I’d take a well positioned defenseman and an awesome goalie vs. a forward than an awesome goalie alone vs. a forward any day. Of course that’s if I was a coach, I think the odds are a bit better.

    I also agree with your assessment of Renney, as much as it kills me. If Isiah Thomas can GM/Coach a team to be the laughing stock of the league AND have a sexual harrassment charge and still take 3 years to get canned, Renney will be here forever… With his smug comments and no idea how to teach players or motivate anyone. Ever wonder why the Rangers didn’t develop any decent young players in the earlier part of this decade? If you have, please remember that Renney was the director of player development.

  28. Evan

    Your description of the defenseman tying up one of the attackers makes it sound like he has a choice in which one to play. HE DOESN’T. Anyone who’s watched three hockey games in his life knows that. And when you play, it’s taught your very first day on skates.

    On 2-on-1’s, theONLY proper play is to deny the pass to the man without the puck, so that the goalie can concentrate solely on the man who has it.

    There is no “system” as you eloquently put it where the lone defenseman attacks the puck carrier and says to hell with worrying about the pass.

    So why does this team enact the wrong play every freaking time?

    And why do so many Renney fans seem not to have a grasp on the most fundamental concepts of how the game is meant to be played?

  29. gresch — bada-bing, amen. and like you said what kills me is how Renny’s posse on this board keeps showing there ignorance with each word they write, especially becuase they’re trying to look like they know what they’re talking about. it is insane! lol

  30. wd –

    very ignorant posts. what gives you the right to drive people from posting on this board by trying to bully them with words.

  31. LI Joe, please, come on. i don’t want to bully anyone i just think people who try to “explain” this game to others shoudl know what they don;t know. and with friends like these, renny doesn’t need enemies becuase their lack of hockey knowledge hurts thier defense of him

  32. The conditioning assignment sounds like a great idea. I really think that getting Prucha playing and scoring again will be the hot ticket to maybe get him fired up again, or at least improve his trade stock. If he goes on waivers to go to Hartford, the chances are high that another team will pick him up because we’d be on the hook for half of his salary. It would be a 800K dollar gamble a lot of team would make to get a one time 30 goal scorer at bargain price. We’d obviously still have the other 1/2 against our cap this year. I hope he really gets his game together. He’s a good guy with a lot of potential, he could really help us out

  33. I can’t believe some of the people on this blog. Honestly, lets just divide this blog up right now (Renney lovers and haters) and cecede from this union. Heck, we’ll take half of the players too. Plus we can divide up the beat writers too!

    Last night I went to the Rangers game and saw them play very crappy against a very crappy team. After the game there was a bunch of wooting and hollering and I started a Lets Go Rangers chant, a Your in Last Place Chant, and a We’re in First Place Chant. As soom of you don’t know I recently hurt my ankle and I’m on crutches for the next 3 months. Anyways, Im crutching along chanting when a couple of Panther fans started contemplating taking my crutches and running. A Rangers fans overheard it and the next thing I know I see this guy punching these two Panther fans in the face. Luckily he did not get in trouble and was just told to go home by security. He went over to me and started talking to me about what had happened, and another Ranger fan confirmed the same thing. We proceeded to talk about the game and how different players are producing. We had very different perpectives on things. He was a Renney-hater, while I am a Renney neutral and my friend that was with me was a Renney-lover.
    At the end of the conversation he was telling me that all Ranger fans needed each other’s backs and needed to stop this bitching and moaning about who is doing what and who isn’t. We don’t have the greatest team, in fact every night we play I feel like we have a chance to lose it…but we are in first place in the East…FIRST PLACE. We shouldn’t be dividing right now we are all Rangers fans alike and need each others backs. All of this, your so stupid for thinking this and “you must not play hockey” needs to stop.

    Like it or not, this is the team we have. Most likely we are not going to trade away our team adn get a whole new one. Maybe one or two guys in and one or two guys out, but the core will stay the same (Ecklund might say otherwise). Gomez is Gomez, no scoring ability, can make passes and skate…thats what he brings to the table. Drury-inconsistent player on O but very consistent in backchecking. There both not leaving anytime soon so deal with it. Renney will be here for the rest of the year like it or not. I feel like the players actually do like him (Maybe he gives them milk and cookies if they play well?) and want this team to succeed.

    I love talking on this site to other fans and having debates about different attributes of the team and trying to figure out what can be done to win. I guess the whole point of this entire speal I’m having right now is HAVE A DEBATE, NOT AN ARGUMENT.

  34. joe in de – it is pro rated so if 1/3 season was over that part would be entirely on the Rangers. also the 1/2 cap hit is only applicable on the way back to nhl. on the way down the claiming team is responsible for all his remaining contract. again for conditioning assignment there are no waivers.

  35. BillyDeeWilliams on

    Just some thoughts on the game.

    Blame Redden for the 2 on 1 at the end. Completely misplayed it. I don’t have a problem with the Betts line being out there like that, even if Orr wasn’t able to skate back. About 4 minutes earlier they had one of the best shifts of the game, cycling and keeping the puck deep.

    I won’t mind if every single game goes into a shootout because this team will be first in the conference by far if that’s the case.

    Penalty kill is great for the most part, but the PP looked terrible yet again. It’s much better than both being terrible. In fact for the past couple years, the PP has been terrible and the PK has only been decent, so that’s a step in the right direction.

    I was pro-Prucha, but now I just don’t see a place for him on this team. There is no way he’s going to get enough playing time to make enough progess to help this team. I like the idea of sending him down for conditioning. Let him play somewhere and see how his game works out.

  36. Redden is like the Giambi of the Yankees. But atleast when the Yankees signed Giambi he was good. Now the rangers have more than 6 million a year for this washed up player for the next 6 years which will destroy the future of this team. Good Job Sather. I hate Sather and Redden more and more after every game. Dont even get me started on Rozival.

  37. I love it

    Jagr, Shanahan, Gomez and Drury come here -8 cups between them and one by one the mediocrity of this team is blamed on them as they get ridden out of town….

    Yes Gomez cannot play with anyone ( Elias and Gionta?)
    Jagr is holding up the PP ( you gotta be kiining me)

    Meanwhile some coaching staff being propped up by a top three goalie is protected by the press and defended by the “bad fan if you doubt the coach” gestapo

  38. when the rangers are scored against because of a missed assignment, i immediately look to see who the defenseman is and it is always Rozival or Redden. Rarely does Girardi or Stall get beaten and Even Mara and Kalinin are playing much better than our two highest paid defenseman. Once again, Sather i hate you. You had the chance for Rob Blake, Orpik,and plenty of other defenseman that can atleast take the body.

  39. Kaspar

    it is not so much doubting the coach, it is more the name calling even more so toward other posters. you handle yourself with grace even when critical others don’t do as well at that. it has and will continue to have chased others away from commentingor even reading.

    eric – can blame for who he signed on d yes. but Orpik signed with pitt for hometown discount. can’t force a guy to sign here against his will.

  40. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Is this the start of a peace treaty between the pro-Renney’s and anti-Renney’s?

    At least we can all agree on one thing: Glen Sather is pretty much awful at life.

    Here’s a story for you all. I went to Toronto for my birthday this year for the first time to see the hockey hall of fame. Mike Gartner was my favorite player back when I was just a young buck, so I got me a picture with his little picture. The only thing that I said as I looked at the picture was “WHY THE [HECK] DOES GLEN SATHER HAVE TO BE RIGHT NEXT TO GARTNER!?!?!?”. The girlfriend did not understand and thought she took the picture wrong!

  41. the renney bashinf is crazy, like someone said before him this team missed the playoffs for like 10 years almost, when he took the helm I never heard of him and we were picked to finish dead last (espn) however we made it to the post. look i’ve been watching this team for over 30 years and renney has been the best coach keenan side (one year fluke ?) anyway i don’t get you guys trashing the the guy, obviously there are ? moves here and there but over all the guy has took a team that was to be rebuilding for years and put us in the post season during his entire tenure.

  42. Ok LI Joe..
    name calling is bad, I agree

    try this one…

    Gomez and Prucha to the Stars for….Avery and a pick (don’t laugh)

    we use the extra $$ to sign Sundin


    Of course we still have that stick checking-back right in defense

    But we still have Hank…..
    and Tom Renney

  43. Dubi or not Dubi on

    I bet if Ron Lowe, Brian Trottier, and John Muckler had Lundqvist in net, they would have each made the playoffs.

    I still have nightmares of this one time when the Rangers won a faceoff in their own zone and Mike Dunham wasn’t paying attention and the cleanly won faceoff went directly into the net.

    Look at teams who have had great goalies, how often to they miss the playoffs? Has Brodeur ever missed the playoffs? How about Patrick Roy? Dominic Hasek? The answer, between those three gentlemen, is 9 times… Out of 50 seasons played, they have only missed the playoffs 9 times! Just something to think about when commending Renney for his great system and simply making the playoffs.

  44. i would not want avery for next 3 2/3 yrs. he doesn’t seem to be helping Dallas and marches to his own drummer.

    i wonder if and when and where the 2 S’s will sign.

  45. Good Job Dubi or not!

    And…why do you think Hank is going to play 70 games???

    I said it before; no goalie not named Marty Brodeaur has played 70+ games and won a cup in at least 20 years…( I dont think they’ve even made it to the finals–feel free to double check me)

    But the Professor runs it all thru the stat machine and says “wait! gotta save my job!”

  46. “i would not want avery for next 3 2/3 yrs.”

    Yeah LI Joe
    That probably is a little long for that act ( for the team) but that’d be a lot of fun to watch every night

    These guys are snoozers

  47. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Totally. If it wasn’t for Zherdev’s individual awesomeness and Hank’s nightly thievery, each game would be completely forgettable. I’ll be telling my kids about the Avery rule some day. Will I ever tell anyone about that one time when Chris Drury chewed on his mouthpiece and skated away from a scrum? Probably not.

  48. LOL!

    Just to show you I can compliment a coach

    Carbaneau of the Habs has Komisarek behind the bench as a coach tonite..I think one of his 12 assistants is out for personal reasons…good move,the guys out for another month or so and he gets him on the bench

  49. KASPAR i think he posted a few times. here was one of them

    November 24th, 2008 at 10:35 pm
    @ Kaspar

    Dude…wanna see the U-18 USA Hockey team vs. UVM on 12/5? I have season tix for the UVM Catamounts mens hockey. Goos seats too.

    e-mail me @

  50. What concerns me the most?

    I get no sense from the powers that be, ie. Dolan, Sather, Renney, that the goal is the Stanley Cup, a championship or bust.

    So many posts come in to this website that want to do nothing else but credit Renney for making the playoffs after a dry spell — okay, knock yourself out, give the man all the credit in the world. If making the playoffs is the point, he has done his job.

    But is that what we are rooting for? To make the playoffs four years in a row??

    If you are not striving for the big prize, the Stanley Cup, then you have opened yourself up to all the criticism in the universe! Do not rest till that goal has been achieved.

  51. FORD

    Maybe some of these fans are still amazed that Nyr made the playoffs 3 years in a row, after the 8 or 9 years of horror. When i got into hockey it was the season before the lock out, so speaking for myself, i only experienced a season of that horror, and quickly got used to seeing them make the playoffs, with the next 3 seasons. I am looking for a bit more, but some people might be satisfied with just the playoffs minus the Cup.

    Im sick of the 2nd round exit. Its been 3 heart breaks the last 3 years, a fuggin sweep against the rival team, blowing a 1 goal lead with 7 secs left, when we were 7 secs away from taking out 3rd straight win from the Sabs to lead the series 3-2, but losing in OT, and eventually at home in the 6th game, and then last year, blowing a fuggin 3 goal lead in game 1, when we should have won that, and then losing in game 5 in OT. Ugh, i cant take another year like that, in that way. Its to depressing.

    I need a Cup damn it !!!

  52. ford – yes it’s about the cup. but we don’t have the players Wash, Pitt, Mtl, Det or San Jose have.

    When Michael Jordan semi retired Jackson did not win any titles with the Bulls. it’s all about the players. and the reality is we have 1 world class player on our team.

  53. ORR

    I just want to hear Tom Renney tell Joe or Sam or Kenny or Dave M. or John Giannone —– anybody! —– that he is on the job to win the Stanley Cup!

    Not to “change the culture.” Give him credit, he has helped to do that. Not to “identify with what winning teams do.” Fine, let’s agree he has done that (whatever that means.)

    But I have been struck by how wimpy/evasive/non-committal Tom has been about what this team’s goal is. And if it isn’t to win it all, then bring on a new and different coach for whom that is all there is!!

  54. LI Joe: Maybe you are right. But look at Boston, who beat Detroit tonight and have a very fine record. They have very little in the way of name players — Chara, Savard, Kessel (?), Bergeron (?), Sturm (?).

    But my God they look well coached. They plainly work much harder than the Rangers; they are physical (what a concept!); and they are fundamentally strong.

    When the Rangers start to 1) be uniformly hard-working; 2) hit in all three zones with consistency! and 3) show they know how to apply the most basic fundamentals to their game,
    only then I will start to assess the shortcomings on their roster as pertains to a championship run.

    Because right now there is a team up north that is giving the lie to the argument you are selling.

  55. ford – boston is better coached. they still will not win the cup this yr.

    I would also love to trade Redden for Chara. I don’t think the Bruins would. the fact that Bost is better than the Rangers is on Sather and Renney. same case for Philly and Mtl being better.

    the fact that Wash, Pitt, SJ and Det are better (much better) are due to draft and or tremendous organization from top down.

  56. LI joe is an embarrasment to the fan base “conceding” to teams like WSH and PIT saying we don’t have the talent. Pathetic… Honestly… Worse than ANY critic. *DIABF* ASAP. Our team is deep and we have loads of talent… You just happen to not know SH!T about this game. Fact. You’re happy to take one one the chin year after year. If we don’t have the talent to BURY a sopping hole team like TBL or FLA right now than we never will. Please DIAF. You are not smart.

  57. IMMEDIATE contraction of my statement on LI Joe… Didn’t see last post…. Decent points and an admission that renney is a PROBLEM… However… I still think we have the GIRTH to fuck the playoffs hearty and deep if tyhe team can get hard enough to F*CK for once.


    The holiday season? No. Hockey season. Maybe some of us Rangers fans are happy because the NYR are playing the type of SEASONS that take them to the playoffs. Sure, a cup would be incredible! but I want to see good hockey over most of the 82 games that get there. And we have that. For the first time in a decade, we again have the chance every year.

    I’ve been a Rangers fan since my first game as a kid on Easter Sunday vs. the Quebec Nordiques if that gives you an idea of how long. I’m not blind to the break-downs and I poke fun at certain players but holy crap they’re playing some exciting hockey. I feel sorry for any who don’t see that and can’t enjoy it.

  59. salty – i bite my tongue almost every post of yours. I think you’re a classless human being and a verbal bully. and don’t think the link in your name goes unnoticed. in a place where kids and women come on I think you go way over the top.

    pathetic that we don’t have AO or Pitts superstars. i guess that is on me and not the Rangers draft experts or the fact the Rangers never hit bottom like those teams did.

    people think Bob is the worst poster here. actually he isn’t. the poster who posted at 12:26 is (by a long shot).

  60. we can all agree that this team for the last three years has been as good as our goalie. Lundqvist has carried this team. Can you imagine this same exact team plus jagr and minus redden plus some scrub defenseman or one of our future prospects? Sather you suck.

  61. LOL

    LI joe… Priceless post….sorry… that you get served up on a daily basis around here…
    I’m not sure what link in my name you’re taliking about… I post from a variety of locations and I’m not sure what my links are anymore TBO… from my blckberry offend you for some reason? Lol… A tool among men. PS if its so offensive way to draw even more attention to it thatn there ever was before…now I’m gonna get creative with my links just to see if you’re paying attention. PPS you don’t hold your tongue, youre probably learning you’re out of your league around here and that its not just clueless fanatics anymore but critical spectators not going to hold back when they see a problem with their favorite team…. Your next drink is on me joe… Hard lemonade is on sale tonight.

  62. Also I’m sorry excuse me while I smear gooey protein upon the term “exciting hockey” while used in the context of NYR… Cmon… Get a clue hun…

  63. LI Joe, Salty

    I’m pretty sure you two were the exact reason I made at post at 6:34. I dont expect you two to go and buy each other ice cream, but come on, seriously…can’t this be about hockey is some sort of way?

  64. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Agreed with Salty on the “Exciting Hockey”. The Rangers play anything BUT exciting hockey. My favorite is when they play a wide open (AKA Exciting) first period (Which has happened like, four times this year), the first thing Perry Pearn tells John Giannone is that they need to tighten up. They PREACH boring hockey, the problem is that the boring hockey leads to moments of wanting to pull my hair out from the defensive lapses.

    Also Joe, the Rangers DID have a guy by the name of Jaromir Jagr, heck, throw Shanahan in there, both first ballot hall of famers. Jagr was run out of town because the media took the coaches side and thought he was ruining this team. So the Rangers have nobody to blame but themselves when it comes to not having superstars. When they would have a chance to sign superstars in the future, that will be hindered by Sather’s master plan of signing three better than average players and one good player to HUGE contracts.

  65. Last I looked, Fritsche and Prucha play right wing exclusively while Dawes plays left wing. Fritsche’s presence in the lineup does not therefore directly affect whether Dawes goes in. If Nigel plays LW, another LW will have to sit or shift to center. Dawes returns on a regular basis only when we unfortunately suffer an injury at forward. He is merely the best insurance at this point in the organization against such a development, nothing more.

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