Petr Prucha’s last stand? (Updated)


We don’t know yet for sure whether Petr Prucha will play tonight against the hapless Panthers, although that sounds like a possibility.

What we do know is that if Prucha plays, expectations should be kept fairly low after eight games out of the lineup.

And that’s the problem. While it’s very possible that Prucha simply isn’t the player he was when he scored 52 goals in his first two seasons in the league, at least some of his regression has to do with how he’s been handled. If he plays tonight or maybe even Sunday and doesn’t do much, chances are he’ll be back in the press box before long. And then his confidence will sag to the point that when he’s thrown back into the fray again, he’s still not going to have much to offer.

Stop me if you’re noticing a trend.

Could a conditioning assignment in Hartford help? Sure. Any player can benefit from playing, especially one who hasn’t seen a puck go off his stick and into the net in what feels like an eternity. But if that was the magic formula, why hadn’t the Rangers considered this earlier? Maybe because they don’t think it’s going to get them much beyond where they are right now.

No, the easiest solution for the Rangers is to simply commit one way or the other: Play Prucha on a regular basis and help him work his way back into serviceable form. Or take whatever it is another team is offering and allow the player the benefit of a fresh start.

The business of hockey is such that you don’t owe your players any special treatment, especially ones that make $1.6 million for basically skating extra sprints after practice. But the team also isn’t doing itself any favors  by allowing the current cycle to continue.

Update, 7 p.m.: No Prucha “tonight after all.”: The lineup stays the same.

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  1. repost:

    Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone!!! I would have posted yesterday but I was cooking for the possible in-laws and some friends.

    I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday…

    I’m thankful that I went to the game in Tampa… sat 7 rows back in the corner and got to see Nazzy get nasty and Zherdev make Smith look more ordinary than his last name.

    Need to get another W tonight!!!


  2. If the Rangers want to give Prucha a legitimate chance to get out of his slump. I’d love to see the lines as


    No excuse for Renney to play the Betts line more than the 3rd line. I dont think this would ever happen, but it would finally give Prucha a chance. They’ve only played him an average of 10 minutes playing with Drury and Dawes who both were struggling at the time.

    Plus i think it brings a nice balance. Voros, Dru and Callahan would be a hell of an energy line.

  3. Prucha is a sad story and a wart on the ass of the Ranger’s prospect development program. So much potential, wasting away in the press box. I don’t want to hear the “he’s too small” argument, especially after yet another game where Marty “I’m the size of a 6th grader” St. Louis scores another goal on us. True, Prucha flourished on the team when he got PP time with elite NHL players, and expecting the same production out of him when he’s paired with Dawes/Korpedo/Fritche/Sjo is completely unreasonable. The Hartford conditioning assignment worked for Cally and Dawes, as well as for Korpedo who continues to play well and grow. The difference with Prucha is that he offers an upside that none of the aforementioned players can attest to; the ability to score a lot. Prucha is not an ineffective player, not even last year, when he was the top scorer in the NHL among players who have less than 10 minutes of TOI. He would be a natural on the 3rd line where it could offer a hybrid offensive/checking threat. Maybe going down to Hartford and letting Prucha play would be just what the doctor ordered. I’m not sure of the legalities involved and the cap repercussions, but right now his stock is at an all time low and doesn’t look to be rising anytime soon. If we trade him we’ll be lucky if we get a 3rd round pick. If he gets claimed by another team off of waivers, we’re on the hook for half his salary, but we clear 800K off the cap which could come in handy at the trade deadline and all we lose is a player that was keeping a seat warm in the press box. But if he finds his game, doesn’t get claimed off of waivers, and comes back, his potential offense could be a huge boost and change the team dynamic. What the hell do we have to lose?

  4. Plus I just bought his jersey, and the first game I played while wearing it I scored 2 goals, one of which being a top shelf slap shot from the top of the right circle that I had no idea I had in me. Would be nice to have a jersey of a current player, ha

  5. Drury-Gomez-Callahan

    Make it happen Renney

  6. I blame both Renney & Prucha, but more on the coach. He has a PP that has stunk for 2 years, and he keeps Prucha off it. He has scored 40% of his goals on the PP. Just waive the guy, and watch what happens. The NYR sometimes eat their young . Jagr & Prucha were a PP combo, ask Renney what he did after his first season. I don’t think the 2 of them were on the PP together last season even 1 shift. Thanks coach!

  7. I’m not sure why everyone thinks we need to make some special move just for Prucha. He has had chance after chance to get in the line-up and doesn’t do anything with it. However, he is a serviceable back-up who plays hard when he’s called on. Every team needs to have serviceable back-ups in case of injury. If the Rangers want to keep Prucha on the bench until they need him, I’m not sure I see the problem.
    Also… Bob, do you just make those comments to get people upset?

  8. REPOST:
    I am sorry. I have 18 ticket stubs from NYR games in my life and there all in my desk in my room. All 18 of those tickets have black marker on them with the score and at the end of the score is either a W, L, OTL, or SOL. Unfortunately, there are no W’s on any of my 18 tickets. I’m not sure if its the Leetch jersey I wear to every game or if its just me, but they just cant win while I’m at the game. I’m hoping that Florida’s terribleness can outbalance my bad luck at games and hopefully they will win tonight with me there. So, if we do see a terrible effort tonight…please forgive me.

    Dont blame Renney or Rozsival tonight, its just me

  9. Anyone that says Betts should be sent to Hartford should probably stop watching hockey.

    With that off of my chest, I think it’s a bit unfair the way we’ve treated Prucha over the years, but the blame can’t be put squarely on the coaching staff. Lacking confidence or not, he has been given games where the only way he’s impressed is by skating hard. He deserves a second chance, and if that’s not going to be the Rangers we should at least trade him. What is it about us and holding onto young players until they have no value. We sure could have gotten a lot more for Montoya at one point, and the same goes for Prucha. Either play him or get rid of him. Makes no sense to have 1.6 million sitting in the press box.

  10. Also heres a question for everyone including Sam,
    If Prucha does go on a hot streak lets say 6 goals in 15 games. Is everyone really going to be willing to trade him? Everyone is just going to say..”See he still has the talent, we can’t trade him. Hes so hot right now”. And don’t you think Prucha knows that he might be on the way out and scoring and making himself big will just get him out of here. Do you know if he wants to leave?

    And another note,
    The Flyers 3rd jerseys suck! The lettering on the back looks so dumb, it looks like they used masking tape and duct tape to make it.

  11. I love prucha but the guy has had more than enough chances over the last couple years. He is just too small for this league now – he can’t stay on the puck

    “betts should be sent to hartford. he is a joke. give it to the hyena to keep him in the lineup.”

    Bob – how do you make a comment like that. Have you watched Rangers hockey the last few years? Oh, because he doesn’t score many goals he should be sent to Hartford. Betts is one of the most underrated players – there’s hardly anyone who plays the penalty kill like him. He is one of reasons why the PK is ranked 2nd in the league. Pay attention!!

  12. God I’m sick of this argument…

    IF Prucha’s upside is that he scores… then he hasn’t shown that upside in two damn seasons. I’m sorry, I like him, I wish he was a 20 goal scorer but he isn’t. Over and out.

    As far as his size the problem isn’t that he’s small, it’s that he plays small. Guys like St. Louis (and Callahan to an extent) go out there night after night and play bigger than their size but Prucha plays exactly to his. Getting hiss ass kicked, knocked off pucks and basically being ineffective against average size players.

  13. Give me a break. I’m sick of hearing about (9) lives puke-up. Why don’t we bring back Jagr and sign Sundin to give Prucha a chance to score. He’s too small & going to get killed someday by the way he’s cushions checks. He’s not super fast, a very choppy skater and can’t get off his shot fast enough. His one strong suit would have to be on the shootout. Maybe we could save him just for that. I think the reason he hasn’t been traded yet besides his 1.6m salary is the the fact that no other team wants him. By bet is that he won’t finish the season with the Rangers

  14. Staal, did you just call yourself bob? Your comments definitely have more knowledge then Bobs do

  15. Very simple “What the Heck”. Stop going to Ranger Games. I’m sure we could take up a collection for you. Regarding Betts, Bob, you really know crap about hockey. I think you have your head where the sun doesn’t shine. Betts happens to be one of our best defensive players and is the reason our pk is so effective. He should have been one of the stars in the Phoenix game at the Garden.

  16. Boy are the Bruins impressive. They have as good as a young talent as any team(Kessel, Beregevon, Wideman, Hunwick, Kobasew, Lucic, Krecji, Stuart) they are gonna be good for a long time.

  17. So HECK…

    I guess you’re due for a win then huh?

    (P.S. I’ll still blame you if you go and they lose!)

  18. Graves9,
    Yeah. 7-2. I’m watching the game and they just are so good. They always know where there teammates are and the passes are always tape to tape, but firm passes. They will win the cup in the next 5 years undoubtedly.

    Thats really not an option. I will continue to go to Rangers games till I die.

  19. lobster
    November 28th, 2008 at 1:54 pm
    I love prucha but the guy has had more than enough chances over the last couple years. He is just too small for this league now – he can’t stay on the puck

    Uhh how do you figure that? He got all his pp time taken away and when he does play he barely gets off the bench. He started off slowly in 06-07 and still scored 22 goals. This year he had a couple of quiet games and is scatched almost nightly. I recall him having a pretty good game vs Buffalo and for some reason he didn’t play the next 4-5 games.

  20. Dan Fritsche who has almost no upside played 5-6 games in a row why can’t Prucha played 5-6 in a row?

  21. Riche,
    Its really hard for me to go and thats why after the first 10 games that they lost I’ve only gone to games against terrible teams. And so far 0-8 against terrible teams. If they lose to Florida that will be 5 games in a row against Florida in the last 3 years that they have lost with me there. They are bound to win eventually right?

  22. Betts was the best Ranger on the ice in last weeks loss to the Canucks.. and had another v strong game in Phoenix.. and like said above is crucial to our PK… it really frustrates me how stupid some of you people are.. if you take the time to read and write on a blog I would think you would have something usefuland relevant to say.. we will probably win 3-1 tonight and the blog will be filled with negative posts on Renney, Prucha, and Betts.. Give me a break.

  23. “Dan Fritsche who has almost no upside played 5-6 games in a row why can’t Prucha played 5-6 in a row?”

    Its a little something called Tom Renney.

    Nice to see the Islandorks get raped. Look at what happened, it was pure rape, they were getting bullied, but they fought back, and they hit back, something Nyr doesn’t / cant do. They have Orr, and Voros who aren’t gonna fight as much, because Renney wants them to be more offensive, so guys like Cally, and Dubi have to fight and rot in the box for 5 mins, when we need them.

    I did say i didn’t wanna give up on Dawes so soon at 24, but i really don’t care, with guys like Cally, Dubi, Nicky Z, Staal, etc, i think we can shed one of the young ones.

    This team needs a hitter badly. Actually they need a new coach too, but i don’t wanna get greedy here.

    Trade for Tootoo !!!

  24. JS

    Yeah, Betts doesn’t do much wrong, he’s a reliable PK’er, he’s a good team guy, and gives up his body, you know the typical 4TH LINE PLAYER !!! He shouldn’t get more time than the 3rd line, along with Orr. Freddy Shoes i can understand, but not the other two. But that’s how i feel aboot it. I don’t care if he’s on the team or not, as long as he’s playing on the 4th line, and his line’s not getting more ice time just cause Korp, Danny F, Dawes, Pruchs, or who ever had one giveaway.

    That’s why i hate Renney, if Betts coughs the puck up, it doesn’t matter, but if one of the others does it, then they get benched, that pisses me off, and its unfair.

  25. The team need jam more on the back line more than up front. They need scoring up front. They have 63 goals(68 with the shoout wins) in 25 games. The lack of offense sooner than later is gonna come back to bite them. In all three of his years Hank has had a month to 6 week slump somewhere along the line I dread what happens when he slumps this year.

  26. Fritsche’s upside is his size. Especially on a team that is criticized for being small with no grit.

    Meh, start Prucha for 5-6 games straight… we’d have our answer by the time that stretch is done. (I have a feeling we already have it but anyway).

  27. graves9
    November 28th, 2008 at 2:39 pm
    Dan Fritsche who has almost no upside played 5-6 games in a row why can’t Prucha played 5-6 in a row?

    Because Prucha’s been playing this way for almost two full years without “breaking through”. Fritsche hasn’t!!

  28. Orr,
    I think this might be the first time I disagree with you. Usually I find your comments very intellectual and can see where you are coming from. But now, I just sense that you are holding a grudge against Renney. No matter what he does you, and most people will jsut despise him. Like it or not, this team has a lot of third liners (Cally, Drury, Voros, Fritsche, Korpikoski, Dawes, and Prucha) and a “moody” very skilled winger that nobody wanted last year, an old Markus Naslund who’s O has dropped tremendously, Scott Gomez-a brillant playmaker, but TERRIBLE finisher, and Dubinsky-who seemed to flourish with Jags like most other 1 year finishers (see Petr Prucha/Nylander) and Renney’s team is tied for first place when we were predicted to be terrible by almost everyone for the past 3 years!
    How is this possible you might ask? He works with what he has. Henrik Lundqvist! He plays the fourth line to shut down the other teams lines and uses the first two lines for production. The third line is really not that skilled and usually gets stuck in the defensive zone for a while. The last game it was not just one bad turnover…every time they were out there they spent all of their time in the defensive zone and couldn’t break out. Personally I am going to praise Renney for his effective use of teh fouth line, although I wish that Colton Orr would sit. He has done very little to help out this team this year. We need him for certain teams, but tonight is definitely not one of those nights. Usually I agree with you, but I’ve had enough of your everything is Renney’s fault argument. He is possibly the best Rangers coach since Keene, maybe even before him.

  29. graves9,
    I’m a huge Prucha fan and think he deserves a chance as well, butttt….
    He did have a chance with 5 games before Fritsche took over his spot. Fritsche has had 3 assists and Prucha has 0. In Prucha’s defense, he has not recieved much time while out there and he is -1 while Fritsche is -3. Also Pru has been best out on the PP and has received no PP time. Also he has played 8 games while Fritsche has had 13 and Prucha ALWAYS hussles and creates chances. As we saw in Drury, all it takes sometimes is 1 to set them off. So it is a toss-up. Ups and downs to both

  30. I meant 5 straight game wth. Lobster does Fritsche even have 30 goal in his career? Fritsche is big but he doesn’t really hit or plasy with much grit.

  31. Orr, you may have a point to trade for Tootoo. He’s not much of a scorer, only 3 goals and 4 points so far this season. He has a ton of penalty minutes which scares me though. He has decent size for his height and would probably add some grit to the lineup. But he’s -6 already this year. Dunno, man. Maybe send Prucha and someone else to Nashville for Tootoo? We’d shed cap space since Tootoo is just under $1 mil/per and they can easily absorb Prucha’s contract since they have over $10 mil of available cap space. If I were Sather it would be worth considering

  32. What the HECK. Really agree with your take on Renney. He’s the best coach we’ve had in quite some time. He’s under-appreciated, but has always managed to get the most from his players even during leaner times. My problem is with Wade Redden. He gave the puck away at least (6) times the other nite and is not earning what he’s getting paid. Are we stuck with him (4)or(6) years ? He needs to play with some passion.

  33. In my opinion, Prucha is such a better player than Dawes. Give the kid his chance, he deserves it. Dawes hasn’t been playing good at all the entire season.. and yet he plays while Prucha rides the bench. Kind of aggravating.

  34. Happy Belated T-giving gang


    Showalter lead Yanks to respectability…Torre to Greatness
    Fassle Led G-men to Playoffs….Coughli to championship
    Perkins in early 80’s-Parcells
    Virdon ’74 Yanks won 89…the Martin went to the series
    Roger Neilson Presidenst trophy…Keenan the cup
    Francona of Bosox followed 5 seasons of the sox being playoff contenders but failures…

    On and on it goes; see a pattern

  35. HECK

    A lot of people hold big grudges against Renney, but i don’t. Im not a moron, ill definitely admit when he’s doing something right, but i just don’t think he’s a great coach at all. I hate to say it, but who knows if we had another coach, things might still be the same. Maybe he is a good coach, but i just don’t believe that, he makes poor decisions, and i cant give him enough credit that most give him, but i will be fair with him.

    JOE DE

    Yeah, the penalty minutes, could be a problem, but hopefully most of those are fighting majors. He’s the kind of guy this team needs. He’s kind of like Avery, except Aves is an all around better player, but this kid can fight, and hit, and that’s what they need. And yeah he is a – 6, but look at Nicky Z’s plus/minus over his first couple of seasons.

    I think its a good move, and id be surprised if they’d want more than Prucha for him. It could take more since Renney isn’t playing the kid, but i hope it could happen. This team is to soft, but that’s how i feel aboot it, im loving the fact that they’re leading their division, but still, you need guys like Toots. With him, its an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, that’s how Nyr should play. He doesn’t hold back when he hits, and sometimes he’ll go for head shots, but these days i really couldn’t give a shit, everyone goes for head shots. Like i said, id even settle for Chris Neil, but id much rather have Toots.

  36. KOA

    Renney has the ultimate hard on for Pruchs, and not in a good way, if you can even call it a “good way” if there’s no girl involved.

    But not to get off the point, i think Dawes is smarter than Pruchs, and that’s why he’s been in the lineup, is it fair ?? Obviously not, but Slats put himself in this position when he re signed Freddy Shoes, Dawes, Danny F, etc. We have a shit load of forwards, it might be time to start packaging them up and sending them out.

    Pruchs, Dawes, Danny F, i don’t care anymore, if they all get traded. This team has pretty much no experience in the playoffs, and that worries me big time. I wont get into the subject of who i want to bring in, you know, the bald ugly guy. But what ever.

    Until trades start happening which i hope they do, i just wanna see the team win.

    Who knows, maybe the Cats wanna see Pruchs. Hopefully he has a big game. I really cant wait till the deadline, i have a feeling if things don’t change and we’re in the same position as we are now, 1st or 2nd place, who knows what Slats will do. But obviously it didn’t work out for the Sens last year, so you don’t wanna do anything they did.

  37. Orr,
    As long as you honestly think that you are being fare and not judgmental then you can assess Renney however you like. But once again you are trying to put down Renney with his use of Petr Prucha. This is really obsurd of you to say. Most people here are arguing Pru has not been used enough and to his defense, when he has played he has always been the hardest worker out there (a bit nonproductive though) and has never gotten the PP time that he deserved. If Renney did have a hard on for him, he would have gotten some PP time by now. Not just 3 seconds. I actually think that Renney has been sharing the time for the offense wisely (except for that whole 3rd and 4th line conversation.

  38. Point well taken, Orr. Tootoo may also be a – for the simple fact that his team isn’t that good. Even still, if we could get Prucha going again and putting the puck in the net, it would be a huge boost. I can totally see him on the 3rd line with a hitter/agitator like Voros, and a checking center like Korpo. Korpo could keep the speed up with Prucha, Voros could get in front of the net and raise havoc. Prucha, even with his light weight, still throws the body around and goes balls to the wall. Would make for a helluva energy line, with an offensive upside. I like the grit Tootoo would bring, but we need to score more goals. Unless Tootoo could tone down his game and think more offensively, he may not have a place here.

  39. Bob,

    Have you ever coached a hockey game (not too mention an NHL hockey game)in your life? Have you ever played hockey? Can even ice skate? If the answer to any of these questions is NO, you have a brass set of balls calling Tom Renney a hyena.

    I like to read Sam’s Reports and many of the people who post here have intelligent and insightful things to say. Too bad you aren’t one of them. Calling Renney a hyena is uncalled for and not worthy of an adult. Are you an adult? One would never guess by your postings.

  40. On Renney:

    I’ll give him this, he has his team with 34 points and on track for a 92-100 pt. season. Really, what else can you expect from a coach with the talent the Rangers have.

    They don’t have Ovechkin, Crosby, Iginla, Malkin, et. type talent, so they win on team play. But they do have one in net, The King. So I guess it makes sense to play to your strength.

    It’s not my favorite style of hockey at all. But after watching the boys stick up for themselves agaisnt Ottawa and then Tampa, I feel a bit better about the team.

    After it’s all said and done, we need a body up front and a banger in the back.

  41. Isn’t it time to use VOROS with GOMEZ ? You see the problem with Voros is he agrees hes a lil slow and can’t keep up with Dubi and Z . Him with his strong in front of the net , should not be waisted on the 3rd line. He has goals to prove it ! Gomez just skates up the ice and leaves everyone behind him as he usually gets to the boards and circles behind the net . Insert Voros , as slow as he is to plant himself in front of the net with another speedy winger setting up for the shot or better yet , to a defenseman …who blasts the puck to the net!! While Voros screens or tips / deflects the puck in to the net. Sweet!

  42. I’m not really a Renney basher…I’m not! He has done a good job taking NYR out of the abiss ( some thanks to Jags, Slats and a big thanks to Hank) but he deserves credit too…there have been coaches that are good at taking a disorganized rag-tag bunch; introducing structure and making the team good..thats our professor but its the next level we are expecting now…we cant all just keep sitting here saying “oh remember how bad we were on ’02??” sooner or later you move on…this is it for Renney, another creep into playoff season followed by his “system” being out passioned and out scored in the playoffs and it HAS TO BE…adios

  43. Zherdev is compared to a younger Kovalev and I think Z is gonna be alot better . He is crazy creative and is doing now what I thought he may do …Replace Jaromir Jagr as our Superstar RW . Don’t get me wrong Z does some bone-head stuff , but who cares , the kids trying and he is playing big and is starting to dominate . This kid need time and should not be paid too much but we can not afford not to sign him . He is our leading scorer and is getting better with confidence each game. You just can’t replace a guy like Jagr on the the top line RW but Z is making a name for himself pritty quik . Zherdev ‘s fight was great , can’t wait to see him play Ovechkin . Come on Z , pump those weights and knockout OV!!!!

  44. wow ,cool new names ( NOT!)… SENS and BOLTS written across the Jerseys like our beloved Rangers. LOOK OUT for the new ones coming in that will be written across-down the jersey… PENS , CATS , the Lanche , Nucks , Bluenotes , fishsticks ,HABS , CAPS , Leafs , Wings ,Cane , BUFF , Philly and I hope it never ever happens …The RAGS .

  45. Renney is a jackass I’m sdorry. Yipee let’s stay with two 4th lines instead of seeing if Prucha can help with the offense.

  46. A little accidental Zeppelin references in there? Pruchas last stand – Achilles last stand, The lineup remains the same – The song remains the same….

    Not much room for Prucha any more. Whos he gonna play for? Fritsche? Dawes? Both have been decent and that game where they won it for us is going a long way. If you keep rotating guys in, it will be classic Renney changing the lines every day. At least now we have some continuity. Unfortunately he doesnt have much value on the market.

    Zherdev Zherdev Zherdev

  47. I think the coaching staff knows what they have in Prucha, hence he’s not playing. To me, sending him to Hartford only has downside – what if he gets there and can’t score in the AHL either – then what will he be worth? I think the Rangers are keeping him as a scratch waiting for injuries or for other players to play their way out of the lineup – at which point Prucha will get his twentieth chance to play his way into a uniform.

  48. Waive Prucha and he’ll prove Renney wrong with whatever team claims him, and Renney knows it. That’s why Prucha is still here.

  49. JJP
    November 28th, 2008 at 7:20 pm
    I think the coaching staff knows what they have in Prucha, hence he’s not playing. To me, sending him to Hartford only has downside – what if he gets there and can’t score in the AHL either – then what will he be worth? I think the Rangers are keeping him as a scratch waiting for injuries or for other players to play their way out of the lineup – at which point Prucha will get his twentieth chance to play his way into a uniform.
    He is one of the few players in Nhl history to score 52 goals and be blackballed out of the lineup. It is kind of funny though. Prucha has handled it far better than most would.

  50. LI Joe
    November 28th, 2008 at 7:32 pm
    i think prucha will be in europe next yr. that is much more suited to his style

    He scored all his goals in high trafffic areas. He is far from soft. Rissmiller and Fritsche will be lucky to be playing in the Ahl next year. As far as Betts if Renney loses his job one of these days boy Betts’ career could be in danger.

  51. Dubi or not Dubi on

    JCL206 has the correct lines in the correct order. He/she is the fourth comment way up there. Drury is possibly the best third line center in the league, but he’s not an effective winger, and he can’t be expected to carry a team with scoring. Callahan is also a GREAT third line wing, and HE can’t be expected to carry a team’s scoring. Gomez hasn’t had a legit skilled fast skater on his line all year. Gomez made Brian Gionta a 40 goal scorer, so why can’t he do it with Prucha or Korpi?

  52. i like prucha’s attitude. nice guy though no longer a kid. still think europe is in his near future starting next yrs (09-10 season)

  53. Ive been telling you people all summer that Fritsche is better than and has more upside than Prucha, Dawes and Korpikoski. He’s faster, he’s younger, he has better awareness in both zones, he has a better shot.

    Ranger fans can be such hillbillies, always suspicious and distrusting of players who come here from another organization.

    Graves9, enjoy your crow, big mouth.

  54. Smitty you troll you realize it was a weak as hell goal right? Btw I love the comment of Fritsche being awesome in all three zones are you a relative?

  55. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Korpikoski is younger than Fritsche, and neither one has been particularly impressive, but Lauri has shown a bit more than Dan. Fritsche looks like he’ll be Ryan Callahan minus tenacity.

  56. the fla goal was continuation of another good shift vs the dubinsky line. barely got the puck out and fla continued the momentum

  57. Notorious B.O.B. on

    Fire that braindead hyena. Betts gets lazy leading to a goal and the hyena double shifts him. aIs there a bigger turkey than our hyena coach.

  58. LI Joe
    November 28th, 2008 at 8:03 pm
    the fla goal was continuation of another good shift vs the dubinsky line. barely got the puck out and fla continued the momentum

    Had more to do with all 5 guys on the ice(Betts and the Kalinin-Mara pair) getting lazy and reaching instead of using the body.

  59. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Why does Joe always make excuses for the Rangers? The Rangers didn’t relax, they are a crappy first half of the game team, and they got lucky in the first few minutes. Well, lucky and finally having a top line… That is until Renney decides that they are playing so well that he should split them up to get Drury or Gomez “Going”.

  60. from gross pretty funny

    UPDATE, 19:00 First period: During a Rangers’ power-play, some Rangers fan in the stands did the whistle to start the Denis Potvin is not such a nice guy chant. Potvin, of course, is in the building as the Panthers’ TV analyst.

  61. Joe is a shill. Sam is a shill. You cannot work for James Dolan and have your self-respect.

    Free Petr Prucha.

  62. HECK

    By hard on, i meant, its almost like he’s holding some sort of grudge against him. He did look decent in his last few games, the only thing he wasn’t doing was scoring, so its almost like Renney thought, he’s useless if he’s not gonna score goals, and he doesn’t care aboot his “hard work” which i think is BS. He doesn’t get a good chance, i hope he goes back to his scoring ways once he gets traded, and prove that he just wasn’t getting the chance he deserved. I don’t like that he doesn’t get his shit together every time he’s in the lineup, but waddya gonna do, i don’t consider him a goal scorer anymore, but as long as he’s not coughing up the puck Rozi style, then i want him in the lineup.

    That period was alright, but they fell asleep to many times. Nicky Z, and his line continue to dominate, its aboot time these 3 came together. I cant believe Dru missed that net, that should have been a goal, that was horrible.

    Nice to see Danny F score, but to say he has more upside than Korp, hahaha, that’s pretty fuggin retarded. Wow.

  63. Anderson looks like a sieve. 2 goal and 2 posts. The Rangers D doesn’t look that great. To give up 15(mostly) high quality shots against a horerendous offensive team. The Betts line has been pretty brutal. Gomez and Drury have looked better than last game.

  64. wow sick move by Z after he scored the goal on the next play . He overskated the puck and pulled it through his legs and continued on in the zone , sick move man …That was awsomeeee.

  65. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Can I name the Top line the Kiwi line? Here’s my logic: NZD is kind of like New Zealand. New Zealander’s can also be known as Kiwi’s.

    Therefore, the Kiwi line.


  66. How bad is this power play in the 2nd period? They have 10 chances to shoot and don’t take a shot, give up short-handed chances. What a mess!

  67. Dubi – not consistent enough to be called the top line. give up puck at blue line etc. but i do like the name,

  68. Take Mara off the fricken pp. He refuses to shoot ever. Voros has looked pretty good tonight. It is too bad he isn’t getting enough icetime.

  69. as bob talks to, the betts line is getting a lot more time than korpos line. hence voros is getting less time

  70. Why can’t the Rangers draft a player like Booth? Btw Mara’s game has gone in the shitter since being paired with Kalinin.

  71. As for the lousy PP I’ve been against Shanny coming back, but maybe he’s what they need to get it going. They deserve to lose this game the way they’re playing now.

  72. they need speed on the pp. too much standing around as it is. so shanny will only make that worse.

  73. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Okay LI Joe, I’m down, give them 2 more good games and then can you consider them the kiwi line AND the top line?

    They don’t need Shanahan, they need a coach who teaches his players to move the puck with a purpose, not have 19 consecutive passes from one defenseman to another to a wing and back to a defenseman. The Florida PP looks good and the only two guys I could pick out of a lineup on the whole active roster are Bouwmeester and McCabe.

  74. Cliff
    November 28th, 2008 at 9:05 pm
    As for the lousy PP I’ve been against Shanny coming back, but maybe he’s what they need to get it going. They deserve to lose this game the way they’re playing now.

    Uhh the pp sucked with Shanny on it last year too.

  75. dubi – prob the most talented line. but have to bring it both ways every or at least most nights. and watch the give aways at the offensive blue line.

  76. Dubi or not Dubi on

    I do find Bob’s posts about Renney amusing, as I dislike Renney quite a bit, but Betts!? Betts is a great fourth line center. The real issue is that Renney plays him too much! He should be the top pker along with Sjostrom and maybe get 2 or 3 even strength shifts per period. That would still get Betts about 10 min/game, but no way he should be playing 15, despite that being his number.

  77. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Joe, I can live with that logic, would you then say that they really only have two top-ish lines and two fourth lines?

  78. Wow, how pathetic, to blow a 2 goal lead against this shitty team. Fuggin embarrassing, and they take 3 stupid penalties in a row. Great job.

    They better come out fuggin strong, these are the game they cant fuggin lose. For fuggs sake, come on !! Its one thing for these losers to come back from 2-0, against the Devs and their backup “starter”, but this is Hank.

    I agree, Mara has looked ridiculous, and Rozi is decent. Go figure, Staal has the magical ability to make his defense parter look good. Rozi still needs to be traded.

    Once fuggin again, the 4th line is getting to much time. Play the 3rd line more for the love of god. Enough with the 4th line already.

  79. The PP sucks as usual. Its time to take Mara off, all of a sudden he doesn’t wanna shoot the fuggin puck, but when he does shoot, he misses the net. Put Staal there god damn it.

    Sometimes i wanna cry when i see how bad the PP looks. Breaks my fuggin heart that these friggin brain dead players cant get a fuggin clue on how to score a PP goal. Look at there last couple of PP goals, you fuggin shoot the puck.

    Everyone on this team needs a Tony Soprano palm strike to the side of the head. If they lose this game im gonna go nuts.

  80. Korpedo in the hands of a confident, not-racked-with-fear coach would be such a boost to this team.

    The bench game-management skills are simply not even close to being advanced, much less world class.

  81. dubi yes although the lines will prob change again with gomez drury and dubi each centering a line. dubi’s line might stay intact but i can easily see changes to others. I think Drury prefers center too.

  82. Betts with a miserable game, his line gets over 10 minutes of icetime so far

    3rd line gets 2 goals tonight, they literally have 5 minutes of ice time

  83. ha, will Renny sell out Betts for that lazy penalty the way he sold out Mara to the press for going after Ruutuu?? I think we know the asnwer

  84. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Did anyone else hear something that sounded like a whistle when my boy Dubi turned the puck over? I thought I heard something, but I could be imagining it.

  85. Sam Rosen thought Fritsche scored so of course i did too.

    great job on the long 5 on 3 by Drury, Henrik and the d

  86. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Ahem, how do you let up a 2 on 1 when you play a defensive system with 1:30 left in the game?

  87. That’s on Renney. Betts was the worst player on the ice time after time and Renney sent him out for a huge shift and got burnt.

  88. Girardi AGAIN shows he has no idea how to play an odd man rush when his partner overcommits.


  89. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Well of course Colton Orr should be on the ice in the last 2 minutes of a game which we are winning!

  90. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Graves, have you ever seen that South Park where Stan’s dad got a hybrid and moved to San Fran and wafted his own smug?

    The Coaching staff doesn’t teach, they coach to win in their own smug.

  91. Dubi – You are 110% correct. Orr can’t skate well enough to be on the ice in the last few minutes of a one-goal game, Renny the dope!

  92. dewey
    November 28th, 2008 at 9:54 pm
    Girardi AGAIN shows he has no idea how to play an odd man rush when his partner overcommits.


    Yup. You got it, dewey. Ridiculous.

  93. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Why do Drury and Gomez get absurdly long shifts, but every time anyone else is out there for more than 30 seconds, Sam and Joe point out that it’s a long shift?

  94. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Honestly? Betts and Sjostrom on 4 on 4? Love the Renney play for the shootout mentality. Hank can’t possibly win EVERY game for them.

  95. most of the ot was drury gomez dubi and z. prob had 4 minutes between them so i do think they went for it in this ot.

  96. Dubi or not Dubi on

    These games are frustrating, glad they’re pulling them out, but seriously, they need to tighten up! It’s great that they can look like garbage so frequently and still win. That is really all Lundqvist. Hopefully he doesn’t go in his slump this year, but dude, he’s ridic.

    I’m out, go Kiwi’s, go Hank, and…

    Free Petr Prucha!

  97. this Florida trip should be dubbed the “Wild,Wild shoot-out in the south”… hence the “Lost Weekend” in Florida last year.

  98. Watching this team is a lot like watching PORN — you get a thrill at the finish…..but you don’t feel so good a few minutes later.

  99. if this was san jose, detroit, vancouver, boston, montreal, heck even philly, all those giveaways wouldve killed us in the 3rd and especially the penalty parade we take late in games. im not gonna live long enough to see the playoffs at this rate between my ex wife and these tight games, my life span is decreasing by the second. at least we won, but man we are lucky. hopefully back home we play better and not give up another late tying goal, or im gonna kill somebody. isnt it funny how many ties the rangers would have if it werent for shootout? i know that has to factor into the way theyre playing.

  100. Joe LI — does that sound like a guy who believes in the guys in front of him can contend for anything close to a long playoff run? not to me. LOL

  101. lol li joe! thats funny as hell. hes been our best err… powerplayer!!. no doubt we need to drastically change our approach to the pp. its about as effective as wade redden trying to play defense

  102. 1 bad thing is that i think fritsche knew he had to score to stay in the lineup regardless iof what he said during intermission and now he bought himself a few more games in which pruchs will sit. 1 good thing is pruchs is a good teammate and lets face it, if i could get paid 1 n half million to watch hockey and cheer from the pressbox id be a happy ass camper too

  103. LI Joe — And I say this with respect: 6th to 8th in the East with that once-in-a-generation goaltender is simply unacceptable.

    Question: What is Colton Orr doing on the ice in a one-goal game with less than two minutes to play?

    Answer: There is no answer, other than the coach is delusional.

  104. It wasn’t pretty(it rarely is) but we’ll take it. It is amazing that this team is 17-7-2 when their play suggests that they aren’t this good. When you review these wins you think of guys that played played well you can’t think of that many guy and many nights you can think more of guys who have played badly and stuff the frustrates you. The Rangers usually go down early but tonight they took a lead and let a horrible team back into it. Anderson looked like a sieve early(and then turned it around until the shootout) The Rangers pp looked worse than ever. I pp seemed to kill the momentum and sapped some energy. Mara has channeled Rozsival by refusing to shoot on the pp. Dubinsky was also a culprit on the pp, he had to have a half dozen turnovers on the pp. The pk was fantastic and huge on the 5 on 3 which was all set up by Betts’ stupidity. The Staal-Rozsival pair was fairly solid but the other two pairs were horrific. You can understand why Redden was booed out of Ottawa. You sure can understand why the guys on Tsn were laughing like hyenas when Redden’s contract terms were announced. The Rangers took too many penalties(many of the dumb variety) I wasn’t happy with the shift managementwith Betts line(brutal throughout) getting plenty of icetime while the Korpikoski line(which hadshown jump) was stapled to the bench. Voros imo was one of the better forwards but only played 7+ minutes. Gomez imo was pretty bad. He was at times careless with the puck and his backchecking was weak(for a guy who played in that Devils system for so long he sure is careless with the puck) Drury was good on the pk but outside of the first period he was very quiet. Cally likely had his quietest game of the truggled and yet the won because of Hank. Hank made his usual amount of point blank saves(though the second goal was weak) Zherdev was pretty solid and imo he along with Fritsche(speedy, and creative all night) along with Voros were the best forwards. As the schedule gets harder it will be harder to win at times with smoke , mirrors and Hank.

  105. other than henrik we don’t have the talent of Wash (AO), Pitt, Montreal. I also think Philly and Bost are better. would love to have Chara instead of Redden. Sather has a real fatal flaw with the d men he thinks are difference makers.

  106. kern, we thought he could take rozys spot and that was ok, but both are here and now we have double the turnovers and i really dont see him gettin better. he hasnt scored in like 23-24 games, and he hasnt helped the pp in any way. hes a defensive liabilty most nights, not as bad as rozy but we got him for the pp. if he was scoring it wouldnt seem so bad but alot of these close games that end in shootout would never get there if our pp could be effective

  107. Redden is an absolute disaster.

    question to all…especially Sam:

    How on earth do we rid ourselves of Redden after this season? what are the logical options?

  108. Nice 4 point turkey sandwich but it’d be nice not to leave these little 1 point droppings along the way.

    Haha Potvin must hate covering Panthers vs. NYR games. It was hilarious to hear him just go silent when the whistle started in the crowd, then both announcers try to out-talk each other to cover the chant. As much as Redden isn’t impressing anyone, to hear Potvin joke that the Rangers are trying to slow the pace down by putting Redden on and “nobody is slower than Redden” really ticked me off. I’m not a big fan of the tradition, but hey, Potvin really does suck.

  109. I repeat….

    Question: What is Colton Orr doing on the ice in a one-goal game with less than two minutes to play?

    ….and beg any fans of this coaching staff to please supply an answer.

  110. Watching this team is a lot like watching PORN—- you get a thrill at the finish…..but you don’t feel so good a few minutes later.

    Lmao. I actually feel fine after porn. I would compare this team with a porn where there’s more acting than action, know what I’m saying?

  111. i hate sounding negative guys im real happy we won but u could just see any of these wins goin the other way so easily. im waiting for us to win a convincing game and weve had maybe 1 against the debs and phoenix. we should try trading for a good reliable tuff d man at the deadline

  112. gresch ur right but actually that line was doin good at keepin pressure albeit just killin time off in the panthers zone until redden was caught and gave booth the inevitable and seemingly often gratuitous late tying goal with the 2 on 1. but yea orr??? got me man. hey, orr did get a good assist tonight!!!

  113. i just wish there was a Messier in the lockerroom to get up in Reddenrap’s face and shame him to play harder/tougher/with even a drop of pride!

    Renny will never call Reddenshit out. So when this team in a coupla months in the playoffs loses in 5 games to a team they coulda beat, there is part of your asnwer why!

  114. mike

    Fair enough. And you’re right that Redden screwed up (and then Girardi compounded the error.)

    But you need to have good skaters on the ice in the last three minutes of a game you’re trying to nail down. And Orr, as much as I see him as a valuable member of this team, simply cannot skate well enough to recover from an overcommitment, or a msiplay by a linemate, or a hit he’s absorbed in center ice, to justify being out there when the gane is on the line.

  115. LUCKY to get the two points again tonight; Henrik and Girardi bailed them out time after time. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. I knew too many posts was gonna hurt them.

    Redden….bleh. Sather has Paul Coffey and Reijo Ruotsolainen (won 2 Cups in Edm) envy for getting these puck rushers; only those two were good.

    Fritsche played great cause he knows Prucha’s knocking.

    Better have more of an effort on Sunday but they’ll get the last matchup so Gomez can stay away from Weiss.

    How did Orr not get a helper on Voros’s goal? At least korpo got a point.

  116. First – If there is ever a feel bad win this is it! First the powerplay is AWFUL! Shoot the puck Barry shoot the puck! I think Mara, after a great start to the season has been watching Rozsival too long and forgot how to shoot the puck. They look like a bunch of statues out there. Probably the worst powerplay I have ever seen.
    Second – Where was the first line tonight? I am sorry Gomez is a big disappointment. He should talk less, and play hard more.
    Third – Redden is a disaster! He does nothing well on the ice – no hitting, no shooting, his passing is terrible as well as his puck handling skills.

    Fourth – Lundqvist MVP for this team by far!!!!!!

  117. When will Renney speak anything even close to the truth about Redden?? The way he speaks negatively about Mara and Zherdev and Dubi and…..??

  118. 1st in the conference boys!!!!!!!. cherish these moments! haha. at least were keeping pace with the good teams because we have played more games but the gap is closing in on games played and win loss %

  119. dewey, reddens been on a downslide for awhile now. before he even got here. nazzy adjusted and is producing, redden…. not so much. it sucks to say but this signing is what will really cripple us when the playoffs start. unless he starts playin like hes got a pair and rebounds from this like a veteran should, i doubt we will be able to move him. but hey, look at the bright side, hes awesome in nhl 09!!. and yea check out bowmeester. not scoring, but playing good defensively and stopped at least 2 breakaways we couldve had tonight.

  120. Has Maloney or Albert called Redden out yet? I know that Sam and Joe would sooner self-mutilate than tell the truth about the $39 million man. But is anyone in the media willing to address his pitiful play directly?

    And if not, why not?

    Sam Weinman, get on this, please. How can it be that no one dares to ask the coach the most obvious question: How do you explain the not-good-enough-for-the- ECHL level of #6?

  121. HECK,

    I hope you went tonight! They tried to lose for you… but Hank wouldn’t let ’em.

    Tonight was just a case of a team thinking they won 2 minutes in. Way too many penalties too. A bit disjointed and out of synch but finding ways to win… fine. As long as they really bring it in December when they face real teams.

  122. redden is a joke. should buy him out or put him in the ahl. u couldnt trade for anything with that contract of his and he is only going to get worse over the next five years

  123. redden is pretty bad cant argue about that. Also, Girardi tends to step up at the wrong time during a play on defense. Rozsival played great these past two games, i am sooo happy for him. He needed games like this.

  124. Riche, LI Joe
    I did go tonight. I almost forced myself to leave during the shootout. Finally the curse is over! 1-18!!! They really did try to lose it for me, but I guess Hank didn’t get the memo. We hit the post 4 times tonight 2 TIMES WITH WIDE OPEN NETS! They definitely just wanted to torture me. Nazzy and Z are my heros for finally winning one for me. I guess they didn’t know about the past 19 years of my life and the 19 games i went to prior. Someone should have told them earlier

    I’m going to have to say tonights game you were right. Renney overused the fourth line WAY TOO MUCH and it showed. The best line might have been the third, but they weren’t out enough.

    Rozi had a good game, Hank was descent, 3rd line was good, everyone else had bad games for me.

  125. Prucha needs to get 2 weekd conditioning assignment in AHL. Last time that happended, he ended up with 30 goals. Not saying that I think it will happen, but you never know and we got nothing to lose. And same thing for Dawes.

  126. pathetic, pathetic game…. this is going to be a LONG December…and theres not much reason to believe that maybe this year will be better than the last.

    (though Zherdev line looked great)

  127. I guess you know its 3 AM when Salty starts spouting off Counting Crows lyrics after a stinker (and a stinker it was).

  128. Renney is “such a good coach” he stifles the development of the Tomas Pock’s and Petr Prucha’s of the world, while spewing ‘politically correct” platitudes about the “niceness” of a sorry-ass like Rozsival, who, for some reason (probably the money we pay him) can do no wrong.

    And Renney’s continuing pattern of putting the checking line out there when the team is trailing in the late stages and needs offense is the dumbest “strategy” I have ever seen. It’s like he WANTS to lose, or something. If he were a baseball manager he would pinch hit guys who cannot hit, with the game on the line, “because of their speed” or some nonsense. His constant juggling of lines is sick – he has no idea that COHESIVENESS and COMMUNICATION among players on the ice is a critical component of the game and of WINNING.

    Renney should be a sixth grade math teacher in a public school That is the way he coaches hockey.

  129. Drury should have had 2 goals, we hit three posts and two of the Florida goals should never have went in (one off Rozi, the other off a skate).

    The Rangers simply can not put any team away.

  130. perimeter offense with no-body going to the net

    a stick-checking/ back-in defense

    A powerplay that kills any momentum gained by playing hard enough to actually draw the penalty in the first place

    Yet; they are in first place? And have a killer PK. Why?

    Lundquist, Lundquist and more Lundquist

    The list of ridiculous Renney Moves is getting too long to list in blogs; you need spreadsheets.


    Hank has been helping this myth that Renney is a defense first coach…he’s not; they play a horrible style dee; passive and always always backing in, never taking the body, never clearing the crease

    They play Offense the same way..never crashing the net (except Voros who got rewarded by being demoted and have Ice-time reduced)and passing puck around perimeter until they finally just lose it altogeter


  131. One thing you can’t blame Renney for; has any one noticed the games played for all 4 teams that went to Europe?

    Ottawa 21
    Pitt 22
    Tampa 22
    Rangers???? 26!!!!

    Did Mike Milbury make the schedule this year?

    Everyone cried for the ducks last year for opening in UK…yet there are only 2 teams that have played even 24 games so far

  132. Kaspar-The Rangers always play alot of games early in the season. By the end of February, everybody catches up.

    I had to work late so I caught the Rangers in 60, not a great way to analyze. I didn’t see Rozy follow up last game with a good effort, a real bad give away in the 3rd. I’m not one to complain when they win. Sure they can play better but I was happy to see them come out with some passion. Let’s finish off the “Florida” sweep on Sunday.
    Lets go Rangers!

  133. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Wow, I don’t think I’ve seen Kaspar get fired up like that before! I am also loving the negative Renney talk! If only someone would ask Renney the tough questions that every other coach of a major NY team has to answer…

  134. GRESCHE

    I know how you feel. When they were on the ice, i was thinking to myself, “here’s the Cats chance to score a goal”. Dumb move by Renney, he once again gave them to much time.

    Its funny how Renney treats other players. Betts takes an embarrassing lazy hooking penalty that lead to a 5 on 3, and he still see’s as much ice time as possible, but if that were anyone else that’s not loved by the coach, he wouldn’t be on the ice.

    The 3rd line came up with 2 goals, and a huge one by Voros, and nearly Dany F again. They should have gotten more time, but it seemed like they didn’t.

    If Danny F could start scoring every now and then, here and there, then Dawes is gonna have a rough season hearing Pruchs have phone sex in Czech in the press box.

    At least they won, but it sucks that twice in a row we blow the lead with a minute or more left, and in this game, 2 goals. Ugh.

    Im startign to think Hank is telling his D-men to attack the puck on a 2 on 1 in that way. Maybe that makes him feel more comfy facing one guy. I don’t agree with it. I hope its Hank, cause if its not, and Renney is actually allowing this, then that’s even more pathetic.

    Nicky Z, guys fantastic, and has been taking his benching very well. That line is really doing good, hopefully they keep it going. Now sign Mats, and throw him on the 1st with Gomer, and Dru, and we have two pretty good lines, mwahaha, i had to say it !

  135. ok guys ready for a laugh? according to eklund if rangers sign sundin look for zherdev to be traded to oilers… i think that just made my day….

  136. Orr,
    That was a very fair assessment. I think Renney did not play his lines right last night. The third line had it going on and the fourth line…well not so much. Its a shame that we had to take the Panthers into a shootout. I dont know if MSG showed the fans a lot, but there were about 1/3 Rangers fans in the crowd. The Lets Go Rangers chant and the Potvin sucks chant was buzzing around the arena during and after the game. Then I started the “Your in last place chant” after the Florida fans started chanting “Go home Rangers”. Exciting game, we should have blown them out, and I wish they did because my voice is gone from screaming at Florida fans the whole game. 1-18 baby!

  137. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Whoooopti damn due,another useless shootout win.Big deal!!.Yet another blown game to a shitty team,Renney got another one of his favorite type of wins,a shootout.

    This team is a disgrace.They could not put away the worst team in the league that was playing without some of their top players.

    Tom Renney needs to be fired NOW!!!!!!!!!!. This dope had his favorite line out there and they flopped again twice!Against T.B. they also gave away a key goal.What a wonderfull checking line they are.

    Once again no powerplay.The third line scored two goals and had almost no real ice time.The “checking” line gave away two and no accountability.Anyone who thinks Blair Betts is anything more than an AHL player has no clue about hockey.These are the same fools who defended Marcel Hossa,J Ward,and Marek Malik thinking that they would be scooped up right away if they were free.How did that one work out?

    Tom Renney is an interum type coach that you put behind a bench while you’re looking for a real coach.As I’ve said many a times before,the Hayena owes half of his paycheck to the King.what a putz!!

  138. Arto the Barber on

    I blame this win on Tom Renney. It’s his fault they won. He should be fired because they won. Blair Betts is terrible because they won. The 4th line should be benched because they won. Tom Renney holds no one accountable when they win. Tom Renney worships the devil. Tom Renney has child porn all over his computer. Tom Renney killed my father on thanksgiving. Tom Renney raped my sister last Christmas. Tom Renney is the second-coming of Hitler. Tom Renney this…Tom Renney that.

    You people must have miserable home lives to be this angry over a win.


  139. Arto the Psychoanalyst!

    Yes I have a miserable home life, and experienced a difficult childhood. Tom Renney reminds me of a bully who terrorized me in the fourth grade.

    I didn’t understand this until your post just now. Thank you! Now that you have made me see the light, I am free to see the coach for the brilliant hockey man he is.

  140. onecupin67years on

    It comes down to talent and the coaching staff. Great coaches have a way of getting the most out of the talent they have to win championships.
    The Rangers seem to have neither the right talent nor the right coaches to win a championship.
    If the Rangers currently have the talent to win they won’t win with Sather, Renney and co.
    If Prucha doesn’t have the talent to play in this league ,he should have been traded long ago ,instead of rotting away any trade value.

  141. The team is winning, No one is gettin fired! get it through your thick heads. Its ridiculous how much you guys rag on Tom Renney. Personally i think he is doing a great job. I am pretty sure if you asked Chris Drury and Scott Gomez they would agree too.

  142. Whoooopti damn due,another useless shootout win.Big deal!!.Yet another blown game to a shitty team,Renney got another one of his favorite type of wins,a shootout.

    This team is a disgrace.They could not put away the worst team in the league that was playing without some of their top players.

    Tom Renney needs to be fired NOW!!!!!!!!!!. This dope had his favorite line out there and they flopped again twice!Against T.B. they also gave away a key goal.What a wonderfull checking line they are.

    Once again no powerplay.The third line scored two goals and had almost no real ice time.The “checking” line gave away two and no accountability.Anyone who thinks Blair Betts is anything more than an AHL player has no clue about hockey.These are the same fools who defended Marcel Hossa,J Ward,and Marek Malik thinking that they would be scooped up right away if they were free.How did that one work out?

    Tom Renney is an interum type coach that you put behind a bench while you’re looking for a real coach.As I’ve said many a times before,the Hayena owes half of his paycheck to the King.what a putz!!

    are u bob????

  143. the coach cant be blamed for redden and girardi’s weak play that led to a 2-1 late in the game and eventually the goal. betts, orr and sjo were actually doin a good job killin time off in the panthers zone. sometimes coaches(they are human) make mistakes but renny would not even be discussed right now if pearn did his job gettin the pp right and the players executing. we couldve put the pansiers away much earlier but of course our pp sucks. and instead of talkin about how betts sucks, why dont u check out the other half of our special teams that is 2nd in the league. yea. hes on it!

  144. Personally i think he is doing a great job. I am pretty sure if you asked Chris Drury and Scott Gomez they would agree too.


    You honesty kill me on so many levels. I’m sure they’d “agree” as well…

    Speaking of them

    Gomez was a complete no show last night. Drury had a “great defensive game”. Not what we needed buddy. Not what we needed.

  145. Arto the Barber on

    There is no use even arguing with you guys anymore. This blog has turned into and it’s sad. I used to enjoy reading the comments section because there was intelligent talk and discussion and it’s turned into nonstop Renney bashing. You ruin it for everyone else.

    I apologize if I try to be positive about a team that is in first place in the Eastern Conference. I apologize if I don’t want to fire Tom Renney when his team is 16-7-2. I apologize if this team is 2nd in the league in penalty killing, which obviously has nothing to do with Renney. I apologize if I don’t agree with you that everyone on this team is terrible. I apologize if I’m just not anti-Rangers wins enough to meet all of your standards.

  146. Arto – don’t let others bullying tactics keep you from posting. otherwise they win. can’t give in to their tactics.

  147. Tom Renney is no more interim get that out of your heads. He is a “real” coach. So many standards with fans nowadays i wonder why Jagr has said somethings while he is in Russia. Nobody likes anything.

  148. Last I looked Fritsche and Prucha play right wing exclusively while Dawes plays left wing. Fritsche’s presence in the lineup does not therefore directly affect whether Dawes goes in. If Nigel plays left wing, another left wing will have to sit or play center. Dawes returns on a regular basis only when we unfortunately suffer an injury at forward.

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