A time to give thanks


The other day I went around the locker room and asked players what they were thankful for. All of them mentioned their health and their family. A few mentioned hockey.

Me, I’m thankful for a beautiful wife, two awe-inspiring boys, and the fact that I’m healthy enough to still play the game I love. And I’m thankful for this growing and vibrant community of readers who make this blog so rewarding, and who always keep me on my toes (and as Tom Renney likes to say, you’d rather be on your toes than your heels).

Very often at games and in e-mails people reach out me to thank me for all my hard work. It’s a nice thing to say, but it’s also completely unnecessary.

For one, this blog is part of a job that I’m lucky to have. And two, I can assure you I get more out of it than any of you.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Sam. Your work is much appreciated and one of my regular stops on the WWW. Keep it up and let’s go Rangers!

  2. agreed even though i dont post often i am a reader of all the posts in this blog and have to say ranger fans are like family. happy thanksgiving all

  3. First time, long time…. Necessary or not, thanks for all your work. Happy Thanksgiving to you and you family.

  4. KARMA dictates that giving THANKS for the good things in life
    is ABSOLUTELY necessary, & what you provide die hard Rangers fans is much appreciated & not taken for granted. Thank you!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    And, on a hockey note, if the MVP award is given to the player most responsible and crucial to their team’s success, than Hank has to be the frontrunner.

    Go Rangers!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to All

    Thanks Sam for your timely reporting and your insights. You are my nominee for the hardest working reporter on the NYR beat. I always check here first for the latest and most accurate news on the Rangers.

  7. Happy thanksgiving to all.

    I thought the Rangers defensively played well last night.

    Korpikoski did not have his usual high energy game.

    Roszival did play well. They need to do something with Prucha sooner or later……

    Dawes is 24 you CANNOT give up on him at 24……

  8. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Happy Thanksgiving kids.

    I still hate Renney.

    I’d still like to see Drury on the third line with Callahan and Voros.

    I’d still like to see Gomez center Korpi and Prucha.

    Heck, I’ve been calling for Naslund, Dubi, Z all year and look what happened when they got put together!

    Moral of the story, I’m keeping my opinions, you keep yours, despite the fact that everything that I disagree with HAS to be wrong!

  9. onecupin67years on

    Sam , I was about to send you and your family for an all expense paid trip to Hawaii but I don’t think it would top what your grateful for , so I guess I’ll go instead.

  10. Yeah, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. This is the best day of the year. Hopefully Dawes can keep his weight down after he unloads on the food, he should take some pointers from Pruchs, that guy knows how to not gain weight.


    That’s cause he didn’t get enough ice time.

    I really hope Nyr signs Mats, so they send Korpedo down, if you’re gonna play the kid, then fuggin play him, he’s not doing anything wrong so he should get more time, at least if Mats comes in, its a good replacement, and hopefully Korp gets fired up for next season, and forces Renney to keep him here, i don’t care if Betts scores a goal, he shouldn’t get more time than Korpedo. I think Danny F should slide into the 4th, and Freddy Shoes should go into his spot on that 3rd line.

    But either way, at least we got the 2 points, and once again we avoid our first 3 game losing streak. I don’t like the fact that they blew the 2 goal lead, but they won so that’s good enough for me.

    Columbus sucks, and they gave up on a kid that’s finally starting to mature. He gets into what i think is his first fight, has another multi assist game in back to back games. Wins it in the shootout, and he’s really apart of this team, unlike what we all read aboot him in Columbus. Honestly Nash is damn good, but he’s not gonna carry that team. Brassard is another one who has a bright future, along with a few other players, and that Filitov kid who could be damn good, but they gave up on Nicky Z so soon. Its good to see him doing so damn good here.

    I agree with Stuart, we cant make the same mistake as the Blue Jerkoffs, giving up on a 24 year old. I could be wrong, but i think Nicky Z had a good rookie year, then a horrible sophomore year. The only problem is, this teams to soft, and we have a lot of players. So maybe Pruchs isn’t the only one who needs to get dumped.

    After last nights game, watching that first period, seeing the team getting bitched by the Bolts, it made me sick. This team NEEDS physicality. They need some fuggin hitting, cause look what happened, Betts gets bitched, and Orr takes a dump penalty which he got lucky and managed to draw a phantom roughing call. But that could have been 4 mins, or maybe even 5 on the PK. This team has to take stupid penalties to get revenge, they cant just even out the hitting.

    I said it a few times, and i said it last season. I just cant see how Slats couldn’t manage to trade Prucha for Tootoo. Id love to get Toots here, and his very hot but dumb gf, Kelly Pickle or what ever her name is. Even Chris Neil, but then again he had that thing with Redden last year, and the thing with Dru the year before, and combine that with the fact that im sure most of us hate him, but waddya gonna do. At the end of the day, he’s a physical forward, a good PK’er, he’ll stick up for his teammates, fighting heavyweights, and you can plop him in front of the net on the PP, and it will be a bitch to move him.

    I didn’t think it would matter when people said this team is to soft but lately ive been re-thinking that, and yeah we are the best in the East right now, and that’s great, but it wont be great when teams are taking liberties against Nyr, and the only way we can get back at them is taking dump penalties, and not returning the favor by throwing hits.

    Its something to think aboot.

    BTW – Hockeybuzz, as always SUCKS !!! This asshole Eklund has his top 10 ranking BS, and Nyr isn’t on the list, but the Brat Hawks are, how ??? Nyr leads the league in the East, that’s unreal. This guy is such a loser. Nicky Z must have read that trade rumor, cause ever since that post, he has 5 assists, and a fight in his last two games.

  11. Oh yeah, i will admit that Rozi did have a great game. I don’t wanna see the guy fail miserably, i wanna see him do well. But at the same time i wanna see him play well enough that teams will wanna trade for him. I don’t care how great he does, we have to dump his contract like i need to watch Jessica Alba, and Jessica Biel do some things that cant be said together.

    Still nice to see him have a good game though. Hopefully its not a tease.

  12. Sam, Thanks for your “work” even if it a laobr of love that you get paid to do. It’s still a job wel done and most appreciated.

    ORR—-Reading the 1st half of your last post, if this was any year between 1970 & 1994 I’d say you were talking about our beloved Rangers….. Amazing how perspectives change when you can deal from position of strength

  13. Dubi or not Dubi…. how can you hate Renney??In my opinion this guy is the best Rangers coach since Mike Keenan. THe players respect him, and he gets the guys on the same page quite often.

    I’m happy to see Gomer flying all over the ice again, and Zherdev is my new favorite Ranger. The guy is flat out exciting to watch, and he’s incredibly skilled. Good for him for going after Stamkos after that hit(which probably should have been a boarding call) He’s happy to be out of Columbus, and he’s thriving here. Kinda reminds me of Alex Kovalev when he first came to the Rangers.

    Prucha has got a raw deal recently… but after his rookie year, he hasn’t done much, he’s small and gets knocked around a TON. Dawes too for that matter, he has flashes, but nothing sustained. And it’s tough when you’re not in the lineup consistantly to get a flow going and to be comfortable.

    We’re too forward heavy, we need to carry another D in case Rozy gets shaky like he has been the past few games. Staal is a stud in the making, and Dan Girardi is solid. Wade Redden isn’t physical enough…. Renney needs to yap at him.

    Side note…. Ryan Callahan could be the most underrated player on this team. What a horse this guy is… he hits anyone and EVERYONE. Redden should learn from this guy.

  14. onecupin67years on

    Rozivall needs to be more consistent .
    He sucks more than he has a good game , after last nights game he’s today’s hero as is Betts. let’s see in a few games .He is still overpaid.

  15. Couple things:

    I love Prucha but he has had more than enough chances. He just gets knocked off the puck way too much

    I like most everyone on the team except Rozsival (big, SLOW, hits nobody), and Redden is really ajoke of a signing. Can this guy put a check on somebody? Can’t handle the puck for shit either, and does not play with much intensity

  16. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    Happy Thanksgiving to our troops in harms way. If any of them are reading the board and following the Rangers overseas, god bless. You deserve this day and I am thankful for everything you do.

    Ranger post:

    Dmitri Kalinin is a -10? Really? You’re telling me we don’t have a defenseman in our system that can play better than this guy and take the body? Who cares if we lose him to waivers, he doesn’t hit and he doesn’t score, we already have two of them on the ice, Rozival and Redden, why do we need another?

    To Rick Tocchet – Shouldn’t you be in jail? How much money did you have on the game last night? Bunch of goons Tampa has turned into. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised, looking at their ownership.

    Hate Tampa Bay.

  17. vinny v- prucha scored 22 in his sophomore year. not too shabby. orr- after watchin chuck n larry, id have to go with biel!!!!. what a rumproast on that!!!!!!1. but yea biel and alba together make me n orrs dream come true. dawes is still a good player with potential and if he wasnt so small would be in the lineup every night. hes more skilled than fritsche, voros, sjoestring, but hes not big n strong enough and if he doesnt utilize his agility and sneak into the open spots to use his sweet wrist shot its hard for him to get into lineup because of his size. and i also watched the tampa feed last night and they werent biased like some of the other broadcasters. nazzy did great gettin 3 goals even though the so gamewinner dont count and that line was flyin again. im thinkin the “1st line” of gomer, dru cally isnt really clickin like it should but gomers flyin and im sure they’ll be ok after a few games together. dru couldve had that breakaway goal but hey at least we won. and orr, i saw tootoo play few games ago and hes not big but hes a big hitter and i liked what i saw from him. i guess thats why u like him cuz f the hitting and i was impressed with what i saw. plus if we had him wed have another “toots” on the team
    OK sam thanks for this great blog with very intelligent ranger fans to converse with and everyone have a happy thanksgiving especially after we get to celebrate after a win last night.

  18. I’m thankful for many things this year but for this internet community where I can actually go talk to people about the Rangers besides the 4-5 die hard friends I have and the fantasy hockey; the Rangers and their fans have come a long way since the Kissio/Ogrodnick/Mullen and Horova/Rochefort on D days.

    I just got off the phone with my uncle an Islanders fan and I told him about the whole “Rangers fans rooting for the Islanders to win so they don’t get Tavares” thing which he found pretty amusing.

    Question; if the Rangers could unload a big contract like a Redden along with Prucha and a 2nd or 3rd rounder for Penner and maybe Dennis Gerbeshkov, would you do it?

  19. orr- the only thing i disagree with u about is sundin. i know hed make our team much better… NOW.what would we have to give up to get him though? if we could drop redden or rozy or as much as i like him, even dru. but none of our youth even prucha because if we wanna trade him hes gotta play more to up his value. put him on pp and let him score a few before we trade him. i hate seein him being wasted the way he is. they should just throw him on the first line with gomer n dru for about 10-15 games and see what happens. hes gotta score at least a few and on the pp too.

  20. mike a- id do it but instead of grebeshkov id take smid or gilbert. although wed need to add somebody to make that work, prob a pick. but i thought penner was doin shitty in edmonton? too slow or fat or what?

  21. Hey to all you renney and roszi haters….how about a quiet reminder that we are in first place??

    I would bet the farm that big Dustin Penner wishes EVERYDAY that he was still in Anaheim…why you ask….because he is a role player that played his role very well. If Aaron Voros was given the chance (he played 10 shifts/8:03 minutes of ice time last night) he would fit that role nicely…he has shown us he can crash the net and be physical…and score as well.

    Really disappointed in the rotating of the lines last night..the 4th line or 3rd line or checking line or what ever you want to call it is way out of whack…

    Still believe Mr Shanahan would make this a way better hockey team…third line Voros/Shanahan/???? (shanny is 6’3” at 220lbs…yes size matters)

    Is Prucha really eating up 1.6 million in salary..ouch??

  22. Oh yes and to all my American friends, Happy Thanksgiving!!

    And to Sam, a very big thank you for your invaluable insight and hockey speak!!

  23. MIKE IA

    Its like ive been saying. Normally i wouldn’t want a guy like Mats, cause we’ll have to turn our team upside down trading everyone. But it works out in so many ways. We sign him, and we’re forced to trade a big contract, we cant trade Gomer, Redden, and Dru, and obviously Hank wont go, so that leaves Rozi cause he doesn’t have a NTC, so if a team like the Yotes or any team with the cap room wants a player like him, then they’ll take him, and we’d free up enough space to get him, and throw Pruchs in that deal, that’s more than enough i think, unless Mats is greedy. So we sign this guy for 1 year, he’s a damn good player, who can still play, and he can help out a young team that doesn’t have much playoff experience. He’ll only have a 1 year deal, so at the end of the year, we’ll dump him, and with all the money we got rid of with him, Rozi, Pruchs, we use that for Dubi, and Nicky Z, and Cally who’s contract is up this year, i think. Along with Dawes, and Freddy Shoes, and eventually Staalsy.

    Sounds complicated, and its definitely wishful thinking, and im not getting my hopes up on that, but signing Mats for one year can definitely work out in more ways than one. But who knows if Slats will actually dump Rozi. Probably Renney will tell him how much of a good guy he is, and that’s enough to keep him around, ugh.

    Oh yeah, i used to be a big Alba fan, but she’s such a tease, and now she just gave birth so, Biel is the winner right now. Although im a big Megan Fox fan, throw in Scarlet Johanson, as long as she isn’t singing, and that’s a party i wanna be at.

  24. Did anyone else last night think the “BOLTS” jersey looked stupid? I coulda sworn for a second it said “DOLTS” across the front–that’s not even their team name. I am willing to buy that if it says “Sens”– at least that’s an abbreviation. BOLTS? Come on people? It’s a laughing stock of a team and a laughing stock of a jersey.

  25. Happy Thanksgiving to the greatest fans in the world!

    Thanks Sam for a great daily read, always informative and entertaining news on our Boys in Blue.

    Let’s Go Rangers!!!

  26. speaking of third jerseys…I cannot get over how awesome the Kings new uniform is… so classy… A subtle throwback to the Gretzky era.

  27. MDUDA

    Yeah those jerseys are hideous. They need to get that team out of Tampa, and into some other place. I guess Las Vegas is out of the picture since Tocchet’s the head coach.

    That guys such a loser, i had a dream last night that Orr beat him up on the bench and got suspended for 10 games, and Renney just stood there whispering into Betts’ ear. Probably telling him “stay defensively responsible, and don’t be physical, and if you turn the puck over don’t worry aboot it, you’re still a good guy”

    I got a stomach ache, anybody else ?

  28. As Blair Betts plays …he does good things. The guy looks like he has no personality and has a name thats kinda catchy. This Guy kills penaltys and makes me feel safe as we are killing the penalty. As much as we all hate Blair Betts … the guys pritty dam solid out dare man . Wow , Blair Betts man , he is our new 3rd line center!!! Renny is bringing him up up up in dem dare rank’ins. Just like good Ole Dubinsky buddy!!! Kid you not but this guys has movessss and groveesss , you saw that shtuff ..he scored a pritty cool goal …ya have to admit!! Well all us haters and yes even you BOB ..good ole bettsie is in da Houuwsse.

  29. Dubi or not Dubi on

    If Betts remains the third line center, I really think Orr should be dropped to the fourth line and Korpi should replace him at wing. His development is already a bit slow, but I definitely don’t want to see another Malhotra/Lundmark with him. I do like Orr, but not for 15 minutes a game.

  30. Believe me i got nothing against Betts. He’s a reliable PK’er, but that’s as far as it goes. He shouldn’t get more minutes than the 3rd line, unless the team is in the box for the majority of the night.

    Its alright to start Korpedo off slow, but at some point you gotta play him more. Renney being his usual self, it seems like that wont happen.

    Win or lose, i just cant stand the guy. But i do like him better than Bob.

    I loved how last night he said Staal was weak, and needs to gain weight, but a few mins later he put Lecavalier on his ass. Funny stuff. Im convinced the guys an Islandorks fan who just has to much time. Probably a high school drop out, who has to get his GED, who lives with his divorced mom, you know, they typical psycho son background. That’s how these future murderer’s get started. Not enough salami on their Subs, ive heard all the excuses in the movies.

  31. Betts is cool as a 4th line center/PKer/matching against top layers.

    The third line is missing something now. I like Korpo and Voros, but it needs a finisher, like a Dawes or Prucha.

  32. I’m thankful for Orr taking Koci’s punches like a champ and apparently breaking Koci’s hand with his face. (link in name)

    I’m also thankful for skiing! :)

  33. Stuart

    I could certainly give up on Dawes at 24 (where do I sign?), much better than giving up on him at 27.

  34. Happy Thanksgiving from England guys.

    Just looking at contracts this morning:
    We have a lot of RFA’s end of this year and the way Dubi, Cally and Z are playing they will be worthy of decent raises, its going to make keeping all 3 hard, although we will be rid of Riss and Pru ($2.6m) i am sure. The year after that its Girardi and Staal. Keep praying for the cap to keep on rising….

    On another note, i just checked Roszi’s contract: its front-loaded so that if he is traded the team trading for him would get hit with a $5m cap charge, but they would only have to pay him $4.33m in salary. Should make it a little easier to trade if his play doesn’t improve to the level we’d expect.

  35. ugh double shift at work today to make up for yesterday! nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!1 everyone check out jessiman at nhl.com where hes thriving in the nashville farm system. rozy had a great game otrher day, hopefully he keeps it up so orr can get his wish! i actually think its a good idea Orr about sundin, it could work both ways too, him, or at the trade deadline, that way we have a better feel for what we need. im sure nothing tremendous will happen to turn some of these guys around but ya never know and we might need something different by deadline day. plus teams will be more desperate for certain types of players. either way, hopefully pruchs plays or goes. no in between shit. dawes needs another hartford wakeup call too. k all, see ya at midnight tonight !!!!!11 HOPEFULLY A NEW POST BY THEN

  36. HAPPY HAPPY to all! And Sam, thank you for your entertaining and intuitive reporting & blogging.!
    Going for a skate this a.m. to work off the festivities. Get the bad stuff out so I can put more of the good stuff in!/

  37. Rosy had his best game of the season Wed night. I think he plays much better on the road.

    We should pound FL tonight. Psyched for the game Sunday at MSG….taking my son for his first game!!

  38. To me the Rangers are in dire need of a first line winger to compliment Gomez. Dubinsky, Naslund, and Zheredev seem to have some chemistry going. A scoring winger would allow Callahan to drop to the third line where he excels. What are the Rangers options? The salary cap seems to have limited trade activity the past few years. Is the NHL concerned?

  39. Sam (not the Great Weinman) on

    Happy Holidays Sam! Thanks for up to date information on the Rangers and for not using a condescending and sarcastic tone like fellow Lohud Yankees beat writer and Red Sox fan Peter Abraham. Your professionalism hard to miss, especially after reading Pete on a daily basis.

  40. Sam (not the Great Weinman) on

    I went to the game in Tampa on Wed and noticed fewer odd man rushes than usual. Seeing Marek fall down for no reason right in front of me was quite entertaining, but the ensuing 2 on 1… not so much.

  41. If you buy out a player, you’re on the hook for 33% of their cap hit for the duration of the contract, I think..

  42. So I’ve already posted this once, but I think Ill post it again to explain that I am sorry. I have 18 ticket stubs from NYR games in my life and there all in my desk in my room. All 18 of those tickets have black marker on them with the score and at the end of the score is either a W, L, OTL, or SOL. Unfortunately, there are no W’s on any of my 18 tickets. I’m not sure if its the Leetch jersey I wear to every game or if its just me, but they just cant win while I’m at the game. I’m hoping that Florida’s terribleness can outbalance my bad luck at games and hopefully they will win tonight with me there. So, if we do see a terrible effort tonight…please forgive me.

  43. CCCP,
    Sorry I cant do that. I’m going to this game 4, 4 games in December, and another game against the Panthers in February

  44. Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone!!! I would have posted yesterday but I was cooking for the possible in-laws and some friends.

    I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday…

    I’m thankful that I went to the game in Tampa… sat 7 rows back in the corner and got to see Nazzy get nasty and Zherdev make Smith look more ordinary than his last name.

    Need to get another W tonight!!!


  45. re buyouts i believe it’s 2/3 of contract over double the remaining term. so 2/3 of rozy contract after this yr is 10 mm (2/3 of 15 mm). with 3 yrs left it would be 1.67 mm per yr for next 6 yrs. they might actually do that especially if as expected the cap comes down.

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