Gomez to play tonight against Coyotes


After five games out of the lineup with an ankle injury, Scott Gomez will make his return tonight against Phoenix, in which he is expected to skate on a line with Chris Drury and Ryan Callahan.

“We’re going to give it a go,” Tom Renney said.

It was worth asking Renney whether Gomez’s return had anything to do with the team’s struggles of late, even if the team has been adamant in the past about not rushing injured players back into the lineup.

“We’re 14-7,” said Renney, leaving out the two overtime losses. “He’d have to be ready to go. I wouldn’t rush anybody’s return. I wouldn’t jeopardize anybody’s career, nor would I jeopardize a loss by putting a guy in the lineup that shouldn’t be there.”

So there you have it. Gomez’s return will come at the expense of Nigel Dawes, who despite having a couple of chances against Ottawa (including one in which he missed a half-open net), will be a scratch. Petr Prucha and Patrick Rissmiller, who is back from Hartford (after registering seven assists in six games), will also be out.

With that in mind, the lines and defensive pairings will be what I reported yesterday.








It will be the first game this season that Paul Mara and Marc Staal have not been a pairing.

The King is back on his throne after his five-goal shelling against Vancouver last week.

“I would think it served him well,” Renney said of the goaltender getting a few days to rest since then. “I certainly hope so — that’s why we did it.”


As for Prucha, Renney acknowledged that the player’s extended absence from the lineup has been a concern. What he didn’t mention is that Prucha is the type of player would love to unload if they could ever get a reasonable offer in return.

Of course, it’s hard to move a guy who makes $1.6 million and isn’t playing; and I don’t think the Rangers are willing to accept something as little as a mid-round pick in return.

But it makes no sense to hold onto a guy like that if he isn’t going to play.


Meanwhile, after all the fanfare for Wade Redden and Markus Naslund last week, Fred Sjostrom isn’t expecting the same when it comes to his first game against the Coyotes. But it’s significant to him nonetheless.

“Markus and Redds were there for 10-plus years. I was there for 3 1/2. It’s special to me. It’s the team I got drafted by and still have a lot of friends on. But I’m going to approach it like any other game. But I obviously want nothing more than to beat them, that’s for sure,” Sjostrom said. “And our team right now, we need a win. It’s a big game in a lot of ways.”

More later…

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  1. I agree, alls I can do is root for my team, and hope to enjoy it. But to call out people when they are not posting is funny because people usually post when they believe their point is being made. I hope for changes, with personel on the team, but it is out of my hands.

    I also find it funny because the post are usually higher after losses. To much negetivity from the fan base?

  2. I never thought I’d do this but I agree with Larry Brooks. Why doesn’t Renney try his top Center between his top tow wingers. They all have speed and Gomez is a playmaker while the other two are finishers. It makes sense in all accounts.

  3. Just wondering: When was the last time the Rangers opened a game with the kind of hunger and drive that dictated the future course of the action? When it was the Rangers who imposed their will and didn’t passively react towhat the other guys were doing?

  4. Ha, some of you guys are real characters. I noticed someone called me out, as well as Beer and others, for not posting over the weekend after the Rangers abysmal loss on Saturday. I guess this person is implying that the Rangers losing is Renney’s fault and me not posting means I’m hiding b/c I must “know this”.

    Truth be told, I haven’t posted for a few reasons, which I hope are acceptable.
    1. Many of you are so incredibly negative while we’re winning that I can’t bare to stomach your posts after a loss, so I just read the people I like and Sam’s post and move on.
    2. More importantly, my weekends generally revolve around women. It’s hard to bury rebounds and crash the net in the social world, so to speak, when you’re on the computer. My eyes spend enough time in front of a screen M-F, so I try to compensate for that on Saturdays and Sundays by doing what it takes to court women… if this is unacceptable, then I suppose I’m guilty of “hiding”.

    Quickly, my thoughts on the loss to the “Sens” — btw, what a terrible third jersey:

    1. Probably our worst ever of the season, which says a lot coming off a brutal lackluster performance to Van.
    2. I still disagree about coaching. I really don’t attribute any bad effort to Tom Renney. Usually, if players aren’t “playing hard” it’s a veteran team that can’t respond to the coach. This is a young team; they haven’t developed enough clout in the league to not play hard for the coach; there’s something else missing and I don’t think anyone knows what it is.

    3. I’m not a finger pointer, but if I had to blame anyone I’d blame Glen Sather at this point. All of our money is invested in 4 guys. 2 of those guys are playing like they should be in the AHL (Redden/Rossival) and the other two are playing good enough, but not worth their weight in gold.

    4. Nigel Dawes is worthless. I never thought he had any talent. Save for his shoot out magic last year, he’s never impressed me. Send him back to Hartford to get in shape — he looks slow and mentally out of it.

    5. The fact that we have 2 guys making 2+ million to watch games is a disgrace. That’s just bad managing.

    6. I still think we’ll bounce back. I predict a 5-1 breakout tonight.

    For all you haters, try being positive. It might suit you better than you think.

  5. Hey Scotty, I just logged on here to post the same thing. I know Z likes to move the puck up ice as much as Gomez, but he should focus on finishing. Larry’s right, like it or not. Swap Gomez and Dubi in that lineup.

    And this Prucha thing has to stop. Management needs to take their medicine on him, if they’re not going to give him time. A couple low round picks is better than nothing and better that the team gets back some cap space.

  6. I agree Chris. As much as I would hate to see him go it is much better for him to be traded. He’s a great player on a team with no space for him. It sucks that he has gotten the cold shoulder per say in the Org. His bread and butter comes on the PP and he hasn’t been given anytime on it to prove that. So send him somewhere out West and get back either a depth D-man or some late round picks.

  7. Prucha worked really hard for this team the last three seasons, they need to either play him or accept the fact that a trade will be lopsided and just go throught with it. Sometimes you’re on the winning end of a trade (see Tyutin and Backman for Zherdev and Fritsche) and sometimes you’re not. Also, I still don’t understand why Dawes isn’t on the trading block instead of Prucha.

  8. 5-1…breakout!! Nothing would make me happier, Brandon.

    I’m excited to see Dubi/Nas/Z. They’re all a hybrid NA/Euro style. They can all dangle and pass. Naz and Z had a nice rush in the last game (which resulted in a goal) and I think Dubi will help them as far as the tempo (he can match their north-south and east-west finesse). I also hope Z and Naslund (the team’s point leaders) will get Dubi going too. He’s lost much of the confidence he started the year with.

  9. I have 2 tickets for tonight Sec 417 Row B. Will take face value $68 for tickets. I’ll also take offers.

    Let me know if anyone is interested.

  10. I agree take what you can get for Prucha. Not a big Dawes backer, but he can’t be sent down without being claimed. Not usually a Brooks supporter but it can’t hurt to try his combo.

    What about the kid in Hartford P A Partentau (spelled wrong)

  11. Completely agree with most of Brandon’s points. You can’t blame the coach for the player’s mistakes or the GMs.

    I can’t help dwelling on the money spent on Voros $1mn, Rissmiller $1mn and Prucha $1.6mn – the Rangers probably could have resigned Avery and had another legitmate top six winger? Instead we have a quasi 2nd/3rd line guy and two players who can’t crack the lineup eating up cap space.

    I loved Orr’s game coming out the preseason but is it me or does anyone else feel he hasn’t been pulling his weight lately. I respect Mara for going after Ruutu the other night but Orr is the guy who should be doing it. Orr hasn’t provided a spark by mixing it up in a while.

  12. So I got to hsi site merely for shtis and giggles and this is his LATEST NEWS on the SUndin front:

    *”Look for either Zherdev or Dubinsky to be moved out if they can land Sundin…The Oilers have been very talkative with the Rangers recently. I wouldn’t be surprised if either were to be moved to Edmonton.”

    First we weret rading Gomez to make room, now this

    Is this guy jsut totally makign this crap up as he goes along?

    And I agree wholeheartedly with the posts above.

    Take the lopsided trade with PRucha and clear the cap space.
    IS Sather this thick he can eat a bad trade?

  13. By this point I figure … couldn’t the Rangers send Prucha down for “Conditioning” and see if a smoking AHL performance ups his trade value just a tiny bit? I mean obviously no one is going to give up a 1st rounder for an NHL player playing in the minors, but I think most reasonable people can see that Prucha’s poor numbers this season and last have more to do with not being played. A strong performance might ignite some interest and it’s clear even if Renney were to put him in he would get what … ten minutes? Maybe less?

  14. Sather really has no “plan”. We need a young buck GM who’s willing to put the time and effort in. Quite frankly, he’s just washed up and making moves on instinct and connections. If you look at ALL of the “moves” in the last 10 years, none really fit.

    He’s constantly changing the dynamic of the team and consistently taking on players that don’t work out. Pre-cap it was the Holik’s of the world, post-cap it’s the Rissmiller’s, etc. Either way, same misktakes.

    If we trade Dubinsky this guy is a complete and total buffoon who needs to be locked up in a psych ward.

    The Rangers could honestly trade/dump the entire team. The only 3 players that you need to build around, and who are “untouchable” in a salary cap era are:

    1. Henrik
    2. Staal
    3. Dubinsky

    After that, I say Del Zotto and Sanguinetti are our most valuable assets in the minors.

    Anyone and everyone else can GO.

  15. In case anyone was calling me out, you will notice that I haven’t been posting much at all in the past month. That should change now that I have a working laptop again. I didn’t get to see Saturday’s game because I was attending the most-played college football rivalry, watching my team win, and celebrating afterward. I’m sure it was much better than the Rangers game. :)

    I can’t believe that they have so many Monday games this year, since I usually miss those since I am busy on Monday nights. Another Rangers in 60 for me! It seems like Versus has changed their “exclusive” night to Tuesday from Monday, since last season there were much more games on Tuesday than Monday.

  16. “You can’t blame the coach for the player’s mistakes….”

    There it is, the Renney defenders’ mantra in a nutshell. It defies belief, it boggles the mind, but at least it is clearly stated.

    “….or the GMs.”

    That part of the sentence I have no problem with.

  17. Don’t trade the russian kid Grachev, he looks like he may be the real deal.

    Del Zotto, Dubinsky, Stall, Henrik, Grachev, Callahan are the ones I would put on the no trade list.

    If Sundin does not sign with the Canucks, would there be interest in a Drury or Gomez. They have the cap space.



    Damn you, you beat me to posting it, lol.

    Honestly, you gotta love Eklund. This guy is the biggest moron of all time. He just keeps getting dumber and dumber. First Gomer for Mats, then Dubi for J-Bo, now Nicky Z or Dubi for Mats. How the fugg are we gonna clear enough space by dumping one of their contracts ?

    This guy is so depressing, i cant tell if he’s doing this cause he’s a Flowers fan.

    Big game tonight, gotta win, we cant get our first 3 game losing streak of the season.

  19. Why is Eklund a moron? He writes about hockey and makes up rumors or whatever and makes money doing it!

    I bet you he loves his job. If you love your job, you don’t work a day in your life.

  20. Here’s an analogy for how I look at the organization right now.

    We have one of the best mechanics in the car world, Tom Renney. His job is to piece together the fastest engine in the world.

    We have an old car part buyer, Glenn Saterh — his job is to purchase all the parts we need on a budget. He used to be able to build engines, but now he just smokes cigars and fishes. He purchaes random car parts, some nice, others not as much, and even overpays for items we don’t neccesarily need to make the engine.

    Tom then has to put this engine together. No matter how hard he works or amount of mixing and matching he does, the parts will never fit. They’re not even the right size.

    It’s almost amazing that he puts the engine together, which he’ll never get credit for. The engine will never be the “fastest in the world” until it has the right parts.

    What does the engine need? Certainly not a better mechanic. What it needs is some new parts that are the right size that play the system, shoot the puck and actually hit somebody.

  21. Sather put the team in a weird spot. Puts us right to the cap but not with all the right pieces. Some of the signings make you scratch your head.

    Anisimov looks like he will be a third liner, nice assist guy, but as far as i can tell he is not scoring in the ahl, yet. Hope he is just working on other areas of his game.

  22. I say call up Parenteau and forget Dawes/Prucha. That guy deserves a shot. He played 5 games on a pre-Toews/Kane ‘Hawks and still had a point.

    He was called up once last year and he didn’t play because an injured Shanny decided to play… ahh!


    Its only his 2nd year playing North American Hockey. He has massive potential. He does need to work on a few things, and he’s two or three years away, or maybe more. But i definitely wouldn’t trade him.

    As for Dawes, he may need to be dumped. He’s having a depressing year, i really thought he’d pop in 20-25, and its still early but i just cant see it happening.


    You’re right, that’s definitely true. He’s making money to make things up. He’s smart for sure. I wish i could do the same.

  24. Brandon I like the analogy. Personally I like Renney, I think he is a good hockey guy. I wish he would have more fire behind the bench but that is not his style (though lately he has) I think he would make a better general manager then Sather at this point.

  25. Thanks fellas.

    Funny thing about the Rangers right now may be the fact that there really is no supreme “stand-out” team in the East right now. If we can continue to play average for a few more months and then make a big trade for a scorer, we very well could be the best in the east come playoff time.

    Personally, I think Boston is very beatable, and I think Pittsburgh is going to be up and down all season. Haven’t really got a good look at Montreal yet to give them a fair assessemtn.

    All we have to do to stay in the hunt is beat the teams we’re supposed to beat. The east is VERY top heavy right now, regardless of how the standings look.

  26. Not real sure why Renney is refusing to try Naslund and Zherdev with Gomez I mean outside of pure stubborness.

  27. Just a thought on

    Quick question:

    What is your favorite Ranger line of all time?
    Mine: Thomas Sandstrom, Walt Poddubny, Jan Erixon

  28. and leetch or park on defense. both could really help in the era they played in or the current group

  29. Tom then has to put this engine together. No matter how hard he works or amount of mixing and matching he does, the parts will never fit. They’re not even the right size.


    yes and no. rangers were actually playing great for a while… it seemed like Renney had them… but that quickly changed…

    the team has more talent than a lot of other teams, we just dont see it because our guys don’t feel the need tobring the fire night to night.

    I love how the tune around here changes… first its

    “were 10-2, etc… how can you complain at all, best start ever!” then it’s

    “of course we’re going to stop winning…we don’t have the right players! we’ll make trades! sundin!”

  30. Who Needs Lohan on

    When crashing the net, make sure to have your stick pointed towards the goal, I’ve heard that helps!!!

  31. “nor would I jeopardize a loss by putting a guy in the lineup that shouldn’t be there.”

    Tom Renney does not want to jeopardize a loss? Fire this idiot now!

  32. what makes some of you think Tom has no say in some of these moves Sather made? do we know for sure that stuff like this is done by Sather himself with any input from the coach?

  33. BillyDeeWilliams on

    graves – I like the idea of trying gomez back with naslund and zherdev. coming into the season, that was the top line, and after a little bit of trouble meshing at the beginning, it was abandoned. I’d like to see what that line could do together if given some time to gel.

  34. Renney is not a head coach. He’s an assistant coach that got lucky. He’s good at the x’s and o’s but in a game situation, he has no idea of what to do and how to adjust to teams’ strategies.

  35. what makes some of you think Tom has no say in some of these moves Sather made? do we know for sure that stuff like this is done by Sather himself with any input from the coach?

    of _course_ Sather and Renney talk about these things…anyone who thinks otherwise is nothing more than a monkey. Hell, *Perry Pearn* is on record as being a key guy in bringing Reddenshit here… if HE has say, obviously Renney does too.

  36. Rangers recall LW Rissmiller
    43 minutes ago
    Buzz Up
    NEWARK, NEW JERSEY (TICKER) —The New York Rangers on Monday recalled left wing Patrick Rissmiller from Hartford of the American Hockey League.

    Rissmiller, who signed as a free agent over the summer, has appeared in just two games for the Rangers this season, posting a minus-2 rating without recording a point.

    Two weeks ago, New York sent him to Hartford for conditioning purposes.

    A native of Belmont, Massachusetts, the 6-4, 215-pound Rissmiller has registered 18 goals and 27 assists in 182 career games with the San Jose Sharks and Rangers.

    If this shows up a million times its becuase I’m refreshing and its not coming up.. I apologize

  37. Favorite Ranger lines…I have three:


    Fleury-Lindros-York (the FLY line was great, even though those were during some of the dark years…)

    Nylander-Jagr-Straka (you couldn’t take the puck from them! Jagr dominated when playing alongside these two, Straka was a worker and Nylander was one of the best puckhandlers I’d ever seen.)

  38. Have you guys seen the Kings new 3rd jersey? It is easily one of my favorite jerseys ever…I hope they switch to those full time next season and have a white version… thing is so tight

  39. Brandon,
    I don’t get it. The engine needs a shooter? I’ve been around cars my whole life and I’ve never heard about a “shooter” before. Haha. I agree with all of your points though.

    Heres some thoughts on individual performances as of late:
    Gomez-SUCKED FOR THE PAST 4 GAMES; basically invisible
    Drury-beginning to look like a consistent scorer…now to get him to look a little bit more like a captain
    Callahan-Is not a 1st liner, but I can’t complain because he is a workhorse and consistent
    Naslund-He is starting to lose it; I hope this new line combo sparks him.
    Dubinsky-So dead recently; I hope it does not have to do with Renney’s little public embarrassments. I wish they would just keep the camera off of the bench. (Especially after the Vancouver game with Hank on the bench.)
    Zherdev-He seems a little bit moody recently
    Voros-had some life earlier, but that was just something to make us fans think we had the best deal ever.
    Korpikoski-I like this kid. Works hard and knows how to play
    Fritsche-Not sure how he makes me feel yet
    Sjostrom-Very effective fourth-liner
    Betts-Playing way too much time
    Orr-WTF mate, What has he done this season so far. Has he fought anyone that we needed him to fight, has he thrown the hits that he needed him to do? He has just been quiet providing no sparks. Get him out of the lineup.

    Another question: Why do we never shoot one-timers Our players always control the puck, then shoot. Just watch and notice tonight and see how little we shoot the puck when receiving it.

  40. I don’t know aboot all of you, but one of my fav lines was the Ortmeyer-Moore-Hollweg line of 05-06. Every time they were on the ice, you knew exactly what they were gonna do, which was hit, and just get some fuggin energy going. That’s when Hollweg was hitting everything in sight, and not taking 5 min boarding majors, and Ortmeyer was blocking shots left and right, throwing hits, and Moore added a little offense. Just a hard working line, and i miss them.

    I still miss Ortmeyer. Every since that embolism or what ever it was, he really hasn’t gotten a chance to play. He had a leg injury or something, and ever since that he’s been in the minors i think. To bad, he’s a hard worker, he wont score more than 5 goals, but he’s fuggin fearless. I hope he cracks the lineup some time.

  41. HECK

    You cant blame Orr. Renney wants him to play a certain way, and for the last two seasons, he hasn’t been the same player, although he’s improving other parts of his game which is good, but he has a role on the team and it shouldn’t change. The same thing happened with Hollweg, and he stopped hitting, and when he did hit he took boarding majors. As for fighting, he cant fight people that don’t wanna fight, even when we’re down a goal, and he challenges someone, these days, most fighters don’t wanna give the other team some energy, so they just ignore it. Its annoying but that’s the way it is.

    As for Voros, honestly, all im expecting him to do is hit, and just be physcial, and pop in a few goals now and then, here and there, but that’s it. Im not expecting him to score more than 15 this season. Im happy with what he’s been doing, and so should that idiot Renney.

  42. Orr,

    Ortmeyer signed with Nashville in the summer of 07. Sadly the embolism problem has returned for him but he is due for a return in the next week or so.

  43. Orr,
    I agree about the Ortmeyer-Hollwegg-Moore line,
    I just feel like Orr is our best fighter and he has probably had the least “necessary” fights out of anyone on our team. And yes, he is a lot quicker. But I’d rather have Voros there and put Pru or Dawes back in the lineup for a more offensive touch

  44. Just wanted to say that I finally am able to bring my wife and two kids to the game tonight. I usually just get two tickets so I’ve brought by son and wife on separate occasions. But I got lucky today and a friend called and said that all four tickets were available for tonight.

    We’ll be in the 400s where we belong all in Rangers Jerseys and a first for my daughter – she wears a pink NYR Jersey. If you knew her, you would understand why.

    Anyway – thanks for listening.

    Glad Gomez is back – wish Prucha was playing – Hope Lundquist has a good game – hope NYR dont may bryzgalov look like a super star – Hope Roscival can redeem himself – hope Redden claims his spot on the PP – Hope Zherdev shows some magic – etc. etc. etc.

    Lets Go Rangers!!!

  45. All I know is right now I don’t have a favorite line because lines don’t stay together long enough to become favorites

  46. Yes! Kisio Mullen Ogrodnick!!

    Dawes’ departure wouldn’t cause me to blink, I can agree there.


  47. lol @ games revolving around blair betts

    he’s been one of the most consistent Rangers over the last 4 years… he’s as good as a utility 4th line guy you’re ever gonna see… and he deserved that A when he got to wear it.

  48. “he’s been one of the most consistent Rangers over the last 4 years”.. consistent PK, sure.. but he does not to be used so often when we’re down 2,3,4 goals half way through the game.

  49. Seriously, this line juggling is hilarious but seriously at the same time these players need to start doing good things…

    Personally my mind is still boggled why Gomer isn’t playing with Zherdev and Naslund… He needs a goal scoring winger, and Naslund and Zherdev have scored more goals in a season than anyone else on this team so why not put them on his line?

    Then Drury Callahan and Dawes worked well last year, why not try them or since I don’t really like Dawes, try Drury with Callahan and Korpedo…

    Guess that leaves Dubinsky with Fristche and Voros?

    Or put in Prucha for Voros, but that would never happen…

    I would just love to see consistency and some MORE goal scoring. This is New York City stop f’in around Sather, we need a team that can compete every year like Detroit…

  50. The Russian Diva on

    Tired of the Sundin rumors…the last thing the rangers need is another overpaid player in their 30’s who is past their prime…

    Z is 24 and Dubie is 22 and both have tons of talent and temendous upside. Both have 10+ seasons ahead of them don’t squander it for one or two years with a 37 year old Mats Sundin.

  51. All Hail King Henrik on

    Just a note since there’s some prospect talk going on in here. On Artem Anisimov:

    Anisimov is averaging a point per game in Hartford. I believe his actual stats are 5-13-18 in 18GP. He’s 6’4 205lbs. He projects as a first or second line center who may/should be able to shut down opponents. Why would you want to trade him?

    Why did Detroit win the cup last year? Among other things, Datsyuk and Zetterberg were able to shut down Cindy and Malkin. I would definitely be opposed to trading this kid. He is going to be a good player for us in the future.

    Think about it in two or three years from now:


    That is a scary line that has the potential to have it all. They’ve got size and skill. Grachev is the power forward who can finish, Anisimov is the set-up man, and defensive shut-down guy, and Zherdev is the dangler who can do it all.

    What is one thing the NYR are currently lacking? Size.

    6’3 202lbs–6’4 205lbs–6’2 203lbs.

    Everyone of them is 6’2+ and 200+lbs.

  52. All Hail King Henrik on

    What’s with the random strike-throughs of the text?

    Should read:

    6’4 205lbs

  53. Just thinkin’ about Grachev, Anisimov and Zherdev is a nice thought, hopefully we get this cap trouble situated

  54. Nothing wrong with Orr. He’s skating better and throwing more checks in the offensive zone. He’s also a deterrent. Tonight for example if Phoenix dresses all their goons they’ve got Carcillo, McGrattan, and Fedoruk. No Orr and the Rangers would be pummelled into mincemeat.

  55. Grachev’s been moved over to wing, there’s no need for another center in the organization. The goal is to turn him into a power forward. I’m pretty sure that Grachev is closer to 220 lbs rather than 200. And Anisimov probably weighs a bit less than 200

  56. Anisimov was a ghost in the preseason playing against watered down talent. I’m not saying he’s not going to be good one day but it looked like he’s at least a year or two away from playing in the NHL, let alone being an impact player.

  57. Nice step in the right direction…all we can hope is they remember how good it feels to WIN again and continue to chase that feeling like a dragon for the rest of the year… lots of work to do… including finish up the rest of the (easy) November and hopefully have their ‘A’ game in order for the Western heavy December coming up… where I think we’ll start getting a better idea of what kind of team we’ve got here.

    Kudos to Blair for having a huge game in which he could have potentially pulled out a hat trick. That’s what happens when you really do ‘bleed blue’ and show up to play every single night.

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