Can this be right?


According to the offical game stats, Scott Gomez is 17-1 on faceoffs.

Also, the Rangers are ahead 2-1, in case you’re wondering.

More later…

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  1. repost:
    why is don maloney bleeding from the head were him and dave rough housing before the cameras came on

  2. Rozival has at least 2 horrible turnovers directly leading to scoring chances. On the second, Micheletti praised his defensive play to defend the scoring chance but never mentioned his pass directly to the slot that gave Phoenix the scoring chance.

  3. Blair Betts has been the Rangers most consistent player all year. I cannot remember an off-game that he has had this year..

  4. Way better period than the first. Its damn good to see Dubi score a goal, hopefully he keeps it going, cause we need him to produce. Nazzy is looking good, to bad that fuggin puck bounced off his stick or else he would have been all alone with Bryzgalov, and Nicky Z obviously is the best player once again, other than Hank.

    I hope Rozi scores a couple of goals, cause i think the Yotes have enough space to fit in his contract. Maybe we can squeeze Carcillo from them, which wont happen, but it did happen in NHL 09, mwahaha, i love it !!

    As for the “mocking” of Dubi. Who cares if its “classless”. They don’t call this guy the “new Avery” for nothing. Its a damn shame we couldn’t get him out of Phoenix in that trade last year, maybe if Monty wasn’t such a fuggin bust we’d be able to get him.
    Anyone see Carcillo waiving his tongue at that chick ?? That was pretty funny.

  5. cdeck
    November 24th, 2008 at 8:46 pm
    Blair Betts has been the Rangers most consistent player all year. I cannot remember an off-game that he has had this year..

    Must have missed the last game no? He was -3 that game.

  6. Joe “… and that line is clicking for some reason” hhmm… what reason could that be i wonder… break ‘em up immediately before they got too comfortable playing together

  7. Mara and Kal are being matched agains tthe Yotes top lines right? anyone… it seems all they can handle this game, I don’t know if its a good combo against more potent scoring teams…

  8. Dubi and Z are flying

    good to see some offense ( 3 goal explosion LOL)

    Now Renney will pull the reigns in..not just for tonite but for the rest of the month…just watch

    Defense still a problem, no hitting, bad give-aways and lots of statues standing around…wierd

    Betts playing good offensive game…very wierd

  9. Whenever there’s a shorthanded breakaway and Betts got the puck going up the ice… and he had a few of these this season… that guy never passes the puck

  10. SIGH… good game tho… but as noted above the D is weak… they paly as if they lactose intolerant and just had big glass of kefir… afraid to crap their pants and wont make any extra moves

  11. True Fans Bleed RW&B
    November 24th, 2008 at 12:04 pm
    5-1…breakout!! Nothing would make me happier, Brandon.

  12. Big win. Don’t wanna get on a 3 game skid over here

    Nicky Z, and Dubi were the best, along with Hank of course. Gotta keep it up, those two are the future. Hopefully they get re signed at the end of the year, and we don’t have to worry aboot losing them for a while.

    Gotta sweep the Bolts next !!!

  13. Mike In IA …Thanks so much for the link !!
    My Dad really enjoyed watching the game with me on
    his recently bought first computer ..
    Thanks again!

  14. Terrific rebound win. It didn’t start out promising with the team outplayed and down by a goal early(which is par the coarse)Hank had to make a half dozen point blank saves. The D more than anything was soft backing in and generally playing soft in the corners and in front. The only reason why they were tied was because of Hank along with a nice play by Zherdev and a sweet goal by Betts. Dubi played his best game in around three weeks. He threw the body around and drove hard to the net all night. He and his linemates really turned the game around. Zherdev looked like a wizard with the puck all night. He had been overhandling the puck lately but tonight he was dominant on the puck. He had three assists and made a bunch of other great passes. Gomez being back in the lineup was a huge help. He seemed to be getting stronger and stronger as the night went on. He skated with the puck with speed throughout the second half of the game. He created all kinds of offense and was dominant on face-offs. That was arguably the best game of Betts’ career on the offensive end. He scored a sweet goal and he created a good amount of offense. The defense improved in the second half of the game. Redden and Girardi had likely their best game as a pair. Girardi was terrific at both end of the ice. He always gets his shot on net. Staal was pretty solid cleaning up some of Rozsival screwups and threw the body. I think the only thing you can say bad was that boy was the Kalinin-Mara pair struggle mightily. It sure seems like every dman that plays with Kalinin struggles. You would also like to see Korpikoski more ice. Nice to get a win like this when you’ve got 3 games coming up with two of the worst teams9along with being the worst run franchises) Can’t say enough good things about Hank again.

  15. REPOST:
    Oh my oh my oh my
    Another odd man rush to deny
    Lundqvist left out to dry
    Leaving Lundqvist at the Guillotine to die

    Dubi shoots one of the metal
    I hope he does not settle
    Keep up the fight inside
    Get off of that scoring slide

    Dubinsky gets into a fight
    I thought Orr was supposed to shed that light
    Four minutes passed and there goes the lamp
    They sure are not playing like champs

    The puck goes in the net
    Because of a 4th liner named Blair Betts
    Looked like Gomez with his jets
    This team is starting to make me fret

    Somehow we got the first period by
    Struggling we somehow managed a tie
    Against the worst of the west
    We must continue on and finish this contest

    Oh why oh why oh why
    Another odd man rush to deny
    Lundqvist left out to dry
    Leaving Lundqvist at the Guillotine to die

    Rangers hands go up because of Dubinsky
    Not lets make it 1-3
    And how about the play of Z
    Once the Rangers pick them off Free Agency
    I’m sure I will buy one of their jerseys

    Everytime we are on this 5 on 4
    Somehow we seem to fail to score
    Gomez could have a 50 goal season route
    If only he could learn to shoot

    Gomez was flying, Drury was defensively sound
    Lundqvist dominant with little rebounds
    Dubinsky edge was electrifying
    Mara keeping pucks away from the Swedish king

    Dominating period, lets hope for the same
    For the third period, and the rest of our games
    Good period for Rozi and the defensive crew
    3rd period those players looked like the bled true blue

    Dont cry, Don’t cry, Don’t cry
    Very little odd man rushes to deny
    With Lundqvist left out to dry
    Leaving Lundqvist at the Guillotine to die

    They score another goal, Girardi puts one in
    They finally do it with a man in the sin bin
    These lines seem to be clicking; there is a great aura
    They are having scoring chances in bunches and plethoras

    We kill off a penalty, then push it up ice
    As Borat would say it they are looking “very nice”
    These lines seem to be clicking; both D and O
    Working down the ice with a consistent flow

    Coyotes pull their goalie to get the extra skater
    Gomez then shoots down the ice to put in the final deflator
    The team has won with Gomez being the much needed man
    This is the story of how the Rangers winning streak began

    Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye,
    No more odd man rushes to deny
    Lundqvist no longer left out to dry
    For today, Lundqvist was not left at the Guillotine to die

  16. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    good game after the first.They need to go to the net like this on most nights.Still wayyyyyy too much ice time for the fourth line.Colton Orr brings nothing to the table unless he drops his gloves.His ice time should be equal to his contribution.Aside from the guys like Z,Dubi,Naslund,and the king who all played well,I thought Korpikoski played very well for the short amount of ice time he got.Staal also played very well and a nice comeback game for Girardi who has really stunk it up the last 10 or so games.Rosi needs to sit and watch in the worst way.I’d love to get Carcilo from the Yotes for maybe Prucha and a 5th round pick,have replace Orr in the lineup.He can really skate,fight,and also scored 13 golas last year.

  17. CCCP
    November 24th, 2008 at 9:33 pm
    Agravaine …i guess there goes my $7.80 eh…

    Double or nothing for the game against the Bolts?

  18. graves… i got to think about that one… its a lot of money for a poor soviet immigrant… with all the economy brain farts i just dont know if i want to break my little piggy-bank my uncle Boris gave me as a present for my 30th birthday lol

    and oh yeah…Lemieux is coming faster than Sundin

  19. anyone just see what happened in the Isl-Habs game??

    Own goal by habs during a delayed Penalty
    Habs dee man shot it into his own vacant net

  20. very happy to get the win, didn’t look too great at the start but credit where its due. Hank is an island too often, and Renny ain’t no savior, but anytime this team wins I’m glad.

  21. It is great to see Dubi reanimated! Zherdev was a force.

    But there must be a physical component to this team’s game in all three periods. It is still too easy to play against them, and better teams than PHX will exploit that weakness till the cows come home.

  22. I agree with NYR56… I love Orr, and the guy has improved his overall game year after year, but he should not be playing every game. Problem is the vets don’t stick up for their teammates like the youngsters do. Most of the younger guys will actually stick up for their teammates, i.e. Dubinsky, Callahan, Staal, Voros. Mara fights too. We need one more hard-hitting D-man. Look at teams like Detroit that roll 3 skilled line and a 4th that is still reasonably skilled. I think that is a better solution than what we are doing now…

    Also, Renney changes lines too fricking often. If Dubi, Z and Voros were playing well at the beginning of the season, why break that up? Now he has to put Naslund with Dubi and Z to get the same amount of production from one line. That obviously depletes the amount of skill through the rest of the lineup. There has to be a better solution, Renney.

  23. I am elated at the win, but have a simple question: Do the Ranger defensemen know that when there is a 2-on-1 against, you do NOT attack the puck carrier and leave an open guy in front of your goaltender, even if he is AllWorld like HL?

    Sam says nothing. Micheletti says nothing. But Rozsival’s pathetic flailing at Jokinen on the goal Phoenix scored is a play that coaches teach you not to do in pee-wees! Why are fundamental errors like this tolerated??

  24. Steve
    Renney is your typical system guy…a professor…a guy who is bathed in 90’s trap culture…he thinks “systems” win…like he’s a football coach….Players win, talent wins…read Larry brooks post column today…I know he’s a muckraking Ranger hater but he’s right….Renny over-thinks stuff and thinks his MIND will win games


    Islanders won after Ryan Obern put the puck into his own net to take it into overtime. The fans are chanting Obern, and he looks devestated

  26. For three easy payments of $12.95 per month I provide Prucha-removal services

    I put him in a van, I list him as FREE in weekend papers and I provide a bus ticket to the airline flying to whomever takes him..after that he’s on his own

  27. Kaspar,

    I agree with your comment on Renney.

    I praise Renney for preaching accountability- something the Rangers lacked for years before he got here. I still don’t think he is good at assembling lines, he tinkers too much.

    Some of what Brooks has to say is crap. The Rangers don’t need over the hill Mats Sundin. Some of it is correct. Rozsival is playing like crap and is over-payed right now. Let’s hope he can turn it around. Maybe Rozsival and Girardi should trade contracts. Dan G deserves it more.

    I interpreted Brook’s column a little differently. I thought he was saying that putting the the three “top players” Naslund-Gomez-Zherdev together is going to bring out the best in their respective games. He also says that Dubi has been playing almost exclusively with Z for the last 10 games ineffectively. He failed to mention that Renney took away 1/3 of that effective line… Voros.

    I just believe in not fixing something unless it is broken. The Playstation line worked effectively and Renney tore it apart.

    Oh well.

  28. Renney teaches accountability?? Yes, if you’re young and don’t make over $4 million. But please, Redden and Roszival have been brutal all season, and Renney hasn’t even nudged them in the press, much less pushed them, much less pointed at them, much less singled them out, much less slimed them.

    You know, sort of the way Renney slimed Mara the other day for his Ruutu penalty. And the way he made a public scene about benching Voros and Zherdev. And making Dubi sit against the Isles, etc.

    Renney’s accountability is unaccountable. Because if you’re a sacred cow that Sather has overpaid, you get a free pass, apparently in perpetuity.

    Not only do teams with such a dynamic not win Cups, they don’t even get close.

  29. Good point Gresch, he is selective about who he slams some times, but I do think he has motivated the team more than previous coaches.

  30. Nice step in the right direction…all we can hope is they remember how good it feels to WIN again and continue to chase that feeling like a dragon for the rest of the year… lots of work to do… including finish up the rest of the (easy) November and hopefully have their ‘A’ game in order for the Western heavy (and much harder) December coming up… where I think we’ll start getting a better idea of what kind of team we’ve got here.

    Kudos to Blair for having a huge game in which he could have potentially pulled out a hat trick. That’s what happens when you really do ‘bleed blue’ and show up to play every single night.

  31. ford

    Amen on your comment on the 2-on-1. This is what Girardi did the other night against NJ in springing Parise on a breakaway. Again, this is such a basic play that you sit there amazed 1) that it happened 2) that Sam and Joe say NOTHING 3) that the media covering the game, print and TV, do not note it and 4) that when Renney says he does no teaching in practice, you think he must be joking!

    But alas he isn’t. So is it possible he sees a play like the one Roszival made tonight …… and doesn’t know it’s the wrong one? Is that possible??

  32. The coaching staff must tell the Rangers to do what Rozi did. Ive seen Danny do it, Wade, Mara, Rozi, and maybe Kal, or Staal. You’re not supposed to defend a 2 on 1 like that. It has to be the coaching staff telling them to take the man with the puck, and let Hank stop the other guy if he gets the puck.

    Its unfair to fuggin Hank. He’s not gonna make the save every god damn time. Im guessing they think the d man will get in the way of Hank, which is BS. Its dumb and i thought at first it was something that just Wade does, like he did in pre season, but everyone is doing it. Its retarded.

    Im just glad they won, and by a score that it should have ended by. Good team, verse bad team, 4-1, perfect. They cant fall asleep like they’ve been doing. Gotta keep it going.

    As for the O’Bryne. Loool i love it !! The fans chanting his name, if that was Rozi it would just be boo’s. Why don’t fans ever chant his name instead of the boo’s ? To bad the Habs got a point, but its good to see the Islandorks winning a few games, cause i don’t want them going near any of these guys from the upcoming draft i keep hearing aboot, like Taveras, and Hedman. Don’t want them to get future stars.

    BTW – Does anyone else find it depressing that Zach Parise is having an awesome year ? And is top 5 in goals, or maybe even top 3. All this happening on the season Slats finally gives up on Jessiwoman. Its making me sick to my stomach. Real shame we didn’t draft him, or any of the damn good players in that draft. If i can go back in time, i think i might go back to 03, and pull a Celtic Pride, or a Rangers Pride in this case, and kidnap Jessiwoman, forcing Slats to draft any of the others he could have drafted.

  33. now can we please put soemthing together against good teams that hit and compete and won’t allow the soft plays to pass without hurting the NYR when they commit them? because they have to beat the Pitts and Monts and PhilFlys and even the Bruins to make a mark this season.

    I am really glad for the win, it feels good. And I just want them to beat the good teams too, because they are coming up on the shedule soon!

  34. Like Salty said…

    Nice step in the right direction. Still a lot of chances that Hank had to turn away. But a win is a win and they looked a ton better for most of the game than they have in a while.

    Dubi and Zherdev were absolute FRIKIN MONSTERS tonight!!!

    Amazing what a difference those guys feelin’ it make on this squad.

    Gomer looked damn good too. 17-1!!!!?????

  35. AG

    I know, i never seen them do this, im not blaming Renney cause i don’t like him as the coach and want him to get fired, but who else can this be. Either way its his fault, he’s either telling them to do something stupid, or he’s being weak by allowing them to continue to do this. The guy annoys me, i honestly think i can do a better job coaching these guys, but i don’t think id be able to get them fired up by talking aboot the hottest celeb chicks that are on my top ten list.

    And i seen that vid a few days ago, its nice to see someone make a tribute for good ol’ Orrsy. He’s the man.

  36. orr right on about the isles, let them win some games now and fade enough down the stretch to miss the playoffs but not get a great draft pick.

    good win now we need to do the same in fla

  37. Observations; Zherdev sure played well tonight..

    Dubinsky is good for at least 1 juicy giveaway in his own zone nightly.

    Kalinin really does suck, can’t they give Potter a try, they do not get any offense from Kalinin so what is the difference.

    Overall they give away way to many pucks in there own zone, all of them…

    Redden for how many more years???

    They won but still looked like crap……

  38. All Hail King Henrik on

    Above all, I’ll take the win. With the way they’ve been playing, it’s nice to win and also win by a decent margin of 4-1.

    The score really should have been 3-1 or 4-1 PHX after the first period, though. They allowed THREE PRIME scoring chances in the first five minutes, all off of turnovers.

    Turnovers are what is costing this team victories; especially defensive and neutral zone turnovers. It’s a glaring problem that needs to be addressed.

    All that said, after the first ten minutes they played a pretty good game. It’s definitely a step towards getting back to how they were playing in the beginning of the season. A win is a win is a win.

  39. All Hail King Henrik on

    It was very nice to see Hank bounce back from the Vancouver game with a great performance. If he didn’t make those saves in the first, this game would have been out of hand quickly, and en route to a final score similar to Vancouver and Ottawa (It conceivably could have been 3-1 after the first).

    Zherdev played an amazing game; one of his best games thus far as a Ranger, if not his best. He is definitely the best forward on this team, and may well be the best passer on this team as well (isn’t Gomez supposed to be that guy?). He is our top offensive threat and Renney needs to start playing him 18-21 minutes a night (especially a game like tonight with few penalties).

    Dubi! Great game with the Gordie Howe Hat Trick. He hasn’t been the same player since the first Islanders game, hopefully this game will get him back to where he was the first 10 games of the season.

  40. From LI Joe’s link RE: Vancouver game:

    *I’m not going to talk much about last nights disgraceful performance. I know that’s what you expect, but that’s not what you’re going to get. What you are going to get is a rant, a rant that has been a long time coming, a rant against Tom Renney. Renney supporters, look away now. Don’t bother reading this. It will just hurt your feelings, possibly make you cry, suck your thumb and sit in a corner rocking yourself to sleep saying “it’s not true, it’s not true”

    This team has been playing like absolute crap for just about this entire season. Very few people will argue with this statement. They have played 3 superb games, against the Lightning in games 1 and 2, and against the Devils (the first time). Outside of those 3 games, they have been anywhere between mediocre, and out and out horrific. But, if you really look at this team, ask yourself, have they played good hockey during Tom Renneys tenure at all? I mean, seriously, ask yourself, how many players come here, and actually overperform, or improve on their career numbers? Scotty Gomez, down year, Chris Drury, down year, Markus Naslund, down year, etc etc etc. Really, outside of Jaromir Jagr during his first season, how many players actually put up numbers better than their career averages (not counting rookies who have no base line to compare to)? Even Sean Avery just basically put up the same totals he has always had, and everyone really thought he was flourishing here.

    Can anyone answer this? How is it just about every single player that comes here sees their production go down. Does anyone even bother to ask themselves this anymore? Why is it ok to simply look at the win-loss record, and say, well, we must be a good team.

    That is bullshit, plain and simple. We have been a winning team because of 2 reasons, and 2 reasons only. Jaromir Jagr, and Henrik Lundqvist. Both have been superhuman. Not superstar, not elite, damn near God-like in their performances here. We used to be a 2-man team, now, we are a 1-man team. Great.

    “But Inferno, your stars should play like your stars, that’s how hockey works!” That is what I am sure some of the nay sayers are saying to themselves. But ask yourself this, shouldn’t a good coach be able to get SOME improvement from the other players in his lineup? Shouldn’t he be able to improve even 1 non superstar player? The fact of the matter is, every single player that has joined this club since Tom Renney took over, has seen their offensive production, as a whole, drop significantly during their tenure here. Gomez, Drury, Naslund, even Jagr when looked at a whole, Shanahan…literally every single player has had their production go down. And that is the mark of a bad coach. Or more specifically, a coach who is woefully mismanaging his talent set.

    So that is really what this entire story is about isn’t it? Maximizing the talent set. Putting square pegs in square holes, putting round pegs in round holes, etc should be the way any NHL franchise is run. But not the New York Rangers, oh no, not by a long shot. What do the New York Rangers do? They have Glen Sather announce to the world that they want to get younger, faster, more up tempo, to mimic the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Detroit Red Wings, the Buffalo Sabres, and the Ottawa Senators. You have Glen Sather pick up Wade Redden, Marcus Naslund, Scott Gomez, Chris Drury, Nikolai Zherdev, Dan Frtische, to augment with players like Michal Rozsival, Dan Girardi, Lauri Korpikoski, Brandon Dubinsky, Nigel Dawes, Ryan Callahan… in short, all players who are either good outlet passers, or good skaters, picture perfect to play an up tempo 2-1-2 style of hockey. You have Tom Renney tell everyone he is open to changing up the team, to making them a little bit more wide open, and you see it beautifully executed in 2 games against the Tampa Bay Lightning where the Rangers were swarming like locusts, pressuring the hell out of the puck, causing turnovers all over the ice, forcing the puck to the high quality scoring areas with reckless abandon, and a team willing to take chances with the knowledge they have an all-world goaltender between the pipes. And then, they came back home, and everything changed.

    Tom Renney, old reliable, went back to what he does best. Playing New Jersey Devils hockey. He has a team built, from top to bottom, to push the puck, and instead he has one of the smallest, fastest, weakest teams in the NHL play a 1-2-2 system, where the midgets never get a chance to push the puck up the ice, are always forced to dump, chase and cycle, whose lack of size and strength clearly show as the opposition effortlessly blasts our midgets into the boards, recover the puck, and push it back down our throats.

    In order to play Tom Renney hockey, what you need is a Tom Renney team. A team of Blair Betts and Colton Orrs, a team with very little offensive creativity, but strength, and defensive responsibility, and who can play the cycle game. This is why the most consistent, best line out there game in and game out is the 4th line. Why? Because THAT is Tom Renney hockey. Boring, methodical, completely devoid of skill, encapsulated by bigger, stronger, players fighting through checks, getting the pucks to the net, and scoring garbage goals.

    It sounds good in theory, but why the hell is the roster built this way then? Clearly there is a break down between what Glen Sather envisions this club, and what Tom Renney envisions this club. One sees it as an up tempo, Buffalo Sabres style club, the other sees it as a defensive, grinding New Jersey Devils style club. There is a massive disconnect, and it is clearly showing in the quality of play that is being shown to us on a nightly basis. The only player holding up his end of the bargain in this ballet of idiocy is Henrik Lundqvist, a player who is single handedly willing his team to victory. And when he wasn’t able to do so last night, a slaughter ensued.

    A mark of a good coach is being able to see the roster he has, and to adjust HIMSELF to what he is given. If you are given a small team with speed and skill, you don’t play a 1-2-2, you play a 2-1-2. If you are given a slow lumbering team with a lot of strength, then you play the 1-2-2 to protect yourself from odd man rushers, and take advantage of your superior size and strength with a cycle game. Tom Renney, through 3+ years of coaching, has clearly shown he has zero creativity, and zero ability to adapt to his players.

    Is he a players player coach? Sure. Do the players love the guy, and buy into his system? Absolutely. Is he the best man for the job? Until he is willing to realize the idiocy behind playing a defensive hockey style with speed skaters, the answer is unabashedly, NO.*

  41. well said lil joe,
    from last nights game. the rangers now seem to have 2 4th lines, and if orr had done his job in the caps game (they ran hank twice) maybe dubi would not have had to fight carcillo.

  42. RE: Orr
    I don’t think he will ever sit again after that Philly game he sat out when Fedoruk was running every Ranger and their mothers. He is the ONLY guy with balls on this team. And as far as I am concerned, he can play every night.

    Was it me, or did Stall-Rozi pair play very well together last year? I ranted all summer that here would be no way Renney would split them up this season. Can anyone tell me WHY Renney was compelled to split these guys up? I think this pairing will help Rozy get back on track

  43. CW-I was thinking the same thing last night about Orr. Last year he sat occasionally, but this team is not tough enough for him to sit out. Voros can be a force some nights and invisible on the others. It’s good to get a win but I think Weds is a big test. TB can’t be too happy losing 3 to us already. Let’s see how the Rangers respond after TB scores the first goal. I mean, lately, we never score first.

  44. Only have a minute here to pop in and say “wasssssup”.

    If you play a puck possession style, you need puck possession players. Without Gomer, you’re missing your best puck-possessor. He didn’t score the game winner, or even a goal with a goalie in net. But don’t doubt what he brings to this team. Hank & Gomer…#’s 1 & 2 on the ‘key players’ list for this team to play to its potential.

    Some beauties by Hank last night, once again.

    I hope Korpi keeps his good play up.

    BETTS! Maybe the presence of the Great One rubbed off on him? haha

    My interviews went well yesterday, thanks for asking. I’ll be bogged down with work today with the incentive that if I complete it all, I get tomorrow off, and won’t be back to work till next Monday. Plus I have a wake to attend @ 3 today.

    So no offense to anyone, but that’s far more important than debating whether it matters which way you stay on top of the standings.

    Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone. Incase I’m not around (which most likely I wont be) until next week.

  45. Hey, has anybody heard anything about Toys for Tots this year?
    It’s one of my favorite Rangers events…

  46. hey Salty do me a favor SHUT UP..
    I like winning hockey.. I like playoff hockey..
    those small, quick, hockey clubs get bounced out of the playoffs by the types of team we are trying to build here..
    If you like the up tempo style so much go to the garden for knick games.. caused that worked well for the Suns.
    Yea, good idea, lets adopt a style of play that opens up the ice and creates more shots for the opponent – which NEUTRALIZES OUR INHERENT COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE – LUNQUIST.
    Renney for Pres in 2016!

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