And he’s nice to children and small animals, too


By way of the Coyotes morning skate, where the Great One weighed in on the state of his team, here’s Shane Doan on his former teammate Fred Sjostrom:

“You’d be hard-pressed to find someone more liked in our room than Freddie,” Doan said. “He’s such a great guy. Everybody loves him. You really cheer for him. He’s one of those guys that everyone cheers for, except for tonight. Every other night, we cheer for him.”

For the record, my repeated lobbying for Sjostrom to get more prominent ice time has nothing to do with the fact that he’s a nice guy. But that happens to be the case.

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  1. Personally I would dump Sjostrom … neither he nor Betts nor Orr can score … Korpikoski can take his PK duties … drop him and Fritsche and sign Shanahan … bring up more kids — Moore, Asinomov … we have already seen what Sjostrom can do — basically nothing offensively his whole career. Give the kids a chance.

  2. Dude, more kids, Freddie is 25 years old and he can score. He is just on the wrong line. The guy is consistent.

  3. im with you, sam. freddie should get more ice time.

    predictions for tonight?

    i’m hoping we come out hard but if the last few games suggest anything tonight could be yet another stinker.

  4. All Hail King Henrik on

    To continute on the conversation from the last thread:

    The height and weight of Grachev and Anisimov were taken from the wolfpack’s site and Not sure how accurate they are at this point.

    Grachev can play center or wing. He played mostly center in junior. Here is a recent interview with him:


    Interviewer:You are often spoken as a winger in America, but in my opinion you are a center forward, and you played as center with the National Team. What do you think yourself?

    Grachev: Yes, I played as center in the National team and in my club too. To me there is no difference where to play. If the coach needs me as center, I play center, if winger, I play as winger.

  5. All Hail King Henrik on

    Interviewer: You skated with the Rangers in the training camp, what kind of experience was it?

    Grachev: It was simply great. This is a great club. I dream about playing for the Rangers.

  6. Maybe this club missed Gomez more than I felt…

    Let’s hope so. It is a long season but if they drop some of these games this week they’ll be kicking themselves for it down the road.


    Where’s Herb Brooks when you need him: “Play YOUR game fellas”

  7. Heres some thoughts on individual performances as of late:
    Gomez-SUCKED FOR THE PAST 4 GAMES; basically invisible

    hey ur right, gomez was invisible last 4 games. BECAUSE HE WASNT THERE DUMBASS! i forgot who posted that but cmon man lay off the doggy downers

  8. is there a link to watch online or only to listen ?
    im down in Fla visiting my parents and cant watch the game
    …anyone know a link please ??

  9. rangers need this win. i really think they’ll do it tonight especially at home with gomez back i just wanna see them dominate the yotes and show us fans they mean business

  10. Mike In IA …Thanks so much for the link !!
    My Dad really enjoyed watching the game with me on
    his recently bought first computer ..
    Thanks again!

  11. lets get back on topic, yes Sjostrom should get more time! And he is a kid! He’s 25! Right on the cusp of his prime and he’s blowing it on the 4th line. I was an advocate of him playing with dubinsky and Zherdev but i guess that won’t happen if naslund sticks with them, oh well, he can still play with gomez or drury or korpikoski

  12. Yeah Sjo really should get more ice time. He is a power skater and has really great offensive and defensive skills. He was a fan favorite in Phoenix. He IS on the wrong line. Dont know why with the line juggles the kid doesnt get more quality ice time. He would be great with Dubinsky and Drury. Keep Zherdev-Gomez-Nasland as a line.

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