Rangers “cautiously optimistic” on Gomez return


Scott Gomez took part in a full practice today, and was even subjected to a few minutes of jostling with Colton Orr along the boards to see how his ankle would hold up.

The early returns were positive, to the extent that should Gomez not have any sort of adverse reaction this evening or tomorrow morning, you can expect him to return tomorrow night against the Coyotes.

“I’m cautiously optimistic, but we’ll see how he’s doing in the morning,” Tom Renney said.

If Gomez returns, you can also expect to see him back on a line with Chris Drury at wing. That’s at least how Renney had the team practicing today.

Here were the lines:





In this scenario, it looks like Nigel Dawes and Petr Prucha would be the scratches.

The Rangers also looked like they were practicing with new defensive pairings, with Michal Rozsival with Marc Staal and Dmitri Kalinin with Paul Mara. The only unit that stayed intact was Wade Redden and Dan Girardi.

Meanwhile, the Rangers are struggling, and Tom Renney knows it. He said he started to watch the video of yesterday’s game on the plane ride home, and was so discouraged he had to turn it off midway through.

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  1. It looks like it will be settled once and for all, does Rozsival actually make the person paired with him look sh!tty? I did not watch any of yesterdays game because of the ankle situation, can someone give me a summary of the game quickly. I read a few comments yesterday and i’m not sure if i would have wanted to watch.

  2. Notorious B.O.B. on

    Notorious B.O.B.
    November 23rd, 2008 at 12:07 pm
    Bob Hartley, who won a Cup both in AHL and in NHL got fired after starting 0-6 with a crappy team, with crappy goaltending. Renney had several losing streaks of around 8 games in previous years with a star laden team and he is untouchable. Can you imagine if Hartley and Renney switched teams. And while Hartley’s inferior team, especially goaltending wise was swept by Renney’s team, the Thrashers thoroughly outhit the Rangers, if only they had better goaltending and a more depth.

    Notorious B.O.B.
    November 23rd, 2008 at 12:23 pm
    Honestly what did they expect from Hartley when their forwards were something like:


    Who in their mind would be surprised by a 0-6-0 start?

    But here is a shocker: even with that lineup they scored more goals last season than:


    and all this while having 2 defensemen with double digits in goals. While the Thrashers entire defense only scored 13 goals which is how much Rozsival alone scored. This should give you a clue how badly Renney’s forwards are underperforming. Fire this idiot and bring in a real coach like Hartley.

    Notorious B.O.B.
    November 23rd, 2008 at 12:34 pm
    Also I want to point out that Callahan is clueless offensively, he has a 4th liner mentality, he goes into the offensive zone and does not try to make an offensive play he just shoots the puck from ANYWHERE like a moron. Never tries to get closer for a better shot, never tries passing to anyone. I blame Renney, because Callahan must be really scared of losing his job if he turns the puck over that he doesn’t have a shred of creativity in his offense. And pretty much same applies to many of our forwards. Renney is ruining our players, especially young forwards. Renney needs to decide whether his forwards’ job is to score or be just try and not make any mistakes.

  3. Notorious B.O.B. on


    finally, but how is this a 2nd line? Especially when Gomez is just coming off an injury?

  4. Notorious B.O.B. on


    Maybe time to give Orr a rest? The guy doesn’t even fight this season nor does he score, it is ridiculous.

  5. Notorious B.O.B. on

    The only unit that stayed intact was Wade Redden and Dan Girardi.

    that is a very bad pairing because that is 2 of the 3 of our slowest defensemen.

    I want Kalinin with Girardi and Mara with Redden.

  6. Renney, glad you caught half a clue!! Rozy, Redden, and Kalinen are the biggest defensive liabilities, why not split them up?! 24 games in! Yahhhh! He figured it out.

    BTW: OUR TOP LINE is Nas-Dubi-Z and thank god this azz-clown renney figured it out. Geez, is he blind, retarded, or both? This is the line many of us have seen coming since free agent signings.

    I read alot of the old posts, some good, others ordinary (ie. guided by the likes of Joe, Sam R, and Sam W). Don’t just believe what youre told people, think, question, test…

    Staal Wart: “the best coaches and teachers I’ve had in my life have been the ones who support you and encourage thru thick and thin. The worst coaches and teachers I’ve had have been the ones who ride your ass about everything.”
    …which is why Zherdev and Dubinsky got the shaft after sneazing into the wind. Give me a break. Renney’s an azz-clown who COINCIDENTALLY found lundqvist (after Weekes 3 injuries). Renney has never groomed a young player into a stud. Messier hated him and now I see why. He’s completely stunted Dubi’s growth and I fear he’s the same reason Tyutin, Girardi, and Prucha have all gotten worse under him.

    Renney only has the “vets” backs. He loves Rozy, Drury, Gomez, and the like…he loved Weekes. He has a nack for loving bad players AND good players who are playing poorly. YET, the rookies are the guys who “must be held accountable.” Really?! Why must Dubinsky and Z be held accountable for 3 bad penalties when Drury can loaf it on two shorthanded goals in one game and stilll see more ice time the next game?! Why can Rozy loaf it for 2.5 years and get an F’ing raise?! Don’t tell me Renney’s a good teacher, I can’t think of one player he’s actually helped.

    As far as the real root our problems – its this team being so tight (in “the system”) and the terrible defensive lapses. Breakaway after breakaway. Odd man rushes gallore. Get a clue guys! Renney, sit some of these chumps!! The team can score at will when they need to, we’ve seen 2-3 goal outbursts the last 15-20 minutes of games. They can score when desperation hits and they’ve done it so many times now it means the team has the parts but isn’t either working hard enough the rest of the times OR the system they play 45 minutes of the game is holding them back.

    Concerning that “accountability?” Why aren’t the players who are making the egregious turnovers being taken to task? Why isn’t there a 7th defenseman on this team?

    Last point, and I just can’t read anymore of it, Betts, Orr, and Shjoestrom do their jobs and pretty damn well. They aren’t scorers and they have contributed some big goals regardless. They’re playing alot, and if you have a problem with that – BLAME RENNEY!! He plays the 4th line that much time. As for the players, they work hard and do their jobs well. They play the top lines of other teams most nights and they hold their own…working hard, holding their own, earning their pay checks, not necessarily the things you can say about much of the rest of this pathetic club.

    But nearly ALL the problems stem from Renney.

  7. I hope they will not use Gomez till he is 100% healthy. Playing 10 games with a stress fracture couldn’t have done him any good. If he can’t skate & cut full blast he won’t help us. Don’t want to see him hobble thru the whole season if they don’t let him fully heal.
    Last night’s game was hard to watch. The pattern of us losing every one on one battle & being outworked cannot continue or be tolerated.
    Are their any other teams out there who support their Goalies less than ours? The great scoring chances we allow constantly is embarrassing.

  8. I’ve liked Renney in the past, but there seems to be a culture in the Rangers that under-achieving is acceptable. I’m a firm believer that to win the Stanley Cup, everyone on the team must play above themselves, and that is the opposite of what I see here. In this salary cap era, the teams that compete to win it all need big performances from their players making the league minimum as mush as they do their well paid stars. Detroit, and even Philly are perfect examples from last year. Detroit got huge performances from Zetterberg, Datsyuk and Lidstrom, as well as guys like Brad Stuart, Nik Kronwall, Darren Helm and Lilja. Philly had Carter and Richards step up and carry the load, as well as stud performaces by Braydon Coburn, Danny Briere, Marty Biron in the playoffs. I’m a firm believer that the Rangers have the talent right now to win it all. But what they lack is the work ethic and winning mindset. Renney reminds me of a lawyer who fights to settle or take a plea deal. Getting by is good enough.

  9. I think maybe the most frustrating part of this team is that we’ve seen what they are capable of. It’s awesome. They can shut down top offenses. They can breach top defenses. Hank and Valli are one of the top goaltending duos in the league, if not the best. We’ve seen flashes of brilliance, and even a strong 50 minutes effort against the defending champs. But still, 23 games into the season, we have yet to see a 60 minute effort. I can’t imagine telling my the guys on my men’s league team, “Sorry guys, I was really doggin’ it out there today.” This is the NHL, this is your JOB. If you can’t bust your ass for a full 60 minutes, get the fugg off the bench because you can bet there is a kid in the AHL who would sacrifice everything for the opportunity to prove himself. If the Rangers get beaten by a team with more talent, then so be it. But losing games because you got outworked is absolutely unacceptable, especially from a team that prides itself on it’s conditioning program. 100% effort every shift is all we can ask for as fans.

    I really feel Renney and his crack staff need to go now.

  10. Joe in DE
    Good points. What I have noticed is any goal-setting by the coaches, the way Keenan did. Anything short of the Stanley Cup is a disappointment.

    I have never heard that insistent drumbeat by Renney to win it all! All I’ve heard him say is that he is here to “improve the culture,” “identify with what good teams do,” “valuing what it is to be a Ranger.”

    All well and good —- but not at the expense of an explicit message to win a championship.

    Renney’s clearly a nice man. But he doesn’t come close to having the will to win that a Cup-winning coach has to have.

  11. I meant to write: “What I have noticed is the ABSENCE of any goal-setting by the coaches, the way Keenan did.”

  12. Its too easy to blame Renney. Last time I checked, he wasn’t on the ice. He also didn’t sign or negotiate a single player contract, which in reality is what most of you are bitching about. He has to work with what he’s given.

    Face the facts, this team Sather built is not going to score 3-4 goals a game. There is no guy who is going to score 40 goals this year (if you think Zherdev should, keep dreaming). This team is built around players who can play two-ways in front of an upper echelon goalie and grind out 2-1 wins.

  13. I think maybe the most frustrating part of this team is that we’ve seen what they are capable of. It’s awesome.


  14. Everyone missed the point on my post last night…
    my point is, we have a bunch of monday morning qb’s here calling for Renneys head…
    WTF is that gonna do? he is the coach…all the whining and crying about it does nothing. He isn’t gonna be fired because a bunch of you hate what he does. It accomplishes nothing, other than you get to put your little .02 in. Big deal!

    Salty I don’t give a shit if you respect my posts or not. I’m not posting here to gain anyone’s respect…and if you think your the guru and I must pass your little fuggin test, your better off knocking that little chip off your shoulder.

    IMO Messier brought the cup to NY. I’ve heard rumors that Keenan was shakin in his shoes in the Devil series as well as in the Finals. it was all Messier, Graves, Leetch and Richter, and he hasn’t one a cup since. Actually if you look at his career totals…outside of 1994 what has he done…Thanks Mess!
    How bout Messier for Coach?

  15. This team has nothing, NOTHING to be optimistic about…

    cautiously or not.

    Gomez is not the cure of all ailments. They are in a horrendous slump right now (playing wise) and if they can’t find a way to win some games this week they’ll be in big trouble.

  16. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Jjp, with all due respect, you’re as dumb as renney if you think that. Seriously. Have you watched the defense of this team? They’ve won 2-1 games only because of the upper echelon goaltending!

    We don’t need to score more goals! It would be nice to, but it kills me that you’re not the only pathetic soul who doesn’t get it. We don’t need to re-build the teams from 97-04!!!

    This team is lazy! The defense is horrid! Almost no other team let’s up so many quality scoring chances!!! Lundqvist is a gift, we are spoiled. And renney allowing the team to be so weak in their own end is our biggest problem. The system choking their offensive flow the first 40minutes of games is another. Renney alienating dubi and z is unacceptable. Renney not forcing his team to help Hank more is even a greater error. If you truly bringing in a ‘legit’ 40-goal scorer fixes our problems then give up now. You don’t get it and you missed my previous point.

  17. Notorious B.O.B. on

    Gomez is part of the disease, not the cure.

    And it is us fans that have the power to demand Renney being fired, if all over the net 90% of Ranger fans are screaming for coaching chage, writing petitions, ccalling radio stations, writing MSG staffs, and chanting at MSG and bringing signs, then Renney will get canned.

  18. Notorious…let me see you organize and do it, let me see the petition in this so called NHL democracy, please call the radio station, I don’t listen to sports radio anymore…I can’t listen to 4 hours of radio only to here 3 minutes of hockey talk…you have the power.
    IF you did it actually would be kind of funny.

  19. Staal Wart
    November 23rd, 2008 at 2:29 pm
    Everyone missed the point on my post last night…
    my point is, we have a bunch of monday morning qb’s here calling for Renneys head…
    WTF is that gonna do? he is the coach…all the whining and crying about it does nothing. He isn’t gonna be fired because a bunch of you hate what he does. It accomplishes nothing, other than you get to put your little .02 in. Big deal!

    Salty I don’t give a shit if you respect my posts or not. I’m not posting here to gain anyone’s respect…and if you think your the guru and I must pass your little fuggin test, your better off knocking that little chip off your shoulder.

    IMO Messier brought the cup to NY. I’ve heard rumors that Keenan was shakin in his shoes in the Devil series as well as in the Finals. it was all Messier, Graves, Leetch and Richter, and he hasn’t one a cup since. Actually if you look at his career totals…outside of 1994 what has he done…Thanks Mess!
    How bout Messier for Coach?

    He did plenty before winning the cup in ’94 since not so much. Messier was repaid in full for ’94 his second run here leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth. I hope he hawks Cold Fx for the rest of his life and doesn’t get a job here.

  20. leatherneckinlv on

    you are clueless notorious bob…just as what a bob really is..a fake…what do you know about hockey? by your posts..none…any positives to say…meathead? yeah there are glaring needs and improvements to be made..but its not like this is the worst team in the NHL…Sather needs to start solving some of this teams issues…ie…team toughness…a new defenseman who hits and a call up of Potter…Most glaring need is a power forward who can score 25 to 35 goals and fixing the powerless play

  21. Fritsche has looked like crap lately. He has two good games and has stunk it up again. Imo Korpedo has looked better on the wing than center. Drury is better off at Center. I know he’s a Ahl vet and he’s likely the french version of Brad Smyth(meaning he dominates the Ahl but can’t get it done on the Nhl level) but why not give him a chance? He has good speed and good hands and you know he’ll but his ass. I see no reason not to give him a little look up here.

  22. Notorious B.O.B.
    November 23rd, 2008 at 2:40 pm
    Gomez is part of the disease, not the cure.

    And it is us fans that have the power to demand Renney being fired, if all over the net 90% of Ranger fans are screaming for coaching chage, writing petitions, ccalling radio stations, writing MSG staffs, and chanting at MSG and bringing signs, then Renney will get canned
    Yeah because that worked when The fans were begging for Sather to be fired.

  23. leatherneckinlv on

    this team doesnt hit like it should…those devestating checks..numerous times i have seen where a player could have had a real solid hit..but turned to follow the pass by that player some 15 feet away instead of delivering a bone crushing hit…this team doesnt intimidate at all..and now you see the other teams crashing the net..just as i said they would…a month ago…no team has ever won the cup without grit and toughness…ever…even in the 70’s the Canadians had grit along with talent..our team has very little..and simply not enough to be a Cup contender

  24. Staal Wart, I understand your point and agree that Renney is not going to get fired. I think you also make a good point about Messier bringing the Cup to NY. Messier was 10x the leader Keenan, Renney, and Drury are combined. I’d love to have him behind the Rangers bench and in the locker room. I forget which NHL Network analyst played with him, but he told a story about how the team was doggin it, and Messier ripped Luc Robitaille a new one. That’s the kind of respect Messier commands. Renney doesn’t get that. I don’t see Renney as the kind of motivator this team needs. The fact that Messier disliked his coaching style in Vancouver so much speaks volumes.

    I also disagree with the idea that this team doesn’t have any 40 goal scorers. In fact, I see several, but the system needs to change. Naslund is playing real well, and I think Dubinsky and Zherdev are of the same caliber of Mike Richards and Jeff Carter in Philly. Our young talent doesn’t seem to be developing as much as it should be. Prucha is a painful example. Dubi seems to be worn into a rut too.

    Our power play has been a disaster for years. We have so much talent on this team, I just can’t help but think we can do better

  25. keenan, 4 0n 4 game 6 against the devils score tied, messier, leetech, zubov, and kovalev.
    renney, overtime regular season, betts, sjoostrom mara, staal.
    there is youre difference.

  26. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    New re-vamped team (who came out of the gate playing as a team with confidence, passion and desire), same staff, same system (which I haven’t figured out)and the same glaring issues each year. What’s wrong with this picture?

    It appears the strengths, confidence and desire this team started out with has been sucked out of them. It’s like they’re just going through the motions as of late – on the ice because that’s where they’re scheduled to be.

    Something has got to give. I have faith in this team – we’ve all seen what they can do but my faith in how they are being managed is starting to run thin.

  27. So Dawes will sit if Gomez comes back.

    Wow, Renney is really rattling his sabre!

    Apparently coach was “angry” after the last two games bet the guys are quaking with fear in the corner of losing their places for non performance.

  28. True – I think you’re misreading my post, reread it. My point was that the coach has to work with the roster he’s given. In this case, the roster isn’t a high scoring one – which the players themselves have admitted. A defensive system will work when you have a stellar goaltender, whcih they have. Fans might want players to become offensive superstars but the reality is very few guys breakout in any given year. Renney is to a certain extent handcuffed by Sather, he might want to sit Redden or Rozcival for example but he can’t because they only have six defensemen on the roster. The coach has to make do with what he’s got.

    I also don’t believe in knee jerk reactions after each game – even good teams go through periods of poor play. I think the Rangers overachieved the first 10 games and now reality is setting in. What I don’t believe is that we have some super skilled roster like say Detroit that is being held back by the coach. That said I like this team and think they can be successful . Its a long season, lets see where they wind up at the end of the year.

  29. Dubi or not Dubi on

    The coaches are responsible for the players performance on the ice and ultimately the team’s actual performance. The team has not been performing all year which has been masked by the unreal play of number 30. Brodeur would have chewed out his team by now if they kept hanging him out to dry the way the Rangers do to Henrik.

    As for the lack of development of the young players… Renney used to be the director for player development (Or something like that). He had a hand in a lot of their awful drafts, but as someone mentioned, the draft can be a crapshoot, these things happen. However, the fact that every young player to start his career under Renney has regressed. Prucha and Tyuts both started out with huge potential, now they are ruined. Cally just skates around, Dubi started this season on fire and then got benched, thus losing all of his confidence (14 games, 12 points before; 9 games, 2 points since). I’d go on, but it’s time to watch the champions.

  30. Some of you may be aware that I am by no means a fan who likes the “system” Renney plays, I like a different style game.

    But fire Renney? The guy is 7 games over .500 and in first place.

    Obviously they are not playing well, but firing Renney ain’t gonna happen right now.

  31. Nashville Predators are absolutely crushing the Carolina Hurricanes. Seriously, it’s an even more pathetic showing than the Rangers the other night. Carolina has had all kinds of opportunities on the PP and just can’t get anything going. Cam Ward is playing a good game but his defensive support isn’t there and he’s getting shelled.

    Sound familiar?

  32. Joe, you got my point…thanks.
    I do support Renney, mainly because he is the coach of the team I’m freakin crazy about, and I support him. Does he do everything to my liking? Hell no! but unlike some others here, I’ll admit, I have no idea what is going on behind the scenes, and closed doors with this team.
    I’ll agree with points by True Fans above about Renney not bringing along the young talent we have. They show signs/ flashes of brilliance at times but it only seems to fade. But what am I supposed to do. Bitching on this board does nothing productive. Its a complete waste of time and accomplishes nothing. I’ll also agree Dubinski is fading, that being said how do you explain Callahan? I don’t think he has faded.
    I can also agree that Renney relies on his veteran players alot who may not deserve, and who have shown at times they DO NOT deserve to be played. I don’t like Rozi I never really have. I’m disgusted with the way Redden has played, but by coming on here and spewing nonsense is plain pointless…I’d rather just support my team and enjoy the ride, and call it like I see it. I’ve always liked Mara, I remember lots of Mara bashing by some last season, probably by the same people above bashing Renney, Naslund, Drury, etc. etc.
    There are times that the players are skating and really dictating the flow of the game and I think Renney is a genius and his system is great. There are other games like the last 2 that I wonder. The point is its an 82 game season, teams ebb and flow and come March who is gonna be there? I do think this team is good, I do think if they get there shit together they can go deep in the playoffs. Don’t forget there were alot of new faces again this season and they are learning. The Rangers are a work in progress. I’d rather my team go through the tough times now than Feb/Mar.
    Thats my take and I’m looking forward to tomorrow night!

  33. “Bitching on this board does nothing productive. Its a complete waste of time and accomplishes nothing”

    But isn’t that the whole point of a blog ? To bitch and moan, in both positive and negative ways aboot your fav team ?? Fuggin ??

    The Yotes have been struggling as of late, blwing leads, unless im thinking of a different team. Nyr needs to add to their problems, and not give them a freebie like they did with the fuggin Sens, and Nucks.

    I hope Freddy Shoes scores a hatty !!!!

  34. All Hail King Henrik on

    Actually, Boston is in first place, and they’ve played 2 fewer games.

    If the teams behind us win most of their games-in-hand, the Rangers will be somewhere around 6-8th place.

    If PIT wins two of the next three, they move ahead of us.
    If Montreal wins two of their next four, they move ahead of us.

    Once teams start making up the games played, we will no longer be near the top of the conference. We’ve played 3 more games than PIT, WAS & CAR, and 4 more games than MTL, NJ & PHI.

    Hopefully they will lose their games-in-hand, and the Rangers will start winning again.

  35. One of the reasons Boston is doing so well is that they HIT. It’s hard to stay on the puck too long when Milan Lucic is bearing down on you like a freight train, or Chara’s breathing down your neck.

    Oh, also, they move their bodies AND the puck on the powerplay, instead of just the puck. If I see one more Ranger PP where they set up five stationary players and play catch for two minutes, I’m going to vomit.

  36. How heterosexually challenged are the Lightning’s 3rd jerseys? I dig the colors, but geez…

  37. Shea Weber is Paul Mara with a shot that actually hits the net. What a cannon. He’s gotta be close to the top of defenseman scoring

  38. Booooooooooo Rosival !!! Bench him and Redden against phoenix and bring up Potter and anyone else!! Send a message now before its too late!!!

  39. I’d imagine Shea Weber’s only competition right now is Mike Green as far as that goes, Joe in DE.

    Also, while we’re talking about D, I AM glad Renney’s moving the pairings around. About a month ago I started wondering what would happen if you split up Mara and Staal, the two hands-down best D on the team. Having them together is kind of an “all eggs in one basket” situation. Spreading around the toughness and defensive talent could go a long way in making the most out of the six D-men we have.

  40. absolutly sick game vs the Sens . A complete embarassment , if Renney can’t stop the slide …he may soon lose his dressing room.

    Mark Messier would be AWSOME as our coach , playing Gretzky and the coyotes tonight!!

    Renney is a great scout and would make us good in other ways than actual coaching the Rangers. I’m not a hater but come on Sather , step down and make Renney G.M for all I care …just bring in the Messiah and all his passion to the bench!!!

    Fairey tales are done , back to reality. Did anyone notice the look on Lunqvist face on the bench as he saw the defense collapse in front of Vally ? He was think omg , Do I have to go back to playing behind them!!?? G U L P !!! Poor Hank !!!

  41. Notorious B.O.B. on

    Boston are smart in 3 things:

    1. They don’t hold on to mediocre or bad coaches

    2. They are not scared of playing 18 and 19 yearold prospects

    3. They sign the top quality UFAs–the monster Chara is one of the best and intimidating defensemen in NHL and Savard one of the best playmakers in NHL. They don’t waste their money and cap space on overrated junk like Redden, Gomez, Rozsival, and Drury.

  42. I just checked the stats, Weber just moved into first in Defense scoring with 10 goals and 10 helpers.

    Dan Boyle is 2nd with 19 and Rob Blake is right up there too.

  43. The “SENS” across the front of Ottawa’s new 3rd Jersey is pritty sharp looking . I can see the Penguins copying that like they did by putting P I T T S B U R G H across the front like we do . “The PENS ” it will say …just add a “I” in between and you ‘ll have a penguin fan.

  44. Lightning’s 3rd jersey just says “bolts” across the front. Screws, nuts…bolts…. all gay

  45. Time for Kolzig to retire. He was awful last year(if the Caps hasn’t traded for Huet they wouldn’t have made the playoffs)

  46. Notorious B.O.B.
    November 23rd, 2008 at 5:49 pm
    Boston are smart in 3 things:

    1. They don’t hold on to mediocre or bad coaches

    haha…betcha Lou Lamo is kickin himself now…

  47. Thank you all for your well wishes. Unfortunately the findings are not good. He has type II diabetes and at some point in his life he contracted hepatitis c and has had it for 40 years and it has gone undetected. That is not the worst of it though. He has lesions in his esophagus that caused him to lose pints of blood from vomiting all this blood up. He also has advanced liver disease and a tumor on his liver. We will find out tomorrow how bad it is. Does not look good at all. They will then deem whether or not he is a candidate for a liver transplant (something I wasn’t even aware a person could get.) So as you can see, it is not good at all. Please keep him in your thoughts. The guy is a huge NY sports fan, and a big Rangers fan. Was there when they won the cup and all.
    I am not going to even get in to it with my synopsis of the teams play over the last few games. It absolutely sucks, and I hope that with the line changes, embarrassment, and looking at the tapes that they can turn it around. I am drained. That’s all I’ve got. Let’s snap out of this funk tomorrow night and get something going. Let’s go Rangers!

  48. Nasty – very very sorry. there are no other words. give your wife an extra hug since i’m sure she’s devastated.

    despite your moniker you are a total class act.

  49. Staal W: “I’ve always liked Mara, I remember lots of Mara bashing by some last season, probably by the same people above bashing Renney, Naslund, Drury, etc. etc.”

    The readers/posters who I most often sympathize with haven’t bashed Mara – I was one of the few people last year to say Mara was playing well (while people were booing him up to half way through last season). I’ve also never bashed Naslund, he’s been handicapped by playing with impotent centers. I bet he produces with Dubi and Z now.

    And as far as the purpose of this blog – are we only supposed to post good things? Is this the place we come for verbial daises and roses? I think not. We love the team, we hate their flaws, and we point them out. Listen to MSG broadcasts if you don’t like hearing/reading it how it is.

  50. oh yes dubi has been outstanding in november. do you even watch the games “true fans”. the only time you are happy is when the Rangers are losing. read someone elses posts who just agree with you if you don’t like reading how it is.

  51. Does anybody know the difference between a Reebok Premier jersey, and a Reebok Edge jersey ??

    I wanna buy a Dubi, but i don’t know which one of the two to buy. The Premier is $100 cheaper but i don’t wanna buy it if its all cheap.

  52. It is just because the more expensive one is the real one with fight straps. The cheaper one is not cheaply made at all and it is what you see most people wearing at games and stuff.

    LI Joe, thanks man. Much appreciated.

  53. Joe, who said Dubi’s had a great November? I didn’t say that…read, dumba$$. And you’re almost right, i’m not happy until the team wins the cup. I see the flaws. You’re you. I don’t hate you for it, I just know you have lousy hockey sense.

    Nasty1 predicted the Rangers would go on a winning streak!! Posted Nov19th. Read it. Same day: “We need a few tweaks, but this team never just gives up. I will say it again. We are going to be alright here…So I will take the team, the coach, the defense, and the record for right now. If something comes along that can make the team better, so be it.”

    Haha…two jokesters who never see the light of day because their heads are so far up the MSG announcers and sugar-coating media’s arse. Too funny you two.

  54. true fans you really are a trip. must be a lot of fun at a party. again you commenting on my hockey sense brings to mind the adage consider the source.

    i see plenty of flaws too. if you are only happy if they win the cup I suggest giving up now. unless you know a way to get AO or someone like that. or maybe the whole detroit front office.

    you never give a player like drury an ounce of credit. besides leading the team in goals he is one of the very few who actually goes to the dirty part of the ice in front of the goalie. and kills penalties too. but it’s easier to hate him so continue on.

  55. When is the Renny chorus line of Brandon & Dude& Beer Me and the others you know who you are gonna show their faces? Buncha pussies f you ask me, LOL.

  56. Some of you veteran posters really need to get a life; fire Renney, hire Messier. The Rangers are in a freeken slump. It happens all the time to all teams; relax, we’ll get out of it. Success & failure are contagious. Stop over-reacting. We’re a very young team that’s very fragile and we’ll become more grounded with time. Patience is a good virtue. I know it’s fun to beat up on everybody when we lose, but be patient.

  57. wd – it is the weekend. some of those you named usually post from work. i believe that is your 2nd post calling out people today, i see you are another class act who is happier when the Rangers are losing.

  58. LIJoker — yeah right the weekend that must be it! you think those guys would not be hawking their usual crap if the team played even close to a honorable game in Ott yesterday? they are too afraid to face the music and you and I know it.

    loneranger — wrong. The veterans on this team who with a good coach would be ashamed to play this bad are NOT young. Drury, Naslund, Rozsicrap Reddenshit, Kalinin, that is a solid vet core group and to make excuses like that is stupid.

    They’re in a slump?? They’ve been in a slump for more than half the games they’ve won, wins they only got because HL stood on his dome! Wake up

  59. While I can’t say that I’m pleased with the way the team is playing and I certainly don’t agree with Renney’s system, I think what we all need to remember is that Renney isn’t the one out on the ice making plays.

  60. wd – 95% of beerme’s posts are from work. still waiting on him to get me a job there. he is also a newlywed so you are way off base. not a huge fan of dude from newsday posts but most of his posts are from work as well in his defense. not sure of brandon.

    you come accross as an islanders or devils fan. so if your happy the Rangers have now lost 2 in a row enjoy yourself. i guess it takes all kinds.

  61. Spin-master Joe Flex;
    When did I bash Drury recently? He started terrible. Renney gave him too much ice time. Drury started producing, changed on a dime. His defensive game improved dramatically too. I’d like to see him be a more pro-active captain, but I don’t hate on him for his play on the ice anymore. The first 12-14 games though, he was terrible. Lazy. Laxidazical. Played poorly on both ends of the ice. I tell it how i see it and I gave him his credit when he started producing, when he scored the shootout winner, when he SCORED his SH goals…they were all credited. Perhaps you missed them, I guess you’re not perfect but that’s ok.

  62. Joe, Beer mostly posts from work BUT after Drury’s big games he showed up here to rub it in….he finds time when he has a point to prove. No surprise that he’s “too busy” tonight. We get it buddy, we’re not dumb.

  63. true fans from your post at 8:38

    “I’ve also never bashed Naslund, he’s been handicapped by playing with impotent centers. I bet he produces with Dubi and Z now.”

    sounds like you have major hate to me. overall doesn’t look like you’re giving too much credit unless you’re writing in code.

    I see right through you. a leopard doesn’t change it’s spots.

  64. Spinmaster…and where’s the Drury bashing? Drury’s the only center on this team? Naslund’s only played with Drury? I’m trying to figure out what you’re getting at. Naslund played mostly with Drury to start the season and Drury’s slump handicapped Naslund (Naslund was actually producing well before Drury). That doesn’t mean Naslund’s production hasn’t been stunted because the other centers play a different style than he.

    Dude, seriously – you’ve tried to stretch my words three times today. You fabricated me saying Dubi is having “a great November,” you said I don’t give Drury any credit, and you’re stretching a comment I made about the team’s centers to say i’m bashing Drury.

    You sound like a woman dude. My words are here. Fight with facts, leave your tampons home…you can’t win this argument because you’re a clown and the only chance you have is by twist, twist, twisting my words. I take it as a compliment, actually. I’m glad you couldn’t find anything concrete against me…Haha! Gracias, senorita.

  65. Joe from Islanderville — I guarantee I have rooted for the Rangers longer than you have, and I don;t live in enemy territory like you.

    I want a coach that demands accountability (sp?) and wants to win as much as I do! every young player on this team has gone south since the beginning of the year, why is it a crime to point this out and ask where are all the losers who told everone who thinks renny can;t do they are idiots, I repeat where are they??

    You have excuses and alibis — are you telling me that none of them have been near a computer since Fri? Hahaha

  66. true fans – one of us uses his real name and the other uses a name the exact opposite of what he is. and one of us has to resort to 3rd grade insults.

    think about it

    maybe some day you’ll grow out of it.

    at least you’re giving me a good laugh (not with you mind you)

  67. Joe,
    I’m not trying to insult you. I’m proving you know nothing. And if that insults you, maybe you should work on it because things are often only insulting when they strike a chord.

    I love how you say i’m using 3rd grade insults and then say my S/N is not genuine…ohhhhh! You got me, you bully! (arm punch). hahahahaha

  68. wd – maybe they are asleep. beerme posts very early in the day as does dude. so if you can wait maybe you’ll get their answer in the morning. don’t look for beerme after 4:30 though.

    i am only wasting my time answering you because you called out in childish language posters who were not here to defend themselves.

  69. Joe LI — Whoa, you called me a name “class act” and not being a Ranger fan, and then you turn around and you got the balls to call someone ELSE out for name-calling?

    Up your meds, bro

  70. Because long islanders (Joe) are too classy to respond to childish posters! Because Long Islanders are the definition of classy! Because Long Island-run-of-the-mill Joe has never insulted anyone in his life. You’re the biggest clown on these boards. Why don’t you go read blueshirtbulletin where the spin is almost as big as your ego?

    Joe is a Liar. Hypocrite…and WD calls you a psycho, I’m not sure about that…perhaps pathological liar, so OK. He might have something.

  71. There not here to defend themselves because they are cowards and you and I know it, at least Stal Wart doesn’t run like a baby and hide

  72. All Hail King Henrik on

    Renney could just switch Drury and The Korpedo if he doesn’t like Dru on Gomer’s left wing:


    The Korpedo has played better at wing, and the same argument could probably be made for Dru at center.

  73. All Hail King Henrik on

    I still want to see what The Korpedo can do with Gomez setting him up. Let him just try and finish, rather than having to try to create everything (at center). At this point, what harm could it do?

    No one has really been able to fit with Gomez at LW (Naslund didn’t do much there, and Dawes had what, 1 goal off all those set-up passes?). Gomez desperately needs a LW that can finish what he creates every now and then. Maybe The Korpedo with his speed and size can click with him.

    Korpikoski-Gomez-Callahan would be a FAST line with the abililty to forecheck AGGRESSIVELY. Face it, Dawes is too slow for Gomez’s flank (Naslund probably is, too). The Korpedo can keep up and I’m willing to bet he’ll put home some of those passes, too.

  74. All Hail King Henrik on

    …Just one more thing to note. Korpikoski scored his first goal off a one-timer on a pass from Fritsche who was below the goal line cycling out behind the net.

    This is precisely how Gomez creates much of his offense. He loves to feed players from behind the net and behind the goal line.

  75. Notorious B.O.B. on

    “They’re in a slump?? They’ve been in a slump for more than half the games they’ve won, wins they only got because HL stood on his dome! Wake up”

    right on

  76. I’m just really curious to see Renney’s next move. I’ll give him credit if he tries something interesting to get things going, even if it doesn’t work… but thats the thing… he’s too arrogant to try new approaches. I don’t mean mixing lines, I mean having his guys out there trying a “run and gun” approach from time to time…just to see…

    I give him a little bit of credit for showing so much emotion on the bench the other night… that is pretty new. I honestly think that was just him really losing his cool though… not so much an approach but a reaction.

    He’s just not versatile enough to take a team the distance.

    By the way, I also agree and believe this team has PLENTY of talent and has the *potential* to go very, very deep in the playoffs (same thing last year)… I don’t expect them to under Renney though… He simply does not know how to get the most out of his players, especially his better players. He had success with Jagr for 1 season… nothing more, nothing less.

  77. Notorious B.O.B. on

    I seriously don’t get Renney appologists, haven’t you seen enough of Renney by now to figure that he is not a coach that can win a Cup in NHL? Haven’t you seen pathetic offense and PP? Haven’t you noticed that there is never any true accountability, only scapegoating? Have you noticed that young players get worse every year. Snipers like Prucha, Dawes, and Callahan look like they can barely score? The entire team looks unable to make passes. Why should we keep holding on to Renney, give us some reasons. And I don’t care that we made playoffs 3 times in a row, we were pretty much manhandled 3 times in a row, that is not a reason to keep Renney. I rather not make the playoffs to get top 10 pick.

  78. As Salty said
    “I’m just really curious to see Renney’s next move. I’ll give him credit if he tries something interesting to get things going, even if it doesn’t work…”
    Same thing I’ve thought, many times. The style of play that works for the Rangers is to press, When they stop pressing, they are absolute crap.
    You know what? I don’t even know what Renney’s system IS. If anyone can tell me, I would appreciate it. I’m not being sarcastic, I really do not know what it is.

  79. The longer I follow this team, the more I loathe it’s fanbase, that seems to actually pray for the team to struggle so their dire prognostications about this scapegoat or the other can be proven right.

  80. ‘Bear – thats what most people use the blog for. They’ll give you some bunkum theory about trading our dross for someone else’s superstar, and then somehow fitting it under a cap. Also, as you say, a lot of people use it for the “i told you so” factor, conveniently forgetting the million times they’ve been wrong.

    As for me, i’m a positive thinker and patient, I don’t agree with the rip it up and start again attitude of most. I also think that you can’t blame Renney for bad luck or big money contracts and under-performing vets and with the current position why would you fire him?
    If the team loses a couple or under-performs for 2 or 3 games these guys think Renney is the 2nd coming of Potvin.
    I think Renney has this season and possibly next if we show improvement in the playoffs, if he’s not won it by then Gretzky will be our new head coach.

  81. BillyDeeWilliams on

    stevethebear – i couldn’t have said it better myself. if there wasn’t controversy or problems with this team, i think most of these guys might explode. the only time this board was full of people who actually thought positively was when the team was 5-0. As soon as they got that first loss, it was littered with people calling for Renney’s job.

  82. Steve the bear, uk ranger and Billydee – all very well said. i particularly like the lines in steve’s post.

    it’s funny I never go on isles blogs as i figure it would be too aggravating. instead a handful here do the job of aggravating me instead.

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