Statement game? (Updated)


A familiar trend in hockey goes something like this:

Team wins a few games in a row. Team wins the last game of streak in less-than-convincing fashion. Team begins a losing streak.

The Rangers are not there yet since one loss on Wednesday does not constitute a slump. But if you think of the way this team played in a shootout win over the Senators on Monday, then you can understand why this trend could become a reality.

Today we’ll know. I expect a better start, and I expect the Rangers to pay greater attention to detail without Henrik Lundqvist in net. Beyond that, I make no promises.

Update, 2:30 p.m.: It doesn’t sound like Scott Gomez has made the progress needed to return by Monday. Or at least “that’s the way Tom Renney is framing it.”:t Stay tuned…

Update, 4:40 p.m.: So there is something to that trend after all. Hello, losing streak. The Rangers look utterly adrift through two periods, with no sustained forecheck, no sense of urgency, and seemingly no confidence.

There’s no question that Jarkko Ruutu interfered with Stephen Valiquette on that third Ottawa goal. There’s also no question could be losing this game worse than 3-0 regardless.

Meanwhile, Scott Gomez isn’t a savior. But the Rangers clearly miss him.

More later…

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  1. I’m pretty pumped about this game. I’ll be at Scotiabank Place with my Rangers jersey showing the Ottawa crowd what a real fan looks like. I only get to do this twice a year so this is like Christmas for me. I had the chance to watch Evgeny Grachev last night play the Ottawa 67s, so this is turning out to be a pretty good week-end.

    The Sens are unveiling their new third jerseys today, I hear they’re awful. Something to look forward too.

  2. Grachev played a generally nice game I heard with two helpers.

    Can the Rangers please bring back the Liberty jerseys? I miss them. They were a nice atmospheric change every now and then. MUCH better than the “New York” away jerseys they had in the late 70s-late 80s, those things looked budget.

    I’m a big fan of the shield logo on the jerseys myself (they’re funny), but only once in a while, like a throwback night.

  3. Schaslik, don’t ever predict shutouts.

    Sam, are you or one of your colleagues going to do any pieces/blog entries on the Wolfpack and Rangers prospects as the season moves along?

    Go Rangers. Hope Valli has a good game.

  4. Did anyone else notice this quote from the coach following the Vancouver game? I just found it this am at Blueshirt Bulletin and my jaw is still on the floor.

    “Asked why the players were falling back into a passive 1-2-2 defense instead of forechecking Vancouver, Tom Renney said, ‘That was their choice, not mine.'”


    Somebody, anybody from the Renney fan brigade wanna address this and spin it as a positive?

  5. Actually, I could tell that it was an off night for Grachev, but he and his linemates, a couple superstars in Duchesne and Hodgson, were simply dominant.

    I’ll be sporting my liberty jersey today. Any word on when the Rangers are unveiling their third jersey?

  6. chris

    blueshirtbulletin has links to other sites. try howlings for the Pack, prospect park for juniors, and beyond the blueshirts for Russian players and the Pack.

  7. Rangers should roll through bitch teams like the Sens. Neil is out of the lineup, so there is no reason why we can’t pound their top players with impunity. Vali has proven to be a more than competent backup, and his meltdown in TOR last time was a isolated incident. I expect big games from him and Redden, so is coming off of a couple real stinkers and will be chomping at the bit to not only stick it to his former team, but to get back on the good graces of NYR fans. Rozy is a crap-shoot as he is every night. I think the Rangers are concerned themselves with their play as of late, and this could be the game they turn the tide back.

    On a completely unrelated note, I really hope Prucha gets back in the lineup and starts lighting the lamp furiously. I just bought his jersey, and I’d prefer that he stays on the team for that reason alone. I know it’s wishful thinking, but a boy can dream, right?

  8. joe in de – you just bought his jersey? i hope it was a big discount. rozy must be happy its a road game

  9. This whole stretch will be important. Starting today…

    Let’s just say they lose today…

    They face Phoenix on Monday and then the two FL teams after that.

    If they’re in a losing slump this week they’re playing really CRAPPY hockey

  10. Joe, CCCP, whoever else commented about my ankle yesterday,
    Thank you for the advise. I’m actually going to the hospital right now. I woke up in the morning and it was more swollen then ever. Hopefully, Ill be back to hockey in a week or two

  11. Hahaha i know. I got the jersey brand new for $37 on I needed a primary white jersey to play pick up games with, and the fully lettered jersey was $9 more than the BS CCM liberty head center ice practice jersey. Sadly, I’ve never had a lettered NYR jersey before this one because every time I really get to like a player enough to buy his jersey, we wind up getting rid of them the next season.

  12. what the heck – you’re doing the right thing. I used to sprain my ankle a lot playing bball but never came close to passing out from the pain. they’ll probably tell you to ice it and elevate if it’s “only” a major sprain. with break might need a pin, resetting or cast/boot to keep immobile.

    listen to the dr and listen to your body.

  13. I was also just jersey shopping. There’s one on ebay that even includes a “flight strap” hahahahah. I checked their other listings just to see if it was a copied and pasted typo but no matter where in the ad or how it was stated, it’s listed as a flight strap. No wonder it’s so important for players to keep it attached during games. Hehe.

  14. nutgirl, if you can get a jersey with “fight straps” for a reasonable price, grab it. Those jerseys are authentic jerseys, just like the NHL players wear, as opposed to the replica jerseys which most of us have. New RBK authentic jerseys are $250-$300 without letters and numbers

  15. Thanks Joe, I only have a couple of select NYR jersies and I superstitiously insist on them having fight straps to tie down for good luck at games. Just wasn’t sure what to do with the more elusive “flight strap.”

  16. HECK –

    Didn’t see you entry last night but there are “Ottawa criteria” (oddly for today) that suggest that if you meet 2 out of the 3 you should get an xray to rule out a fracture:
    1. Unable to walk at the time of the injury
    2. Unable to walk now
    3. Tenderness over the ankle.

    If you meet 2 of those 3 and haven;t gone to the ER yet, GO.

  17. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Good to hear you’re getting it taken care off. Hopefully it’s nothing serious. Let us know.

  18. gresch wrote

    Did anyone else notice this quote from the coach following the Vancouver game? I just found it this am at Blueshirt Bulletin and my jaw is still on the floor.

    “Asked why the players were falling back into a passive 1-2-2 defense instead of forechecking Vancouver, Tom Renney said, ‘That was their choice, not mine.’”

    gresch, nothing passive or wimpy or self-serving surprises me anymore about Tom Renney. Though when the guy admits he basically has no control whatever over his players when they hit the ice it is scarey



    Sam will you please post the video if you can next new posts?


  20. Another horrific start shocking. I hate to sound like Bob but why the hell does Betts get so much 5 on 5 icetime? That line creates zero offense.

  21. Does anyone else’s heart sink when we get a PP…its unbelievable that a PP can stop any forchecking momentum we may have had…its almost comical

  22. Sam and joe trying to make excuses for Dawes…He missed, move on!

    I agree with nutgirl. has this team not learned playing along side Avery? Players like that- Either harm’em or ignore’em.

  23. i know staal wart its unreal. i keep saying to my dad we need to find out if we can decline power plays….cause we honestly should.

  24. Typical pathetic 1st period, which i don’t know aboot all of you, but im expecting it every game.

    Its almost like these guys don’t give a shit aboot their goalie. Its unreal that its only 1-0.

    This team pisses me off. They’re making Rutuu look like a god dam genius. Fuggin ignore him, see what happens when a Ranger comes up with the bright idea of “dealing” with Rutuu, they take a penalty, and because of that its 1-0. The guy didn’t do a thing to this team, he shot the puck, big fuggin deal.

    He’s not gonna fight Voros, or Mara. You wanna get back at him, learn to throw a god damn hit. Its almost like these guys are retarded, just fuggin ignore him.

    That’s twice now, Mara tried to be a tough guy, and screwed us with a dumbass penalty that led to a goal. Stick to your job, defending, and missing the net on your shot !

    They better step up the next period, and the 3rd. My fuggin b-day’s tomorrow, i wanna be happy when it comes.

    BTW – Nice that Sens fans showed some class, and cheered Wade. I heard a few boo’s early on, but that was probably the jerk off bandwagoners. He was good to them, and he deserved the ovation, so good for him. Hopefully he does the opposite for them, and does something more negative, like scoring a goal.

  25. Like i said a few days ago, the difference between Avery, and Rutuu is Rutuu is more of a pussy, and isn’t willing to drop the gloves like Aves. That’s why i hate Rutuu, and would never want him on Nyr, ever !!

    Tootoo, that’s another story. He’s the man, and i wish he was on this team. They could use some physical forwards.

  26. From now on the only stat the Ranger scouts should use in evaluating an offensive player is:


    or Can He Hit The Side Of A Barn?

  27. More and more I feel like this team’s start was just a fluke and by the time x-mas rolls around we’ll be a .500 club and sinking fast.

    Quick starts are great and all but they don’t mean crap if you waste ’em.

    These guys need to get their heads on straight and FAST or they’ll be watching tail lights in the spring.

  28. ORR !! What Is It Good FOR ??
    November 22nd, 2008 at 3:54 pm
    Like i said a few days ago, the difference between Avery, and Rutuu is Rutuu is more of a pussy, and isn’t willing to drop the gloves like Aves. That’s why i hate Rutuu, and would never want him on Nyr, ever !!

    Tootoo, that’s another story. He’s the man, and i wish he was on this team. They could use some physical forwards.

    Avery averages about 3-4 fights a year ditto for Rutuu. The biggest difference is Avery is a much better player.

  29. I told yo Betts was garbage. Hyena Renny is a joke. Betts is a goat. Trad Gomez, Redden and Rozzival.

  30. first shift for korpedo in the period 5 minutes in fire the hyena and let him keep his hand on for Betts elsewhere.

  31. We can’t even get the puck out of the zone..As bad a period as one team can have. The only good thing is the Sens are just as bad!

  32. Remember, class: This performance has nothing to do with the coach. “That was their choice, not mine.”

  33. If Renney actually meant that nonsense about the play being the teams choice and not his, does that mean they’re not listening to him anymore and he’s officially lost the team?

  34. Renney = hyena
    betts = goat
    drury = chinchilla
    gomez = squirrel
    redden = elephant
    roszival = spider monkey
    sjostrom = porcupine

  35. orr – avery is an a** but verbally and minimally (toward brodeur) physically. ruutu deliberately goes for guys knees and other body parts with the intent of injury. as he tried to JJ in the olympics. it is ok to exact revenge on that type of player or he will eventually injure a player. it should be much easier to ignore the mouth of an avery.

  36. seriously, this game is an abortion. This is a bitch team and we’re getting rocked. If I’m Vali, I sidestep the next couple shots in protest

  37. Ridiculous decision to pinch by Girardi. And while very hard to fault Vally, he did not look good on that play.

  38. There was no interference the hell is Valley bitching about? Hate to say it but great screen by Rutuu.

  39. Anyone who thinks this team is even 8 million light years close to being well-coached is simply uninformed.

  40. onecupin67years on

    You can Renney yelling to the troops on TV and still play like dogs , he lost this team.They could care less.

  41. I think we should all chip in and buy the team a case of Red Bull. They’re playing like a bunch of jerkoffs. Vali is getting hung out to dry

  42. graves9…clearly interference, you can’t screen a goaltender from the side…sorry.
    outside of a brief few minutes in the first I can’t remember a good forecheck shift with steady pressure

  43. wow… something needs to change! we dont skate hard, we dont forecheck hard enough, and we cant hold the puck in the zone. Yea Renney likes to focus on defense and so do i but this is a 2 way game and if you cant score you are not gonna win. And if you can have the puck in the offensive end the whole time are you not also defending your own net as well. LGR!

  44. What an embarrassment of a team..

    Honestly, im not gonna panic, even though clearly the game is over, cause this team with all those “leaders” are not showing any heart. Renney needs to get fired, this team needs a wake up call. They’ve played to many games like this, whether they win, or they lose, they’re not playing 60 mins, that shit’s not gonna fly in the god damn playoffs.

    If he cant get this team to get their shit together, then i cant think of any other way than to fire him.

    They’re playing against the worst team in the league right now, or one of the worst, and we’re getting outplayed every way possible.

    And im so sick of Sam, and Joe, shut the fugg up aboot Staal, all he’s doing is giving up the puck, and making a couple of bad plays, and a couple of decent plays. So embarrassing, i cant take this.

    What a waste of time, im so sick of this team right now, i wish it was the All Star break, cause they need time off. Maybe get fuggin laid so they can focus better.

  45. Staal Wart
    November 22nd, 2008 at 4:48 pm
    graves9…clearly interference, you can’t screen a goaltender from the side…sorry.
    outside of a brief few minutes in the first I can’t remember a good forecheck shift with steady pressure
    Well then every Holmstrom goal was interference too then. Rutuu moved out of the way with the shot coming in.

  46. Rewatching the second goal pretty terrible turnover by Betts setting it all up. So in addition to the Girardi pinch everything was done wrong on that shift.

  47. Trade winds should be blowing. This team’s record is deceiving due to Henrik. We need some more grit and certainly any forward who can put the puck in the net.

  48. NYR56
    November 22nd, 2008 at 4:50 pm
    Anyone else not find Gomez funny?
    If only he was half as funny as he though he was. I have never heard him say anything funny.

  49. Is it Renney’s defensive system or is the fact that “star” players are not living up to their individual offensive potential?

    Lundqvist has masked our issues with his stellar play so far this season, but the bottom line is that WE NEED TO SCORE MORE GOALS!!!!

    Zherdev is the only certifiable goal scorer. Gomer is an assist man, Drury is a 20-25 goal scorer at best. Naslund is scoring nearly enough. Voros is not really a 2nd line scorer, he is a VERY good third line winger. Dubinsky has hit a slow streak and hasn’t put the puck in the net.

    The only proven goal scorers up front are Naslund and Zherdev. They cannot handle the load. Redden has been offensively and defensively inept, so has Roszival.

    Lundqvist and Valliquette have sprung leaks and now all of the problems have come to bear.

    I know it won’t happen, but a trade might help, if only we were not up against the cap so much!

  50. Notorious B.O.B. on

    “Anyone else not find Gomez funny?”

    yeah, way too cocky, he really thinks he is something.

  51. hey. I just got out of the hospital and the word is it’s not broken. Unfortunately they looked at my sprain and said it is worse than a broken bone. So I guess I’ll be here for the next month nonstop.

  52. I’m not a Renney basher, I’m not! I respect how he took a bad to lower-mediocre team back to respectability ( to upper mediocre…42-40 two seasons in a row)

    But…it appears that the professor has lost his team..A FIRST PLACE TEAM!!…I’ve never seen a coach lose a first place team…I think it began with benching of Voros and Zherdev in the first Ottawa game…Zherdev wasnt down on himself but with the coach

    These last two games have been embarrassing…how much of a weaker opponent could you ask for? The Sens are reeling; Neil and Fischer are out; there are daily Spezza being traded stories, Murray or Hartsburg (or both) being canned and they lead the Rangers 3-0??

    Well anyone on our Dee besides Mara ever have to throw a hit or sit??

  53. this team is almost unwatchable. three penalties in the first 8 minutes? are you kidding me? they have absolutely zero heart and they play like the games should just be given to them.

    there is absolutely no forecheck and what’s worse is we don’t even have a breakout. can the defense be any more pathetic? they’re playing like they have no idea what they’re supposed to be doing.

    there wasn’t a single person from todays outing that had a good game. even marc staal looked like garbage. to everyone who keeps saying there isn’t a reason for concern, wake up.

    girardi: so many mistakes these last few games…
    naslund: a waste of a roster spot. can this guy be any more worthless?
    rozsival: marek malik version 2.0. get the hell out of town!
    redden: worst signing since the lockout
    dawes: couldn’t score 20 goals in a season if the net was the size of a barn.
    dubinsky: has played like a total putz. he looks incredibly lazy and afraid of the puck.
    voros: does this guy have any kind of mean streak to his game? i hate his smirk.
    zherdev: trying to do waaaay too much. he just needs to play his game.
    drury: captain clutch? …? really?
    fritsche: should be traded.
    prucha: see fritsche, see dawes. his 30 goal season was a fluke.

    breakout: nope.
    forecheck: nada.
    powerplay: unwatchable.
    penalty killing: keep giving up as many penalties as we are and its going to come back to earth.

    …and scott gomez coming back into the line up is going to fix all of that?

    this team has serious issues. they don’t skate and they aren’t motivated. i guess what frustrates me more than anything is i don’t think anyone on the team is going to step up and say enough is enough, we have to be better. i’m looking for some fire. some determination, some heart. no one on this team is showing it.

    chris drury certainly isn’t that guy to step up and say it.

    is renney that guy? if he is, he’s certainly said so by now right? and if that’s the case, no one is responding to him… this is getting ugly.

  54. graves, do you know what a screen is?
    a shot coming in from the slot and you think Ruutu was screening Valli by bumping him from the side, and leaning into him. Come on! if that was a screen, then Valli’s eyes are on the side of his head.

  55. Notorious B.O.B. on

    how many times here did I say that Zherdev and Naslund have chemistry together. Probably a 100.

  56. ah a nice hostile enviornment to post in. lovin

    Guys- nothing is going to change until they can put together 3 periods of hockey. There’s no way you can say one particular person could be a savior because the entire team is playing with zero urgency. Until all 4 lines are rolling and keeping up at a serious level of competition theyre just going to keep doing what they’re doing..

  57. Mara got the terrible penalty for chasing after Ruutu like a pissed off ex-girlfriend. He shoulda just quit when he challenged the ass and let everyone see the coward running away.

  58. nutgirl
    November 22nd, 2008 at 5:11 pm
    Mara got the terrible penalty for chasing after Ruutu like a pissed off ex-girlfriend. He shoulda just quit when he challenged the ass and let everyone see the coward running away.

    Haha speaking like a girl that has experience in doing that.

  59. This team doesn’t have anyone who will consistently put the puck in the fvcking net and it’s absolutely maddening.

  60. LI Joe
    November 22nd, 2008 at 5:20 pm
    bob – if betts was gone you would have nothing to complain about

    For once he’s right about him. Betts has played like shit today and he hasn’t been benched like guys like Dubi, Voros and Zherdev has been.

  61. Honestly Ruutu has played today exactly how Avery played against Atlanta in the playoffs two years ago.

  62. Didja see the way Phillips just went around Redden? You don’t see something that easy in pee-wees! Redden is the laziest of a very lazy bunch.

  63. I realize there were a lot of penalties taken by the Rangers, buuuuut

    Betts played 16:50 and Sjostrom played 17:03. Renney mystifies me sometimes.

  64. Only pplayers who had a good game -Vall, 32 Saves, Staal

    NAzzie was luky to get that goal, everyone else sucked ass.

    How can we go the entire first period being outshot 12-0?

    One question: Where is the system we had the first month of the season?

    And if Sam Rosen and Doucheletti keep blowing other teams the way they do every single game they should just wear yogurt on there lips on MOnday during the yotes game.

  65. Well the 3 penalties in the first 8 minutes was just the start they needed. Unmotivated lazy, stupid, and undisplined is the best way to describe the effort and play today. The only energy they showed when they were chasing Ruutu. There was no forecheck no energy no good offensive chances(including the goal) The defense was slow, soft and turnover prone. Hard to pick anyone that played well. Blair Betts, Dubinsky and Sjostrom seemed to be the worst players tonight of a bad lot. Dawes has one or two games where he played well but he’s fallen back into the captain invisable routine. The Rangers were ill prepared and that’s not only the fault but on the players too. Do they even have a system. No let Hank stop em all is not a system and they sure as hell have no offensive system. This team is about fun to watch as watching paint dry. The team is soft on d and undersized and lacking finish up front. Sather is too blame for that.

  66. JCL206
    November 22nd, 2008 at 5:39 pm
    I realize there were a lot of penalties taken by the Rangers, buuuuut

    Betts played 16:50 and Sjostrom played 17:03. Renney mystifies me sometimes.

    Pretty sickening imo.

  67. onecupin67years on

    This team being in 1st place only masks its major flaws.
    The continue to get behind early.
    The offense is awful.
    The young players seem to be struggling and don’t seem to be developing.
    The overpaid vets seem to be struggling and aren’t producing.
    The coaching staff can’t get a handle on the team.
    Boy its great to be Glen sather,all is well,ask the dolans.

  68. Notorious B.O.B. on

    Too bad Sather is such a loser and coward that he won’t fire Renney and hire someone else.

  69. Notorious B.O.B. on

    “Betts has been on for three of the 4 goals against. Yet Voros gets benched. I don’t get it.”

    that’s Renney for you. You are just realizing there is a problem, I’ve seen it right away back in 2005.

  70. Ok I have an mean idea. Ever see the movie Crank? Verona shoots assasin Chelios up with some Chinese Shit that makes him have to keep moving, keep his adrenalin pumped or he dies. I think most of the team could benefit from that right now. Told ya, mean. But really, where did the heart in this team go. I’m still hoping this is a normal set-back and growth period but umm a friend was here helping me bake for a dinner..she doesn’t watch hockey unless it’s to amuse me, but she just looked at me and sincerely asked what are they doing? are they new?

  71. rangers look confused as to what sysyem they are playing. remember when renney said they were going to be an up tempo forchecking team? half the team is trying to do that, and the other is still traping. no PP QB, no power forward, and no physical D MAN.

  72. Hahahahahahaha…

    Glad they lost this one, they deserved to. Nothing would have been worse than them coming back late and perpetuating the illusion that “everything is okay”.

    Renney has LOST the team. I think benching Z was the final trigger that showed the team that Renney just doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    Guys like Rozy & Redden have no fear of being reprimanded for playing like slosh gushing twats, and the team in general seems to have lost interest in playing to WIN.

    Renney looked like a frustrated throbbing erection on the bench with no place to hide. Obviously his “scare tactics” and yelling are too little/too late… the team knows Renney is a non-threatening man. It honestly made me laugh to see Renney finally frustrated and panicking. Piece of puppy shit in a jacket and tie, nothing more nothing less.

    Further proof that we are right about this team and Renney. Renney is NOTHING without Lundqvist there to steal games for him.

  73. Gresch November 22nd, 2008 at 5:58 pm

    Dave Maloney thinks the word “discerning” = “disturbing.”

    Perhaps he was giving us insight to how ignorant he is.

    On a completely different. I cannot stand Micheletti..I cringed when he thought he was crafty and used the word plethora.

  74. what exactly does betts do to earn ice time? score goals? prevent goals? on for 3 against today, win faceoffs? enough with betts and the 4th line. play 3 lines, and spot the4th.
    tortarella time.

  75. i’m not protecting betts so have at it.

    just seeing the golden boy come back to earth – the one some think should get $ 6 mm or more. I’m not seeing it. is he hurt?

  76. Notorious B.O.B. on

    “what exactly does betts do to earn ice time?”

    what happens in Renney’s office, stays in Renney’s office.

  77. Classic bait game by Ruutu…Rangers ( who saw Avery up close) should have known better….be a man and hit the SOB in the open ice…

    Seriously, the only way to make a team pay is to cheap shot their stars..yeah you may get a penalty for low bridging Spezza but thats better than getting one as Ruutu baits you

    Coaching staff should be preaching this…Ruutu hits someone..ignore him…take it out on Alfredsson or Spezza…see how much Sens like Ruutu when you do that

    Renney can scream all he wants…they are a poorly prepared team…..keep benching the young guys ( who all get paid $1M or less) and stroke the Rozis and the Reddens….Renney is afraid to make Sathers poor signings look bad…but the good signings, or drafts, (Dubi-Voros-Zherdev) he disciplines..

    Poor coaching…poor preparation and poor showing of his B#$%s

  78. Joe I’m not denying Dubi’s putrid play but he at least he has offensive upside. Rangers has an offensive zone draw? Here comes the Betts line. Wanna start the period with a good forecheck and possibly a early goal? The Betts line starts it off.Hell you just gave up a goal against and wants to get some momentum? Here comes the Betts line. Granted the 4th line has been better than last year(when their combined minuses were astronomical) but still. Playing him 17 minutes after he plays a game like he does does show Renney plays favorites.

  79. wasn’t a comment on dubi. he has been as brutal as the rest of them. more on the coaches overuse of a 4th line player. that is all he is a 4th line player. for that matter overuse of the 4th line as a whole.

  80. Oh
    and keep changing Dubi’s linemates too…after giving him a tongue lashing…

    What is the plan besides pray for Hank to win games??

  81. graves – fair points. Renneys fatal flaw is Betts seems to be his adopted son. just like Sather’s fatal flaws are “offensive dmen” like Ozo, Poti, Redden, and Rozy (and I fear Del Zotto and Sanguinetti).

    agreed also that Dubinsky has a ton more talent than Betts. he just has to start showing it consistently.

  82. Is it just me, or do the Renney supporters seem to have their mouths corked up pretty good right now…?


    This is the FOURTH F*CKING SEASON running we are seeing this kind of putrid effort out of this team, and you’re telling me it’s not a matter of coaching? These are talented teams, very talented. We have seen how well they CAN play early on in the season…. it seems the longer all the new faces are under Renney … the worse they have become.

    And of course they “like playing for him”… it’s so easy!

    This team will NEVER be dominant under this idiot. And Drury, despite stepping up his individual production, has proven yet again…he is not a leader of men and cannot get these guys going.

    Why is it that Philly has gone from zero to hero in just 1 season? What do they really have that NYR lacks?


  83. i will say the time to use the 4th line more is down by 3 goals last 5 minutes. prevents guys from getting hurt like JJ did in the playoffs vs the devs in a game that was totally lost.

    kaspar all i can think of is WWKD. do i need to translate.

  84. Where is Beer me, & Brandon & BillyDee, adn Dude1994? Where are the guys who have been telling everyone this crap has nothig to do with bad coaching. it’s a fricking joke

  85. You can’t blame this game on a nobody like Blair Betts. He was one of the few guys with a jump in his step tonight.

    He’s a 4th line guy. I don’t know why he see’s THAT much ice… but he’s not the bad guy here (bob), don’t be a dipshit. The whole team was *awful* tonight, it’s not on Betts… he does what he can and gets paid peanuts compared to some of the other bastards on this team who don’t care to show up nightly.

  86. Redden is astonishingly bad — and the laziness, the lack of effort on top of the bad decisions, the refusal to hit, the non-existent offense is the worst sin of all.

  87. I’m honestly looking forward to hearing what some of the others have to say, how they spin today’s game… I’ll keep my predictions to myself… but I can hear it now. One thong about me is that I will eat crow when I know I’m wrong about something, but there are few others around here who I don’t think have it in them.

    wd40, add Staal Wart to your list of those MIA… he’s another one who think Renney has no fault in anything.

  88. Salty
    November 22nd, 2008 at 6:26 pm
    Is it just me, or do the Renney supporters seem to have their mouths corked up pretty good right now…?


    This is the FOURTH F*CKING SEASON running we are seeing this kind of putrid effort out of this team, and you’re telling me it’s not a matter of coaching? These are talented teams, very talented. We have seen how well they CAN play early on in the season…. it seems the longer all the new faces are under Renney … the worse they have become
    Have to disagree on that point. In Renney’s first year the team played their hearts out night in night out. Jagr backchecked harder than he ever has in his career. His 54 goal were a huge reason along with Hank’s play in finally making theplayoffs. The last few years the team has been inconsistant. In 06-07 they played rather crappy Hockey till March they got ridiculousy hot for 6 weeks a made the playoffs(which seemingly were beyond their reach) and last year they were up and down the first 3+ months then they picked it up and made it as the 5th seed. This year they’ve gotten off to a really good start but they really haven’t played all that well and it’s catching up to them.

  89. Redden is astonishingly bad—- and the laziness, the lack of effort on top of the bad decisions, the refusal to hit, the non-existent offense is the worst sin of all.

    yeah, no kidding. I honestly, not in a MILLION years did I think we’d ever see a worse handcuffing contract than Chris Drury’s…

    Well Sheeeeeiiit… Sather does it again. F*cking nosecandy washup Redden doing a f*ckin’ irish jig for the next 6 years around his pot o’ gold at the end of the NHL rainbow which is known as the New York Rangers.

  90. LI Joe

    Maybe a predictable response from me, a Renney critic. But I wonder if Dubi doesn’t have a lot of CoachVoice in his head — “don’t do this, don’t do that, or you’ll end up benched like before” — that is grinding down his instincts and spontaneity.

    For whatever reason, he sure doesn’t look like he’s feeling the joy and zip and exuberance he once showed on almost every shift.


  92. Have to disagree on that point. In Renney’s first year the team played their hearts out night in night out.


    Perhaps you forget the last ~15 games of the season when the Rangers failed to pick up that ONE SINGLE POINT that would have clinched them the Atlantic title… “slipped on a banana peel”, remember that *shit*? That team was Jagr and Lundqvist. Jagr had a big year because he got anything he wanted from Renney and it happened to work.

    I first started HIGHLY QUESTIONING Renney at the end of that season when they flat out LOST 15 games straight… he could not get his team going when Jagr and Lundqvist were burned out. That’s as close to a FACT as you can get.

  93. I missed the game for a wedding but have it on tape. Based on reading the entries here, it sounds like I should burn it.

  94. renney and sather both deserve the blame.

    Sather put together a terrible nhl team that we are likely stuck with for the next 4-5 years and we have nothing in our farm system that really lends me to believe that is going to change in the next 3-4 years. the two russians are the only offensive players in the system and who knows how good they are.

    -only signing of his this summer that is decent is mara and that was a resigning. voros isnt terrible, but he is a 4th liner who can maybe play 3rd line. and zherdev is not gonna carry our offense, he has potential, but he’s not there yet

    the past few years renney has been bailed out by the indiv efforts of henrik, jagr and avery for a bit. u take those players away and they never make the playoffs or win a round. this year henrik is the only reason we have won games and like some have said, their comeback games were very deceiving, they havent learned anything from those games, renney has no system besides hoping to score a goal or two and then having the goalie hold the lead

    the really sad thing is that i and others have made the same point about renney/sather every season for the past few years..diff faces same problems

  95. No ford… you should watch… it’s honestly a riot… you should see Renney getting all frustrated on the bench like a dog’s little red lipstick rocket.

  96. the past few years renney has been bailed out by the indiv efforts of henrik, jagr and avery for a bit. u take those players away and they never make the playoffs or win a round. this year henrik is the only reason we have won games and like some have said, their comeback games were very deceiving, they havent learned anything from those games, renney has no system besides hoping to score a goal or two and then having the goalie hold the lead

    Facts. And yes Pete, I know you have been saying this too…

  97. honestly i would be really happy if Slats got fired or something that ends his tenure in New York. This team makes me want to punch someone sometimes seriously.

  98. gresch – i’m not a renney hater nor am i a renney lover. I did think Dubinsky was mentally tough so I hope you’re not right on him letting renney ruin his enthusiasm for the game. all i know is right now the price of poker is going down for Mr Dubinsky. as JD would say he is costing himself some fishnakels.

    by the way the team was predicted to be borderline playoff caliber before the season. so 2 points. 1) they are finding their true level 2) a lot is on sather for the bad contracts for redden and rozy. I disagree that drury and gomez are in that league of bad contracts. somewhat overpaid yes but not nearly in the same category. unless we could have gotten someone like AO for same type contract which as we all know is impossible.

    I’m not a knick or nba fan at all. but their cleaning major salaries off the books for a run at Lebron is brilliant. and Stern (commish) must love it. Bettman would not love it if the Rangers got Sid the Kid or AO the same way. that is what this team really needs a guy like those players in their prime and the commish and league to support it. and Dolan to support it too.

  99. Renney really does need to get fired. He just doesn’t understand this team. He gets way to much credit than he deserves, he’s a decent coach, not the kind of coach this team needs.

    If the players are “giving up” on Renney, then you need to wake them up by firing this guy. Id love to see how they react.

    Sometimes you gotta do things like that. They’re playing like stupid morons. Im so sick of seeing the 4th fuggin line open a god damn game, and get a shit load of shifts, and have guys like Fritsche, and Voros getting benched when Betts was a -3 or something.

    This team is fading fast, they’re 3 point lead in the division is nearly gone, because of their horrible start to the month. Gotta change it now. Usually December is their worst month, so if this continues, its gonna be tough.

    Dubi’s been the most disappointing, cause he fuggin disappeared. He’s been coughing the puck up, just playing like pure shit, and its starting to get annoying.

    Good job by Orr going after Rutuu at the end. Its good to see him do something that Renney was probably telling him not to do.

    I really wish Tootoo was here, and threw a leaping shoulder into Rutuu’s head, ending his fuggin career. That would be a great b-day present.

  100. LI Joe — No question you are right about Dubi’s buying power at contract time being on a major downtick now.

  101. dr house
    November 22nd, 2008 at 7:25 pm
    just have an f’en heart for petesake. Get a goal scorer. Pry Avery back tooo.

    Good God first from bring back Shanny posts now to bring back Avery posts.

  102. If the players are “giving up” on Renney, then you need to wake them up by firing this guy. Id love to see how they react.


    Honestly, I think the team has been too spoiled. I think firing Renney would leave a team of unproductive sourpuss’s at this point.

    Unfortuantely, I do believe that we’re now in a position that Renney is both the problem, and the solution to this team. The predicament though is that his ego is too big to restructure/reconfigure/pinpoint the approach and admit he’s been wrong. He’s not enough of a coach to pull his team out of this 3 year mess without breaking a few eggs, so he won’t even try.

    They’ll throw Sundin into the lineup, as usual, and expect another name to make everything better (see: pussyfart into playoffs)…that’s the name of the game isn’t it?

  103. I’m sorry to beat a dead horse. But I STILL can’t believe that Renney actually told the media that the Rangers’ falling back into a 1-2-2 against Vanc. rather than forechecking was “their choice, not mine.”

    I mean think of what that says!

    What I guess he intended to get across is this: “I coached good, they played bad.” But did he not recognize that he is making an admission he has lost the ability to impose his will on his players? In other words, has lost them?

  104. true fans – isn’t Drury leading the team in goals. love to chat more but playing tennis tonight

  105. to all you morons I’m a fuggin Renney supporter and I’m still waiting for who you would hire because as far as I can see there is no one I’d rather have from our available options…who do you want Tortellini…the little pig?
    There you go Salty

  106. At least Staal Wart has the sack to show and state his case. I think he’s cracked. But at least he shows up.

  107. “isn’t Drury leading the team in goals. love to chat more but playing tennis tonight”

    Drury has sure stepped it up. If I felt like it, I could easily break down his 2 non goals and then the hat trick game, etc etc… I won’t do that yet though. Drury has earned some production cred as far as I’m concerned, for now.

    I will continue to hold him to the flames as far as a “Captain” figure though. Just look at this team’s “go getter” approach to games. Look at how “authoritatively” Drury takes the officials to task when our goalies get their chests kicked. It’s known league wide that he is a meek and timid man, quiet in the locker room, just like Brian Leetch who was a great player, but a poor Captain. No one’s afraid of getting on Drury’s bad side… on the Rangers or across the league.

    Drury has gotten better, but it’s a long season. Leading this teams AWFUL production does NOT say much at all. SAME STORY as last year. I will say it’s nice to be able to look at him and not completely loathe him anymore…but I’m wary of him still. Not a consistent producer, and he needs to be, that’s what we need. We play “team defense”, no? In my mind that means “such a versatile player” like Drury should have plenty of leeway to step up offensively when the gane calls for it… but Chris is usually just happy to be a guy who lays low and breaks up plays… unless of course we have the lead…

  108. im usually supportive of our team n coach after a loss but this game was really frustrating and even more so that after renny got done yellin and tryin to motivate his team they did absolutely nothing. doobs has been bad and i think most of the guys mainly our vets have not shown the leadership that these young guys need to develop. somethings obviously wrong with this team and u really gotta wonder why after such a great start and the chemistry was startin to build. its like 20 guys all just playin with each other for the first time. they looked lost out there. somethings gotta give with our d. at this point id pay another team to take redden or rozy off our hands. and why caqnt anyone except gomez carry the puck into the zone? we sure need him just to establish a forecheck. rennys lost the team and if he doesnt do somethin soon im pretty sure the rangers are gonna lose3 him

  109. I’ve been reading the comments on this blog for about a year now and some of your insights amaze me. Some of you don’t have a clue about hockey.

    Lets look at the Rangers roster.

    Naslund(25g)-Gomez (16)-Callahan(8g)
    Zhredev(26)-Dubinsky(14)-Voros (7)
    Dawes(whoever else)(14g)-Drury(25g)-Korpokski (r)

    Rosival(13)-Girardi (10)
    Redden(6)-Kalinin (1)

    How can you all blame Renney? What do you expect him to do with a lineup like this? Like it or not, Sather screwed him. I really don’t care whose behind the bench, the results are going to be similar. No coach in NHL history will get much more offense production out of this team. We have a team filled with 3rd and 4th liners. We dont have a star (minus Hank).

    No matter how much Renney “gets his troops going” it still doesnt make up for the fact that our 2 highest paid defensemen are jokes and we lack a serious scoring threat from any line.

    I’m indifferent on Reeney, but thinking any other coach will make this a team that will make it past the 2nd round is a joke. The team is a 5-8 seed team. The team wins or loses on if Hank can bail them out and allow 2 or fewer goals.

  110. Torts, maybe Marc Crawford. Two Cup winners wathcing from the sidelines right now. Pat Burns, another one with a Cup if he’s healthy enough i know he had cancer.

  111. Why is Nigel Dawes playing every game? He seems to get worse and worse. And is Voros out of favor too? Zherdev seems to rarely have anyone to pass to. Remember when Jagr’s line would dominate in the offensive zone for entire shifts — when was the last time that happened? Dubinsky is fading away. Drury is wildly inconsistent. As I’ve said a thousand times, there is no offense, so if the defense and goaltending isn’t great, it’s over.

  112. STAAL

    That is a good question. Who can coach this team. I think the real reason why guys like Dru, and Gomer, and anyone else wanna come here, is they know Renney isn’t the kind of coach who’s gonna rip them apart, if they’re not playing good. Which sucks because there’s no other way of sending a message to these guys if they’re playing like shit.

    They all like Renney, and it is definitely possible that they’ll act like those loser Knicks did when there was rumors that the child rapist coach was gonna get fired. I sure as shit hope its not that, cause that would be a nightmare, and hockey players have more class than those animals in other sports that only really play for money, while they beat up girls, and shoot people, and fight in night clubs. The most you see from a hockey player is a DUI these days.

    Torts might have the fire to get this team to the playoffs, or maybe he wont. I just think we need a coach that has more passion than Renney, cause in my opinion he doesn’t have much passion.

    And you can say what you want aboot Torts, and the Bolts, but that guy was left with a shitty team, with a few good players, and he managed to get them to the playoffs, with a shitty goalie, two years in a row. All they had going for them was Vinny, while St Louis, Prospal, and Richards were all losing their touch. He is a good coach, and should definitely be coaching. But i doubt he’ll replace Renney. I just cant see the guy getting fired at this point, he’s to liked, and sometimes that’s a problem.


    No way id want Aves back at this point. He’s not living up to the money he’s making, and he’s ruining that team, who now lost Morrow for the season, while Modano supposedly wants a trade. He’s done with this team, i don’t even want him back.

    Tootoo is another story. Trade Pruchs for Toots, get some hitting over here. And for the love of god, please dump Rozi, somehow someway, anyway !!

  114. im sure that after a few more duds like this, renny wont be so well liked.its not like they just started playin crappy. its been like this for awhile now. he even said that he doesnt teach the guys and show them their mistakes and hw to fix them instead he just makes them skate for conditioning

  115. is sather still the gm? this guy gets paid alot of money to be a phantom. its time for schoenfeld to take over as gm-coach.these guys are not responding to renney and a change is needed before the bottom drops out. sather must be found and kicked either up or out and a new approach is needed. it hurts to watch this team play, a disaster and no guts at all, they need their asses kicked. pathetic perfomance.

  116. fire his soft ass? I don’t get it
    Renney doesn’t have passion? huh?
    Didn’t he just (according to some of you) call out and embarrass Zherdev and Voros? Didn’t he just “give a tongue lashing” to Dubi, which is it…does have have passion or does he not. I’m confused.
    He’s a players coach, there is not one coach out there that can motivate his players EVERY game. I don’t think he lost any of the players in the locker room. In case you missed it the coach and the players are human. Did you all get a 4.0 gpa in school, are there ever days where you drag yourself thru work or school, give me a fuggin break.
    Its an 82 game season people get over it…loosing streaks are gonna happen.
    I am in no way saying that Renney is perfect, I’m not saying this a perfect team, (there is none out there)…we all have shit days and shit weeks and shit years for that matter…move on people the next game is Monday and I’m not gonna dwell on todays loss or Wednesdays loss. I’m looking forward to seeing how the team comes out monday.

    I like Renney he is my kind of coach…the best coaches and teachers I’ve had in my life have been the ones who support you and encourage thru thick and thin. The worst coaches and teachers I’ve had have been the ones who ride your ass about everything. I can’t stand Tortellini, I hated Keenan. I like the Claude Julien in Boston. Right now my coach is Renney and I stand behind his decisions. He knows whats going on better than any one of you fuggin Monday morning PP QB’s. He deals with the players day in and day out…you watch from your fuggin couches or from your seat at that Garden and wet your pants when you get an autograph or get your pic taken with at player…enough MOVE THE FUGG ON!!!!

  117. i guess your right bout Aves. Eh i really dont know anymore. I am still on Renney’s side. I am not gonna give up on him, but i have on slats.

  118. Pretty incredible win by the BlackHawks they were down 3-0 and 4-1 and won in Ot 5-4. They have scored 5 goals or more in 6 games already. Now there is a young team with an incredible future.

  119. Torts is as good as a coach as there is. The Rangers could have hired him in ’00 but Sather didn’t have a clue who he was and hired dreck like Ron Low.

  120. All Hail King Henrik on

    The best part about today’s game?

    –Watching Orr punch Rutuu in the face. The game was lost at that point anyways, so the penalties were irrevelevant to the outcome. The only problem was Orr really only landed one punch. Would’ve definitely liked to see him land a few more haymakers.

    Has Renney really lost this team? The disparity between Mara’s interview (he thought he took a good penalty) and Renney’s interview (he thought it was a bad penalty) was somewhat telling. I definitely thought Renney would’ve supported Mara taking that penalty.

    As a team, you’ve got to let Rutuu know that shit won’t be tolerated. Unfortunately, Ruutu might have gotten to the NYR a bit too much in this game. Oh well, the effort wasn’t there for the win anyways. I’d rather see them at least show some passion and fight it out at the end, then just curl up and die.

  121. Staal Wart

    Are you deaf dumb blind?

    yeah he calls out Voros Dubi Z, but what about guys who have played so much worse, don;t you get that you make the arguement for the other side without even knowing it, he won’t call out Rozsicrap or Reddenshit, so what does it matter, the players know he’s a wimp he craps on players who were never counted on the be the rocks of this team and completly excuse the guys who were supposed to be solid and try hard!

    Ignore the evidence all you want, in the last few days Renny’s told you he coaches fine they don’t follow his wonderful instructions, then he says he doesn’t even teach in practice. He is clueless and you don’t even see it

  122. STAAL

    Benching Nicky Z was dumb, benching Voros was dumb, benching Dubi durin the Isles game was smart, because he took two dumb penalties, and needed to get the message. But those two got benched for doing exactly what their teammates did, which was absolutely nothing.

    So what if benching those two gives him “passion”. If he actually has that then he’d have enough “passion” to bench Dru, Nazzy, Gomer, etc when they weren’t playing well.

    It seems like he only benches younger players, which sometimes could be smart, because they’re young, and they need to know that more is expected of them, but if he’s willing to bench Nicky, Danny F, Voros, Dawes, Korpedo or who ever else for not doing much, even though the Vets aren’t doing much either, is pretty stupid.

    Maybe Renney is a decent coach, who can bring a good enough team to the playoffs, but i don’t think he can take them all the way through, which i hope im dead wrong aboot.

  123. All Hail King Henrik on

    If the forwards on this team would stop trying to pick corners all the time, and just attack the net, they would score a lot more goals.

    Watch other teams score goals (San Jose for example). They attack the net as a group (3 forwards…and 1 D most of the time) and shoot low for rebounds. Goalie makes a pad save, kicks the puck out to the slot and there’s two or three SJ players there to put the puck in.

    The Rangers are trying to be too fancy, and except for one or two players, they really don’t have the skill set to pick corners consistently.

    Start shooting for rebounds consistently, and crash the net. More goals will come.

    Renney is constantly preaching this, the players just seem not to want to do it repeatedly. They’ll attack the net for a few shifts, and then resort to trying to pick corners and be too fancy.

    Shoot low, crash the net!

  124. KING

    Exactly. Everyone is trying to be a mother fuggin hero. Score a big goal, blah, blah, blah, quit picking fuggin corners !!! All you have to do is shoot the puck, low on net, and bank in a rebound. In fact, NYr’s first shot on goal i think caused a big rebound, and Dawes missed a wide open net, then Redden did the same thing, and Betts missed the open net. You’d think they would actually catch on, but they go into retarded mode, its fuggin ridiculous.

    Look at Ron Wilson, he didn’t put up with this shit, cause he’s a tough coach. Sometimes you gotta be tough with your players, and sometimes be hated, to get the message through. That’s just how it works in life. Its like the Rangers are full of 6 year olds, and they just cant understand this. Ugh, makes me sick.

    Because of this embarrassing loss, a few teams caught up to us, including the Philthy Flowers winning in OT, and the Devs won two straight, the Pens lost tonight, but they’re picking up points, and the B’s beat the habs in a shootout on Roy night. Of course there’s the Craps too, who play the Sharks.

    Lets go Sharks

  125. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Where to start. This was about as bad a game as they’ve played since before the lockout. The team had zero energy and looked like they were NOT giving 100% effort out there.After such an awfull game against the Canucks,I wanted to see how they would respond to not only a poor effort,but also how they would react after what I beleive are some of the most bizarre public comments I’ve ever heard from a pro or college coach.How could Renney publicly say something as stupid as “they decided to play this way,I wanted them to play that way” WOW!!!. It’s very aaparent that Tom Renney has either already lost or is about to lose his team.I think yo can trace it directly to his bonehead benching of Zherdev and Voros after a couple of bad shifts,and his public dress down of Dubinsky.Dubi looks like he has alot of clout on the team and the double standard Renney obviously shows when it comes to the vets might have finally cost Renney.Even today,he did not publicly stick up for Mara for trying to send a message to Ruutu,while he publicly defended the indefensible play of Rozival.Many posters on here like LI JOe and some others know that I am not now nor have ever been a Renney supporter.I don’t think he has a clue when it comes to understanding what type of talent he has to work with and even more importantly,how to make in game adjustments.His teams also NEVER EVER seem to dictate the style or pace of how a game is played.He consistantly coaches not to lose instead of coaching to win.There is absolutley no excuse for playing Blair Betts and Freddie Sjostrome 17 minutes each per game and expect to generate a consistant offense.I hope that he is allowed to resign the sooner the better because he seems like a decent man and it wouldn’t be classy to dump him like a piece of garbage.AS for who else is out there.John Tortorella is a great coach who won the stanley cup with a pressure based up tempo game that relyed on speed,pressure forchecking,and a great goalie in Khabibulin who covered up the occasional defensive breakdowns that come with that type of system.He used too have a saying “safe is death”.And for several seasons it worked very well indeed.

  126. Wow Czech, i didn’t read that Renney quote. I cant believe he actually said that, wow. That’s embarrassing, you’re the fuggin COACH !!! They do what you tell them to do.

    They played like shit, granted Vally gave up a few softies, but the guy had to face scoring chance after scoring chance, how long will it take till he fuggin breaks ? Jeez.

  127. ORR

    You could have read that quote from Renney at Blueshirt Bulletin. Oh wait, YOU couldn’t. Which also makes your claim that Sam provides more than Dubi totally wrong.

    “why did they fall back into a passive 1-2-2 defensive posture during the first period last night almost every time Vancouver gained possession of their puck deep in their own end? “That was their choice, not mine,” coach Tom Renney answered when I (Dubi) asked him that exact question.”

  128. ORR

    Pay attention bro. This was like the fifth post today.

    November 22nd, 2008 at 12:48 pm
    Did anyone else notice this quote from the coach following the Vancouver game? I just found it this am at Blueshirt Bulletin and my jaw is still on the floor.

    “Asked why the players were falling back into a passive 1-2-2 defense instead of forechecking Vancouver, Tom Renney said, ‘That was their choice, not mine.’”


    Somebody, anybody from the Renney fan brigade wanna address this and spin it as a positive?

  129. no i have nothing to say bout that comment that Tom said. Not everything is the coaches fault, sometimes the players dont bring it thats it. Some of us my never know the real reason why they play like garbage.

  130. BLURT

    I can go to BB, but i choose not to. I don’t care who gets more Rangers info between the two, it just seems like Sam provides the important stuff, at least to me he does. Quotes are quotes, you can get them on MSGYNY.

    I really wish i didn’t read that Renney comment. I don’t wanna be dramatic but that put the nail in the coffin.

  131. Sharks beating the Craps 5-1 after 2 periods. Setoguchi is having a damn good 2nd year. That’s another player Nyr could have drafted, but didn’t, ugh.

    And i find it scary that Poti has more goals than Redden, and Rozi. That’s just disturbing.

  132. Or dreck like Jessiman over Richards or Parise or Getzlaf or Brown or taking dreck like Montaya over Green or Burns.

  133. dr house it’s not of question of players ‘bringing it’ it’s a question of who’s in charge. It’s like Coughlin telling the Giant defense to safety blitz, then watching all 11 guys fall back into pass coverage, hell with the pass rush!

    What makes it worse is that Renny didn’t even call a timeout to demand the game be played the way he wanted it to. like he’s totally irrevelant.

  134. Coughlin isnt in charge of the defense bad analogy. Renney knows what he is doing, you are not in the lockerroom at the end of the first so we dont know whats being said. Him and Dru are the only ones that try and fire these guys up. What do you expect you have a bunch of kids who havent played long enough in the NHL to know anything.

  135. The players dont bring it sometimes and they straight up say it in the papers. Stop making excuses for the players when they are at fault just like Tom is.

  136. Yeah, right, the head coach of a football team has no responsibility for the play of his team. If Coughlin isn;t the defensive coordinator, he gets a pass on anything that happens on that side of the ball! LOL. Just like Renny gets a pass on the PP. It’s Pearn’s fault! LOL

    Renny body-snatchers got another one. Zombies unite!

  137. marc staal and mara were fine tonight, best d pair outthere but who as the jam mara does to go fight a man like ruttuu…is a coward…will never answer the bell…mara did the righth ting for his team

  138. This team is bad for my health. I can’t imagine my blood pressure.. lol

    TBH, all I want is to make the g-d playoffs… but.. this team just sucks… they’re playing nothing like they did the first 10 games… it’s impossible to get a lead.. we have no forecheck.. no PP..

    We need a 7th d-man.

  139. All Hail King Henrik on

    Just watched the highlights on NHL on the fly.

    Ugh. There was just no passion or desire out there today (aside from Z’s rush and Valley’s goaltending).

    It made me smile again when Orr dropped the gloves and swung on Ruutu’s face though (seeing Mara bitch him in the first was nice to see again, too). I’ll take those double-minors all day long. As long as they don’t cost us a game, I’m fine with it in games like this. Orr needs to fight and enforce a bit more; tonight was good in that aspect.

  140. I support what Mara did to ruutu (just missed staal on monday and i think almost got dubinsky as well). not because of the late shot in the shootout. it would be totally wrong of renney to punish mara for this.

    certainly enough blame to go around although i do think more is on sather than renney. certain people like “true fans” are way too happy when the Rangers lose a couple. like I’ve said before this team is finding its real level of a borderline playoff team. and unless redden and rozy play a heck of a lot better that is how it will stay.

  141. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Why, every time the Rangers win, the players listened to the coaches? Yet, every time they lose, it is simply the players fault for not doing what the coach wanted. If only that’s how it worked! There would be a lot of coaches with perfect winning percentages if that were the case! Just like the Power Play, normally the players don’t listen to the coaches, but every time they DO score, the coaches make sure to say “That’s because they listened to us”. So basically when good happens, it’s because of the coaches, when bad happens, it’s because of the players. Strange coincidence.

    Renney NEVER has his players’ backs. He should have backed Mara, just like he should have backed Dubi in that Isles game that cost Dubi all of his confidence. Those were two awfully weak penalty calls, it would have shown me something if Renney told him not to worry about it and just keep playing.

  142. Dubi or not Dubi on

    OH! Almost forgot, Sam wrote an article in yesterdays paper about how the players sometimes get too “Cerebral” and that’s why they have trouble just playing the game. Drury was quoted as saying that the reason they are better in third period’s is that they just go out and play… Yeah, they play WITHOUT Renney’s system! That means that the players are not responding to Renney, but when they hit the third period down 2 goals, Renney HAS to stop forcing them to play his lame system.

  143. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    I repeat myself: New re-vamped team (who came out of the gate playing as a team with confidence, passion and desire), same staff, same system (which I haven’t figured out)and the same glaring issues each year. What’s wrong with this picture?

    It appears the strengths this team did start out with has been sucked out of them. It’s like they’re just going through the motions as of late.

    Something has got to give. I have faith in this team – we’ve all seen what they can do. I’m failing in faith on how things are being run.

  144. staalwart-
    I like Renney he is my kind of coach…the best coaches and
    teachers I’ve had in my life have been the ones who support you and encourage thru thick and thin. The worst coaches and teachers I’ve had have been the ones who ride your ass about everything. I can’t stand Tortellini, I hated Keenan. I like the Claude Julien in Boston. Right now my coach is Renney and I stand behind his decisions

    hey staal, i was real pissed last night when i said fire his soft ass but i still dont accept that what he says and what he does. this team has been suckin for awhile now and teams are tryin to get and steal points anyway they can. the rangers have to be aware of this and not look at 14 wins and get comfortable. and actually the coaches that i responded to were not soft and tore me a new one when i screwed up. yea they had my back but they made me earn my playing time no matter the pecking order of the team

  145. The real problem is that if this team misses the post-season (and it is time to start speculating about a complete collapse, which is already underway) Sather-Renney will be back for yet ANOTHER fiasco season, starting in fall, 2009.

    It never ends. The owner of this team doesn’t even know how to spell R-A-N-G-E-R-S, and obviously doesn’t care.

  146. I wish the Rangers could somehow get a complete divorce from the Knicks and the MSG Corporation. Being an afterthought since, what, the 50”s, is a long time to be step-children.

  147. Renney NEVER has his players’ backs.


    lol…you’re not smart

    GardenFaithful… I agree… The team was running on all cylinders to start the season… where you would expect them to come together even more over time, we have seen just the opposite…. it really seems the more time all the new faces spend together under Renney…. the worse they are as a team…

    This team would probably better without any coach at all, still not saying much though.

  148. By the way:

    Keenan brought *The Cup* to NY, you cheerleader…

    Your post is… embarrassing to say the least.

    “They’re people too!! With FEELINGS! My favorite teachers are the ones who told me I could be anything I want!”

    Dude… I can’t say I’ve ever really respected your posts or concepts… But my gut tells me you just lost a bunch of people with that post… You’re saying you see NOTHING wrong with the downward spiral this team is on? Sorry man… I know I’m more negative and abrasive than most… But to honestly say you don’t understand people getting on Renney at this point… And that you don’t think anything needs to drastically change… You are exactly the kind of fan the rest of us are laughing at right now… You don’t really want to win and are happy just to have a chance at the playoffs.

  149. i hate when people blame the gms for not pickin certain players in the draft. 1 example is henrik lundqvist. 7th round! its a crapshoot guys. its not like these guys are automatic garaunteed superstars. whats stamkos got 5 points? i hate how they hype these guys and put so much pressure on them.

  150. Notorious B.O.B. on

    Bob Hartley, who won a Cup both in AHL and in NHL got fired after starting 0-6 with a crappy team, with crappy goaltending. Renney had several losing streaks of around 8 games in previous years with a star laden team and he is untouchable. Can you imagine if Hartley and Renney switched teams. And while Hartley’s inferior team, especially goaltending wise was swept by Renney’s team, the Thrashers thoroughly outhit the Rangers, if only they had better goaltending and a more depth.

  151. Notorious B.O.B. on

    Honestly what did they expect from Hartley when their forwards were something like:


    Who in their mind would be surprised by a 0-6-0 start?

    But here is a shocker: even with that lineup they scored more goals last season than:


    and all this while having 2 defensemen with double digits in goals. While the Thrashers entire defense only scored 13 goals which is how much Rozsival alone scored. This should give you a clue how badly Renney’s forwards are underperforming. Fire this idiot and bring in a real coach like Hartley.

  152. Notorious B.O.B. on

    Also I want to point out that Callahan is clueless offensively, he has a 4th liner mentality, he goes into the offensive zone and does not try to make an offensive play he just shoots the puck from ANYWHERE like a moron. Never tries to get closer for a better shot, never tries passing to anyone. I blame Renney, because Callahan must be really scared of losing his job if he turns the puck over that he doesn’t have a shred of creativity in his offense. And pretty much same applies to many of our forwards. Renney is ruining our players, especially young forwards. Renney needs to decide whether his forwards’ job is to score or be just try and not make any mistakes.

  153. I read alot of these posts, some good, others ordinary (ie. guided by the likes of Joe, Sam R, and Sam W). Don’t just believe what your told people, think, question, test…

    Staal Wart: “the best coaches and teachers I’ve had in my life have been the ones who support you and encourage thru thick and thin. The worst coaches and teachers I’ve had have been the ones who ride your ass about everything.”
    …which is why Zherdev and Dubinsky got the shaft after sneazing into the wind. Give me a break. Renney’s an azz-clown who COINCIDENTALLY found lundqvist (after Weekes 3 injuries). Renney has never groomed a young player into a stud. Messier hated him and now I see why. He’s completely stunted Dubi’s growth and I fear he’s the same reason Tyutin, Girardi, and Prucha have all gotten worse under him.

    Renney only has the “vets” backs. He loves Rozy, Drury, Gomez, and the like…he loved Weekes. He has a nack for loving bad players AND good players who are playing poorly. YET, the rookies are the guys who “must be held accountable.” Really?! Why must Dubinsky and Z be held accountable for 3 bad penalties when Drury can loaf it on two shorthanded goals in one game and stilll see more ice time the next game?! Why can Rozy loaf it for 2.5 years and get an F’ing raise?! Don’t tell me Renney’s a good teacher, I can’t think of one player he’s actually helped.

    As far as the real root our problems – its this team being so tight (in “the system”) and the terrible defensive lapses. Breakaway after breakaway. Odd man rushes gallore. Get a clue guys! Renney, sit some of these chumps!! The team can score at will when they need to, we’ve seen 2-3 goals put in the net the last 15-20 minutes of games. They can score at will. But what about that “accountability?” Why aren’t players making the egregious turnovers being taken to task? Why isn’t there a 7th defenseman on this team?

    Last point, and I just can’t read anymore of it, Betts, Orr, and Shjoestrom do their jobs and pretty damn well. They aren’t scorers and they have contributed some big goals. They’re playing alot, and if you have a problem with that – BLAME RENNEY!! He plays the 4th line that much time. As for the players, they work hard and do their jobs well. They play the top lines of other teams most nights and they hold their own…working hard, holding their own, earning their pay checks, not necessarily the things you can say about much of the rest of this pathetic club.

    But the problems ALL stem from Renney.

  154. The real problem is that if this team misses the post-season (and it is time to start speculating about a complete collapse, which is already underway)
    Jesus, have any of you sports n00bs ever seen a slump?! Was your expectation going into the season to never hit any rough patches? To never see uninspired hockey? All teams fall into stretches where they look like shit and play like shit. If they’re still playing like this in 2 weeks, then start the panic.

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