Valiquette gets nod against Ottawa (Updated)


According to everyone involved, it was the plan all along to have Stephen Valiquette start tomorrow in Ottawa. That it comes after Henrik Lundqvist allowed five goals to Vancouver appears to be only a case of curious timing.

I made the case yesterday that that game against the Canucks was an important step for Valiquette seeing how it was his first outing since allowing five third period goals to Toronto earlier this month. He agreed, but also said his confidence hadn’t wavered regardless.

“I guess I can say that I’m fortunate that it happened,” Valiquette said. “It’s nice to play. Practice has been great so I didn’t have any questions even the day after that game in Toronto. So it was right back to business with Benoit (Allaire). I felt confident going in against Vancouver. So as long as you know it, it comes naturally.”


After undergoing two acupuncture treatments for his left ankle (in which he was admittedly squeamish) Scott Gomez made it through his first full practice without incident.. The plan is for Gomez to make the trip to Ottawa and skate before the game, but he definitely won’t play. Depending on how he recovers, Monday against the ‘Yotes is a possibility.

“I’m not in game shape. It’s still there, but it’s getting stronger,” Gomez said. “But it was a step forward to be able to practice for the first time.”


The difference between the Rangers’ slow starts and when they’ve been able to muster some kind of attack late? For lack of a better description, they’ve turned off their brains.
“Sometimes it’s when you decide, ‘It’s 4-0, let’s just go out and play,’ that’s when we’re at our best,” Chris Drury said. “It seems like that’s been our habit when we’re down.”

So how do you play that way right from the start? Good question.

The reality is it’s easy to get out of your own way when you’re behind in a game and you start to take more chances. It might be harder when you’re coming off a bad loss, and you don’t want to replicate the same mistakes.

Definitely something to watch tomorrow.

Update, 2:20 p.m.: For those wondering why Patrick Rissmiller was placed on waivers again today, it’s because players who are on waivers and not assigned have to be put through again after 30 days or 10 NHL games.

Although on a conditioning assignment in Hartford, Rissmiller had still not been assigned, and his period was up this weekend.

Should he clear again, the Rangers would have the ability to make a roster move without having to wait 24 hours.

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  1. FIRST

    CCCP November 21st, 2008 at 12:18 pm

    “A DEVILS HAT!!”

    Impostors!! LOL

    I love her but come on!!

  2. I wonder if Rissmiller on waivers has anything to do with them trying to clear cap space for SUNDIN. Because as most of you know: Sundin is coming!!!

  3. CCCP, I didn’t know what to think…it was like getting punched…haha.
    I couldn’t ever put it on my head though so I figured I’d start an NHL hat collection that way it looks like I just like hockey

  4. I would have given Hank the start vs the Sens. Hank played a tremendous game against them last time.

  5. Staal Wart
    November 21st, 2008 at 1:21 pm
    I think hank is being benched…Renney is such a putz

    Buy a freaking clue would ya? He wouldn’t do that.

  6. I tell you what, I am not that upset that Valli is getting the start. I can argue both sides on who should get the start here, but I think with Valli getting the start, maybe the team won’t feel as COMFORTABLE trying to get away with stuff that they were getting away with with Hank in the net the last handful of games. I think they will pay more attention to detail in their own end, and we won’t see the guy being hung out the dry, because I don’t think they have the confidence in him that they have in Hank. You could argue, that in the last game in Vancouver, the only bright spot and good thing that came out of the game was that Valli stepped in cold and did a damn good job. Does he need to make an easy save and hold the puck in the air like the damn Statue of Liberty? Well that is another conversation, ha. But I think that if I needed to make this decision, I go with Valli. I don’t think that last loss shakes Hanl’s confidence. I do think it shakes the whole teams’ confidence and forces them to look in the mirror. There is nothing wrong with things happening like this during the course of a season, and especially when we have been squeaking out wins. Again, I will take our record, and fully realize that there is a lot to improve on. But I don’t think this team thinks that they are playing their best hockey. I don’t think I have seen that come across in any player or coach comments this year. We have had a few GREAT games, but have won a lot because Hank stole the game. Sorry for the long post, but I am on the way to the hospital because my wife’s father is very sick as of last night and we are trying to see what is going on. Please keep him in your thoughts. Even if you dislike me.

  7. REPOST – any comments?

    I’m starting to feel like the win/loss record early in the season was due to a schedule that included some weak teams. This MAY have provided a sense of security that was unjustified.

    I still think (as many have said) that this team is way better than its record and way better than they played against NYI, OTT, VAN…

    So the question is, does this team need to assess and re-define their identity and if so – how should they do that?

  8. I hope to all the hockey gods that the Rangers score first against Ottawa and break that cycle. I saw Henrik’s reaction after that very first Vancouver goal and he looked defeated. Although the NYR typically play with more heart after they’re down, it’s not easy on our favorite netminder. I want to see him grinning on that bench on Saturday watching a great game and build up his desire to be back in the net for the team.

    Nasty 1 -Thoughts are with you and yours. Like some have said, there’s only a handful of posts worth reading and yours are included. I’ve been sentenced to 5-6 yrs in a Philadelphia graduate school and thought I had found a good place to chat some NYR hockey at last. If I wanted bitching and B.S., I’d just talk to the bully fans around here.

  9. graves,
    go back and read my posts…That was total joke.
    remember I’m a blind Renney supporter

    but bench that bastard anyway…thats the kind of mood I’m in

  10. nasty – best wishes for great health for your dad in law. And you are definitely one of the ones i like here

  11. I have no problem with Vally getting the start
    Hank needs a game off either way.

    And Nasty, hope your father in law is OK

  12. “Does he need to make an easy save and hold the puck in the air like the damn Statue of Liberty? ”

    Nasty 1 – Goalies are taught to bring your glove out like that so in case of a bobble or something it doesnt have a chance to trickle in. He did hold it a little high but the shot was high..and the statue of liberty is on his maybe he was trying to do his best impression

  13. Forget Rutuu, Neil is gonna be in the lineup. I think.

    I saw him in a clip from last nights game coming on the ice, but it was from ESPN, maybe it was an old clip mixed with last nights game.

    I hope he grows a pair and fights Orr. He fought Brashear, what’s the difference ? Oh yeah, one huggs people and wrestles them to the ground and the other knocks people out !!!

    I hope Sundin is coming, as Nasty would say. If he signs with the Habs, ugh, that wont be fun to see.

  14. Henrik is not being benched. Even so, after that soft showing (and Valiquette’s strong showing) against the Canucks why not?

    It’s been a long time since Vally played and even I had him penciled in for last game or tomorrow’s game.

    Glad to see he’s playin tomorrow!

  15. “I hope he grows a pair and fights Orr. He fought Brashear, what’s the difference ? Oh yeah, one huggs people and wrestles them to the ground and the other knocks people out !!!”

    HAHA. So true. Which is why I have little respect for aging fighters that resort to the hugg and tackle tactic.

    Lacrackrock does that too yet people still worship him.

  16. Orr –

    Neil is going for surgery – he will not play tomorrow, nor

    Ruuto cannot be allowed to continue is Avery act and if anyone runs Valiquette there should be swift and severe punishment – …. severe anyway.

  17. Rob L.
    thanks for the link…Graves is by far one of my favorite all time Rangers…its stuff like that that makes me want his number retired

  18. Hi Joe — no new TV yet

    … can anyone recommend a good LCD TV — size and Brand — good for watching Rangers games?

  19. Vizio’s are good and affordable.

    Plasma’s are infinitely better for watching ice hockey though if thats really what you’re looking to get it for.

  20. I have a Sony Brava 42″ LCD. It is in a small Den so it is not too big or too small. If you have a big room (15-20 feet) you need more than 42″.

    Mine is 1080i resolution for HD games on MSG HD.

  21. make sure to get 1080p not i. at least that’s what i’ve been told to get for fast-moving sports.

    i have 720p (don’t think they make those anymore) which MSG is broadcast in. Sharp Aquos LCD TV and it looks GREAT for sports. make sure to get HDMI cable it’ll improve sound and picture.

  22. All the best, Nasty !

    “Should he clear again, the Rangers would have the ability to make a roster move without having to wait 24 hours.”

    What does that mean in terms of players like Shanny or Sundin ??? Or are they just looking to recall someone from Hartford ????

  23. 52″ BRAVIA® XBR6 LCD Flat Panel HDTV is what i have… and that my friends is absolute pleasure. This TV has it all

  24. “What does that mean in terms of players like Shanny or Sundin ??? Or are they just looking to recall someone from Hartford ????”

    No cap space no Sundin. I think Shanny will work something out with Philly (or Jersey).

  25. Hank is NOT being benched … stop it.

    And Staal Wart, stop with the ‘FIRST’ nonsense … it’s so damn assanine.

    I think it goes without saying that we need a strong showing tomorrow … and hey, how about a strong start too? Doesn’t that sound nice?

  26. JAY

    Ah, good to know. Stupid ESPN actually did show a clip from an old game. Lol, that goes to show you how much attention to detail they give the NHL.

    I still want Buttman to get a deal done with ESPN so i don’t have to see Engblom’s shitty hair cuts ever 3 months he changes it, and Jones with that fat head, and that whack job Bill what ever his name is. Ugh, is it so hard to get guys that don’t have any mental problems. Im surprised Bob isn’t on the Verses crew.

  27. Does anyone here know the difference between a broken and severly sprained ankle? I was playing basketball (dont ask me why, I dont know), and I went to go do an aly oop (At least thats what I think those things are called. And as I came down I landed on my ankle and it i heard a snap. I blacked out from pain and came to 5 seconds later with my friend standing next to me. It hurt severly and and still does 3 hours later. After being brought back to my room, I RICE’d it up. Right now it looks like a racquetball is shooting out of the side of my leg. I’m pretty sure I just broke it, there goes my hockey season…Any opinions on it?

  28. what the heck – that sounds bad. get it xrayed etc. might have to do emergency room unless dr has hrs tomorrow.

  29. I’m a college student right now though and don’t have health insurance as of right now.

  30. not even under your parents plan?

    see what the university says. if you hurt on school property that could help your circumstances. regardless you have to get it checked out

  31. Damn. This sucks. No, I’m not. This f’n economy is the reason why. Is it possible to play hockey with a broken ankle?

  32. call your parents. and where did you get hurt. can sue them (school etc) and get medical costs back.

    have to get it taken care of hockey or otherwise

  33. “Is it possible to play hockey with a broken ankle?”

    sure its possible… if u can skate on your hands…

  34. I got hurt in the gym. Just playing with a couple friends. I dont think it would be wise to sue the school though…I’m already on probation and they want to find any reason already to kick me out.

  35. We have a really crappy health & wellness center that is open weekdays 10-5. So my options are either hospital or deal with it…i just contacted my dad about insurance and we did get a new plan so im good to go i guess. How much do you think the copay will be?

  36. depends on deductibles etc.

    if it hurts and swelling etc have to get it xrayed and have experts look at it.

  37. I just had some chick come over and her moms a doctor and was on the phone with her as she looked over my foot. Supposively it is just a severe sprain and I should be back in about a month. Then she went out, got me food, cleaned my room, and is watching hockey with me. This is a blessing!

  38. Copay will prob be like $25 for a general physician, specialty is $40 and I have mediocre insurance (but I’m not complaining) so maybe you’ll get better.

    Hey, if Jean Beleaveau can play in the Stanley Cup Finals with a broken leg, anything is possible hehe.

    The Rangers need to send a message and go after Ruutu right away. Colton Orr is angry for taking a penalty and getting benched last game..take it out on Ruutu.

    I’ll be disappointed if Paul Mara isn’t suspended 2-3 games tomorrow…well…..hehe, just kidding.

  39. The blush is off the rose, no point in premeditated assault. If Ruutu is dumb enough to think he can ratchet it up due to lack of immediate retribution from the Rangers, then I hope it’s the last time he calls their bluff.

  40. I sprained my ankle the same way, but minutes later I was walking on it with no pain, just throbbing. It swelled up like and orange the next day. If you had a problem walking on it immediately after it may be broken.

    Rest it good. I made the mistake of trying to come back from sprains twice before they were fully healed.

  41. Bobby Baun scored the winning goal in Game 6 (OT) with a broken leg vs. Detroit in ’64 to send the series back to Toronto where the Leafs won the Cup in the seventh game.

  42. I have not read the link you supplied LI Joe, but I did read a part of an interview with Jagr (hopefully it was legit) and it sounded like Avangard was totally gutted by injuries. I know squat about the Russian hockey system, how callups work etc.

  43. Anyone by chance see the roundtable between Robitaille, Rob Ray and Harry Neale before the third period in Buff tonite?

    Ray and Neale demanded that Lindy Ruff — by the way he’s the COACH of the team in question, Renney lovers, the COACH whose job description in precincts other than this one includes getting a minimum level of hard work, hunger and commitment from his players — impose his will on the players who were not performing. Robitaille tried to say that salaries prevented such an approach but was shouted down and even mocked by the other two.

    It was the kind of honest and refreshing talk that you would never see on the flagship MSG station in a million years!

  44. LI Joe

    Thanks for the link. Jeez, with all the descriptions of Jagr’s expressions and movements, it sorta read like a play by Eugene O’Neill I studied in a college English class.

  45. Gresch – interesting points from the commentators. However, Robitaille might have the most realistic view (assume its Luc?). He had a high salary and probably rarely, if ever got benched. Ray probably got benched all the time but he wasn’t anywhere close to the caliber of an elite player. Harry Neale hasn’t coached in over 20 years, so I think his thoughts come from a different era that might not be relevant anymore.

  46. – We don’t score goals, that is the problem. Through all of this — we have opportunities, but we do not score. We score one or two. But this is not enough to win games. Everyone understands, that to win it’s necessary to score at least four or five goals. But with one or two, it’s hard to win. But we can’t score more than one or two. That’s the problem, you know?… (pauses). I have to go now.

    Sounds like JJ is still a Ranger. Thanks LI Joe.
    13 injuries? Wow!

  47. JJP: It was Mike Robitaille, the Sabres’ regular studio host — he’s 60ish, a former NHLer, in fact was a Ranger when I was a kid for a season or so before being traded to/or drafted by Buff.

    Don’t know why I wrote the other guys first names and left his out, but at least now there is no confusion.

  48. The reason why this team doesn’t score goals is that there are very few natural goal scorers on the team. Most of these guys are never in proper position to score. They do an awful lot of mucking round with the puck in the attacking zone, but many goals scored are flukey. But you have to have something behind them to get that fluke to work for you.

    I can’t believe how badly this team is over rated, just because of that very deceiving start. Today is an excellent example. They were outskated, out defended, out passed, and out hit, all over the ice.

    I’m gonna tell you soemthing else you probably won’t like to hear but that’s the way these things go….
    The Islanders have two defensemen that are better than any pair of D’s on Rangers save Staal and Mara. I mean Campoli and Streit. Neither one is a big guy – but they both play real big – both ways.
    and Witt is as good as Girardi. The rest of them should be out of here.

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