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Here’s “the link to follow for the video chat”:, which will begin at 1:15.

I hope you can make it. We’ll again have a moderator to field your questions, and I hope to get as many as possible.

If you have comments or suggestions about the chat format, feel free to post them below.

Unfortunately I can’t do anything about being better looking. That isn’t covered in my paper’s budget.

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  1. I agree with Matt, Neil isn’t playing, they don’t have any goons.

    The thing is, nobody wants to fight Orr, i feel bad for the guy. Although, he hasn’t been fighting any goons anyway, which sucks. He needs to start knocking people out again, Renney is turning him into to much of a player, he might be forgetting what he’s supposed to do. Still love the guy though, he’s the man.

  2. Cant get video of Sam and his guests Messier, Leetch and Richter anyway

    We lost top creepy twins and Luongo last night Orr…what good was that game for?

    Absolutely nothin’

  3. Thanks Newman for the props on my coaching post. I agree, I shouldn’t even respond to the Bobtard, but I can’t help it. It’s like picking a scab. You know you shouldn’t, it kinda hurts to do it and nothing can good will come from, but you just can’t help it, you have to pick it off.

    Funny thing is, Bob’s list was 3/4 guys who have never coached in the NHL and 1/4 guys who have never coached in the new NHL.

    Like it or love it, the “New NHL” is different and it’s A LOT more strategic than the old one.

    What makes you think some European who’s never coached at the NHL level or a guy who hasn’t had success in the NEW NHL or a guy who hasn’t coached since some of our pre-pubescent years is going to come in and take over this team and have them play like a dominant force every night?

    It’s not even logical, nor is there any reason to point towards that happening. In fact, there aren’t reasons. These are just names that were picked out of a hat.

    Uh, I want Steven Yzerman to coach us next year, yeah Steve Yzerman. Why? Just Because. Even though he’s never coached a game in his life I think he’ll bring the Rangers to the promise land. Yeah, that’s who I want.

  4. ‘Like it or love it, the “New NHL” is different and it’s A LOT more strategic than the old one.’

    I agree with you Brandon, strategy is everything.
    Myself, I’m not a big believer in Renney’s strategy. In my eyes the powerplay is a manifestation of the overall offensive malaise (don’t blame Pearn exclusively, he works under Tom Renney). I don’t buy into the argument (not saying that this is your argument) that the Rangers don’t have the offensive power, should not be expected to sink so many goals, winning low scoring games is fine. I disagree, they have lots of power, and it is mismanagement of players. The reason Sundin looks so damned good to me is that I think he might be a big enough presence to succeed as a locker room leader of this team, and cause others to succeed. The argument against older players makes sense to me at times, but that argument loses merit if it is based soley on age. This is the new NHL, and there are some very strategic short term acquistions to be made to push your team ahead.

    I don’t propose hiring an untried coach, so please don’t align me with that type of proposal. I don’t think Tom Renney is going to take the Rangers to the next level.

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