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That general uneasiness over the Rangers’ play of late has given way to outright frustration after last night’s slopfest against the Canucks (here’s my “story here”:http://www.lohud.com/article/20081120/SPORTS01/811200503/-1/SPORTS).

I should point out that it is just a rocky stretch in November for a team that is still in first place,, not exactly time to rip it up and start anew. On the other hand, is a stretch that may be underscoring the weaknesses that could cripple this team later.

Regardless,  it does give us plenty to talk about during today’s live video chat at 1:15 p.m., which you can access by “clicking here”:http://www.lohud.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/99999999/MOGULUS0103/399990019.

To prepare myself, I’m going to shut it down for an hour or so since I’m working on about four hours of sleep. Otherwise I’ll be even more incoherent than I usually am.


If you think Henrik Lundqvist had a tough night, so did my friend Lynn Zinser of the Times, who went into the evening having already prepared most of her story about the two elite goalies in hockey. Eight goals against later, let’s just say there was some mass re-writing.

As always, though, Zinser “salvaged the effort.”:http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/20/sports/hockey/20rangers.html?_r=1


One bright spot of the night? The play of Stephen Valiquette, who shut out the Canucks for the better part of two periods in his first outing since that meltdown in Toronto.

Unintentional as it may have been, it was still an ideal way for the goalie to wade back into the waters, especially now since it looks like the Rangers need him: If anything, the Lundqvist clunker last night might have been a byproduct of overexposure.

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  1. I’ve been saying all along, all it takes is one meltdown like this to really expose the Ranger’s weaknesses thus far. A team that cannot score and relies wayyy to heavily on its goalie…without Hank we’d be just a few games over .500 at best. Shanny time??

  2. BillyDeeWilliams on

    If you want to fault the defense, fine. they sucked last night, but i don’t understand how you hate on the offense last night when they put in 3 against Luongo. I know it’s not the most insane offensive output, but while they looked pretty terrible at the beginning of the game, they turned it on towards the end.

  3. Beer — Wake me when you get around to the fact that this team was not prepared to play from the opening faceoff for the 6th straight game. Check the first period numbers in that stretch, and tell me how and where those who are very concerned about how this team is coached are mistaken.

  4. This is why I have a problem with renney. The rangers played great hockey after we were down 4 to nothing. Forechecked hard, took some chances offensilvely and such. They showed a lot of fire. Y cant renney just say play with fire play with intensity like that, with hard fast forchecking. If u dont play like that u sit. Rangers wont make noise in the playoffs with renney as the coach.

  5. Have to agree with Beer on this one:

    Valli came in, COLD, no stretching or warm up, and shut them out.
    Our offense wasn’t terrible (In the first period it was), but again no intensity until the 35 minute mark and by then were down 5-1 and it’s pretty much over

    COuld be Sundin time if your Sather and he can get him here.

    And Im now sure how much of a difference Gomer would have made. The D was so bad last night, THAT was the real problem.

    Redden’s screw up again costs us a goal
    . But it was everyone’s lazy play that cost us that game.
    Anyone see Dubinsky laxidasical (spelling) take the puck off the half boards, not even really pass it to anyone, and what do you know, a Canuck is there to stuff it in.

    Let’s see how we respond on Saturday to an afternoon Ottowa game.

    And there day off today should be Fing cancelled if I was Renney.

  6. wd40
    November 19th, 2008 at 10:41 pm
    Where is Beer Me? I know he was home with his wifey and watched this crap. Is he too lame to show his face?

    Not sure who that is…but its comforting to know that I’m thought of when not around. thanks. “lame”? Sorry to the regulars that were posting after 10pm, but if you guys go back and read those posts…well, you’ll feel as nauseous as I do now after going back. I’m so glad I’m not part of that mess. What a disgrace to all Ranger fans. You guys shoulda went to bed like I did.

    BillyD – If that’s in regards to what I was talking about… ‘offense’ is more than scoring goals. There’s other responsibilities involved. With dmen so far off their games, they needed to be backchecking a hell of a lot harder, and not giving up the middle of the ice the way they did for the 1st 1/2 of the game. After the 1/2 way point, they closed it up more.

    Ford – honestly man, when I see a post from you that makes any sense, I’ll converse. But it hasn’t happened yet. Or…go back and check to see where I disagree (or even mention) that they HAVEN’T gotten off to slow starts. Or…find someone that disagrees that they haven’t played well in the beginning of games lately. OR…find me another coach in the East that’s coached his team to consecutive playoff appearances every year since the lockout.

    Ok, the last one is impossible, since no one else has. So don’t worry about looking.

    Slow starts…yup, that’s been a scary consistancy. One that EVERYONE ON THE PAYROLL is responsible for.

  7. “And Im now sure how much of a difference Gomer would have made. The D was so bad last night, THAT was the real problem.”

    That’s supposed to be “not sure”, right?

    “But it was everyone’s lazy play that cost us that game.
    Anyone see Dubinsky laxidasical (spelling) take the puck off the half boards, not even really pass it to anyone, and what do you know, a Canuck is there to stuff it in.”

    And if it was “not sure”, this second part answers your(own)question really. Along with the slow start, it was a full game of horrible backchecking & horrible breakouts by the fwds. I think that’s where Gomer is most valuable, and I think the results the last few games woulda been different with him in the lineup.

  8. “Find me another coach in the East that’s coached his team to consecutive playoff appearances every year since the lockout.”

    Wow. There’s the Cup-or bust mentality at its apex! There’s the championship drive for ya!

    When Renney honks have to reach down to play the “consecutive playoff appearances” card, you know it’s gotten pathetic.

  9. Ok, I really need to get some work done today b/c I’m off for most of next week. No seriously. I DO work…sometimes. And the conversation will be the same all day anyway. Hope to catch the live blog. we’ll see.

    LGR! 1st place! still.

  10. I come from Beer’s school of thought. Everyone is to blame; if you start pointing fingers, you’re just guessing.

    It’s leaders on the team that are supposed to have them “ready to play” at opening faceoff. That’s not the job of the coach. His job is to have them prepared and to make the right “coaching” decisions during the course of the game.

    It’s not his job to go into the locker room and give some cliche’ rah-rah speech 82 nights a year and hope his team will show up for the first period.

    That’s not part of coaching. Mike Babcock doesn’t have to fire up guys like Henrik Zetterberg, Marian Hossa and Nikky Lindstrom. Those dudes just come to play and go to war every night.

    They don’t need a coach to “get them ready”.

    These are PROS, not amateurs, but PROS.

  11. This team’s biggest deficiency is their inability to handle pressure. In every game that the opposition has rushed us with heavy forecheck and speed we’ve respond with turnovers and poor decisions.

  12. ford – last ranger coach to do it?

    Offer JUST ONE solution to help the cause for the NYR that does not involve anyone behind the bench. just one.

  13. Henrik got an assist last night… I’m wondering if maybe HE should play the point on the power play?

    He could be an offensive juggernaut just WAITING to happen.

  14. Beer Me

    I think you are completely wrong about Renney. But I give you credit for showing up this morning, unlike a lot of others who have ridiculed Renney doubters and are nowhere to be seen after a truly ridiculous game last night.

    PS Renney trying to say he pulled Hank when a new born can see Hank pulled himself is just sad.

  15. jeevs – good stuff.

    brandon – Missing Gomer more than some realize.

    “This team’s biggest deficiency is their inability to handle pressure. In every game that the opposition has rushed us with heavy forecheck and speed we’ve respond with turnovers and poor decisions.”

    Very true nakedjoe. We have a very young team.

  16. I have read comments from this post and the last post. I refuse to go back 3 posts and read some 250 comments. I just can’t devote that much time.

    A few things:

    1) Agree with posters here frustrated with randoms jumping on here and pissing vinegar as apparent first-time posters. Fairweather fans exist on both sides (as in success and failure).

    2) The team consistently starts slowly. Though I prefer this (and a strong finish) than the opposite, I have to point to the coach or the captain for not getting this team pumped up. Granted it is a Western Conf team they are playing against, but this has been a consistent pattern. Not happy about that.

    3) Korpi can play. Yes he had a gaffe that caused a goal, but he was the fastest Ranger on the ice last night and one of the few who could consistently keep up with Vancouver’s speed. Dawes or Fritsche have to sit when Gomer comes back. Don’t sit Korpi.

    4) Vancouver is a fast team. The West is generally a faster conference, IMHO. Their forecheck befuddled us. In the previous few games we kinda escaped w/o Gomer. Last night it was apparent how much we miss his “press-breaking” ability.

    5) We hung Hank out to dry. Our D was SUCKY. Redden and Rosy are paid like our top 2 D-men and play like the bottom 2 D-men. Boy that is getting tiring.

    6) 7 shorthanded goals in 20 games? Are you f-ing kidding me? It’s like the other teams PK has more goals than our PP has this year. How is that possible? And how the hell do we just sit around like pylons when we are on the PP. Would a little movement hurt?

    7) Orr had no playing time in the last half of the game because while his skating has impoved this year, he’s no Eric Heiden no matter how hard he works at it.

    8) On the whole Hank thing…who the F cares? The guy has been our savior thus far. I was at the game. I almost went down after the 4th goal and told Hank to come out of the game myself. So he threw up his arms and said, “F this. I have no defense in front of me tonight.” Good for him. Renney sucks for not giving him a break earlier in the period.

    Enough….back to work. One game is one game. I just hope we don’t start saying that once a week.

  17. Whatever the case with hank may have been last night….what difference does it make? If there was no ‘indication’ from the bench, he was right to just skate off. If there WAS and indication from the bench, it was the right move anyway.

    Why f’n bitch about it?

  18. I think it’s ridiculous to blast Renney after every loss. It’s such an old argument at this point. Some of us like him and praise him too much, some of us hate him and destroy him after every loss. The reality is that the guy is a pretty good hockey coach. He’s not the best coach in the league, but he’s certainly not the worst.

    To be honest with you, I don’t know what a different coach would do with this group of Rangers. It’s a team that can skate well and has great goaltending….that’s about it. I think the onus is on Sather to complete this roster with a legitimate scoring winger and perhaps another legitimate NHL defenseman. Really, with our talent, we have 30 points after 22 games and are in first place…that’s pretty remarkable. Whether you want to attribute that to Renney, luck or lack of quality around the league (it’s probably a combination of all of those), that’s your choice.

  19. I agree with Rob C. from the previous thread. I’m kind of glad they had a game like this. They have been winning games by playing some real sub-par hockey. Last night Lundqvist couldn’t bail them out and they found out what happens when you don’t come to the rink ready to play.

    I would expect a much better effort Saturday in Hartford. I would also expect a defenseman to be called up soon. With no spare Dman on the roster these guys play games with no fear of being benched. That has to change.

  20. This is a perfect time to bring in a new coach, unless your goal is to just make another playoff appearance. And that is the bottom line. We want to win a Cup, and moron Hyena never will.

  21. Bob – What coach do you suggest would guarantee the Rangers winning a Stanley Cup??? Really, I’m curious. People were calling for Ted Nolan a few years back…he did GERAT with the Islanders. I would love to hear your suggestions. Should we bring Frank Boucher back from the dead?

    The best organizations in the NHL thrive because of continuity. The Rangers have built something pretty substantial out of the rubble of 7 straight years without making the playoffs. That fact is not debatable. Firing Renney now would be totally ridiculous, and anyone who thinks that’s a good idea knows nothing about managing anything, let alone a pro sports franchise.

  22. I’m with Beer Me! on this one as well.

    I went to bed last night after that horrible game. What more can we talk about? We’ve seen it before (against the Isles for god’s sake).

    The forecheck sucked, the defense sucked, the puckhandling sucked, the powerplay was atrocious and the league leading 7th shorty was the backbreaker. Regardless of final score 2-0 game over.

    Bad one move on.

  23. My thoughts on the game….

    Oh where oh where has Dubi gone… That guy was a mess last night. That open net when he switched from his back hand to his forehand, severly cutting down his angle… then he didn’t even take the shot. It was like he had a brain fart or something. Unexcuseable. That should have been buried top shelf on the backhand. He never should have tried to switch to his forehand. No fire from him either last night.

    Redden – should have scored two last night. Forget the blunder on the misplay on the point on the shorthanded goal… that was due to a crap pass from Dubi… But he missed an open net and that dinger off the post in the third… he should have buried that too.

    Vally was stellar… guy comes in cold as ice on a 5-3 against and plays lights out. Gotta applaud that.

    Rozi… I’ve been hating on this guy for a while…. All last year I thought the guy svcked. Soft in the corners, gets flustered too easily and can’t put the puck on the net. Well now the guy is so out of it he can’t even keep the puck on his stick let alone getting a shot on goal. As soon as he gets his game back under control we need to trade his arse…. he svcks! And what are we paying this doosh… $5m per or something. Ughhh.

    Staal played great…. Mara took some great one-timers. Kalinin played well at times…

    Thought Cally played a great game too.

    Agree with Beer – we really missed Gomer last night. Everytime we tried to carry the puck thru the neutral zone on the pp you could see it.

    Hitting the net more would have helped us last night. We missed the net on a ton of good opportunities. I realise you gotta go for the corners with a guy like Luongo between the pipes – but you can’t score if you don’t get the puck on net.

    Psyched for Sat to see what happens with Ruutu – should be interesting. LGR!!!

  24. what a surprise, the Rangers lose and bob comes out from whatever hole he was in, the past few days.

    what’s up with the CONSTANT hyena comments? what does that even MEAN?

  25. dont compare the talent the isles had with nolan and what renney has with this team. i believe this team can win a cup. i also believe they cant with renney.

  26. People like Matt and Bob…I’m not disagreeing with you to be difficult, and I’m not trying to be a smart ass with this question, but: Who can coach this team to a Cup? Seriously, name some names.

    And what is it that makes you look at Renney and say “no, he’s not a Stanley Cup-caliber coach.” I’m really just curious as to how the Renney-bashers have come to their conclusions.

  27. rob c

    i think renneys system doesnt work for this team. i think we can score more goals than we do with the right system. i think we need to forecheck harder. and use our best asset. our team speed. everyone on this team has speed. our slowest guy is prob mara and for a d man hes not that slow. if renney poked his head of out of his shell, and used the speed wed have wed be much better off.

  28. I think Renney is a great coach. You always hit bad times. It aint his fault that they only turn it on for 30 minutes a game.

  29. I’m not averse to a change in philosophy, Matt, so I agree with you on that. I think early in the season, the Rangers WERE forechecking harder and they were getting results and playing pretty good hockey.

    I think Renney is a smart coach. I think the forecheck is supposed to inherently be part of his system, the Rangers just haven’t been very sharp lately. They seriously miss Gomez as well.

    I think we have to remember that this is a very long season. They’re simply not going to win every game, as much as we want them to. Most of the games will be better than last night, though.

  30. Hockeymanrangers on

    To bo honest I am not REALLY worried that much at all with this loss last night. Yea we definitly need to buckle down and come up with a plan to avoid such a loss again. But I have faith in the Ranger staff and players and I think it will be taken care off. I do have to say, is it just me or does it seem like Renny is being more voicefull on the bench this year???? I don’t remember him talking to individual players ever before. Now if the bad play continues then I will be concerned, it is a good thing it is a 82 game season. Hope to see better play Saturday afternoon.

  31. onecupin67years on

    Last nights loss is just a loss, I wouldn’t make too much of losing a game, but its how they lost, that matters.
    Again they didn’t hustle for the whole game something that THIS coach can’t seem to control.
    Play the 1 st period get behind then expect to win, isn’t a game plan for success now or in the playoffs.
    Move Prucha , Dawes is lost on the ice, Rozival is inconsistent and so on.I really think Renney is a big problem with this teams play from a motivational point.They consistently play less than 100% and Renney is lost.

  32. Funny how some “fans” want to fire the coach, and in the same breath say 5 to 6 of the players suck too. This is not the final product, they have holes, hopefully they will fill them.

  33. rob c

    thats the reason why i want renney fired, cause i dont think he will change the system. but i would gladly take nolan over renney. doubt sather would

  34. I don’t see how Ted Nolan is an upgrade over Renney.

    Also, was I watching different games earlier this season? You said you wished the Rangers forechecked more. They DID forecheck more earlier this seaason, and they got off to the best start in franchise history!

    Now, I have no clue why they got away from it, but that happens. Like I said, you simply can’t dominate all 60 minutes of all 82 games. The Rangers have just hit a rough patch here. You can’t just fire your coach cause the team is in a bad streak.

    I have news for all of you Renney haters. He’s not going anywhere, unless the Rangers absolutely tank this season, which I don’t think will happen.

    CLEARLY the philosophical debate surrounding this team is talent vs. coaching. I believe the lack of scoring talent is the problem. Some others think it’s the coaching. It’s a good debate that probably won’t end anytime soon.

  35. Renney is not the problem. PEARN and our defense are the problem. No one is accountable for anything. Get a 7th!

  36. So Renney pulled the goalie. Now tell me who is going to pull Renney? Starting a goalie 14 times in 15 games is NOT preparing for a run in the Stanley Cup playoffs. It’s preparing for a quick playoff exit and “burnout syndrome” stories. Renney is an awful coach. Gets the least out of the team ability level, and has always played some players too much, and others not enough. And too many good offensive weapons rarely get PP time. I am done with this guy. Someone tell me how he is better than Barry Melrose?

  37. Hank finally had reached his mental focus/sharpness/exhaustion breaking point, & could no longer sustain his unbelievable level of play.
    All season he has been left hanging out to dry far too often on breakaways, odd man rushes, & guys alone in front of the net & slot in primo scoring areas.
    Where is the pride/embarrassment/professionalism that his teammates need to exhibit & give him the support he deserves?
    It’s as if they feel a sense of “entitlement” that it is OK to allow Hank to constanly cover their horrible and frequent lapses see no reason to fix their wayward ways.
    I know many times the opponents efforts are not taken into account by fans and good efforts are sometimes negated by things the opposition is doing really well, but this Ranger team clearly does not play hard for anywhere near 60 minutes. Even in putrid games like last night, they were dominant at times merely by upping their intensity & forecheck.
    Don’t know how, but the coaches/players/Captains/ or HANK better light the fire that provides some consistent intensity or it is early out in the playoffs, & we will all be lamenting what should have been, scoring challenged & all.
    Watched the TSN feed last night just for perspective, & they were raving about how much Kalinen had improved this year & how Rosi was totally broken, & wanted nothing to do with touching the puck.

  38. rob c

    yes i know hes not going anywhere. i was very excited about the way the team played in the first 5 games. and winning had nothing to do with it. considering i think they have been terrible for the last 5 not including last nights and they won 4 out of the 5.

    ok everyone dont flip out with what im gonna say. i say sit orr. put in prucha. 4th line be betts voros sjustrom. dubi dawes zherdev. drury nas callahn. prucha korpi fristche.

  39. storm in a teacup, just a blip. A few players under-performed (Hank included), we had a couple of bad bounces and looked like we were well short of full speed until the 3rd period.

    We’ll be fine, you can’t expect perfection every game and we were due a bad one. If it lasts longer than a couple of games then you can start pointing to Renney being a bad coach. But for now, play another tune Renney-haters, this one’s getting more than a little boring.

  40. I think the Renney haters need to chill. The guy has done a tremendous job since taking the helm 4 yrs ago. With all the egos he had to deal with he was able to sort the guys out and get them to believe in a system. Remeber where we were before him…. the laughing stock of the entire NHL. Renney brought us back to respectability. Not a lot of couches out there can deal with guys like Jags, but Renney could. Same with Zherdie… Renney has the guy under control.

    Is it Renney fault the guys didn’t give 100% for 60 minutes last not. No way – you think he told them to play that way. Of course not… they were just beat after crushing it for the first month and a week of the season. A lot of guys have said this already but its true…. you can’t win every game. Just be happy Renney has this team beleiving they can win each and every night. Even last night down 4-0…. they could have come back… The team knew it… and I bet a bunch of the fans thought it too. If not for the Redden and Dubi misses the game could have ended up differently.

    So lay off Renney – the guy has done nothing but good things for the Rangers. And the few mistakes he’s made… well you can’t be perfect all the time can you.

  41. So, let me get this straight just so I understand.

    Every loss, no matter what the score, is Renney’s fault.

    If we win, but are not dominant, it’s Renney’s fault.

    If we win in convincing fashion, or play a solid game, it’s no credit to Renney.

    It’s almost comical at this point. This is not MLB where you can point to the manager for a bad decision that cost the teamt the game or the NFL where you can single out a coordinator for a bad play call. This is the NHL. There’s a fine line between winning and losing and everything in between is much more objectory and a lot less arbitrary.

    My problem with the “Renney Haters” is that your “reasoning” for not liking him is NOT based on facts, isntances or collective performance but rather bias and subjection speculation.

    In essence, the power play is the only cold hard fact that you can somehow relate to coaching — albeit, I still think that’s even a stretch.

    Why after a loss like last night’s is it Renney’s fault? I just don’t understand the logic, or lack there of.

    Maybe if you could explain it, I’d be more accepting of your opinions.

  42. “what’s up with the CONSTANT hyena comments? what does that even MEAN?”

    Hyena is a cowardly animal that laughs. Renney is cowardly, and looks and sounds like a hyena.

    I already mentioned almost 10 coaches yesterday that I rather have over Renney.

    Dineen, Tortorella, Hartley, Burns, Francis, Quinn, Nolan, Tikhanov, Fetisov, even Melrose or Messier. As well as Graves, Leetch, Rchter, or Beukeboom as assistants.

  43. Renney got us into the playoffs 3 years in a row. My only problem with him is lack in motivating the vets and the constant line juggling.

    We can thank him for the improved drafting, though.

  44. Brandon

    1) They don’t play hard

    2) Players are disciplined (ice time taken away) in an arbitrary manner

    3) The PP has been a disaster for years

    4) There is no emotion until the team is two or more goals down

    5) Opponents are permitted to build condos in front of Hank with impunity

    6) Roszival is a coward with the puck, and is not sanctioned

    7) Did I mention they don’t play hard?

    8) Renney has stated within the last 24 hours that practices are not used for teaching but for “flow”

    Just eight quicks ones. And if you think Renney bears no responsibility for any of these ongoing, uninterrupted flaws, knock yourself out.

  45. First off, Graves, Leetch, Rchter, and Beukeboom aren’t ready to coach, let alone interested in coaching the Rangers now, so that’s just pipe dream nonsense.

    Second, allow me to negate every coach you just mentioned; keep in mind you didn’t list any reasons, just named names.

    Dineen: Has never coached an NHL team
    Tortorella: Would never take job; great friends with Renney; hasn’t had any success in “new NHL”; teams he coached were blessed with great talent
    Hartley: Here’s a guy who couldn’t get his players to go to battle for him in the playoffs; what makes you think a young rangers team is going to go to battle for him?
    Burns: Hasn’t coached in quite a few years; has no idea what the new NHL is all about; can you say “another Melrose”?
    Francis: Has never coached an NHL team
    Quinn: Has had virtually ZERO success in the new NHL. Entirely past his prime; old; doesn’t relate to this generation’s players.
    Nolan: You’re only logical suggestion; however, he can’t get along with Charles Wang — think Jim Dolan is going to be able to handle this guy? He causes problems everywhere he goes. Good coach though, but not what the Rangers need, or will invest in
    Tikhanov: Has never been head coach of an NHL team
    Fetisov: Has never been head coach of an NHL team
    Melrose: You do realize this man was just fired LAST WEEK for essentially having NO IDEA how to coach an NHL team and arriving at training camp wit absolutely ZERO plan

    So, basically you want some “big names” with ZERO NHL coaching experience to come in and coach one of the youngest NHL teams and this is going to work, how?

  46. Renney is just the flavor of the loss… last time it was Roszival. Would be Hank but he’s been too stellar lately to place any blame.

    Quite honestly this is just another stinker… Hank just didn’t have a super-human game to cover up for his teammates gaffes.

    Until we stop giving up 3-6 breakaways per… that’s going to be the case. Especially on the man (dis)advantage (I can’t call what we have a POWER play anymore).

  47. I think the most depressing part of that game last night is the fact that Dubi looked pathetic. Ive never seen him look that bad, not even in his first 6 games as a Ranger in 07.

    Say what you want aboot Redden, but it was a terrible pass by Dubi, and the ice clearly wasn’t good, once again, with the puck bouncing all over the god damn place, and he put Wade in a bad position, and it led to a breakaway, and a goal. It happened twice to him with that fuggin bouncing. He played a decent game, he had a chance to score and was ribbed, and he hit the post with a shot. But i wouldn’t put the blame on him, i kinda wish i could, cause i hate to blame Dubi, but the kid was embarrassing.

    All i can say is how aboot Cally ? If everyone played more like Cally, i think this team would be even more scary than they are. Im so glad he got his shit together last season after that injury caused his slow start, causing him to get sent to the AHL. He’s really one of the best players on this team, and is absolutely the hardest working player on the team.

    The team let Hank get raped, plain and simple. He let in a few soft goals, but what do you expect, he’s been robbing everyone for so many fuggin games now, and finally they got exposed for their half assed 35 mins of sleeping they usually do every game. We cant expect Hank to be amazing every night, he’s gonna get tired. Im glad Vally came in a raped the Nucks back. Just like against the Wild, when Gabby was looking for the double hat trick on the 5 on 3, and Vally completely robbed his lanky ass. Good stuff, but do they start him on saturday ? Or do they let Hank just get back in and redeem himself ?

    I agree, Gomer is semi missed. But the guy is useless if his legs are an issue. The last thing we need is for hi to keep doing what he was doing, which was basically nothing. Let Danny F stay in the lineup for now, he’s been pretty good.

    And Korpedo might have caused a goal, which sucks, but he was flying, and was pretty damn good. He clearly wants to stay in the NHL, and i still want Slats to sign Mats, but it would suck if it meant sending Korpedo back to the AHL, even though it would only be a year, but still, he’s clearly working his ass off, and wants to be here.

    BTW – Renney sucks

  48. Brandon…great stuff.

    The New NHL, like it or not, blew past some of the “old school” hockey guys. Whether it was players like Hull who played a few games and said “no way” or coaches who can’t get used to the style, it isn’t for everyone.

    Renney and Sather deserve full credit for adjusting, especially with the first team out of the lockout. One of the most exciting Ranger teams in the history of the franchise.

  49. Didn’t it take like 81 games last season to clinch the playoff spot and something like 80 games to do the same the season before last? I mean, if that’s renneys genius coaching ability then I got nothing to add. Oh yeah, 80% of the credit for making 3 straight appearances go to Henrik… thank u…

  50. Renney may be at [serious] fault for not being able to get this team to play consistently well for 60 minutes a night. But this team doesn’t have exceptional talent anywhere outside the goal crease. Let’s be honest about that. We have zero true stars besides Hank. So, to do as well as the team has is actually pretty impressive and probably a lot to do with Renney.

    That isn’t to say playing like crap for huge periods of time, not being able to create a PP that works for your actual players not just in theory, and making bad decisions all over the ice aren’t problems that Renney must address immediately and with a hell of a lot better result than he’s achieved so far, but…this is not Pittsburgh or the old Oilers.

    And for those of you who think Gomez is THE missing link, let me say 2 things: 1) As far as I can tell, he’s been the least able to “click” with other players, and 2) no team should need any single player (even the goalie) to be able to play hard for 60 and score.

    Hopefully this will be an actual (not just lip service) wake-up call to the team, Renney and, most importantly, Sather. And, no, some ancient hired gun is probably not the answer, in my opinion.

    Let’s Go Rangers.

  51. Betts last 95 games: 4g 7a 11pts
    Orr last 96 games: 3g 3a 6pts
    Sjostrom last 89 games: 14g 10a 24pts

    Can someone explain the Love Affair that this coaching staff
    has with this line. How can you give them the minutes they get every night on a team that can’t score goals?
    I know what they bring to the game, but your 4th line should be spotted and played in certain situations.
    Having Betts play 3 shifts in a 5 minute overtime is a
    defeatest attitude. Can we play to win and not depend on
    Hank every night. I hate when a team plays not to lose.
    The Boston game Saturday, Korpi and Fritsche were the best
    players on the ice and don’t see the ice in O.T.
    Betts had 3 shifts. I find this crap amazing!!!

  52. Next 4 games become very important… against beatable teams… while ours is at a bit of a crossroads. They could be very telling games as far as responding to this stretch is concerned.

    It is a long season and it must be hard to come to each game ready to battle, but they’ll need to bring something from Sat thru Thanksgiving. Especially if they want to stay out of the mediocre category that everyone around the league had placed them in, mocking their lead in the east.

  53. hahaha..did someone just use Orr’s offensive stats in an argument? hahahahahaha

    “My problem with the “Renney Haters” is that your “reasoning” for not liking him is NOT based on facts, isntances or collective performance but rather bias and subjection speculation.”

    BAM! There it is.

  54. Brandon is clueless just like his master, Renney.

    “Dineen: Has never coached an NHL team”–so?

    “Tortorella: Would never take job; great friends with Renney; hasn’t had any success in “new NHL”; teams he coached were blessed with great talent”–he’ll wipe his ass with Renney’s friendship if it means he can coach this team

    “Hartley: Here’s a guy who couldn’t get his players to go to battle for him in the playoffs; what makes you think a young rangers team is going to go to battle for him?”–go to battle? you sound a lot like Renney. Hartley had no team, just several good players sprinkled, and poor goaltending. Who would go to battle for Renney if he didn’t have Lundqvist?

    “Burns: Hasn’t coached in quite a few years; has no idea what the new NHL is all about”–New NHL? to play Betts in OT and pray for a win in a shootout?

    “Francis: Has never coached an NHL team”–wrong, this proves how clueless you are

    “Quinn: Has had virtually ZERO success in the new NHL. Entirely past his prime; old; doesn’t relate to this generation’s players.”–again “new NHL”? What a clever argument.

    “Nolan: You’re only logical suggestion; however, he can’t get along with Charles Wang—think Jim Dolan is going to be able to handle this guy?”–yes, I do.

    “Tikhanov: Has never been head coach of an NHL team
    Fetisov: Has never been head coach of an NHL team”–so?

    “Melrose: You do realize this man was just fired LAST WEEK for essentially having NO IDEA how to coach an NHL team and arriving at training camp wit absolutely ZERO plan”–no he was fired because he held big names accountable for their lazy play.

  55. “ok everyone dont flip out with what im gonna say. i say sit orr. put in prucha.”

    Matt – Did you watch the Ott game Monday? Did you look to see who we play Sat?

    Actuallyyyyy…Maybe we SHOULD play prucha and let Ruutuu blast him into next week. Take 1.6 off the cap on the long-term IR.

  56. Brandon….Nice response to Bob. But I really cannot believe you spent time responding to that dimwit with the IQ of a zamboni.

    Lars…last I checked Pearn was the PP coach. So I can’t fault Renney for that too much. Some of your other points are valid. But where does the leadership (Captain, Alternates (or Assitant Captains…which is it?)) take exception to people camping out in front of Hank (defensemen can do this too BTW) or not accepting coming out flat?

    What about when the team grits it out, comes from behind, and pulls out a win (Boston, Pittsburgh games for example) and they get emotional and play hard? Is that then due to the players or to the coach? I mean I don’t know the answer but you cannot have it both ways.

    Brandon alluded to this earlier: We win big, not Renney’s doing, but whomever scored a bunch and maybe the PP was great. We win small, not Renney’s doing but Hank’s. We lose small, Renney didn’t motivate them or get them to play with emotion. We lose big, Renney’s fault for them coming out flat and looking slow. I mean he is very much getting the heads-I-wind, tails-you-lose treatment here in many respects.

    I mean what about the dopey mofo who decides to pay said defenseman 36mm over 6 years. Why would that guy try hard? You could take Louis Gossett Jr. from Officer and a Gentleman in his grill and Redden still wouldn’t pull the “I got nowhere else to go…” Look at DiPietro on the Isles….how motivated is that guy to get back quickly when he has locked up $90mm over 15 yrs?

    So if you are blaming Renney, you have to blame these stupid contracts. Look at Mara. The guy plays his guts out every night because he is still trying to earn a spot. Rosy and Redden have their spots locked up for years, or they have the dough locked up so that they don’t give a F.

    To blame Renney is myopic. Plain and simple.

  57. Nah, no facts behind critics of Renney. Complete irrational hatred. Delusional and mean-spirited.

    Yeah right

    1) They don’t play hard

    2) Players are disciplined (ice time taken away) in an arbitrary manner

    3) The PP has been a disaster for years

    4) There is no emotion until the team is two or more goals down

    5) Opponents are permitted to build condos in front of Hank with impunity

    6) Roszival is a coward with the puck, and is not sanctioned

    7) Did I mention they don’t play hard?

    8) Renney has stated within the last 24 hours that practices are not used for teaching but for “flow”

    Thank you Lars

  58. MEAST

    I agree, it pisses me off that he plays Betts a lot in OT, over and doesn’t give Danny F, and Korpedo a shift. The thing is, even if he’s a rookie, and the other is just a 3rd liner, as a good coach, don’t you want these players to learn, and be able to play in that kind of atmosphere in OT, instead of the playoffs ? Its risky, you want them to be responsible, and be able to play in all situations. I wasn’t happy with that, and don’t like the fact that most times we play for the shootout, as much as i love getting the extra point, it doesn’t mean we can beat that team, it just means we’re better on breakaways, and that’s not gonna happen in the playoffs.

    The only major thing that concerns me with this team is if they do make the playoffs, there’s a whole hell of a lot of inexperienced players on this team when it comes to the playoffs. Only a bunch of 1st year, 2nd year, and 3rd year players. Cally didn’t do much last year, Dawes didn’t do anything, besides score one huge goal for us in game 5, besides that he had an empty netter. Gomer, and Dru were good aganist the Devs, but never showed up for the Pens, Jags and Dubi were the only ones and one of them is gone, and the other is improved minus the game last night. That worries me, but hopefully its nothing to worry aboot when the time comes.

    Im not getting ahead of myself here, but im just saying if they do, you just never know. It could be like 05-06, a bunch of nervous rookies, and a bunch of vets that just don’t show up. And instead of Ozo putting pucks in our net, it will be Rozi !!

  59. Hahahaha…

    Viktor Tikhonov? Are you serious? He hasn’t coached since 1993 and is 78 years old!

    Pick another name out of a hat, please.

  60. BillyDeeWilliams on

    I’m not too pissed that he plays betts in overtime at all. In fact, Betts is one of the team’s best defensive forwards..and Henrik is one of the league’s best shootout goalies. so explain to me why it’s such a problem to try to win in a shootout rather than in overtime? If they want to kill 5 minutes of overtime playing smart in their own end and getting offensive changes when it’s possible, that’s fine.

  61. Personally I like Rozival and I would give him a couple of more weeks to find himself. If he can’t then I would waive him and send him to the minors.

  62. BillyD – “Strategy” and “Instant Gratification” don’t mix well with this fan base. The strategy part goes right over the heads of some of these ‘people'(?)

  63. BillyDeeWilliams on

    Beer – I’ve gotta remember to take all this into account before I post from now on.

    ORR – 4 on 4 overtimes also don’t happen in the playoffs, so that’s kind of a moot point.

  64. “The strategy part!” Uh, you mean like designing a power play that isn’t a laughingstock?

    You’re a comedian, Beer Me.

  65. Wow… Some of the posts and responses on this blog just come off as bitter trash, more fitting for the ESPN NHL blogs. It’s easy to spot you guys, because most of your responses have nothing to do with the Rangers- it’s just harsh back and forth dribble about irrational crap.

    But, there were some rather intelligent posts regarding holding Renney accountable as the head coach of THIS years Rangers. Yes, he came here and somehow got the organization to buy into his defense-first system (I’m going to give him credit, although it looks, smells and feels a lot like the Devils of past), but that’s not the problem. The problem is once he gets his club ready for game-day, he fully miss-manages the ACTUAL game. Unfortunately, the correlation I make when I think of Renney is of the Eagle head coach – Andy Reid…….

  66. newman – it was $ 39 mm not $36 mm for Redden

    gresch – or whatever other names you are going by since you’ve only been here about a week or so. i gave my answers last night on what i thought of various posts. sorry for not being here 24/7 for you.

  67. A Lundqvist clunker???? I hope everyone doesn’t get to happy about this team just yet. We need to get rid of Rozi, and the Wedden mistake is HUGE now!!!! With those 2 albatross’ we are in big touble come playoff time. Just think of how that is going to hurt us the rest of this year and in the future even more so. Why don’t we gove rozsival to Ottawa for a forward or 2 of thiers? Free up some cap space, and gets one liability off our hands.

  68. pete – no other team will take rozy even as a waiver. our only hope is to allow him to go back to europe after the season

  69. I’ve heard a couple of comments over the last couple of games (Ottawa and Vancouver) from the play by play/colour commentators, just pointing out a couple of things about mechanics. In the Vancouver game, I think it had to do with using your skate and leg to back up your stick when receiving a long bouncing puck passed back to the point on the powerplay. Same deal when a few games back (Islanders maybe?) the advice to reach down and stop the puck with your glove, as long as you have the time of course. Considering that the Rangers play home games on ice that is never going to compare to what you’d find in Edmonton or Calgary, not a bad thing to do. I play, I have learned this stuff from coaches, at least I know about it.
    Similar to what I thought watching Detroit in the playoffs last year. On the PP, their defensemen covered each other at the point. Passes from down very low had potentially two people receiving it, then the backup guy went back to his side. Great insurance, and it also drove the defenders a bit nuts. I actually saw it pay off on a power play.
    Along with shooting practice (nobody’s perfect, hence the practice), there are some things I think the Rangers could learn and practice. What seem like small things can make a big difference.

  70. The could use some scoring, but what I would really like to see is another stay at home D-man with sharp elbows. And a little more focus on hitting in general.

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