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Thanks again to everyone for taking part in the video chat. For those who missed it, you can watch the replay below. If you watch enough, you’ll see me completely frazzled by an on-screen visitor. Let’s just say Morley Safer doesn’t have to worry.

A few of you had mentioned that you were trouble accessing the video. I’m told that you might need an upgrade of your flash player. But that’s about the extent of what I can offer in terms of technological advice. Either that or “just bang the computer a couple of times.” That can work, too.

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  1. Hey Orr

    Theres a birthday party going on here and one of the girls walked into my area to bring me a piece of cheesecake; just as I opened up the link on your last post…..

    almost got me fired dude

  2. The Lady Pink Stamina Training Unit (STU)looks pretty interesting… Peter Pruha should get one of those since he has all the time in the world watching games from upstairs

  3. Sam, I just banged my computer a bunch of times and now it won’t turn on. You’ll be receiving a bill and a not from my lawyer shortly.

  4. “Craig… if your computer won’t turn on, then how did u type that message? :)”

    this isn’t CCCP, CCCP. Here capitalists have more than 1 car, computer, etc.

  5. Now your talkin’

    Nice game last night hah?
    the kind of game that makes you angry with your job ,your family and the mailman

  6. It is not my job to pick a new headcoach and staff, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Renney is unable to even get close to winning the Cup. and that Renney doesn’t have much of a system other than “Lets hope Lundqvist lets in fewer pucks than the opposing goalie”.

  7. “that’s an easy question, the answer is that the world would be a smarter one without him.”

    retarded comment.

  8. After you make 10 bonehead suggestions you follow-up your post with a “it’s not my job to pick coaches” line. Then why would you try to pass off your bonehead coaches as actual “ideas” in the first place?

    It’s definitely not your job to post, so maybe you should stop.

  9. staying with Renney is a cowardly, conservative stupid move. To be scared of the unknown, being scared to try new and maybe unproven coach and instead stay with the medicrity that is going absolutely nowhere. Simply pathetic. This gutless organization is in a cowardly limbo or mediocritinism.

  10. Bob… if u were given opportunity “tet-a-tet” (assuming bob u know what I mean by that foreign word) to ask Tom Renney just one question… what would it be?

  11. the question is what would Renney ask Bob, if he was being given the opportunity. Bob doesn’t want to be anywhere near the carsaleshyena, never mind asking that accident of birth any questions.

  12. I feel that it can be a good thing about how we lost last night. This team got waaaaay to comfortable relying on Hank. It was good for them to see what happens when you don’t play 60 minutes of hockey and see what happens when your goalie is left hung out to dry.

    Also, I want to add that why is it that we only score more than two goals in games that we usually don’t win? It shows were are capable of it, but just seem to do it. Definitely frustrating.

    I think we are going to see a difference in this team on Saturday. I hope I am right.

  13. BTW Kaspar… the game last night was horrible … I’m sitting in my trenches, eating my pork in a can and watching my 11 inch standard definition over the air antenna TV and all I could think of is “ well…u know, my life isn’t that bad…”

  14. Oh jeez, i just checked it. I didn’t think there was a, i just typed a random .com in so i can have my name in bold letter.

    Sorry aboot that Kaspar.

    I should have known there would be a Its a pretty basic name, but it lets you know exactly what they have. Good stuff.

  15. “Bob you are the definition of not a real fan.”

    good, a real fan is a moron that wastes thousands of dollars each year so that he can be among thousands of similar morons with beer in their hands yelling “Potvin Sucks” or “Let’s Go Rangers!”. I am of higher level of evolution.

  16. Orr
    Ha! you should have seen me scambling to hit that “x’ man!! I missed 4 times!!

    where did you get that antenna? I usually watch thru the neighbors window.

    Where the hell is Beer me! he always bails after we give vup 6 goals or more

  17. Hey gang
    wanna real bad-ass good luck charm??

    Forget Sundin

    Claude Lemieux just got promoted to AHL!! ( habs, Debs and Lanche)

  18. Yeah Bob you are a f-ing armchair genius. Sit at home and watch the game and your idea of exercise is going to the fridge for a beer or the bathroom for a piss. A step higher in physical evolution than a f-ing slug….mentally though, you think you have evolved, so you are probably still lower than the slug….Darwin would be proud.

    You idiot.

  19. Bob, you may be the first person in blogging history to actually have both sides of the fence not like you.

    It must be weird for you to have reality and psuedo-reality blurred into one. Actually, you’re probably used to this type of thing in your day-to-day so I guess it’s just status quo.

  20. I don’t drink any alcohol, so that is fewer calories I need to burn by boring excercises.

  21. Brandon, I don’t really care, I am just a straight shooter, and I don’t care ith those with biases or agendas don’t like some things I say.

  22. You know I’m just jokin around.

    I missed the chat before. Worth watching later/tomorrow?

    and kaspar…I can only take so much the nonsense that follows a 6-3 loss. You can seriously become stupider by reading those “drop by to bust balls and make inane comments” fans. They come with criticisms and no solutions.

  23. “eat my ass kaspar. I’m busy. Have interviews on monday”

    I already ate my wildebeast burgers my friend

    and with that kind of attitude you’ll never pass an interview

    Besides..who said it was OK to take a day off from the blog..we got problems here man…flash player doesnt work…everyone’s mad at a guy named Bob, hank got bombed, gomers broken, Dubi’s pissed…

  24. Kaspar, that was definitely some funny stuff man. Have me laughing over here. I’ve been out of work all week. The worst stomach virus ever hit my whole family. I lost 11 pounds and was so dehydrated on tuesday that I actually blacked out for a little while.

    I definitely have some nasty 1 stories to share. Real nasty.

  25. Wow!
    the end is near…the cap will fall

    also on TSN “Redwings selling tix for $9.00 each” !!!

  26. Kaspar… u mean Chazz Palminteri… yes… but i forgive u since english isnt ur first language… and mine too

  27. Guys, i need your help – a quick online vote is required so i can watch the Lightning/Rangers game next week.
    Go to and look half way down on the right hand side.

    If the Rangers game is not selected i’ll have to watch it online and the quality of that is terrible….at the moment the Wings/Habs game is way ahead. Please help…

  28. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Had to share this! Hope you like it!

    Posted by Dunsel / November 20, 2008 14:07 (fron Steve Z’s site)

    I got hold of a transcript of the NYR team meeting following the Canucks debacle. I think it might explain a great deal…
    Tom: Well gentlemen, we weren’t very cognizant or visceral tonight. We rarely had 5 in the frame, and when we did it was the wrong 5 in the wrong frame. Dru, translate, please.
    Drury: Guys, we sucked
    Several: What? What the hell did he say?
    Gomez: I think he said we’re schmucks.

    Fritsche: Well why the hell can’t the guy SPEAK UP! It’s like listening to Tom Thumb.

    Mara (Yelling): HE SAID ‘WE SUCKED’!!!

    Zherdev: Vas iss suucking?

    Kalinin to Zherdev (in russian): it means playing like my defense partner

    Zherdev: Oooooooh.

    Dawes: ______________________.

    Naslund: I think we need to……

    Gomez: Sorry Nas, took too long. Next…

    Vally: What’s the problem?. I thought we were GREAT!

    Mara: I’m growing my beard back, ‘cept this time to hide my face in shame.

    Redden: Jeez…man, look how the market’s dropping!

    Tom: Petr, you need to get to the net and score some points!

    Prucha: Uh, Tom? I’m in the pressbox…

    Tom: Oh…right. Ok Dubi and Aaron, you need to get to the net and score some goals!

    Dubinsky: Tom, I can’t do THAT! If I do and I take a penalty or give up an odd-man rush you’ll bench me again! I wanna PLAY!

    Rozsival: I can’t find Jaromir out there! Where IS he?

    Lundqvist (softly to himself): I should’ve asked for more money…

  29. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    How many times can you vote? It let me click it a couple of times, if that’s the case maybe we can all do a ‘Habs’ move.

  30. Dubi or not Dubi on

    So I have to admit, I did not watch the game yesterday by choice. That was the first game EVER that I chose not to watch. That’s probably about a 20 year streak of Rangers hockey that I have watched (Or listened to, with the whole college away from home thing), that ended last night. Why? Because Tom Renney has actually made me disinterested in the team.

    There are 3.5 players worth the price of admission, Lundqvist (Obviously), Zherdev, Dubinsky, and the half-Staal. Strange how he chose to bench Dubi and Z a couple of weeks ago, and all of a sudden they stopped scoring, GREAT job, kill the confidence of the only two forwards who are fun to watch. Lundqvist gets hung out to dry every single night, but to his credit, he holds more than his own. What do we do? We praise Renney for his GREAT system.

    Great system my backside – Mark Messier, 6 time hoister of the Stanley Cup, refused to play under him in Vancouver. Does that not say all you need to hear? Not many athletes know about winning quite like Messier, and if he thought Renney sucked, he probably did.

    So until something is done, Renney has actually completely turned me off of my Rangers, my FAVORITE of my big three playing my FAVORITE sport, the sport which I simply cannot force myself to watch any longer.

  31. What makes me howl about the Renney backers is their total, unconditional belief that anything that goes wrong with this team cannot be laid at his door.

    The power play? (That’s Pearn’s fault.)

    The team is never ready to play hard from the opening faceoff? (Getting them ready to play is not the coach’s job.)

    The team doesn’t play 60 minutes? (That’s the team’s leaders’ fault.)

    Renney publicly calls out Voros and Zherdev — owners of 25% of the Ranger offense so far — yet ignores far worse play by vets like Rozsival and Redden? (How do we know what Renney says to those vets behind closed doors!) ((He really reams them I bet!))

    Players plateau in the their development under him. (That’s
    their fault!)

    Who else could coach this team? (No former Cup winners like Burns because he couldn’t coach in the “new” NHL!)

    So there is a ready-made laundry list to excuse Renney, because by their lights he is never culpable for anything that goes wrong.

    But if Rangerworld is such a byzantine, random place ….. should not by the very same logic Renney receive no credit when — forget about winning or losing — this team actually plays well? I mean, if he’s responsible for nothing, does that not work both ways?

  32. I’m watching this thing on the NHL network with Patrik Elias in Belize. Makes me think about the guy in a completely different way than I had before. The guy is a really good person and it was nice to see what he did with these poor kids in these god awful living conditions. And we are all bitching because our team lost a game last night. No Nasty, we are bitching because we have been playing awful and Henrik has been saving our asses. Something needs to be done. Fire Renney! Trade the whole team! The sky is falling! It’s falling I tell ya! Falling I say!!! We are doomed, DOOMED!! Run, run!! Head for the hills!!!!

  33. Someone light a candle — Nasty has seen the light! And has put not just the Rangers, not just the NHL, not just America, but LIFE ITSELF in perspective!

    What a patronizing, ridiculous, self-serving, sanctimonious post.

    And don’t come after me with your bullshit pieties, because I have two adopted kids from Rumania, one with extreme physical disabilities. This board is about the Rangers, not a bunch of tools trying to pass off false sentiment to make themselves look big. So let’s keep things where they belong.

  34. im running… i got my goalie mask on … my Avery jersey… my CCM Vector V10 Hockey Pant on… and flip flops i brought from Ukraine when i was visiting last year… and oh yeah… my Men’s Health Magazine December issue and a passport… yeah

  35. I’m glad you all enjoyed it. I really am. I’m self serving and sanctimonious huh? Actually I was just being an abrasive prick. I was making a mock of all the bullshit that rains down from the sky after every single Ranger win.

  36. Gresch — Great post. The desperate quest to point anywhere but at the responsible party is as weird as it is funny.

  37. BillyDeeWilliams on

    Gresch – You can’t have it both ways my friend. If you want to bash him for the losses, then you’ve gotta praise him for the wins.

    If you don’t want to give any credit for anything, then he never does anything right or wrong. If you look at a coach that way, then you can put anyone behind the bench and it will turn out the same.

    This is where the Renney-haters don’t make any sense. I’ll tell you what. Everything that goes wrong with this team, I’ll blame on Renney. But every time they win, I want you on here praising how good of a coach he is. Because you can’t just look at the facts when they’re convenient for you.

    I’m going to go to bed trying to wrap my head around that irrational thought.


    billy – this is why gresch and the other names he uses doesn’t make sense. also since anyone who disagrees with them bashing the Rangers (who have a fairly good record) must be behind Renney or Sather 100%. as an aside I doubt anyone agrees with every decision the gm or coach does.

    maybe it’s because some find their constant whining annoying. all of a sudden 5 new names (approx) suddenly appear here. pretty much all saying the exact same thing in the same writing style. hmmmm. I smell a rat.

  39. I’m not a Renney ‘hater’. Conveivably, I might hate the bully who knocked me off my bike repeatedly when I was a kid, but even that’s a stretch, and besides I like his sister, she was cute.
    Renney is like some kind of great leveller, trying to homogenize everything. Not good.

  40. BillyDee (BTW, is that you Dude1994?)

    I think, respectfully, you have chosen to ignore the fact that the criticism has come regardless of whether the Rangers won or lost, especially over the last two weeks.

    The upswing in Renney badmouthing has come, I believe, because the team’s play has regressed; its effort has become very lax; its attention to detail and fundamentals has fallen bigtime; the worst offenders in terms of effort and craft have been let off scott-free; and Renney himself has described practices as aimed at conditioning and “flow” rather than correcting specific problems.

    Renney’s critics fear that if these trends are not forcefully addressed, the rangers are in for an Ottawa-like downturn from last yeat. A 15-2 start that masked a host of really serious problems that ended up with the team in the tank.

    P.S. You were awesome in Lady Sings the Blues

  41. topcorner – i have a bigger issue with the anti renney faction bashing others on this and other sites. they hide in waiting and when a loss or 3 occurs their venom comes out. just as much toward selected posters here as the coach.

    I am a Ranger fan not a Renney fan (but not a hater either)

  42. ford – maybe the Rangers biggest problem was getting off to a really good start as that set the bar very high. I personally don’t think this team is as good as – among others Pitt, Mtl, Wash. and that is no matter who is coaching. and 2 of those 3 have at least 1 top 2 pick in the draft.

  43. LI Joe

    Not a fan of the personal bashing either. Lately, I’ve come off my self-induced fence sitting benefit of the doubt stance on Renney to land squarely on the side of dissatisfaction. But I do appreciate what you’re saying. I’m a relative newcomer here and, as old as I am (especially in Ranger years) I learn a ton from reading what you guys write, you actually go to the games.
    I remember staying up late to listen to a Rangers/California Golden Seals Game on the crappy AM dial, and hear that someone like Bruce McGregor scored the winning goal. Love this team, and see some bad stuff that I hope can be fixed, the record is good, but I don’t live by stats.


  44. LI Joe

    I dunno, man. I have been called a bunch of names — stupid, ignorant, and worse — by posters like Beer Me and Staal Wart and others — simply for calling it as I see it: A team I have loved for thirty-two years whose current edition plays without structure or effort far too often. A general approach that says the coach is not effective either to diagnose or fix what ails.

  45. we could have scotty bowman in his prime, and i dont think it would make that big a difference. we need goals scorers, naslund looks done, zherdev has the talent but he needs someone to whip him into shape. the rest of our wingers just arent top 6 fowards in the nhl. duby and gomez need finishers, espec gomez. renney isnt awful he isnt great. sather is more to blame

    end of the day u need to have a system that the players buy into and plays to their abilities. mite be harder than we think givin what renney is working with.

    u need at least one great offensive line and pp.we have neither at the moment and barring us somehow trading rosi or redden(never gonna happen), this is the team for the next few years. maybe slats has a trade up his sleeve, but we wont be able to sign a top forward this year or next, or if we do staal or duby would have to take a pay cut

  46. topcorner

    Take me back in time! Remember those Seal uniforms?

    Good old Bruce McGregor. Emile Francis had to beg him to approve the trade that brought him to NY from Detroit. How things have changed in that regard — now the Rangers are one of the most sought after teams to play for. God knows that wasn’t true when I started watching them.

  47. Pete, I really don’t think that the offense is working under the right system. What’s the tipping point between offense and defense? I’m fine with a system, but something’s wrong with this system in particular. The biggest frigging puzzle is the almost total ownership of an opposing team when only, let’s say five minutes ago, it was a 180 degree flip. Same team, even exactly the same lines. WTF? I have no idea why, who the heck does? Thought I would look to the coach first, though.
    Aah well.

  48. topcorner, pete and ford – fair points. this team also has some oversized contracts and the days of the cap going up every yr has stopped at least for a while.

    i do change my mind on some players as events warrant. used to think pretty decently of rozy now i am very concerned (as i was with the new contract). also did not like the redden contract. happen to really like mara this yr and did not think much of him last yr.

    i see plenty wrong with renney and sather. I guess I like Kaspars style more in writing. keeps some humor even when he bashes Renney or whoever.

    heck I’m much more concerned about the financial mkts than I am Renney and the Rangers.

  49. Ford,

    Listening to Marv Albert was a hoot. The guy was good, great radio voice and actually didn’t sound like a generic sports reporter. Back around then, ABC was doing NHL games on Saturday afternoons, saw some really great matchups with the Orr-Bucyk-MacKenzie-Cheever era Bruins especially, man those were incredible games.

  50. yeah I remember a league from the 60’s too. loved the Rangers of the early 70’s shame they never won the big one.

    I was telling a guy on the way in to last game I attended that they used to play playoffs 1 vs 3 and 2 vs 4. 1st series i saw in person the Rangers were 2nd seed and played Chi at 4th seed. begged my dad to take me to some playoff games. we went to 1 of 1st 2 games. they lost in 6 after being up 2 games to zero. in game 5 (I was at) Eddie G allowed a shot from Bobby Schmautz (sp?) from near center ice to go in. less than 2 minutes left in a tie game.

    so some of you don’t know from pain. this is easy stuff currently.

  51. LI Joe,

    We’ll try to keep some humour in things. good point. I just looked at my investment statements yesterday, and humour was not my first emotion. But after that first spasm of self-pity and panic, I immediately thought of the transition game and the powerplay. So, I think I’m pretty grounded.

  52. If Giacomon had an achilles heel, maybe it was the easy save. Anyone remember the game, pretty sure it was an all-star game, when he let one in from centre ice? He was shocked, so was I, so was everyone.

  53. topcorner – see my post at 12:30. I think that was the game i was talking about there. could you imagine if they had the internet then.

    i remember the fans used to say the ref is a bum. as in ashley or friday is a bum. replaced by s***s in recent vintage.

  54. I think, respectfully, you have chosen to ignore the fact that the criticism has come regardless of whether the Rangers won or lost, especially over the last two weeks.

    The upswing in Renney badmouthing has come, I believe, because the team’s play has regressed; its effort has become very lax; its attention to detail and fundamentals has fallen bigtime; the worst offenders in terms of effort and craft have been let off scott-free; and Renney himself has described practices as aimed at conditioning and “flow” rather than correcting specific problems.

    Renney’s critics fear that if these trends are not forcefully addressed, the rangers are in for an Ottawa-like downturn from last yeat. A 15-2 start that masked a host of really serious problems that ended up with the team in the tank.


    excellent post.

  55. LI Joe

    Just to close this conversation off neatly, thanks for pointing me to your post, guess I missed the details. I’m pretty damn sure we are talking of two different examples of flubber goals allowed by Giacommon. It was an all-star game, I remember how it was treated like an oddity, there was nothing riding on it at all. If it was playoff or even regular season the response would have been different.
    I really liked the tandem of Giacommon and Villemure. I always thought of the Rangers as being defined by great goaltending.

  56. To add on to Ford’s post as well…

    This is nothing new to many of us. Many of us had the same criticism of the team (coaching and players alike) same time last year when we were “stealing points”, “not losing, etc.”… I think it 100% misleads all parties involved when a team “gets away” with so much for so long. So many glaring issues went overlooked last year and everyone shrugged it off with the tag lines “We’ll be fine” and/or they post some skewed statistic about how “the Rangers haven’t technically lost a regulation game” in almost a month… when meanwhile if you were actually paying attention to what was going on, it was far from impressive at all.

    It’s really like some of these people are lying about watching the games. Are you people watching?? Maybe they turn it on, and count when each team scores a goal, but they’re not really paying attention? Mind boggling.

    This is nothing new. Many Renney “bashers” will continue to bash him until the team looks convincing…. and as I have said in the past… convincing is not mutually exclusive to winning. Just cause the team is pipsqueaking out wins does not mean they are in good shape, and just because they dont win some games does not mean they are not. All I know is this Ranger team… like last year, and the year before that, and the YEAR BEFORE THAT, does NOT come to the rink ready to play 60 minutes for 82 nights a year…. ALL OF THESE TEAMS, ALL UNDER TOM RENNEY, MIKE PELINO, AND PERRY PEARN. (If you care to argue this FACT with me I’d love to hear it)

    I don’t think firing Renney is the answer, (I do think Pearn has GOT to go, if not only to shake things up a little)… and I thik with that move made on Pearn… it should be made clear to Renney that he is not untouchable anymore either.

    Jagr is gone, and quite honestly, we don’t need Renney strokejobbing anymore stars.

    We have all new faces, but it’s the SAME F*CKING PROBLEM.

    And what in the HELL kind of “flow” drills does Renney have them running? This team has not had ANY “flow” since Jagr/Nylander/Straka.

    Renney is a charlatan.

  57. I missed the chat today, but I have a question for Sam Weinman:

    At what point will the media honestly take Perry Pearn to task and make a real inquiry about his job security?

    How many more shorthanded goals need to be let up? How many more power plays squandered chasing the puck back out of our own zone?

    When is someone going to honestly ask what is going on? It’s embarrassing.

    Someone else brought it up yesterday to, the fact that PEARN has gone on record as being one of the the KEY PLAYERS in aquiring WADE REDDEN… does this not infuriate anyone else beyond imagination?

    At the start of the season, The story went “Well we know Redden will be a solid addition to the team and power play because our very own Perry Pearn has worked with him before and he said so! It’s like everyone forgot that Pearn was the shinyface boner who let our star studded power play fall to the bottom of the league the year prior.

  58. Dubi or not Dubi on

    LI Joe, I post because I am still very much a Rangers fan, it’s not like you can just turn it off. Renney has taken the fun out of hockey. If I wanted to watch a boring defensive team, I’d go watch the devils… Wait, Brodeur would have probably crushed his team on many occasions for the breaches in defense that Hank deals with on a nightly basis.

    Why are Dubi and Z benched to “Get them going” when guys like Drury and Rozsival get more playing time so they can “get out of their funks”. Of course Drury has gotten out of it, but I can’t say the same for #3. We’ve heard how “Different players need to be handled differently” but it’s not different players, it’s different age brackets if you follow Renney’s history. 3 and Z seem to both be guys who are “Fragile” but they are handled totally differently, the only difference is that Z leads the team in points DESPITE averaging probably 14-15 minutes per game.

    Z will be on his way to Detroit at the end of this year, where he and Datsyuk will light up the league, while Renney and his joke system continue to make the playoffs and get knocked out. Yay! One of the top 16 teams! Hoorayyy! We’re a better than average team! Let’s celebrate!!!

  59. ford
    November 21st, 2008 at 12:06 am
    LI Joe

    I dunno, man. I have been called a bunch of names—- stupid, ignorant, and worse—- by posters like Beer Me and Staal Wart and others—- simply for calling it as I see it: A team I have loved for thirty-two years whose current edition plays without structure or effort far too often. A general approach that says the coach is not effective either to diagnose or fix what ails.”

    FIND THE POST. Never happened. To be honest..I’ve grown out of that in the 2yrs I’ve been posting here. so you find the post, and then we’ll talk. Until then….you’re still wrong.

  60. Thank god I have better things to do today than go through this sh*t again. Over and over and over the Renney haters just don’t get it. There’s A LOT more that goes on other than yelling at players and matching lines. And I find that it’s the “old-schoolers” that don’t like him the most. (not all, most.)

    It’s been said all along that the plan is to use the season as a preparation (a springboard) for the playoffs. The flashy record will probably even out somewhere along the line, but you make the show and put that preparation to work.

    Big picture, this franchise is headed in the right direction. I think the majority of those that don’t trust Renney, don’t see it. Typical of ny sports fans. They look for instant gratification. Perfection. They want to be the best damn armchair coach they can, and they know when players should be out on the ice. They can tell this from their living rooms. They can read it in the paper. They can see it on tv.

    But they have never seen it first-hand, and in spite of the fact that they have NO first-hand knowledge, they just ‘know’. Gimme a f’n break. You can always tell when someone doesn’t really ‘get it’, when the first words of a discussion on the Rangers is “we need a new coach”. No…we’ve needed this coach for a while.

    I have faith in the franchise. Faith in the staff. A little less with the on-ice personnel, but they’re still a good team. And this roster is not the roster you’ll see game 1 of the ’08-’09 playoffs.

    Maybe I’m just not that critical a person that I need to pick everything apart until there’s nothing left but dissapointment. I’d rather say, “we took points in 5 of our last 7”, than say “this is wrong, that’s wrong”.

    Sorry for a long post, my only one of the a.m.

  61. BillyDeeWilliams on

    ford – I’m not thedude…and I was even better in Undercover Brother

    I understand the criticism of Renney…and i understand that it comes at all times. my issue is with the amount of blame put on him and the fact that he gets no slack whatsoever, even though this team has been a strong finisher for the past two years. In losses, it’s all Renney’s fault, and even when they win, he still effed something up. Something in there doesn’t completely match up. The same things they eff up in losses that you blame on Renney, if they do them right in the wins (or even the losses), you have to give them man some credit.

  62. BillyDeeWilliams on

    Beer – I completely agree.

    This place has turned into the Mike and the Maddog show (except about hockey). It seems like a matter of pessimism vs. optimism.

    While you may take those points first and then look to the problems, a lot of these guys will see all the problems and then remember the points as an afterthought.

  63. This site was fun to interact with but lately all I see is bitching. Come on, do some of you think Renney or Sather reads this and then goes,” oh yes we have to trade Rozy, Gomez, Prucha and Dawes.” The Rangers are one of the top teams in the NHL right now, but it seems like 1/2 of you can’t wait for a 5 game losing streak so you can say ” I told you so.”

    We all know it’s about winning the cup but if that was the only reason for being a fan, the Rangers would have less fans than the Icelanders. I barely remember the 72 finals. I was 13 during the 79 finals and of course we have 1994. So 3 finals appearances and 1 championship in my 42 years, not really great odds but I’m there rooting this team on and I know they’re going to tease me and break my heart but I come back for more. So relax, if we only get to the 2nd round I’ll be there yelling and cheering until they stick the knife in my heart and after a couple of days I’ll be looking forward to the draft and get excited about who is the next group to tease and kill me again.

  64. I think ALL Ranger fans want perfection out of them. The bigger the wins, the better the play, the better the record, AWESOME… But let’s be honest, out of the teams that have been around a while, the Rangers haven’t exactly been real successful.

    Renney’s a decent coach. I don’t think he’s the next Bowman, I don’t think he’s horrible either. And he’s (I believe) the 5th winningest coach in Rangers HISTORY. 3 years to match almost 80 years of history.

    We’ve had 1 Cup in most of the posters’ lifetimes (apologizies to those of us in their late-60s and past). I think I can speak for all (hopefully) of us when I say that we’re Ranger’s fans because we’re FIERCELY loyal, and maybe a touch too stupid to jump ship.

    That being said, I’m one of the “optimists” on the board. When I look into the history of the team, its SAD. And if I see them leading the Conference, deserving it or no, I want to be happy. I deserve that. We ALL do.

    We won’t ever be perfect or dominate the league with a dynasty, so enjoy what we got, knowing that it could VERY easily be SOOOO much worse.

    That’s my spouting off for the day. :-)

  65. At the same time no-one on here (myself included) praised Renney for having Zherdev out there down one against Pitt in the last minute… or Nylander against Boston or Sjoestrom (a fourth liner… who’s line was arguably the best that night) out there against Ottawa in the third period. The last one being a move most people would chastise… “WHY would Renney have that 4th line out there down 1 in the 3rd!!!?”

    It’s a team effort… they all win or lose.

    Including the coach.

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