For the conspiracy theorists out there, let the record show that there will be a staggering 17 scouts in attendance for tonight’s tilt against the Canucks, including two each from L.A., the Islanders, and Florida (GM Jacques Martin among them).

Open market on Petr Prucha? Maybe.

More likely is the simple fact that the Canucks rarely come east, so area scouts will want to jump at the chance to see them up close. Don’t forget, the Sedin twins will be free agents July 1. Actually, 13 players in all on the Vancouver roster will be either UFA’s or RFA’s at season’s end.

So in other words, those scouts will be busy.

Meanwhile, I just walked into the Garden, wher Zipay reminded me the game doesn’t start until 7:30. Doh! That’s an extra half hour I could have spent at home ignoring the leaves piled up on the front lawn. Instead it will be an extra half hour speculating why there are so many scouts here.

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  1. Cindy Crawford on

    yea prucha’s value is going down every day. it sucks bc we could have put something decent together at the trade deadline

  2. “If you’re among those who believe Mickey Mouse is a build-the-foundation guy (such as Roger Neilson) and Bugs Bunny a finish-the-job guy (such as Mike Keenan), you might be onto something”

    The names don’t matter as much as the concept that lies beneath… unless Renney get get this team ROLLING, and I don’t mean pipsqueaking out little pussyfart wins… I mean ROLLING through the bitch teams and battling down hard with the stiff competition… then I think we’ve gotten all we’re going to get out of him as far as taking us out of the cellar… but that Nice Guy sh1t will only get you so far. You don’t have to be an aeshole, but your players have to have that internalized fear of letting you down and getting on your bad side. So far Renney has picked on the Ukrussian kid who doesn’t speak english and Voros who makes his cake as a grinder…

    I’ve been saying this for 2 years and counting… Renney does not get the most out of his top guys … if he doesn’t manage the job this year with PrimmaJaga gone, he probably never will…. so far it doesn’t seem like he has much at all.

  3. I have been reading lots of rumors about teams interested in Bieksa and Ohlund from the Canucks, could be those guys the scouts are interested in more than anyone we have

  4. simply speaking… the lapses and letdowns we’ve had lately would not bother me at all if I felt proactive measures were being taken or were at least on the horizon… my experiences show however that this likely wont be the case.

    Renney will pussyfart along and nothing will really change, just like last year. Sure, time is on our side… but that means nothing if you don’t use it to your advantage like we managed to do last year.

    All you folks saying “it’s only this month or that month” are adorable! I agree and I know that it’s early…but it was early this time last year as well when we were winning cheap and “not losing!!”

    Renney now has a record of squandering his time away. Do I know the answers? Of course not… but Renney has been in the drivers seat through this before… I think he’s letting his guys get away with too much again.

  5. “means nothing if you don’t use it to your advantage like we managed to do last year.”

    and I do mean we managed to not make any real improvements over the season… the team was still struggling to find chemistry and tinkering with lines in May.

  6. J-Boooo !??!?!?!?!

    Maybe these teams just feel like watching two of the best goalies in the game today, all in jealous rage.

    I don’t care how we win thise, regulation, OT, shootout, just gotta pick up the two points. Nucks beat us twice in a row i think. Im not happy with that at all.

    Pruchs obviously needs to play, unless they’re interested in his cheerleading skills, which every team could use.

    Anyone think Pruchs is ready to join Jags in OMSK ??

  7. well, despite reading all of Salty’s posts today trying to curb my enthusiasm for this team, think I’ll start heading over to the Garden anyway today and root for this team.

    GO RANGERS!!!!

  8. Salty:

    While you take a lot of sh*t here, I agree with you on this point.

    What it comes down to is, the Rangers need to beat the teams they’re supposed to beat. This means the Fishsticks. This means Tampa. This means Atlanta, this means Toronto, etc. Having to struggle to eek out a win against teams like this does not bode well, and this 20 minutes per game playing style isn’t going to hold up all season.

    I love this team and love that we’re winning. But shouldering it all on Hank and playing like it’s already in the bag’s not going to cut it for 82 games. A win’s a win’s a win, but sooner or later, all good things come to an end. Harder-nosed play and getting the most out of the INCREDIBLE talent this team actually has would go a long way towards extending this nice cloud we’re sitting on…

  9. lol vermette didnt help himself to get traded, missing that breakaway and missing in the shootout…

  10. LA Scouts? Kopitar?!! J/K Imagine him, Dubinsky, and Anisimov together in their primes; scary.

    Aaah 7:30 start, just like the early 90s..I miss it here and there.

    Ok, question; nothing against the Canucks (I actually think they’re a cool franchise) but who has gone through more jersey changes in the last ten year; them, the Philadelphia 76ers, or the Sabres? Seriously, identity crisis. I still don’t like their new jerseys, bring back the Tiger Williams era Vs……well, maybe not.

  11. Hey Sam,
    You should do an informal poll of how many readers understood the reference of your post title, Scouts?

  12. Aaaaaand another shorthand goal against.

    Can Pearn just be drawn and quartered on Center Ice or something?

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