Renney (not Lundqvist) gives Lundqvist the hook


It sure looked to me like Henrik Lundqvist had decided to come out on his own after allowing that fifth goal tonight, but the involved parties said it was Tom Renney who signaled the goalie to the bench.

“I looked at Tom and he gave me the sign,” Lundqvist said.

Renney confirmed as much, saying he was waiting for Lundqvist to make eye contact with him before he summoned him.

More surprising is that the goalie made it that far. I asked Renney if he had considered pulling Lundqvist after the fourth Vancouver goal.

The coach nodded.

“I thought about it after the third goal, too,” he said.

So why didn’t he?

“Let him battle,” Renney said. “Let the team battle in front of him.”


Meanwhile, either the decision is out of Tom Renney’s hands or he hasn’t given it much thought, but when I asked the coach about calling up a player from Hartford so that he could occasionally sit down a struggling defenseman — pick one of several — the coach said he didn’t have the latitude right now to do so.

“The bottom line is we have to look at where we are with our roster in general,” Renney said. “I still have some forward decisions to make. You’d sure like the depth to get guys attention, but we don’t have that luxury.”

It was a complicated answer, and not altogether clear. On one hand, Renney said the idea was worth considering. On the other, he said the real issue was the structure of the Rangers’ practices, in which too much time is spent on conditioning and flow and not on teaching and systems.

“That’s not an excuse. That’s a coaching decision,” he said. “That’s my job.”

So in other words, the Rangers need more time to practice.

Fine — except tomorrow they’re off.

Raise your hand if you’re confused.

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  1. As I said in the last post, TV could not have done it justice. Hands down the worst display of hockey at the professional level that I can recall seeing since 1999, and perhaps not even then.

    This team was beyond awful tonight.

  2. Right Lundvist had his head down the whole time and left the net the second the puck went in. Valiquette looked very surprised when Hank came over to the bench.

  3. Lundqvist looked almost like he just flat out gave up after the 3rd goal. I would have been super duper pissed off at my team if they left me out to dry like that. When that no-goal slid through his legs it almost seemed like he didn’t even care to turn around and stop it from going in.

    But he is definitely not the fault they lost. It seems like teams have caught onto the fact that our PP pointmen have no idea what they are doing and with some pressure will almost always cough up the puck. Watch every PP, the other team pressures our pointmen to the extent that they almost leave the slot free to move about in. I liked the 1st PP when Zherdev controlled the play and against any goalie except RL that Mara shot would have gone in.

    Dubinsky has not really been playing too well and we need him back. Maybe some PP time with him controlling the play would help to get him going. I noticed Renney had the PP flow through him once and it looked promising. The point shots just do not work so we have to look elsewhere for goals.

    Rozsival once again was Blowszival. Man, every time the Nucks scored it felt like Rozsival was on the ice. Redden was no better with that miserable giveaway on the SHG.

    Lets get Staal on the PP with Redden, have the play flow through Z on the sideboards with Drury and Voros in front. I can see some nice goals being scored there.

  4. Renney is simply not telling the truth, because Henrik was out of that net as soon as the puck hit the twine. It makes me feel sorry for the coach that he has to confect a tale that a child could see from the video is totally false in order to cling to an illusion that he’s in control.

  5. “On the other, he said the real issue was the structure of the Rangers’ practices, in which too much time is spent on conditioning and flow and not on teaching and systems.”

    And the team is off tomorrow?

    Are you effing kidding me??

  6. ladies the Rangers have not played as good as there record is.

    +’s so far are; Henrik, callahan, Zherdev is a superior talent, korpikoski(legit NHL player). SOme of the other young guys have signifiant upside

    Negatives; roszival is playing bad real bad,7 goals while with the man advantage after 21 games (how can that happen?) Kalinin plays soft real soft, Redden is no Brian Leetch, the whole D has been saved by Henrik to many times.

    They have the talent, they miss Gomez, and they need to figure out the blueline.

    This is a 3 goal a team max offensively so they need to tighten up the D because Henrik is not going to be superman every night..

    Staal and Dubinsky seem to be struggling right now, there best D man appears to be GIrardi to me!!!!

  7. Notorious B.O.B. on

    could have won in a shootout if he would have pulled Hrenik after the 3rd goal. But you know you can’t teach old hyena, new tricks.

  8. Seven shorthanded goals against in barely more than a fourth of a season (on pace for 26!) …. with perhaps the best goalie in the world on your team …. tells you that the shots against generally are far too high in quality of scoring chances across the board, not just when a man down.

    And it also tells you your team is fundamentally unsound and poorly coached.

  9. All Hail King Henrik on

    This loss was coming for a while. It was only a matter of time before Hank was relegated a mere human. To place the blame on him though, is ridiculous. If Valley had come into the game after the third goal, the outcome would have almost certainly been (still) a W in Vancouvers column. The five goals against Hank: Two breakaways, two giveaways to players all alone 5 ft. in front of the crease, and one 5-3 PP goal.

    The team defense is terrible. It’s ranked in the top 5 because of Henrik and Henrik alone. Without him, it would be ranked somewhere between 20-30th. Tonight was evidence of that.

    I’m a firm believer in the adage “defense wins championships(games).” It’s true. Look no further than the successful regular season teams and stanley cup champions of the past decade (and beyond).

    I’ve always liked Renney since he instilled a defense-first system in this organization, and that combined with Lundqvist has produced wins.

    But, if Renney is a defense-first coach–Why can’t he get this team to play sound team-defense? I can accept the offensive struggles with him seeing as he is a defensive coach, but the defensive struggles are thus unacceptable.

  10. All Hail King Henrik on

    SEVEN shorthanded goals against. That is just unacceptable on a defensive team, and furthermore unacceptable when all goals were scored with two d-men playing the point. We should yield no more then seven shorties in an ENTIRE SEASON.

    Rozsival and Kalinin are both a -9 on the season. Obviously this is not conducive to team success nor team defense. Truth be told, Kalinin really hasn’t been terrible the last 15 games, but Rozi has been dragging him down with him (for the most part).

    I’m still amazed that we’ve allowed only seven power play goals, and yet we’ve yielded seven short handed goals as well. Our PP is a mere + 11 on the season. I know everyone keeps saying to just drink the coolaid and put on the rose-colored glasses in awe of the 14-6-2 record, but I just can’t.

    I want to, believe me, but I’m not that naive to think we can be as successful a team as we aspire to be with a 16% PP that yields almost half as many shorthanded goals as it produces. I would LOVE to be proven wrong, by this, but I just don’t see our even-strength offense overcoming this issue.

    This team has to play better defense in front of Hank, and the PP needs to at least stop allowing shorties, if we are to win.

  11. I can not understand why Renney refuses to sit Rozi for a game. Let Rozi sit up top and watch and maybe that will give not only some needed rest but possibly could see what is transpiring on the ice from a birds eye view and make adjustments to his game.

  12. why would renney split mara and staal, they have been the best totgether. Rozi and kalinin need to work through the bad but in the meantime play staal and mara 30 mins a night. we need a sniping forward

  13. “Honestly, there are no words to describe how bad they were tonight.”

    How about, “Tom, I got you a silk scarf for Christmas and I’m giving it to you now because I gotta let you go.”

  14. Renney’s dodgy answer about calling up a Hartford d-man implies to me that Prucha’s being shopped pretty hard and that he’s waiting to free up a forward spot to bring in a 7th d. At least, that’s what I hope he means.

    How in the F can the team have today OFF after playing hockey that would make my highschool team embarassed?

    How can you blame spending too much time on conditioning in practice? YOU DESIGN THE PRACTICE, YOU MUPPET!

    As long as soft, kind-hearted Renney is coaching this team they are not going to win a Stanley Cup. Period.

  15. Mentally unprepared to play. That’s the only verdict you can hand down after the Rangers’ debacle last night. Their defensive coverage was amateurish at times allowing their favorite alltime patsies (the Vancouver Canuckleheads) to play their most successful Garden match in history. I’ve been watching this rivalry for 35 odd years, and I’ve never seen a poorer performance by the Blueshirts than last night. The only solace is that I know our guys can play much better than last night. My fear is that they don’t prepare themselves better in the coming matches. Go back to basics, please. Not leaving opponents alone in front of your net would be a good place to start, and not passing to your opponents who are standing alone in front would also be helpful.

  16. Watching the game made me sick to my stomach!!!! Can we bring back Colin Cambelle LOL Defense is a mainstay yes but when you have a soft over paid clown like Redden you better score some goals. Renny and company MUST GO they are clueless on how to use what they have and THE SYSTEM just isnt working never was. If it wasnt for Henrik the Rangers would be a 500 team at best the last 3 yrs.This team was supposed to be younger and faster GUESS WHAT its more like SOFTER and STUPIDER good pickups Glenn

  17. Redden and Rozival had their worst game of the year, and should be benched at this point. I’ve ragged on people on this board for being too negative, but last night was brutal. Its okay to have an off night once and a while, but there has been no consistancy. What a bad game.

    Renney’s system can work, but everyone needs to FINISH. There were way too many chances that went bad when a shot on net goes wide or passes are missed.

    I don’t know what the answer is, and its okay to show a guy that you dont like the way he is playing by BOOing him, but honestly how can a guy be confident when everyone around him is BOOing him. BOO a bad play, not just cause he touches the puck…save that for the opposition.

  18. Some of you guys are incredible. After every loss you guys rip Tom Renney and the team like they are cellar dwellars. This team is in 1st place and nearly battled all the way back from a 4-0 deficit. Sure, they left Henrik out to dry and got’s 1 game, and it was against a west opponent. Had this been a divisional game I’d be a bit more depressed, but it wasn’t and the team is still on pace for 111 points! Some of you expect this team to be flawless. It’s impossible..every team has issues! It’s one loss..get over it.

  19. I agree with most of u guys but u cant just bench 2 d man when u only have six. honestly i am dissappointed with redden and rozy. they are highly paid and are our 2 worst d men. but they’ll come around. im sure theyre gonna be switchin up pairs and will do something to fix the problem. i just have a problem with renny yellin at doobs and benchin the young guys while these overpaid vets get away with everything and have nothin to fear. i think renny tried sendin a message with playin orr on the pp last game but thats not the answer, and last night playing the 4th line when down by 3 at that point wasw stupid. i understand they forecheck but they never score. get dru with cally and nazzy or zherdev out there. double shift them.

  20. love it, love it, love it.

    ALL the coaches fault. I can’t believe he let in 5 goals. I can’t believe he couldn’t score 6. I can’t believe he put ‘x’ line out there at x:xx of x period, when ‘y’ was sitting on the bench. I can’t believe’ x played x:xx minutes last night. Also love that everyone seems to know the communication between 2 people in nyc from miles and miles away on their couches. Do you a-holes think the world outside of what the camera catches ‘stops’? That’s the only explanation that would make sense in thinking you know something other than what was seen on tv or quoted later on.

    Coaches are sometimes guilty of overchoaching. the same way fans are guilty of ‘over-bitching’.

    Almost 250 posts on the last thread…impressive guys. Didn’t read them. I have a feeling I covered it all (above).

    I’ll tell you this…we have THE best value in our #1 and #2 dmen in the entire NHL. No joke. Mara @ 1.9mil and Girardi @ 1.6. We also have the most overpaid #3 & #4 dmen in the Redden & Rozy Show. (insert itchy and scratchy theme song here)

    In-game, the right decisions were made most of the night. Rozy played under 20min. Orr played 3min, none in 2nd half of game(there was really no need for him last night). Cally played almost 24…THE most (positively) noticable Ranger on the ice last night. Leading up to the game last night…there was a lot of talk by a few players, and those players didn’t show up. Dubi played his worst game as a Ranger last night imo. Didn’t cost us the game, but took the night off. Voros showed ‘flashes’, and got to the areas he needed to get to, but the puck never made it there. Z played inspired, and seemed to get the point from Monday.

    VAN has a TREMENDOUS transition game. Our answer to that transition game is out with a bruised ankle. And for the 1st time since he’s been out, it was really noticable. Get well soon Gomer.

    Slats needs to unload whatever extra fwds he can. We’re desperately in need of a 7th dman. Really, a 5th, 6th, AND 7th.

    Sh!t performance last night. Glad it was 2pts to the west and not to the East/Atlantic. Not much else to say about it really. To use Salty’s favorite phrase, they really “sh!t the bed” last night. They’ve been playing far below their potential and stealing points. That’s what happens when your goalie can’t steal one for you. (and he should not be expected to bail you out if you don’t want to play anyway). It happens, learn from it and move on.

    Maybe the schedule changes were a bad idea!

  21. Blozival and Redden have been horrendous. Cant blame Hank for the first two, they were breakways from defenseive gafs by those two. They both should sit.

  22. I don’t care what they said, I can’t blame Hank for saying,” F-this, I’ve bailed you guys out all season while you decided to skate in a coma, not tonight!”

    The pregame they talked about coming out with more fire, yet still were outplayed badly. 7 shorthanded goals against, do you think the coaching staff might decide it’s time to try something else? How much damage would it be to put a forward at the point? Not as much as already occured. When Paul Mara is your best defenseman, you’ve got problems.

    I’m looking forward to Sat vs Ottawa and seeing if this lights a fire in them and what changes Renney makes. He has to make some….right?

  23. BillyDeeWilliams on

    My favorite part about reading these comments after a loss is seeing all the randoms come out and make insane comments about how this team is the worst thing in the history of hockey.

    My favorite part about being at the game last night was when the idiots behind me started yelling for (i think) Redden to shoot from the point, and when he did, it went straight into the sliding defenseman in front of him, and the puck was cleared. If only every fan was the coach, this team would be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO great.

  24. I’m almost glad the Rangers got spanked last night. This team has been scraping by on less-than-stellar efforts and winning in shootouts. After they beat Ottawa on Monday, I walked out of the Garden completely unsatisfied with the way the team played.

    Last night should serve as a serious wake-up call for this team. They need to find a way to start faster. They need to be much SHARPER. They need to find a way to score some goals. Want evidence that we have below-average finishers? Two of the goals we scored last night barely crossed the goal line. Voros’ goal was complete luck, and Cally’s was almost stopped by Luongo.

    I agree totally with Beer Me that last night was the first time that Gomez was truly missed and it showed. He needs to come back ASAP.

  25. This is Henry’s second time he let of five goals. But he still leads the league in wins and shoul start in the All Star game

  26. After the third goal I wanted him pulled but knew Renney wouldn’t do it. That’s the softest goal I’ve seen a goalie give up all season.

    And after the fourth goal I told myself OK, now he HAS to get pulled.

    But coach waited until five were scored and the game was out of reach.

    Valiquette had a great night so did Callahan and some others. I hope Vally gets the next start after that showing.

  27. It’s time to move Rozival, he was bad the last 3-4 months of last season and is getting worse(if that’s possible). I hope Sather can package Rozi with Prucha nad get at least a bag of pucks. Speaking of Sather, hey Glen we have another incomplete, flawed team FIX IT!

  28. The time to move Rozsival was in the offseason when all Sather had to do was nothing and he would have been someone else’s overpaid problem. That contract is going to be difficult to weasel out of without taking someone else’s mistake in return (Jeff Finger?)

  29. Sam – “Raise your hand if you’re confused.”

    I’m raising my hand because everytime Renney speaks I get a headache trying to figure out what he means. How many players do you think would raise their hands?

  30. Mike in IA – playing the 4th line when down by 3 is fine. it’s a long season and no reason to burn out the 1st 2 lines trying to savage a game that is likely lost. lose the battle but win the war.

  31. I was simply pissed off watching that game. and i agree with what people have all said before me so im going to tyr not to sound like a broken record.

    I think they should sit lundqvist next game, he’s played more games than most goalies plus Vali did really well coming into last nights game. I didn’t think I was going to miss Gomer as much as I have because he annoyed me with the way he was playing, very passive but i do. AND i am tired of drury spending 80% of his time sitting/laying on the ice, stand up and skate around. And for Dubinsky, i hope he gets his game going again. After making some poor decisions, including not attempting a shot when Lu was down last night, he needs to step his game back up.

    Thats my main concern, for everyone to work hard, get the forecheck going and stop with the bad turnovers & hard passes. yes every team makes them but we end up paying for them constantly..

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