Wade Redden, this is your life


Naturally there was the obligatory media scrum around Wade Redden downstairs just now, when we asked the former Ottawa defenseman about playing his old team. The plan is to re-enact the same scene Wednesday when Markus Naslund faces Vancouver.

Come to think of it, maybe we can just dust off the same quotes from Redden and use them for Naslund.

“It’ll be good to see (insert former teammates). I really enjoyed my time in (whatever city),” (whatever player) said. “I’ll always remember the time we (insert team highlight here). But it was time to turn the page. Now I’m a Ranger, but I want to thank (insert former coach, general manager, trainer, pilates instructor) for giving me a chance in (whatever city).”

OK, so Redden didn’t exactly say that, and it wouldn’t be completely ethical to replicate quotes like that. But it sure would be a good way to save time.


Jokes aside, here is what Redden said about facing the Senators tonight. He said he met up with Daniel Alfredsson and Chris Phillips, and only then did the significance of tonight start to hit home.

“I just think it’s the final recognition, going up against the old guys,” Redden said. “I think it’s a good thing. It really hit home just seeing the guys yesterday. It was different. I’m excited about playing them. It’s been a big change this year. I don’t know. I’m just looking forward to getting out there against them and knowing that I am against them. It’s good to finally play them.”

So there you have it. Nice guy, Wade Redden. But he’s not exactly Richard Pryor in front of a tape recorder.

Meanwhile, apropos of nothing in particular (other than of course that the Rangers power play is still struggling) I asked Tom Renney if there were any forwards he would consider using at the point.

“Maybe, but I’m just not even there yet in my own mind,” Renney said. “I’m just thinking about this group of guys, this group of defensemen finding the answer.”

I’m not surprised by Renney’s answer. Truth is, unlike with Matt Cullen two years ago or even Martin Straka last year, there is no obvious forward worth trying at the point.

Chris Drury was tried there for a spell last season, but he wasn’t entirely comfortable (plus the thinking is Drury is too valuable in front of the net). Scott Gomez obviously has the puck-carrying ability but doesn’t have the shot, while Ryan Callahan might have the shot but probably doesn’t have the defensive sense needed to defend a rush.

Actually, if the coach ever wanted to be bold he could experiment with Nikolai Zherdev since a player at the point is actually afforded the room to carry the puck and make a play. But don’t count on it. For all of his obvious gifts, Zherdev is enough of a defensive liability at forward. Put him at the point and Renney would be in a cold sweat the entire time.

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  1. Just play Staal there. Give him a chance… The PP picked up a little when he was on ice during the PP later in the game.

  2. Wrong, Sam. Tom would not be in a cold sweat over Z at the point on the PP. Because at the end of the day, he’s a great teammate, a great human being, and we’re all behind him 100%.

  3. Sorry Sam…

    I disagree with you there (about Zherdev at the point).

    That’s exactly what Renney should do (could you tell him for me lol)

    Putting Zherdev there wouldn’t be any worse defensively than allowing 6 shorties thus far this season.

    Zherdev has a shot, can pass and is steadier (putting it mildly) with the puck. He would move defenses and get the respect that those defenders don’t give our point guys. This would create time and space and make our powerplay at least a top 15 in the league.


  4. Bob Baggins III on

    Put Dawes on the pp he’ll get it done but of coarse the hyena coach won’t give him a real chance. betts will get pp time before dawes.

  5. Staal’s been getting some nice chances 5 on 5.. imagine him with more ice to work with on the PP.

  6. this should be a good game for redden. hope he gets 1 tonight.he has the advantage of knowing his goalies weaknesses, although it shouldnt be too hard with what ottawas got in net anyway.although lets hope the rangers dont give them anything easy like it says in between periods in nhl 09. im just hopin we dont come out of the first and possibly the 2nd trailing again. i dont think my heart can take another nailbiter. love the rallys but save some for the end of season/playoffs, and for Gods sake i really dont wanna hear any booing. its freakin kid shit. if anything give the poor bastard support. he was our number 1 d man for 3 years even though hes actually a number 4 guy.

  7. Ford wrote:

    Dude: Renney did nothi”ng—NOTHING—to offset the talent of those guys you cite. Not matching lines, not exacting a physical price, not shadowing. Zip, zilch. He just rolled his lines. Think of that! Just rolled em out there the way a robot might.

    “If you don’t even try to counteract Crosby and Malkin with some sort of gameplan, how can that be called coaching at all, much less good coaching??”

    That is it in a nutshell, homies.

    Couldn’t disagree more. That might hold weight if Crosby and Malkin racked up the points on us in that series; fact is, we contained both of them. Those two guys are going to get points, you can’t hold them to zero.

    And as far as “matching up” every shift. If you start going nuts with counteracting the other team you lose focus on your own system. It happens time in and time out and has NEVER proven to be effective.

    That series was lost in game 1, then again in game 3. We were very much in it to win it. If you want, point the finger at coaching in the first game in relation to “focus”, but strategy was definitely not the case.

  8. Pavel,

    I think we’ll see that by the end of the season with Staal. Not yet… but at some point.

  9. bilbo faggins the skinny efeminate racist hobbit!!! i told betts of your adoration for him and he said hed like to give you an autographed stick to the back of your head. its at perfect slapshot height

  10. anybody know what “injury” nazzy is playin with tonight?
    hope he doesnt get hurt cuz hes been great for us lately. and bob i actually agree with your top line combo. the only thing is gomer isnt back in the lineup so u gotta spread the talent out a bit.

  11. Renney should have played Shanny on the point last season, he has a way better shot than Dru, but he never did it. Oh well, Philly can try that when they get him.

    I still say Staalsy should be on the PP. He has a pretty damn good shot which he’s proven. He needs to shoot more, and what better way to get more shooting chances on the PP.

  12. Sorry if anyone has mentioned this already, but I think we’re overlooking the biggest reunion of them all…Sjostrom vs. Phoenix next week…

  13. orr shanny played the point with jagr last year. but i think only on 5 on 3’s. didnt work that well though. shanny was too slow to backcheck and almost cost a few shortys

  14. hey orr how come u say “aboot it”? makin fun at canadians? lol J.D. used to talk like that.

  15. Brandon writes that matching lines has “NEVER proven to be effective.”

    Laughably off target. Just off the top of my head, tell that to Bowman in each of his Cup wins, esp. the last two in Detroit. Tell it to Hitchcock in ’99. Tell it to Pat Burns in ’03.

    Probably this month’s winner for the least informed statement on this blog.

  16. PS

    When someone who is a defender of Renney writes that the series was lost in the first game, does he not realize that there could be no more devastating comment on a coach than that?? The first game, and then all was written in the wind?

  17. I was thinking since Marta Fraud-eur is out for extended period of time… maybe this is the year when Henrik brings the Vezina Trophy to New York… first since John Vanbiesbrouck won it in 1986

  18. CCCP — Worth hoping for, but Luongo will at least be right there with him at the rate he’s going.

  19. Dubi or not Dubi on

    I would love the Nas/Dubi/Z line, it would really be a legit top line (Which I’ve said before, but will just back up whenever I see it)

    Here’s one of Renney’s problems in regard to matching up and all that jazz… He matches up TOO much, when they play the Pens, Betts plays for 15 minutes for example. When the Rangers are forechecking and playing their game, they look good, it is when they play to offset the other team’s skill set is when they get in trouble. The Rangers have proven that they are tough to beat when they play THEIR game, so stick with it! Make the OTHER team adjust!

    The Giants ran the ball against the Ravens despite the fact that they were the top rush defense, and they ran for over 200 yards! Why? Because rushing is THEIR strength. Dinner/Game time, go team!

  20. Mike Keenan said it best when asked why Bowman was the greatest coach ever: Because he knew who to have out on the ice, when to have them there and who to play them against.

  21. -Gresch-
    “Mike Keenan said it best when asked why Bowman was the greatest coach ever: Because he knew who to have out on the ice, when to have them there and who to play them against.”

    _Well too bad Renney strikes out in all of those categories …

  22. Prucha…is he ever coming back? Sure doesn’t seem so. Looks like none of the newspaper boys have asked Renney lately.

  23. The Devils won 3 cups by matching lines so anyone to suggest line matching doesn’t work well they’re lost.

  24. Love the way Sam described a horrible Redden turnover in his own end: “Um, Redden moves it…aside.” What a joke.

  25. The Devils won 3 cups because of Marty and because they were the best to ever employ the trap.

    They trapped no matter who was on the ice.

  26. Brodeur — Not exactly. The “A” line did as least as much forechecking as trapping in 2000.

  27. dear mike in ia try not to accuse someone of being a racist while being homophobic in the process. it loses sentiment.

  28. Not a very eventful first period. Rangers best players were Drury(who was around the puck all period) Girardi(who threw the body and moved the puck smartly) and Cally(who hit everyone and drove to the net) Hank was very good as well. Hank’s best save was likely on a puck that went off of Drury’s leg. The pp looked comatose and the pk looked fairly good(par the coarse)

  29. Whens the last time we scored a goal in the first period? I’m not being sarcastic, I just really can’t remember.

  30. Not to beat a dead Czech horse fellas, but any thoughts on whether it’s time to stick a fork in Prucha? Is he done with this club?

  31. deja
    November 17th, 2008 at 7:47 pm
    Brodeur – the devils won 3 cups because of scott stevens and nydermier and the rest of the D

    Plus they had great defensive forwards(Holik, Carpenter, Madden , Pando) that through the years were mastched against other teams top lines.

  32. MIKEIA

    I used to do it for fun, now im to addicted to stop.

    “CCCP—Worth hoping for, but Luongo will at least be right there with him at the rate he’s going”

    Nabby too.

    I wasn’t happy with that period to be honest. I get the fact that the Sens are a great shot blocking team, but c’mon, hit the friggin net with those shots. The PP looked worthless, and scared. And Rutuu got away with a cheap shot on Dubi, to me.

    People can say what they want aboot Avery, but he’s not as much of a pussy as Rutuu is, at least he will actually fight someone in his own weight class. Rutuu is scared to fight Voros, but has no problem going for Dubi, and calling him a pussy for not dropping the gloves, wow. If he has kids they must be depressed to have such a pathetic dad. The guy has such a faggy face, i don’t know what it is, but i could see him hanging with Bob with some NYC tranny’s.

    Better pick it up in the 2nd. Hank saved the day again.

  33. MULLY

    He’s done, cause Stone Cold Renney said so. He wont give him a shot again.

    Its better this way, cause he’s not stepping up in the games he gets, even if he doesn’t get much ice time, and we have to shed some salary, so yup, he’s done.

    I hope Rutuu catches a Mara slap shot to the face, and breaks a bunch of bones, ending his season. Funny thing is, Mara usually misses the net, so its not like that wont happen, mwahaha go Mara !!!

  34. Bob Baggins III on

    Renney needs to bench betts and double shift dawes and korpikoski. Trade Sjostrom he doesn’t hit and has stone hands.

  35. Leetchhalloffame on

    Ruutu taking way too many liberties. Rangers need to grow some and knock his a** around.

  36. graves9

    Yup, but careful now. You’re picking on a sacred cow in Girardi.

    He makes a horrible play like that once a game, while sprinkling in lesser horrors along the way.

  37. It wouldn’t be a good time to focus on Ruutu right now, forget him and get him some other time. I’m surprised how close this game is.

  38. graves9
    “How does one put on 15 minutes? LMAO”

    Well… u call Flava Flav and ask for one of his oversized clock lol

    i know it makes as much sense as Bob Baggins III comment :)

  39. Bob Baggins III on

    lol betts wearing the A again while the hyena coach kills the confidence of the third line by not playing them.

  40. Actually it might have been Drury and Sjostrom was out of position too. Funny how that shift started out with great work by Naslund and Cally.

  41. Sjostrom didn’t actually impress with his puck check, not just Rozsival’s fault. That pick was perfectly done, even if it should have been called.

  42. That was just a bad shift by the line, Rozi didn’t help with his weakness, fuggin putting his stick around Alfy’s waist getting caught, and running into Heatley. This guy cant catch a break, he keeps putting himself in these positions.

    This is honestly embarrassing, Nyr better fuggin come back, if they manage to lose to this shitty team that has only 3 good players, while getting shutout by a no name backup goalie who’s backed up 3 teams in the last 4 years, ill lose my fuggin mind.

    Dubi needs to get it going, he hasn’t scored a goal since that god damn Blue Jacket game, and that was a fluke goal. He needs to get his shit together and start putting pucks in the god damn net.

    What’s it gonna take for this team to start scoring goals for Hank ? He’s doing everything for the team, and they’re taking penalties, getting shots blocked, firing wide, blowing the PP. Enough of this 3rd period come back shit. Its getting annoying, even if they win, its still annoying. Especially when Dru, or Nazzy say something aboot how they talked during the intermission and said to do this and not do that, fugg cant they just score some goals for Hank already !!!

    I don’t even know when the last time these guys scored a 1st period goal was.

  43. well Nasty, I hope you get your wish. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t mind seeing him either!

  44. They better come back again. Were playing against the 14th place team of the East, gimme a god damn break. Look at there piggish goalie, what has he done in his career ? Yet, here’s Nyr making him look like a Vezina nominee. Embarrassing !

  45. Sometimes i wonder if that bob person is a real person at all… sounds like a recorded message lol

  46. WHY THE F*CK NIK IS IN THE DOG HOUSE?? we need some offence and arguably our best offensive player is benched…Renney lay off the crack pipe, buddy

  47. Maybe we’re finally seeing the persnickety side of Zherdev that we were warned about from Columbus…

  48. Bob Baggins III on

    The hyena is on a power trip trade gomez, release betts and sjostrom and bring back immonen.

  49. Staal has been playing like this the last 5-10 games. Does anyone else notice how whomever he plays with happens to be the most reliable defensive pair on the ice? Imagine if we could get away with playing Staal and Girardi together. Staal should be playing at least 24 minutes a game, yet I think hes still only at like 18-20. Silly Renney, stop loving Redden and Roszival so much.

  50. Zherdev did look pretty upset, hard to tell why. I think he is pretty hard on himself, much more than a lot of players.

  51. Shootouts are exciting. That being said, I am getting sick of seeing the Rangers in them. Let’s Go Rangers!

  52. I am so happy Niki potted that, obviously because it’s a goal but also cuz he would have been in a serious funk if he hadn’t .
    What goalie plays better positionally than Henrik L? Can’t think of any.

  53. rangerny09
    November 17th, 2008 at 9:40 pm
    What a way for Zherdev to stick it to Renney…

    I thought Zherdev had a rough one. He didn’t create much and was trying to beat 3-4 Sens on a rush every shift. He still has warts in his game. There will be games like this when he freelances ala Kovalev he is far from a finished product. That said he came up huge in the shootout.

  54. I could coach in the NHL if my goalie was Hank. I think Renney would have a slightly better record than me. But I’d be within shouting distance.

  55. I have never seen a team’s fans bitch as much as you guys do and you have the best record in the conference

    give it a rest already, my god

  56. graves9

    Riddle me this: Who had a worse game, Girardi or Zherdev?

    The fact that there is no 7th defenseman on this roster is an absolute joke.

  57. Brodeur — Are you blind? Do you not see that this thing is fragile and hanging by a thread?

    As Lee Trevino might say, dogs chasing cars, pros putting for pars and NHL teams trailing going into the third — usually scoreless themselves — do not last long.

  58. Why isn’t an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty given to someone who takes a second shot in the shootout? Not the first time it has happened against Henrik this season. The NHL has rules about rules, and they can’t see what a pissy kind of play that is?

  59. you guys are 14-5-2 with the top seed in the conference.

    what the hell is the matter with you guys, I cant imagine the crying if you had a losing record.

    Any team in the east would love to be the Rangers right now.

    Plus you are doing it without Gomer, what the eff?


  60. wow.

    we need gomez back so bad. can our powerplay be any worse? . . . really?

    these last two games have been a doosy.

  61. great game tonight!

    I think Rangers and Senators battled tonight for who could have a worse power play! :)

  62. If I’m Zherdev or Voros, and I see the pacifier Renney sticks in every veteran’s mouth when they should be benched, I would be pissed for being benched after an ineffective shift.

    For chirssakes, Girardi makes a Gretzky-like pass to an opponent in the slot EVERY FRIGGING GAME!!!

    Not only does Renney not call him on it —- but most of you idiots think Girardi’s playing fine.

    This is all Lundqvist. Don’t kid yourself. 100% Hank.

  63. Not much to say about this one. Pretty boring game that at times sxeemed like it’d set Hockey back ten years. Two points is two points though. Ottawa is a rather miserable team. I can’t imagine how they’ll make the playoffs. I think the Isles may have a better chance. That said they did have the better chances but Hank was phenomial again. He kept em in the game once again and they got a great shift by the Korpkoski-Betts-Sjostrom reconfigured line. Once again the pp stink and they had all kinds of issues even getting scoring chances but they keep grinding it out and winning. The question is if or when Hank starts struggling for a little bit(like he has in the past) will the offense pick it up(and pick him up like he has them?) Quiet game for guys like Dawes , Voros, Zherdev and outright bad game for Rozsival. On the other hand fantastic game for Staal. I hope he continues to develop his offensive game.

  64. Err, I mean ‘not given’. Let it carry over to the next game, who cares who gets the benefit of the @ssholian behaviour.

  65. Thank Hank they won this game, a loss against them would be embarrassing, and its a damn shame we allowed them to pick up a point. But this is yet another game where they got lucky, and Hank bailed them out.

    Good job by Orrsy, and Pault Mar getting in that willy sucking piece of shit Rutuu’s face at the end. Gotta let him know that his team lost and he blew it in the shootout.

    Renney continues to be a fuggin IDIOT !! Funny how we get into this convo of the dumb things he’s done, and why he’s a dumb coach. Why the fugg would he bench Nicky Z and Voros ??????? This guys an idiot, flat out moron, playing Voros for 40 seconds in the first 12 minutes ??? What the fugg is that ?

    Those two didn’t do anything wrong for them to get benched, the whole team was doing nothing, i didn’t see him bench Gomer, Dru, Nazzy when they struggled, but he made sure to bench those two, and Dubi in the Islandorks game. Gimme a break, the team couldn’t get anything done, its not Z’s fault, or Voros’. Good for NIcky Z to win it in the shootout, and i loved that reaction, its like he had a ball of hate in his hand, and he was throwing it on the ice in angry passion !!! I love it !!!

    Once again, we have to take the win and run with it. It wasn’t pretty but its another two points in the books, and we’re at 30 now.

  66. Richtersgirl
    November 17th, 2008 at 9:57 pm
    great game tonight!

    I think Rangers and Senators battled tonight for who could have a worse power play! :)

    Great game? I almost fell asleep and I’m an insomniac.

  67. actually roszival did not have a bad game… i really dont think he did…ruutu should watch it, orr and mara didnt really look like they would invite him to a tea party tonight

  68. I hope Rutuu falls and cracks his head on a fire hydrant outside the Garden and gets the worst concussion ever, and he thinks he’s Mike Ricci’s wife. How’s that for a nightmare !!!

    I hope they rape them on saturday, and Rutuu gets the ass kicking of a life time.

  69. “Not only does Renney not call him on it——but most of you idiots think Girardi’s playing fine.”

    Preach, Greschner.

  70. lol luongo and the nucks lost to the isles… redden did have a few more chances than usual today but nothing special, missed the net several times…

  71. Putting Orr on the PP was retarded, and made no sense. I just cant understand this guy, i cant wait to see what he says in his press conference. Apparently Nicky Z and Voros are not good teammates, and not good guys.


    Yeah, Gomer. Wasn’t he trying to split through 3 players on the PP last game he played ?? He can gain the zone but he’s been doing some idiotic things recently, hopefully all due to injury.

  72. well i meant great game becuase they won.

    am i the only one who didnt have a problem with Zherdev being benched?? I thought he was getting benched becuase he tried a few times taking the puck byhimself end to end and losing it, which created good chances for the Senators. I was fine with a message getting across to him that he can’t do that!

  73. anyone else think the question is whether this is the rangers underperforming and winning in spite of themselves or if this is close their ceiling?

  74. If Dan Girardi was playing in front of Kevin Weekes or Mike Smith or Jose Theodore, he’s be in the ECHL.

    He’d be the leading defensemen in the league in scoring, but he’d be in the ECHL.

  75. I think you put the game on in the 3rd period wednesday….unless you live to see Luongo-Hank neutral zone trap game

  76. Giannone will probably be fined for this remark. When Lasky asked him on MSG, NY how many wins the Rangers would have without Lundqvist, he answered truthfully: THREE.

    For Renney to blather on post-game without telling the world this is all about his goalie DISGUSTS ME!!

  77. Zherdev and Voros have scored about 25% of Ranger goals this year but theyre on the bench for 20 minutes?? Rozy has personally allowed 1/2 their goals in lst week…never misses a shift

  78. Zherdev’s solo rushes might be questioned, but it does invite some thoughts about Renney having a double standard. Maybe if the puck bounced off Zherdev’s stick at the last moment due to ‘bad ice’ he’d have gotten off. I’ve seen worse chances given to the other team. I guess that’s Renney’s decision.

  79. this is getting ridiculous, guys stop fucking complaining, oh my god, its just a game…..jesus….every single team in every single sport has problems night in and night out, internal, external or whatever.. calm the F down..

  80. “Giannone will probably be fined for this remark. When Lasky asked him on MSG, NY how many wins the Rangers would have without Lundqvist, he answered truthfully: THREE.”

    Thanks, Ford. I am going to tune in to see/hear for myself.

  81. he won’t bench roszival becuase we are pretty slim pickings on D right now. Even if he wanted to bench him he really can’t.

  82. Random Question:

    Anybody know how to look up the stats of the Wolpack players? I’ve checked the pack website and ahl.com and can’t find it…I’ve actually wrote to the pack to give me the url and the make it easier to find but they never replied to me.

  83. This is what blogs are for right? Bitch and moan about a good team that bores you to sleep for 45 miutes

  84. joe michelletti is starting to bother me. i almost want to watch the game on MUTE. rangers draw a power play, they go to a commercial, get back, and joe sounds like jessica alba just walked into the studio naked hes so surprised: “oh, wow, looks like the rangers are gunna be on the power play!” yes, jackass, thats usually what happens when the guy w/ the striped shirt raises his hand and a whistle blows when the other team touches the puck.it wasn’t only that though, he’s just flat out bad. he doesn’t add anything, he messes up players names, awful…

    ok, thought on the game:
    unclear why he benched voros so much but i guess zherdev made sense, he was trying to do to much and was super pissed, at himself definitely, and maybe more.

    QUESTION: why aren’t people talking more bout wat an ahole ruutu is. i love mara and orr for going after him at the end, and voros stuck up for staal early on when ruutu tried to jump across the rink and triple lutz into staals head w/ his elbow…

  85. Basically for the Wolfpack, Anisomov has like 13 points in 14 games, PA Parenteau is leading the team with I think like 17 points, and Brodie Dupont, Bobby Sags, Corey Potter, and a little bit of Justin Soryal, Jordan Owens, and Dale Weisse are contributing.

  86. omg orr ur crackin me up ” mike riccis wife”!!!!!1 lol holy shit. oh and remember boobs lil post earlier-Renney needs to bench betts and double shift dawes and korpikoski. Trade Sjostrom he doesn’t hit and has stone hands. everytime he talks shit about somebody they score or make a great play. keep talkin shit boobs, ur like a fucked up wierd ass good luck charm.

  87. 14-5-2 .. does anyone want to comment on that?… Lets just say that this game they came back again… as a real team, that just prooves to everyone what kind of caliber they are right now even without gomez. Voros didnt even play that much and neither did Zheredev, and when Sjostrom scores goals for us its a + .. thats called having depth on a team. Thats what everyone has to realize …

  88. Job 1 in Ottawa Saturday afternoon is to rub out Ruutu.

    If teams around the league continue to believe the Rangers don’t stick up for their best player (remember the game in DC?), whatever the team might lose in man-power advantage in a single game is nothing compared with what will be gained by burying that guttersnipe.

  89. I would be happy with the record so far…but to be honest, i feel like they are coasting on henriks coat tails. If they keep up this type of record if henrik gets in a little slump or something like that I will feel much better. This team coasts a little too much for me. I just want them to give it their all and I dont feel like a lot of them are right now

  90. hank saved our asses tonight like usual and until he has a bad game theyre gonna coast richtersgirl. theyve done it 3-4 games in a row

  91. Job 1 in Ottawa Saturday is to score more goals than the Sens. Job 2 in Ottawa on Saturday is to rub out Ruutu while accomplishing Job 1.

  92. topcorner

    I think another low-scoring, unphysical, let-Ruutu-romp that ends in a win for the NYR without exacting retribution might in the long run be a less positive outcome than a STATEMENT game that tells the league: If you even think for a minute about fucking with Henrik who might just be the best player on the planet now, we will kill you.

    So I would happily trade two potential points in November for that message to be sent loud and clear from sea to shining sea.

  93. If Renney were truly an honest man, he would tell the media in the post-game presser this:

    “Go talk to #30. Because he’s the ONLY reason we’re above .500, much less leading the conference.”

    But because Renney is vain and self-important, he spins myths about a team that hates to lose, a system taking hold, blah blah blah, etc.

    A four-year-old can see this record is due almost exclusively to the goaltending of Lundqvist, and it insults my intelligence that Renney pretends otherwise.

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