Up is down


So if you had to guess..

Which coach tonight said he was proud of each and every one of his players for a “heck of a game”?

And which coach talked about the need to be more consistent, the need to attack more, and who was asked to defend everything from his personnel decisions to his team’s practice habits?

If you guessed Craig Hartsburg as the ecstatic coach after his 14th place Senators lost their fifth straight and Tom Renney grimly assessing the state of his first-place Rangers, you were right.

Truth is, the Rangers were a few subway stops shy of stellar tonight. And if it wasn’t for Henrik Lundqvist, this was yet another game that could have easily gone in the other direction.

But honestly, if you didn’t know the score when you walked into the locker room, you’d have thought they were blown out of their building.

“We have to use this as our wake-up call,” Brandon Dubinsky said.

Right. Heaven forbid this winning should continue.

(I know what he meant, don’t worry).


As for Tom Renney’s benching of Aaron Voros and Nikolai Zherdev in the third period — no, you weren’t in a psychedelic haze, that really was Colton Orr starting out on the power play — the coach said he was trying to send both a message.

“I thought they could have offered us up more than what they had at that point in time,” Renney said.


Continuing a recent run of beefs with officials, Renney took issue with what he thought were two non-called interferences on Daniel Alfredsson’s second period goal and Jarkko Ruutu’s second shot on Henrik Lundqvist in the shootout.

“What happens if that hits Henrik in the side of the head?” Renney said of Ruutu’s shot. “He’s looking at our bench instead of straight ahead. We lose our goalie.”

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  1. All Hail King Henrik on

    Nice win by the NYR in a tightly-played defensive game. It would have been nice to get more than 1 goal against Ottawa, but they played a pretty solid defensive game. After those closed door one-on-one meetings with their players, I really didn’t expect much different.

    I disagree with Renney benching Zherdev for such a duration. Zherdev committed no egregious errors, nor did his play adversely affect his team.

    To not bench Rozsival during the last game and to then bench Zherdev during this game is improper. It sends the wrong message to Z; Renney needs to handle this kid properly, he may be fragile.

    If Renney wasn’t happy with his effort(as he said in the postgame), he could have sent the same message to Z by benching him for 3 or 4 or even 5 shifts, rather than most of the 3rd period and OT.
    It’s not smart to have your best offensive weapon on the bench when you’re team is down 1-0 in the third period.

    It was great to see Z score in the shootout though; I’m sure it vindicated him to some degree in his mind and Renney’s. I didn’t like his being benched, but to see him respond properly in the shootout was great.


    If Renney were truly an honest man, he would tell the media in the post-game presser this:

    “Go talk to #30. Because he’s the ONLY reason we’re above .500, much less leading the conference.”

    But because Renney is vain and self-important, he spins myths about a team that hates to lose, a system taking hold, blah blah blah, etc.

    A four-year-old can see this record is due almost exclusively to the goaltending of Lundqvist, and it insults my intelligence that Renney pretends otherwise.

  3. All Hail King Henrik on

    If Renney wants to bench players than that is his right as a coach; however, the same standard must be applied to young players and veterans alike.

    If Rosi would’ve been benched in the last game, I would have been much less opposed to Z’s benching in this game.

    Perhaps Z’s effort wasn’t quite 100% all night, but he did nothing deserving of a benching of almost 20 minutes.

    No double standards.

  4. Ford

    Carried over from last thread, definitely understand your point about Ruutu. I hate guys like that (as opposed to the ‘yeah sure, but you’d love him on your team’, aah, no I would never want to see him on the Rangers, he is a piece’o’shite). He makes questionable hits and he really does not respect people. He would look great bouncing around at the end of Orr’s fists.

  5. Sam

    Does no one in the press corps have the sack to dare to ask Renney why he:

    1) Continues to have a laughable power play

    2) Benches players arbitrarily

    3) Doesn’t acknowledge what everybody knows. The success they are having is due entirely — entirely — to Hank’s play.

    (BTW, did you hear Hank’s post-game comments? He knows, he knows, he knows they are playing like shit in front of him!)

    It is absolutely comical to listen to the sheep reporters listen to his drivel and buy it. When will someone stand up and say, “Tom! This team plays 30 minutes a night. And if you didn’t have Hank, where would you be?”

    Is that really so hard to ask?

  6. ruutu is a piece of sh*t and thank you mara for going after him. Anybody notice how Sam is the only one in the press box in between periods – the best

  7. Renney is really not stepping up his pressure on this team. They play only 3 periods, they wait until things go badly to play hard even then, and they rely on Hank way too much.

    Awesome to win anyway, though.

  8. All Hail King Henrik on

    …How could I forget…

    Jarko Ruutu is the BIGGEST SCUMBAG in the entire NHL. How this guy is not voted the most hated player over Avery is beyond me. Avery looks like a lady byng candidate compared to Ruutu. It is not that he is an agitator, but that he is a classless, scumbag of a dirty player.

    He should receive a 1-game suspension for shooting the puck back at Henrik. I’ve NEVER seen someone do that in a shootout before. Sometimes if the player deekes and the goalie makes a save and the puck is right by the players stick, he’ll instinctively take another wack at it. That’s wrong too, but it’s tolerable.

    His shot, however, was a deliberate attempt to throw Henke off his game, and could be construed as intent to injure (That shot was awful close to his head…what if it concussed Hank?).

    And on top of it all, Ruutu turtles all the time and refuses to fight anyone, unless he knows he REALLY has the upper-hand on them (like with Dubi last year). Pussy.

    Colton Orr should KNOCK OUT Ruutu next game. Legally or illegally if Ruutu turtles and refuses to fight (Mara style). Beat the shit out of him Colton, they’ll kill the penalty for you.

  9. Yeah I saw Henrik on the postgame and he stated clearly that if the Rangers keep playing this way, they are going to get burned, because it isn’t close to good enough.

    The coach should be sending this message, not the team’s best player.

    But then Renney genuinely believes he has something to do with the current record in the standings.

    Sports fans? This is one deluded human being.

  10. Fire clown Renney, this team is on the brink of implosion. Couple losses in a row and it all comes crashing down. The offense is an absolute joke–there is no system at all. The PP is even worse. There is no accountability among the veterans.

  11. fans also need to stop bitch*ng about rennet and stop booing rozi – the rangers have 14 wins to only 5 loses.

  12. Rucchin –

    Nieminen? He played for us for a while and I don’t remember anyone really gushing over him. Not awful but not really anything to write home about either.

    The reason people hate Avery around the league are the things he says. He knows how to really get under someone’s skin with his words, and what he’s said to the media and to peoples’ faces has been really inflammatory stuff. Ruutu runs his mouth but he just rolls off epithets, he doesn’t actually have anything to say. If it were based on actions alone, though, he would be most hated by a longshot (followed by Steve Downie perhaps).

  13. Anyway, it’s always good to have one player in your mind that you despise. I have that player, his initials are J.R. and like that addictive Dallas show we loved to hate, let’s see who gets him.

  14. Noble idea Renney, sheer brilliance. Consistently pat Rozsival on the back as he’s obviously taking away from the team, but bench Voros and Zherdev for what reason? The didn’t look like they were hustling for 2 periods? Each induvidual player in Voros and Zherdev has brought more to the table this season than Rozsival had, but they ‘feel your wrath.’

    Sam, you’re much smarter than I am in all of this, so maybe you can enlighten me, but Renney blatantly favors a handful of players over others. This team isn’t as good as their record shows, but maybe that’s a good thing. I’ve been a Ranger fan long enough to not complain about first in the East, but the season is long and far from over, this can turn at any corner. Should be a fun ride.

  15. the bottom line is Henrik is a top top tier goalie and he is a difference maker…

    They win but to be honest I am not sure how….

    They need to score more, obviously but I am not sure how they achieve that goal…

    THe power play is dreadful, almost gave up another shorty tonight except for the King…

    The really have no snipers….And they cannot hit the damn net..

  16. again all you coaches, 3 years in a row in the playoffs…

    30 points, how does the dummy(Renny) get it done??

    He is such a fool it must be all dumb luck.Afterall this team is littered with 40 goal scorers and top top tier offensive talent and a couple of Brian Leetch’s on the blueline..

  17. they need staal and mara on the pp, they have been there best d pair so play them on the pp. I hope they sign these two guys to long terms deals so they can play like this together for years to come…kalinin has been better so has redden

  18. So, this is the first time I have EVER been pissed off at Renney in his term here. Sitting Z and V was uncalled for. How many times have we seen Gomer take the puck all the way down the ice on his own and loses it 1/4 of the time. Z is our best finisher and IS EMOTIONAL. We have to take care of the guy like hes a baby. Pamper him, feed him grapes, do whatever the f he wants as long as he is content with where he is and keeps up his #1 on the team finishing touch. Voros just didn’t do anything wrong plane and simple.
    According to NHL.com’s scorebox this is there ice time
    Voros-10:17 What did he do wrong?!?
    Z-13:21 Our best finisher sitting on the bench
    Korpedo-14:35 Playing great but never will be Z
    Sjostrom 15:14 Shoes(4th liner) getting that much time?
    Betts 16:28 BETTS? Come on really?
    Callahan 20:37 A great third liner, but 20 minutes?
    Something is wrong here.

    Another thing. Without Hank, we would suck. I’m so greatful to have him. He will have his number retired here at MSG, IF we do not let people take advantage of him and IF he does not get sick and tired of crappy play in front of him.

    Concerning Ruutu,
    I don’t know how the rest of you feel, but I think we need to make a statement next game. We dont let people take cheap shots at our team…and no, just beating them with the score isn’t good enough! I dont care if it costs us 2 points and Orr is out for a month we need to defend the only thread keeping this hockey team together (Henrik) out of harms way and we shouldnt allow cheap shots.

    Oh yah, and fire PP, and bench Fritsche for Gomez when he gets better. We need him badly. Take him and Z out of the equation and we have no speed. I hope Nazzy feels better. We really need Sundin soon. And I’ll end on the note of 14-5-2 with these problems.

  19. Sam, Hockey Rodent is reporting an interesting tidbit on Gomez

    I’m not going to repeat what I heard about the specifics of Scott Gomez’s injury for fear it is accurate and such intelligence might be exploited by a future adversary. But if the news is true about him being booted like a double-parked diplomat, then I completely concur with Renney that (given the team’s record and earliness of the campaign) it makes much more sense to allow our mule to heal completely rather than rush him back and turn his booboo into a nagging handicap which might haunt us all well into February

    Gomez in a boot? Cause for concern at a high!

  20. Ted the Nature Lover on

    If Renney were truly an honest man, he would tell the media in the post-game presser this:

    “Go talk to #30. Because he’s the ONLY reason we’re above .500, much less leading the conference.”
    A lot of coaches have ridden their goalies to good records. Tell me, what coach has ever, ever, EVER said anything like this in a postgame conference? And why should he say it? It would be a subtle shot at everyone on the team – telling them that their work has been in vain and one man is responsible for all their success. Seriously, stop deluding yourself. Renney’s job isn’t to appease the fans, it’s to get the most out of his team. You’re vain and self important, because you think it’s the coach’s role to echo your asinine beliefs.

  21. Yeah, lets get rid of Renney.
    He’s only coached us into the playoffs the last 3 years, turned the team into perennial winners, recognised his team’s main strengths (ie Hank), installed a system that the players believe in and made us a hard team to beat. Not to mention recognises the need to coach each player individually, rather than be some sort of hard-ass/one-rule-for-all type guy.
    I’m not saying the guy’s perfect (insert gag about powerplay here) but he’s a damn good coach who i believe will win us the cup in the next 2 or 3 seasons, maybe even this one (if we can pick up another scoring winger before trade deadline and get the power play clicking consistently).

  22. It’s amazing, before Zherdev got here, he never was benched or had any discipline problems when he was with Columbus.

    That absolutely never happened.

    hmmmm………..oh wait……

    errr, second thought, that actually happened all the time.

    Could you Renney haters possibly consider the thought that Renney saw some disturbing trends about Zherdev that you can’t see from the stands or your HD TV?

    You Renney haters have absolutely zero objectivity, because no matter what he does, you bash it, so after awhile, it really doesn’t matter what you say now does it?

    Everybody should be on the blog today ripping Jarko Ruutu, because he almost took out Dubinsky’s knee, Staal’s life and could have hit Henrik in the head with his cheap shot all in one night.

    Nah, lets just continue to view Tom Renney as our enemy.

    Friggin idiots.

  23. Gee i wonder why the devils have been at the top of the conference for so long??Hmmm tough one, MARTY. We need to games away earlier, against better teams we wont be able to play catch up so easily.

  24. Dude – I wanted to tell you yesterday, I forgot, so I’ll do it nice and early today. Do NOT engage in that conversation with those coupla no-nothings today. Do yourself and the rest of us a favor, and let them burn themselves out. Though, I think it may just be 1 person. Usually ignoring them makes them go away.

    Tony in AZ – He lives on your block man! Go get’em! I’ll get a flight this afternoon and bring an angry mob!

    Saturday afternoon can’t come fast enough!

    Not a pretty game, the pp really sux man. If it were a building, I’d just torch it and rebuild.

  25. Kris,

    we played catchup Saturday night against the Bruins who are the second best team in the conference and we played catchup earlier in the season when we beat Pittsburgh.

    Those aren’t good teams?

  26. Beer me

    I hear ya, but I think it’s a pretty valid point to make that Zherdev had discipline problems before he came here.

    People reacting like they are so shocked and awed by him being benched for most of the 3rd period have got to be kidding me.

  27. Absolutely no doubt Dude. I agree with all of your points. As do lots of others. There’s no need for us to try to prove a point. Our record and improvements over the last few years speak to those points plenty.

    I don’t know how some folks DIDN’T see Z skating around like it was the ice-capades before that. My wife even said in the 2nd “wtf is he skating in circles for”. He was playing well off what the gameplan is. And just like we were talking about yesterday (disciplining players), it doesn’t matter what method you use, as long as it works. This one worked, I don’t understand the gripe.

  28. Can we bring back Hollweg for one game to run Ruutu from behind? He’s gutless and he won’t drop the gloves with Orr or Voros. Maybe Dubinsky or Mara can get that punk to drop the gloves.

  29. Well, totally different topic, the Avalanche re-signed Paul Stastny, who is the same age as Dubinsky, to a contract worth 6.5 million a season.

    With Mike Richards contract and now that one, Dubinsky’s price is going to up up up.

  30. I want Orr to straight-up board Ruutu on Saturday. Get suspended, whatever, it’ll be worth it. The guy’s a piece of shit on iceskates and shouldn’t be in the league.

    Also from now on this team is called the New York Lundqvists.

  31. Dude…I don’t think Dubinsky is quite in the league of Richards or Stastny just yet. Maybe in a couple of years but not yet.

  32. Who do you want to coach? We are lucky to have rennet

    A bunch of you were all over girardi and dru a couple weeks ago – now one is top three among d men in points and one leads the team in goals

  33. Dubinsky isn’t yet, although I wouldn’t trade him for either one of them

    But if Richards is getting a deal for over 5 million and Stastny is getting over 6 million.

    What will Dubinsky command, 3, 4 million?

    Dubinsky could lead the team in points this season, it is not far fetched.

  34. All im saying is ….. Paul Mara is an animal this year. What a team player!! He took a pay-cut to stay with the team and prove his worth, and should be resigned to stay here after this season. He wanted to rip Ruutu’s head off

  35. Topcorner says,regarding Ruutu: “He would look great bouncing around at the end of Orr’s fists.””

    LMAO!! I love that line.


  36. Stastny’s one of my fav players. I think 6.6/per is a little high, but he’s a 90pt guy. And only 23. You’d have to pay him whatever he wants really. Especially with Capt Joe just about done in the NHL.

  37. I think Zherdev is not happy with Ranger fans for booing Rozsival the other night. I remember when he first was traded here he mentioned how he hated how Ranger fans booed their own team. Maybe that’s why he didn’t come out when his name was announced as the 2nd star of the game.

  38. Somerset, you are right. Mara is a team player and it’s great to see him so passionate about this team and sticking up for guys.

  39. Did you see how dejected Z looked at the end of the bench. How could Renney bench him and send that homo Rozi out there to play soft defenxe and never shoot on the PP. Rozi is THE BIGGEST PROBLEM ON THIS TEAM>>>>

  40. We all saw the game, we all know that we have the best player in the league to thank for our record.

    Staal is becoming a great D in a short amount of time. He made Ruutu miss and lay a monster on his own teammate. Staal usually goes unnoticed, which means he’s doing his job. I thought all of the defensemen had a good game last night. On the Senators goal I thought Rozy was burned, but then I saw the pick on the replay. He’s lucky Hank stopped that breakaway on the PP. I hope that’s the first step to getting his confidence back.

    I’m anxious to see if we’re still a soft/pu$$y team on Sat. If nobody runs Ruutu hard, everybody else knows there’s no price to pay.

  41. Renney is smart, but he is not a good coach.

    He is smart because he knows hes not a good coach and the only way he can win is if we go into a shootout and relies on lundqvist.

    We wont make noise in the playoffs with him.

  42. Time to trade our plethora of third liners and a pick/prospect/whatever to get someone who can score. Hank can’t do it forever. He’s up for his slump soon.

  43. It’s such a disrespectful thing to say about Henrik that “he’s up for his slump soon”

    the only time he has had a slump was when he was worried that his father was going to die, he never has had a “slump” at any other time in his career.

    How would someone react to someone telling them at the office “you know, usually your productivity is excellent, but that 2 months when your mother was in chemo last year, you really let us down”

    This blog literally has the most unbelievable posters on the internet, you guys should be proud.

  44. Does anyone have a link of the Ruutu shootout shot?

    I was at the game and as I recall it – the puck rolled off his stick to left, he curled ahead of the goal line and shot the puck at net.

    According to the rules, a player must stay in continuous motion (which he did) during the shot and the puck must not cross the goal (which it didn’t). The play is not over until the puck is shot.

    Ruutu is a dirty mother-effer but based on what I saw live and reading the rules, he didn’t do anything wrong. That said, I’d love to see the replay.

  45. Met Orr and Voros last night after the game, they were NOT happy about Jarko’s little stunt. Expect payback Saturday

    Hey Ruutu, Simon should have stepped on your neck!!!

  46. He’s going to hit a slump because this team has no offense and a crappy defense. He’s gonna burn himself out if playing 70 games!

  47. Ruutu is a punk b!tch.

    Gets called for diving and pretends to drop the gloves on the same play. LOL

  48. JJP,

    It’s a continuous FORWARD motion — if it was just a “continuous motion” you could do laps around the rink for hours before shooting, no?

    He knew the play was dead. He skated over to the goaline turned around and just fired it on net after he had already whiffed on his shot and the puck went towards the corner.

  49. BillyDeeWilliams on

    I’m very much liking how Staal is starting to put the puck on net more. He’s got himself a decent shot, and some of those are going to start going in more. I think it’s been said here before about Girardi, but it can be repeated for Staal, and it’s even more relevant. He’s become very adept in his own zone, and now he’s starting to improve his game on the offensive side. At least he can hit the net with his shot, unlike half the team.

    As for the benching of Zherdev, I have to go back to a point being debated yesterday. You deal with different players in different ways. Veterans vs. young stars are going to react differently. I think Z knew he was playing less than stellar, and hopefully you’ll see him play with some fire on Wednesday, whereas besides one small mishap with the puck in the 3rd period, I think Roszival looked a lot better last night. So maybe Renney deserves a little bit more credit than most people give him for his ability to at least recognize that you can’t treat every player the same way.

  50. Dude – I can’t speak for Pavel’s intentions of the “slump”. But it would play into the law of averages. There were a few other occaisions where he did slump outside of the few months his dad was ill. He hasn’t exactly been Mr. Consistant for 3 seasons. Regardless of the reason. And it’s not really a knock on the guy, all goalies face them once in a while. You just hope the rest of the team can ‘pick you up’.

    Don’t forget…as ugly as the last coupla games mayhave been, we’ve one them without our #1 center in the lineup. This is more of a TEAM than I’ve seen in msg for more than a decade.

  51. To all idiot ranger fans,

    Yeah we should fire a coach who has his team sitting in 1st place in the conference, 3 games in front of a team who has arguably the 2 best players in the league, and in the midst of our own 3 game winning streak…
    Everyone wants to pick apart his benching of Z and Voros.. but no one acknowledges the reasons we won last night’s game which have the coach’s fingerprints all over it… The line of Sjostrom Betts Korpi.. and going with Z on the 1st shot in shootout…
    How are you going to criticize a coach who is installing a style of play that best allows his team to win.. you want to criticize the personnel.. Im all for that.. we lack a serious offensve threat… when most teams have two.. we have a glut of average forwards and not one imposing physical player… blame the GM for that not the coach.. Renney has actually done a fantastic job playing to this team’s strengths.. that is what you have to do when you have the best goalie in the league.. Yes they need to score more goals – criticize Drury, Naslund, Gomez.. yes they need a better powerplay – crucify Rosival and Redden.. but as far as coaching.. just to let all you ignorant, absent-minded, pathetic ranger fans know – Renney has actually been this team’s 2nd best asset.

  52. I didnt read any of this because im way too lazy BUT….

    I was at last nights game and everyone up in 317 with us and around us were all thinking of how bad last nights game was. It was such a slow game but for some reason when i speak to my friends who are actual fans they are all saying it was a great win and we played well but still. someone give me a serious opinion on this and what in the world did Zherdev and Voros do to deserve being benched besides playing hockey?

  53. Right now Henrik is stealing valuable points for the Rangers in games they deserve to lose. Where has the Dubinsky that started the season gone? For that matter Voros, Zherdev, and a long line of others that can’t seem to put the puck in an empty net? The record is great, and I’ll take it any time, but with any other goalie they could easily be a .500 team. Worst of all Renney is now into playing a prevent defense in OT with Shoes and Betts logging a ridiculous amount of ice time. When is the last time we saw those 2 names in the list of league scoring leaders? Isn’t it the aim of a coach to get a win in OT and not put the nightly pressure of a shootout on his goalie?

  54. I agree, you deal with different players in different ways.

    Some players needs to be coddled, some need tough love. Everyone reacts differently.

  55. We also went through a 1-3-1 sretch last week, and it was painted by many as the end of their ‘good start’. Perhaps. But just like all the other stuff we’ve discussed, it’s all about how you respond to a “bad stretch”.

    Now with 3 wins in a row, and points in the last 4, I’d say they’ve responded pretty well.

  56. Cliff – We suck 4 on 4. And have a one of the biggest advantages in the shootout – Hank.

    What’s wrong with that? Both teams already took a point by when OT starts. It’s a strategy that’s been working. Sure, it may make you want to rip your hair out…I can’t disagree too stongly with that. But 2pts is 2pts and we play VAN tomorrow night. (who was also beat in a shootout last night, so I’d take the same approach if the situation presents itself tomorrow too).

  57. What does “deserve to lose” mean?

    You either win or you lose. There is no “DTL” column in the standings.

    There have been plenty of games over the past handful of decades that we have “deserved to win” and lost. We didn’t get any points in the “DTW” column.

    The fact is, we’re finding ways to win and thats a very overlooked and important character trait for a team.

    If a team is trailing 2-0 through 8 1/2 innings and then hits a 3 run HR in the 9th, does anyone say “they deserved the lose” the next day?

    No, they say… they won.

  58. I wasn’t as upset with the Ruutu’s extra shot as I was that Alfredson was allowed to kick our goalie to try to knock the puck out of his hand. These non-calls when Hank gets ran are starting to get out of hand.

  59. I would trade Dubinsky for either Richards or Stastny in a heartbeat. He’s not in their league – yet.

  60. Dubinsky has slowed down of late production wise, as has the team, however, you cannot tell me he doesn’t have a huge impact on the game whether he puts points up or not.

    Henrik is the heart of the team.

    Dubinsky is the soul.

  61. the only time he has had a slump was when he was worried that his father was going to die, he never has had a “slump” at any other time in his career.


    You’re just as much of an idiot as anyone else posting.

  62. Agreed. I wouldn’t trade him for either. He’s a more complete player.

    Don’t compare stats yet. He hasn’t played with the same counterparts as them.

  63. Dude….

    Yesterday we didn’t agree on everything but today I see eye-to-eye with you on a few things. The whole Z thing. Half the dimwits on this blog don’t know his past history, don’t know why Hitchcock (not an idiot) decided to trade him, and cannot see how while doing a lot of positive things also wastes a ton of energy and time skating in circles and being irresponsible. He’s young and on a winning team. He needs to be disciplined.

    Who knows what Renney tells Z and whether he follows it or not? My guess is Renney is not an irrational man (power play thoughts excluded). So if he is benching our leading goal scorer, he probably has good reason. Same goes with Voros, who has been off his game compared to the first 10 games of the season.

    Renney has brought respectabiity back to this club. Half the jerkweeds on this blog want to see Renney dumped. That half of the blog has the hockey IQ of a zamboni. These same idiots say we should get rid of Betts, Drury sucks, etc. Clearly they have WAY more insight than Renney and know a ton more on how to build a team. (Note: Sarcasm)

    And all this talk about how “Hank is our whole team, blah blah,” has to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard. You guys know any teams that have won a Cup with a crap goaltender? On the other side, have you known any teams that were OK in their system and bulwarked by a Vezina-like goalie? I know the answers to those questions. So should all you other dopes.

    Good teams start from the backline and work forward. A good goalie allows for his team to have a chance to win every night. The last two games we came from behind and pulled out wins. Was Hank scoring the goals? No! He was giving us a chance to win, as he is paid a lot to do. Hank you are the man. Hank you also have good teammates who know the system, work hard, and don’t quit. That’s how it should work.

    I like the way the team is shaping up. I like the coach. I like these NYR right now.

    All you assclowns out there badmouthing guys, that’s allowed to a degree. But let’s not be supercilious. (Look it up you dopes.)

  64. I am so bored watching this team, I keep getting sleepy and get migrane headache watching Renney’s system. So from now on I will just watch Rangers in 60, will save a ton of time and headaches for myself and maybe everything will finally appear peachy as most of you claim.

    And I can’t wait for Joe and Sam to be gone, they are painful to my ears and brain. Boring, wrong, inaccurate, slopy, redundant, repetitive, etc, etc.

  65. We really better hope Henke is like this all year and doesn’t hit his slump because we will probably be hurting without him. I mean I’m definately one of his biggest critics since he usually is great for only one half of the season, but this year its been pretty ridiculous, especially when you look at how bad 4 of our 6 d-men are at giving the puck away. Kalinin and Redden have been better, but Rozsival just finds a way to have everything hop over his stick and Girardi really must think hes Gretzky by setting people up in the slot at least once per game…except instead of an assist, he’d get a giveaway. I love what the kid does to get the puck, but his decision making with it is just brutal to watch.

    Stat of the day: Last time Henke has given up more than 2 goals was exactly one month ago against Detroit when he yielded 5. Also he has only given up 2 GAs in two of his 18 starts this year (Buffalo – 3, Detroit – 5).

  66. yessiree bob,

    you could actually try goin to the games then, it’s very hard to hear Sam & Joe at all, unless you are in section 306 baby!!

  67. Sometimes, I can’t believe the things people write here. Fire Renney? I’ve thrown this out there before, maybe someone will answer this time: How many first place teams fire their head coach? New York Rangers. First place. In the Eastern Conference. If you want to see high-scoring acrobatics, then front-run your way on over to the Joe Louis Arena. That’s not how this team operates. A three game winning streak without one of the team’s most valuable assets (Gomez) isn’t exactly cause for the kind of hysteria that seems to be going on.

    So Renney benched Voros and Zherdev. When Voros got back on the ice, he was ready to either a)knock someone into next week, or b) pot the game winning goal. Zherdev responded to Renney’s benching by actually scoring the game winning goal. Ride the guy all you want, but can you really argue with Renney’s results?

    I would imagine the contingent of whiners are the same people who boo Ranger players at the Garden (and just because Montreal fans do it doesn’t mean it’s cool), and probably stop watching all together during the dog days of February, when teams really have to grind it out and the wins don’t come quite as often. If this is the response to a league-best record and a three game winning streak, I can’t imagine what some of you guys will do when they drop three in a row. And believe me, they will. It happens to every team. Which side of the fence will you be on then?

  68. And now that I see the post about Betts, its funny that he gets the A and the guy is all of a sudden becoming a solid offensive contributor. Maybe not numbers wise, but the last few games hes really stepped up the offensive pressure and his puck possession has been much better.

    Whats funny about this team is that we are getting contributions from nobodies with a few blips of brilliance from our “stars”. Two things can happen, either our “stars” step it up and carry the 2nd half workload or the nobodies stop overachieving and we start to tank.

    Also for everyone saying that Henke is the only reason why we are winning, people said that about the Devils with Marty and they got 3 cups. Sure their D was definately better than what we had, but at the same time, they wouldn’t have won those cups without him in goal (it pains me to say that since I hate him oh so much but its true). No question the team needs to be better defensively, moreso in transition and not giving the puck away (See Dan Girardi). Thats probably the number two weakness on the team outside of playing consistently.

  69. I think Z may have gotten benched for not skating hard (Voros IDK I didn’t see anything). There was one shift where he was just standing around doing nothing and there were Sens all around him skating.

    Kid reacted well after getting an earful from Renney. Him and Voros were working harder you could tell.

    I don’t all mind Renney’s ‘statements’ but when you treat players differently the statement could lose effectiveness with younger players. Then again I’m not an NHL coach.

    “You guys know any teams that have won a Cup with a crap goaltender?”

    This made me think….

    Penguins won two with an iffy goaltender

    Hurricanes… Cam Ward.

  70. “On the other side, have you known any teams that were OK in their system and bulwarked by a Vezina-like goalie?”

    Yeah. Plenty of those teams fighting deep into June for a Cup.

    What a maroon you are.

  71. Renney has been exposed before when Henrik does “slump”… He’s not a versatile coach.

    I’m much more tolerant of him this year so far and I think a lot of it has to do with Jagr gone and the way that makes the bench look. I do think Renney’s strength is getting the most out of “lower end” players and that he really has an issue when dealing with high caliber players. I think he knows how to stroke them and keep them chipper, but does not know how to milk them for the most production. Honestly, I’m at a loss about Renney. We’re in too deep to cut ties with him, not that it would ever happen…. but I don’t think he has the versatility to manage a team through late playoff rounds….

    Lundqvist is carrying the team…again. I honestly feel bad for him. I dont think Renney should go, but you cant seriously believe he’s behind these wins.

  72. Dude, New Newman and Bore Me = Moe, Larry and Curly

    All these guys want is another smooth ride into oblivion when May rolls around.

  73. yessiree bob – I agree that it’s getting boring watching these games. It’s like watching the Devils in some ways. I was at the game last night and found myself texting people or playing Tetris on my phone during the first two periods.

  74. Cool site BillyDee. So basically, Blair Betts is the most valuable player in the league, ha.

    In all seriousness, I don’t disagree. In terms of “value” he’s irreplacable.

    There are A LOT of guys who score goals, a lot of guys who can make big hits, a lot of guys who can agitate, a lot of guys with big shots and VERY few guys who have major impacts on the outcome of the game without scoring goals.

  75. What ever happened to the intense forecheck we employed earlier in the season? Since we’re constantly leaving Hank on an island anyway to fend for himself, how ’bout regaining that aggressiveness

    It was shameful how we allowed Hank to get hit twice the other day WITHOUT retaliation. If we do not pulverize that little twerp Ruuru the very SECOND he steps on the ice Saturday, regardless of what it costs us in PIM or suspensions, then Hank should storm off the ice & quit!
    He is playing his heart & soul out for his mates, & it’s time they had his back & tell the league that no more liberties with Hank will be tolerated.

    Enough is enough. Just like when Mara took the “Bad, selfish” penalty after another cheap shot attempt at his head by the same clown who fractured his face last year, It HAD to be done & his teammates knew it!

    If we accomplish anything this year, Hank will be 85% of the reason why, but how much longer can he be expected to perform at this level without becoming mentally exhausted?
    He needs more support, & perhaps a little more rest to stand strong for the long season.

    How ’bout “benching” Perry Pearn from power play duties for awhile. Why is he not being held accountable like Renney selectively holds some of his players?

    In spite of playing nowhere near at a 60 minute level of play, somehow this team is showing some heart & being able to come back & win games they probably don’t deserve to, but if we could even make our power-play mediocre, instead of deplorable, we would truly be a force to be reckoned with.

  76. Ward turned into Roy when he won. As for Pittsburgh’s cups, they had Mario, Jags and Francis!… we do not have ANY elite players on the Rangers, other than Hank. We have no powerplay. We have no offense. Get rid of the shootout and this is a sub .500 team.

  77. *the only time he has had a slump was when he was worried that his father was going to die, he never has had a “slump” at any other time in his career*


    This phrase is worth repeating and will be referenced any time this poster tries to sound credible again. It is evidence of a bandwagoner who sees through rose colored glasses and would likely swaller a healthy tablespoon of throatgack from their beloved swedish prince, given the opportunity.

  78. Kinda ironic that you guys are almost “mad” about Henrik “carrying” us after going through what seemed to a lifetime of Mike Dunham and co. in net who couldn’t win a game for us to save their lives.

    We have the best goalie in the NHL. He’s the King, he wants to be the King… SO, let him be the King.

    How many games has Martin Broduer stolen for the Devils in his career? Did anyone complain when the Devils won 3 cups on his back?

    We pay him the big bucks to steal games. He’s a young buck, roll him for 70 games… he’ll be fine, he loves this shit.

  79. “Dude, New Newman and Bore Me = Moe, Larry and Curly
    All these guys want is another smooth ride into oblivion when May rolls around.”

    wow, REALLY? Rangers fans dedicated enough to be on a Rangers blog, sit there, read comments, and post their opinions. But just because they disagree with you, they want the Rangers to lose. WOW.

  80. anyone else get the impression both teams were playing for the “regulation tie,” during the second half of the 3rd period?

    post lock out, i was a huge proponent of giving both teams a point after regulation, regardless of the outcome. for those that don’t know, prior to the rule change, teams would drag out the OT just to split the two points. it was obvious coaches played for the 1 point rather than take risk and go for the 2.

    however, one has to consider if this is the best way to go about this. as a coach, of a struggling team (sens), or a team that can’t get into rhythm (nyr) and with a stellar goaltender (henrik), i’d encourage my players to kill the final period, get the guaranteed point and leave the extra point in the hands of my goalie.

    some would call this coaching strategy but it also exposes a flaw in regular season competition. (and spectating)

  81. What is it with enigmatic Russians and the Rangers? Maybe Renney should place a call to Kovalev to try and talk some sense into Zherdev.
    Anybody remember when Kovalev would tend to stay on the ice too long even after his linemates had gone off.
    Then Keenan kept Kovalev on the ice for about 4 straight shifts. Kovalev kept coming back to the bench and they told him to stay out there. He didn’t even realize that Keenan was trying to make a point.
    I kind of get the feeling that Zherdev has no idea why he was benched.

  82. Salty — Dead on.

    Brandon — After your post yesterday saying that matching lines by a coach has never been effective, forgive me if I glaze over when I see your name.

  83. I kind of get the feeling that Zherdev has no idea why he was benched.


    I’m sure he knows the “reason”, although what really is going to erode inside him if anything, is the incongruency in Renney benching him and letting other bags of shit slide.

  84. I’m out… you guys are seriously off your rockers today.

    All these “what ifs”. “What if there was no shoot-out, we’d be a .500 team”.

    What if there was no first period, we’d be 21-0. I mean, give me a break.

    You can’t just keep coming up with “what ifs” to justify our record.

    At the end of the day, your speculation means nothing and our place in the standings means everything.

    We’re finding ways to win, and quite frankly, that’s all that matters right now.

  85. Jeever

    They don’t want the Rangers to lose. But they are accepting of Renney’s results in the playoffs, and they demonize anyone who sees as bright as day that Renney cannot lead this team to a Cup.

  86. The Russian Diva on

    Z is my boy…but if I remember correctly, last time Renny benched him for a few shifts after a defensive blunder, he came out the next night and played great.

    I was not happy to see him and voros on the bench…but that said, both were missing pucks on breakouts, not winning the battles in the corners like they usually do and Renny decided to send a message. He CANT do that to Rozy because there are no defensemen to take his place.

  87. Gresch,

    Forgive me for not caring.

    And, you took my comments out of context. You, amongst others, blamed last year’s loss to the Pens on line combinations and matching up against Crosby and Malkin.

    Funny thing is, those two players didn’t really beat us. We beat ourselves.

    Matching up is only effective when its necessary. You don’t match line combos for 60 minutes. At some point, you ahve to player your OWN game and hope it’s good enough to beat the other team.

    If you match up defensively for 60 minutes worrying about the other team, how can you establish anything yourself?

  88. How can you say its “bright as day that Renney cannot lead this team to a Cup.”? Probably 99% of people would ahve said the same about Eli Manning leading the Giants to a superbowl this time last year.

    I’m sure people would have said that about Carolina, Anaheim, or Tampa Bay winning Cups recently?

    Sure Renney’s not the best coach in the league, but he’s in the top 1/2. That gives them a CHANCE. Hell even Detroit, with all their stars and talent and scouting only have a good CHANCE of wining the Cup. Don’t dismiss close to 30 people busting their asses because Renney isn’t the best at his job.

  89. But *they are accepting of Renney’s results in the playoffs*, and they demonize anyone who sees as bright as day that Renney cannot lead this team to a Cup.



    Reality: Lundqvist + Jagr = playoffs (and barely squeaking in, mind you)

  90. Gresch,

    Since you know so much about coaching… who do you want to bring in to take us to the promise land?

    First, who’s available. Second, why? Third, how are they better than Renney.

    If you call for someone’s head, you better have a plan B.

    I’m curious who you want.

    And PLEASE don’t say Mike Babcock or Bruce the Wrestling Fan.

  91. haha Brandon, apparently, 1/2 the posters here are better coaches than Renney, to hear them tell it :-)

  92. “Reality: Lundqvist + Jagr = playoffs”

    so… if the rangers make the playoffs this year, without 1/2 that equation, what happens? is it just “Lundqvist = playoffs”?

    Does that mean Renney won’t ever get respect until Henrik does down with a long injury, and the team still does good? Cause you know, if the Rangers win the Cup, then people would say “Lundqvist + (name hot forward in spring here) = Cup”.

  93. Gresch…you clearly took the short bus to school. I am guessing you and Bob are the same person, but that’s just a supposition.

    I wrote: “You guys know any teams that have won a Cup with a crap goaltender? On the other side, have you known any teams that were OK in their system and bulwarked by a Vezina-like goalie? I know the answers to those questions. So should all you other dopes.”

    Hey Gresch you idiot. You are one fo the dopes I was referring to. Basic English lesson for you: When you see the words, “On the other side,” in a sentence it usually means, “in contrast to the previous sentence,” you f-ing buttnut. You respond to that statement by saying, “Yes plenty of those guys go deep into June fighting for the Cup.” That was what I said you sh*t-for-brains. That was why I CONTRASTED it to the previous statement referring to winning a Cup with a crap goaltender.

    Gresch when you learn to read English and speak in sentences that make sense, then come back to this blog. For now, why don’t you and Bob go circle jerk each other.

    And by the way, how long has Renney been at the helm of the NYR? Is the team progressing upwards or downwards? You have the mental age of a 5 yr old I think. When are you due back in Boystown?

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