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I just noticed that the indefatigable Peter Abraham has set up a “Facebook fan page”:http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=34715657699 for “his Yankees blog”:http://yankees.lhblogs.com/

With that in mind, I should mention “we have one set up, too”:http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=56996970648, which could be a cool way for some of you get to know one another outside of your shared disdain for overpaid defensemen; and of course, to attract more readers.

So anyway, have at it. I just became a fan of my own blog, too, which I realize is terribly narcissistic. Maybe to balance things out, I’ll comment on one of my posts and call myself an idiot.

One other other thing about Facebook, which has even expanded its reach to thirtysomething drips like me: Some of you have tried to friend me, which is very cool and very flattering. But my basic rule, on advice from others, has been to reserve that for people I know or at least have met.

It’s a necessary precaution when you have kids, so I hope everyone understands.

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  1. Saw that earlier today also Kaspar. But just like with Rozy, and like with what Hartsburg doing/did in Ott, it’s about how they respond to it. If the guy comes back and does sh!t, then gets dealt, it was the wrong move. You want to motivate your players to play better, regardless of the tactic. Not destroy them.

  2. It’s a lot easier for Mactavish to do that to Penner when they have additional forwards they could put in the lineup.

    Renney has no one who could put into the lineup to replace Rozsival.

  3. dude – I was thinking the same thing. Nothing will change until one of those extra fwds is unloaded. Need a pick in return, to open up cap space to bring up a 7th dman.

    Can’t get rid of rissmiller for a 4th rnder? Prucha for a 2nd?

    I can’t complain, being that we’re still maintaining a lead in the standings with the roster the way it’s been since the get-go. But eventually something’s gotta give.

  4. On whole debate about fans yelling “shoot”….

    What is more pathetic? Fans yelling “shoot” from the point when we have a 5 on 3 or the Rangers setting up 5 stationary guys on a 5 on 3 so that the slapper from the point looks like a reasonable option?

    The fans are the idiots or the coaches/players are? They cannot both be innocent.

  5. wow, great, Kurt Sauer.

    we’d have to replace Rozi’s 20 minutes a night with a guy who has scored 4 goals in 300 NHL games and hits less than Rozsival.

    That helps the PP!!!

  6. leet his the man on

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  7. Well said Newman.

    There are A LOT of morons at Madison Square Garden, many of which who frequent my section, and many of which who still sing along to the “Potvin Sucks” chant having no idea who Dennis Potvin is, let alone why/where the chant originated from. However, that is neither here nor there.

    I’m a firm believer that if you want to spend the insane amount of money to go to a game, you should be able to shout, boo, yell whatever you want… within reason. My only quam is, know WHY you’re doing it. If you want to boo Rossival, have it at, just do it b/c he earned a boo in your mind after seeing him give up the puck several times in a shift. Don’t boo b/c the shmuck who’s 12 deep next to you is booing and you think you might get laid joining in.

    Side note, booing has never gotten anyone laid.

    Tom Poti, Marek Malik and Peter Nedved got it worse than anyone else in recent years. I never really minded, nor did I ever join in, but it always did bother me that most of the people doing the booing were clueless as to why.

    For instance, if Rossival puts two in tonight, is he going to get boo’d? He might, b/c those idiots think it’s funny now, rather than something deserved.

    Malik had a monster game last year late in the season where he had a big assista and the GWG and STILL got boo’d. If you’re along for the ride on that one you’re just an IDIOT.

    And to reiterate Newman’s point…. any problems with the powerplay are a result of stationary feet, not shooting. If you move your skates, lanes open up and so does room in front of the net. That’s how pucks get through and goals get scored. Not just from “shooting” from anywhere and everywhere.

  8. Sam, you know you can set up a ‘limited’ profile that hides the information you only want real-life friends to see. When you grant friend requests just say those people can only see your limited profile.

  9. Well Roszival is screwed becuase the second he does anything even slightly below average at this point…he is getting boo’ed. He has officially taken Maliks spot. Once it starts it never ends, it may stop if he has some good games but the minute he gives up the puck again…well good luck to him.

  10. Not saying I agree with that at all becuase I really dont agree with boo’ing any of our own players. Its especially messed up b/c there are other players that may deserve it more sometimes but will never get boo’ed. (i.e Jagr last year)

  11. Richtersgirl

    The one thing Rozy has that malik didn’t is actual ability to play good…occasionally Rozy hits, occasionally he attempts to shoot,…and when he does either he looks great…the best Malik could ever hope for was to not look bad…he had to upside….

    Sorry, its all up to Rozy can’t blame fans or pressure or even the coach/GM ( unless he doesnt have the option bench him)

  12. RichtersGirl – I boo’d Jagr many-a’time in his years here. If it’s so blatent that you’re not giving 100%+, then you deserve it.

  13. Id take Kurt Sauer over Rozi any day of the week. He costs less money, he’s defensively responsible, and it gives Staal a chance to play the PP, and we shed Rozi, and Pruchs salary to put towards the players we need to put towards.


    Is anyone else not to happy aboot Slats not getting Boyle ?? He’s having a pretty damn good season in San Jose, and i know he would have costed this team a whole lot to get him, including a 1st rounder, along with probablY Anisimov, and at the time maybe Cherepanov. But he’s a damn good player, a leader, fuggin smart, great shot.

    I like Redden, and i think he’s turning it around, but at the same time, i think they’re using him wrong on the PP. But that’s just how i feel aboot it.

  14. Kaspar…i just meant that Rozy is the new malik in that he will be the first to get boo’ed by the fans for anything he does wrong like Malik was. I agree with you that Rozy definitely has more potential to be good, although I was a big defender of Malik because I thought fans were a little too harsh on him. He wasn’t as bad as people were making him out to be but I agree he wasn’t that good as well.
    I hope Rozy comes back and plays great now, maybe its the swift kick he needed.

  15. Cindy Crawford on

    Yelling “shoot” pisses me off more than anything and I have gotten into several arguments lately with these people. After talking with them for 5 seconds, it’s already obvious that they don’t know much about the game. It’s okay to be a fan and not know everything about the game, but in everyone that I have talked to, they just don’t get it. How hard is it to understand that you should not shoot if there is no lane. A blocked shot out of the zone can kill some time off your power play, or worse, create an odd man rush. I am sure most of you here know this, but too many people don’t and in my mind, its pretty damn close to common sense. I get so frustrated with it to the point where it almost ruins my time at the games. Pathetic, fine… I don’t know why I get so mad.

    As for the Boo’s, I will NEVER boo anyone on the team. What good can possibly come of it? The more fans boo, the more other fans jump on the bandwagon and do the same. As a defensemen, it is so hard to get noticed in a good way, so once the booing starts, it never goes away. It’s a shame bc Rosival is a good player and will snap out of this funk, but the booing will never stop. How does booing a player lead to any good?

  16. That Penner deal is intense. Most of you know I’m one of the first advocates of benching guys who don’t show up to play… But to rip them publically to such a degree is pretty intense and a bad move… Good luck trying to move him now… I’m sure McTav is really more upset with himself and Lowe than anyone else…. They caught a ton of sh1t around the league for pulling that move with Penner and now theyre taking the tip a little deeper than they ever thought they would… Oops.

  17. 90 percent of fans attending games are morons; that goes for all sports, not just MSG and the Rangers. The average person doesn’t know jack about how to play the game. These are the same people who weren’t invited to the cool parties in HS, ha.

    Anywho, in my section we often yell in mocking “shoot, pass, hit, shoot it, pass it, hit him, shoot it,” over and over if some idiot decides to embarass the knowledge of the blue seats with a “shoooooot” trying to coach from the seats.

    The smarter fans sit further away from the ice. Sure, you get more drunken idiots and ball busters, but collectively those who are furthest from the ice know more about the game.

  18. Ok, lets go Rozy!! I keep thinking of him against Sabres in ’07

    Beer me!
    What exactly did Hartburg do in Ottawa??

  19. http://njmg.typepad.com/rangersblog/

    having a ranger vs devils ballot alltime. due to ballot stuffing elias beat graves at lw. c is next. do the right thing

    this is sam’s predecessor gross blog

    btw – since i like to see how the mkt works there are some nice deals for tonights game on ebay. can get 2 together for $60 in 300’s. just letting you all know. i have mine already but those looking to go relatively cheaply might try it.

  20. Cindy Crawford on

    brandon what section are u in? thats pretty funny i would fit right in with you guys. im in 326

  21. The long and short of it Kaspar, is that the team is on a pretty harsh downward spiral. Instead of taking the Melrose route, or the MacT route, he had private 1 on 1’s with each player and let them know where each fits on the team, and what’s expected of them.

    In other words, trying to get their focus back in a professional, constructive manner.

    But hey…it doesn’t mean sh!t if they don’t respond to it.

  22. brandon – 404’s a great one. Sat there vs Tor back in Oct. I’m usually in 408 when I’m able to attend, but its becoming less and less :(

  23. Thanks Beer
    Funny you see all kinds of methods suggested and…all of them have proven track results for success ( screamers, benchings, shake-up trades, clam patience etc…)and all of them have track records for failures too..bottom line I guess is a good team is good a bad team is bad whether they have Torts coaching them or Mr Rogers

  24. Cindy Crawford on

    I am Row G in 326, right behind you. I dont sit there every game though bc I have a friend with seats in 218 and sit there when I can.

    Anyone interested in my tickets for tonight?? 100$ for the pair, again, sect 326 ROW G on the end where they shoot twice

  25. Beer Me!
    November 17th, 2008 at 1:54 pm
    RichtersGirl – I boo’d Jagr many-a’time in his years here. If it’s so blatent that you’re not giving 100%+, then you deserve it.
    One of the silliest posts in this blogs history. So you booed a guy that lead the team from the abyss(7 straight years of no playoffs and generally being a laughinstock) to being one of the better teams in the East do I have that right?

  26. I dont know how everyone else feels but i kind of like the Rangers flying under everyone’s radar

    After the Bruin game the other night 5 out of 6 articles or recap shows I saw continue praising Bruins overall turnaround…these of course were non-NY media…

    they are also the only team I have ever heard of where having to play more games to start off the season, and start in Europe too, is constantly reffered to as a “positive” thing and partially responsible for the quick start…the same media who gave the Ducks an excuse all last fall for their slow start continue to use the Rangers Europeon jaunt as the “reason” they are playing good; I have even heard that the Penguins have finally”gotten going” after recovering from theuir early start!

  27. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    I for one do not boo players nor have I ever booed my team. I never even turned off a game no matter how bad it got. Even at home. Even during the Rangers “Dark Ages” and believe me I got a lot of abuse during those times as a Ranger fan, but I still stuck up for my team.

  28. Cindy,
    I just have to say I completely agree and even people on this blog just don’t understand. NOTHING good ever comes from booing. NOTHING! Only sloppier play and pressure. Btw, is the Cindy thing a way to mock Sidney Cros(ba)by? I dont care if you paid 1k for each ticket. Dont buy the ticket if you are going to hurt the team. Talk to your buddys all you want about how much Roszival sucks and post it on here. I don’t care, as long as your not distracting our players and putting them down. Personally, I’d love if MSG fans developed a 7th man on the ice like most Canadian teams have. Sorry, I just get peeved when people boo. Support is the only way to go

  29. Graves9…..Defend this:

    Last year, Rangers-Capitals, cannot remember the score but I remember this play like it was yesterday: Jagr skating back to the bench after playing very lazily in the offensive zone…as he is skating back to the bench the puck squirts up the side boards and goes right under Jags’ skates between his legs….the camera even catches him glancing down to the puck…some Capital comes along side (maybe Nylander, I cannot remember), picks up the puck, and goes down on a breakaway and scores.

    Then, after the game Jags says (lies) in an interview, “I didn’t see the puck.”

    Now if that doesn’t justify a player getting booed, you guys who refuse to boo are a bunch of bootlicking, rose-colored-glasses wearing wimps.

    This is coming from a guy who’s family has had season tix for longer than I am alive….like before 1970. My family has paid a fair bit of dough and been through thick and thin with this team. When someone, even the best player in the league who happens to be in an NYR sweater, is loafing around the rink and then blatantly lying about his effort, I am going to boo the SH*T out of that person even if it means I will be hoarse the next day.

    I am on Beer’s side on this. No free rides when I am paying out the ass for tickets.

    Again, I love the NYR with all my heart and soul…my wife thinks I have a problem. Meanwhile she thought Saturday night was one of the most exciting games she ever saw. But she was booing the crap out of Roszival all the way and said to me, “I am thinking you want Poti back now?”

    Freedom of speech rules.

  30. Not to rain on the parade but a lot of people keep mentioning that the Rangers are in first. That’s true, they have the most points but almost everyone else in the conference has 3 games in hand on them…..

  31. Roszival is doing exactly what most of us expected out of him. It’s no surprise or disappointment, its Roszival being Roszival. If anyone deserves the boos it’s the guys that gave him that ridiculous contract that’s probably gonna screw us out of a good young player down the road.

  32. Newb,
    Okay, Freedom of Speech. Its great to see that you learned something in high school. But what good are you doing for the team? Aren’t you only disrupting the momentum of the team by establishing a negative influence?

  33. Kaspar – To continue about the strategies that coaches employ in trying to get – the most – more out of their players… Mike Keenan is on the hot seat in CGY, and from reading around, they’re more willing to replace him, than restructure the team to fit his style.

    The hard-nosed approach is starting to thin out a little in the ‘new nhl’.
    “One of the silliest posts in this blogs history. So you booed a guy that lead the team from the abyss(7 straight years of no playoffs and generally being a laughinstock) to being one of the better teams in the East do I have that right?”

    Yes. I remember one of the times too. He walked through the door on the bench to get on the ice, the play went by him, he reached out with his stick, took a 2min. The (isles I think it was) scored on the resulting pp. I boo’d him on the way to the box, and out of the box. I’d do it 8 days a week.

    I’ll justify everytime I’ve done it to every player I’ve done it to. Except with Tom Poti. I’d boo him just for sh!ts n giggles.

    Let me continue…The way that your comment was phrased gives no credit to Slats(seriously), Renney, Hank, etc. Jags did good things for us, no doubt. But I ain’t bendin over for the lazy sack. He was PART of the turn-around. Not THE turn-around.

  34. Cindy Crawford on

    What the Heck – yea its a crosby reference.

    And for all of you saying you pay for the tickets and therefore can do what you want. Fine, you are right. But the reason you pay all this money for tickets is bc you love this team and want to see them do well. Booing does not help that cause, correct?

  35. “Okay, Freedom of Speech. Its great to see that you learned something in high school. But what good are you doing for the team? Aren’t you only disrupting the momentum of the team by establishing a negative influence?”

    All circumstantial. All.

  36. “But the reason you pay all this money for tickets is bc you love this team and want to see them do well. Booing does not help that cause, correct?”

    Circumstantial again. It ‘helped the cause’ when we boo’d Poti out of the F’n city! LOL

  37. Cindy Crawford on

    This argument will go in circles for hours. People have different points of view and will never reach common ground.

  38. Exactly Cindy,

    Beer Me,
    What good is booing doing? Please explain how you might be helping out the situation. Maybe you can change my mind on booing, but all Ive heard is nonsense about how people screw up. Like you’ve never screwed up or half-ased it before.

  39. He was the top reason(along with Hank) for the turnaround in 05-06 he had a all time great year he carried the offense like few players in history ever have. After a rough start in 06-07(due to recovering to a shoulder injury) he had a pretty damn good year. Here’s a guy that tried to play in game three with a badly seperated shoulder back in the ’06 playoffs but one shift according to Beer takes away all that ………… please.

  40. Cindy Crawford on

    Beer Me – I think Rosival is a good player and again I think he will come around. Like i said earlier, its too hard for a D man to get recognized for the good things. The booing will never stop now and thats so unfortunate

  41. A future HoF, Jagr, was booed by her former team and this NOTICEABLY effected his gameplay.

    Imagine getting booed by your current team. Yes, they should “man up”, but they’re Euro players.

  42. I dont believe in deriding a guy over and over again ( like the fans did to Malik)after awhile its just mean and cruel

    If a guy has a bad game or is playing half-asleep I dont think letting him hear it is any more damaging than a coach or teammate letting him hear it…if that were the case nobody playing bad could ever get corrected and after all…its really our team isnt it?

  43. player after player came to retire and not give it his all and dog it here(including Mess; second run here) jagr came here to turn this franchises fortunes around and that he did. yet he gets beat up because he’s a eurpo any ranger fan that acts like jagr wasn’t a great ranger is fucking lost.

  44. Beer Me,
    Do you actually believe that you and the crowd were the reason Poti is gone? If I was Sather I wouldn’t give a flying f if people were booing my players. As long as they were performing it won’t change my mind. Maybe you were contributing to the downfall of Poti perhaps though. Look how well he is doing now without the constant nagging. Im glad you brought that point up though and helped out my discussion


  46. Jagr should have his number retired for the Rangers more then Graves. The numbers Jags put up and the way he made this team a real playoff contender; he was never given the credit he deserved.

  47. Richter,
    Personally I dont care about it, but you might want to use the letter f instead of the word.

  48. Wait a second….season ticket holder for life….I moved to Japan in March 1994….Yes, I was there for 7 years including no vacation back to NYC in May and June of that year. I missed possibly my only team’s Cup win in my life. And to think, they were able to win it without me there cheering for them? Holy Cow! How the heck did they do it?

    And now when I express my displeasure (a lot less this year than last so far, though Rosy is awfully consistent in receiving these “accolades”) you dopes are saying that I am not doing the team any good?

    So if I stop booing and they start to win and go win the Cup, do I get a ring? Are they going to say, “Gee, thanks to New Newman for not booing this year, that really put us over the top and helped us win.”

    I love you fans with an IQ of 6 who think that because you watch or don’t, cheer or don’t, it causes the team to win the game. (I mean I love to play that superstition game with myself too, but at the end of the day I know I am just doing it to be a dork. I mean I am real and honest to myself about it, at least.) You are the same people who probably go to your respective houses of worship (church, synagogue, temple, mosque, etc) because you were told you had to from an early age but would never think for yourselves as to why you do or did and whether you need to do it.

    Groupthink is great and we all do it here cuz we love the Rangers but please people, do you really think that our team is not mentally strong enough to handle the “boos”? If so, I have two things to say: 1) We might never win another road game and (2) If they fold under the “boos” as a sign of their mental toughness, we are never winning another Cup.

  49. Cindy Crawford on


    Selling two tickets in Section 326 tonight. 100$ for the pair. Row G, end where the rangers shoot twice

  50. Beer Me = Bore Me.

    The Mike Francesa of this board, with even less hockey knowledge than that creep. I almost spit up my coffee when you gave us that insight into Hartsburg’s technique in Ott. Got him on speed dial, right? Just like Fat Mike with Parcells.

  51. Cindy Crawford on

    Newman, maybe it doesn’t affect the team, but does it help? If a guy is in a slump and is getting booed like crazy, and he passes up a shot with an open lane bc his confidence is shot… Is it worth it? Bottom line, it cant be fun being out there in your home building getting booed every time you touch the puck. Anyone would agree they would rather have the fans behind them, and in my eyes, that would make it much easier to play.

  52. heck – the “LOL” after that should give you the answer. Sorry to confuse you.

    Who the hell said I was trying to help by boo’ing him?

    I have absolutely no reason to defend any of my actions to be honest with you.

    “Here’s a guy that tried to play in game three with a badly seperated shoulder back in the ‘06 playoffs but one shift according to Beer takes away all that ………… please.”

    Really? Enlighten me to which words I used “takes that all away”. Please. Never said it. Don’t make the conversation something it’s not. Jagr didn’t carry the offense all by himself. 4 other offensive players had their career years that season. It was A TEAM EFFORT. Jagr was part of it. I just wonder what it woulda been like if he really cared enough to leave it on the ice every night.

    And there’s no defending that…it’s self confessed that he did not.

  53. Newb,
    Thats not what were saying at all…maybe the last part about booing from YOUR OWN FANS might take you down a notch or two. They are hockey players, but there still human beings. Obviously you don’t play hockey yourself, when an opponent boos you, you can easily shrug it off or even feed off of it. But when you screw up the only thing that makes you feel worse is when you don’t have support and a constant nagging about the thing you did wrong. I’m sorry your Mr. Big and Strong I dont have emotions at all, but most people generally in this world do. Now I know your going to say oh why dont you cry Mr. Emotional, but thats not what I’m going for here. Just know that people do get knocked off their pedastal on their own and dont need to hear it from people like you.
    And of course it doesn’t matter if one person doesn’t boo or cheer or do whatever they want. Have you watched Canadian teams come back in games because of fans. Did you watch the Toronto game. the vibe in that building swung the momentum in the favor of Toronto. If the fans had booed after the goal, it would have been a 2-1 victory. Dont give me that B.S.

  54. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    It’s not a Florida thing-it’s my thing. I felt that way before I even moved here from NY. Don’t get me wrong – I have/had my gripes with the occasional player now and then but I still didn’t/wouldn’t boo them. Complain alot about them but never boo!

  55. HECK

    I wouldn’t go that far. Jagr is my fav player of all time. Even when i wasn’t into hockey back when my dad was trying to get me into it, i always loved watching Jags’ game, it was an awesome thing to watch. And i was excited as hell to hear that he got traded to Nyr. But i don’t think he deserves to get his number retired, even if he had 3 damn good seasons with this team. Graves deserves to have his number retired for 94 alone. He had a great year, and he was a huge help, even if the team was amazing, and Richter was unbeatable.

    Im not saying anything bad aboot Jags, i love the guy, and you can definitely say he’s a damn good Ranger, but not worthy of a jersey retirement. Although he definitely deserves to get his number retired in Pissburgh.

    Everyone says Jags wouldn’t win two cups without Mario, well id like to think Mario cant win any cups without Jags. He was a great player, and so what if he wanted out of Pissburgh, he did them a favor. The fans of that team are pricks and should spend 10 mins in Bob’s room for punishment, of course only if Bob’s mom let him have company.

    SteveJ, you’re an attention whore, why don’t you post something half way decent, you only seem to post to argue with someone and start something. Ohh but you’re someone who posts here who’s just trying to pretend he has friends by creating that name along with the Richter name (not girl). Hahaha pathetic !!

  56. Cindy Crawford on

    That game last season when we blew it with the 5-0 lead against montreal says it all. That was the most unbelievable support that I have ever seen from the crowd for any team

  57. Anyone like to discuss something other than making professional cry by boo’ing?

    Maybe that there’s a team that’s lost 4 in a row coming to msg tonight?

  58. Bore Me

    The day you admit your boy Renney got his breakfast lunch and dinner eaten by Therrien (not exactly Toe Blake or Scotty Bowman) in the playoffs last years is the day your opinions will seem anything more than the garbage they generally are.

  59. for those who say that boo’ing makes the team worse, and “real fans” wouldn’t do that to their team… Does that mean, when you’re at a game, you’re cheering non-stop? Cause if you aren’t cheering, you’re also not showing any support for your team either. And the team COULD play better if they hear lots of cheering.

    I think booing is overdone, but sometimes it has a purpose. Even if its not “helpful” to the team, sometimes they’re SUCKING, and we have a right to let them know.

  60. Beer me!
    Lets me and you start a Mike and the Mad Dog thing here…

    You get an inside track with Renney ( buy a horse with him or something) and I’ll just sit around disagreeing with everyone…until I speak to them face to face

  61. Newman – that sux that you weren’t around in ’94. You shoulda said: “Rook, the Rangers are in the prayoffs, and gonna rin the stanrey cup! I have to fry home!”

  62. To be honest, I don’t really get the references. I never liked either one of those guys. Plus, can’t listen during those hours anyway. Sorry.

  63. Beer…who is ‘rook’??

    Newman.. I was in Wisconsin when they won it…spent 33 YRS in NYC and the first season I’m gone they won it
    Thats why i moved to Vermont…first season here…Lock out!!

  64. Tsn.ca
    PITTSBURGH – Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury will miss Tuesday night’s game against Minnesota because of an undisclosed injury.

    “It’s not a major injury,” coach Michel Therrien said Monday. “We just don’t want to take a risk.”

    Under rules enacted upon the recommendation of league general managers before this season, NHL teams are not required to disclose the nature of injuries.
    I hate that rule.


  65. Not to step in anything between Beer Me and Gresch, but the point that Renney was outcoached by Therrien last spring is solid as a rock.

  66. Cindy Crawford on

    Jeever…. yeah some parts need a little polishing up, but they arent sucking right now. I am done w this argument anyway, I havent done any work in like 2 hours!!

  67. What the Heck….come on…sometimes it seems like you write for what you wish is true, not what you know is true. That can be dangerous. I have played hockey for more than 30 yrs. Ice or roller, always been something. I am still doing it though my opponents keep getting younger. So you got that part wrong. This leads me to wonder about all your statements since your first one was 100% wrong.

    Do you want a guy who wears his emotion on his sleeve (aka cries when he is booed) or do you want a guy who rises above the noise and can focus on getting his job done despite the distractions? Judging by your answers, I think we are on opposite sides of the fence on this question. I mean the guy who wears his emotion on his sleeve (think of guys like Chris Simon) are easily goaded into penalties, made to be suckers, mishandle the puck, and are easy targets for stupid plays under pressure.

    And guys if you are honestly saying that “Player A is not being productive cuz he is being booed and has no support from the fans,” then trade the GM should that f-ing loser right now.

  68. I find it funny that Stamkos got only got 40 seconds of pp time in Tocchet’s first game after Melrose was fired(partly cause he gave Stamkos no pp time)

  69. Orr,
    I only said the Jags thing because he has been my favorite player in the league even with the Caps and Penguins. I’ve always bought his sticks and tried to play the same type of game he has. I was exstatic when he came over here and played for us. I believe he and Hank really turned this team around and a Stanley Cup this year would be because of him. Also I said that because I do not beleive Graves should be getting his number retired. I mean, come on, 4 numbers for 1 stanley cup?!? I think that is a bit obsurd. I appreciate a good Stanley Cup, but I’m not sure if everyone was deserving of there numbers being retired.

    Exactly my point with the Montreal game.

    Please explain the purpose, because nobody else is able to.

  70. If Renney had Crosby and Malkin instead of Therrien, do we think Renney still would have been outcoached?

    Or maybe that series was a little too much Crosby, a little too much Malkin and a little too much really crappy officiating?

    it’s amazing on every blog, renney gets all the blame when the Rangers lose and absolutely none of the credit when the Rangers win.

    it’s comical.

  71. Heck,

    I do agree with you on the retiring of the #s……Leetch of course, Richter of course, and Messier delivered the Cup, so yes. But Graves is too much. He was outstanding and had one of the best single season performances ever for the NYR, but he does not deserve to have his # retired. No way. Just because he remained true to the organization and is a community leader, does not justify retiring his number.

    So we do agree on something…

  72. Newb,
    I was just making an assessment. Have you ever lost a puck or made a bad decision and then heard it from your teammates or people during or after the game? How’d you feel? Were you able to think 100% and make the perfect play after that? I know for me its a lot harder. True you don’t want a guy crying every game or for that matter crying at all. But people are emotionally involved. Lets bring up someone who cried, the “Captain” Mark Messier. He was very emotionally attatched to the game. If we started booing him and he started playing crappier, would you be happy with what you had done? Now, I would love to see someone who doesn’t think about anything outside of whats going on, on the ice, but that rarely happens. We are all humans.

  73. heck – its frustration, 100%. THAT’S why people boo. Because they want to see a PP where WE have a better chance than the other team to score. Because we’re paying Rozie 5M a year, and seeing him cough up a puck probably 20% of the audience could handle.

    Some people need to vocalize their frustration. Some people can shrug it off, and hope for better and cheer. Some people walk around and punch walls, or crank music on their drive home. Its just how people deal with seeing something crappy, when they’re paying good money for entertainment, and getting FRUSTRATED as hell.

    I know this is one of those trap arguments, that people will just piss each other off, and nobody will change another’s mind. So I won’t try to go on and on with it. But you asked me, so I humbly answered :-)

    Let’s hope the Sens go 0-5 tonight.

  74. Haha. At least we got one thing going Newb…I still want to settle this booing situation. Although we both are probably going to leave thinking we won the argument.

  75. Cindy Crawford on

    dude1994 – I totally agree with you about Renney. I think he is a great coach. The only thing that has started to bother me (for the first time recently), is his inconsistancey with the lines and his inability to let guys form some chemistry.

  76. If you were in the arena the night of Leetch’s retirement, the moment when Leetch announced Graves # would be retired it was so loud in that arena from the roar of the crowd that it felt like your ears were going to bleed.

    So obviously you guys are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY in the minority when you think Graves number shouldn’t be retired.

  77. kaspar – I really don’t. I know who they are, but the jokes/comments went over my head.
    “I find it funny that Stamkos got only got 40 seconds of pp time in Tocchet’s first game after Melrose was fired(partly cause he gave Stamkos no pp time)”

    Interesting graves. How many chances did they have? you know?
    “but the point that Renney was outcoached by Therrien last spring is solid as a rock.”

    It would be relavent if that were the topic of conversation. but that was used to dodge being corrected.

    dude1994 – A F’N MEN! Knuckleheads. All of them I say!

  78. Agreed Jeever,
    Personally I bottle all of the emotions inside of myself in hopes that somebody will push my button the wrong way so I can go off on them. But letting the team have it isn’t going to help. Look at the Montreal win against us last year, look at teh Toronto win against us this year. Momentum is a key factor in many games and fans are a big part of momentum. So isn’t it a bit selfish to boo?

  79. Please dont compare Montreal with NY. It’s all about the Habs in Montreal. In NY, nobody but us cares about hockey. Why do you think the nightly news sports guys always have hockey last?

    Guys, can you stop saying that if you never played hockey, you don’t know what you’re talking about. I played in my teens and early 20’s but that certainly doesn’t make me an expert.

    Rozy showed 2 seasons ago that he has the ability to be a quality D. His game was way off last year and this year is worse. He has the ability, that’s why his play is so frustrating. I don’t think you should walk into MSG with booing someone on your mind, but if a guy makes 2 blunders that lead to goals, he deserves to hear it.

    If any player on the Rangers isn’t motivated by the roar of the crowd, like when Drury scored in the SO, then chhering for them when they’re down 5-0 probably won’t help.

  80. This is why if you have a son you name him Moose or Lou or Bruce…you never know if a kid will play before 17,000 people

  81. 2 tickets in section 347 for 70 bucks tonight. Leave your email if interested. I can only go through Paypal.

  82. Cindy,

    I agree it can be frustrating about Renney.

    However, this team never quits and I believe it is straight from the head coach.

    This team is 13-5-2 in their first 20 games and losing Jagr, Shanahan, Straka and Avery.

    It’s amazing, there’s just no other way to put it.

  83. Dude,
    I’m fine with being in the minority. My opinion is my opinion. But 4 players, 1 Stanley Cup? Seems a bit much. I agree with Mess, and Leetch, and Richter for the most part (except for the fact that he really didnt have many good years with us, just one GREAT year). But Graves?

  84. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Ottawa is desperate for a win and desperation is a good motivator. They are probably going to come in hard against us and we have to be ready for it. We can’t sit back and think tonight is going to be a cakewalk. We’ve got to be dominant,take control and set the tempo of the game right from the first second and play that way for 60 minutes – not 40, 30 or 20. This is the type of situation that can jump up and bite us in the a$$. If not we’ll probably hear booing (couldn’t resist).

  85. Faithful – Its no doubt going to be tough. But I swear to Dog….if we pepper them with 40+ shots and score less than 4 times, I’ll be a little upset. I’m not sure who’s starting for them. It’s suck or suckier.

  86. 22figure,
    Agreed. I think that the booing in the game was acceptable last game, but still didn’t serve any purpose except to have him feel terrible. But this will set a trigger in people’s minds to boo Rozi every chance they get. I bet if Staal made two mistakes next game he would not get booed and thats a problem.

  87. Dude — Here are three quick responses, from many that could be cited:

    1) Therrien jumped Renney is the press about the officiating BEFORE the series even started. What did Tom do/say/take action to push back? Nothing. So, as you rightly point out, the officials stuck it to the Rangers. Why? Because they knew Renney, wanting to be liked more than to win, would take it and not fight back.

    2) Hollweg on the ice right after the Rangers tied it in Game 3? Indefensible choice, apart from the brainless penalty Hollweg took. That is totally on Renney.

    3) Renney’s exact quote: “We beat ourselves.” When a coach and not a player tells you his team beat itself, he’s telling you he got outcoached.

  88. Ecklund is reporting Sundin is definitely in Toronto, even though he bought a NY apartment and sold his Toronto apartment.

  89. Sens have not been icing the line of Alfi, Spaz, and Heat. If they switch to that combo during the game, NYR must respond. They called up Bell because they have been having a huge problem moving the puck – only Kuba has been solid on D. Should be a good game.

    Lets Go Rangers!!

  90. Oh, my bad. And they are saying Gomez is getting traded to Vancouver or Calgary for Sundin…hahahaha. Oh and Nik Antropov will be gone and Gaborik is headed for Toronto. Hahaha Ecklund is such garbage

  91. Honestly, you guys who don’t think Adam Graves should have his number retired, were you guys fans in the 70’s when we used to get our arse kicked all the time, by the Flyers and Bruins of the world, or the 80’s when we were the smurfs?

    Adam Graves was finally the guy who came around that could play and fight, stick up for his teammates, he was the guy we desperately were hoping would come for decades.

    If you are looking at Adam Graves by his career stats then yeah, I could see why you wonder why he is being retired.

    But if you sit and really remember him as a Ranger, there really isn’t anybody’s jerey that belongs in the rafters more than Graves.

    He is my favorite Ranger ever, and A LOT of fans feel the exact same way.

  92. There is no criteria for a team retiring a #. I’ve always argued with Icelanders fans about Nystrom’s # being retired. I have no problems with Graves # hanging. I’ve also said that Greschner’s #4 should hang. If the Rangers won a cup during his 16 years, I don’t think it would be questioned.

  93. Sergei Zubov,
    Great two way defensemen. Had a slap shot like no other on the team. He was a huge reason that we had made it that far into the playoffs and he showed other teams that he was no pushover. He always stepped in to defend teammates and is still considered today as one of the greatest offensive defensemen in the history of the game.

    See I can do it too. Does Zubov’s number deserve to be retired. There were many components to the Rangers, where if they weren’t in place, they would have fallen apart. So once again I ask you, does Graves deserve to get his number retired

  94. Agree with The Greshner contingent!
    One of my Favorite Rangers of all time…
    I was also a big Steve Vickers fan…9 year career..retired at like 30 Yrs old

  95. WTH,

    Are you really serious about the Zubov comparison?

    c’mon, you seem much too smart for me not to have to point out how that is ridiculous.

  96. Dude

    I love how Renney lovers like you refuse to deal with the record of what actually happened and instead propose what ifs.

    But then if I had your side of this argument, I’d want hypotheticals instead of facts too.

    Therrien used every tool he had at his disposal

  97. HECK

    Ehh, ya do have a good point there.

    I guess we should retire Duguay’s number since he lead all Rangers in getting it on with chicks. Now that’s something to be proud of, unless they look like Bob’s mom, then im not to sure aboot that.

  98. Cindy Crawford on

    I am sure Graves’ contribution to the community has a lot to do with the decision. Did Zubov do a lot outside the game as well?

  99. I think Renney is excellent when it comes to managing the young players. When it comes to sending a vet a message.. epic fail. The only thing I can remember is he benched Nylander for a game… never to anyone else (Malik doesn’t count).

  100. Ford,

    yeah, it’s gotta be hard to throw out Crosby and Malkin on the ice every other shift.

    Only a genius would know what to do with those tools at his disposal.

  101. Adam Graves is one the most selfless human beings on the planet. He deserves his number retired for his contributions on and off the ice, during and after his NHL tenure.

  102. cindy – I think that’s just it. With Graves its much much more than what he did while he wore the jersey. It even includes the work he’s done up to the announcement….I’d bet.

    If I took it at face value…on ice play. His name doesn’t go up. But he’s one of those guys thats “A Ranger”. What they’re supposed to be, supposed to give, how they’re supposed to represent the city/team/nhl.

    It’s cool for him to get the honor. But it doesn’t have the same appeal to me as the last 2.

  103. Cindy,

    Zubov was a Ranger for only about 2 and a half years.

    WTH was trying to be sarcastic bringing him up as a candidate for his number to be retired.

  104. And I think that’s what’s on peoples minds. Comparing him to #35, #11, #2. Really, there’s no comparison to what those guys meant to the Rangers.

    But I guess he has his place. But I’m not dropping $200+ per ticket for this one.

  105. haha Orr – I LOVE that 1 blonde ice girl… she’s pretty and stuff.

    The Zubov argument? really? He was barely with us, Graves was with us for a while. When you think Rangers #9, what do you think? You think Graves. Instantly. When you think Rangers #21, what do you think? Exactly. No name jumps out right away.

    Maybe I’m too sentimental, but you retire a jersey when you see a # in your team’s colors, and you instantly think of that person.

  106. Were folks here actually debating whether Graves’ or Jagr’s numbers should be retired?

    Wow. First place makes people crazy!

    I’m going out on a limb here and saying that Rozi has his best game of the year tonight!!!

    (Go ahead… you can boo me… it won’t affect my posting)

  107. I dont actually believe he should have his number retired I just was proving a point that you can build anyone up to make them look like an all-star. He was a good player though. I loved Graves, but I’m not sure about having his numbered retired. How many times did he make the all star ballot?

  108. when I think of the Rangers #21 I think of Pete Stemkowski.

    And if you are wondering how many times Adam Graves was on the all star ballot then I don’t think you really understood what Adam Graves meant at all.

  109. Dude

    By your logic, the series was over before it started. Crosby and Malkin, why bother to show up, right? Somehow I think even Renney would take issue with you there.

    Let me know when and if — your favorite word — you want to discuss what happened, and not what both of us as fans wish hadn’t happened.

  110. Off the beaten path – does everyone know that Andrew Gross at the Record is doing a vote on the best players Devs vs. Rangers? Last week was left wing and Elias beat Graves out by 74% to 26%. Link to Gross site is in name. We can’t let the Devs fans vote out our Rangers. Let’s go vote!

  111. Ford,

    nah, there are no ifs about whether or not Therrien had Malkin and Crosby as tools to his disposal, it was pretty much a fact.

    Blaming the coach for losing to the better team is clearly ridiculous.

    I am purposely not even bringing up the fact that the Penguins also mortgaged the future to bring in Marian Hossa and he was completely unstoppable in the Rangers series, but, you just continue to blame Renney to make yourself feel better about it.

  112. Cindy Crawford on

    Ive been reading this blog for a year now every day and never really posted until today with some oif the arguments. Now I realize why I never did… I feel like I’ve done no work today. Im getting ready to get out of here. LETS GO BABY!

  113. Faithful, one of the many reasons why I hate Stan Fischler was his column in Hockey digest years ago. He would do a who’s better of NYR vs NYI and the Islander always won. He compared Don Maloney vs John Tonelli and said Maloney was a better gritter but Tonelli won the cup so Tonelli won.

    Now we have to deal with MSG network acting like all 3 teams a re one happy family. The Devils and Islanders should NOT be featured in commercials on MSG network.
    Another of the many, many reasons why I hate Dolan. Full of hatred-this post.

  114. 22,

    I used to get those Hockey Digest’s all the time.

    I really miss the days when Fischler hated the Rangers and Stan’s gossip.

    Stan was the original Eklund.

  115. Heck – if you listened to Leetch’s speech when his jersey was retired, they specifically said that Graves will have his jersey retired for what he did on the ice, and OFF. Its no exaggeration to say that he’s been the most active Ranger in the community, probably EVER.

  116. The guys who are against the Graves number retiring are a little too militant about it.

    The question is, why do you care so much?

    Mark Messier held out until the last minute before the banner was raised in January 1995 for more money and left for more money in 1997.

    Adam Graves never, ever would have done either of those things.

  117. Dude

    If you’re saying that the better team always wins in a playoff series, you’re even denser than I thought.

    The NYR beat the NYI in ’79, with a team that was vastly inferior. Why? Because Shero outcoached Arbour. Outcoached him, something you apparently do not believe exists as a phenomenon. You know how? Freddie actually formulated a gameplan to make the Crobys and malkins and Hossas on that team less formidable! (What a concept!)

    To wit: Hit Bossy every time he touches the ice. Tie up Trottier in the neutral zone. Dump the puck in Potvin’s corner to make him chase it and take the hits from the forechecker, to wear him down over a long series. (Players were joking fined if the puck was dumped in the opposite corner.)

    Gave the Rangers days off between games to play golf, while Arbour was working the Isles in two-a-days. In other words, took his lesser players and exploited the other team’s better players to his advantage!

    I don’t expect to change your mind. But know that with every new post you reveal yourself more and more as, well, no maven, brother.

  118. “Last year, Rangers-Capitals, cannot remember the score but I remember this play like it was yesterday: Jagr skating back to the bench after playing very lazily in the offensive zone…as he is skating back to the bench the puck squirts up the side boards and goes right under Jags’ skates between his legs….the camera even catches him glancing down to the puck…some Capital comes along side (maybe Nylander, I cannot remember), picks up the puck, and goes down on a breakaway and scores.”

    Trying to avoid a too many men on the ice penalty?



  119. so you are saying the Rangers should have beaten the Penguins in that series because the Rangers beat the Islanders in ’79?

    ok, I agree, damn that Renney!!

  120. ford

    Don’t bother. Dude is suffering from Renney Can Do No Wrong Syndrome. It’s incurable no matter how much sense you talk.

  121. Dude: Renney did nothing — NOTHING — to offset the talent of those guys you cite. Not matching lines, not exacting a physical price, not shadowing. Zip, zilch. He just rolled his lines. Think of that! Just rolled em out there the way a robot might.

    If you don’t even try to counteract Crosby and Malkin with some sort of gameplan, how can that be called coaching at all, much less good coaching??

  122. ahhhh,

    but is it really Renney can do no right syndrome that you guys suffer from.

    Let me point out:

    when we lose, it’s always Renney’s fault.

    when we win, Renney never gets any credit.

    Isn’t that the truth fellas!

  123. Graves deserves it for just being who he is, the one great year on the ice, and the number of great years off the ice. Maybe that shouldn’t get your number retired, but it just seems right. When you think of 94, those 4 guys pop in your head, in which ever order, i highly doubt Olzyek pops up in your head before any of those 4.

    Im happy aboot it, im looking forward to that day, and i know Dubi is as well. I hope they win that game, and Dubi scores his first career hatty !!!

    As for tonight, they just have to win this game. It will be tough because these guys are on a 5 game losing streak, but Nyr has what it takes, as long as Rozi isn’t fuggin up.

    Renney needs to bench Rozi on the PP just to wake him up. Let Staalsy play in his spot.

    Watch out for that dirty piece of shit Chris Neil, and Rutuu if he’s done with his suspension.

  124. Yo dude — Ford is telling you that the better team doesn’t always win in the playoffs! That coaching makes a huge difference. Is that so hard to digest?

  125. Renney isn’t a good coach. When i think of Tom Renney i think….

    1) Not playing Orr against the Philly Flowers in 07, in a game where the Flowers didn’t play to win, they played to injure players, and take elbowing penalties, and interference, slashing, etc. Fedoruk ran around boarding Ortmeyer, elbowing Jags, slew footing Pruchs, and he got away with it.

    2) Playing the 4th line at the end of a game against the Crapitals, leading to a Hollweg tripping penalty i thin it was, leading to a PP in OT for them, and watching Green win the game for them.

    3) Never giving Pruchs a fair chance. Playing Hollweg on the 2nd line while Pruchs went from 3rd line to 4th line.

    Everyone, feel free to add # 4 to # 100. I wanna see what comes to your mind when you think of Tom Renney, good or bad. Oh yeah Bob, nothing dirty like you wanking to pictures of him and Betts.

  126. I thought Ford was telling me that the reason the penguins beat the Rangers last year was because Therrien outcoached Renney.

    And I am offering the mere suggestion that the Crosby, Malik and Hossa had something to do with it.

    Oh yeah, MA Fleury was pretty good too.

  127. Wrong. There is a lot in Renney I admire. He is an excellent communicator, works hard, is loyal, represents the franchsie well in the media.

    He is simply not a coach who — because of lousy in-game bench skills and an inordiante desire to be liked, especially by authority figures (ie, refs) — will not lead this team to a Cup.

    And that’s the point, isn’t it?

  128. “Never giving Pruchs a fair chance”

    who is the guy who gave Petr Prucha a chance in the first place coming out of the lockout?

    anybody know?

  129. coaching DOES make a difference… but if 1 team has middle-of-the-road talent, with a couple of stars, and the other team has like 9 top 10 picks in their line-up, including 2 of the best new stars, that can skew things in a different direction. Plus you guys are talking from too small a sample of games… Scotty Bowman was one of the best coaches EVER, usually had STACKED teams, but didn’t win the cup year after year after year. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

    I’ll admit it, I like Renney. I think he’s even-keeled, not a spaz, but I can admit he has his faults. At the same time, a coach can be blamed ANYTIME after a loss… If he switches lines up, then he’s not giving them time to mesh. If he doesn’t, then he’s not adapting mid-game. That’s not to say I think he’s perfect. I HATE how sometimes he refuses to change certain things (PP units/ice-time), lines in the past… But overall, he’s done well with not a WHOLE lot of high-end talent.

  130. You know you’re reaching when you can actually name “instances” that make Tom Renney a bad coach — in reality, more global reasoning like success, winning percentage, discipline, and system are all reasons why Tom is a great coach.

    Anyone can come up with nonsensical reasons.

    Reason #278 why Tom Renney is a GREAT coach:

    – He put Marcus Naslund out on the ice with 6 minutes left if the third period on Saturday night. Naslund scored the game tying goal and the rangers won the game.

    Anyone can do that…

  131. I’m a Pruch guy — for the record — but no longer can you say that he hasn’t had a fair shake or chance.

    He’s had plenty of chances. Sometime he’s going to have to come in, make some 1.6 million dollar plays and put his money where his mouth is.

    At the end of the day, he makes entirely too much to be a 4th line grinder and I’d rather have a 6’3″ 225 guy in there instead of a 170 “best conditioned on the team guy” in there.

    In the last two games, Dan Fritsche has made more of an impact and shown chemistry with his linemates

  132. I don’t agree with ford on everything, but he is right that Renney’s need to be liked and seen as reasonable is very strong and maybe interferes with his will to win…

    and also you got to match lines in the playoffs, especially against Crosbey and Malkin. No excuse there for not.

  133. Ford wrote:

    Dude: Renney did nothi”ng—NOTHING—to offset the talent of those guys you cite. Not matching lines, not exacting a physical price, not shadowing. Zip, zilch. He just rolled his lines. Think of that! Just rolled em out there the way a robot might.

    “If you don’t even try to counteract Crosby and Malkin with some sort of gameplan, how can that be called coaching at all, much less good coaching??”

    That is it in a nutshell, homies.

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