Renney goes to bat for Rozsival


If you’ve been paying enough attention to Tom Renney during his tenure in New York, then you know the coach isn’t likely to sell out a player to the media.

And if one of those players had a particularly regrettable game, as Michal Rozsival did tonight, then you can count on Renney making a point of defending him to anyone who will listen. And so when Renney was asked about his $20 million defenseman, who had hand in both Boston goals in the second period tonight, it was as if the coach was expecting the question.

Asked what he would say to Rozsival, Renney said, “I’d tell Michal, ‘You’re not alone. We’re right there with you and we’re going to back you up 100 percent.’ I’m disappointed that things like that happen because I’d like to see anyone out there who decides to boo him stand out there and take a pass on bad ice when the puck is flipping. You try to stay over top of it rather than knock it down with the stick because then it is a clear-cut breakaway.

“I’m disappointed in what he’s getting right now because he’s a hell of a human being and a great teammate. He’s a good player and he has been since he got here. He needs to know that from us and he gets that every day from his teammates every single day. We’ll stay with him.”

That’s all fine, of course, but it’s worth noting that Renney didn’t stay with Rozsival on the power play in the third period, when everyone from Marc Staal to Dmitri Kalinin was at the point instead of him. After Renney was done with his press conference, I asked him on the side if his reasoning for bypassing Rozsival was to avoid subjecting the player to more boos.

The coach said part of it was just wanting to get other defensemen involved, but he certainly didn’t discount what Rozsival would have confronted.

“It’s a 50-50 propostion and it’s a fair question,” Renney said. “There’s a part of you that says, ‘Let’s save the guy the anguish and not put him out there, and there’s a part of you that wants to say, ‘We believe in you.’ It’s a fine line because it doesn’t get any easier. It doesn’t matter. He could score the winning goal and they could cheer and clap, but Monday’s another day. It takes a while to climb out of this hole. All we can do is help.”

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  1. This will be the beginning of Rozsival’s end…and it couldn’t come soon enough. Sam, Staal Wart, and others who defended him, I’m sorry but he’s awful. Last year, last post-season game, he takes 3 minor penalties. He can’t play defense because he’s too afraid to get hit. He just floats around in the defensive zone. He pinches at the wrong time, every time. He gets more obstruction and hooking calls than anyone on our team. He might be a good person, but he’s a terrible player. He was one of our worst defensman last year and he’s easily our worst d-man this year. Can we send him to the minors like the Devils did with Mogilney’s contract 3 years ago? Trade him for Malik or Strudwick, who the F cares. I’d rather let MDZ make those screw-ups everynight than see that slouch out there.

    Where’s Beer me…this game couldn’t have made me happier! Drury missed alot of chances this game and I refuse to call him “capt clutch” until he starts earning it, but this game was a nice start.

    Here’s one big problem with the game though, without Lundqvist playing better than any goalie I’ve ever watched, we should’ve lost tonight. Lundqvist’s play now reminds me of Richter during the 94 cup run and the ensuing World Cup he played for the Americans. So in tune with reading the play, the shot, the positioning…its a complete joy to watch him right now.

    Props to Mara, Staal, Korpedo, and even (but lesser so) Kalinen, and Callahan – they all stood out tonight.

  2. Complete garbage, from a guy whose example with Prucha teaches the OPPOSITE lesson.

    Renney is a fraud —- Sather overpaid ginormously for Roszival, and Renney doesn’t have the guts/sack/stones/balls to treat him the way he treats those who are not Glennie’s pets.

    The whole thing makes me sick.

  3. Yes Renney none of us in the crowd could play in the NHL, but that is his job, and he is getting paid millions of dollars. You know what happens when people make mistakes at their job they get fired.

  4. Posted this on the last article and I wanna see what people think….and I’m not gonna say Roszival has been good this year because he certainly hasnt been…but I also think that he hasnt been as bad as people make him out to be…..every time the guy makes a mistake, kalinin is off somewhere doing god knows what and never bails him out, usually makesthings worse like he did on the sceond goal tonight, if rozy was playin with staal i think his season would be looking a lot different right now, sometimes on d your partner has gotta bail you out and make a play and kalinin hasnt done sh’t all year

  5. The kind, gentle Tom Renney. He feels Rozy’s pain! Gimme a friggin break.

    If this guy didn’t have Henrik, he would be in Flin Flon or Moose Jaw or Rimjob Alberta flipping burgers.

    There was no plan tonight. No energy. No emotion. No resolve that was not given solely by Lundqvist.

  6. when you fumble the pill at the point on the power play, there’s not much your partner can do to bail you out

  7. Sam Weinman is a weenie.

    When will you or someone on this beat stop writing bullshit glowing articles about defensemen (Girardi) who are second-rate, and start asking tough questions of a coach whose Oprah-like blather is insulting to anyone with an IQ over 48?

    Dude! The emperor has no clothes! How come I know this at a distance of 500 miles and you who follow this team on an hourly basis don’t??

    Grow a pair, Weinman.

  8. I used to like Renney — I swear I did. B ut now to me he is just a used car salesman.

    The day he sits down before the media and says,

    “You know what? I didn’t prepare the team tonight; they continue to make mistakes one expects the first week of training camp; I am becoming concerned that I do not have the skills to will improvement in my young players; I am Sather’s knob-washer deluxe; oh, and the only reason we didn’t lose this game 5-1 is Henrik,”

    will be the day I develop renewed respect for him.

  9. REPOST:
    Naslund sucks (hopefully just so far). He has done nothing. A beautiful setup by Dubi got him a soft goal tonight and of course I am really happy about that, but it doesn’t make him suck any less. He is supposed to be our go-to guy. He is supposed to be our super-star leading scorer. We need him. He has been less than a fourth liner up to this point. How weak was that shot earlier in the game when he was set up perfectly in the slot? In fact, where the hell is this famed Naslund wrister? Naslund is of course not our only problem right now (virtually everyone else on the team had sub-par performances tonight, save a few godsends) but he is perhaps the most glaring. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. The ice was super bad tonight… even for Garden ice and that had a lot to do with the Roszival gaffe(s). Not an excuse AT ALL. Just an observation.

    But… The PP is SO PUTRID!!! Why not try a forward on the point? Zherdev can handle the puck like a magician and when he ends up playing the point he CREATES chances.

    Honestly… the PP can’t get worse. Why not try something different?

    If not… how about just taking the puck behind our net and killing the PP off?

  11. deppie – feel free to frequent other blogs. preferably another team like the isles or devs. this blog is FREE. Sam is doing a terrific job.

    “true fans” – your posts are getting worse and worse getting toward Bob territory. keep hating on Drury. he’s been fine since the 2 goals vs the isles.

    and someone ragged on Naslund. that was a terrific shot. so pls open your eyes

    on this one I agree with orr. sometimes I really hate Ranger fans.

  12. LI Joe. I take that as a compliment because I generally disagree with everything you say…”captain clutch.” If you agree with my opinion, then I’m probably wrong.

    GB, you gotta cut Naslund some slack. He’s NOT our “superstar” forward. He’s making $4million per year and we have 2 other forwards making more than that. He’s also been relegated to playing with Drury (who had production problems the first 12 games of the season) so its actually not too shabby that he’s tied for 3rd on this team for points.

    Kalinen’s not the problem when Rozi pinches at the point and either lets up an odd-man rush or takes a dumb obstruction penalty. Kalinen’s not the problem when Rozy spins away from a hit and loses the puck. And, on the flip-side of that, how often do you see Rozsival needing to save Kalinen’s behind??! How often does Mara save Staal, or Girardi save Redden? Maybe once a game each of the pair’s saves each other. Rozsival needs to be saved 4+ times EVERY damn game!!

  13. I would like to see Roszi go, but moreso to free up his cap space for resigning the long list of RFA’s this offseason.

  14. Laurence wrote: “The kind, gentle Tom Renney. He feels Rozy’s pain! Gimme a friggin break.

    “If this guy didn’t have Henrik, he would be in Flin Flon or Moose Jaw or Rimjob Alberta flipping burgers.

    “There was no plan tonight. No energy. No emotion. No resolve that was not given solely by Lundqvist.”

    Completely agree. Where is the shame at how the goaltender is covering his and his associates’ asses?

  15. deppie – and you are a poor guest of Sam’s on his blog. common courtesy is something you are lacking.

    “true fans” – everytime i see that name i see the irony since you are the exact opposite. your hated boy Drury has 7 goals in last 9 games. not counting the shootout goal. and is always involved in the play in front of the net. glad to see you disagree with me since i think your hockey IQ is zero.

  16. LI,
    That’s pretty funny because my first statement was: “Where’s Beer me…this game couldn’t have made me happier!” and I meant that sincerely. Nothing could make me happier than Drury living up to the hype and the paycheck.

    Just because I don’t lick Drury’s grundle like you do doesn’t mean I’m not a fan. Just because I can admit Drury is the most over-rated player in the NHL doesn’t mean I want him to fail, because that means the Rangers likely fail. I’m not belaboring the Drury issue more than this, if you think I hate Drury then you are misguided. I do think that Drury’s $7.1million and Rozsival’s $5million are wasted on non-elite players and if you don’t see that I recommend you get your head out of your…

  17. true – you are barking up the wrong tree with Drury. Rozy and Redden you have a point with (if you mention Redden). most over rated is quite an exaggeration (sp?). love to see who you think is elite. if i remember correctly you think very highly of prucha. hope you don’t consider him elite.

    the Rangers only have 1 elite player and he wears more equip than the others. others in the elite class are AO, Crosby, Malkin, Datsyuk, Zetterberg, yes there are a few more but it averages less than 1 per team.

    yes i do think you hate Drury. it is pretty obvious in every one of your posts. you were positivelty gloating over his 1st 12 games since at that point you were “right”. I guess the last 9 games did not count even though a lot of people paid good $ to attend those games.

  18. rangers freakin won a come from behind thriller in ot n shootout and all anyone can do is bitch. yea rozy had a bad game. so does everybody. yea naslund shot was really soft and too bad the goalie didnt stop it right? it really sucks that the potential of this team is so high that we only needed 6 minutes to beat the hottest team in the nhl right now. yea we should fire renny because he doesnt rag on his players in public which actually shows he has some class and realizes that the players are human not machines. there are some things i agree with some of u guys but we are winning! why complain? lifes short so enjoy the game!!! we’re never gonna be perfect and no team is, and whoever complained about sam growin a pair, get the f out of here if u dont like his blogs. i enjoy reading most of your posts except for the guys that only post when we’re losing. i guess since theyre losers in life they get a wierd satisfaction in it when the rangers lose

  19. Losers renny has made the playoffs 3 straight years.

    I think there whole D is avg.

    The Rangers have 1 of the top 3 goalies in hockey he covers up many mistakes.

    I do not know how they win but they do.. Staal should get more PP time… Who sits when Gomez comes back?

    You cannot sit Korpikoski or Fritsche they had 2 very good games and Dawes scored last night!!!
    Who do they sit???

  20. Renney is doing what all(if not most) coaches would do , he is sticking up for a player that is playing badly and had a rough game. Rozsival was (rightfully) beat up by the fans a coaches job is to soothe said player not pile on. I’m sure he’ll show Rozsival some tape on what he’s doing wrong(pretty much everything) and have a chat with him. Renney has already taken Rozsival off of the top pp unit and has cut down his minutes as well. If you look at it Rozsival was playing 25_26 minutes the first 3-4 weeks of the season now he’s playing only 20-21 minutes so to act like nothing has been done is wrong. Sather is the guy that re-signed Rozsival not Renney(granted Renney might have wanted him back)

  21. stuart – well gomez might still miss another game or 2. we need him much closer to full health and with viable alternatives let him rest a bit more. and more injuries will happen. but if all are healthy maybe Sjo sits with voros put on betts line. again injuries will continue to happen.

  22. Joe: ‘yes i do think you hate Drury. it is pretty obvious in every one of your posts. you were positivelty gloating over his 1st 12 games since at that point you were “right”.’

    Yea man! Thats why I was the one who started tonight by saying I’m glad he’s proving me wrong?! Hahaha…explain that one. If I truly hated him, I wouldn’t be the one here saying I’m happy he’s doing well and winning games now!! I hate the hype. I hate him being so over-rated.

    I like Prucha a little more than I like Drury, neither is elite. I do think Prucha will be effective on the right team and with the right linemates. Dubinsky may be an elite forward in a few years. Zherdev will likely be an elite forward in the future too. But we probably can’t re-sign both those guys because of Rozsival and Drury. Who do I consider elite? Well let’s just look at the guys who are paid to be elite (about the same as Drury +/-$500K a year)…Lidstrom, Hossa, Joe Thornton, Spezza, Iginla, Lecavalier, Heatley, Datsyuk, Phaneuf…now those players are in the world-class of NHL elite players. This isn’t the ‘ultimate’ judge of being an elite player, but doesn’t it surprise you that Chris Drury has NEVER played in an All-Star game??!

  23. true like i said you’re barking up the wrong tree with drury. our cap problem is more toward the 2 dmen.

    some of those you mention have their critics too I’m sure. hossa other than last yrs playoffs had a history of underperforming. yes i know he’s doing well this yr. joe T also has underperformed in the playoffs, and heatley is debatable as well.

    in a cap league you have players (mainly older) who are overpaid while players in 1st 3 yrs in league are often underpaid.

    I think our 2 centers give value although not quite at the level they are getting paid. Sather can keep both Z and Dubi. Dubi will prob be getting $3 mm per for next yr or 2. we have arbitration rights and a superstar like Zetterberg is only getting less than $ 3 mm. after that naslund will be gone.

    Zherdev is more problematic since he could go back to Russia. he will cost more. Sather will have to find a way for a dman to go. Most likely Rozy will be allowed to go back to czech republic or maybe play in Russia. he will get the kaspar treatment.

  24. can’t trade him. no one would take his contract. he will be back in europe next season I think.

  25. All Hail King Henrik on

    Rozsival sucks. If he wasn’t getting paid $5 million dollars a season, I really wouldn’t have all that much of a problem with his play. But he DOES make $5million. Both goals tonight were directly his fault and it isn’t the first time that’s happened this season. He is a major liability for this team. I cringe everytime he’s on the ice.

    Maybe we can trade him to Atlanta for Mathieu Schneider. They have similar contracts. Yeah, Schneider sucks too, but he’s no worse than Roszival and we’ll be FREE of his contract after THIS SEASON as opposed to THREE!!!11!!!!! more seasons of Rozsival. I honestly wouldn’t care if Slats traded him for a 4th rounder at this point, but with atrocious as his play has been, we’ll probably have to take back salary. Schneider might be an even trade off, since ATL gets their “puck-moving” d-man for another 3 seasons.

    Trade him for a bag of pucks, I don’t care. Just get rid of him, and maybe Kalinin too.

    $5 million dollar stats:

    20GP 2-7-9 -6!!!

    I defended this guy for two seasons to anyone who wanted to talk Rangers, but I’m done with him. I was done with him a few games before the Islanders game (which cemented it). It’s a joke at this point. How he was not benched was incredible. Bad ice or not, his soft play was the cause of the first goal as well.

  26. All Hail King Henrik on

    If they can’t trade him then send him to that AHL, Europe, ECHL, a beer-league. I don’t care. Lock him in a room if you have to. Just keep him OFF the ice and OFF the NYR.

  27. Joe, so we finally agree on something! One of the reasons I DON’T hate drury is because he doesn’t sign his own paychecks, Sather does. Sather offered him, Redden, and Bozso ridiculous contracts and I can’t hold that against the players. Agreed.

    Concerning the other signings, and how I’m the one you say has zero hockey IQ, let me teach you a thing or 2 kid…Zetterberg signed his contract after registering 43 points the season prior to the lockout. 43 points!! He signed his deal at the start of this new CBA which included that 24% rollback on all players salaries and the $39million cap, so ALL salaries were low. He also resigned with a team high in potential and prospects, but before the entire RFA offer sheets from Kevin Lowe had really started taking off. The point being, that was just perfect timing for the Red Wings to sign him! Zetterberg blossomed his first season on this contract (85 points) and he’s gonna make bank this coming off-season. You didn’t know that huh, I guess??! I thought you knew everything…hmmm.

    My point is this, people who keep referencing the Zetterberg contract just don’t get it. That was a diamond in the rough…43 point player turned 85+ point player with all the other CBA garbage and the really low salary cap. Maybe Zherdev will make it to that level (of zetterberg), I dont know. But what we do know is that he’s a bonafide 25-35goal guy who can register 60-70 points right now. Teams are going to keep an eye on him and I won’t be shocked to see him get an offer sheet or two. Dubinsky will likely draw some eyes from the NHL also….and matching any offer sheets will kill the Rangers. It’s kinda funny you think Sather has to compete with Russia to keep Zherdev…did you read that somewhere or did you just make that up because Jagr went there?

  28. all hail – and Atl would do that deal why? they have major attendance and cash issues and are a likely candidate to move. if they take a major salary it will be for someone to put fans in the seats.

    he has ZERO TRADE VALUE. if put on waivers he would go unclaimed. that is the reality.

    he will be gone. but it will likely take until after this eason. unless they can find a way to send him to europe now. pay his contract in real $ but have no cap $. not sure if league will allow that during the season.

  29. King Henrik,
    If the Rangers really wanted to dump Rozsival they could. There are teams they could trade for to take the salary off their hands (and get nothing in return), the devils are infamous for using that tactic. The Devils have also buried players (ie. Mogilney) in the minors, but there’s a stipulation on the player’s age, at some point (either 30 or 35) their contract must be held against the NHL club’s salary cap. I’m just upset the Bozso is using up time that someone else could be using to mature and make the same mistakes.

    How ANYONE could critique Malik and Ozolinsh without realizing Rozsival was the same trainwreck is beyond me. This guy’s been a disaster for a while.

  30. All Hail King Henrik on

    Besides Rozsival, this was a GREAT COMEBACK WIN!!!! Make no mistake, the Rangers of the past two seasons would’ve folded up in the third period and been shutout 2-0. They showed great resiliency in coming back and earning the two points (even though they shouldn’t have been down 2-0 to begin with).

    It’s GREAT knowing that we can ACTUALLY come back from a third period defecit and even have the ability to tie games in the final minutes. Besides that oilers game last season, I don’t think we saw but 1 last minute comeback on Jagr-led NYR (Dominic Moore score with like 3 seconds to go in 05-06).

    Henrik Lundqvist is GOD. This team would be a joke without him. THANK YOU HENRIK!!! As hard as Roszival makes it for you, you still battle through with ridiculous save after ridiculous save and more or less single-handedly win games for your team.

    I like Renney but he is a joke for not sitting Rozi. Ron Wilson scratched Jason Blakes $4 million ass for two games so far this season. Stop making excuses for Rosi mistakes. Call someone up and SCRATCH him. Bench him. Do something.
    If it happened once or twice every 20 games, then I could see him defending him. Hey, shit happens. But, it’s like once or twice A GAME with Rosi and Kalinin. They are a disaster out there. That pair needs to be kept to under 12 minutes a night.

    With all that agravation, in the end this was a GREAT comeback. LETS GO RANGERS!!!

  31. wise guy – aka true fans.

    the rangers can go to arbitration re Dubinsky so comparables will include zetterbergs contract. he is also on a pace for mid 50’s in points. he will not break the bank as the team with arb rights can bring him to arb like they did to henrik – even though with henrik it never officially went to arb. so it is VERY UNLIKELY a team will get to offer him a contract as RFA.

    after even 1 yr of a dubinsky contract naslund’s contract will be done. and after 2 more yrs after this the CBA ends and teams will likely be able to buy out players without a cap hit.

    and we have no carryover next yr like we did this yr re shanny’s bonus. i’ve already stated that Rozy is likely gone after this yr. so the sky is not falling cap wise.

    yes we may lose a Mara and that will s*ck. but if he is reasonable we might be able to still fit him in. not worried about dawes leaving.

    re Z he’s Russian or Ukranian. it’s an obvious connection that even you can make.

  32. All Hail King Henrik on

    LI Joe,

    ATL would do that deal because they’re already paying Schneider $5 million for this season to be their top d-man. They’ll likely lose him after this season. Rosi could fill that spot and be their top d-man.

    Yes, I am realizing the stupidity in my own words as I write them. No need to point it out. If Don Waddell has any brain cells he doesn’t do this trade. But I need something to make me feel better at this point, and if dreaming up trades is it, then so be it. I’m just throwing it out there. I guess ultimately I’m hoping Sather can fleece some GM and get rid of this guy. Probably won’t happen, but if there’s any faith I have left in Sather, it’s in his negotiating skills.

    I need something to hope for, haha. At least we came back and won, it made Rosi’s performance a lot easier to endure. If we would’ve lost…

  33. noonan – when i go to games I don’t boo anyone even a player i hated like hollweg. it’s really 10 to 20% that boos, the vocal moinority.

  34. All Hail King Henrik on

    It would be really hard to swallow throwing away a number 1 pick just to get rid of Rozsival. Especially since this is going to be a DEEP draft.

    I’d rather they stuck him in Hartford and then let him go back to Europe after the season then lose a number one pick. He’s cost us so much already…a number 1 pick too? Ugh…

  35. oh i meant booing rangers. booing other guys is fun

    all hail – i doubt the Rangers will trade a number 1 pick to get rid of him. the ahl, or europe is more likely. unfortuantely i think he is on 23 man roster all yr. and i did like him at last yrs contract numbers and will always remember his ot goal vs buff. once we open up a roster spot (likely rissmiller or prucha) they can bring up a dman and give rozy a breather – especially for “home games”

  36. I agree, bury Rozsival in hartford.

    Re: dubi and arbitration; that’s to avoid having an offer sheet thrown at him. He doesn’t necessarily have to agree to the offer they make before his hearing. If he has a 55 point season this year, I bet an arbitrator offers him between $3.2-$4.2million. That would crush this team.

    Zherdev is Ukrainian. I DOUBT he’s going back to the KHL. Makes no sense. Only players who can’t get good contracts here go there (aka Jagr felt he was being under-valued). Z has something to prove, you can see it in the way he plays now…he’s not the enigmatic forward we heard about (or if he still is, he’ll revert at some point). Anyway, I doubt he leaves the NHL.

  37. To be honest, I simply cannot believe the spike in Drury’s production. It’s nice to see him really pulling his weight right now.

  38. People that go to games to boo players on thier own team

    have something lacking in thier own lives and it makes them

    feel better..

    Can we for once not have to have a whipping boy ???

  39. Bob Baggins III on

    “They wanted (Stamkos) to play more, but I can’t give a guy ice time just because he’s a No. 1 pick. I’m not like that,” Melrose told host Ron MacLean. “I can’t give guys ice time just because they’re paid a lot of money. I’m not like that. You have to earn ice time. It’s your only power a coach has to motivate players.

    “If you’re giving it out just because the owners tell you to, or because the guy was No. 1, you’re going to be fired whether it’s 16 games or 30 games.”

    “They’re professionals. They make a ton of money,” he said. “We don’t have a young team. We’re the oldest team in the NHL. These guys know what’s expected of them. They know that they’ve got to play a hard, physical style. That’s why they got me. That’s why they wanted me to coach. They knew how I am.

    “The players have power here and they exercised that power. Now, they can play who they want and how much they want and when they want and don’t demand a lot of them. Everybody’s happy in Tampa right now.”

    Melrose reduced the ice time of Lightning stars Vincent Lecavalier and Martin St. Louis, who have struggled offensively. He said the reduction in ice time was made because of the team’s poor showing in the third period last season, which he said stemmed from the Bolts’ top forwards being overworked.

  40. Bob Baggins III on

    November 15th, 2008 at 11:34 pm
    Complete garbage, from a guy whose example with Prucha teaches the OPPOSITE lesson.

    Renney is a fraud——Sather overpaid ginormously for Roszival, and Renney doesn’t have the guts/sack/stones/balls to treat him the way he treats those who are not Glennie’s pets.

    The whole thing makes me sick.”

    totally agree, Renney is a lying scumbag, on only morons can’t see through his hyena in sheep’s clothing disguise.

  41. Bob Baggins III on

    “Yes Renney none of us in the crowd could play in the NHL, but that is his job, and he is getting paid millions of dollars. You know what happens when people make mistakes at their job they get fired.”

    but what if they are a hell of a human being? Or a heaven of a hyena?

  42. Bob Baggins III on

    Weinman is holding on to his job for his dear life, if he asks Renney tough questions or criticizes Renney he is finished.

  43. You guys are ridiculous.

    Is the team as well oiled as say Detroit…no.
    Did we over pay for several players…yes.

    Are we under .500?…no.
    Are we in first place in the Eastern conference at the 1/4 point of the season…yes.

    Rozival had a bad game, so did a few guys but it really is a dumb move to throw everyone under the bus when you have points in 15 of 20 games.

    “Bury him in the AHL” – he’s our Number 1 defensemen – he will have a few more bad games. Get over it.

  44. Moose Jaw Warrior on

    Fire Renney? Fire Sather? Trade everyone?


    SHUT UP everyone!!!

  45. This is getting really sad everyone…

    If you don’t like the coach, if you don’t like the players, if you don’t like the beat writers (oh god!) then go away.

    Don’t support this team anymore. Go away. We dont want you here either. Dont buy tickets, dont respond to blogs, dont wear the jersey. Go away. We’ve had some bad games, we’ve had some good games this year…if you can’t handle the rollercoaster – dont get on.

  46. LarmerFan, I couldn’t agree with you more. If you feel the need to boo your own team, we don’t need ya.
    It was pretty clear to me that the ice was brutal last night. Mara had the puck jump over his stick on a 2 on 1 and there were countless others plays like that.

  47. Glad to see you know nothing about hockey Roll A Dubi.

    Do you actually watch the games or do you glance at it every 3 minutes while having your nose in a Harry Potter book.

    Dmitri Kalinin is not only the biggest upgrade over Marek Malik but he has takin’ penalties while trying to bail out your boy Michal Rozsival, plus you never hear his name. Which means, HES GETTING THE JOB DONE.

    Tom Renney is a shmuck but guess what, he’s the head coach and that’s not going to change with Glen Sather still around so get over it. Renney is here to stay.

    Rozsival is a Renney/Sather player. He won’t be traded and if he is, I will be shocked. The guy is a HUGE LIABILITY on the ice and it goes to show you how bad he is when he was barely out there in the 3rd period. Notice, the team gained the edge and tied the game without him out there.

    Mara/Staal/Girardi have been the most consistent D-Men on this team.

    Kalinin has been solid. And Wade Redden is decent when not paired with Rozi.

    It’s not Kalinin and Redden, it’s Rozsival. He’s afraid to hustle, he’s afraid to get hit, he’s afraid to skate for the corners. He gives up the puck to take hits when a midget like Prucha or Callahan takes 3 hits up against the boards going for the puck.

    Mara took $1 mill to stay and this guy is getting paid $5 mill to be a pansie.

    He can go or stay, doesn’t much matter to me. If he goes GREAT but if he doesnt at least it gives the fans something to do when the team is sucking with him on the ice, let the BOO’s rain on the Garden.

    Ranger Nation

  48. Larmer Fan, how many times did you boo yourself at home, inside the Garden, or at any other team you love?

    Exactly, guess what? Means your a New York fan.

    Your not perfect and neither are the 10,000 fans at the Garden last night.

    Hey, if you were getting paid $5 million a year for being a dork I would boo you to.

  49. Randy, i’m wondering if last night was the first Rangers game you’ve watched in 3 years?! If so, i understand your naivity. If not, then you should watch the games more closely because Rozsival’s been terrible since the end of the 2006-07 season. At that point, the explanation Sam, Renney, and others offered was because he had a torn hip/knee. Last year, he scored 12 quick goals but was still terrible defensively. The last half of last season, he was again dreadful (including the playoffs where he was purely awful)…and the off-season woes included, again, some hip/knee issue. Well. He still sucks! It’s not one game, it’s many!! When I count a player having more bad games, than good games, he’s useless.

  50. Renney can play the guy who’s a “hell of a human being and a great teammate,” but I’d rather play the guy who’s a “hell of a hockey player and a great defenseman.” Unfortunately, the Rangers don’t seem to have that guy and haven’t for the past few years. When are they going to fill the gaping holes at D…it’s been too long.

  51. I cant blame Rozi for anything. Would i take 5 mil if it was offered to me sure i would. Sure Rozi sucks very much but Sather deserves blame for the signing and Renney deserves blame for playing him.

    Want Rozi to play harder sit his butt down for 5 games and let him watch the rest of the Rangers defense show him how its done.

  52. “on this one I agree with orr. sometimes I really hate Ranger fans”

    There’s good Nyr fans, but it is pretty god damn sad that the majority are so pathetic. They give Nyr fans such a bad name, and make us look like Flowers fans, and Islandorks fans, and i guess Devs fans, if they had any that is.

    Im not willing to give Rozi another chance, i mean, how many times do you give a guy a chance ? Wasn’t it two weeks ago or more, when he made two retard plays that led to shorthanded goals ? This guy, once again fuggs his team over, and fuggs Hank in the poop loop. Its unfair to Hank, this guys unreal, he’s doing everything he can to keep the team in the game, and idiot plays by Rozi nearly cost him the win. There has to be a way to trade him, along with Pruchs to get a decent D-man here.

    I agree with Nation, Kal has been playing pretty good. A lot better than how he was playing early on, maybe a few mistakes here and there, but the best D-men in the league make those mistakes, nobody is perfect, but he’s been making up for it. Same with Danny G, Staalsy, Wade, they make mistakes, but it seems like Rozi is the only player that gets burned when he makes those mistakes.

    The funny thing is, the ice was bad, but the puck seemed to ONLY bounce when it was on Rozi’s stick, talk aboot bad luck. He not only needs to get traded for those idiotic mistakes he’s been making, but he need to get traded so we can free up some room to re sign Dubi, Cally, Nicky Z, maybe “Black Magic” Dawes if he gets it together, and Staalsy the following season, and maybe even Pauly Mar, who’s been fantastic.

    I don’t wanna see them play these come from behind games, but its amazing how many times they’ve came back after being down 2-0. They did it against the Pens, Wings, Oilers, and now the B’s. That’s good stuff, but they need to play a solid 60 mins.

    And it sure as shit will be tough, taking out one of Dany F,Dawesy, or Korpedo, They’ve been a lot better. Who knows maybe Orr might have to sit, but i wouldn’t feel comfy with that at all. Especially with Neil on the ice.

  53. Aside from ludicrously bad contract, what in the hell makes Michal Roszival our “number 1 defenseman”? He’s been wretched since last season, except last season, he had Malik to take the heat. Now Malik’s gone and it’s as clear as day that Roszival is awful.

    The powerplay could be better but we’re scoring goals when we need to. We’d have far less goals AGAINST if our defense didn’t blow so hard. And by “our defense”, I mean Michal Roszival.

    Henrik Lundqvist is THE ONLY REASON this team isn’t in the bottom third of the league.

  54. OldTymeHockey14 on

    Wow, you people are awfully mad at an organization that is in 1st place in the Eastern Conference right now.


    Rozi wasn’t that great at the end of 07, but he stepped up in the playoffs scoring a couple of goals, winning one against the Sabs in double OT, in a game we had to win.

    Id feel a lot more comfy if he was owning up to his god damn screw ups, but he’s not doing that, so its making it worse.

    At least Backman scored a big goal against the Flowers after he took aboot 5 penalties in the game, and at least he scored the tying goal, when he had the worlds worst giveaway to Parise who scored. He owned up, so it was easy to forgive him. But this guy cant seem to do anything right.

    As for Renney, this guys such a stupid idiot. He has no fuggin balls. Being a good teammate, and a good guy, doesn’t mean he gets away with fuggin his team over. Hank had to bail his ass out once again, and the team came through for Hank, while Rozi continued his shitty play.

    Im sure if Korpedo, Danny F, Dawesy, or Pruchs had two giveaways that led to a goal, they’d be sitting in the press box sticking knives in their Renney voodoo dolls hoping he’ll get hit with a stick again. Its such bullshit, i feel bad for these guys. Renney is basically saying the only reason DannY F, and Korpedo, and Pruchs are out of the lineup, cause they’re bad teammates, and bad guys. I cant stand this guy, i try to like him, and i just put all this crap aside, but its comments like that, that just flat out piss me off. Admit it already, Rozi sucked, he blew it, he continues to blow it, and he needs to sit to pay for his mistakes.

  56. I agree with who says Ranger fans are pathetic at times. We won a game by showing character and all some in here can do is whine and moan. Get over it. Rozi had a bad game, sure but the team overcame it and Rozi has been good for this team over the years so he’s worth sticking with. Mike in IA you’re right. Life is too short to bitch about everything. Enjoy the team right now. They are fun to watch which is a big improvement over last season. I love these guys.

  57. I hate that we are hugely overpaying 2 D-Men. That we can probably get the same performance for half the $, but let’s face it, no other team will take either off our hands for that kind of $ and this hurts us in being able to improve our team.

    I hate how downright hateful our so called fans are, always having to spew their venom on their whipping boys de jour/season. Really helps those players play better, doesn’t it? We’re having a great season so far, warts and all. Lighten up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I used to go to the old MSG & watch Bathgate, etal, & the ice sucked then & has continued to be among the worst in the NHL forever. I know “so many events at MSG”. BS- Do whatever it takes & FIX THE CRAPPY ICE once & for all.IS this not NYC, the best City in the World. Isn’t MSG going to be renovated soon? Are there plans to fix this or just do cosmetic stuff & rake in more Luxury box $.

  58. I have to add: Lundqvist is in fantastic form. Better than I’ve ever seen. Staying on his feet. I don’t have to yell, “GET UP, LUNDY! GET UP!” anymore during a game.


    Yeah, they are, and that’s great. But they cant play these come from behind games every game. At some point they’re gonna have to start getting it together, and playing 60 solid mins. Ill take these wins, obviously, i mean who wouldn’t, but still, you cant help but be a little pissed off at Rozi, and Renney.

    Sitting Rozi for one game will be the smartest thing he has done in a long time. Plus it will give us a chance to see Potter, or someone else.

  60. LarmerFan

    This team is poorly coached. The power play remains a disgrace. The goaltender is the only reason this team is not below .500.

    Fans who recognize the 13-5-2 for the illusion it is have a right to point it out without bozos like you telling them to go away.

    If you don’t like opinions less myopic than yours, you’re the one who should get lost.

  61. Its all good the Rangers are in first and the guy who mentioned Rozi’s 2 mistakes forgot to mention Rozi’s is a mistake machine every freaking game. If they had Errors in hockey like they do baseball Rozi would lead the league.

    Im sure Rangers fans are happy where they sit in the standings. But catch up hockey will bite the Rangers in the Azz soon enough. There is no reason for playing catch up. Remove Rozi and thats a huge part of the problem right there.

    Rozi is showing me now that Malik wasnt as bad as i once thought. No one to blame now Rozi huh.

  62. All you Renney mollycoddlers, may I remind you of something:


    It is not to compete. Not to just make the playoffs. It is to win a championship.

    And those on this forum who see Renney’s inability to kick ass — as well as fix the PP! — understand that until his approach changes fundamentally, the Rangers will never even come close to sniffing the Cup while he’s behind the bench.

  63. Last night was the first time the Rangers beat a top team in the NHL.

    They have won against subpar teams so far. So if they can keep beating the likes of the Bruins, etc than the team will truly be a first place team in my eyes.

    Rozsival isn’t a #1 defensemen and on any other team he would be on the 2nd or 3rd pairing. Maybe lose his spot all together.

    Like I said, he’s a Renney/Sather acquisition so he will stay. The same way they ALL went to bat for Marek Malik when the guy was throwing pucks into his own net.

  64. I hate the fans who come on here and want to sugar coat everything…don’t show up with your holier than thou attitude because you think you’re above criticism…if this message is to you, go listen to Michelleti and Rosen for 9 hours. I hope you work jobs where your performance isn’t evaluated or criticized, because that would explain why you don’t understand. Just because some of us criticize the team doesn’t mean we’re upset about the win last night, that was an awesome comeback!! Hank was amazing. Nice to see Korpi and Dawes produce a goal. Naz’s goal was weak, but who can be upset about a last minute GTG. And then Drury pulling through in the SO and Hank, again, being Hank!! Awesome game. But that doesn’t mean we stop criticizing the team because we want them to win every possible game, get it?! We pay money for tickets. We love the sport, our team, and we’ll evaluate it. Deal with it.

    Orr, it sounds like we’re basically on the same page here…but everyone scores a big goal here and there. We could talk about Avery, Callahan, Dawes, Shjoestrom, and even back to rachunek (a nice SH against Dallas), Strudwick had an OT game winner last year and the shootout goal 2 years ago. Malik with his shootout goal! Whoopdy-do. Rozsi had 1 playoff goal last year and of the 3 he scored in 2007, only one was “big” and it’s the double-OT against Buf goal. I don’t give Rozsival a pass for those goals because I’ve watched him suck for 2 seasons straight, the other 25 minutes he played those games. He was terrible in last year’s playoffs, completely. Here’s another difference for Rozy too…he’s almost ALWAYS played on Jagr’s 5-man unit (PP and EV), but without Jagr out their controlling the puck and the play, Rozsival’s getting tested more. He benefited so much by virtue of other team’s NOT having the puck because it was on Jagr’s stick more often than not.

  65. Exactly Laurence.

    Renney is not a stanley cup caliber coach. Not till he starts holding his players liable for mistakes instead of saying what a great person he is.

    Renney is a lame duck coach.

  66. Some of us remember the time when NHL teams dressed 17 players, five D’s and 11 forwards. One D was a spare, basically a penalty killer, while the other four D’s were the regular tandems. Thinking of this makes me wish the Rangers could just sit Rozsival and Kalinen’s sorry-asses down and just go with the four D’s who are doing a good-to-outstanding job.

    Some D’s at Harford, on a bad night, can do better than these two glorified AHL potholes. Awful signing – Kalinen – just incrediby stupid and costly, on and off the ice. Do the Rangers have a scouting department or this is just the GM at his worst, lowest personnel evaluation level? Rozsival just continues to regress, year-to-year, to the point where he is in the tank, now. Winners make timely changes, losers hold on to their “comfort zone.” This debacle is more about Rangers management, now, than about two players who cannot deliver or contribute, night after night.

  67. Renney calls Roz a good human being? Seriously?
    There has to be a reason Pens got rid of Roszival. CAUSE HE SUCKS. How are we ever getting out of this guys deal? Anyone elses 5million a year problem cant be as bad.

  68. I knew you all would love rozsival more then me. I was covering his mistakes for a few seasons. I forgive all the Rangers fans now for booing me. I will request to tampa ownership to trade me back to the Rangers for rozsival straight up. :)

  69. Tom Poti, Marek Malik, Jason Strudwick…I never saw any of those 3 lose the puck so frequently when it was on their stick in the defensive zone. Rozsival is becoming Ozolinsh, minus the errant passes and shooting the puck in his own net…i hope it doesn’t get THAT bad.

    All that said, I’ve never been a huge fan of Rozsival, but I think something else is wrong with him. I would have no problem if the Rangers put him on NJTransit and left him in the landfill, forever, but I don’t believe Rozsival (on average) is quite as bad as he played last night. He was screwing up everything.

  70. Kaspervations:

    Renney has backed himself up against a wall on the politically correct Rozival speech…its not just “bad ice” its happy feet every time the guy touches the puck, its not being able to realize that when he shoots good things happen..and yes, Dawes, Prucha etc..dont get the same free pass ( or half the money)

    Hank is most consistent goalie in NHL

    Mistakes and all….Dubinsky is right now a better player then Drury and Gomer

    Imagine what NYR record would be if they actually played two full periods of passionate, up tempo game…

    Bruins were asleep last night

  71. First off, I would just like to say booing a player doesn’t do anything good. All that does is f with his head and make him lose confidence. Sure I was pissed as f yesterday at Rozi but there is no need to do what the Rangers fans did to him last night. His performances will only decline if keep getting on his back…and like it or not, we still have a long time with him. He is most likely not going to Europe because I don’t see Sather doing that or seeing Rozi want to do that. Where have you people heard that he wants to go back Russia? Anyways to hit a few more points

    None of you seem to be talking about great performances last night, just the shiesty ones. Korpikoski, Dawes, Fritsche. They all showed last night that they deserve to be here. Not only did they show it last night, but the game before also. They have been working there a’s off and are putting up the points to show for it. I loved Pru for his hard work, but now we have someone to work and put the puck in the net. I hope Gomez stays off for another game or two to have his leg heal 100%. This will give us the time to decide who needs to be the healthy scratch.

    On the Drury note,
    He has been phenomenal as of recently. It is crazy to see the crazy momentum you can pick up from one goal (see Alexander Ovechkin). I’m so glad that he has stepped up his game and is putting pucks into the twine.

    On the Kalinin/Redden note,
    The problem is, they have only really had problems when paired up with Rozi. I’m not sure if its directly related or if it is something I made up in my mind, but they look terrible when he is by their side.

    On the PS3 line note,
    I love seeing that their playing time is going way up. They might be our most dominant line out there. I’m not sure if it is because of Gomer being out, but they need to keep this line out for the same amount of time. They might not have scored, but they have some chemistry there which will light up the lamp a lot more in the near future.

    On our PP,
    It sucks.

    On our 1st line of the PP,
    We need Gomez back to get the puck into the offensive zone. It was clear that we were missing his presence there. It took Z and the second line to get established.

    On Naslund’s “weak shot”
    First off, I dont think it was a weak shot by any means. It went just above his pad and was placed perfectly. Secondly, if it was…i’ll take it. Sometimes when you throw it on net you get lucky bounces…unless Hank is in the net.

    On Sam/Renney,
    They are doing there jobs and quite well I must say. When people attack your player, what do you do. Do you attack him as well? (See Barry Melrose) Do you let him get attacked without defending him? (See Marek Malik, his performances started declining significantly when we started booing), or do you do the right thing and defend your player? Renney made the right decision. Also anyone who is bagging on Sam is completely in the wrong. He is doing his job and knows that he has boundaries that he cannot cross. It is like a politician, you need to state stuff the right way or else people are going to perceive you the wrong way.

    On the game as a whole,
    We deserved 0 points last night. Once again, we did not play an entire game, but (Thats the key word) we did and got not 1 but 2 points out of it. And who were we playing? The HOTTEST TEAM IN THE NHL RIGHT NOW! Lets take what we can get out of this game and move on. We didn’t look the best, but in the end we came out winners.

    And wow, this was a lot longer then I wanted to make it.

  72. I’m as happy as everyone here (toungue certainly in cheek) about our boys position at the top of the East…

    But I’d love to hear about the Power Play from the coaches.

    What the hell is the deal? How many more games would we have won already this season if we just didn’t give up SH goals… forget about scoring on the PP. Just don’t give up a shorty for god’s sake!!!

    I’m on the bandwagon that a forward should be back there now manning the point. Someone who can handle the friggin puck. I’m sick of watching our d-men stall the play while they “regroup” or “get the puck to sit down” or whatever. Did you guys see how the Bruins MOVED that puck on the PP last night?

  73. Heck, Mara and Staal played really well also – although that’s not new. I was also impressed by Callahan, although he didn’t show up on the score sheet, he constantly makes things happen and plays a game that has impact whether it be on the scoreboard or on opponent’s body’s.

    I think Voros is good for the Dubi-Z line when they can establish presence down low and move the puck back to the point for shots. When that tandem is moving through the neutral zone, Voros has no idea where to go or what to do. Voros did put himself in great position to get 2 decent semi-breakaway scoring chances, but in chemistry terms (with Dubi/Z) I think Naslund is the best match and I’m waiting for Renney to give it a try…perhaps the GTG is what he needed to see.

  74. Time for a different topic boys and girls:

    How soon does everyone think Prucha will be traded?
    You know he’ the odd man out now that Fritsche has points.

    Did anyone read the garbage on Ekulnds blog about Trading away Gomez to make room for Sundin? And he says INSIDERs, and TEAM MEMBERS.

    The guy is such a hack with is rumors its ridiculous

    PS Love the comeback win last night.

  75. HECK,

    That 3rd line was great last night… esp. in the 3rd.

    I hope they can keep that up. It’s obvious to me that those guy were at least not “over-thinking” which is what the rest of the squad does on the PP.

    Just go out there, move the puck (and your feet) around and play hockey!

  76. I went last night and for the first time since I’ve been going to MSG since the 70’s, I booed. I don’t care if Rozy is a good person or fragile, he’s been f’ing up for a while now. Hey Renney, give me Rozy’s game check and I’ll give it a go, bad ice or not.

    I see a pattern here, the last 2 games (Pit and Boston) that I went to seem similar. Both had nice endings. Imagine what these guys could do if they play for 60 minutes.

    Go Giants!!!

  77. Pens traded Sydor to the Stars for Boucher.

    I wonder if that will help out the Stars, cause they are having one shitty season. I guess Avery isn’t helping them like he did with Nyr. Supposedly Modano wants to get traded because of guys like him, and Ott making the team look pathetic. Poor guy.

  78. True Fans,
    I just don’t want to do anymore juggling of the lines. I know what you mean about the neutral zone, but its been working without him. Also I agree 100% on the Mara/Staal/Callahan assessment. But those three are usually constants and I would be suprised to see them play any other way

  79. 22figure,
    Read my post again. I didn’t exactly like Rozi’s performance either. But what is booing going to accomplish? If he is a softee underneath his exterior skin, then thats something we have to deal with for another couple years. Like it or not, he is on this team for a while and booing doesn’t help Rozi and it doesn’t help with our teams momentum

  80. I would say Tom Renney is right, but Rosie has been a part of every short handed goal that has occurred this season AND he has had a hand in every single game we have lost. If this was a first time thing, I would agree with Tom 100%. But, as we all know, this has happened time and time again. The guy is getting $5 million a year to mess up over and over? Not good. I say trade him, bring up Potter and get MY SHANNY BACK!!!!

  81. Heck, Rozsival is going to be the first Ranger I have ever boo’d. And when it happens, I won’t be boo’ing Rozsival, I’ll be boo’ing Sather. I want Sather to move this bum and the ONLY way Sather might is if fans express their displeasure with having him on the team. If Rozsival’s play suffers because of the booing, then consider it the status quo because he was going to suck anyway.

  82. True Fans,
    I don’t exactly agree with your philosiphy, but to each his own. I wont be able to stop you.

  83. I think we can package Rozsival + Prucha to someone who has the cap space for a couple two-piece sticks (not the one-pieces, they’re a little more marketable these days) and a low low round pick or an AHL journeyman. I can’t wait for prucha to be traded, not because I want to see him gone, but I want the kid to have a FAIR chance. He didn’t get a fair shake here and Renney straight-up lied about that. Prucha’s going to find a home somewhere and if he stays healthy have a couple more 20 goal seasons.

  84. truefans- i do believe everyone has a right to complain, i used to do it alot when i was younger. i would yell at the tv and curse and if the rangers lost it ruined my day. in fact i still do that sometimes im not gonna lie and say i never get mad at our guys because last night i was yellin at rozy. but if u think about both goals the b’s scored it wasnt like he put the puck in our own net. the first 1 actually was just great forechecking by lucic. weve seen cally and duby do that alot. i know he couldve played it harder but it wasnt like a giveaway in the slot like girardi did in the first. if that turned into a goal, wed be pissed at girardi. the 2nd, obviously was his fault but hank couldve definitely stopped that. im not tryin to justify his poor play but ive seen every one of our d make dumbass mistakes just as much as rozy. ive also seen gomez give up the puck way more times than hes done something good with it. he gets paid more money and has just 1 more goal than rozy. ive seen mara take shots from the point and miss 95 % of the time. but i will agree with you on this, rozy does NOT play up to his salary and it pisses me off too. and i agree that we shouldnt have to wait until were down by 2 to start playing. i also think renny should sit rozy a game or 2. honestly i dont know if it would matter much. the only problem i have is when ranger fans boo their own players. it doesnt help and gives a psychological edge to the other team to pressure him more. but yea if he doesnt start playin better somethings gotta be done.

  85. actually no im wrong on the part when i said our other d makes as many mistakes as rozy. they dont. but everybody has a bad game. rozy just seems to have too many bad games. i have faith in him though. i do think that if he realizes what hes doin to this team and really digs deep to really earn his paycheck, he might be worth holding on to at the very least to boost his trade value.

  86. tuscon ken – well said

    someone said we did not beat other good teams. what about the pens and flyers

    “true fans” – remember you’re in the minority albeit a vocal minority. only 10% or 20 % of fans would hurt the whole team by booing one of their own. while some of these guys play is certainly less than should be it still brings the rest of the team down and makes the target play that much worse. well remember while you’re booing, I’m booing you and I’m sure I’m not the only one. with true fans like you the teams chances of ever winning the cup are diminished. and if the rest of the team quit like you do they will never be winners.

  87. “Did anyone read the garbage on Ekulnds blog about Trading away Gomez to make room for Sundin? And he says INSIDERs, and TEAM MEMBERS.”

    I heard this rumor a while back and laughed my a$$ off.

    Why does anyone even listen to or talk about Edklund? Why?

  88. If “good human beings” are the game, let’s bring in Orel Hershiser to play D. He always “gives it to God” when he does well, and has nice things to say about everybody.

  89. A good team can overcome the occasional gaffe. The problem (and winning only 2 of the last 7 in regulation is a problem) is one thing: PP. Rozi/Redden may need a good benching, but you have to question the strategy, as well. The opponents seem to have an easy time obstructing the shooting lanes. They need to cycle more. Why does everybody stand by Perry “PP” Pearn? Since Petr “PP” Prucha lost his touch they always struggled on the PP. I don’t think they should react to the booing the way they do, but they should react to the results.

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