Gomez status uncertain


We bypassed the morning skate today in favor of a 4-year-old birthday party — I am just now coming down off my sugar high — so we’ll have to find out later whether Scott Gomez is a possibility for tonight against the Bruins.

The guess here is no based on Gomez’s absence from practice yesterday, but stay tuned. It should be a good one tonight regardless.

Personally, I welcome seeing the Bruins back in the mix. Having spent my college years in New England (where I admittedly grew tired of hearing about “Ray Bock” and Cam Neely) I at least came to appreciate the region’s devotion to hockey.

To tide you over, here’s “my story in today’s paper on Dan Girardi”:http://www.lohud.com/article/20081115/SPORTS01/811150378/-1/SPORTS.

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  1. Just keep hitting Girardi! We have precious few that take the body enough (Callahan is the other consistent hitter).

  2. I was saying all along that Girardi is in the top 10 best defensemen in NHL. I just hope we can re-sign him for a bargain price.

  3. The Rangers better bring their A game tonight with or without Gomez. Boston is a bad ass team and they’re runnin and gunnin. They are as serious a threat as the Eastern conference can offer, so the Rangers better be able to match them effort-wise. Tim Thomas is a good goalie, but he’s a flopper and can be exposed. I’m pumped for tonight’s game.

    This MILF just walked into Starbucks and is seriously ruining my train of thought

  4. Cally is such a great hitter for a forward. Hope I make it back in time for Rangers in 60!

    Girardi probably is one of the top 15 defenseman in the NHL. We also have Staal, Mara, and a few men who get paid a lot of money and will work out soon and not later.

    Enjoy the game tonight fellas I’m hitting the train into NYC for some dead tunes!

  5. Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead @ Nokia Theatre brah! You go to any shows? Taking 5something in now.

  6. Girardi a top 10 defenseman in the league? You guys are killing me!

    Even Jerry in his trippiest Dark Star/The Other One state of mind would have trouble digesting that nugget.

  7. Girardi is a bona fide NHLer, with above average skills on one side of the redline and — being kind — very average skills on the other.

    He deserves credit for playing hard most of the time. And he hits. But my God, the negatives defensively are legion: The goal that Okposo scored in the last seconds of a period on LI; the goal St. Louis scored off the rush where he flicked Girardi away like he was a gnat; the breakaway Parise was gifted when Girardi misplayed a 2-on-1 like someone who’d never seen a hockey game before.

  8. anyone have a free or cheap extra ticket for tonight? its going to be a hell of a game, i can feel it..

  9. Got to see the dead do Unbroken CHain live in Philly….What an amazing moment!

    LETS GO RANGERS…..Anyone figure out how i can shave Dubinsky in EA SPORTS NHL 09?

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