From the Garden: Northeast corridor showdown


Some notes before tonight’s ORIGINAL SIX match-up (I felt it needed to be capitalized):

<li>Is Scott Gomez’s ankle injury more serious than originally thought? That depends. The fact that Gomez is out again proves it hasn’t healed as quickly as everyone hoped (I say “everyone” but the Bruins probably aren’t complaining), but Tom Renney said the center will evaluated again in the morning.

Renney was asked if it was more pain or a fear of further injury that was keeping Gomez out.

“I guess a combination of both,” Renney said. “You have to listen to the athlete. It is painful, but we’re treating it appropriately and it’s settling down nicely. So rather than go backwards, we’ll keep with treatment.”

With Gomez out, Renney is expected to go with the same lines, although he did leave open the door for a tweak or two. So stay tuned..

<li>When I mentioned to Lauri Korpikoski that I saw my first jersey with his name on it, the rookie looked excited. Then I told him it was a Hartford jersey and I detected a tinge of disappointment. Regardless, the Korpedo just needs to build on his performance from Wednesday to lock down his roster spot, and then we’ll see plenty of No. 29 Rangers jerseys in the crowd (OK, maybe not “plenty”. Let’s go with “some”).

The difference according to Renney is the rookie is playing with more conviction and is not as afraid of making mistakes.

“Make a decision,” Renney said of his advice to the player. “Make a choice and play through it. We’ll be OK with it behind the bench as long as you’re being decisive, so make a decision and live it.”

<li>Ominous stat for the night: The Rangers scored five goals in four games against Boston last season. Even more ominous: turkey and stuffing is being served in the press room. If you see me keeled over my laptop, just give me a gentle nudge.

More later…

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  1. Sam’s sugar rush has lead to a bunch of post. I hear the Lightning are on the verge of hiring Fred Shero as their new coach.

  2. The Korpi Hartford jerseys have been around the last 2 years. Some girl has one who sits in front of me and I saw one more.

  3. Can Sam and Joe stop with this is a great rivalry. Hello Mcfly these two teams haven’t been heated rivals in 30 years.

  4. Girardi with a big hit then a horrendous giveaway. Boy oh boy has his play in his own end fallen off.

  5. Rangers played okay the first 8-9 minutes of the first but the Bruins dominated the last 10-11 minutes of the period. Hank was once again great.

  6. graves9

    Don’t tell Sam about Girardi’s fall-off in play. His story in the paper went on and on about how Danny “has nailed” the defensive side of the game, which has freed him up to discover his inner Paul Coffey…..

    …..which of course inspired several rocker scientists on this board to suggest that Girardi is in the top 10 of NHL defensemen. Get the smelling salts, people.

  7. Save of the year right there. None of the lines are really doing anything good. Very rough shift by the Korpkoski line.

  8. The 4th line has been horrid today. Sjostrom has like 2-3 turnovers and Orr and Betts covered each other on the goal. Oh yeah nice weak play along the boards by Rozsival. Hank made another save of the year seconds earlier.

  9. and trade Rozsival already and bring in Harry Potter, we need some wizardry.

    Everybody’s favorite 4t liner Betts is useless

  10. This team fucking sucks. Two 5 on 3’s. TWO! Roszsival makes me miss Malik for shit’s sake. I’m turning this shit off.

  11. Renney being fired will be the turning point. Hyena Renney giving Dawes twenty seconds of scraps on the pp. No pp time for Korpedo. Fire the hyena already.

  12. That pp was almost as pathetic as Bob’s posts. Again why no pp time for Cally? Why not have Voros in front on the 5 on 3.

  13. fakegraves9
    November 15th, 2008 at 8:35 pm
    get rid of this retarded coaching staff

    Thanks for the flattery bob.

  14. yessiree bob
    November 15th, 2008 at 8:35 pm
    Renney being fired will be the turning point. Hyena Renney giving Dawes twenty seconds of scraps on the pp. No pp time for Korpedo. Fire the hyena already.

    Do you actually watch the games? Dawes has been a complete non factor. The only team he plays well against is the Devils.

  15. Bob Baggins III on

    fake bob

    yessiree bob
    November 15th, 2008 at 8:35 pm
    Renney being fired will be the turning point. Hyena Renney giving Dawes twenty seconds of scraps on the pp. No pp time for Korpedo. Fire the hyena already.

    thanks for the flattery graves9, you outbobed the bob out of me

  16. redden for 6 more years!!!

    none of there D men can hit the damn net.

    giving up 6 shorthanded goals!!

    the first goal was because Roszival did not want to get hit so he tried to be slick and turn back instead of going behind the net and taking the hit.

    They pass when they should shoot and shoot when they should pass.At this point the bruins are better then the rangers.. Staal should get PP time the other D men suck…..

    2nd goal roszi and someone else chasing savard while he is retreating the zone about 50 feet out and then he passes the puck to the trailer Roszival having another stellar game…

  17. I’ve been telling people for the past 18 months that Rozi is a bum, that he’s AFRAID to take a hit, that he lacks common hockey sense, that he can’t play defense and is useless offensively…and perhaps people are FINALLY starting to see it.

    Rozsival made Malik a worse defensman, no doubt about it. Malik was actually the guy covering up for all of the screw-ups Rozy made and I hope the garden boo’s the hell out of him (not because I like players getting boo’d, because that doesn help) because enough of it will force Sather to move Rozsival. What a bum.

  18. Once again Rozi rapes his team. I fuggin hate that guy so much, just like that guy says, he makes me miss Malik sometimes. At least Harry wouldn’t turn the puck over on a PP, of course he was never on the PP, which was always good, but even so.

    Time to dump this shit head on some team, any fuggin team, i don’t care who, just trade him, and Pruchs, and sign Mats.

    Hank needs to start ripping these retards, they’re letting him get molested while they sit back and do nothing. These games just keep getting more and more embarrassing. Two 5 on 3’s, and they do jack shit with it, great !

    Its one thing not scoring on a 5 on 4, but a 5 on 3 should be automatic, especially with Chara in the box, and they couldn’t take advantage of the one time in this game where the B’s fell apart.

    God damn retards cant even hit the net on scoring chances, Dru twice shorthanded couldn’t do anything, i think Voros shot wide on that breakaway. Why are they all trying to be fuggin heroes, you don’t have to score pretty goals, just put it on net, maybe someone will bank in a rebound. This is so fuggin sickening.

    The only part of this game i enjoyed is watching that Shampoo guy fall down. Other than that, this has been boring idiotic frustrating hockey.

  19. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Rozival is a disgrace!!!!!!. Both goals are on him. The absolute worst signing of the offseason in the entire NHL! Redden is a very close number two.As pathetic those two are,they pale in comparison to the coaching staff,especially it’s fearless leader Tom Renney.This lame coach is bailed out by Lundquist time and time again.This team gets outplayed just about every game.Talenet is not the issue.It is the coaching or lack there of.Once again no PP to speak of.Rozy gets PP time no matter how many times he fucks up.Cally should be out on the PP and yet he almost never is.Betts and his line are out on the ice way too much.The thirs line is the only one going tonight and yet I bet they have the least amount of ice time.Kalinin is another piece of garbadge.I am also not happr with Staal’s play latlly.This team needs to stop drinking the Renneyade and play to their strenght.Ignore this putz behind the bench,he is a cancer to this team,I don’t care that the players like him,that is one of the problems.It’s the prick’s behind the bench that are the successfull coaches not the nice guys.

  20. Bob Baggins III on

    graves you Renney lover even you can see that Renney is a fool. The people that hate Dawes are most likely racist.

  21. Rozi always does that moronic play where instead of passing to his partner, he spins around near the boards and coughs it up like a moron.

    This guy has to go, i don’t care if he scores 3 goals right now, and wins it with 1 second left. He NEEDS to get traded, like i need to grab Scarlet Johansan’s boobs.

  22. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Fucking fourth line starts the period again not the third!

  23. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Take Rozy out in the back and put him out of his misery!!!!!!

  24. Rozy is not tradeablke with that contract. no one else will take him even via waivers. he is like Knoblauch throwing to 1st base it is totally in his head now. needs a sports psychiatrist.

    Bob – (doesn’t bob stand for b*nd over boyfriend so your name is perfect). I guess the racial comment means you want Weekes instead of henrik. when you play the race card you show how pathetic and small minded you really are. Dawes is a short fat person. has nothing to do with his race you idiot.

  25. Sam Rosen saying the pp struggling cause no Gomez. Hey numbnuts the pp sucked with Gomez anyway dummy.

  26. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    This will once again be a 90-96 pt midiocre season that will end in the first or second round.Unless of course the king gets hurt than we will be in the lottery!

  27. Bob Baggins III on

    LI Joe
    November 15th, 2008 at 9:07 pm
    “Rozy is not tradeablke with that contract. no one else will take him even via waivers. he is like Knoblauch throwing to 1st base it is totally in his head now. needs a sports psychiatrist.

    Bob – (doesn’t bob stand for b*nd over boyfriend so your name is perfect). I guess the racial comment means you want Weekes instead of henrik. when you play the race card you show how pathetic and small minded you really are. Dawes is a short fat person. has nothing to do with his race you idiot.”

    you are really stupid, for the last 10 days or so graves9 has been posting nonsense using my name

  28. Bob Baggins III on

    Staal is a lazy bastard, he should have put on at least 15 pounds of muscle over the summer. He is built like a string bean.

  29. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    and there you have it you asshole renney!!!! the third line should have been on the ice the most tonght.

  30. I said this last year and I’ll say it again. Perry Pearn has to be fired. He has been in charge of the power play since he got here and the Rangers PP has never been worse. I don’t care how nice a guy he is or how prepared the staff is – the bottom line is results don’t lie. Everyone said the problem was Jagr. Obviously not. You can’t go far in this league without a good PP and Pearn has had enough chances. Enough already. And shame on Renney for his blind loyalty. One year was fine. It’s three years now. Accept responsibility

  31. Bob Baggins III
    November 15th, 2008 at 9:15 pm
    LI Joe
    November 15th, 2008 at 9:07 pm
    “Rozy is not tradeablke with that contract. no one else will take him even via waivers. he is like Knoblauch throwing to 1st base it is totally in his head now. needs a sports psychiatrist.

    Bob – (doesn’t bob stand for b*nd over boyfriend so your name is perfect). I guess the racial comment means you want Weekes instead of henrik. when you play the race card you show how pathetic and small minded you really are. Dawes is a short fat person. has nothing to do with his race you idiot.”

    you are really stupid, for the last 10 days or so graves9 has been posting nonsense using my name

    Bullfreakingshit! Don’t try to blame anyone else for your stupidity.

  32. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


  33. Betts was a total stud the last minute of play. I would have laughed my a** off if he scored. and hit on Chara too

  34. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    First shift of overtime the fourth line will start.The asshole will not give one shift to Korpi!

  35. Zherdev better do some dekes in the shootout. Not that wrister that he has done every time. And chara has that huge slap shot in the shootout that always scores. We need to win this shit!!!

  36. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    That’s the way to reward Korpi for being the best player on the ice tonight dickhead Renney,not one shift in overtime.

  37. nasty i thought of the same thing re chara, the goalie has to check his underwear when he winds up

  38. What game were you watching because it certainly didn’t look like we did.

    November 15th, 2008 at 9:39 pm
    i love how we always play for the shootout

  39. Thats one stupid way to get 2 points.

    Can we please get a 7th D-man up here so at least threatening to bench Rozsival is an idea?

  40. That was a great shot by Drury, but a complete joke of a way to get 2 points (not that it isn’t awesome that the Rangers continue to accumulate early season points — it is).

    God, though, the Rangers’ offense is horrible and the power play is a complete disgrace. Try finding a PP system that works for the players you have, not just on a freaking white board.

  41. Leetch is the man on

    Roszival makes the easiest plays and turns them into a fukin disaster. Hes just a mess does nothing at all good. Nor does he do something bad all the time, but just below average. We still need a serious offensive weapn and have to get rid of a certain defemnseman (Roszival) and replace someone that is worth his fukin money. Bad game, two nice points tho. Henrik the man as usual.

  42. WOW !!!

    Why cant they play like that for the whole game ?

    The 3rd line was awesome, and the thought of scratching Danny F, or Korpedo is starting to sound depressing, once Gomer gets healthy.

    I cant believe they won that, i honestly thought they were gonna lose, because of the way the B’s were defending, it seemed like nothing was gonna happen and it was gonna be an easy shutout. Nazzy came through in the end, with a little help from some “Black Magic”. Im fuggin stunned !!

    When Renney picked Dru in the shootout, i was thinking “ugh why?” but he scores, awesome stuff !!! Hank came through once again, and like always without him saving his teams ass, they might be in the bottom and not in the top. Huge win, with the Pens, Devs, and Flowers winning, and the Craps, and B’s getting a point.

    Just like the Pens game, take the win and run with it.

  43. Gritty gutty win. It was a character building type win. It wasn’t pretty. The pp was an embarrasement the game up another shortie and the offense was non existant most of the night.The two 5 on 3’s looked like the death knell. Hell it looked like a rather listless lost until six minutes left. Gotta give Renney all kinds of credit for throwing the third line out there on the pp in one shift and notiocing they had a little extra jump than the other lines. Extra credit goes to him for starting to double shift that line after their goal. Great pass by Dubi on Naslund’s goal. The comeback wouldn’t be possible if not for Lundqvist’s tremendous goaltending. He made some highlight reel saves on Ryder and Savard. He really was big in the Ot too. Nice to see Fritsche and Dawes coming alive and Korpedo getting a fair shot. That line has a boatload of speed . Smart move by Drury to shoot instead of deeking(Thomas showed he couldn’t be beat on the deek)I am shocked that the B’s didn’t use Chara in the shootout. Hopefully they’ll use this game as a springboard to get really hot. They have a dreadful Ottawa team coming up next so if they’re on their game they should win easily. They need much more from the pp and guys like Rozsival though. Plus they won’t get away with a bad 30 minutes all the time.

  44. Who gives a flying fugg how they get the two points, its been three god damn seasons since the shootout has been in the NHL, its not going anywhere, just like players getting overpaid, just deal with it, cause it wont change. Unless you’re talking aboot getting the two points by getting outplayed for the majority of the game, and coming back with 7 mins left in the 3rd, cause i agree, its a shitty way to win a game, but at least we got the two points.

  45. im pretty sure alex auld will start for sens on monday, although he has started the past 2 games agaisnt the isles and lost them both, so i dont know…

  46. The Rangers decided to come through instead of doing what they do best and fill us with false hope late in the third only to usually lose in ot or shoot out. Thanks for not losing.

    PLEASE START SCORING EARLY! I’m so sick of this garbage first period and coming alive late crap. We are too good of a team to keep winning like this even though we played a great Boston (sucks) team.

    Rosi sucks big time, he was playing nervous all night and there needs to be something on his mind that is causing him to suck this much besides just plain sucking. maybe he needs to get laid or something. who knows.

    Henrik yet again won us a game and we give you our undying love for that but we need to score more.

    KORPEDO! thanks for doing stuff.

    Also i am pretty sure we would have won in regulation if they did that supposedly drawn up play for Fred Sjostrom.

    and lastly! FUCK YOU to my neighbor who decided to sell our tickets to tonights game before the season even started. BAD CALL MAN.

  47. Bob Baggins III on

    Renney refuses to reward the guys that helped with the come back. Betts gets time for no reason in ot. just another reason to fire renney.

  48. ummmm we’re 13-5-2 so i don’t see the necessity for firing renney and hate that people love to complain.

    ALSO, let it be known that I, in my possession, have a #29 NEW YORK RANGERS LAURI KORPIKOSKI jersey.

    not from hartford. a legitimate one.

    go korpedo!

  49. Shouldn’t have to steal points at home, but if it’s against the team on your heals, it doesn’t matter, give one, take two, and move on…

    Hank played destined for another nomination. Thomas shows (not just tonight) that goaltending can be ‘overthought’, and it’s all aboot reaction, flexibility, and confidence.

    I’ll take the 2 and move on.

    Ohhh…yeah. There was something else. Trade Rozy.

  50. not to make excuses, but the puck was bouncing around a lot tonight. for anyone who plays ice hockey, it’s not the simplest thing in the world to control a bouncing puck. granted these guys are professionals, but it’s still hard to do. not to say that he shouldn’t have controlled it the whole time, but don’t be so hard on him.

  51. Wow!
    Look at this “fans”:
    Bob Baggins III
    lex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!
    yessiree bob
    The only time they come out is when rangers are down.
    They hate this team. why do they watch.
    Please go away.
    It was not pretty,but they show they can come back time and time again.
    That’s a good thing.

  52. Please dont fire Renney.
    Although i think Pearn will do a great job if and probably when he eventually takes the team over but i think you guys are crazy who want to oust Renney.


  53. This team wins tonight, out of nowhere, with no apparent reason, in spite of Moe, Larry and Curly behind the bench.


    One word: Henke.

  54. Obviously you didn’t see the few great saves he made. He’s nothing special but he doesn’t suck Uhh did you see the goal he gave up to Elias? Have you seen how badly he’s(mostly) played since his great ’02 season? The Caps should have re-signed Huet. Them giving Theodore 6+ mill per year will kill em. Btw you can make a case that Theodore was the worst goalie around during the 05-06 and 06-07 seasons. In fact the Avs wanted to buy him out during the summer of ’07 but the owner said no.

  55. Huge two points and I’m elated that the Rangers pulled out a win.

    That said, Michael Roszival absolutely, unequivocally, HAS.TO.GO. He is Z E R O value added, consistently misplays the puck, never takes the body, rarely shoots and usually misses the net when he does. All of this for the low, low price of $5m/season. CALL NOW! FIRST TEN ORDERS RECEIVE ONE WADE REDDEN FOR ONLY $6m EXTRA!

  56. Klakerbiz

    A question: Are you

    a) Pearn’s son

    b) Pearn’s daughter

    c) Pearn’s mistress/buttboy/drug dealer

  57. Any goalie not named “Lunqdvist” between the pipes tonight and the game ends in the 3rd period 4-2 Boston. In fact, without Hank, the Rangers are sitting with the Fishsticks, Stars, and Senators in the standings.

  58. Naslund sucks (hopefully just so far). He has done nothing. A beautiful setup by Dubi got him a soft goal tonight and of course I am really happy about that, but it doesn’t make him suck any less. He is supposed to be our go-to guy. He is supposed to be our super-star leading scorer. We need him. He has been less than a fourth liner up to this point. How weak was that shot earlier in the game when he was set up perfectly in the slot? In fact, where the hell is this famed Naslund wrister? Naslund is of course not our only problem right now (virtually everyone else on the team had sub-par performances tonight, save a few godsends) but he is perhaps the most glaring. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. The only reason Tom Renney is the coach of this team is because he has no problem covering up for Sather’s idiocy. Take ice from Rozy? Bench Rosy? Maybe even — perish the thought — sit Rosy out for a couple of games due to his putrid play?

    Not in a million years. Because Renney’s so far up Sather’s ass he can brush his teeth from the inside.

  60. lol naslund is supposed to be our star?? ummm ahem gomez ahem drury ahem dubinsky ahem zherdev ahem staal… naslund was brought in to help gomez and drury, which he’s done perfectly… 6 goals is 1 behind the lead for team lead… not bad…

  61. Laurence

    No to all but….

    It probably would be sweet to be pearns son cus i would probably be a lot better at hockey than i am.

    But really ok henrik pretty much won us this game while rosi tried his hardest to lose us this game but still you have to give the coaching staff and the leaders of this team credit for taking our team that was over powered and out played by the bruins and completely turning us around.

    who knows what they said or didnt say but it worked

  62. Roszival is apparently immune to discipline for his shit play but if Korpikoski or Fritsche slow down at all you can guarantee they’ll be riding the pine or heading for Hartford.

    Renney’s pandering to the bigger contracts really grinds my gears.

  63. This will definately start something….and I’m not gonna say Roszival has been good this year because he certainly hasnt been…but I also think that he hasnt been as bad as people make him out to be…..everytime the guy makes a mistake, kalinin is off somewhere doing god knows what and never bails him out, usually ameks things worse like he did on the sceond goal tonight, if rozy was playin with staal i think his season would be looking a lot different right now, sometimes on d your partner has gotta bail yoou out and make a play and kalinin hasnt done sh’t all year

  64. Maybe Rosi had a bad night but Khalinin is the new malik i think or the new goat if we would say

  65. Lev
    Neither Gomez nor Drury are highly skilled finishers. That is not to detract from what either of them do, but they are not “superstar players”. They are possibly the best at what they do best (Gomez is great on the rush and a very good passer, and Drury just does all the little things right and has a great nose for the net). What we are missing is what I thought Naslund would bring. Great skill and finish. Dubinsky is making great strides but he is not yet in the upper eschelon of fowards. Zherdev is along the lines of what I am talking about, but he is young and has not fully matured into the superstar he can be. Naslund was brought in primarily to help Gomez and Drury irregardless of his individual performance and contributions? Wow! I can’t even comment on that one. Naslund is here to try to fill some of the void left by Jagr (a superstar in every sense of the word). So far he has failed miserably. I don’t care what you say Naslund is supposed to be, and absolutely should be our leading scorer. The way he is going now, he’ll be lucky to get 20 goals this season.

  66. How come a guy like Girardi, who has been phenominal for us the last two or so seasons and has got off to agreat start this year, can make one bad play and all of a sudden his play in his own end has fallen off. He saw i believe it was Naslund open on the other side and he didnt see the bruin player in the middle to after he passed it. You could tell by his reaction he knew he made a mistake right away and the thing about girardi is i would be willing to be he dosent do it again.

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