Was it the mullet?


“The Tampa Bay Lightning have fired Barry Melrose”:http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=255866&lid=headline&lpos=topStory_nhl.

Apparently it only hit them today that Melrose had been out of coaching for 13 years and might not connect with players.

”This was a tough decision to make,” Executive Vice President & General Manager Brian Lawton said. ”Barry is a good man and we have a great deal of respect for him. We wish him nothing but success.  However, the results were unacceptable and the players have to understand that we need to be better. Hopefully this change helps push them.

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  1. It wasn’t the mullet. It was the way he treated his players. He is a classless jerk and he had no shot at motivating his players – Not with how he called them out in the press conferences after each game.

  2. doodie machetto on



    now, not only does he not have a coachin job, but he lost his sweet ESPN gig as well! so sweet.

    Now, if only Trautwig could have taken over as the coach of the Knicks and had the same thign happen to him.

  3. Something must have been happening behind the scene…who would hire Barry Melrose, knowing he was a big name (more so because of his popularity on ESPN), and then giving him 16 games to prove himself? You got to wonder if Len Barrie or owners were to hands on and Barry argued enough with them to get the boot

  4. i guess he gets paid the whole contract so no one will be having a benefit for him. i’m sure it was for several years too

  5. i’d love to know the inside story on this one. alot of people were suggesting before the season started that Melrose might be on a tight leash. Could he get a job next to Sam Rosen at MSG?

  6. I wonder if Barnaby will get fired from ESPN now. I heard he’s been chomping on all the snacks down at ESPN.

    I bet Torts is cracking up laughing in front of his fireplace tossing pics of the Cup winning team into the fire.

    They should go see if Quinn is available, he’s a pretty good coach, maybe he can turn them around.

    They aren’t that bad of a team when you think aboot it, they just don’t have any D, and the goaltending isn’t good enough, i don’t care how much they cry aboot how good Smith is, he’s just alright.

    In my opinion Stamkos has been a semi disappointment. He’s good, and he can play at this level, but he needs another year in the OHL. Only 2 goals for him, and they came in 1 game. I don’t think they can send him back now. Its still super early but im not that impressed with him so far. Maybe im expecting him to be a little more dominant than most, but eh, that’s just my opinion. Im not saying he’s gonna be a bust, but maybe he wasn’t ready yet. Toews, and Turris both went back to juniors, there’s no need to rush.

    I hope they put that team in Kansas or somewhere boring, maybe Vinny will get so depressed he’ll ask for a trade, that would be great !!!!

  7. It’s a joke that Melrose was hired in the first place. Melrose makes bob look like Albert freaking Einstein.

  8. Dennis Savard is out there. Too bad Wes Waltz isn’t ready as a coach, he’d be great if he had a few more years of coaching under his belt.

    As for Melrose; never liked him, was always very bitter towards the Rangers. I remember before Game 7 against Vancouver in 94 he said they were gonna choke. @ssclown! If I ever meet him, I’m gonna ask him how Marty McSorely’s stick blade is doing.

  9. @ Kaspar

    Dude…I live in the new developments right behind Towers RD/Route 15 right where it turns into Jericho. lol

    I have season tix for UVM Hockey if you’re ever interested.


  10. Wow, so much hate for Melrose and the tbl. I, for one, think he got a raw deal. I mean not even 20 games to take a locker room full of new faces and make them a winning team. Give them time to get some chemistry together, it’s not like they’ve had half the season to get their act together.

  11. *I bet Torts is cracking up laughing in front of his fireplace tossing pics of the Cup winning team into the fire.*

    I’ll admit a lot of times your posts are tough for me to get through….but that is really really f*cking twisted/funny.

  12. I wouldn’t call Stamkos a dissapointment yet. However, for first overall picks you do expect some NHL-readiness production nowadays.

  13. Pock getting 5 games for his elbow shows how inconsistant the league is. Chris Pronger(one of the dirtiest players ever) didn’t even get a penalty for his vicous elbow on Datsyuk. Plus him getting only 1 game suspensions for his dirty as hell hits in the ’07 playoffs were laughable. He got what 9 games for stomping on an opposing player? Funny how a career long cheapshotter gets off easy and Pock gets 5 games. Rutuu also only got what two games for his 750th dirty hit in the last few years? Colin Campbell might be more incompetant than Gary Buttman.

  14. I hear this is all because he asked Carrie Millbank if she would give him a Cincinnati Blackout after they shot the NHL.com commercial. Who could really blame him though?

  15. That answers a question I asked myself back in Sept.

    Which one would last longer in the NHL? Melrose or Stamkos?

  16. MIKEA

    Savard is doing something with the Hawks, i don’t know what exactly, but it just happened like two or three days ago.

    I bet he wished he would have waited.

    Anyone watching the Craps vs Devs game ?? I wanna root against the Craps since they’ll most likely make the playoffs, but you gotta love it when the Devs are losing. I hope its 4 straight losses for them. Its 1-0 right now, and Chico is already whining.

  17. “she would give him a Cincinnati Blackout”

    I am literally in tears from laughing and I don’t even know what this is yet… holy hell … enlighten us Nasty

  18. Go to http://www.urbandictionary.com and look it up guys. That definition is definitely TOO MUCH for the blog. Hahahahahaha. I was dying when I was typing it. Carrie Millbank is pretty damn hot on a sidenote. You know Barry, Eddie O, and Mr. Staal are all thinking of all the filthy things that want to do to/with her during filming those commercials. Ha.

  19. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Maybe he’d still be there if he stuck with the mullet instead of going for the “Paulie Gualtieri” look. (Had to go there!)

  20. Maybe Melrose can get a permanent role as the new Principal on Degrassi: The Next Generation. Ha. You all remember Degrassi don’t you?

  21. Apparently that urban dictionary is full of lovely Cincinnati slangs… but no Cincinnati blackout… at least I couldn’t find it… I am very eager to find out since im going on a blind date tomorrow and maybe I could impress my date with the move lol

  22. ORR !! What Is It Good FOR ??
    November 14th, 2008 at 7:31 pm

    Savard is doing something with the Hawks, i don’t know what exactly, but it just happened like two or three days ago.

    I bet he wished he would have waited.

    Anyone watching the Craps vs Devs game ?? I wanna root against the Craps since they’ll most likely make the playoffs, but you gotta love it when the Devs are losing. I hope its 4 straight losses for them. Its 1-0 right now, and Chico is already whining.

    Uh the Caps are easily the best team in the Southeast division. Yeah because he took a small job with the Hawks doesn’t mean he can’t interview for a coaching job.

  23. Even funnier is Cincinatti Office Bomb! Woooooooow! Look that up guys. And read the example. I’m crying over here.

  24. Savard is like a scout/ambassador to the Hawks aka some made up title because they felt bad they canned him, kinda like what Trottier got with the Rangers after he was canned (it hurt me to remember that) so he can go anywhere.

    I’m personally a fan of the dirty Sanchez or Houdini, although there is the Frank Gorshin. My friend in college jokingly created the Wayne Gretzky (allegedly punching out a lovers teeth after love which I DO NOT endorse) and my response was “Damn, if that’s the Wayne Gretzky, I don’t wanna know what the Gordie Howe is”

  25. Tough decision my ass. They were counting the days til they could get rid of him and then blame the losing record on him. Hah, Melrose is not great, but nice try at fooling everyone, Mr. Lawton.

  26. hyena renney would look good behind tampa bays bench. we wouldnt see anymore of betts and gomez would be traded.

  27. MikeA, your friend who may have created the ‘Wayne Gretzky’ must have been a real laugh-riot kind of guy. Congratulations on not endorsing it.

  28. All Hail King Henrik on

    It has basically been a forgone conclusion since last season that Burke will end up in Toronto; I agree.

    Since it has been rumored though…

    His managerial proclivities (for better or worse) might actually prove helpful for this particular team.

    Example: He is infamous for favoring North American players and greatly eschewing euros, especially “soft euros”. If he were to become GM, it is an almost certainty that Roszival and Prucha are traded (hopefully slats trades them regardless). Perhaps even Kalinin (at the deadline).

    Example: He prefers large / physical teams. While Renney will want to maintain the team speed and system, it is certain that Burke makes a few moves to address size and team toughness while staying within the system (speed).

    I guess all this is moot since he will likely end up in TO, but it does make you think. I wouldn’t oppose his taking over from Sather at this point. He can do no worse, and certainly as “good” a job.

    If he were to become GM, does Kevin Lowe offer sheet Dubsinky or Zherdev if they don’t resign before July 1st? LOL. …No really.

  29. Good points about Burke’s tendencies. I do have to question the speed aspect of Renney’s system. The Rangers aren’t slow, but it would be difficult to say they are all that fast, I mean, do people sit around and talk about fast they are? Even if Burke likes big physical players, it’s not like the key players on that cup winning team were slowpokes either. Which is not really the issue – get where you are going at whatever speed gets you there.
    I hope Toronto grabs Burke. It does sound like a natural fit, they are just waiting for someone like him. Though, I wonder if Fletcher is enjoying this experience with the Leafs.

  30. Meaning, Fletcher might just be having so much fun he doesn’t really want to see ‘interim’ end. Team builders are like that, it’s in their blood. But then again, it’s a frigging tiring job, and Fletcher is not a young man.

  31. Seriously, who expected the TBL to be good? ZERO defense. Their front lines included starting jobs for Recchi and Roberts. Adam Hall’s in that mix as well. And goaltending, what a joke – I mean Smith has shown some flashes but to play 60-70 games?

    Concerning Melrose, and here’s why it’s not a raw deal, he got EVERYTHING. The team built themselves around what he wanted and he guaranteed success. I know this because the TBL minor hockey team is about a mile from where I live and during the summer Melrose visited many times, renovated the entire arena, upgrade their system (scouting, AHL decisions), and got everything HIS way.

    Heres the problem, he started getting into personal disagreements with players. Early in the season he yelled at St. Louis to sit down and shut-up after he scored a goal. Melrose would complain about personel to the media. He didn’t make any fans with the owners, players, or the fans who love their million-dollar players that way and he got canned…but he deserved it. He’s an arrogant c@ck who wouldn’t take a coaching job unless the owners exactly complied with the stipulations he made and for that, he screwed himself. Good job Barry, you’re just an ass-monkey with nice suits and no places to where them to now!

  32. TrueFans,

    I know that Melrose is a poor choice for coach or anything else, but I’m still surprised he was fired at this point. This organization needs two years to figure it out, not sure what the dumb owners thought they would achieve after 20 games. I’ll take your word on what you say, amazing that a coach could alienate his players that quickly. Doesn’t matter to me, but I still say they are all at fault.

  33. topcorner, I generally agree with your opinion. It’s not fair to a coach to bring him in for what, 13 games, and then can him. The ONLY reason you do that is because he’s either insubordinate, alienating his players, or ownership generally believes they have a team that contend for the playoffs this year. I know the second of those happened (disagreements with players and personel) and from the sound of ownerships remarks, it sounds like they believe they have a playoff contending team.

    Melrose lost the support of his players and the only way to salvage anything of a season…including the possibility of playoffs AND the tickets fans are going to buy for a team in playoff contention was to dump the coach.

    It’s not rare for coaches to get fired because the players didn’t like them. Hell, Renney was fired because Messier despised him in Vancouver. As ownership, your ultimate duty is to the fans (and recouping your finances through their attendance) and the players because they are the ones performing. They are receiving millions of dollars and are signed for multi-year deals. In the end, its the coach who’s most expendable and I think Melrose’s personality lends itself to taking that for granted. He’s a ham, not a “team-player.”

  34. I am going to be missing the game tonight because I’m going to Phil and Friends @ Nokia in Times Square. May sneak out during set break to peep the game for a bit. Does anyone know a bar in the immediate area of Nokia Theatre that will have the game on?

    BTW, Sam its 11:04am. I rely on YOU for my Rangers news (for what it’s worth). Is Gomez playing or what?

  35. I love it that Barry got fired. His self righteousness on air always bothered me and I thought it was a little disingenuous of how ESPN hyped him. The guy was a journeyman AHL/NHL player for a few years and had one coaching success with a still amazing Wayne Gretzky but he was promoted like he was Scotty Bowman.

    From his perspective, it is disappointing that Lightning management didn’t give him even a quarter of the season to get the team straight.

    I don’t really know how realistic their expectations where. That said, if you add emerging players Vrbata and Malone to a core of Lecavalier, St. Louis plus Prospal then tack on veterans Recchi and Roberts and top that sundae off with a #1 pick in Stamkos – I can see how you’re going to expect some success.

    Thankfully, we won’t be hearing from Barry on TV for a while if we’re lucky. He should have to challenge Barnaby to a cage match if he wants his old job back.

  36. I’m still waiting for this team to show up READY to play. They can’t think they can mail it in like they’ve been doing and not have to come back from a 2-0 or 3-0 defecit. If that happens tonight they won’t get close to trying it up.

  37. Apparently, this is how the Canadiens fans have been hacking the All-Star voting. It shouldn’t be too hard to investigate this, which the NHL claims to be doing. How about they get no starters?! (link in name)

  38. I would hold Gomez out tonight(and possibly till next Saturday) get him back as healthy as you can. Plus you get another look at all three of Fritsche, Dawes, and Korpikoski.

  39. agreed graves i hope gomer stays put while we have some breathing room. this ‘DTD’ injury looks worse than could be in gomez’ case and we need him down the stretch and in the playoffs. it’s a LONG season.

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