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A couple of scheduling items:

<li>Mike Dougherty, who is covering the Giants this season for The Journal News and, will be joining the wild world of live video chats by hosting one tomorrow at noon. Give the guy some love by “going here” (just don’t ask why Paul Mara doesn’t see more time on the power play. He probably doesn’t know who that is).

<li>And speaking of video chats, my next one is on tap for 11/20 at noon. It’ll be tough to wait that long, I know. Actually, I’m pretty sure you’ll make it through just fine.

More later….

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  1. Sam…find a different sponsor….I would be happy to pay a fee to access this blog if I didn’t have to look at 3/4s naked men who lost weight with Larry. I mean find some chicks who lost weight or something….no offense dr. house or nutgirl or whomever.

  2. Put a Megan Fox pic of there, im sure that will make everyone happy. Well except Bob since he’s gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that. I just think its unfair that Bob gets to look at something he likes while we all have to see something we don’t like.

  3. Hey
    Whats the problem?
    I clicked to read the story and it goes like this:
    A man lost a lot of weight using a well thought out plan and an inner discipline most people would pray to have…he coupled this with heavy amphetemine use ( he then rode the snake for a while) and walla….he’s a skinny guy with an eye-twitch…

    Its heart warming really

  4. I am shocked as well…seeing how I volunteered for that ad and was rejected!

    they said “Hey Kasper..nakedness is out man”

  5. Am I the only one who never noticed the “naked” guy before it became the main topic of discussion? Seriously… some of you may be over reacting.

  6. I find our usual power play performance to be considerably more offensive than the weight loss ad. That same statement would hold true if his balls were showing.

  7. it doesn’t look like the guy lost 46 pounds, unless he lost his legs, but we can’t see that. It looks like he just sucked his gut in and shaved his body hair off.

  8. Staal is the future on

    To everyone complaining about the ads, there’s a real simple solution. Download Firefox. Download Add Block Plus. No more ads. Ever.

  9. And dont anyone else try to change the subject!

    we are talking about the naked guy ( who may or may not be wearing socks and sandals) all day

  10. I was born in algiers during the bakers revolt of 1968..i had beige socks then but no sandals…I suvsisted on a diet of rice and red ants…

    Now you take over CCCP

  11. So I am on the bus on the way back from a field trip with my class. We went to the Constitution Center in philly. While I was there today there were a whole lot of other schools there from all over the place. I am wearing a ranger hat today. Some little prick with a flyers hat on screams, “rangers suck!!!” Being a teacher with my whole class of kids with me I could not respond. But :) the problem child in my class gets up to where this kid is and says, “no, the flyers SUCK, and you know what else?” The kid answers, “what else?” And my kid goes, “you suck, and you learned how to suck from your mother, because SHE SUCKS!”

    Ha, I was so proud of him. That little prick looked like he didn’t know whether to shit or go blind.

    Anyway, now I’m on the bus back and listening to screaming kids. What a day!

  12. when Marty was growing up he always wanted to be a vet… an evil vet… and work in a petting zoo…an evil petting zoo… but his child hood was filled with iron floors and wooden toys nailed to the floor… so he decided to become the “NAKED GUY” so he could come to a hockey blog and inspire readers to get naked….

  13. Yeah yeah keep going CCCP

    hey Anthony, we dont need the Ad anymore thanl you..

    we got a sandal footed naked guy named Marty; born to a webfooted prostitute ( you’d have to think that the reason for the sandals and no legs in the picture has to do with his “own” webbed feet)

    go ahead…hollywood is reading this

  14. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    That’s why they cut off the bottom – he’s wearing black nylon socks with sandals.
    I’m a hetero woman and the ad grosses me out.

  15. and i am actually at work right now… sometimes i wonder what i get paid for… SIGH… i love this country

  16. Yeah Nasty

    Does the little Ranger fan get special treatment starting tomorrow??? pass ’em right thru to junior college…or juvenile prison whichever comes first?

  17. 5th grade. And he gets 10 extra points on his next test. And he gets to choose 1 night next week to not to his homework. I knew you all would like that story.

  18. sorry I’m WAY late today. actually been working today… my thoughts from the Devils game (went last night)

    When the Devs score, they play “Rock & Roll Part 1” by Gary Glitter. Way to promote kiddie porn and child molestation.

    We had one of those ANNOYING Devil fans in front of us. He has such pearls of wisdom such as:

    1. Johnny Oduya is better than any Ranger’s d-man except Rozie.
    2. The Ranger’s owner buys tickets so MSG sells out.
    3. Another guy actually argued with him, and he came back with “I made 50,000 a year! What do YOU do?”

    WOW. My faith in Ranger fans has been restored FOREVER.

    I had this thought last night, didn’t know the answer off the top of my head. Which arena is more of a second home for the Rangers? The Rock, or Nassau?

  19. I see no naked guy any more, but I also never saw the hot chick with the good credit score someone mentioned in a previous post…. I feel left out

  20. All Hail King Henrik on


    Ahh, I see–I wasn’t sure exactly what you meant with you comments. Your friend must be very wise!

    I agree with you that Z and Ovie look very similar with their helmets/visors on (I think Ovies is a tad darker). I don’t think it’s fair comparing Z to Ovie at this point as you said, but if Z was as “selfish” as Ovie and always looking to shoot first, then maybe. His shot isn’t as good as Ovies, but whos is?

  21. All Hail King Henrik on

    “I am wearing a ranger hat today. Some little prick with a flyers hat on screams, “rangers suck!!!” Being a teacher with my whole class of kids with me I could not respond. But :) the problem child in my class gets up to where this kid is and says, “no, the flyers SUCK, and you know what else?” The kid answers, “what else?” And my kid goes, “you suck, and you learned how to suck from your mother, because SHE SUCKS!”

    LOL!!! That’s classic.


    How old (grade?) are these kids? I hope you gave him an “A+” for the day. Add 3 points to his numerical average, lol.

  22. All Hail King Henrik on


    Nevermind, I saw your post above that he is a 5th grader. I somehow missed that when scrolling down.

    Great kid!

  23. Hey Sam, what’s your take on this one from Scott Burnside:

    A source familiar with the principals told on Wednesday that he thinks longtime manager Sather might be looking to step aside as GM of the Rangers. Sather and Burke are close friends and just returned from a hunting trip before the Hockey Hall of Fame induction ceremonies they attended Monday night in Toronto.

    “They spend a lot of time together,” the source said.

    Sather has done it all, from winning Stanley Cups to winning Canada Cups. “His legacy is cemented,” the source said.

    Although many point to Toronto as the mecca of hockey markets, the Rangers and New York represent a distinct destination for a person such as Burke. The Rangers are a competitive team that should make the playoffs for the fourth straight season since the lockout. Yet they have been missing something that makes them a legitimate Stanley Cup threat. Could Burke find the missing pieces the way he did in Anaheim?

  24. Brian Burke as GM? It would be cool, but remember that Burke has a bad temper and the league loves to give the Rangers crap so that could become a circus.

    The naked guy? I’ve seen much worse, but I’m glad it’s gone.

    That Gary Glitter song is the most annoying cliche’ sports song of all-time. If your franchise uses it, they lack originality.

    Top 3 goal songs in the NHL:
    1. Rangers-Original and catchy

    2. Coyotes-Warren Zevon rocks and it’s pretty funny; Coyotes, Werewolves, etc.

    3.Flyers/Flames-I don’t know if they still use it in Calgary, but that Pennywise song with the cool bassline that goes “ooooooh oh-oh-ooooooooh…” good choice.

    Brass Bonanza was pretty cool in Hartford too.
    Trivia question; Who scored the last ever goal in a Rangers/Whalers game? Jeff Beukeboom!

  25. I am glad so many of you enjoyed my story from earlier today. It was some good stuff. I gave him a solid pound for that comment. I think we really turned the corner today. See, as a teacher I have to call him out on his BS and discipline him when he is in the wrong, but he is not a BAD kid. I like kids like him. He has character and you can tell he will be better for it later in life.

    Anyway, if anyone wants a good laugh. Read this. It is from Matt Barnaby’s Q&A on

    Carmine (Emmitsburg, MD): I remember when you played with the Rangers. I went to a game and you scored the game winning goal on a feed from Nedved against the Penguins. The Garden went NUTS! Hope all is well. What do you think of the Rangers now?

    SportsNation Matthew Barnaby: Thanks for the comments. Rangers with Gomez, Drury, and Redden look great. Their goaltending gives them a chance on any night. But what I love the most, is Tom Renney. He holds players accountable, has structure, and has created a winning attitude.

    I don’t know. I don’t think he has been really watching this year. Anyway, I don’t hate Renney, but he definitely does not hold anyone accountable. That is my 1 beef with him. I do like him and a coach, and I do think he has a system. I also think if he held players more accountable that his system would flourish even more.

  26. Mike A,

    The Pennywise song is called “Bro Hymn.” It is an amazing song from a pretty damn good punk band.

  27. i just thought of a line that I would think be insane, I know theres a better chance of pigs flying than this but Ovechkin-Semin-Zherdev… not hinting for rangers to trade my boy nicky z, hinting for them to get ovy and semin ;)

  28. Yeah Nasty, Pennywise is cool. Saw them at the Warped Tour waaay back in the day, met Fletcher. That song was just coming out, it was a tribute to their bass player who shot himself by accident. He wrote it.

  29. LI Joe, that was a great memory! Thanks! I was in the Dominican Republic watching that game at the pool bar, getting non-english speaking drinkers to chant for the Rangers and scream Shoot and Score. They all thought the “You Can’t Beat Us” chant was great after my friend and I did our best in broken spanish, german, and french to explain. Then I ordered a round for everyone ( was an all-inclusive resort).

  30. Anyone else watch the Bruins/Habs game tonight?

    I’m really, really worried about Saturday night. Nothing different than I’ve seen the Bruins do so far this season, just reinforces how solidly they’ve been playing.
    – good puck movement
    – goal scorers
    – PHYSICAL STYLE OF PLAY (Rangers have zero answer for this aspect of the game)
    – strong neutral zone pressure

    Could be ugly.

  31. heh nutgirl, did u happen to stay at punta cana, and if so, what resort? i went there twice in the past 2 years, different hotels and loved it.. although first time i went i turned on tv yanks vs red sox, spanish broadcasters, chase wright pitching, i think his debut, first pitch i see home run.. that happened to be the game he gave up back-back-back-back homeruns… we havent seen him since…

  32. I Bleed Rangers Blue on

    Ok im sure not many people even care about who goes to the All star game anyway but i feel henk has been screwed the last couple of years(olympics, rough start and DP being the ONLY islander worth being there) but now hes gettin screwed out of being a starter for the ASG aparently montreal candian fans are cheating on the all star ballaot heres the link
    Sam i doubt you really care but id love to hear your opinion on this or if you know if the league has any idea this is happening…right now FIVE

  33. I Bleed Rangers Blue on

    Candien players are in the leads by tens of thousands of votes and i just think its wrong

  34. The classless moronic face of Habs fans showed up once again … and frankly i wouldnt like for hank to play in any unnecessary games such as ASG… last couple of yeras all star game looked like a joke anyhow…

  35. I Bleed,
    We care! some, including me, were yelling about that this afternoon. The difference in votes is ridiculous.

    Yep, it was IFA Bavaro Village in Punta Cana. Loved it there. I had never done all inclusive before but it was so worth it to not worry about a thing. Loved it even more when I realized they carried some New York stations and I could catch the games. Did your resorts play that strange spanish pop music? One song is still stuck in my head. Sorry, but baseball talk is falling on deaf ears.

  36. I Bleed Rangers Blue on


    just because he doesnt get voted to start doesnt mean hes not gunna play…hes one of the best goalies in the east right now if not the best with mart going down so hes gunna go either way…but i think he should be the starting goalie (maybe tim thomas) but absolutly not Cary Price

  37. The last time I watched an All Star game from start to finish was when Mike Gartner had 4 goals and won the truck, and 94 when Richter won the MVP. It’s good for Henrik and the league, but I rather he go deeeeep in the playoffs and get press for that. :)

  38. BTW for anyone who cares, Price still has consistency issues, he’s my #2 fantasy goalie and let in 6 tonight vs. the Bruins.

  39. Let the Bruins worry about the Rangers; this is the first of 4 against Boston, so win or lose, it’ll be a feeling out process for the teams who generally play each other close and tough. I look for more of the same on Saturday night.

  40. screw the bruins, look what we did in detroit! i have faith rangers can win. it should be exciting to say the least. about the all star ballots, im sure the leaugue knows but out of our candidates i cant see anyone going over hank. especially with marty out. i could care less if the rest of the guys went. i dont think any of our candidates besides hank deserves to anyway except a guy whos not even there. cough nick z cough. hope he keeps scorin tem goals. and that would be cool if burke came here. just to see ranger fans bitch about him too. but he would be better i think. hey nasty, that was a similar story to when i went to philly on a classtrip except i was the kid yellin at a flyers fan. it was 5th grade back in wow 1990. that long ago but it was funny my mom came as a chaperone and she got into it with the other kids mom. i love my mom lol

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