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I’m off to Newark in a moment, but first a couple of tidbits from “The Record’s Tom Gulitti’s excellent Devils blog”:http://njmg.typepad.com/devilsblog/:

<li>The Devils not only have seven defensemen, they will skate all seven defensemen tonight against the Rangers. This means they’ll have 11 forwards. Here are the lines:

Zach Parise-Travis Zajac-Jamie Langenbrunner; Jay Pandolfo-John Madden-Patrik Elias; Brian Gionta-Dainius Zubrus-David Clarkson; Mike Rupp and Petr Vrana will skate with a rotating forward.

Defensemen: Bryce Salvador-Johnny Oduya; Colin White-Mike Mottau; Anssi-Salmela-Jay Leach-Sheldon Brookbank.

Goaltender: Kevin Weekes.

<li>Paul Martin (upper body soreness) will be a scratch for the fifth straight game.

<li>Kevin Weekes is taking full credit for carrying the Rangers to the playoffs. OK, not really, but here’s how he summarized his career in New York:

“You know what? I’m past that now,” he said. “When I was there we made the playoffs both years and that was a great experience just that in itself.”

That’s it for now…

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  1. Weekes sounds like he’s ALREADY tired of hearing about the Rangers. RELAX DUDE.

    (you know… because he reads the comments on Sam’s blog on game-days)

  2. Kevin Weekes has never gotten the respect he deserves. He’s a solid goalie.

    But the Rangers better not make him look like the best goalie ever.

  3. I hope Dubi scores 2 and Zherdev scores 2 and Drury scores 2
    and Naslund scores 3 and Prucha scores 1…oh wait take that back, how can that happen…Prucha brings water and oranges to the bench…and Voros scores 1 and Orr knockes out Rupp. Oh and Korpedo scores one and Dawes…well a little Black Magic never hurt anyone.

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    The hot chick all happy because she just received the great news about her credit score is much better than the new and improved homo larry! Thanks sam!!!

  5. I’m not seeing any credit score girl, what sorcery is this? I’m still seeing the new homo Larry weightloss ad.

  6. The stick boy had more to do with the Rangers making the playoffs in his two years here than Weekes did. In fact in his last year here Valiquette had surpassed him as the backup goalie.

  7. Hey, any of you guys (or gals) that play, what sticks and profiles are you using? Have any of you tried to heat and slightly bend a composite blade? I’m looking to step up to a better stick but the profile I’m using has been discontinued

  8. I just started using the Easton Synergy 300 Forsberg. Cost around 80 bucks. No huge curve, makes for good backhand and wicked slapshot.

    I think this is it here: http://www.kempshockey.com/sticks/cjdetailall.cfm?DID=1922

    There are plenty better sticks but I think easy does it for my first composite.

    I have trouble finding sticks I like because some of the newer ones like the one95 have ridiculous curves.

  9. Joe…I’ve been searching for a new stick alo since Bauer discontinued it’s 3030 Lindros model.
    I’ve never tried bending a composite blade but I bet it could be done.

  10. oh wow, I’m kinda surprised Burke’s moving. I thought he’d be happy in Anaheim. I guess his wife tells him where to go.

  11. Who Needs Lohan on

    November 12th, 2008 at 2:28 pm

    That chick is far from hot.

    Jason, Bro, after looking at that larry weightloss guy Hillary Clinton would look hot to me!

  12. I really wouldn’t toy too much with the blades on those one piece sticks… Unless you have cash to burn…. The pros may do it but they obviously get unlimited sticks… When you’re paying so much for a stick… You might not want to compromise its structural integrity too much

  13. True story regarding sticks,

    I’ve been playing hockey my whole life. These days, I’m a men’s league rink rat and only get to play once or twice in the average week, maxing out at 3 times on occassion when I’m lucky.

    Even though I’m only 25, my prime was played in the wooden stick era.

    I switched over to the synergy’s a few years ago, and while I think they’re second to none in elevating the power of your shot, they definitely have some major shortcomings. Despite the fact that they’re ABSURDLY expensive (a decent synergy is at least $200) I feel I lose certain aspects of my game when I gain the increased power in my shot.

    For starters, nothing makes a good pass like a wooden and to follow that up, nothing receives a good pass like a wooden. Secondly, because of the increased flex your shot always elevates with the synergy, whereas the wooden you don’t have to focus in too hard to get a nice low, hard and effective shot.

    Personally, I like the feel of the puck on the wooden as well. My stick handling is much smoother.

    Wooden’s are definitely a little heavier and they’re not all that cheap since most companies stopped producing them ($40, but used to be $20), but they’ll always have a place in my heart.

    Last week I busted my synergy in half and had to break out the old faithful SherWood 5030 (Coffey Curve, of course). When I made the switch, I made a mental switch to go with woodens til they stop producing them.

    My game has been noticably better since the switch.

    This was a boring story, but the moral is: buy a wooden, be a man.

  14. To follow along with BRANDON. Women like wooden sticks also, be a man.

    Sorry, could not leave that line on the cutting room floor.

    PETE, from the previous thread. If we had a 7th Dman, Kalinin could sit for a while. He skates hard when he wants and make a bunch of bonehead plays due to his laziness.

  15. BTW, whats up with this ad of the half-naked dude on lohud? I can do without looking at that everytime I sign on. Can’t they get a better sponsor?

  16. Agree whole heartedly about the puck feel of a wooden… No question there… Not to mention you can torch the hell out of those blade and twist up whatever kind of sickening curve you like… The real issue is finding good woodens around these days…. You’ve inspired me to pick one up tonight though.

    I think the one pieces will get much better over time though…. The industry is well aware that the blades are still a little too “live” and while good for snapping off shots, irt takes a little more concentration on catching solid passes…. Sometimes its like trying to catch a pass of a golf ball on a putter… Too “live”….

    I believe Easton already tried silicone in the blades (“si-core”?) to imprve feel….not sure how that worked or if they still do it…

  17. Cool guys, thanks for the feedback. Brandon, I was using a SherWood 5030 Coffey as well ($30 in my parts), but the I kept smashing the face on the blade. I didn’t have much money to spend, so I picked up an Easton Octane 2 piece for $40. It’s a heavy composite shaft (80 flex), with a wooden/composite blade. It has the Shanahan profile which is no longer available. My spare stick is a $15 RBK wooden deal with the Modano profile, which is VERY similar to the Shanahan, except that the Shanahan has a more open face and really helps me get the shot up. I can’t seem to get a good wrist shot off with the Modano, and I can’t get the slapper more than gut high. I was thinking of buying one of those sweet RBK one piece composites with the Modano profile and twisting the face open a bit. I’ve been pleased with the Easton’s durability, but it’s actually heavier than the wooden SherWood and I’d like to go with a stiffer flex (I’m 24 and in pretty good shape, the 80 flex feels like a rubber band). I’d really like to go with an Easton, as they seem to be preferred by the pros and mine has lasted me a while. I don’t have that kind of money to just keep replacing sticks.

    Rob L., the Lindros profile is still in production

  18. Well said Salty. “Live” would be the perfect description. The puck taps the blade and it shoots off a mile. You have to cradle it like a baby.

    I’m seriously concerned that woodens may just vanish one day. I mean, anytime you go into a pro-shop nowadays they have a selection of 100 different synergys ranging from $150-$300 and then in the corner they have like 5 old wooden sticks that look like they’ve already been used.

    Apparently the 5030 is still a top seller, so hopefully I’m wrong.

  19. Just an FYI — if you play once a week or more, the composites won’t last longer than a month and a half MAX. And they’ll start to deteriorate considerably from the first time you use them.

    If you don’t snap it in half a la drury the first thing to go is the bottom of the blade, which just stars to shed away.

    So while you might not want to drop a 30 spot every month on a new SherWood, the synergy’s are far from an investment as you’ll be dropping 200 every other month.

  20. Brandon, the Pro Shop at the rink down here in DE still carries a full line of wooden sticks. A lot of the guys I play with still prefer them, I doubt they’ll ever go away

  21. Hey NYRinPHX, you play the game ?
    I played for the Scottsdale Chiefs for the past 25 years & now play in the old timers league at Polar Ice in Peoria.
    Wooden Sticks !

  22. Ah, my favorite topic of discussion, sticks.

    I tried a 5030 with a Coffey curve and thought it was too much of a curve, I loved and was addicted to the TSM8 sticks with Teemu’s curve, it was a thing of beauty. Since then, I invested in the RBK 1K ABS with a wedge curve, the closest thing I could find to a TSM8 by far.

  23. For some reason, I highly doubt even if Gomez wasn’t playing that he was roaming around in midtown.

  24. Im not bs’ing. I was on the phone when she asked him what was wrong with him. Im not gonna say where he was cause thats not any of our business. Though i guarantee you he’s not dressing tonight.

  25. That’s bizarre. Game time is in 2 hours and Newarks is a solid 25-30 minutes from NYC w/out traffic. Pre-game skate is at 6:30 and there’s usually team meetings before games.

    If you said 12pm, i’d believe it.

    Gomer is a jokester, so maybe he was pulling your wife’s chain (no pun intedned).

  26. He’s still there (Wife’s office). I find it strange too. I would figure he’d be in NJ tonight even if he wasnt dressing. Well see what goes down.

  27. digi November 12th, 2008 at 4:40 pm

    Wife just ran into Gomez in midtown. He has an ankle injury and wont play 2nite

    I love posts like this…
    I’ve never seen digi on the blog and yet I’m supposed to believe his wife ran into gomez and said, “hey, why aren’t you playing tonight?” and he saids, “I have an ankle injury, I’m not playing” haha what a load of shit.

  28. I never post, just read. Figured you guys would appreciate the info. And ya, thats pretty much exactly what happened. My wife cant keep her mouth shut. Anyone else have that problem?

  29. If anything Gomez was probably “running into” your wife all afternoon…

    As for deteriorationg composites, I get lots of milage out of mine by running a strip along the bottom of the blade before taping it up…. Helps preserve the tape from shedding away and flapping off late in the session on choppy ice and it must also help keep the blade alive longer too because I don’t really have that blade deterioration problem on mine, just the shaft eventually cracking in the kick zone… Worth a try if your blades are getting worn in

  30. lol salty, if anything i just think its funny that everyone makes such a big deal about an “undisclosed injury”, and gomer will tell a random person that walks up to him that his ankle is messed up. Anyway, youll see. He wont play tonight.

  31. DIGI, if you are right we can believe you going further. If you are wrong you are just another a$$hole. What STAAL WART said.

  32. I don’t think I can take another let-down in the form of NYR losing to NJD in the state their in..

    NYR must win in regulation by more than one goal. I think my sanity depends on it. I know it is sad…

  33. Ugh, Sundin said its possible that he could play after Christmas.

    I want Slats to sign this guy, but he’s pissing me off. Just sign already for the love of god.

    I guess we’ll have to wait another two months for him, unless he’s bull shitting the swedish reporters.

    Anyway, i hope Voros knocks out Clarkson, i hope Orr knocks out Rupp, and Brookbank, and i hope Nyr rapes the Devils 8-0.

    And i hope Chico chokes during a Chico Eats segment, which i haven’t seen to many of lately.

  34. Sure i do. Just thought its was good info and weird nobody wrote about it yet. Hes still there by the way.

  35. Dancin’ Larry probably won’t be shown live on the overhead anymore because of the HO-MO LARRY chants done to the Let’s Go Rangers beat. Some gay coalition made MSG spend thousands supposedly to make fans more alternative-lifestyle friendly. Not sure if this means rainbow seats when it’s remodeled or what.

  36. He’s still there (Wife’s office). I find it strange too. I would figure he’d be in NJ tonight even if he wasnt dressing. Well see what goes down.


    This says it all, pal. I think Scotty’s the one seeing what “goes down”.

  37. From TSN

    “Heart defects have been found in five players from Russia’s Continental Hockey League since the death of rising star Alexei Cherepanov, an official said Wednesday. The league ordered the tests after the 19-year-old Cherepanov collapsed and died last month from a heart condition while playing for his club Avangard”

    Im guessing they wont be able to play any more. Unless its something different, and not as severe.

  38. If he’s not dressing and is injured, why wouldn’t he be attending the game and watching from behind the scenes?

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