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There are a couple of moments in this game you could point to as pivotal: Michal Rozsival’s goal on the 5-on-3. The Rangers penalty kill at the start of the second period. The moment a few weeks ago when Martin Brodeur had to give way to Kevin Weekes.

I vote for the moment Brandon Dubinsky pounced on Zach Parise following the Devils’ first goal. There have been plenty of questions about the Rangers’ team toughness, particularly after the loss in Washington over the weekend. This one moment, which came in response to Parise’s cross-check of Dan Girardi, helped to provide an answer. It might not be a coincidence that the Rangers were the dominant team the rest of the way.

“I guess I just wanted to send a message that it’s not OK to hit a guy from behind like that, but that’s how it goes sometimes,” Dubinsky said. “The boys had a great kill, and when I came back to the bench, they said they’re willing to kill those ones off, and that’s all I needed to hear.”

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  1. I vote for the moment when Lundqvist bailed out #5 for the umpteenth time this season by stopping Parise on the breakaway that never should have been, but could have made the score 2-0 in the first.

  2. LI Joe,
    yeah it was the interview at the knick’s game on the website that I was asking about. Just thought it would be funny for him to blatantly not be watching the Rangers game.

  3. when I came all over myself because Semin had 5 points, that was tremendous for my wet dream semen pool.

  4. nutgirl – i think the knick game was a few days ago. they were home (as compared to tonight when they were on the road). in fact that came up last night maloney asked him if he had to pay for the tix. scott made a joke that he did not check his paycheck yet.

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  7. fakegraves9
    November 12th, 2008 at 11:39 pm
    when I came all over myself because Semin had 5 points, that was tremendous for my wet dream semen pool.

    Great stuff bob(or some other idiot obessed with me)

  8. LI Joe
    November 12th, 2008 at 11:35 pm
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    Otherwise- Great game, great night,mostly good comments.

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  12. Bob – You’ve got a lot to learn about Hockey. Betts plays hard every shift and is great on the PK. In fact, the whole line overachieves most of the time. Orr has really improved over last year. Great game tonite. Dubie standing up for his team & Lunquist standing on his head on several Devil scoring opportunities were definate turning points. In the long run I still think the the Rangers need one Gun Ho type of veteran that will bring out more passion in this young team. Korpick & Fritz must play more.

  13. All Hail King Henrik on


    “All Hail King Henrik,
    I’ve heard Z being likened to Datsyuk before. Would you happen to be the same person who also Hails a certain tall drink of cat-like goalie?”


    I haven’t previously likened Zherdev to Datsyuk on these boards. To be honest with you, I really didn’t know all that much about Z when he was with Columbus, other than that he was extremely talented albeit somewhat of an enigma. But in watching him play this season, I’ve begun to notice more and more (especially the last 10 games) that he is defensively aware, and willing to backcheck hard in most instances. His play on Madden tonight, the sweep-check he made a few games ago, and just his general hustle really speak towards the effort he is putting in defensively. Whenever the D-men pinch and get caught or semi-caught when he is on the ice, it always seems like he uses his speed and is the first backchecker into the defensive zone. He has an enormous amount of raw talent, and it seems that with the NYR he is using that to his advantage both offensively and defensively.

    He has the hands, speed, skill and smarts to develop his defensive game (with time of course, maybe a few seasons) into an A – A+ grade of game.

    It’s obvious that at this time in their careers Datsyuk is one of the premiere (if not THE premiere) two-way forward(s) in the NHL, and is better offensively and defensively than Zherdev. But I think that they are very similar players–they have similar size and frames (Z is bigger at 6’2 203 to Datsyuk’s 5’11 194), and in my opinion, similar hands in what terms of what they can do with the puck. They both have excellent shots, but play slightly more as a playmaker than a sniper, but both can snipe just as well(personally, I think they should both be more “selfish” and utilize those shots, Z especially).

    The difference is Datsyuk is 30 and Zherdev is 24 (as of a week ago). If Zherdev continues to progress as he has, there is no reason to think that he can’t be as good as Datsyuk. He was projected to be that good when he was drafted 4th overall in what most agree is one of the best drafts of all time and certainly one of if not the best in the last 20 years in terms of QUALITY players produced(just read an article on that the other day–take a look at some of the names in the first two rounds((sigh…Jessiman))). He didn’t live up to his projections in Columbus but it looks like he just might with the NYR. I really hope Slats resigns him on or around Jan. 1st so that this doesn’t drag on.

    I’m no expert and feel free to disagree with me if you like. I was a goalie when I played, and appreciate the defensive aspect of the game (hence Lundqvist being my favorite player). While I appreciates Z’s offensive abilities, with a strong defensive game he can elevate himself over some of the other offensive-minded players out there in terms of overall quality.

  14. All Hail King Henrik on

    Stats aren’t completely telling, but they provide a basis for comparison:

    Datsyuk @ age 24: 12G, 39A 51P +20 (64GP)
    Datsyuk @ age 25: 30G, 38A 68P – 2 (75 GP)

    Zherdev @ age 23: 26G, 35A 61P -9 (82GP)
    Zherdev @ age 24: 30G, 39A 69P +38 (82GP)

    I don’t think he’ll reach his extrapolated + / – rating of +38, but +12-20 is not out of the realm of possibilty is it?

  15. All Hail King Henrik on

    …hit submit too soon…

    Similar stats, no?

    Like I said, Z is not on Datsyuk’s level right now offensively or defensively (there’s more of a discrepancy between them diffensively), but if Z keeps developing as he has been…watch out.

  16. The highlight reel goal of Datysuk scoring and utterly embarrassing Marty Turco is one of my favorites. The idea that a player of that level could be on the Rangers makes me feel funny in my pants. Zherdev is intense, I love his energy.

    Strong 40 minute effort tonight, the first period was a stinker, but the rest of the game was good to go. This is a nearly unbeatable team when firing on all cylinders for a full game. Of course, that’s just a hypothesis since we have yet to see a full 60 minute game.

  17. Just watching NHL on the Fly, Malik’s SO goal ranked #1 of all time SO goals. Wow, I guess even a stopped clock is right twice a day…

  18. great post. ironically, i thought the turning point in the toronto game was the dangerous hit from behind that kubina laid on fritsche. you could tell the rangers weren’t in the game when no one did anything about it. thats the kind of hit i’d like to see the players stand up for each other retaliating against.

  19. I had an early start at work today (4:30am!) so it’s good to be the FIRST workday post.

    Good job by the Rangers last night. I hate that they’re not able to get off to a good start, but they recovered and dominated the last 35 minutes of the game. Players that stood out for me were Fritsche, Zherdev, Drury and of course Lundqvist.

    Fritsche – made a case for being a 3rd line regular. Two primary assists and he skated hard all night…still knocked off the puck a little too easily, but he’ll develop strength as he matures.

    Zherdev – he can domainate when he wants to. Scary talent. If he could just be more consistent, he might be my favorite Ranger.

    Drury – I’m admittedly manic when it comes to this guy. Sometimes I absolutely can’t stand him, and other times I’m literally in awe (I know it sounds crazy, haha). Last night, he really stepped up in the 2nd and 3rd periods. The Rangers needed him badly to spark some offense with Gomez out of the lineup, and he comes up with a ripper of a goal in addition to the amazing pass be made to Zherdev for his tap-in power play goal.

    Hank – No reason to elaborate. Kept the Rangers in it early, gave up only 2 goals, continues to dominate the Devils…love it!

    Let’s beat Boston Saturday and get on a roll, eh?

  20. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Drury…ripper of a goal? Haha. Also shot while he was on an odd man rush with z and he takes a slap shot that weekes should have stopped and held onto? If drury didn’t score, he should’ve been benched. He didn’t even look to pass (to even make the goalie question it) and he didn’t shoot for a rebound. And as for the ‘pass’ for z’s goal, drury actually tries to coral the puck so he can shoot it and because its bouncing he deflects it to the side, coincidentally z was there.

    Is there anything drury could do wrong? I think not, ‘everybody loves drury.’

    Concerning renney…why didn’t z get more ice time at the end for his hat trick? Oh that’s right, because he’s not chris drury…and so in 7minutes less a game and 3 PP less, he still has similar production. That’s right.

  21. Sam,

    I doubt this is the first time this has been mentioned, but as much as I love your blog, I am struggling to return to the site knowing that I am going to be faced with near-nude, “before and after” photos of a scary, goateed indivudual. While I am sure you have little control over the marketing content on your blog, I would appreciate it if you could somehow find a way to limit what can loosely be described as homo-erotic porn. That said, in an odd way, the advertisement serves it purpose by causing me to completely lose my apetite.

    Thanks again, Sam! Seriously, I love your blog and keep it up… I mean… well, anyway… bad context.

  22. Yeah the half naked guy is fuggin chilling. He looks like a child molester, AKA Bob. Put a picture of Jessica Alba when she’s pregnant, and how she looks after she’s pregnant, cause she lost a lot of fat, and she’s back to being hot. Good stuff !!!

    Anyway, Dru is really stepping it up, its awesome. Shanny started off the exact same way, he didn’t get a goal until the 10th game or something, more or less, but Dru has been doing some good things the last few games, and its good to know that if Gomer is out this team wont have to much trouble without him, although during the fuggin 5 on 3, Nyr was having a tough time gaining the zone, if Gomer was there im sure he’d get in with no problem. I hope Dru can continue this, and not have an up and down season, cause he’s starting to play like how he did during the final stretch of last season. If he continues this all season, he may actually have a pretty good season.

    As for Nicky Z, its not good that he hasn’t scored a goal in 6 games or more, but at least he got two tonight, he needs to keep putting the puck in the net, but every game, i still cant believe the Jackets got rid of him, at age 24, that’s ridiculous.

    The next couple of games are gonna be fuggin tough, they cant play this way against these tough teams. Yeah they can show up for the 2nd, and 3rd but if they fall asleep against these tough teams in the 1st, it could be 3-0, 4-0. I wanna see how they play against the B’s, Sens, Nucks, etc. Definitely gonna be tough.


    Dru said after the game that he was at the end of a shift, and he didn’t think he could get the pass through without turning it over, and he just wanted to put it on the net. It was a delayed penalty anyway, so who cares, he just wanted to get on the PP.

  23. For all the “normal” good posters and who I agree and can disagree with…why don’t we just ignore bob? no matter what he says…just ignore him…don’t comment back don’t ask him questions…it just fuels the fire.
    I’ve started skipping over bobs posts…it goes like this.
    I’m scrolling down…thru the posts
    Orr’s…read it
    New Newman…read it
    Beer Me…read it and check the usu assoc. link
    True Fans…read it
    Joe in DE…read it
    bob…Oh skip
    Rob C…read
    Nasty 1…read
    bob…oh skip!
    Kasper…definitely read…

    you guys get my drift? So many on here have good points and we talk hockey and discuss stuff…just let the dumbass’s talk to themselves…
    Thank you!

  24. That was BY FAR Dan Fritsche’s best game as a Ranger. I actually noticed him on the ice and he made some strong moves to the net, as well as forced the issue on the forecheck.

  25. I agree…ignore the trolls and they will eventually go away.
    Very happy with the win last night but the Devils are a shell of a team right now. No Brodeur, Rolston, Holik, and Martin. I’ll take the win but I’d also like to see Rangers play hard for 60 minutes and not 40 like they did last night.

  26. True Fans –

    Your micromanaging of the Drury situation is EXACTLY what irks me about several people’s analysis on this blog.

    It’s HOCKEY!!!! How many times do I have to reiterate that it’s the fastest game on earth, that you have split seconds to make decisions. You don’t “shoot for rebounds”!!!! UGGGHHH, have you ever stepped foot on a rink? You shoot to put the puck on net. What happens after that IS OUT OF YOUR CONTROL. A lower shot could have gone in too.

    How you can actually find a way to criticize a player WHEN HE SCORES A GOAL is typical of a lot Ranger fans, and that’s sad.

    And by the way, go back and read some of my old posts…I have been a HUGE detractor of Drury at times this season, and even prefaced my summary of his game by admitting how my opinion of him swings back and forth.

  27. Can everyone please leave the half naked man alone? That’s my brother, and he’s very proud of his weight loss. He is also very tan in his after picture. I guess weight loss involves skin pigment production, who knew?

    Anyways, great game last night. Anyone catch the argument between Fischler and Micheletti during the pre-game? Great stuff. I love those kind of arguments regarding sports, good tv. I can’t stand John Giannone by the way. His questions suck, I could do so much better. He hadda blow someone to get that job.

  28. Brandon good point on Fritsche…
    I thought that the Korpedo, Dawes and Fritsche line was really good last night, and should stay together
    Once again Callahan played his usual game.
    Drury’s shot was a laser beam.
    If I had a shot like Rozi…all I’d want to do is show it off…I’m happy he got one last night.

    Rob L.
    I agree on playing the whole game but I will say that the 40 min they played last night were better than the 20 min they played in the games previous…lol

  29. To finish my previous post…I’m not a member of the “everybody loves Drury” camp…far, far from it. He took a great shot and it went in. I cheered. I hope you did too.

  30. True Fans….agree with a lot of your post…I too was wondering why Z wasn’t out there more in those final PP minutes to get the hat. That was weird. Not sure I wholly agree with you on Drury though. His shot was a sneaky one. Yes, Brodeur makes that stop. But I will say, we ride these guys pretty hard when they miss the net or when the shoot it right into the goalie’s stomach. So Drury puts one just inside the post and at an awkward height for the goalie (above the pads, below the natural height of the glove) and we are giving him a hard time? I think that’s a little glass-half-empty. Sometimes hard working guys get lucky.

    Here are a few questions: That 2nd period was our best period of the season I think. What did Renney say after the 1st? Where the F is that effort on other nights? How come we cannot play 60 like that? Can we just play the Devils for 82 games? More questions than answers from the game last night.

    Who else wants to kill Chico Resch? I mean I watched a lot of the game last night with the sound off. When I was listening, during the PP, Salvador’s cross-check looked like it broke Cally’s ribs and Chico says, “I didn’t see much.” Korpi’s goal was his 2nd NHL goal. At the end of the game I turned on the sound and heard “Let’s Go Rangers,” and Chico is whining how awful it is and every Devil fan left the stadium and then like a total dope says, “I would leave too.” That guy is the worst!

    Korpi Dawes Fritsche actually looked like they could play hockey. First, was this line clicking that well or were the Devs really playing that poorly? Sorry Prucha, those 3 playing like they did just doesn’t bode well for you. I like Korpi. He should get a bigger chance.

    Please no one start saying get rid of Gomer just because the team broke out last night. That would just be foolish (both the idea and the person who makes the comment).

    Can someone tell me why Langenbrunner didn’t get a penalty for jumping in when Orr and White had their shoving match? I thought the refs were trying to even things out as the Rangers were outplaying them and earning penalties while the Devs were sucking and being given leeway by the refs. Just one guy’s view.

    How come the Devils pull all this crosschecking, slashing, hacking crap (esp after the whistle) and all of them wear face shields? Does anyone else find that to be bush league?

    A nice win. They dominated despite playing a sloppy 1st period. Let’s see if we can string together a few wins.

  31. Orr!! Yes, I was dropped as a child! on

    Man are people silly on this board. Are we even watching the same game?

    I can’t believe there is actually bitching about Drury’s goal. Watch the replay, the other Rangers are covered by the D-men. There was no other play but the shot. And he scored!

    Get over your Drury hate, he’s going to be here for a while.

  32. Korpi has a playoff goal but last night was his “first” NHL goal.

    Anybody catch Chico drop the F bomb in the final minutes? He tried to say puck but he said, well you know. What about that drunk Daneyko whining about the Salvador cross check and saying it’s the worst officiating he’s ever seen? I’ll agree that it was pretty bad but how about trying to be just a little impartial. The Drury goal was just a normal softie for Weekes. He’s good for 1 a game, at least. Anybody bashing Drury, how about the little poke at the puck to get it to Z for an open netter?

  33. The Russian Diva on

    Glad to another great game by Z. I’m from C-bus and watched him play with the Jackets, and couldn’t be happier that he now has the chance to flourish with a quality team. When Z was putting up big numbers with the Jackets – it wasn’t like he was on a line with Rick Nash – there was literally NO talent around him.

    He is a player that makes others around him better (he’s a GREAT passer) and thrives when he has playmakers playing along side him. I was hoping to see him on a line with Gomez since I think they’d really feed off each other but I think Renny is on to something with the Dubi-Voros-Z line.

    No one in C-Bus was happy to see him go, Backmann has been absolutly awful and the Jackets defense has been worse since the trade. The way Z has responded to Renny’s coaching and to the players around him is a testament to how poor CBJ managment is and how they mishandled this kid. I’m glad to see him thrive and be on a stage where he can be appreciated.

    If you haven’t seen his C-Bus highlights, including his coast-coast goal with less than a minute left, YouTube them ASAP.

    …also I hope this mean they resign him (he’s a free agent after this year I think) considering I bought a Z Jersey last month.

  34. Maybe Korpi getting sent down was a good thing.

    Drury had a good game again (although Weekes probably should have stopped that slapper).

    Dubinsky won a fight! (glad to hear he’s OK that looked like it hurt when the back of his head hit the ice).

    King is king

    Z is impressing me more (making better decisions) and I want this kid wearing Ranger blue for a long time if that’s possible.

    1st period was hard to watch they were playing like absolute pig slop. Great comeback after playing like a bunch of no-talent scrubs for an entire period.

  35. true fans – horrible posy right before 8 am. your hatred for drury is only equalled by bob’s hate for betts.

    we get it you hate the guy. but deal with it. if you really are a true fan as you proclaim you’ll actually be happy when drury scores.

    he is playing much better now and should be around as captain for 4 yrs. would love to see him lift the cup as our captain during those years. i suspect you don’t. you would rather be right.

  36. true u are the biggest tool on this board.. it sounds like drury stole your wife you f’in hump

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