From the Rock: Gomez out against Devils (Updated)


So it turns out the Devils aren’t the only team contending with injuries tonight.

Scott Gomez’s leg injury — some are already speculating it’s his ankle, but I can’t confirm — has turned out to be worse than expected. He won’t play tonight, and is listed as day-to-day.

While still second on the team in scoring with 13 points (three goals, 10 assists), Gomez has struggled the past few games. Curiously, I hadn’t seen it in his mobility as much as I have in his unwillingness to engage in contact. Against Edmonton, there was at least one instance when he carelessly dished off the puck when about to get hit.

“That’s a question for the individual,” Tom Renney said when asked if the injury as affected Gomez’s play. “He’s skating hard. He’s working hard. As far as being able to play, I don’t know, but he’s certainly been playing hard.”

Renney said Gomez has had an MRI on his leg, but that the player is mostly dealing with pain. As recently as yesterday, the coach said Gomez couldn’t risk further damage by playing. He backed off that a little tonight.

“It’s precautionary as much as anything,” Renney said. “But if it compromises the player or the team, you have to do the right thing.”

Gomez played in 81 games last season, his only missed game coming after badly bruising his ribs in a late-season game in Philadelphia.


No official word on line changes since Renney said he was still contemplating his combinations. What the coach did say was he didn’t want to jumble everything because of the absence of one player. As I mentioned earlier, Chris Drury will go back to center, while Petr Prucha will again be a scratch.


As for Nigel Dawes, Renney said the player was slotted to play tonight regardless of Gomez’s injury, in large part because of his success last season (four goals, one assists) against New Jersey.

“We look at that,” Renney said, “I looked at the shootout the other night and I thought, ‘Hmm, it would have been a good idea to have No. 10 on the bench. But you look at the success he’s had against New Jersey. It’s more of a gut call as opposed to anything specific.”


Patrick Rissmiller was mentioned again today in passing, which is the most action the left wing has seen of late. Renney noted that Rissmiller could be an option for the Rangers, but he also said the player has missed enough time where his conditioning would be a factor. One possibility? A conditioning assignment in Hartford in which he wouldn’t have to pass through waivers.

Update, 6:37 p.m.: For what it’s worth, I, too, am disturbed by the picture to the right. Dude, we’re happy that you’ve dropped the weight. But could you still put some pants on?

(Although, I shouldn’t be complaining: these ads are keeping me in business).

Update, 6:52 p.m.: Drury will be with Callahan and Naslund to start, meaning you can count on a reunion of Voros, Dubinsky, and Zherdev, and a third line of Dawes, Korpikoski, and Fritsche.

Update, 7 p.m.: Sure enough, the Rangers just announced Patrick Rissmiller is off to Hartford on a conditioning assignment.

Update, 7:20 p.m.: Another listless start in which the Rangers can’t get any pucks deep, and are instead running around their own zone. The result is a Mike Mottau shot, an easy Travis Zajac rebound, and a 1-0 Devils lead.

Update, 7:44 p.m.: Blair Betts was probably the Rangers best player in the first period. I’ll just let that thought sit for a moment. Seriously, it’s never a good sign when the only line that appears to be displaying any urgency is the line that has the least chance of scoring. But that’s been the case so far.

Update, 8:16 p.m.: So it’s fair to say the Devils’ hopes of scratching out a 1-0 lead and then having Kevin Weekes lock it down the rest of the way isn’t going to work out.

Needless to say, a much better period by the Rangers. They capitalized on the 5-on-3 and seemed to feed off their own energy the rest of the way. Nice to see the Korpedo notch his first career regular season goal.  That you were able to see it is something you can tell your grandkids about.

Update, 9:11 p.m.: The Rangers take a 5-2 lead on Nikolai Zherdev’s second goal of the game. That Zherdev and Chris Drury are tied for the team lead in goals is in line with what many expected at the start of the season. But they’ve arrived there in unexpected fashion — Zherdev playing fairly consistently, Drury by exploding only recently.

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  1. Repost

    Ugh, Sundin said its possible that he could play after Christmas.

    I want Slats to sign this guy, but he’s pissing me off. Just sign already for the love of god.
    I guess we’ll have to wait another two months for him, unless he’s bull shitting the swedish reporters.

    Anyway, i hope Voros knocks out Clarkson, i hope Orr knocks out Rupp, and Brookbank, and i hope Nyr rapes the Devils 8-0.

    And i hope Chico chokes during a Chico Eats segment, which i haven’t seen to many of lately.

  2. From TSN

    “Heart defects have been found in five players from Russia’s Continental Hockey League since the death of rising star Alexei Cherepanov, an official said Wednesday. The league ordered the tests after the 19-year-old Cherepanov collapsed and died last month from a heart condition while playing for his club Avangard”

    Im guessing they wont be able to play any more. Unless its something different, and not as severe.


    Good work Digi, i didn’t believe you, cause a lot of fans give bullshit stories on here aboot how they met a player. Like that Shanny story aboot how he was shitting all over Redden, Naslund, and dumping Jags, etc.

  3. Jay, good question. Possibly the surgeons office or Dr’s office? That’s my guess at least.

    Orr, another intelligent and very well put comment.

    Back to the stick convo please.

  4. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Andrew Gross reports that he’s gone through a series of tests including an MRI a couple of days ago. Tests show nothing major.

  5. Sorry guys, dont feel right talking about stuff im not sure if he wants disclosed, as im not a reporter. But def not a Dr.s office or anything like that. And he was walking fine.

  6. I said the other night, if Gomez isn’t 100 percent, let him take a few nights off. It’s November and as we saw with Shanny last year, if you don’t rest an injury properly it will become an ongoing problem all season.

    Let someone else step up for the time being.

  7. Damn, I spoke too soon, he’s back.

    My fear with Gomez not in the line-up tonight is that gaining the zone with the Devils sitting on the blue line will be harder than normal.

  8. I would figure Drury will likely center Naslund and Cally. With Voros reunited with Dubi and Zherdev.

  9. anyone else realize once these teams make up there games in hand we will prob be 6th in conf. i stressed all off season we need top 6 forwards. dawes and prucha are incapable off scoring. voros had his streak. dubinsky is cooling off. we need sundin ASAP.

  10. ORR !! What Is It Good FOR ??
    November 12th, 2008 at 5:18 pm

    Ugh, Sundin said its possible that he could play after Christmas.

    I want Slats to sign this guy, but he’s pissing me off. Just sign already for the love of god.
    I guess we’ll have to wait another two months for him, unless he’s bull shitting the swedish reporters.

    Anyway, i hope Voros knocks out Clarkson, i hope Orr knocks out Rupp, and Brookbank, and i hope Nyr rapes the Devils 8-0.

    And i hope Chico chokes during a Chico Eats segment, which i haven’t seen to many of lately.

    And I hope you never post again. Wow what an absurd post on every level.

  11. ORR !! What Is It Good FOR ??
    November 12th, 2008 at 5:18 pm

    Ugh, Sundin said its possible that he could play after Christmas.

    I want Slats to sign this guy, but he’s pissing me off. Just sign already for the love of god.
    I guess we’ll have to wait another two months for him, unless he’s bull shitting the swedish reporters.

    Anyway, i hope Voros knocks out Clarkson, i hope Orr knocks out Rupp, and Brookbank, and i hope Nyr rapes the Devils 8-0.

    And i hope Chico chokes during a Chico Eats segment, which i haven’t seen to many of lately.

    You realize they don’t have the cap room right? right? Oh right I forgot it’s like talking to a 5 year old.

  12. Sundin is nothing but a band aid. They need to build for not only now but the future. Plus as others have mentioned they don’t have the cap room to get him.

  13. Unless the Rangers find a taker for Rozsival and Prucha they are not going to have cap space for Sundin. I’m pretty certain that Sather has no interest in Sundin anyway.

  14. Bob, just use your regular name if you wanna respond to my posts, lol.

    This is good, Gomer hasn’t been good anyway besides a couple of times the last game. Let him take a few games off, that’s something i wish Jags would have done last season when he was hurt. Gomer is pretty useless if he cant skate, its not like he has the HOF shot to back him up.

    And that was a retard comment by Renney. Dawes wasn’t in the lineup the last time Nyr played the Devils. Im sure Dawes wasn’t playing tonight if Gomer was playing.

    I hope the kid can wake up, this is twice now he’s been benched for a game or more. He could sure use some of his “black magic” back.

    I hope when or if Nyr signs Sundin, i hope its on Howell night, and Rozi pulls off his jersey to reveal he’s wearing number 3, but its not a Rangers jersey, and he was just traded to that team. Then Pruchs swoops in and carries him off the ice in that same jersey, and a blaze of boo’s.

    Lets Go Rangers !

  15. He played pretty well last game so it’s somewhat surprising to see him sit after getting it into gear(at least seemingly)

  16. Anyone know what channel MSG2 is on Time Warner in Brooklyn. The last thing I want to listen to is Doc E. and the rest of the Devils crew tonight.

  17. Sundin bought his house in T.O. for 1.7 mil 5 years ago and just sold it for 5.7 mil! Maybe he’ll let us take that 4 mil profit off his salary!!!

  18. Anyone on Cablevision in CT know how I can avoid watching the Devils cast of this game? I really don’t want to do that. Stupid useless Knicks…

  19. Update, 6:52 p.m.: Drury will be with Callahan and Naslund to start, meaning you can count on a reunion of Voros, Dubinsky, and Zherdev, and a third line of Dawes, Korpikoski, and Fritsche.
    I already called the changes. They were rather obvious.

  20. BillyDeeWilliams on

    I’m really going to be annoyed if I have to listen to Chico all game. He’s the biggest homer around. I remember when they lost game 5 last year, he almost cried. Poor guy.

  21. Guys, here is the channel listing for the MSG Rangers Announcers feed of the game.

    the only that that sucks by my is that the devils feed is in HD and the Rangers feed is not. Oh well. I will take non HD to not have to listen to Chico. What a “Homer”. Ha.

    I think I am going to listen to that sound bite from the playoffs last year when we eliminated the Devils in Newark and Chico lost his shit. It was hilarious!

  22. I know that the hockey gets the backseat in ny but the fact that anytime the knicks play, the rangers are sent into exile on msg plus/2/etc…really pisses me off.

  23. graves9
    November 12th, 2008 at 5:55 pm
    I would figure Drury will likely center Naslund and Cally. With Voros reunited with Dubi and Zherdev
    Lol only took Sam an hour to figure that out lololol

  24. Parise better get a penalty for the crosscheck after the goal. Are you kidding me? Dubi protects his teammate and he’s the only on e that gets a penalty.

  25. people always want a young team – doesn’t get much younger than 2/3 of dubi line and the 3rd line is very young as well

  26. hyena renney is gutless these refs need to be run over by the players. betts out there not hitting and losing faceoffs while dawes and korpki gets zero time.

  27. Anyone else getting the TV Guide channel instead of “MSG2”? Seriously, they’ll do anything to make me listen to Resch.

  28. kaspar he did but if they sent him down he has to clear reentry waivers and if claimed on way back up we get hit with 1/2 his salary of remaining contract (2 3/4 yrs worth)

    plus i think after waiver and team plays 10 games or 30 days he has to be waived again to be sent down

  29. Rissmiller

    Graves9, what do they have to do it within a week or something or else have to do the waiver thing again?

    And if so…why didnt they send him down right away..they didnt play him

  30. stevie – At points last season, Cablevision realized that the Rangers should be on MSG more than the Knicks, so they started pushing the Knicks to MSG2. In reality, I still think they get higher ratings, at least on nights when there isn’t basketball on nationally. I remember they used to decide by which team was at home, that one would be on MSG regular.

  31. This team seems to fear dumping into the NJ they try ridiculous cross ice passes at the crowded blueline…

  32. LI Joe
    November 12th, 2008 at 7:32 pm
    Betts is wearing an A Bob must be VERY HAPPY
    renney should wear an a for how he treats dawes and korpedo

  33. Betts is a disease. I hope he burns. Trade Drury, Gomez, Redden, Rozsival, Betts, and anyone else remotely close to 30 years old. Trade Renney too.

  34. Spiderpig – thanks for the response…I know I’m being slightly irrational but having to listen to chico will do that to you.

    As far as the game goes, this one has been tough to watch so far. Here’s to a big second period. (I hope!)

  35. Too bad Orr will never be able to score 5 goals a year…I wish we had six more guys with his B%$#s….and yes acdaviddcm three coaches with at least two between them

  36. Not a good period. Lots of errant passes lots of overpassing and a good amount of turnovers.Also they lost a bunch of 1 on 1 battles. Not much flow by the Rangers either. Hank made a great save on Parise or else it’d be worse. At least the showed some life and grit on the last shift.

  37. That was one worthless first period of hockey. Wade Redden should have his balls cut off and throw into the ocean so that he can’t produce another worthless overpaid bloated contract defenseman.

  38. What a pathetic period, getting bullied around by a half injured Dev team ?? C’mon.

    Well the typical 20 minute sleepfest is behind them, so hopefully now they wake up. That was just a dumb period.

    Play Nazzy, and Nicky Z with Dubi. I wanna see that.

    And Orr better end Rupps season with a shot to the fuggin chin. I hate that prick.

  39. I have a bad feeling that it is going to be 2-0 and not 1-1 early in the second. I haven’t had a good feeling about this game for a while. I really hope I am wrong. Let’s Go Rangers!

  40. Weekes sucks, they better fuggin pepper sauce him to death !!!

    Not to death, but just shoot the fuggin puck and hit the damn net. I cant stand it when they shoot wide or it deflects off a players stick, cause it happens every time.

    Id hate to see Weekes win this for the Devs, that would make me sick.

  41. If the Rangers can kill off the penalty to start the second I think we will build momentum. If not, well you know the story.

  42. I agree with Sam’s 7:44 update. The rest of the team just had massive failures trying to get the puck into the Devils zone, besides Drury’s line at times, mostly due to Callahan.

    stevie – Yeah, I’m dealing with Chico tonight, too. At least I think Emrick calls the game well, so it sort of balances. How lame of him to be reading off of an index card when presenting Doc with his “gifts.”

    ORR – There’s your picture of “Chico Eats.” LOL, how dumb.

  43. boxcareddiehospodar on

    how does langenbrunner not get a roughing penalty and Orr gets 4 minutes?

    this officiating and announcing SuCKS!!!!!!!!

  44. Last year in Minnesota Renney got a bench minor when some thug on the wild elbowed Prucha in the face almost knocking back to Europe……since then I dont think I’ve ever seen him argue with a ref once…..

    remember when Billy Martin would get himself thrown out to fire up his team? …and he’d drink scotch in the dressing room…Renney needs to sacrifice a shorthand sitch and do that…one time man!! Show some fire!!

    but he wont cause he thinks that it would be “inappropriate to weaken his assets at a critical juncture”

  45. You’d think this would make Rozy shoot more?
    He wont shoot on a PP again until mid-December

  46. Niiiiiice goal by Drury on the rush. Great decision to shoot, and a laser of a shot. This is why we don’t have Weekes anymore, in bad position on that one, in my opinion.

  47. Mark
    November 12th, 2008 at 8:13 pm
    How about that shot from the Cap
    Nice shot but the vast majority of the goalies in the league stop it.

  48. Spider, I don’t think he was in bad position on the Drury goal, just a great shot.

    The Korpedo!!!

  49. bob – you might win the “poorness cake” for the stupidest, silliest posts ever. Good job, enjoy your cake.

  50. Howdy all, new here. Chico makes me want to stab myself in the face. How can you call a game so one sided? It’s infuriating to watch the Rangers play a good, aggressive game and listening to this glutton write it off as if it were luck.

    BTW, great shot Korp. How the hell was he so open?

  51. so they need to figure out how to play a first period. my teams philosophy first hit, first shot, first goal it seems to work for us….. Hell ya Korpi!!!!!

  52. They should shoot at the net every time they have the puck now
    dont go turtling into the Renney-shell now

  53. Oh man, great pass by Fritsche. What a shot by Korpikoski! I was just thinking that I hope these two score so we can have some lineup consistency. Now Dawes needs one. I knew it was a good decision to bench Weekes on my fantasy squads. If only the Rangers could play this well in the first period, then we could really dominate.

    Chico mentioned that was Korpikoski’s first NHL goal. While he had his first one in the playoffs last season, I believe Chico is actually right here because that will count as his first career goal since it is regular season. However, these two bozos _should_ mention that Korpi scored in the playoffs, too.

  54. Nice for everyone (but Redden) to wake up. Also I thought Dubinsky was Gomez in the 1st period just based on all the pucks he was giving away. Hes been much better. No Gomez to turn it over, so now we’ll see Z turn it over a lot since Gomez can’t split the duty with him. I like both guys, I’m just stating the fact that they always turn it over.

    Oh and Korpi stays after that goal. bye bye Pru.

  55. Oh and Dawes looks MUCH more improved in his work ethic and just his overall skills. Maybe sitting him down was a good thing.

  56. Kaspar – Niope, this will probably be a Renney-turtle special with a two-goal lead, even against a devastated team, but you know that some struggling gus will still want to get their chances.

    Chico isn’t calling it totally one-side, but sometimes he doesn’t even know what to think, like his mind moves slower than his mouth.

  57. Aw cmon. Not one-sided? The only pro-Blueshirt comment I’ve heard is the King’s save on Zubris (rightfully so) and the “height” on Drury’s slapper, whatever the hell that means.

    You know who needs one here? Dubes.

  58. Wow, Chico is actually making some good analysis on Drury doing his darndest to push the puck over to Zherdev to shoot into the open net. Maybe we will get to see Dawes, Betts, and Sjostrom on the power play later!

    By the way, that was a great save by Weekes to stop the puck from going in when Naslund was laying at his feet. Nevertheless, it made no difference as the Rangers scored anyway.

  59. Dubinsky is very fesity tonight!

    Chico has been calling the penalties pretty fairly I would say, admitting that the Devils should have been called for those when they were on the PK.

  60. I liked the eye rake by Dubi. Dubi has said in the media that he was going to tone down his fighting and only do so when provoked. Guess he was provoked.

    Zub better get a 2 min for his jersey not being strapped in

  61. Fritsche-Korpkoski-Dawes line has been terrific. It is interesting to see who will sit when Gomez returns out of those three. I guess this is a nice showcase game for Fritsche.

  62. not if you saw last night Dubi is a long way from being capt.

    Drury and Gomez are real leaders of this team besides Henrik of course. Drury is living up to capt clutch moniker

  63. Wow, more BS extra penalties against the Rangers. Orr for roughing and ten minutes with no corresponding Devil? Amazing. It’s a good thing that the Devils PP looks worse than ours right now, so they can;t do anything with the extra PP time.

  64. “Dubi = real captain?”

    Salty…yes, I thought it would go Drury to Gomez in three years but the more I see what Dubi does ( he nailed Parise after the cross check on Danny G)the more I think its Drury to Dubi

  65. Matthew – Zubrus received a *game misconduct* for his jersey not being tied down. It seems ironic, since it actually hinders him more in a fight, or at least it should; he still got some good punches and a takedown in there. Orr received the ten-minute misconduct.

  66. You could see Dawes in that replay of the Korpi goal. He looked so excited for him. He immediately went to the goal to get the puck for Korpi. Classy Black Magic. We’ve been ripping Dawes all season and rightfully so, but I want to see this line succeed. I like the look of them tonight.

  67. Great period. Why cant they do this to every backup goalie in the league ???

    THAT right there, is the main reason why Weekes is gone. Vally had a bad 3rd period in his last game, but he’s been way better than Weekes has ever been, and that’s why he’s backing Hank up.

    Awesome to see Korpedo score his first, hopefully that means he’ll stay up, and see more ice time. The PP finally looks decent, two 5 on 3 goals, which is fuggin awesome. The teams sticking up for each other which is making my all giddy.

    Just total awesomeness, and that’s the way they’re supposed to play against this half assed Devs team. Just gotta kill this penalty off, and continue to dominate, and play smart.

  68. Well let’s not all start cupping each others balls just yet. Still 20 minutes left to go. Cough, Montreal, cough, Toronto, cough, Detroit last night. Let’s go rangers!!!

  69. onecupin67years on

    Sam, I thought you liked my Photo?
    Again they came out sleepwalking… Dump Renney.They will win tonight but the sleepwalking is gonna cost them. they need to play 60 minutes not 40,30 …

  70. kaspar – its really 4 yrs including this one with Drury. at that point it could still be gomez he was very impressive at fan gathering the way he stood up for Orr. certainly Dubi seemed like a kid last night.

    we’ll see it could be dubi or maybe Staal will really come of age. but that is 4 yrs away.

  71. I think Drury has the eye to hand coordination of a fighter pilot. Incredible how he gets his stick on moving pucks.

  72. anyone else not able to take this bald commercial guy seriously? his head is just way too tiny for his broad frame and he has babyface eyes on top of it… poor bastard

  73. My first instinct is to usually tune Daneyko out. I gotta admit, his “may as well play with a skirt” comment hit it right on the head. I know we have the lead as a result, but let em play, stripes.

    This just in – Scott Clemenson starts the third. If he’s the answer, I’m pretty sure I don’t want to know the question.

  74. I’m surprised doc emrick keeps saying korpikoski got his first nhl goal tonight since he was the one who called his actual first nhl goal in the playoffs against the penguins.

  75. According to Maloney Dubi’s not on the bench. His head hit the ice pretty hard hopeit’s not a concussion.

  76. Mark
    November 12th, 2008 at 9:03 pm
    Graves9- I think he got a 5 for fighting, but he should be out there now.

    yeah you’re right.

  77. graves from gross blog

    “Brandon Dubinsky just fought with Dainius Zubrus. What must be a concern is how Dubinsky’s helmet-less head slammed against the ice at the fight’s conclusion as Zubrus came down on top of him.”

  78. I have just noticed this tonight: When were Redden and Rozsival split up on the power play defense? It is looking pretty good in this game obviously.

  79. I think he implied it was his first regular season NHL goal.


    November 12th, 2008 at 9:00 pm
    I’m surprised doc emrick keeps saying korpikoski got his first nhl goal tonight since he was the one who called his actual first nhl goal in the playoffs against the penguins.Greg
    November 12th, 2008 at 9:00 pm
    I’m surprised doc emrick keeps saying korpikoski got his first nhl goal tonight since he was the one who called his actual first nhl goal in the playoffs against the penguins.

  80. Another assist for Girardi. He has 14 points this season(2 goals 12 assists) last year all year he had 28 points.

  81. they had a fan thing for season tix holders. i went as a guest. had drury, gomer, orr and dubi. they were making fun of dubi re playstation etc. especially gomez. gomez really showed leadership the way he stood up for orr when a questioner got obnoxious. maloney was mc

  82. LI Joe – Thanks. I will have to go back and read some more posts from this morning to get more opinions from the night, I suppose. I remember watching _Inside the Rangers_ last season when they showed clips from that event and somebody asking why the power play was so bad and suggesting some different ideas. Some things never change, do they?

  83. spider i don’t think anyone posted here about it but me. but anyne who was there had to be very impressed by gomer, funny and strong leadership. was funny when asked about the crowd approx 2 k maybe being bigger than devils game

  84. Good to see some Colton Orr action on the power play, getting rewarded for drawing that last penalty, obviously only because it’s a safe lead at this point. I would have liked to see Sjostrom and Dawes out there a bit, also, though.

  85. I think Gomez is very good at playing to a crowd, whether it be live or on camera. I am somewhat doubtful of his interpersonal leadership, but obviously I have no idea as to how it goes in the locker room. I’m sure there is a reason for him to be an *A*, so he’s got to be good in there somewhere.

  86. they asked the players if there was 1 thing they would tell renney they would change. orr said put me on the pp

    let’s Go rangers

  87. Haha, now Chico is being an apologist for the Devils fans who have left, not wanting to hear the Rangers fans chant in their building.Chico would have left if he could.

    From this Devils announcing experience tonight, I gather that they don’t have much perspective, which is surprising because it was concerning the Rangers. They mentioned how the Rangers would be six points ahead of the Canadiens without saying that the Habs have six games in hand; also talking about the Rangers being behin the Sharks by one point overall. At least we are more realistic here, haha.

    I’m glad Korpikoski ended up with the winner for one of my fantasy teams!! I’m also glad that the Rangers played a full game in the third period, still pressing, drawing penalties, and working hard defensively. Good positioning on the rebound by Langenbrunner for that second Devils goal.

  88. Trade Gomez, we don’t need him and he sucks.

    Immonen would be an upgrade over Gomez at this point, sure he isn’t as fast, but he has much better skills, hockey sense, passing, and defelection ability.

  89. just wanted to say, notice the PP is better without Gomez. Its one game, but they moved the puck around without relying on anyone like they usually go when Gomer is out there.

  90. and before people say “oh now people are bashing gomez”, I’m not bashing him and I’ve consistently been saying hes the “Big Apple” Turnover all year. He gives away the puck on the simplest passes.

  91. spider – but the most impressive was standing up for Orr. you could tell Orr was pissed at the question (said something back to the guy “do you think i’m still slow and the guy mentioned a goon that he is faster than boogard and orr was insulted. so when Gomez chimed in Orr thanked him twice for defending him saying he checks against Crosby’s line etc.

    Gomez got a few very loud ovations for being funny, defending orr and saying Henrik is better than marty among other things

  92. Gomez and his 25 minutes are out and all of a sudden Dawes and Fritsche have a multi point game and Korpedo has a goal

  93. Did anyone see that hot bartender in the background making a pretty strong drink for a customer. Nice – not watered down.

  94. hyena bob shows up only when rangers are down.
    what a “fan”
    bob is a disease. I hope he burns.
    fire bob.

  95. All Hail King Henrik on

    Nice win by the boys tonight! (Very slow start (what was Redden doing on that 1st goal?!), but a great response in the second and third!)

    SOOOOOOOO Happy that we got 4 goals past Weekes. I’m so sick of hearing how great this guy is when he absoultely sucked in NY (he WAS a great teammate and backup to Henrik, though…you do have to give him that). However, he was a below-average to average goaltender AT BEST. We exposed him tonight, and Hank showed why it only took him a few weeks to come from out of no where and win that starting job from Weekes.

    Nikolai-mother-f_kin’-Zherdev!!!! I would’ve loved to have seen him get the hat trick. He came close on the last power play. Hopefully we’ll see 3 from him this year, and sooner rather than later. It certainly looks good.

  96. All Hail King Henrik on

    It’s incredibly manifest at this point that Nikolai Zherdev is the best forward on this team. If he can continue to progress and develop his game (especially his defensive game [great back-check in the third after on of the d-men coughed up the puck to Madden at the blue-line. Instead of coasting, Zherdev turned around and skated HARD to Madden to break up the play) he is going to be a superstar if he isn’t already.

    If Zherdev can keep improving on both sides of the puck, he could end up playing Datsyuk-esque game. Don’t forget Datsyuk is older and took longer to develop, hopefully Zherdev follows along the same path. He should be Sather’s number one prority for a new contract come Jan. 1st; A VERY VERY close second is the Dubi contract. They’re both essential to this teams future success. Re-sign ’em, Slats!

  97. Nobody will be saying shit about Gomer once he heals up and this nagging injury stops bothering him.

  98. After a sluggish first the Rangers rebounded wonderfully. One of the biggest reasons for the win(and the game turning on a dime) Lundqvist robbed Parise last in the first and made a miracolous save on Zubris. Weekes on the other hand was the rebound king and should have stopped Drury’s shot. The second period was one of the best periods of the season. I loved how the Dawes-Korpkoski line played. The all have good speed and are willing to muck and grind. Dawes looked alot like the player he was last year. Fritsche showed me something too. He is shifty and a willing grinder. I loved the way Dubi and Zherdev played too. Dubi showed that he’s a future captain by sticking up for Girardi in the first period and fighting Zubris later on. Even with it 3-1 Hank made a huge save to keep it there on Langenbrunner I believe. The pp looked really good due to the pointmen being willing to shoot(there’s a novel approach) Zherdev really started to take over shift late in the second and most of the second. There really is no limit to his potential. Good game by Drury and once again kudos to top pkers like Staal, Betts and Sjostrom. Next game will be a much tougher matchup against a non injury depleted team. The Bruins have a good team with some real good young players(and good players like Savard and Chara) and a hugely underrated goalie and they’re very well coached.

  99. I really liked the gritty play and scrums tonight. They were willing to engage in hitting and fighting through checks(unlike the Caps game) Great night for my fantasy team (two assists for Girardi, 5 points for Semin 3 for Ovie and a real good game by Hank)

  100. All Hail King Henrik on

    P.S. What’s with the Rangers broadcast not being on MSG+ (Channel 72 for me)? I realize that is the Devils normal channel, but MSG OWNS the Rangers and they should be given priority over the Devils. The picture on the Rangers broadcast was absolutely terrible. First it was way too bright, then very grainy the rest of the way.

    I watched a few mintues of the Devs broadcast(since the quality was about 100x better), but Chico is basically unbearable. Doc is a great announcer, but having to listen to Chico forced me to just deal with the grainy crappy picture on the Rangers broadcast.

    Were you guys watching the Rangers broadcast or the Devils?

  101. I was watching the Rangers broadcast, Channel 14 didnt work for me at first so I turned on 414 (HD) and it was great, then i checked and 14 worked but regular quality. Glad to see my home boy Nicky Z score.

  102. Yayy I’m so glad somebody told our new Rangers that if the puck doesn’t sail right over Weekes’ glove hand, then it bounces right off of him.

    I’d rather have a blurry MSG broadcast for away games than being forced to listen to some of these announcers on Center Ice. It’s understandable for them to give more detail and inside info on the home team but some (like Chico) are just awfully biased. Nothing is worse than when the NYR play Florida though. Guess what Potvin does for a living now? Guess how much he likes Rangers and their fans.

    Was that tonight’s Knicks game where Gomez did the interview?

  103. Datsyuk is more of a playmaker plus he is great in his own end. I would compare Zherdev with Kovalev. Zherdev underachieved with Columbius(like Kovalev did here) and looks to becoming a star here(like Kovalev did in Pittsburg)

  104. hyena renney ran immonen out of town for being slow but he plays orr on the pp lol. If the rangers trade gomez theyll be in better shape get rid of betts to

  105. NHL Plus/Minus leaders
    Player +/-
    1. Alexander Semin, WAS 13
    2. Aaron Johnson, CHI 11
    3. Andrew Ference, BOS 9
    3. Saku Koivu, MON 9
    3. Nikolai Zherdev, NYR 9

  106. I tuned Daneyko out when he was explaining the subtleties of crosschecking, and why whoever it was should not have been penalized for crosschecking Callahan. What a big dope.

  107. Montreol radio does this regular thing where they laugh at “homer announcers’ they play them calling their own teams goals and then calling the other teams…

    Biggest homers NHL Buffalo Sabres
    Biggest sore losers Bruins

    In baseball

    Biggest homers Chicago Cubs
    Biggest sore losers Redsox ( Jerry Remy actually cries)

  108. one time and one time only i will respond to “bob”, you do realize that betts was probably the best player on the ice for first 20+ minutes?? i just went to teh rangers message boards and somone actually started a thread about how lundqvist should be playing better, bob was that you?? the only goalie taht can possibly be better than hank right now is luongo, who i for unknown reasons despise

  109. Sterling and Waldman are the biggest homers by a far margain. Imo the worst broadcast team in sports history. Phils announcers are rather horrible too.

  110. trade gomez and betts and give korpedo 20 minutes a night. gomez is a turnover machine get rid of him. look how much better dawes played with him gone

  111. Girardi is such a tug of war for me. Genuinely skilled in the offensive zone, head always up, capable passes, good shot, etc.

    But for chrissakes did anyone else here notice the play he made in the first to spring Parise on the breakaway that could have made it 2-0??

    It’s a 2-on-1. Langenbrunner has the puck on the wall. AND GIRARDI GOES AFTER HIM?? LEAVING PARISE ALL ALONE IN CENTER ICE?? What the phock??

    A shit-for-brains play that a kid in his first day of pee-wee knows not to make …. and yet it goes completely unnoted by the resident geniuses on this board. Why? Because #30 is in the net behind him to save his stupid ass.

    I’m telling you, Girardi needs to improve big time in his own end, or he will cost this team enormously when it counts in the spring.

  112. All Hail King Henrik on


    You are correct in that Zherdev is comparable to Kovalev at this point in his career. However, that’s not what I was saying. My point was that if he continues to progress in his own end and get better defensively, he could really develop a Datsyuk-esque game. Meaning 30-40+G-55-65+A and a plus rating (say ~ +19). He still has some bad tendencies, but he is really rounding out his overall game. He is underrated on the defensive side of the puck and if he continues to improve there (as he has been), he will be a truly complete player. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that Zherdev is putting up 35-65-90P +20 seasons in a few years (same age as Datsyuk).

    Excuse the long post, but basically yeah, you’re right, he’s very Kovalev-esque now, but I see him becoming a more Datsyuk-esque player as he continues to progress and develop his game. Renney (for all his shortcomings) is great with enigmatic (he’s an enigma no more) guys like Zherdev and can get him there.

  113. All Hail King Henrik on

    P.S. Above should read 35G-65A-100P. ~90 point seasons can be this kid’s normal production in a few years if he keeps at it.

    Go get ’em, Z!!!!

  114. Girardi is responsible?? Wrong. His play defensively is worse now than what it was when he was called up.

  115. topcorner — You’re a lot of things when you make the play I cited. But “very responsible” ain’t one of them.

    I’m not asking him to be Niklas Lidstrom. Just make the basic plays when without the puck. Right now he’s not doing that.

  116. nutgirl – it was at a meet the fans last night at the wamu theater by the garden. maloney hosted 4 players there and about 2 k fans. 1st maliney asked them questions then the 2nd hr the fans lined up and asked them things. the fans in this case were season holders and guests

    gomez did do a small interview at the knick game i just saw that on the rangers website so maybe that is what you are asking

  117. Overall, do you consider Gerardi a liability on defense? Sounds like you do. He plays tons of time every night, something like 22 minutes tonight (correct me if I am wrong). I guess you can always call someone out on a specific play. I think Dan is doing a pretty good job.

  118. LI Joe,
    yeah it was the interview at the knick’s game on the website that I was asking about. Just thought it would be funny for him to blatantly not be watching the Rangers game.

    All Hail King Henrik,
    I’ve heard Z being likened to Datsyuk before. Would you happen to be the same person who also Hails a certain tall drink of cat-like goalie?

  119. topcorner

    I think DG has been suspect in his own end all season long, but I do not discount the value he brings in the offensive zone.

    If tonight’s misplay was completely out of character with what I’ve seen all too often from him, I wouldn’t belabor it.

    I guess I like Girardi when he has the puck inside the other team’s blueline. I do not like him very much when he doesn’t have the puck, from the redline right back to Henrik.

  120. Dufarge
    I’ll watch more closely, maybe I’m just missing it. I’ve heard others say it, just never stood out to me.

  121. Lev, you are trying to explain Mozart to the pig, I mean bob,this brainless, ubnoxios parrot, who understands hockey
    like ballsless goat fine painting. Just villige/blog idiot.

  122. good game….we saw a lot of unexpected chippiness from the devils which we responded to at times. parise surprised me with a number of dirty plays that i didnt expect from him. an elbow to the face and the cross-checking of dubi when he was on his knees. sucky. but lets not forget the debbies were without their three best players so there is a lesson to be learned from this and one thing is NJ never quits. glad to see someone else step in for our players – the DD’s – Drury and Dubi – both came to the aid of their partners which was a nice change. good win. jersey is in deep trouble with marty – how long before they made a trade with Edmonton for relief? what is the area code for Edmonton or does Lou have it memorized? haha.

  123. The guy ( whose ID escapes me at the moment) is right about the Bruin announcers being homers. They have ALWAYS been that way. As for the Sabres, I cannot opine. Wouldn’t know. But if you think that the Montreal announcers haven’t always been true homers, then you should listen to a few of their broadcasts.

    The fairest ( and in my opinion the best) all time announcer is Chuck Kaiton of the Canes, ( formerly Whalers)

    In my opinion the best (and fairest) I’ve ever heard.

    He has always praised the individuals on the opposition, and was always well versed in all their capabilities and peculiarities. An sbsolutely complete announcer/color man all rolled into one.

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