Loss? What loss?


There were a number of Rangers who pointed to the positives after tonight’s loss, and it’s not like they were completely delusional

The team was down 2-0, crawled back to tie the game, then lost in a shootout contest that is pretty much a toss-up. Had that part gone differently, we’d all be talking about this team’s resiliency in coming-fr0m-behind; and how they’ve now won two of three.

But that’s not how it turned out, of course, so instead we focus on how this team began the night so sluggishly and how they’ve now lost four of its last five. Sorry fellas, but that’s the way it works.

“We did it ourselves,” said Markus Naslund, whose shootout attempt was gloved by Edmonton goaltender Jeff Drouin-Deslauriers, sealing the win for the Oilers. “We have to play with more passion and play the game we do when we play well. We seemed to do that when we’re down a coupe of goals and that’s not good enough. It’s too much work to get back in the game.”

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  1. The way this team starts games — passive, lazy, apparently uninterested — reminds me of the Ron Low era.

    There is a definite pattern at work here. And if the coach cannot get his players to play 60 minutes, right from the get-go, then he is part of the problem, not the solution.

  2. The throwing away of the first half of the game will come back on them in May. WTF is the point of using the first period as a warmup?

  3. Renney is a fine coach. He really is the only coach with a clue Sather has hired since he came here. It is not Renney’s fault that Sather overpaid for guys like Redden.

  4. “It’s not an easy thing to do (to sit Dawes),” said Renney.
    He says gravely, with much heaviness. What a laugh, why don’t you do Shakespeare while you’re at it Tom. Sounds like you wer up all night figuring out how to bench a useless knob like Dawes.

  5. Tom: Prucha Prucha on the bench
    who’s the best coach of them all?

    Petr: Todd McLellan, my furor.

    Tom: who? WHO IS THE BOSS OF YOU?!


    Tom: MEEE!!! I AM THE BOSS OF YOU!!!

    Petr: forgive me, my furor

  6. Normally Im not one to do this….but this team seems to have no chemistry with their lines anyway so I thought I might propose some new ones

    Zherdev-Gomez-Cally put the best playmaker and the best finisher on the team together
    Naslund-Dubi-Voros Dubi played his best with a veteran like Jagr making it easy for him….maybe Naslund can do the same?
    Korpedo-Drury-Fritsche Drurys too valuable to keep taking the beating he does in front of the net, thats why we have Fritsche & Voros
    Sjo-Betts-Orr wouldnt be opposed to seeing Freddy Sjo moved up to 3rd line, but apparently Renney is

    Need to break up Roszival and Kalinin- put Stall and Rozy back together & Mara and Kalinin…if Mara can grow a pair over the offseason maybe he can show Kalinin that the puck is not a LIVE GRENADE

    And renney needs to get vally back in net soon to redeem himself and not burn out the king…its a long haul and a long way to the top if you wanna rock n roll

  7. Mara has enough nuts to give out spares! What do you mean ‘if Mara can grow a pair’? The guy has played great and actually takes the body, actually tries to muscle attackers aways from the net.

  8. what a sloppy sloppy game

    they looked like doo doo tonight

    lucky to get the 1 point

    positives my ass

  9. Henrik gets the Devils, that’s a must. And no reason he can’t play the next 5-6 games with the easy schedule. Valley gets the Yotes and Panthers.

    They got a point, so it could be worse. The PP still stinks.

  10. Hear yee
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    Can’t you see
    Too soon to panic
    The ground is rising
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    Cry baby fans
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    Buck up
    Chin up
    And stop the bumming
    Have no fear
    Sundin is coming!!!

    Ha ha ha!!! :)

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    Znatj uvídjil vas ja vdrobryi chas!

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    Unjisljí na vjek majó schástje.

    Óchi chórnyje, óchi zhgúchije
    Óchi strásnyje i prikrásnyje!
    Kak ljubljú ja vas! Kak bajúsj ya vas!
    Znatj uvídjil vas ja vdrobryi chas!

    Tom: Rissmiller just laugh at my jokes and I will make a star out of you.

  12. was trying to praise Mara for toughening up since last year
    and yea the power play is gonna keep sucking until our top unit gets changed—-if those three couldnt work as a line why does Pearn keep thinking theyll work as a power play unit.

    It was nice to see girardi out there to start the powerplay coaching staff is finally recognizing who our best d-man is

  13. this poetry is stellar (though not so sure about that ‘relax your ass’ line, sounds like the big house). I no longer feel any panic, nor any sense of doom. the Rangers are great, so great that what takes 60 minutes (or, in the spirit of giving, let’s just say the majority of the game) for some teams, almost gets done (and I do mean almost) in 35 by NYR. What they should do, is go to sleep for just 25 minutes, then there is a good chance of a win in a shootout, maybe.


  14. I think the biggest thing that stood out to me tonight was not the team’s play – yea they were bad the first half. Yea, Lundqvist didn’t get much help. Yea, the defense was porous and the team as a whole had its typical turnovers…but who can figure out these ref’s? They call everything one night! Then tonight they almost call nothing (with the exception of a bad call on Hemsky and a call on Mara they probably could have let go because it was overtime).

    Renney, please see that Rozsival is terrible!! I think Renney’s noticing because Rozy started getting less time on the PP.

    Hey guys, how good is Dubi in the shootout? I don’t remember his stats from last year.

  15. explain to me why mara, who after scores a huge goal is taken off the pp for worthless kalinin, mara has been maybe there best all around dmen and they screw him like this…bad coaches no wonder mara has a chip on hiis shoulder, get him ao the pp everythime with girardi

  16. RollmeaDubi

    Thanks for not calling me an idiot. I am rather dense at times. I agree with you, and maybe Renney is going to agree with you about changing up the powerplay. Certainly can’t hurt, can it. Especially on the point. I watched one of the Edmonton powerplays closely tonight (only saw one period). One of the dmen just used his skating to move laterally at the right speed, right across with the puck on his stick, just looking for the chance. The other dman just switched. As people have said way before me, that’s how you get the defenders moving and open up lanes. Double-whammy if that guy also can shoot.
    When did you ever see Roszival do anything remotely like that, or even Redden, who we know always did it?

  17. If Redden even begins to play a little better, we package him, Dawes/Rismiller/Kalinin/picks to any team who wil take these useless pieces of sh*t off our hands.

    The insanity needs to stop. Renney needs to stop dicking around with the lines. Time to stop experimenting with where Sather’s mistakes fit in. They don’t.

    Time to roll three lines and go with 7 D. I’d rather see Potter and Del Zotto then Redden and Kalinin.


  18. they need to work on their passing….during the first period every oiler pass was tape to tape….the only time the rangers put two passes together in the first half of the game was the mara goal….something ive been noticing now for a few games

    and i know hes hurt but im throwing this out there—GOMEZ IS AN OVERRATED PASSER-for every good pass he makes he makes 4-5 bad ones

  19. Totally agree, they need to practice their passing, worst passing team in the league.

    Korpikoski getting only 7 minutes is an absolute joke. what is Renney thinking? Is he thinking?

  20. Mara has been busting his ass and wanted to play badly for this team. Right on.

    And, for my money, Betts can’t get enough credit for his PK play. He’s been exceptional.

    I’ve defended Renney in he past, but I’ve got to say I think the coaching is stagnant, stubborn at the wrong times and about the wrong issues, and making all sorts of poor decisions.

    Not that the players are coming out strong or hustling as hard as this team’s gonna have to if it wants to succeed without an A level d-man and 180 3rd line players.



  21. Yeah, like I said last post, this passing to space crap is killing me. Hit guys so they can shoot right away. 2 goals a game being lost…

    And hit the net!

  22. I’m not that upset Korpo got only 7 minutes, he had a few rough patches but it’s ok, he’s learning. The Devils should be a good test for him as their D ain’t exactly great.

    Zherdev needs to be out on the first unit with Gomez and Naslund.

    Cally needs more PP time and should go to the front of the net.

  23. All Hail King Henrik on

    It’s unfortunate that our 3 lowest paid defenseman are our best defensman, and our 3 highest paid defensman are our worst defensman at this point in the season.

    Mara, Staal, Girardi > Redden, Roszival, Kalinin

    Imagine how much better our offense could be if we didn’t have $14 million tied up in these three players, when really we could have servicable $1-2 million dollar players providing what they have THUS far. That would be another ~ $9-10 million or so to spend on offense.

    I hope they can turn it around and play to their potential, but at this point, we’re way over-spending for the defensive performances we are receiving. Rosi really needs to find his game again and Kalinin needs to be more responsible defensively. Redden hasn’t been too bad, I’d say overall he’s been mostly solid (with a few gaffes), but certainly not $6.5 million solid. He was supposed to be the answer to our PP troubles if I recall.

    If there was no cap this wouldn’t be an issue, but alas there is a cap.

  24. All Hail King Henrik on

    If it wasn’t for Hank, I suspect our team defense would be ranked around 17-20th instead of 2nd.

    If we really are going to have difficulty scoring all season (again), then the team needs to start cutting down on the large number of high-quality scoring chances against and focus on really trying to win 1-0, 2-1 games, especially at home. We certainly have the goaltender to accomplish that.

    I’d much rather seem them win 4-1, 5-2 games, but if the reality is they continue to struggle to score goals, then they need to play better defensively and focus on limiting the oppositon to low quality chances and try to win 1-0, 2-1.

    I’d rather see the offense, but more important I (everyone) wants to see wins. If it takes stricter defensive play and opportunistic goals, then so be it. It’s better than losing 3-2, 2-1 every game.

  25. I say better to have a coach who uses his talent correctly, not a coach who tries to make his players fit a particular style.

  26. mhurley
    November 11th, 2008 at 12:16 am
    If Redden even begins to play a little better, we package him, Dawes/Rismiller/Kalinin/picks to any team who wil take these useless pieces of sh*t off our hands.

    The insanity needs to stop. Renney needs to stop dicking around with the lines. Time to stop experimenting with where Sather’s mistakes fit in. They don’t.

    Time to roll three lines and go with 7 D. I’d rather see Potter and Del Zotto then Redden and Kalinin.


    Nobody and I mean nobody is trading for Redden and his insane contract(both in years and pay) Going with three lines game after game will just where out the top forwards early on.

  27. at present the only offensive weapons are; zherdev, dubi, gomez, cally, voros, drury, and naslund.

    the 4th line is the 4th line and the guys they barely play or have no patiene with; korpi, dawes, and prucha have given them nothing.

    they need to score more some how some way…

    they may have the best goalie in hockey, they need more offense some how.

    Roszival is playing crappy and Redden for 6 more years!!!!!!!!ouch…

  28. I wonder if I’m watching the same games as some of you guys.

    Ok, lets look at this way…turnovers tonight, first goal Rozsival stares at his guy blow right past him. He’s SUPPOSED to be covering Cole on the goal, but Cole has a solid 4-feet of space when the pass comes through. The second goal was a product of Drury over-skating a slow/bad pass and Redden watching the play from the goal line (I think because he was tired, the D was caught in a line change and Staal never jumped on).

    I think Kalinen has been decent. Looked ok on the PP too. Rozsival is the biggest sucker on this defensive squad, by far, perhaps Redden/Kalinen are tied for second place in that race but nowhere near the dreadful play of #3.

  29. Its no good having a go at Renney for juggling his lines. He’s only playing with the cards he’s been dealt by Sather, and at the same time trying to find the most potent combinations while making sure no-one sits for too long. If we’d had 12 forwards nailing down spots there would be no issue, but players like Dawes, Prucha, Fritsche, Korpedo and to some extent Drury are forcing the coach’s hand. I think we’ve got to make some concrete decisions soon though, like trade or play for Fritsche and Pru, up or down for Korpedo.

    The thing about carrying 7 D-men can work both ways if a player is nervous that one mistake could get him benched, it all depends on the psyche of the players involved. I don’t think benching Roszy will do anything other than dent his already fragile confidence, if i were Renney i would drop his ice time and give more time to Mara and Staal, at least that way he has a chance to play his way out of the slump.

  30. 1. Korpedo overskated the bad pass on goal #2 not Drury

    2. It doesn’t matter if Renney has outlined his system to fit his players or not, this is the team he wanted and was built to play his style. That style is clearly a puck possession oriented approach that relies on a team getting in real quick on the forecheck and cycling down low. It is not a trapping system in the Devils’ mode of 10-12 years ago.

    3. When the team is able to play with the correct level of intensity they are a very strong team. Unfortunately that appears to be only 60% of the time. This is the real coaching problem with the organization, not the x’s and o’s and not the line combos. It frankly doesn’t matter who plays with whom if the team works hard the way they are supposed to.

  31. Oh yeah, and much like the dismal Isles game last week, anything but 2 points in a runaway fgame against NJ tomorrow is unacceptable, inexcusable and pathetic.

    It’s at the point where other teams around the league target the Rangers as the team their backup goaltender will face.

  32. onecupin67years on

    “Loss?, what Loss?
    Is the Loser Sather ,Dolan mindset at MSG. Its ok to be mediocre, think and play like this in the playoffs and they’ll be golfing in april.

  33. “Renney is a fine coach. He really is the only coach with a clue Sather has hired since he came here. It is not Renney’s fault that Sather overpaid for guys like Redden.”

    Graves – I don’t know what was said before this, so I don’t know if you’re joking or not. But we will probably never agree on anything more…ever.

    “Mara has enough nuts to give out spares!” = Hilarious.

    The long and short of my thoughts on the game are pretty simple: If it was IN Edmonton, I’m fine with it. Since it was at MSG. I’m dissapointed at the effort.

    Dru’s goal was flippin awesome.

    Rozy f’n sucks, and I’ve decided which side of the fence I’m now on, on that matter. The side that would like to personally drive him out of f’n town. What a waste of $5mil. Still stand by the idea of putting that $5mil towards the msg renovations.

    Sam – Love the line about being ‘huge in edm’.

  34. Absolutely poor first half of game for the Rangers. Standing around like a bunch of pylons in the first period they hardly made an effort to help each other out by failing to get into good position to receive a head-man pass.
    Aside from getting pinned in their defensive zone by the Oilers’ effective forecheck, the Rangers consistently failed to press an effective forecheck in the offensive zone. The Oilers broke out of their end much more easily than the Rangers tonite. Playing half a game just won’t work very often in the NHL.

    Lineup changes tonite were of no positive consequence.

  35. By the way, Zipay wrote that Kalinin had a “quality game” last night. Not from where I was sitting. The only player who gets a bye from this game is Henrik, whose ability to focus and concentrate this season has been outstanding. Overall entertainment value of last night’s game was C+. Simply mediocre.

  36. Ford-my first thoughts exactly. Reminds me of Ron Low, time after time, saying how he wanted the team to come out with fire but came out flat.

    Mara was a statue on that 2nd goal but he gets a pass for scoring and being a solid D this year.

    Beer-I gave up on Rozy about 2 weeks ago. Redden is next on my shit#y Ranger radar.

    Nasty’s been saying it and I’m starting to agree-Sundin is coming.

  37. u guys (rangers) lost i dont want to hear about positives. u (rangers) are 1-3-1 in the last 5. I DONT WANT TO HEAR ABOUT POSITIVES U GUYS (RANGERS) LOST, I ONLY WANT TO HEAR ABOUT WINS!

  38. After that Devils game, the tough games start, against the teams that will be in the playoffs most likely. They better prepare, cause they’re not gonna get away with 35 minutes of hockey.

    As for Shanny, i cant wait till he signs, this whole thing sucks, and it seems obvious we’ll be seeing him another 4 times, or 5 times this season.

  39. Last night, even in the third period and OT, the Rangers seemed confused when they had the puck outside of the offensive zone. Guys just stood around and didn’t make quick decisions. Their transition game is completely outta wack, and that’s the defenseman’s fault. Someone’s gotta tell Wade Redden to stop dressing up in stupid fancy suits for magazines, and work on getting his transition passing game down. This is why we got him. He was supposed be the catalyst for our transition game. I’m starting to miss Jagr as well.

    RollmeaDubi – I agree with your points, and your line changes as well. At this point, they don’t have a dominant line combo. They don’t even have a 1-2 punch that is guaranteed.

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