Drury back at wing? (Updated)


OK, a lot of ground to cover. I’m running late because I just did 10 minutes on Edmonton radio. I’m huge there, in case you didn’t know (not really):

<li>Update, 6:30 p.m.: Here are the lines:

Naslund-Gomez-Callahan; Drury-Dubinsky-Zherdev; Voros-Korpikoski-Fritsche; Sjostrom-Betts-Orr

Earlier: Tom Renney said his plan is to use Lauri Korpikoski at center tonight, which would open the door for Chris Drury to move back to wing.

Also, look for Aaron Voros off of Brandon Dubinsky’s flank and moving to a line with Korpikoski and Dan Fritsche.

Renney was being coy about the other combations, but if I had to guess — which is dangerous — I’d count on Drury going back with Scott Gomez and Markus Naslund, while Ryan Callahan will be Nikolai Zherdev and Brandon Dubinsky. But again, these are just guesses.

When asked his rationale for sitting Nigel Dawes — although I’m not sure how much rationale you need seeing how Dawes has just one goal this season — Renney said he thought the team needed some more toughness after Saturday’s debacle in Washington.

“The game in Washington suggested the need to be a firmer team, as physical as we can be with the assets we have,” Renney said.

<li>As for my suggestion of moving Fred Sjostrom off the fourth line, Renney sounded a bit like John Muckler a few years back, when the former Rangers coach said the media was overhyping a then young and underutilized Manny Malhotra.

“I think one of the things that’s happened with Freddy is he’s been projected as a first- or second-line guy his whole career and I’m not sure that’s what he is,” Renney said. “I’m not saying we won’t get him to that point. I think that’s a nice objective for us, but I think the tendency is to play him up and all of a sudden that dries up. The expectations become far too high and you end  up being disappointed.”

Bear in mind that Renney was saying all of this in the context of being “really, really happy with Fred’s game right now.”

Just as long as he’s playing on the fourth line…

<li>Michael Russo in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune had a story over the weekend saying that U.S. Olympic team GM Brian Burke and his staff have “already begun evaluating talent for the 2010 Games in Vancouver”:http://www.startribune.com/sports/wild/34127899.html?elr=KArksD:aDyaEP:kD:aUnc5PDiUiD3aPc:_Yyc:aUU. The story says that while the likes of Scott Gomez and Chris Drury are likely to be back, a new generation of players are also being scouted as well.

With that in mind, I would have to think Brandon Dubinsky could be one of those meriting a look, especially given his strong performance in last spring’s World Championships. But when I asked the player about it, he said nothing good comes out of worrying about it.

“I think it took a little while for me to learn, but when you’re in juniors and you sit there wondering what scouts are in the stands and what scouts are watching you, or are you going to get invited to prospects camp, it ends up being more destructive than productive,” Dubinsky said. “Right now I’ve decided I’m going to play my best to help this team win and if that’s something they want and recognize, then maybe I’ll be able to help their team win.”

Of course, Dubinsky did concede the World Championships experience only fed his desire to play in the Olympics.

“Anytime you have a chance to play for your country, it’s something to be proud of,” he said. “Obviously in the World Championships we had meeting and they said they were looking for the Olympic team. That’s when they start the process. It was something to think about when I was there and part of Team USA, but I’m back here and it’s out of thought process.”

Update, 8:38 p.m.: The Rangers head to the third down a goal. It’s another game when they’ve had enough chances to be winning, but also another game that featured some notable lapses, and some more listless play from both Wade Redden and Michael Rozsival.

I’ve always said the Rangers don’t need to carry a seventh defenseman as long as Hartford is so close. But now I’m seeing a reason why you might need to call someone up: No one on the back end faces even the remote threat of being scratched.

More later…

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  2. Uhh why takes Voros off the Dubi line? He has great chemistry with Dubi and Zherdev. Drury looked like crap on the wing earlier this year.

  3. Can we fnally get a Naslund-Dubinsky-Zherdev line?

    Drury can’t pass, so he shouldn’t be a center, Korpikoski is a much better passer.

    stop giving Gomez a second more than 19 minutes of icetime.

  4. Joe,
    You seem to know a decent amount of information about hockey, so Ill ask you. Whats the difference between a premier jersey. The only jersey I have ever owned is a Leetch jersey from 96 and it has brought me nothing but bad luck when wearing it. I’ve been to 18 Rangers games in my life and everytime I wear it. My record when being at a Rangers game is 0-18. I think its time for a new jersey. The last 4 games I’ve been to were against the Florida Panthers and they lost every time. I’m going on the 28th and I need a new jersey before that game.

  5. I’m not sure if my last post came out, so the correction is on the first sentence…difference between replica and premier and any other kind of jersey

  6. Not a big Sjostrom fan … those players are a dime a dozen … fast skater — no finishing touch … talk him up big, then trade him.

  7. HECK, the replica jerseys are visually the same as the jerseys worn by the players. Authentic NHL jerseys are fully stitched, including the stripes on the sleeves, letters, numbers, have double shoulders, and have fight straps sewn in them (since it is a game misconduct to not have your jersey tied down). Replica jerseys will appear the same, but the sleeves usually have the stripes silk screened, the letters and numbers are sewn, but then attached with heat press. These are your typical jerseys that you find in Sports Authority or the like. Still really nice, just not authentic as a game worn piece

  8. HECK, the Premier jerseys are the RBK replica jerseys. You can usually identify the replica jerseys from the authentic ones by the price. Authentic jerseys go for $230-$300, replicas for $100-$150

  9. Sweet. Good idea, or bad idea to get a Dubinsky jersey right now with all the stupid trade rumors and RFA next year?

  10. jerseys are corny and you feel like an idiot walking around with it on after a loss, buy a nyr tshirt and donate the rest of the money to your favorite charity…. or local pub

  11. Well there you have it. Stick Drury with Dubi and Z and see what happens. I guess we will see Dubi and Z get more ice time now. I really hope it pays off. I have wanted to see this line for a while now.

    Sundin is coming!!

    Haha, I know that is driving some people crazy by now. :)

  12. I disagree Chief, I wear the jersey with pride win or lose. C’mon, if we’re still Rangers fans, we know what it is to lose. I wear the jersey with pride, I’m sure my team does too, win or lose.

  13. Heck if your set on a jersey get one. As far as Dubi goes I can’t see the Rangers not signing him unless he has a terrible season…He will NOT be traded…that is the most stupid rumor out there.

  14. Let’s give the new lines a chance. Puke-up & Dawes don’t belong on the Rangers. Given ample opportunity, they’re to small, get knocked off the puck too easy. Neither one can check worth a crap & I’m sick of fans wanted them to play. TO DO WHAT????

  15. Hey, anybody know a website that is streaming the game live? I’m stuck in class tonight. The Justin.tv site isn’t working for me

  16. HockeymanRangers on

    I would think Renny would leave the Dubinksi,Voros, Zherduv line alone. Why does he have to change all the line just b/c he is bringing Korpi back.????????????? I say leave what works alone, yea no line has been overwhelming good but I swear Dubi, Voros, Zherduv IF KEPT TOGETHER would come togehter more and more. As some of us had said before Renny needs to leave the lines alone to see if they work after awhile. Just a little more patients with these lines. Oh well hopefully something works tonight, and we score some goals. Lets not even make it close lets coast this game.

  17. The Gomez line looking good and followed up by a good shift by Dubi’s line. The Oilers defense is disjointed. Rangers gotta get it deep against that defense.

  18. Where is bob? Trade Pearn….

    So/So first period, what is it with Rangers vs Teams coming of a game the night before? They don’t start well at all.

  19. Rangers looked pretty good after a rough five minutes of the first period. The Gomez line was terrific. If only Gomez could hit the net. Zherdev is overhandling the puck like crazy(Looking like Kovalev of his Rangers days) Drury doesn’t look all that good on the wing. 4th line has been pretty good so far if only the had any offensive upside. Korpkoski and his linemates were invisable. Redden made a nice play on Hemsky when he tried to dangle by him. Good pace that period. The Oilers d backs in like crazy and has defensive liabilities (Souray and Visnovsky) along with two pylons(Strudwick and Staios) so they’ll get plenty of chances just need a finish.

  20. HockeymanRangers on

    Rangers need to play with more urgency. It looks like “ho hum another hockey game”.

  21. gomez stink he can’t pass or shoot trade him and fire renney. betts wont hit and cant stickhandle yet hyena renney keeps playing him over dawes

  22. Korpikoski is being set up to fail by Renney. Period of almost no penalties and he gets only 2 and a half minutes of icetime. Fire Renney

  23. I don’t understand why Renney always starts the 1st unit when the 2nd unit has been way better. That 1st unit always sucks ass when they’re out, its almost like they’re playing scared.

    Gomer was decent, but i think that Oilers goal was from one of his giveaways.

    Hopefully they pick it up, this goalie is a nobody. Even though Nyr makes no name goalies look like gods.

    Anyone see Dru slam his stick against the glass ?? Wonder what that was aboot, maybe some fan called him Dreary.

  24. I wonder when will Renney think up the most obvious top line of Naslund-Dubinsky-Zherdev and play them at least 18 minutes?

  25. Ha, yeah man I hear you. But dim the lights a little, crack a yuengling and just see what happens.

  26. Are the Rangers the only team that seems to change lines when on the attack thereby forefeting scoring opps???

    So…after Voros wastes his body in front of the net and does his job well,,, Renney banishes him to the Fritche – Korpi line??


  27. LI Joe
    November 10th, 2008 at 8:09 pm
    something tells me someone who posts here is going to get her wish
    Lmao. You mean Shanny wearing nothing but a lab coat and knocking on her door?

  28. Cally just continues to be the Rangers best and most consistant forward. Sweet pass to Mara by Cally.

  29. onecupin67years on

    The Rangers dumped jagr and Sanny because the team wanted to get younger and faster.. so they sign Naslund and the others.
    and the still look slower and are older.
    The Rangers look passionless ,slow, old , and the quality of their talent is crap, Gerardi can’t keep up the the Oiler fowards, never mind Rozival .
    Either the Rangers don’t have the talent or Tom is the wrong coach ,because they play like they don’t give a damn.

  30. saw this on andrew gross blog

    “Lastly, the disgusting moment of the day, brought to you by Zherdev. As us reporter types huddled around Renney and as the coach was trying to discuss the differences between the East and West conferences, there was a series of three loud, repeat, loud belches from around the corner, which set us all off laughing, even more so when an embarrassed Zherdev turned the corner and saw what he had interrupted. He apologized and Renney wished him good health in Russian.”

  31. “good decision by Redden” idiot Joe Mich says

    Yeah shoots when theres no traffic in front of net, seconds before with a screen he passes

  32. i almost wish that the team would go on some long losing streak so that Bazooka chewing face Renney would find the exit outta here… so f*cking stubborn

  33. put korposki on the pp but no gomez has to be on the pp instead. he loves killing kids confidence. trade gomez and betts. naslund hitting today

  34. alot of old players making big money trade redden, gomez, drury, and rozsival. naslund can stay hes hitting today

  35. Kudos to Callahan on that assist to Mara. Also great sense to get in front on that shot that was so, so close.

    That said – in the replays, Callahan just stood there after the shot and he had plenty of room. Every coach in the world will tell you to keep playing until the whistle. If he drives to the crease, maybe that puck goes in…….

  36. Rangers are the only team who’s powerplay kills their own momentum, tires only themselves out and kills their own fans energy..



  37. why is korpi at center when he scored a hatty in hartford as a wing? put the playstation back together and have korpi-drury-fritsche, it just seems too obvious.

  38. Really good period. Hank probably took a nap that period. The Rangers possed the puck the entire period and got plenty of great chances. The Naslund-Gomez-Callahan line is hitting it’s stride. If only Renney would reunite the Voros-Dubinsky-Zherdev line. I thought Cally might be a 15 goal guy but he’s showing me he could be a guy that scores 25+ goals and put up 50 points. Fritsche actually had a couple solid shifts(easily the best shifts of his career)

  39. Better period by the Rangers. To bad Cally didn’t score, that was fuggin close. Gomer was way better, so he better keep that up.

    The PP actually looked semi decent, moving the puck around.

    You gotta LOVE Renney’s coaching. Mara scores his first goal in aboot a year, and he takes him off the PP for Kalinin, but before he scored that goal, he’s been on the PP all season long. I don’t know what Renney thinks during these games, but some of the things he does doesn’t make any sense.

    They better score on this PP.


    I don’t know, i think the other one has a little more sex appeal, all that skin, and stretching and all. But id still go with Jill if i had to choose. Obviously these chicks are no Megan Fox, but eh.

  40. I was down on Fritsche all season, but he’s shown a little fire today. I have to give the guy some credit…he’s trying to earn a regular shift.

  41. NYR

    Exactly what im thinking. Play him on the wing. If anything put him in Drury’s spot, id love to see him with Nicky Z, and Dubi just for the hell of it. I doubt he’d hold them back, but he’d be doing more than Dru.

  42. “alot of old players making big money trade redden, gomez, drury, and rozsival. naslund can stay hes hitting today”

    Lol, priceless. I guess Betts is hitting tonight.


    Eh, who knows what would have happened, maybe he didn’t see it, but i doubt he would have got to it. Fuggin close though.

  43. Great freaking goal. Speaking of great plays how bout that play by Kalinin? Rangers got a little sloppy until another great shift by the Gomez line.

  44. Its a Western Conference team. I say we go balls to the wall and win this shit in OT and not play for the shootout.

  45. More painful truths

    Without The King Rangers are a below .500 team

    Rangers vs Tampa 3W 0L
    Rangers vs Real NHL teams 8W 6L and tonite……..

  46. So another 30 minute game for us and once again we expect the victory. Its not gonna happen that way unless we are playing shisty teams.

  47. onecupin67years on

    They deserved to lose tonight,they let Souray cross check gomez without any fight or revenge against the oiler forwards .
    I didnt see the ranger throw 1 check in the OT.
    They played like sissy’s

  48. Cant say much aboot that game since they lost it in a shootout, but they had their chances to put this game away, and they didn’t.

    Ill take the point, cause this game looked shitty early on. But it sucks to go back on another losing streak.

    Better turn it around against the Devs, i don’t care if they’re still tough, that’s a must win.

  49. Leetch is the man on

    I really dont understand why everyone hates Betts. he suck offensivley and doesnt hit, but his job is to kill penalties and not make mistakes. He never gives the puck away and does his job on the fourth line. Anway game was ok, Renney needs to leave the lines to build chemistry i dunno if thats Slats callin the shots but if it is get a fukin scorer here. 40 shots 2 goals should be more like 5 goals.

  50. ONECUP

    Gomer deserved a cross check with the way he’s been playing. He was good tonight though, but you cant force someone to fight you.

    But yeah, they did deserve to lose this in a way. But they fought back to tie it up, but once again, when you play for 35-40 mins a game, odds are, most of the time you’re gonna lose.

    This team still hasn’t played a full 60 minute game since the win against the Devs, unless im mistaken. That game against the Bolts wasn’t, they fell asleep a few times.

  51. onecupin67years on

    By fight I didn’t mean to fist fight although Gomez should have done something, fight means not to give up which they by not taking the body

  52. If Sather would round up some of the flotsam and jetsam floating around, all the spare parts that take up too many brain cycles with all the analysis, package it up, and grab Sundin, there wouldn’t be as much ‘plainin about the missing piece. Sundin is the missing piece.

  53. Orr,
    I completely agree. If you don’t give an effort for at least 2 full periods, dont expect to win. We pretty much made Henrik stand on his head at the end. And I am kind of confused as to why Z took the shot, maybe to fake the goalie? He has so many tricks up his sleeves.

  54. onecupin67years on

    they sleep walk like their coach.. get rid of the coach ,get madman behind the bench,oops you need a sather puppet.

    this crap is beginning to shape their season

  55. Top corner,
    After seeing this team for 19 games, I have to agree. I have not watched Sundin closely but I would have to say he’s the only player out there that we wont have to trade for. And his numbers have always been consistent. We should grab him before somebody else does

  56. You could argue it either way. We deserved to lose that game because we didn’t play 60 minutes of hockey and we shit the bed in OT. We deserved to win the game because of how we came back. Either way, we didn’t score on the PP again, and we only scored 2 goals. It stings a little less because it was against a West Coast team.

    Sundin is coming!! :)

  57. onecupin67years on

    they are wasting Henrik.. he may get pissed off and only play 20-30 like the team does.
    I could live with losing if you give 100% team effort, but this is garbage

  58. Yeah, i think that’s 3 times he’s done that.

    Waddya gonna do, that’s the way it goes.

    I hate shooting first, i don’t like it at all. I like having the chance to be the last shooter, to either tie it or win it.

    Tough loss, once again. This team needs to get it together, cause the tough games are coming. I feel bad for Hank that he has to put up with this BS. He’s a great goalie, but he’s not gonna stop every god damn puck. Id like to think we can play those 1-0, 2-1 games, but its way to tough. Especially if you got giveaways galore.

  59. I thought they played well and competed. This was one of their better 60 minute efforts. I wish all games were played like this. The second period was one of the better periods of the the year. I can’t say enough good things about Cally. He has played as well as anyone game in game out. He hits drives to the net and always gets his shot through. He does remind me alittle of Pat Verbeek(not suggesting he’ll ever be even half the player but he does remind me of him) Gomez imo played his best game since the first games in prague. He entered the zone with speed and set everything up. Drury had a rough start(with a bad turnover) but he came up with a huge goal and was good on the pk. Fritsche imo was very good. He threw the body was around the puck and backchecked hard. Mara was again really solid in both zones. Kalinin had a very solid game too. I ike him on the pp he has a hard shot and always gets it on net. Hank after a very quiet second was huge the 3rd and ot. The Oilers young players are ridiculously fast. Gotta hand it to Bob’s boy Betts might be the best pker in the league. He along with Hank came up huge late. Dubi and Zherdev were somewhat quiet but once they were reunited with Voros they got some peep in their step. If they compete like this vs the Depleted Devs they’ll win easily. Just need to clean up the turnovers. I liked the hitting picking up tonight.

  60. JOE

    Hmm, not sure. But id say either him or Denisov would get 7th. You know how Renney gets with those D-men like Potter, Sanguinetti, Sauer. He wouldn’t let them stick around without playing.

    I hope one of them get called up, and that player steals Kalinin, or Roszivals spot, Danny G style. Heaaaavy !!!!

  61. Add alex hemsky to the list of player and can’t stand!! Is anyone these sick and tired of these garbage goalie standing there head against us. Mcdonald,brent johnson, and now this scrub!! I have had it!! It’s time for a shake up!!

  62. There’s no such a thing as a must win in November espicially when you’re in first place. I will stay a loss will be very dissapointing though. Except for Parise all of their best players are hurt.

  63. Why can’t the Rangers hit the net?

    Why can’t the Rangers make passes, on the PP and off, that are immediately shootable? Other teams seem to make passes that their teammates one-time. F passing to “space.”

    How is Patrick Roy playing goal for every team we face?

  64. ROC

    Im sick of it too. That’s what’s making these losses that much more painful. Makes me wanna throw up.

    They’re decent goalies but they shouldn’t be looking like Roy, and make the Rangers look like 4th liners. Its sickening.

  65. ORR !! What Is It Good FOR ??
    November 10th, 2008 at 10:10 pm
    Why does Renney use Kal on the PP over Staal ?? I don’t understand that. He said in the beginning of the year he would give Staal some PP time. Im not saying he’d be unbelievable but still, he’s a smart player
    Because Staal hasn’t shown anything offensevely at all. Note him overskating the puck in ot. He hasn’t yet developed an offensive game yet.

  66. All Hail King Henrik on

    Tough loss–they didn’t show up for the first period (I’m not sure I can recall a single player going to the net in the first).

    They were standing around on the second goal. You can’t expect Hank to stop a deflection from 4 feet in front of the crease.

    HORRENDOUS turnovers in OT by Staal, and Kalinin/Roszival. They probably deserved to lose this game, just because of those turnovers. Rosi HAS to step his game up.

    Hank has allowed 2 goals in the last five games and yet they are 1-3-1 in those games. That’s terrible.

    What happened to the starts we saw in Prague? It seems they come out flat almost every game for the first period.

  67. The coach can’t coach — partly because he can’t coach in anything less than optimal conditions, partly because he’s constitutionally terrified, and partly because Sather is calling his shots just as Steinbrenner was calling Stump Merrill’s shots.

    If you don’t have a head coach with steel in his spine, this is the result you get. Four losses at home before Veterans Day.

  68. What The HECK
    It’s a layer of superbity that the Rangers are missing. It’s the extra thing we don’t have. Sundins don’t just grow on trees, he is a pretty good example of the complete player.

  69. I miss Tyutin’s ass-check :(

    Ya know what really bothered me about Redden was a scene in the locker room after the win over the Thrashers the other week. Renney was doing the tour shaking all the players hands and he came to Redden who was chatting to another player. Redden looked up mid-sentence, then looked away and continued his conversation while giving Renney a cursory handshake with his head turned. THAT’S YOUR COACH YOU ARROGANT FOOL. There, good to get that out. But, really, with his kind of contract, and with what Sam pointed out again about the 6 man D, he’s got nothin’ to worry about.

  70. All Hail King Henrik on

    I don’t understand Renney’s philosophy on line changes vs. the power play. He changes the lines before every game, and in-game, but he REFUSES to change the power play units?

    It seems that when most other teams PP is struggling, they will go with the even strength lines on the PP.
    The units should’ve been:


    The even-strength line combos were really working well in the second, and creating chances. Why not parlay that success into the power play? Instead, we draw a penalty and go back to the same old PP combos that aren’t clicking, and NOTHING.

    If the lines are producing chances at even strength, and the PP is not clicking, why not at least try the ES line combos on the PP? It wouldn’t hurt to try it for 1 power play, Renney! They can do no worse!

  71. For two years now this team’s offense cannot generate 3 goals a game? Jagr, Shanahan, Drury, Gomez..these guys have 8 cups between them and the professor. with “0” cups can’t milk more than two goals a game from them??

    Where is everyone who blamed Jags for the PP failure?

    You dont here from them because the PP is worse…its been getting progressively worse since 05-06 when Jgas carried the offense on his back

    And speaking of the PP…watch a good PP, see how the de-men at the points constantly move towrds he center of the ice after getting a pass..then watch Renney and Pearns PP and they are statues

  72. The worst was to throw Redden and Dan out there on power play in third period after they just spend a minute + during the extra skater session….CHANGE THEM!

  73. All Hail King Henrik on

    Zherdev has a great forehand-backhand move on the shootout. We have yet to see him use it here, but there are a few examples on his highlight reel from Columbus.

    Renney should really encourage Zherdev to deek and go forehand backhand (or whatever he chooses) instead of just shooting. He has a great shot no doubt, but he’s got better moves and a hell of a backhand.

    Deek, Z! We’re behind you.

    Perhaps he’s afraid he’ll lose it off his stick and doesn’t want to not get a shot off going in as the first shooter? So he takes the safer approach by getting the shot off? I don’t know.

    Renney should put Z in the second or third spot, perferably the second to take some pressure off of him. He has said previously that he doesn’t like to go first in the shootouts.

  74. If this is another ho-hum 42-40 season; middle of the pack playoff; lose in first or second round…Renney is gone.

    Torts is in…..

  75. I blamed Jagr for the powerplay predictability. And so, as I learn more, I realize I was probably barking up the wrong tree. It looked to me that Jagr was calling the shots, but hey if I’m wrong I’ll admit it.
    I’m not a huge Renney fan, but then again though I love the Rangers, when I fell in love with this team they were an offensive powerhouse with Ratelle, Gilbert, Hadfield and Park (Mr. Mobility on the blue line and everywhere else). I always got bored with slow motion.

  76. Hah graves,that would be hilariously fun but not very effective without skates. Seriously though, as soon as I’d see a man carrying the puck up the boards there was Tyutin’s behind coming across the ice, aimed right for him to topple over. I was happy to see Kalinin try it tonight.

  77. Ron Wilson. Exactly. You are reading my mind. Perfect balance of knowledge and pissed-offedness. Guess which side of the equation is missing with NYR?

  78. Forget my last post. I should have just said that Ron Wilson knows how to coach. He is a coach that the Leafs young players flourish under.

  79. I used to think that a coaching change was BS, but look at what it did to Chicago this year. They weren’t going anywhere with Savard, and they got Joel Quenneville and they’re knocking teams senseless. We have so much talent, it just seems like we’re doggin it

  80. Some Ranger haiku:

    Tom Renney is weak
    A man hobbled by Sather
    But no excuse — a loser!

    The players well know
    They do not have to triumph
    “We’re here to retire, brah!”

    The power play sucks
    Tom Renney has the answer:
    It’s Prucha’s fault, y’all!

    Henrik Lundqvist kills
    But the offense is a joke
    So sorrow ensures.

    Pearn Pelino Renney
    Swell guys all, though the whammy?
    They chew ass, all three!

  81. Wow you’re full of team spirit tonight!

    Renney took the Rangers to being playoff contenders again. His head’s definitely not on the block yet. If If If that’s as far as it goes,and he can’t get this very bright talented team together, then yeah he’ll be getting that politically correct kiss goodbye. I did think that the dismissal of Renney by Redden could have been saying as much about the coach as about the player. Only the team would know about that though.

  82. What I worry about, and I think it is valid, is that if you give it enough time, the young Rangers we are excited about now could possibly become another Prucha in the future. Not being reckless here, but do you think Staal is progressing as we expected? I don’t.

  83. someone explain to me why…mara scores a huge goal, has been on powerplay all year and then after he scores pearn takes him off the pp for worthless kalinin? what are they thinking, mara has maybe been the best all around dman and they screw him like this…no wonder he plays with such a chip on his shoulder

  84. By the way… does Lundqvist’s hairstyle ever bother anyone else? It looks so awkward… like he parts it in the wrong spot… I’m sure it’s not costing him any tail but it honestly makes ME uncomfortable FOR HIM!

  85. Chris

    The reason for the Ragers poor PP showing is the coach. He simply hasn’t the capacity to understand that you do not go out there game after game like Waltzing Matilda Roszival and immediately start looking for some one to pass to instead of firing away at the net – hard and constantly!
    ( Like the real teams do, and like they are coachied buy real coaches.)Just watch the opponents. You do recall the Tampa game – the few chances they had they fired cannon shots, and gave Lundqvist fits. This team will never amount to anything as long as Renney is the coach. It’s really that simple. ( And Sather’s not far behind.)

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