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The Rangers practiced today with the same lines, with the small exception Dan Fritsche subbing in for Petr Prucha alongside Nigel Dawes and Chris Drury (if you’re Prucha, it’s not exactly a good sign if you and Patrick Rissmiller are manning the point together).

This rotation of Fritsche and Prucha has gone on pretty much all season, and seeing how neither has a point yet, it’s fair to say the results haven’t yielded much.

So here’s my question: While acknowledging that the fourth line has been one of the Rangers’ most consistent units all season, why not try bumping Fred Sjostrom up to the third line with Drury and Dawes? Sjostrom has underrated offensive ability as it is, and he’s had better luck this season than either Prucha or Fritsche (which, granted, isn’t saying much).

Meanwhile, one of those two can easily slip into Sjostrom’s spot with Blair Betts or Colton Orr. And if you feel you need more size there, you could even consider bringing Rissmiller back from purgatory.

I won’t charge for this advice, but the team can feel free to thank me if it works.


On a completely different note, I already had a soft spot for this Kathleen Edwards song. But the video now takes it to a whole new level. Notice the cameos by Marty McSorley (who is also a prominent part of the song) and Paul Coffey.

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  1. Sam, I think that is a good suggestion. Sjostrom would also provide a physical element to that line that it is currently lacking. Sjostrom is a fast powerful skater and could help that line establish a forecheck.
    I would, like the other posters above sit Dawes over Prucha…Both players have offered little so far but Dawes has been given a much better opportunity. I think he needs to sit a few…I think it would help him get going.
    And give Rissmiller a shot on the fourth.

  2. Hey Sam, here’s MY question: Why don’t you address your question to Renney himself and report on his response?

    The freebie pass that the Ranger beat writers, with the possible exception of Brooks, give to Renney is stunning.

    I am not saying that you should be a prick or obnoxious or self-important. But for chrissakes when your franchise player is run at like Lundqvist was last night and nobody in the media has the stones or the sense to ask the coach why this was tolerated, something is terribly wrong.

  3. Renney is out of his mind when it comes to dawes….. Am I seeing a different game? He says things like he’s doing everything he needs to…. I suppose flubbing 85 percent of the passes that come to him, and screwing up an equal amount of passes he gives is doing what he needs to?? I don’t know… He’s virtually invisible out there unless you zero in on him and really begin to understand that he’s useless! Prucha at very least plays with emotion on the ice and is visible…. His style of play rubs off… fellow teammates see that sort of effort and it inspires them to match it. Dawes on the other hand coasts around and watches the play and expects the puck to come to him…. Renney preaches he wants his team to WORK…. well Dawes is the exact opposite of that. He’s lazy!! Only thing going for him is he isn’t stupid… hasn’t taken any notable penalties or done anything to actually hurt the team…. Leave the fourth line alone tho… if I were to switch Sjostrom with anyone it’d be Voros…. Give me Korpikoski Drury Prucha/Fritsche on the third and trade Dawes for a fourth rounder

  4. Great post Sam for a sleepy Sunday morning. Essentially Dawes and Prucha are taking up two valuable roster spots One which most definitely should belong to #14 Brendan Shanahan. It’s not too late I feel to make that call to him today. Before Shanny finalizes that deal with the Flyers, Devils or Pens. Yeah, yeah…I know many should say let’s move on. But we have done a great job of integrating youth all throughout our line up, and isn’t the organ-eye-zation’s goal to move to the next level and compete for that big silver trophy?

    If not, agreed on moving up Freddy and dropping Fritsche in with Betts and Orr. It’s a shame that Dane Byers is done for the season, ’cause he is the young “greasy” forward that we need integrated in our lineup. Management did a horrific job regarding Rismiller and integrating Fritsche as well.

    I know that Korpikoski “could” be sent down. But the patience level with him was no where near where it has been, frustratingly with both Pinata Prucha, and “feets don’t fail me now” Dawes. Oh by the way, in a game like last night, would’nt you rather have Jason Smith back on dee than Kalinin Even Corey Potter would have competed more in front of his own net.

    We are too small up front, and not tough enough in front of our net. Thank God for King Henrik, or we would be hovering around 500 right now.`

  5. ha, Bring in Shanny!!!!!!!! i didnt start this though sooo LI JOE dont get on my case about it.

  6. Dawes is playing terribly. Sit him. Give Prucha a bit more time.

    They looked lame last night. Again, the PP comes up lame. It’s not just the goals it could provide, it’s the momentum.

    Oh well.

    Go Rangers.

  7. Let me try and summarize my thoughts about last night.

    First of all. Saturday night game, in DC, the most talented team, the Caps, vs. the team with the best record, the Rangers, go head-to-head.

    The Caps were all over the Rangers in the first period at the Verizon Center where they have yet to lose this season. Running Lundqvist, the best player on their team, and beating the Rangers to every loose puck, outshooting the Rangers by a wide margin in the first, and oh yes, taking a two goal lead.

    Rangers are not quick enough against the Caps to get any power plays to even stop the momentum.

    By the third period the Rangers have a chance to tie the score with a penalty shot and a late power play where they could have been up 6 on 4 if Renney had the stones to pull the goalie, which he didn’t until late in the PP, and Drury gets off a real weak effort on the penalty shot, real weak.

    Caps have more talent, Ovechkin, Backstrom, Green, Semin and more size and grit Clarke, Bradley, Erkstine, Brashears than the Rangers by a healthy margin.

    This was the playoff game of the year so far. This was the game to find out how we “matched up” against the best in the east, next to Montreal, and the Rangers held on, thanks to Hank, but are severely overmatched and most likely wouldn’t win one playoff game vs. Washington.

    What an incredibly exciting team Washington is, and they could be better if they had a better defense and better goalie, definately one of the best teams in the league, top five.

    Rangers are somewhere in the middle. Will make the playoffs, but like the last three seasons will go nowhere once there, barring some major pickup like Iginla, the Phoenix captain or even Gaborik.

    Staal, Dubinsky, Dawes, Callahan, Girardi have been in the league as long as, if not longer than Baclstrom, Semin, Ovechkin and Green and neither are anywhere near as dynamic as those players, maybe Dubinksy.

  8. Hank is brilliant, by the way. We have a cup caliber goalie on our team. Watching Ovechkin on his knees celebrating only to realize Hank had the puck, was just priceless. And I love Ovechkin! I would take him over anyone in the league. 2 goals and all.

  9. The Caps are a very fun team to watch and they definitely have talent. At the same time, they are a team that take A LOT of chances. That is what makes them a non cup caliber team. That is what makes them a team that we should have beat last night. Their defense is mediocre at best. The Rangers problem is that they weren’t attacking and challenging Washington until the second half of the second period on, when it was too late. So I don’t want to hear that they are a much better team than us, because they aren’t. And I will take our D, as much as many of you have a problem with them, over Caps D any day. Especially in the playoffs.

  10. Sam,
    I think the problem with putting Sjostrom on another line is that they are “the most consistent unit all season”. If we split them up and throw Sjostrom somewhere they become 2/3 of a consistent line (unless that third player matches up well).
    Sam, also I was wondering if Petr Nedved was off the market. He was by far the most consistent player in the preseason and showed that he still had stuff to work with. I hear all of this Shanny and Sundin talk, but I think that getting Nedved would be the right option here and I am 92% sure that he would take a greatly reduced paycheck to come back to this team. Anyways, I always liked Nedved and he always worked hard, I can’t always say the same thing for Sundin and Shanny. If anyone objects, give me a good reason why those two should be in there and Nedved shouldn’t.
    Sam, one last thing, I have been an advocate of Petr Prucha for the past week because I feel that his energy level is greater then all of the other subs and he can create his own chances. Well, I think the time has finally come where I can say, I think we should try somebody else. And that somebody else, should be Lauri Korpikoski. He can deflect pucks, shoot, pass, play defense, dipsy-doodle, and seems to work his @$$ off. I think he deserves a second shot. Is there any chance seeing Korpi soon?

  11. Time to do exactly what happened last season.

    Let Korpedo take Dawes’ spot, and send him back to the fuggin minors until he’s ready to come back up, and take someone’s spot.

    Pruchs just flat out needs to be traded, for anything. Im officially done with that guy, he’s been a major disappointment ever since last year. Maybe he hasn’t gotten a fair chance, but if he was as good as some people think, he’d be able to fight through that BS.

    Slats needs to clear some space anyway.

    Those Gomer trade rumors from pre season. Im stating to lighten up to them, but im not giving up on the guy just yet. But Gomer has been horrible, he’s trying to do to much. He just hasn’t been good at all. I don’t care if he leads the league in shots, Shanny did last year as well around this time, but only had two goals, more or less.

    The lines need to be changed. Zherdev needs more ice time, and so does Dubi.

  12. HECK

    I don’t know why Korpedo was sent down. He did absolutely nothing wrong. He wasn’t given enough chances to prove himself. He was playing smart hockey, so what if he wasn’t scoring, that will come, all the pieces will fall into place, but he was doing exactly what everyone else that wasn’t scoring was doing. Which is BS of course. I hate the excuses the coaching staff comes up with when they send someone down, or scratch someone. He deserves a real chance, playing on wing where he’s more fuggin comfortable. Play him with Dubi, and Nicky Z, that’s a lot of speed there. Or just throw him with Dru, and Dawes.


    I never said that Pearn WAS getting fired. What i meant was Drury probably thought it was possible that it would happen, so he probably was quick to give him all the credit. The teams likes the coaching staff. They definitely don’t wanna see them get fired for their shitty play.

  13. Did anyone see the clips of that Dallas verse Sharks game ?? Turco really blew it with 34 secs left. Shot the puck into Marleau, and Patty put it in, ouch.

    Also Avery squirted some Gatorade into the Sharks bench, and threw the bottle.

  14. orr – korpo was sent down since he was only forward that did not need waivers and to get him some playing time. also to help with the cap situation having 22 instead of 23 helps a bit. of course at some point players will not be able to play due to injury and a lot of this will sort itself out.

  15. More and more I am coming to the conslusion that re-signing Shanahan may be the way to go. While I agree he is old and slow, the guy can still score goals and shoot the puck.

    After last nights game, maybe a wiley, ballsey old shooter would be better then some of the gutless younger guys (Redden, Rozsival, Kalinin are three that come quickly to mind)on this team. I cannot imagine Brendan letting the Caps run Henrik without some retribution.

  16. Nssty1:

    I might agree with your agrument that our defense is better than Washington’s defense but their ability to score goals is far superior than ours and makes thier games that much more interesting to watch.

    Their power play, with their 20 year olds running it, is leap years better than our $25 million power play with Rozival, Drury, Gomez and Redden.

    Not even close.

  17. Joe:

    I think Sather has moves he needs to make. He needs to free up some roster space on the team, try and free up some salary space as well.

    Get another defenseman up with the big club, because Marc Staal and Kalinin deserves a spot in the press box after last nights game.

    We need a banger on the back-end and more size up front.

    Yeah, we need lots of help. And if we don’t it, I predict the same type of season we’ve seen the last few seasons.

  18. They need to start thinking how to undo all those terrible UFA signings of the last 2 offseasons.

    But first replace a coaching staff. Why are we so tolerant of mediocrity?

    Too many playes on the team are just poor at passing, stickhandling, puck control, receiving a pass.

    Too many players think they can score from a bad angle, that is coach’s job to fix.

    Passing is the most essensial to success, and this team makes too few passes and too many bad ones. Gomez is the most overrated playmaker. Drury, Callahan, Voros, Prucha, Dawes, Betts, Fritsche, Orr, and Sjostrom are not playmakers at all. At least half of them has got to go, we need players that can pass.

  19. mhurley – time to pull out the 2nd half of the year tapes on Shanny the last couple of years. from January on he was a shadow of his former self. so even if he misses 2 mos that just pushes his expiration datew to march so he will still be a negative come playoff time,

    boy I hope he signs somewhere else and quick. preferably a playoff contender so there is no talk about trading for him at the deadline.

  20. you know what is really funny, Gomez has been averaging over 7 minutes a game more than Zherdev and over 2 minutes more on the PP and playing with more skilled players yet they both have 9 assists. And Gomez is 7.35 million center.

  21. ha really funny. First of all, Nedved didnt make the team cause he was never good to begin with. We already know what he brings.

    wow do i love the Shanny arguements!!!!!!!! Lets hope we get him before the Flyers do. Of course we can have Dawes who looks like he should be auditioning for the wizard of oz part 2.

  22. Here’s some good arguments for you Dr. House- As ‘bad’ as Shanny was last year he still had the same amount of points as Prucha and Dawes combined. Don’t think it could be a bad thing if he were to replace one of those. Drury’s the only one on this team who had more goals.

  23. i agree mhurley no way Shanny puts up with that garbage. He sticks up for anyone. I miss him again.

  24. Dr,
    Did you not watch the preseason? Im guessing not from that statement, but he was the best one out there night in and night out. I believe that if we get him then we’d only have to get rid of 1 maybe 2 players max. Also, he has clearly demonstrated that he still has “it” and can bury pucks into the back of the net. He didn’t magically have the most goals in the preseason by luck. He worked for it. I don’t understand why so many Rangers fans hold a grudge when it comes to Nedved.

  25. I really dont care, i have watched him enough. how many times are we gonna bring him back? It never worked out and this year was no different than any other year. He is a softy, plus when Messier doesnt like someone you go with him cause he is the man. Nedved aint that good, he never did anything during his years that made Slats and Renney want to keep him.

  26. Hank is brilliant, by the way. We have a cup caliber goalie on our team. Watching Ovechkin on his knees celebrating only to realize Hank had the puck, was just priceless. And I love Ovechkin! I would take him over anyone in the league. 2 goals and all.

    Priceless moment. Will be on Hank’s higlight reel for years.

  27. Here’s an idea-move Sjostrom up to line 3 and call up Justin Soryal and try him with Betts and Orr. Soryal is a beast, 2nd in the AHL in PIMs and then besides Voros and Cally, the Rangers would have more physicality.

    Korpo needed to get back in shape and I say mission accomplished, he’ll be back in 4 weeks top.

    Dawes needs to take a few games off; I love the guy but he needs to lose some muscle and get his speed back.

    Prucha has become Radek Dvorak 2.0=it’s only a matter of time before he’s dealt. I don’t know if he’ll be in the NHL next year.

    Drury is an idiot savant or something; he’s just so good sometimes but he doesn’t have outstanding skills and is terrible with the finesse stuff. I’m not liking is or Redden’s deals. Seriously, they should just send Redden to Hartford next year if they’re no takes or trade him for Jose Theodore or some other similar stupid contract when any combo of Del Zotto/Sags/Potter/Sauer/Kundratek/Gaulton are ready.

  28. Florida needs goals. so we should trade them Prucha and Dawes for Bowmeister and there number one pick

  29. Lenny – thanks i nearly spat my coffee laughing so much at that..!!
    Here, take our 2 mediocre under-performing wingers for your #1 draft pick and #1 d-man – only in the land of EA Sports would you be able to get anything like that..!!

    Although i agree with you about trying to package a couple of wingers to get something better, but i think we’d be throwing in a top draft pick too, not receiving one.

  30. Dr,
    So basically the past means everything to you. Well then I guess Prucha is your man. Personally, I live in the present, where if a player is doing well, I am happy and want to play him. Nedved was playing well, I dont care if he is a softee or had a bad work ethic in the past, or even if he couldn’t produce in the past. He seems to be in the best shape of his LIFE and was the BEST Ranger out there in the preseason.

  31. ok how about trading those two to the Islanders for Witt and there number one. the Islanders need scoring to.

  32. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Dawes has been terrible, Prucha created so many chances for him in the 1st and 2nd periods last night…and Prucha got sat?!

    Zherdev and Dubi do everything!! Pass, shoot, 1-on-1’s, defense, PP, can PK (if Renney lets them)…they are the best PAIR of forwards this team has and Z is the best forward on this team. But still, I turn on my TV and watch Gomez, Drury, Dawes, and even Betts and Sjostrom taking from the time those two guys should get! Sam, can you ask Renney why Z doesn’t play 18-20 minutes every night??!!

  33. In four games at Hartford, Korpikoski has been sensational down there, AHL MVP caliber play. Problem up here was playing him out of position. Now we know he is not an NHL center. Time to recall him, insert at LW where he belongs and scores goals by the bushel. What’s the problem, Rangers management? Oh, right, he’s not 28, yet, or he would be here.

  34. its fun and all to argue who should be benched on the third line (u could make a case for all of them drury included), but the bottom line is they arent the ones that are going to make or break the team. Dawes/Prucha get no special teams time at all, so their few shifts on regular strength while important aren’t whats wrong with this team.

    We have a clear lack of offensive talent on our top two lines. Zherdev may have the potential but he has already shown how inconsistent he is and naslund just isnt the player he was. Gomez has looked awful but look who he’s playing with. cally has overachieved, but we are asking too much of him to be a scoring winger. He would make the third line great, but unfortunately we have no other good wingers so we can’t move him dow. Voros is a big body, but his skills arent quite there (yes i know he’s leading the team in goals, but that is more indicative of our lackof offensive ability rather than his scoring touch). Dubi is learning and I have no problem keeping him on the 2nd line, but Im not expecting a lot of goals for him.

    Finally even if they had the cap space for Sundin, what would be the point, who is he gonna set up, its not like the guy is gretzky in his prime

  35. Pete,

    One of the best post I’ve seen in a while.

    Like it or not… these are the guys we have this year… there may be a trade coming but I can’t imagine how it’s gonna be a blockbuster (unless we come out on the wrong end of it)… given who we’re looking to deal.

    These guys just have to preform. Last night they didn’t… against the Isles and in the 3rd period against the Leafs they didn’t.

    When they show up they can skate with almost any team. when they don’t… they’re mediocre.

  36. Here are the times of players according to NHL.com
    Name ES PP PK Total
    Prucha 10:03 0 0 10:03
    Gomez 17:17 3:43 3:01 24:01
    Zherdev 13:50 2:08 0 15:58
    Dubinsky 13:17 2:08 0 15:25
    Drury 12:07 4:01 2:44 18:52
    Callahan 15:31 0:03 0 15:34
    Voros 13:53 1:53 0 15:46
    Naslund 14:54 3:28 0 18:22
    My analysis-Gomez hasn’t been the best and he is getting too much ice time. WAY TOO MUCH. If anyone deserves the amount of time Gomer is getting it should be Z. I say you split that all up though and give it out evenly. I would also like to point out that both Callahan and Pru were not given any chance on the powerplay even though last game Cally scored and was leading the team in goals until yesterday. Also I would like to note that the second PP line receieves less time then the 1st line, yet still has more goals then the 1st line. I think they deserve to get teh first PP lines time.

  37. Nyr should trade to get Sutton.

    Even though he’s a dirty player, id love to have that kind of dirty player.

    This team needs to get dirty, but not the kind of dirty that will put us on the PK for 5 mins.

    As for J-Bo, its gonna take a 1st rounder, Prucha + to bring him over.

    Supposedly its a deep draft this year, so who knows. Maybe dumping the 1st pick wont be smart, since we’ve wasted our last couple on the likes of Montoya, and Jessiwoman, and lost Cherepanov. Hopefully Korpedo, Sags, and Del Z don’t share the same fate.

    Id love to have J-Bo though.

    Ughghh, i really hope we can trade Roszival, cause not a day geos by where i cant stand that signing. I really hope a teams willing to take his salary.

  38. The Rangers don’t have the cap room to get Boummester plus it’d take alot more than Prucha and a pick to get him geez Orr think once in a blue moon. Funny how you rip Orpik(a top defensive dman) but wanna trade for a slow footed crap dman like Sutton because he’s dirty” God damn are you clueless.

  39. PETE

    He’s a dominant player. Much like Jagr, except he’s more physcial. He’s the kind of person id love to have on this team.

    I cant believe anyone would be against him for ONE SEASON !! That’s ridiculous. As much as i love Shanny, id prefer Mats, sorry House Girl.

    Sundin has never scored any less than 72 points in the last 12 seasons or more. He had a great year last year. He can help Nyr out. He can probably do more than what Gomer has been doing. Throw Nazzy on his wing, or Nicky Z, who fuggin knows. Tell me you wouldn’t wanna see that, cause that’s insane if not. He’s not old, and slow, he can still skate, he’s smart, he’s responsible, he’s not lazy he doesn’t “coast”, or any of that whiny BS Nyr fans come up with.

    Id definitely want him for the playoffs too. Lets face it, the majority of this team hasn’t really been to the playoffs for more than 3 seasons if not none, except for some Vets. Mats has done good in the playoffs, and has shown up. Shanny on the other hand didn’t last season, but eh, i still believe injuries had something to do with that.

    Sign the guy, trade Rozi, and Pruchs !! If anything, trade Dawes along with Pruchs to bring in a D man. Only if Korpedo truly is ready to stick around, and stay around.

  40. House bullcrap Shanny of 6-7 years ago would surely step up but the only time he really stood up for a teammate here is when he fought Brashear. Outside of that he was pushed around and beaten along the boards and front of the net.

  41. im not saying he would be terrible, but we could bring in joe thornton and i dont think it would make that big a difference. we need people who can finish and i dont think naslund will just suddenly become good again b/c sundin is here. and then what do you do with gomez/dubinsky/drury, one of them has to become a wing. comparing him to jagr isn’t that reassuring b/c although jagr could dominate ie control the puck, he wasn’t putting up 50 goals anymore, nor do I expect sundin to do that

  42. Orr Are you stupid or something? Prucha has no trade value you can add a first round pick to him and still aren’t getting Boummemester you dopey ten year old. Oh yeah OPrpik is a puss he is only one of the most feared open ice hitters around moron. Didn’t you admit to only becoming a Ranger fan only 2 or 3 years ago? You know who the Panthers would want for Boumester? Dubinsky you short bus riding fool. Of coarse the Rangers won’t make the trade.

  43. Sundin while great has never been as dominant as Jagr was think ten year old think. Go back to being a Red Wing fan.

  44. Pete, yes well said. Since when has one sharp-shooter made up for everything. Gretzy was a prime example. As amazing as he was, there was no support for him when the NYR got him. Remember all his passes to empty ice? This was not a symptom of old age! He knew where players Should be but they were never there.

    Hockey stands alone as the one sport that Must be a team effort. Stolen from Swift’s article about the 1980 U.S. Olympic team: “the whole was greater than the sum of it’s parts by a mile.”

    About Pru: He’s such a hard worker but I don’t see a place for him in the NHL which is hard to say. That first season, he had two things going for him which don’t exist anymore. One was Jagr setting him up – when two men would be on Jags, he’d pass to Prucha left all alone and underestimated by opponents. (haha Jagr looked like he had 2 heads for his entire career – his and whatever defensemen was attached to him). Second, Pru had the Czech support group. There was one time when he was dumped to the ice by his face in front of the goal (no penalty, of course, it’s the Rangers) and when he skated back to the bench Nylander and Straka were there waiting to hug his head. The kid is on his own now and other teams don’t neglect him anymore. He can draw a penalty with the best of ’em but otherwise…

  45. Anyone that thinks bringing back a 40 year old with eroding skills is gonna help this team is competely lost. Btw I recall Shanny doing nothing when Fedoruk threw Jagr around like a rag doll a few years ago.

  46. Orr you have to be the biggest idiot in the world. You are like these Yankee fans that think they can get Peavy for dreck like Shelley Duncan. You know nothing about Hockey you yutz. Stop calling every Ranger fan dumb when in reality you are the dumb one. Most people here have been fans for decades of this team while you just jumped on the bandwagon.

  47. All Hail King Henrik on

    Dawes has been the worst forward night in and night out. Why is this guy still in the line-up?

    The Korpedo is more talented and has more upside than Dawes, Prucha and Fritsche. Why he is not playing LW EVERY NIGHT in place of Dawes is beyond ridiculous. How Prucha is scratched over Dawes is beyond ridiculous.

    All I saw last night from Dawes (when he wasn’t completely invisible) was him getting out-muscled and knocked off the puck. We are a small team as is, and a non-physical team. We already have enough smallish players that struggle to score. This team needs some size to balance that out.

    Korpikoski should be recalled ASAP and play every game at left wing on the 3rd line (or even 2nd if Voros is moved), until he A: does something horrible to hurt the team that warrants him being scratched, or B: Dawes or someone else earns that spot back from him.

    As far as I’m concerned, The Korpedo EARNED his roster spot in training camp and Dawes did everything he possibly could to earn himself a spot in Hartford. Yet, The Korpedo is in the AHL and Dawes is sucking up the NHL every night. If we’re all about team-speed, well, Dawes is slow and Korpikoski is not.

    At this point, I’m almost ready to say give Anisimov a shot at 3rd line center to add some size to this team. Give him a game or two–if it doesn’t work out, then send him down. No harm, no foul. He is good defensively, so it’s not likely he will hurt the team with poor play in his own end. (which is probably Renney’s #1 concern as a coach).

    I know people are going to say not to move Drury to the wing, but honestly what has he done this season at even strength at center anyways? He can still take faceoffs and be just as useful on the PP and PK.

    Some will say they’re AHLers and we can’t expect them to produce at the NHL level. Perhaps that’s true, but our “NHL forwards” in Dawes and Prucha look like AHLers (worse on some nights) out there anyways. What’s the difference?

    This is a good team (in large part due to Lundqvist) with a few roster moves, we can be a great team.

  48. Trade: Gomez, Rozsival, Prucha, Betts, Fritsche, and maybe Redden

    Bring up: Anisimov, Soryal, Potter and Korpikoski

    Sign: Sundin and maybe Nedved

    then we can smoke some teams and maybe win a Cup.

  49. Ouch graves9, I remember Shanny getting cracked in the head and going out on the ice for over 10 min that game. And then Orr did HIS job the next time Fedoruk was there. I also watched Shanny take on Jason Smith during a preseason game last year in Philly to make sure everyone knew where things stood. Then I was booed by 12000 people for cheering him on. I’m not saying he’s what the Rangers need, but it has nothing to do with a lack of skill or courage.

  50. All Hail King Henrik on

    And those roster moves do not require a huge shake-up of the roster (which is definitely NOT needed). We have what we need for the most part (sans a pure goal scorer, and TRUE bruising d-man) in our farm system.

    For years the problem with this organization was the lack of depth on our farm club. We have that now–why not utilize it?

    At the very least, give them (Korpikoski, maybe Anisimov) a chance to fail. Perhaps they will succeed.

    All else being equal (i.e. neither player putting up points), would you rather have a forward who is 5’9 193 and slow or a forward who is 6’1 195 and fast playing 3rd line LW.

  51. Instead of blaming Dawes or Prucha or Drury or Gomez, let’s put some blame on Dubinsky and him losing 12 of 13 faceoffs last night.

  52. Hey guys- listen..I know it’s hard having patience with young guys like Prucha and Dawes but I believe they’ll eventually get it. But the fact of the matter is that it probably won’t be this year. Prucha atleast contributes in other ways even if he can’t light the lamp.

    Most of you seem to get it though. This team is just too light on the wings. One player ISNT going to make everything better but it’s a step in the right direction for this year and probably next. Does it have to be of Jagr or Hossa type proportions? no. But someone who CAN infact finish would be a plus. If Shanny was playing right now he’d probably have 4 or 5 goals. and we may even be a game or two better. But even if that were the case people would be talking about how he’s taking time away from the likes of Korpedo and Dawes. It’s a catch 22 of sorts..

  53. the coach expects to wake up Prucha by not putting him on the PP, so he stays asleep making the coach right in his own mind only

  54. graves,
    the issue is not the talent on the team, it is how it being used. orr should rarely see the ice, betts should kill penalties and be out late in periods thats it. zherdev should be playing 20 minutes a night, same with dubi, gomez, and drury. have seen enough of dawes and prucha to know its over. i agree it is time to recall korpikoski. the best players have to play the most. stop the trap and play up tempo, and actually forcheck. i know that teams dont forcheck in the nhl anymore, but maybe the rangers should try.

  55. Hey Sam, I like your idea of Shoestring on 3rd line.


    keep at it, buddy!

  56. Nedved,
    Why don’t we just trade the whole entire team? The only thing I agree with on your post is signing Nedved or Sundin. NOT BOTH. Also Korpi would work nicely on this team right now. He is one of the few players on this team that knows how to deflect a puck. But the question is…do we have the money? If we need to dump players who? Prucha, Dawes? Thats still not enough.

  57. GRAVES

    Once again you old moron who cleary cant read. I said + / PLUS. Don’t be jealous of my youth your retard. That + can be anyone from Sanguinetti, Korpikoski, Anisimov, Del Zotto who ever the fugg. Ugh, you’re such a moron, i have to say it what, 3 times for you to understand what “+” meant ? Another thing you blind bat son of a bitch, Orpik, basically he’s a Hollweh, except he’s a d-man, he’s taller, and he is a pussy. Where do you get “feared open ice hitter” from ?? Obviously you don’t even watch the Pens play, you just take his two hits on Jagr, and a couple of hits from the Cup Finals, and you automatically make him out to be the physical god of the NHL. Lol, you’re the dopey one, but also pathetic. As for Mats, yes he is dominant. Maybe not as dominant as the Jagr of the past, but of the present Jagr. Meaning he can score 30 goals, 70 points. Quit trying to make yourself look cool, cause you’re looking like a fuggin moron, who thinks he knows hockey, except all you really know is what you hear, and don’t say otherwise, don’t waste your time cause i don’t believe you. The only thing you know aboot hockey besides what you hear, is watching Nyr play teams. Another thing, id be worried with you calling me a short bus riding fool, dopey, or what ever, since you’re the same. Must take one to know one, lol idiot.


    The majority of Nyr fans are in fact complete idiots, and i cant stand most of them. They say how classless NYI, or Philly fans are, when they’re basically the same. Don’t talk baseball to me cause i have no idea what you’re talking aboot. Also i didn’t “jump on the bandwagon”, i got into hockey in 03-04, so why don’t make dumbass comments when you don’t know anything aboot me, you’re making yourself look like a moron. And im guessing you’re in your 50’s or what ever, so id expect an old man to be a bit more mature. And i know a lot aboot hockey, maybe i don’t know everything you know cause im only 18, so i get a free pass. Just cause you know aboot what kind of socks Bobby Orr used to wear doesn’t mean you’re the god of hockey. Only a loser uses that against someone, which brings us right back to the start, another pathetic fan.


    I didn’t read that. But im not him, obviously. I believe him like i believe Jessica Alba when she says she’ll do a nude scene, which for the fogies like Steve, and Graves, that means i don’t believe anything he says.

  58. Graves9 what are you talking about? I said Shanny stands up all the time, stop watching Tommy Boy.

  59. All Hail King Henrik on


    I tend to agree that Arty is still a year away. I really expected him to make strides in training camp this year and make the team. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Still though, I don’t think it would be bad for him to be called up for a game or two (even if they play him on the wing) to get a real taste of the NHL, so that he can be truly ready to step in next year and contribute.

    At this point, I think Anisimov could do no worse than Dawes has on the third line. We certainly don’t want to rush the prospect, but a game or two would be benificial in several ways, not the least of which would be Dawes sitting in the press box!

    The Korpedo is ready, though, and should be playing above Prucha, Dawes, and Fritsche (in that order of depth, IMO).

  60. “I have the answer! Petr Nedved!”


    You are are a sick individual and you need to seek some help.


    True. The sucky thing is, with Fritsche on the team, and being a center, as well as a winger. His chances are very slim. Especially with Rismiller here also.

    But even so, Dubi, Dawesy, Cally, and now Korpedo all weren’t rushed. he difference between them and Arty, is they’ve been playing in North America, and that game, but Arty hasn’t. But i sure would love to see him on the team for a game or two.

  62. Oh yeah, the whole Shanny and Fedoruk thing. If i remember correctly, Shanny went right to Fedork, and it looked like he was ready to challenge him, but a split second later Avery and Richards dropped the gloves i think.

    I remember thinking to myself “ugh why did Aves do that, Shanny was aboot to drop the gloves”

    Oh well. It doesn’t matter, that game was a nightmare, and by the time it was over, 2 Rangers were injured, and 3 were hurt, including Hank.

    But Shanny would stick up for his teammates obviously. I put the blame on Renney. I seriously think he tells his team to not do anything stupid, and stick to the game. At least that wack job Melrose said he has no problem with someone going after a player that is messing with his goalie.


    I’d only want Nedved, if he replaced Betts. That’s it. Its to late for him though, that ship has sailed, id much rather have Shanny than him.

  63. Why does everyone hate Petr Nedved so much. Granted he wasn’t much in the past, he looked AMAZING this preseason. I think he is the scoring touch that we need and he would work hard and is not slow by any means. Sure we could pick up Shanny or Sundin…but we don’t know what they would look like after the summer especially after their bad starts. We got a preview of Nedved and he looked great. He screwed up one time in the offensive zone which led to a goal, but you can’t blame that on him! It was in the offensive zone. He should be the #1 candidate in our minds and I have yet to hear a reason why not.

  64. Im the wise one here , im 40 and I think Orrs got a point , Yes Orr is the guy banned from BB and id say he told some of you guys how it is ,,, HAHAHA Orr , if ya wanna listen to someone who know hockey …im canadian and I became a fan of NYR sinse Messier came aboard .

    Ptr Nedved is done …embarrasing to think , let Jagr go , sign Nedved!!?? dumb . Dawes and prucha are small , if were keeping small Drury we may have to trade em for size.

  65. I hate to admit it, but Dawes really doesn’t look good out there. That’s not to say we should just cast him off. We went through this last year with Cally. Sent him hack to Hartford and let him find his scoring touch again, then he came back and contributed. I think we can do that same for Dawes. It’s really a shame about Prucha, but the leash is getting shorter. If he doesn’t start contributing soon, he’s gonna have to go. At least we gave him a fair shake though. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Korpedo back in the lineup soon, but only once he’s ready.

  66. Dang man,
    You are a hypocrit if you want Shanny or Sundin out there but don’t want Nedved. Thats all their is too it. Shanny is 39 years old (soon to be 40), slow, and showed little signs of life in the playoffs. Sundin is 37 looks very impressive but declined at the end of the year and has had a long summer off the ice, so we don’t know if he still has “it”. Nedved is 37 and demonstrated that he was a force to be reckoned with. After looking over Sundin’s statistics though, I have to admit, Sundin is the better choice if he will do it for a greatly reduced price.

  67. I’d love to see what Anisimov can do now, but Korpo and Potter should be up. I was a little bummed AA didn’t have a better preseason, but he’s still learning and is gonna be just fine.

  68. Sam, thanks for the link to the Kathleen Edwards tune. I dig country, and mix it with hockey and it’s a recipe for a winner. Geez, look at the size of McSorely’s neck, it’s like a tree trunk. That guy must have been way intimidating to play against.

  69. By the way, yes that was a mid argument change after further review. I can admit when I’m wrong. My order of people I want Sundin>Nedved>Shannahan.

  70. HECK,

    Come on pal? Seriously? If Nedved is the cure for what ails this team then we’re in worse shape than I thought.

    Nedved looked fine in PRE-SEASON but there’s no way!!!

  71. onecupin67years on

    Sam, Country music Sucks , period !
    The Ranger recipe for scoring is stale ,time for some new ingredients.trade some bodies already,Prucha’s value keeps going down,every body else is overpaid,trade cally, and Dubi and dawes .

  72. Nedved is playing in the czech republic so he’s not even an option (thank god) so stop the madness!

  73. Ranger Defender on

    Loved the Kathleen Edwards video. Marty McSorley had a lot more than a cameo role. He was the star of the show!

  74. Orr you’re a fucking retard and I’m not dealing with your retardiness anymore. You should be banned from this site for being a general douchebag. Do me a favor huh? Go buy a gun(don’t forget to put bullets in) put the gun in your mouth and pull the truigger. Oh yeah you know shit about Hockey calling Orpik another Hollweg more than sealed it.

  75. Orr !! Super F*cking Annoying! on

    I should probably limit myself to one maybe two posts per topic but I won’t. I’m 18 and love to see my words on the Internet. I really don’t know anything about hockey but I’ll recommend that the Rangers trade half their team after every single game. I refuse to think rationally or long term, I’m Orr.

    I also love ponies!

  76. Didn’t understand a word you said in your post Orr. I find it funny that you’re a Hockey fan for 5 years and think you know more than anyone else. Oh yeah Graves’ main point was the Rangers don’t have the cap room to get Boummester( uh duh Orr) and that nobody wants Prucha. Btw I said nothing about Baseball in the my post.

  77. Sam I’ve enjoyed reading this blog for years but I can’t take reading juevenile and idiotic posts like orr’s as well as his temper tantrums. Get rid of the 12 year old and let the adults talk.

  78. Orr I forgot to tell you learn to freaking spell numbnuts! I bet you’re still in 5th grade at 18 years old.

  79. Orr !! Super F*cking Annoying!
    November 9th, 2008 at 7:50 pm
    I should probably limit myself to one maybe two posts per topic but I won’t. I’m 18 and love to see my words on the Internet. I really don’t know anything about hockey but I’ll recommend that the Rangers trade half their team after every single game. I refuse to think rationally or long term, I’m Orr.

    I also love ponies!


  80. Hopefully he plays because if he just rotates in and out of the lineup with a few guys his recall is a waste.

  81. No he just made a retarded trade suggestion par the coarse. I loved his suggestion of trading for Sutton cause he’s a cheapshot artist. It doesn’t get more dumber than that.

  82. No he just clutters up the board with stupidity acts like a punk and attacks other posters. Oh yeah he acts like an expert on everything about Hockey. This place would be more bearable without him imo.

  83. as someone else suggested i would sit dawes and prucha in addition to rissmiller.

    still pretty amazing the team has not had a player miss a game with an injury. although if missing a game or two would help someone heal (eg Gomez) I would be all for it

  84. I am thinking about last nights game. This team better realize how important Hank is to the success of the team. If anyone so much as bumps him, it needs to be dealt with. Immediately! He goes down and we are in the deepest of shit. He also needs to feel that his team has his back, and after last night, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is questioning that a little bit.

    On a lighter note, it’s nice to see Struds skating with the Oilers. That guy was simply a class act. Wasn’t sad to see him go, but I always thought he defined what a TEAM player is.

  85. Awesome for Korpedo !!!


    Are you THAT pathetic, that you have to make 4 different names to act like you have friends to back you up ?? LOOOOOOOOL Soooo pathetic, typical, typical. And yes you did mention baseball you brain dead old bag, you said the word “Yankees” Hahaha, ugh if only Nyr fans like you could just pack your bags and make the trip upstairs, eh or downstairs.


    You should be banned from this site for telling me to kill myself. Ohhhh sooo mature. At your age you should be a positive influence on some of us young Nyr fans, but clearly that’s not the case. Oh yeah, im sorry Orpik isn’t like Hollweg, cause Hollweg never broke anyones neck when he boarded someone. BTW reject, you spelled trigger wrong, mwahahaha !!! Skip my posts, obviously you cant deal with me cause you’re no match. So go fugg yourself, and skip my posts. Oh wait, you’re immature, so im guessing you’ll drag this on. Good job old man.


    Thanks for that. Unlike these idiots, i wouldn’t ask you to choose sides. But thanks for mentioning that. All i said is IF Nyr were to trade for J-Bo, Pruchs, a 1st, along with a top prospect would bring him over.


    The only other reason why i want Mats here besides the fact that he can still play the game at a good level, is the possibility of trading Roszival, and Pruchs to clear that cap space. Then like i said, use that money to re sign Dubi, and Nicky Z, and eventually Staalsy.

  86. Agreed Nasty. Don’t even need a goon to attack. I don’t care if it was skinny ass Prucha, someone should have acted


    Lol, who’d i attack ??? Huuuh ?? Bob ??

    Im not a “hockey expert”, id have to be Stan Fishlers age to be that, or Graves, and Steve. Im just a die hard fan. But apparently you’re not a real Ranger fan if you haven’t been a fan of the team for more than 15 years. Ugh, pathetic.


    Cluttering up the boards with stupidity ?? Im sorry, did i tell someone to go kill themselves ?? At least i keep it PG-13. Oh wait, maybe im talking to one of Steves 4 or 5 other names, cause he has no real friends. Sad, so sad.

  88. Well folks I see some very intelligent suggestions here, and some very naive ones also.
    ( Before anyone questions my length of time as a Ranger follower let me just say that if you were not at the old Garden (55th St & 8th Ave and saw Wee Willie Mosienko’s 21 second hat trick against the Rangers, then you have no argument. ( I was there that night). Last game of season – \Blackhawks and Rangers both out of playoffs, and the Garden upper balcony almost empty. Stunning performance.

    NOw as to Mr Nedved..why on earth would you bring one of the most classically soft players onto a team already overloaded with this type? What can you be judging him on..a few pre season games?

    As they say in the street-fuggedaboudid.

    All who say that Dawes and Prucha have been given ample opportunity to display their wares and found wanting are correct. That experiement is over. I have wondered for several years now why the (ahem) brain trust of the Rangers dotes on players like Roszival ,Kallinin, ( and formerly Malik and Tyutin) at the expense of some promising young players moldering on the farm. Every team that I have seen that has consistently good teams year in and year out feed their kids into their lineups on a regular basis and give them opportunity to work into the system. With Rangers, it’s a cuppa coffe and out. ( Or even more distressing,) a couple of turns on the ice and out. Never to be heard from again.

    And don’t get me started on Renney. He is in wayyyy over his head.

    Their kids become old men up in Hartford.

  89. Why is Dawes still playing. The guy is useless. I know he and Prucha are siniliar type players but at least Prucha has proven over the past that he can hit the net and score some goals. This is another case of Renney being overly loyal to a player who is not producing….

  90. Renney’s loyalties are especially alarming because of their inconsistencies. At the end of the day, this is a team that needs a dose of change – like bringing in that new crop from Hartford more frequently – to stay fresh and fighting. Last season, I felt like I was actually watching the lines get tired in the third period. It was the same players over and over, and it actually looked like they were giving up, something that seems to lead to Rangers opening with a bang then fading out. We need to keep the best producing players and trade in the rest for some new fight. The rotation of Fritsche may not be the cure-all since that change is repetitive in itself, but Korpedo’s potential is exciting.

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