The return of The Korpedo


Fresh off his hat trick for the Wolf Pack, Lauri Korpikoski has been recalled by the Rangers, and will presumably be in the lineup tomorrow against Edmonton.

Korpikoski had four goals and two assists in four games for Hartford.

More on his return tomorrow…

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  1. Sam breaking another story as usual. Maybe Franco wasn’t wrong just kidding. Anyway Joe I was the one that suggested sitting Dawes in addition to Prucha.

  2. Orr !! Super F*cking Annoying! on

    I just had to post to see my name again.

    I still also have a massive chubber for ponies.

  3. Haha. Anyway my lines for tomorrow Naslund-Gomez-Zherdev Voros-Dubinsky-Callahan Korpikoski-Drury-Sjostrom Fritsche-Betts-Orr

  4. Your lines suck.

    OH yea Lets bring in Nedved! what a joke. He is horrible if he was soooo good where is he?? You guys live in la la land.

    Personally ORR is the only sensible one on here and makes good points. He basically says what i am thinking. He doesnt hate shanny, and likes sundin. He aint stupid.

  5. Dr,
    I took back my statement about Nedved earlier. I do think that he had the best preseason out of everyone, but his career stats show that he usually has a good start and terrible ending. Mat Sundin is the better choice although I just heard from a friend that there is a 95% chance of him going back to Toronto. I really think we should acquire him soon. We are missing a finishing touch. I am really glad that Renney listened to my posts today and sent Korpi up.

  6. Graves,
    Your lines don’t work. As we saw for about 30 seconds while they were out there. Gomer and Z dont work well together. They have the same style of play (carry it all the way) and it would severely take away from another line. Also Naslund would not blend with the fast pace. Also why break what is working. The fourth line is working well and should not be broken. They are the most consistent line. Dawes should be in over Fritsche even though he’s been invisible.

  7. Here’s hoping Dawes sits tomorrow in place of the Korpedo. I’ll be in the Garden tomorrow night and would be psyched to not see Nigel Dawes on the ice.

  8. They haven’t played together yet this season. Just because they didn’t have much chemistry in pre-season doesn’t mean they won’t work in a second look.

  9. Zach Parise is a really really good player. We should really beat Edmonton and New Jersey this week. Both teams look awful.

  10. Gomez and Z had a shift together last game. And I’m just saying these things because I have watched too much hockey. If you had three finishers on a team and three playmakers on a team, would you want to put at least 1 playmaker with 1 finisher. Its called distribution. If you have 2 guys that like to carry the puck down to the other side, you don’t want them together because they both cant carry the puck into the oppositions end at the same time and its just a waste of a puck carrier then. The next line might not get the puck into the O zone because they don’t have one of those guys which means the defense can play them more deeply to make sure dump and chase doesn’t work. Hence why they have always tried to keep Z and Gomer on seperate lines.

  11. Yeah Orpik leads the league in hits, one month into the season, that makes him sooooo feared, lol get outta here.


    You’re right, i am. There is a few on here, but i cant stand all these newbies, and losers like Graves who think age makes a better Rangers fan. This guys reminds me of Dubi, and Jess.

  12. hey guys is section 204 (near center ice) a good seat?? thanks! heres hoping for a good game tomorrow!

  13. coming from a women that’s pining for Shanny 24-7 that says something. Orpik has lead the league in hits for years now retard. Orr you could watch Hockey for 30 years it wouldn’t stop the fact that you’re a fucking retard who’s mom and dad are sister and brother.

  14. Orr learn to spell you ignorant gap tooth in bred fool. Sam you wanna wake up and ban this assclown?

  15. plus your name is idiotic orr!! what is it good for?? is nearly as incoherent as your post get lost loser.

  16. ha, So what who isnt pining for Shanahan thats a woman? if they dont they are obviously screwed up in the head mentally. I am gonna say yes I love Shanny, as much as i love Drury. Jagr is still my number one tho! nobody can take his spot.

    Oprik aint that good he is ok, I for one never notice him out on the ice. Give me Pronger that is a better choice.

  17. some of you guys never post on here. What happened to the rule Freedom of speech??? leave the guy alone. Everybody has an opinion if they didnt then this site would be boring. Just stop. I am willing to make peace if you guys are willing to make peace. Lets do it non-crazy.

  18. bwayblueshirts on

    ORR !! What Is It Good FOR ??
    November 9th, 2008 at 10:00 pm
    Yeah Orpik leads the league in hits, one month into the season, that makes him sooooo feared, lol get outta here.


    You’re right, i am. There is a few on here, but i cant stand all these newbies, and losers like Graves who think age makes a better Rangers fan. This guys reminds me of Dubi, and Jess.

    Jesus I used to post on this board a couple years ago. It was intelligent and though provoking blog. When did the idiot take over?

  19. pronger wasn’t available on July 1st duh. Uhh I don’t know or care if women like Shanny. I just find it annoying when you never shutup about him. He is gone get over it.

  20. I think the Prucha & Dawes Show is just about over. Its time to give up on these two, Prucha who seems lost without Jagr on the team & just does not seem to fit and as for Dawes he does not look to be any better than he was last year.Bottom line- Trade these two.
    Yes it would be great for No.14 to return to the blueshirts however if Sather did not sign him yet, I don’t see him coming back and I am one in favor of having him back with us. One thing however that I seen Saturday night that caught my attention as I was switching channels during the 2nd intermission of the isles game was Stan Fischler predicting that not Shanny but however Mats Sundin will be a Ranger this year. I got to see it to believe it.

  21. I’d like to thank those who are helping drive this franchise into the ground with every dollar they spend, word they type, jersey they buy…

    For all you who think you’re doing this team a service by calling for your “beloved” Sundin, Shanahan, and (as House threw it out there) Drury…You are making it easier for me to earn free time in the next few years as this team slowly progresses away from a team of prospects and growth, to a team of Has-been’s and LUNDQVIST!!

    Ever heard of delayed gratification? Ask your wife about it, oh wait, she hasn’t experienced that in years either…basically, YOU DON’T but the Sundin’s and Shanahan’s now so you have ice time for prospects and you can keep room for deadline dumps and/or future prospects. Geez. Some of you have the patience of 7 year olds. We don’t need Shanahan! We don’t need Sundin! And if we had them, they don’t make us a cup contender over-night. We have bigger problems (defense? goal-scoring wingers…?!). Shanny and Sundin can’t do that.

    Get off your damn soap boxes and quit lavishing in reading your own words on an interwebs blog. Go find friends or something.

  22. I’m celebrating my 6 year anniversary today. 6 years, 2 kids, 1 cat, and a house later, I must say, I’m happier where the Rangers are now from where they were. They are my favorite team all time of any sport. That being said, they can’t be a cup contender every year. No team can be. I do think they are a lot closer to being a cup contending team than many give them credit for though.

  23. All Hail King Henrik on

    The Korpedo Returns!

    Excellent. Glad to see Renney (or Slats) finally wise up. As I said in a previous post–he should play every game at left wing on the 3rd line until either: A. He commits an egregious error to hurt the team, and thus his being scratched is justified or B. Dawes (or Prucha) EARNS the spot back from him.

    The Korpedo earned his spot with a great camp, and should get the requisite ice time. Neither Dawes nor Prucha earned anything in camp. Depending on past successes (distant past for Prucha) is not wise.

    Here’s to Korpi’s first goal coming sooner rather than later.

  24. Sundin and Shanny are free agents, won’t cost any prospects to get them. If you don’t think it would be better to have one of those two in place of Prucha or Dawes You’re nuckin futs!

  25. See unlike me & you NYRinPHX . This j-off bandwagon fan has no clue what he is talking about. Prucha & Dawes has done GOTZ(ZERO).

  26. Leetch2 Stan makes all kinds of predictions that never come true. I suspect he’s wrong about Sundin.

  27. Prucha is better off going to another team or else go play with Jagr at the KHL. As for Dawes, maybe a western canadian team .

  28. True Fans-
    I agree with your post 90%. The only problem is, we have a GM in Glen Sather that is impatient as well. Drury, Gomez, Redden, Rozsival, Naslund. Thats 28 million off the cap right there! We need to go for it all this year because I am positive that we will not look the same next year because of the UFA’s and RFA’s out on the market. We have little to no cap room to work with, so we wont be able to sign the players we need. Which means Sather has put the pedal to the metal this year. It is not a rebuilding year at all.

  29. Oh god, i think you guys are the band-wagon fans…OR you’re long-time Rangers fans and you just don’t watch the rest of the NHL.

    Sundin’s a center…! That means you demote Gomez, Drury, Dubinsky…and Betts? Who becomes the checking center? Drury already failed at wing. Dubinsky is already NOT getting enough ice time, don’t need to take more away.

    And as far as Shanny, you’re out of your minds. 29 G two years ago, 23 G last year. Last year 1G in the playoffs. He’s what…40, 41? Give it up. I hope Sather isn’t as dumb as you clowns and ends up signing one of them.

  30. nyrinphx you realize there’s such a thing called a cap right? They have little cap room and you wanna sign two guys that will want big money.

  31. if he is then thats fine, some fans such as TRUEFANS BLEED RW&B need to get a grip and get off the rag when a sports commentator comes out with predictions. Just because he says it doe not mean it will happen.
    But, I don’t see either Prucha & Dawes still with this team whats your opinion on Prucha & Dawes ?

  32. Heck, I agree with your post 90% as well…I just don’t see a reason to stunt center Dubi’s growth by burying him deeper in the centers. I don’t see a reason to bury Zherdev lower in the depth chart by bringing in Shanny.

    Renney and Sather’s inability to trust Dubinsky and Z with 18-21 minutes a night is one problem. It doesn’t get solved by signing 37 and 41 year olds. It also doesn’t solve our porous defense.

    Sather put the pedal to the metal and he’s going to come up short…especially when Hank goes through his little 20-25 game streaky period. Hank is carrying this team right now and although they’ve played around .500 the last couple weeks its only because of lundqvist. I don’t believe this team is just 2 players away from the cup.

  33. Yea, I know. I don’t want both. Preferably just Sundin. It’s not my job to worry about the cap, If there’s a way to get him without having to give up anyone important than great.

  34. Prucha has earned more of a spot than Dawes has. Dawes has been invisible since the pre-season and I don’t know why he is still on this team every night. I think he’s too heavy/bulky and that’s why he constantly trails the play. Dawes will be a RFA next year and if you can’t sign anyone better (who’s going to score 10-20 goals) then the Rangers probably bring him back on the cheap (

  35. True Fans
    I agree with you 100% on that one. Haha. I don’t think Shanny is worth it at all, and I don’t really see Rangers winning the Cup at all. But I don’t think we can make this a year to grow because of all the money we have wasted and the players we need to sign. So basically what I’m saying is we have an all or nothing situation here. We might as well try to throw everything we got out there. And Dubinsky and Z are our best players and do not receive nearly enough ice time. Also, its there salaries that will be up next year and we won’t have the money to afford both of them. Unfortunately one of them has to go. Thats why I say pedal to the metal.

  36. …less than 800K).

    Prucha is an odd case. I think he can score 25G with a dangler/passer (either Z or Gomez) because it creates space and time for him. But in the capacity Renney’s using him (NOT on the PP) he’s obviously ineffective.

    That said, Korpi, Fritsche, and Riss didn’t look any better in the regular season. Most people here are gloating about Korpedo, and I hope he plays better this time around, but last time I saw nothing after the pre-season finished and that’s reflected in the stats…7 games, -3, 1 shot on net. Wow!!

  37. Definitely True Fans..I don’t want to give up on Dawes yet, even if he tanks this year, bring him back for dirt cheap next year. i don’t want him becoming another Mike Ridley/Marc Savard/Dave Gagner. I think he got too bulky and lost some of his speed but he can work on it over the next few weeks.

    Prucha is Radek Dvorak 2.0. He’s gonna be a cap casualty. I’d take on a project like Anthony Stewart or some power forward type (Akim Aliu although I don’t think they’d trade him) for Prucha at this point.

  38. onecupin67years on

    Prucha or Dawes ?
    Dawes at least gets sniffs at the net and shots on goal, Prucha get zilch.
    Someone said Prucha can get 25 goals this season? Yeah right. he’ll player of the month (s) and comeback player of the year.
    I think Prucha’s NHL days are numbered,some guys don’t last and he’ may be one,let him go to Europe and play, he’s too small and too intimidated by the NHL.

  39. the difference between Prucha and Dawes staying in the lineup is their contracts. Even though they have similar point totals, Prucha makes 1.6 million and Dawes makes 587k . . . therefor Prucha is the bigger underachiever and disappointment.

  40. The ONLY good thing about Prucha playing like crap is since he is still a RFA next year, we could re-sign him for dirt cheap and that would take some of the pressure off of him to live up to his 1.6 million contract.

    Did anybody see Eklund’s blog that Prucha and Dubinsky could be traded for Jay Bo?? That’s what the Rangers need . . . another overrated D-man making almost 5 million

  41. Country music on the blog? I’d rather the political banter back. (well, maybe not).

    Welcome back korpi…don’t leave your hands in Hartford please.

    Somerset – Be careful man. You can lose valuable IQ points by reading that blog you know.

  42. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Welcome back Korpikoski. Hopefully they’ll play him on wing instead of wasting him at center. Send Dawes down. Give him the needed ice time to work out his issues in Hartford. If he has to clear waivers maybe we’ll be lucky and someone will pick him up. If he does make it back up and someone claims him then we’re only paying half for doing nothing. The D-Z-V line needs more ice time. Something is up with Dubinsky – I hope he’s just hitting a sophomore slump at the moment and will shake it off. I think now that the line is back together we’re going start seeing the good things that we’ve seen before with this line. The defense!?!?!?! (other than Mara and Staal and glimpses from Girardi) need to tighten up and not leave Lundquist out to dry. And if there is a next time (there better not be) Lundquist gets run like he did in Washington – the point had better be made by the Rangers that running our goalie will not fly and blood should be drawn (figurative speaking that is – maybe). He has pretty much singlehandedly kept us where we are at the moment. His protection and defense should be one of the priorities of this team. I still believe this team and do good things – just very disappointed in the way they are being handled by the staff.

  43. “Renney and Sather’s inability to trust Dubinsky and Z with 18-21 minutes a night is one problem.”


    True, its going to be pretty hard to increase the minutes for those two. Dubinsky is averageing 15.5 and Zherdev close to 16. Given that neither is a top four penalty killer I think they’re kind of topped out at present.

    I could see Dubinksy getting to 20 minutes a game as his career progresses but not anytime soon with Gomez and Drury ahead of him. With Zherdev being new on the team and having a prior reputation, I think it’s going to take time for the coaches to trust him with more minutes.

  44. This trade just in Prucha and Dawes and our 2nd round pick to Dallas for Madano and their number 1 pick in next years draft.

  45. Good for Korpedo!!!

    dr house November 9th, 2008 at 9:01 pm

    Your lines suck.

    OH yea Lets bring in Nedved! what a joke. He is horrible if he was soooo good where is he?? You guys live in la la land.

    Personally ORR is the only sensible one on here and makes good points. He basically says what i am thinking. He doesnt hate shanny, and likes sundin. He aint stupid.

    Ditto for Shanny if would fit in here or the team thought they could use him…guess what…he’d be here…the team had all summer and into the start of the season to take him but they didn’t please move on!
    Maybe since you and Orr agree all the fuggin time you could go start your own blog…and the both of you could fuggin just talk back and forth about agreeing.
    If we all agreed I’d have no reason to come here.

  46. Good to see what a few losses has done to everyone ;)

    Guys, let’s stop getting all LA riots on each other and just relax a bit. Damn! I am annoyed too, but the world has not ended. We still have one of the best records in the NHL. Our system does not suck, it has it’s flaws, but all systems do. What we need to do, is learn how to play in different situation and against different teams. Some styles of other teams really throw a monkey wrench in to our program, and others we can just burn right though it. I don’t think it is time to panic as the season is still pretty young. I think we are going to see a lot out of this team this month. We play our best hockey when we play a lot with no breaks in between. And I truly don’t think it is time to start trading off our whole team or giving up on people completely. I like having Korpi back in when his confidence must be pretty high right now. There is some tinkering to do in terms of our system, but I have confidence in the team.

    Also, and I really believe this….Sundin is coming!!!

    That is not to contradict everything else that I just wrote either.

  47. Anyone else notice that not a single player on the team releases a shot quick enough? It’s like, not only do they look for the perfect play too often (this has been going on in ny ever since I was old enough to know wtf hockey even was). But they want the puck served up to them on a platter to get a shot off. We’ve all seen those “knuckle pucks” give goalies problems. We never seem to take the benefits of those situations. I think it was Dru, Dubi & Rozy that pissed me off with that the other night.

    Well we take on the Edmonton Strudwick’s tonight. Go get’em guys!

  48. Sweeeeeeet Caroline Oh OH OH….

    Almost every game night somebody different steps up and surprises us all – and I love that. Watching the NYR play this year is not a chore, it’s exciting. I know the cup is the ultimate, but hell, I really just want to be entertained with good hockey played with heart for (most of) the other 82 games. I do hope that the roster becomes as finalized as possible SOON so the boys can settle in, but otherwise, who will it be tonight??

  49. Sam,
    Why are you so crazy about Korpikoski? Referring to him as the “Korpedo”, yet he hasnt shown any sign of brilliance, speed, agility, scoring during the regular season games he has played here. Had a solid preseason, a fluke goal in the playoffs last year agianst PITT and thats IT! Renney should be more focused on how to get Prucha up and going rather than experiementing for the 10th time with the same guy.

  50. Wow belligerent blog this morning, question… Gomez has had a nagging injury, has Korp been called up because Gomez is injured? Otherwise I can’t see him being called up again without demoting at least Riss, this forward situation is ridiculous… but if he was called up because a center can’t play… it makes a little more sense..

  51. “Oh god, i think you guys are the band-wagon fans…OR you’re long-time Rangers fans and you just don’t watch the rest of the NHL”

    Perfect post. That explains the lives of Graves, Steve and his 4 or 5 other names that he pretends are people that agree with him, but actually is just himself posting as other people, to pretend he has friends, lol, that’s Bob style buddy. Lol, if you morons have something against misspelling then you must hate everyone here when they misspell a word.

    Im pretty flattered that my name keeps appearing on this blog, even though this whole thing started from the last post. You 2 losers must really secretly like me. Why don’t you move on. Unlike you idiots, i don’t wanna bother the other posters with this immature Broduer style whining that you keep going on aboot, they came to talk Rangers, not read your posts. So move on. Im 18, im supposed to be dragging this on, not the 50-60 year old losers of the blog.

    Anyway, i love Hockeybuzz, cause it always makes me laugh. I mean, the stuff that guy comes up with is hilarious. Plus he gets so fuggin whiny aboot it when you say he’s lying. I honestly think Slats would trade Gomer, and Dru before Dubi.

    I hope Korpedo plays a good game, even if he’s not scoring. Just enough to keep him up here.

  52. AG

    I don’t think so, i think Renney must have read this blog, and and took that guys advice and brought him back up. Like i said though, i hope Gomer is injured, cause that would explain a lot, and make me feel a lot better with the way he’s playing.

  53. KRIS

    Kinda like Dubinsky last season ???? He didn’t score for the first month of October it think, and he just played basic 3rd line hockey, and stayed with the team. Then he started to heat up during the middle of the year. Korpedo is doing the same thing, he’s not doing anything wrong, you cant just expect him to score a hat trick every game. Everything will fall into place, he needs time. He shouldn’t get sent down just for not scoring. Dawes, and Pruchs should be in Hartford at this point, not him. I hope he’s here to stay, and Pruchs gets traded. If that’s even possible at this point.

  54. Orr,
    he definitely is injured, just how bad I’m not sure. Sam mentioned that he either skipped or had lighter practices several times because of some nagging injury (I think its a groin pull??) At least I am pretty certain Sam mentioned it. Ummm the game against Tampa at one point Gomez was practically on top of the puck, he just pulled up and went to the bench, Jo (my sister) started complaining that he better be hurt for doing so and thats when I remembered about the practices. We watched and he did seem to have some moments of discomfort later in the game as well… maybe they want to rest him a bit?

  55. This is the problem with starting off HOTTTTTTTTT. While I would rather start off hot, you get people who expect it to last the WHOLE season. Sometimes for impatient unrealistic people, it is better to start off mediocre and then get better. When you start on FIRE it is hard to keep that flame burning all season. Just relax a bit, the flame is not out, it just needs a little more wood thrown on the fire. I am confident in our team.

  56. Orr!! Just as dumb today as yesterday! on

    I am required to post at least fifteen times today to fill my quota on silliness. Thank you all for your support.

    I will now put my helmet back on so I can go lay down for a little while and dream of more disruptive, uneducated points with which I can pollute this blog.

  57. Korpi is on a hot streak as a LEFT WING, the position where he excelled at Hartford, last year. Don’t tell me they are going to reinstate him a Center, after his failed trial there, earlier this season. Just put the guy where he belongs and let him go to work. Enough with failed experiments, already. Dawes can’t sit down for a few games?

  58. :)

    Yup, that is a shit eating grin.

    Deal with it!

    When my posts start becoming irrational and uneducated then you can tell me to stop. Until then, deal with it.

  59. I am glad to see korpi back in the lineup tonight, hopefully his time in hartford will have helped him like callahan last year to get some confidence back. I agree Cake, he needs to play the wing where he is comfortable why take a young kid and put him in a spot in the best league in the world where he is not used to playing.

    naslund gomez callahan
    voros dubi Z
    korpi drury dawes/pru

  60. I’m glad to see Korpedo back, that dude is 100% heart and even through he wasn’t producing, it was evident that he was giving it his all. Hard to get pissed at that, and he wasn’t hurting the team. Dawes is an interesting dilemma. On one hand he should go back to Hartford, get his touch back, and then rejoin the team if he can crack the roster. The kid is good and we all know he has skills. He played great last year, but something happened over the summer. Maybe too much bulking up, maybe his confidence is hurt from a bad preseason, who knows. But if we send him to Hartford, expose him to waivers, there is a very good chance a team will pick him up. I think we’ll lose big time on that one. I don’t think it’s right to give up on Dawes. Cally was in the same boat last year, got his game straightened out and now he’s playing great. I think the same could hold true for Dawes. Prucha has had a lot of chances, it’s hard to argue that he belongs here when he just can’t produce.

    As far as the contracts we made in the offseason, I don’t know why you guys are so up in arms. Naslund looks great and well worth the 4 mil he’s making. Zherdev is surpassing expectations. Redden looks good and though he hasn’t scored lately, is an offensive threat and has played pretty solidly. He’s made a lot of good plays. The only contract I don’t agree with was Rozsival’s. That and the fact that Drury needs to step his game up big time. Gomez’s speed and passing ability, with his ability to gain the zone will make him an asset for years to come

  61. wow, I just caught up on posts/comments… what’s up with all the negativity and insults/personal attacks? Everybody on here should be (hopefully) a Ranger’s fan… Why hate fellow fans? If this blog was part Devil’s fans or Isle’s fans, then pile on the hate… But we all live and die with the same team. Even if we disagree with other’s thoughts, we still back the same team and should at LEAST appreciate that.

    Let’s join forces and enjoy the fact that the Devils lost 2 straight over the weekend.

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