Change is coming to Washington


Just don’t look  for it in the Rangers lineup, which is actually going to stay the same.

A few notes hours before the Rangers face the Capitals:

<li>Beware the (relatively) slow start for Alexander Ovechkin. The reigning Hart Trophy and Art Ross Trophy winner has just eight points this season, although he did miss some time because of his trip to Russia to visit his ailing grandfather. Still, you get the feeling it’s only a matter of time….


<li>Henrik Lundqvist in goal again. I thought Stephen Valiquette might get a crack, but there’s always Monday against the Oilers.

And speaking of the Oilers…

<li>I caught up with former Ranger Jason Strudwick yesterday. The Oilers defenseman said he’s enjoying back playing in his hometown, especially with his wife’s maternity clothes business thriving.

I asked Strudwick about something Tom Renney mentioned last year, that one day the player would make an excellent coach.

Strudwick said that was something he did want to explore after he’s done playing, but that the situation would have to be the right one.  The way he described it, the Rangers current coaching staff is a model one because they’re all on the same page.

So there you have it. You might not agree with everything they do. But at least they agree with each other…

<li>Good to see Michael Nylander back healthy and playing well for the Capitals.

There was no player I enjoyed watching practice more than Nylander when he was with the Rangers, mostly because he still possessed a childlike desire to lap up every minute of ice time.

The center would begin most skates with a handful of pucks lined up near the boards, then spent several minutes weaving in and out of them, the puck nestled against his stick as if it were glued there. It was a reminder for kids and even guys like me: it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been playing this game, you should always keep working on your skills.

And Nylander isn’t the only one. Just about every NHL player, from Chris Drury to Colton Orr, spends countless hours during the season working on aspects of their game you’d think they would have down pat.

OK, this ends the instructional portion of our program.

<li>Finally, to refresh your memory, the highlights from Thursday’s win over Tampa Bay:

<iframe width=”480″ height=”289″ frameborder=”0″ src=”,2,182″></iframe>

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  1. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Does anyone know if Betts deflected the second goal that Malone scored? Looked like Betts got the blade of his stick under the shot. Funny looking goal, certainly a change-up of some sort.

    That was a great game though, I especially loved Z’s play and setting up Cally and then Staalsy for the blast off the post.

    Hank wasn’t too bad either.

  2. LI Joe, I’m glad you see my point, good to know that some people on here aren’t totally closed minded.

    On a separate note, when I get a chance to post here (can’t from work and work a lot of hours!), I’ll complement any player that played exceptionally and I’ll call out any player who screwed up. Of course I have my favorite players, but if they screw up, they screw up!

    Lastly, I’m changing my posting name to…

  3. Nylander was a hell of a player here. He played his heart out and had incredible chemistry with Jagr. I have no issue with him. Glad Lundqvist is in net. You can’t have Valley in net vs a high octane offense like this.

  4. Pavel,
    I don’t know why you want Nylander to get laid out, he was a great player here. Maybe ask for Brashear to get laid out after that cheap hit on Jags, but I have the outmost respect for Nylander and he never did anything wrong to the organization to get “laid out”.

  5. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Carle is pretty good, but it certainly could have been a move to clear up space for old-manahan. I just wanted to say that.

    After re-checking the tape, the Malone goal definitely sounded like Bettsy got a piece of it.

    Re:Post-Hey guys. I always see people posting asking how to watch games online. This is how to get games for free with great quality. Every game that you want, whether it be the Rangers, Edmonton Oilers, Detroit Red Wings, etc is on. Go to www(dot)hockeystreams(dot)com. Then the middle box says sign in. On top in little letters it says You are currently not signed in! Sign in below or (register now! (in blue)). Fill in your information and have it set to “regular”. Agree to terms. Click submit. Go back to the middle box where it says sign in. Type in your username and password and click sign in. Down the left side, there should be games listed and when the games are on it will be in a red box saying “watch live”. Click on that. A new page will load and it will say “To watch (Team A) vs. (Team B) you must be a Premium member blah blah blah. All the way to the left it should say “or click here” (should be in blue, because its a link) It will take you to your windows media player and will take a minute to upload. It should work if your windows media player is up to date. I do this every game and its free and much better quality then justintv or any other source. Its a loophole in the system but it works well. Try it out.

  7. Is Rob kidding me. Can he not READ? Did I not just post that. I really hope he is kidding.

  8. onecupin67years on

    trade Prucha ..Pulease.. he does absolutely zilch on the ice..

    He bounces off checks like a 5 year old running into a wall. He chases the puck like a dog chasing a ball and does know what to do with puck when he gets it.. he’ has deteriorated into crap.

  9. The question is onecup…Prucha, Fritsche, or Korpi? Personally, I’d select Pru for every game this season and give Korpi next year to prove himself.

  10. onecupin67years on

    WTH- this is prucha’s 4 th yr on the team? he has gone steadily downhill, for the other 2 its their 1st year?,so they should get playing time to see if they have any value to the team. But junk is junk and it doesn’t make much sense to keep bodies who can contribute at least something. trade all three for draft picks.

  11. Broadcast Audio

    Just listening to the Lightning’s broadcast, they have the sound on the Garden so much higher than MSG network ever does. It’s so much more exciting to listen to the game when you hear how much the crowd is into it. Listening to MSG now is like listening to SportsChannel back in the 90s when there was no crowd noise on the broadcast. Bring back the excitement by bringing back the crowd noise to the broadcast MSG!

  12. 2005-06 New York Rangers 30g 17a 47p
    2006-07 New York Rangers 22g 18a 40p
    2007-08 New York Rangers 7g 10a 17p
    2008-09 New York Rangers 0g 0a 0p

    Prucha sucks.

  13. onecupin67years on

    Pavel, why does Prucha get a free pass?
    When I watch him play he frustrates me, he kills his line mates, he does everything wrong.

  14. Renney must have a mancrush on Prucha. That’s the only explanation.

    Prucha is one big hit away from having a huge concussion. Ship him out before that becomes an IR issue.

    Prucha has NO defensive ability.

    I don’t care about heart. I care about the score sheet.

  15. Hartford LW’s Korpikoski, Dupont, and Soryal, C Anisimov, and RW’s Parenteau and Weise would not be an embarrassment to the club, if called up right now. The D’s are the weakness down there, just as the D’s up here are mediocre to bad (yes, you, Kalinen = the WORST, with Rozy also in the performance crapper, so far).

  16. what the heck, thanks a lot bud. ive been tryin to find a good site and jtv has been suckin balls lately. somebody usually posts a link to the ranger games from jtv for atdhe .net or something and its great quality and no buffering but the address changes all the time its never the same so i gotta search for awhile until i find it. anyway thanks again.

  17. onecupin67years on

    Well said Pavel.
    The minors are filled with Prucha types.
    But, the bottom line is winning and contributing .The Rangers need more capable players.
    And Rozy just looks a bit slower and a bit weaker in and around the net.
    He’s NO P/P QB on the point either.
    Good teams only look to get better later in the season and the good teams get better by trades and guys playing up and beyond their potential.
    I hope this roster isn’t the same roster at the end of the season ,theres a lot of room for improvement.But when you pay a kings ransom for some players ,the other clubs only want your young guys not hte overpaid over the hill vet.

  18. Did you see him set up Dawes and Gomez last game? He made two outstanding passes that could have led to goals. He is a hard worker and always creates chances on his own. Maybe he has lost his touch right now, but we will never know. So far 16 games, Drury (7 million dollar player) has played all 16. Drury has gotten an average of 20 minutes of ice time a game with 6 minutes average a game on the powerplay. So lets calculate that. It took Drury 15 games x 20 minutes a game to finally snap his unproductive streak (I am not counting the first two because they were not off his own stick). That comes out to 300 minutes of ice time. Prucha (1 million dollars) has played 7 games and has recorded 12 minutes of ice time on average per game with around 15 seconds of powerplay time on average. That means he has played around 84 minutes and might be shakey because he doesnt know if he will be working tomorrow or not. Hmmm…sounds to me like theres some unfair treatment here. If Prucha makes it to 300 minutes I guarantee that he will score at least 3 goals. Which on this team, would be average. So if your going by goals and ice time, we should be asking Dubinsky, Gomez, Drury, Naslund, Voros, and Dawes to be more productive. Give Prucha time!

  19. Hey Mike1A
    No problem. I live in Florida and I don’t have any expensive cable programs down here so I’ve been watching JTV myself and looking around for something better. Well, thats it. It has great quality. I actually put it on my projector every time we watch and even though the images are 8 feet by 10 feet, its crystal clear. Im just doing my duty to serve the Rangers fans of America, and every where else I guess. Haha

  20. yup thanks. id do the same. that 1 site is awesome stream quality but its a diferent addy each game and jtv just sucks flat out. rangers05fan and rags2riches were cool and streamin ames but for some reason theyre not anymore and they want you to donate. if id donated id get ripped off. yea and im a new yorker transplanted in iowa. (boring, dead ass state with no hockey fans and their 1 hockey team which used to be the stars farm team now changed their name to the iowa chops with a pig as a logo! so as u can see im suffering succotash down here. thanks for helpin out a fellow hockey nut.

  21. MIKE IN IA

    Lol, i don’t have one of those headset thingy’s. But believe it or not, the only crap i talk is to myself. Im always calling my players “stupid idiots” when they miss the net, or fugg up a scoring chance, or give up a goal. Id be one bad coach. Worse than Torts.

    I have it for PS3 though, not X-Box.

    GO RANGERS !!!

  22. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    What the Heck
    What county? I’m in Collier. When I first moved down here there was practically nothing except Florida Panthers as far as hockey goes. I actually sat in front of my computer (suited up) and listened to the radio broadcast on-line every game.

  23. Hey guy, just checking in. I hope the line of Voros Dubi Z continues to play an aggressive forecheck game tonight. When they get dirty, good things happen.

    As for NHL 09 I have it for the 360. I am pretty good, but I wouldn’t consider myself an elite player. I have to find time to play when my kids are not in the same room, which is pretty much never. By my xbox live name is Mr G Money if anyone wants to add me as a friend and challenge me in a game.

    I hope the power play looks good again tonight. I think we need to play a smart game and stay out of the box tonight. 5 on 5 I am not that concerned, but with some of the players this Washington team has, it is best we stay the fugg out of the box.

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  24. Heck, it’s kind of silly to compare Prucha and Drury. One is a veteran center, the other an enigmatic wing. Drury’s numbers over his nine year career are fairly consistent. Whether he is worth $7mn is a different discussion but I’m sure someone will once again chime in on that one (even though it is what it is). Prucha’s production has done nothing but go down.

    Perhaps more important than goals in your analysis is defense.

    Drury is a top penalty killer, Prucha’s defense leaves something to be desired. If you figure the Rangers take 4 penalties a game, that’s 4 minutes of ice time for Drury where he’s not going to score either and plays harder than you would at full strength.

    The other thing you’re not factoring is that while Prucha might score a few goals with more minutes, I would almost guarantee the other teams would also score more goals.

  25. Mr. Potato Head on

    It’s going to be nostalgic to see Nylander on the ice tonight. “Jagr (Nylander, Straka) PP” is something I miss seeing in the daily box score.

    You’re right, Sam; seeing him skate around with that puck glued to his stick was an absolute treat to watch for two years. Back then, when gaining the offensive zone was as easy as blowing a bubble…

  26. onecupin67years on

    Prucha setting up his linemates who don’t score = 0
    total points for Prucha this year = 0
    Its the goals and assists that win games .
    I could live with prucha if he produced something positive, but calling a blocked shot ,one hit,a shot on goal something still = 0

  27. I don’t even know what my PS3 name is. Might be something like boobsy1, or bewbsy1.

    Im decent. I cant tell if im great or not. I have a couple of wins though. Some damn good battles.

    Hopefully Nyr destroys these bastards tonight. The PP needs to continue to dominate. Tonight they have to stay out of the box, cause a PP with Ovechkin’s wicked shot, Semin’s wicked shot, Backstrom’s magical passing, and Nylander’s craziness, and Green, and Federov, and blah blah blah.

    Point being, they’re dangerous, and Nyr better not take lazy penalties, and test their PP out.

    Good to see Hank in tonight. I want him to get at least one game with every team in the league.

  28. orr yea i yell at my players too. i bench them too but the message doesnt get through. im considering firing myself as head coach. that would be cool if as gm u could fire coaches like pearn. the only prob i have with the game is that u could dominate the whole game and then with like 40 seconds left the other team scores at will. i guess its cool in a way because it gives it an edge but everytime towards the end of game its like my guys have no puck control, they cant hit anymore and hank lets in 2-3 goals. maybe i need to face facts and lower the

    anyway, lets get another big win and score on the pp. man i do miss nylander though, he was so creative with the puck. mister semin better not shoot his load tonight either. lets give him blueballs!!!!

  29. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Why does everyone believe Prucha’s a defensively liability? He blocks so many shots and breaks up passes due to his speed. JJP, you’re missing on HUGE factor in their too, PP time…Prucha, 0. Drury…can’t count anymore.

    Drury’s been give 5x as much opportunity to produce (including playing with Naslund 14 games and Gomez 8). Prucha has been often put with the team’s less potent players and given 0 pp time. Prucha’s been black-listed, despite Renney’s promise to let him show his skills (in pre-season), and everyone else (Dawes, Rissmiller, Fritsche) sucking.

  30. Dubi or not Dubi on

    I can understand the frustration with Prucha, as I am a huge Prucha fan and am also frustrated with his lack of scoring. But here’s something to think about… Of his 59 career goals, 26 of them came on the power play. His career was going just fine until the Rangers replaced him with Shanahan, who essentially just replaced Prucha’s time and scoring for the team. All it would take is a goal like Drury’s first of the season to get him going, and if he can get his confidence, he may very well turn into the best “Sniper” on the team. Of course he could also never regain his confidence and just flop. Unfortunately the Rangers aren’t exactly oozing talent in the minors, so as long as PP plays hard, he’s a whole lot better than Fritsche or Rissmiller.

  31. I just don’t get how you can compare drury and prucha. You earn ice time in this league- know how? Its called consistency. Drury has it. Prucha doesn’t. Simple as that. So yes, while prucha may have 3 goals if he played wo many minutes, there’s a damn good reason that he’s not playing that many minutes!

    Also, there seems to be another thing here that people don’t get. Its called intangibles. You can be the best playe in the world but if u don’t have intangibles you still have a lot to learn. The little things in the game make a huge difference, and especially there I think ia where drury and prucha differ…big time

  32. betts gets pp time for no reason. People that hate Dawes are racist. Like the people that hate Obama. Release Gomez he has terrible hands and doesn’t hit. Sjostrom is terrible he needs to hit.

  33. onecupin67years on

    I think Prucha’s biggest problem is his size, the league caught up with him. You neutralize Prucha by beating him up,we’ve all seen him get crushed by hits , I think he’s gun shy and plays nervous.

  34. Dubi or not Dubi on

    I’m saying it right now, if PP gets 14 minutes of PT tonight, he will score a goal.

    I’m also expecting Zherdev to have a big game tonight since he loves playing against other Russians. They don’t get much better than the Gr8 one and Semin (heh heh).

  35. Prucha flat out just isn’t making the grade on the Rangers. You can bring up all the past stats you want but there is something the coaching staff isn’t seeing or seeing more of from someone else that is keeping him off the ice.

    Personally, I don’t see Dawes having done anything this year to earn more ice time than Prucha.

    I honestly think this team is going to struggle all year to score. There is no legitimate sniper on this team who is going to score 30+ guaranteed. There are plenty of “maybes” – maybe Dawes or Prucha will break out, maybe Zherdev will score more than 30, maybe Naslund and Redden will return to past form, maybe the power play will improve ex Jagr/Shanahan….etc.

  36. The Rangers don’t have the reinforcements in the Ahl they had the last few years to help out in 06-07 it was Cally and Girardi and last year it was Dawes. There is very little offense in Hartford. Anismov is a center which the Rangers have no room there.

  37. Prucha got crushed even more his first 2 years and he scored 52 goals. The last few years he’s been in and out of the lineup and gotten zero pp time.

  38. i got a kid on the way (due in April) …. does anyone know the name of Strudwick’s wife’s maternity clothing line??

  39. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    I agree with you on the consistency. That’s been an issue for awhile now. But then again, how can there be any consistency with the team when there is no consistency in line combinations, pp units, etc. I just can’t see how the ‘chemistry’ can be built up when people are being moved all over the place every other shift (or so its seems). For instance, Voros, Dubinsky and Zherdev had some momentum going – so we break that line up to see if they can help other players pick up their game. Now they’re back together and have to build that momentum up again. It was the same thing last year – changing the combinations all the time. Frustrating!

  40. somerset – congrats. if a boy name him Bob. if a girl Betsy or betts for short. just something to think about

    Bob – maybe it’s a small guy who does not produce much is reason against dawes. people can say you don’t like hispanics with anti gomez spiel.

  41. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Just googled and this came up:
    Shoena Strudwick
    YO MAMA Maternity Boutique
    Edmonton, Canada Area

  42. MIKE

    I think you can fire the coach, or assistant coaches in the game. If you play in a franchise.

    Did anyone see Giannone’s interview with Ovechkin. I couldn’t understand what he said, all i heard was “We’re (Crapitals) better than them (Rangers), and “Nachos, Coke, Enjoy”

    Damn, crazy english on that guy.

  43. I’m so excited to be watching my first game in about two weeks! YaY!

    Dubi – I like your new name; it’s a nice touch.

    Pavel – Carle has bombed since his first season; maybe he will bounce back, but he hasn’t been doing it this season. Downie should be talented as a first-round draft pick, but hasn’t showed much smarts yet. Care also makes a about a million dollars more per season than the other two combined and is signed for four seasons. I think the Lightning actually got the better of this deal. They can now play one of their young defensemen and keep Eminger as a seventh (and keep Malik in the lineup!).

    HECK – That streaming website isn’t working for me. The “click here” link is all the way to the right actually, and it goes to a FAN 590 broadcast from Toronto. Justin TV is back up for the game tonight, under the rangers05fan account name.

  44. Dubi or not Dubi on

    I would trade the Wolfpack for Ovechkin.

    FYI, I think Anisimov has 7 assists this season and no goals. PA Parenteau has something like 3 or 4 goals and 4 or 5 assists to lead the team. To give an idea, the league leaders have over 20 points.

  45. HECK – OK, now that it is 7:00, the game is up there, but the picture is so tiny! Maybe it’s because I have a Mac that the video has to play in my browser.

  46. my lines Naslund-Dubinsky-Zherdev Dawes-Gomez-Prucha Voros-Drury-Fritsche Rissmiller-Callahan-ORR

  47. Another disastrous too many men penalty. Get that door open more quickly!

    That hit on Staal didn’t look so bad, so hopefully he will be okay. At least if we need a seventh defenseman, we have the cap room now.

  48. Redden and Girardi looking like crap so far. Renney has to try to make sure they aren’t on the ice when Ovie is on the ice. The problem is it’s much harder to do that on the road.

  49. On the overhead reaply, that shows that the Capitals’ goal was an amazing play by Laich. It should be his goal.

    Wow, Ovechkin is stunned by Henrik!

  50. We are in this game for no other reason other than Hanks brilliance in the net! They need to be ripped a new one in between periods! And Orr better fight Brashear ASAP!

  51. Outside of the Dubinsky line the Rangers can’t get anything done. Naslund and Gomez having a turnover competition. Girardi and Redden out against Ovie again and he nearly scores.

  52. Wow, how much bullshit is this game? Is there any chance that we could draw a goaltender interference call? That’s the second time that a Capital straight ran into Lundqvist.

  53. HockeymanRangers on

    Whats going on with our defensive play, we are giving them to many chances. Just like we did with Tampa Thursday night. They better get some goals we are going to need them tonight.

  54. Jason There was a faceoff after the faux goal once that happens they can’t review or take away the goal by rule. Horrendous job by the refs not seing the net off ity’s morinings.

  55. What a ridiculous period. Every time Marouelli does a game we get screwed….Unreal what bullshi*

  56. Norwegian Ranger on

    Think they have to step up their physical game seams like it is hard to get a penalty for physical play in this game

  57. Washington is buzzing and definitely finishing their checks. We need to at least match their intensity for christ sake. And I seriously hope we take some liberties with their goalie. Get in his head a bit. The Dubi line looks good. Hank looks great. I don’t blame him on either of the two goals.

  58. This is why i wish we had a guy like Sutton, or a guy like Tootoo. Cheap shot artist, i hate to say it, but every team needs them, so teams know not to cross the line.

    I hope someone ends Semin’s season with a shoulder to the head. That fuggin pussy piece of shit. They take lazy hooking penalties, retard too many men on the ice penalties, but they cant take penalties to defend their goalie ??

    I hope they KILL these pieces of fuggin shit. I don’t even care aboot winning this game, i don’t wanna see Hank getting bitched around with these mother fuggin asshole refs doing jack fuggin shit aboot it. Time to get dirty.

    Where’s Hollweg when you need him, he’d board Semin’s head through the god damn glass.

    This is such BS, how can you not call that interference ? Hank needs to use his stick, cause if this idiot Smith can get away with it, then so can he.

  59. plus he’s been a ref for what 20 years? Yet he doesn’t see the net off it’s morinings and doesn’t know you can’t replay a goal after the puck is dropped my God.

  60. Norwegian Ranger on

    From NHL rule book:
    69.2 Penalty – In all cases in which an attacking player initiates intentional or deliberate contact with a goalkeeper, whether or not the goalkeeper is inside or outside the goal crease, and whether or not a goal is scored, the attacking player will receive a penalty

  61. Bob what is a maron?

    Awful 1st period with zero help from Refs. I would like to see a replay of that last hit Ovechy put on Mara, was it an elbow?

  62. Spiderpig,
    You have to hit the fullscreen button all the way to the right. Or right click in the screen and there are options like video size or full screen. Use one of those.

  63. Renney to the zebras: “Thank you sire, may I have another.”

    Nice pass by Dawes on the 3-on-2 late in the first.

    Dan Girardi on the Ranger side of the red line is completely ordinary-trending-useless, and that is being kind. Talk about a guy whose defensive play has regressed since he first came up.

  64. Yep, that’s three clear penalties that should have gone against them that weren’t called. With hooking and holding, there is some grey area, but two goalie interferences and a too many men should have been clearly called, by the letter of the rule.

  65. So, despite the fact that the referees are completely on Washington’s side, we are playing like crap. We had a couple of good shifts by the PS3 line, but they havent been on the ice much this period.

  66. Wow! Screw this game now! I want blood! I want someone to hurt someone on Washington! This is unbelievable! Must be because one of the leagues stars are on Washington.

  67. Rangers have a couple of good shifts by the Gomez line and follow it up by taking a penalty.

  68. Laurence no question Girardi’s play in his end end has fallen off big time since his impressive own end play in 06-07

  69. graves9

    I don’t get it … you would think there would be some improvement there, or at least a plateau. But not in Girardi’s case.

  70. Gomez sure looks like he’s playing hurt. When was the last time he entered the opposing teams zone with any speed?

  71. All those years of frustration of puck going off of Poti’s long stick finally comes back to repay us.

  72. penalty shot!? He didn’t have a clear breakaway. I rather get a pp the way the Dubi unit is going.

  73. Wow, I’m really impressed with the skill level you get for 7 million dollars per annum these days. Drury doesn’t have a lotta on the puck talent.. If any at all.

    Washington has 5 guys with more talent in their pinky finger than any Ranger outside of Zherdev.

  74. dawes should have been on the ice at the end he hits and he was the teams best forward. Hyena renney instead played waste of money like drury and gomez

  75. That was a fake bob. I am the real, stupid bob. I know absolutely nothing about hockey yet post on a hockey board constantly. Thank you for allowing me to waste everyone’s time.

  76. The team deserves to be bashed, they’re no better than any of the previous 3 years.

    A distinct lack of top-end talent is gonna bite them in the ass. Their cap is maxed out and they need help. Redden is a shell of his former self.

    Thank god for Hank.

  77. So, I’m fine with the fact that we lost on some B.S. calls. I’m just mad that we didn’t play once again in the first 30 minutes. I have yet to see one game with four lines consistently playing well for 60 minutes. That is what I am worried about. Not the score

  78. I had thought(hoped) that the game vs the Lighning would shake the Rangers from their ten days to two week malaise but the Rangers looked rather comatose the first half of the game. The Rangers forwards didn’t compete nearly hard enough nor did they work hard enough to get great scoring chances(the first half of the game) The Dubinsky line was very good though but the other three lines(outside of a few chances from Cally and Naslund) were non existant. Bob imagined a great game for Dawes but I didn’t notice him at all. Prucha was invisable too(my confidence is starting to waver on him) The defense was soft as hell. Redden, Girardi and Kalinin all looked like clowns. It bothered me that nobody stood up for Hank after the Caps crashed the net time after time. Gotta be worried about Gomez as he looks like a shell of himself. He must be hurt because he’s not skating freely and easily or setting anything up. Kudos to Hank if not for him the Rangers wouldn’t even have a chance to tie it on a Drury penalty shot. Hopefully they can get it in gear with alot of games coming up in a short time.

  79. I think the problem was that they had a glut of cap space in the wrong year. Everyone thought both Drury and Gomer were at the top end.. At the least one of them isn’t even close, but I’m thinkin Gomer is hurt.

  80. The refs raped Nyr out of this one. The game winner was such BS.

    The PP continues to look like a tribute to Dawn of the Dead, all these retards going around not knowing what to do. Fuggin pathetic. They got a lucky goal, but sucked after that, on a huge god damn PP with 2 mins left. Unbelievable.

    Gomer is making me sick. He’s doing nothing, he was worthless tonight, he didn’t do anything good, except make one play shorthanded.

    Dru, who’s supposed to be “clutch”, was not. When he got the PS, the first thing i thought was, “ugh, why Drury”

    Another sickening loss. They just keep getting worse, all in different ways. First we fall asleep and blow a 2 goal lead with 7 mins left to the Leafs, then we give up 2 shorthanded goals and only get 1 goal past a minor leaguer, then this BS, getting fugged over by these fag refs. I hope they get food poisoning, or something worse.

    This league sucks, the refs will get away with this, and they wont get a suspension, or some sort of punishment. I hate it, i fuggin hate it !!!!!!!

    Im so pissed, i wanna kill. Im gonna play Grand Theft Auto 4, and make life a living hell for the cops, and civilians.

  81. had thought(hoped) that the game vs the Lighning would shake the Rangers from their ten days to two week malaise but the Rangers looked rather comatose the first half of the game. The Rangers forwards didn’t compete nearly hard enough nor did they work hard enough to get great scoring chances(the first half of the game) The Dubinsky line was very good though but the other three lines(outside of a few chances from Cally and Naslund) were non existant. Bob imagined a great game for Dawes but I didn’t notice him at all. Prucha was invisable too(my confidence is starting to waver on him) The defense was soft as hell. Redden, Girardi and Kalinin all looked like clowns. It bothered me that nobody stood up for Hank after the Caps crashed the net time after time. Gotta be worried about Gomez as he looks like a shell of himself. He must be hurt because he’s not skating freely and easily or setting anything up. Kudos to Hank if not for him the Rangers wouldn’t even have a chance to tie it on a Drury penalty shot. Hopefully they can get it in gear with alot of games coming up in a short time.

  82. Renney is clueless. He keeps starting the shitty 1st PP unit, when the 2nd has been doing the scoring.

    Zherdev needs more ice time. He needs to start playing with Gomer, maybe that will get his ass going, cause he’s been retarded. He better be injured, or else he’s starting to be a major disappointment.

    Ugh, i really hope Nyr signs Sundin. Ill say it after a loss, a win, i don’t care.

  83. The Rangers deserved to lose you can’t sleep walk through the first 35 minutes of the game and expect to win. The refs were putrid though.

  84. Im pissed that Nyr didn’t do shit.

    Its early in the season. What’s more important, a single loss, or losing your goalie like the Devs, and Isles ?

    They should have torn apart that bitch Semin, or go after Ovechkin, or run Johnson.

    Ugh, get Tootoo, he’ll fuggin end someone’s career with a beauty elbow to the god damn fuggin head.

  85. too much money in old players that hyena renney loves. Release betts and trade redden gomez and drury and naslund get sundin and give dawes and guys that hit more icetime.

  86. The officiating in the 1st period was a bit of a joke. both goals should have been disallowed.

    Zherdev needs to be put on the top PP unit. He’s their most skilled player. How long is it going to take Renney to figure that out?

  87. November 8th, 2008 at 10:08 pm

    “too much money in old players that hyena renney loves. Release betts and trade redden gomez and drury and naslund get sundin and give dawes and guys that hit more icetime.”


    It is almost time for me to put on my helmet and go to bed. More uneducated posts on their way tomorrow though. Nighty night!

  88. There was a point in this game where I thought to myself, “We could really use Hollweg right now.” Yeah, he was often useless. But there was also a time when the Rangers would be down and slow, and he’d fly off the bench and start throwing hits at anything that moved, giving the team an adrenaline boost and getting things moving again.

    We’re lacking that element this year.

    Also: Dubi-Voros-Z needs to be our #1 line, getting the most ice time. They make things happen and get pucks to the net on nearly every shift. Make Gomer, Drury, etc earn their ice time back.

    Also: Callahan is quietly putting together a pretty good season. Good for him.

    Also: We need a 7th D. After Staal got shaken up on that hit – what if he had broken a jaw or something? We can’t expect that these 6 guys will ALL be able to play a full 82 games. Besides, Kalinin sucks.

  89. Okay Rob. That scared me…haha. I agree with Graves dealing with the not playing for 35 and hoping for a W. It just doesn’t happen. I also agree with Orr, the play of Gomez has been declining every game, and having him with Z definitely will not work. They are the same type of player, except Z puts it in the net and Gomer tries to make plays. Z, Dub, and Voros need more ice time!

  90. It sucks when the only thing that can make me smile right now is the fact that the Devils and Flyers both lost. I only with the Islanders would have beaten the Penguins.

  91. I hate renney someone wake sather up. Renney kills dawes confidence. Orr has stopped hitting anf fighting due to hyena renney.

  92. onecupin67years on

    can’t ALLOW henrik to get hammered.
    they have to learn to shoot when they have a sot not pass like cally in the 1st per.gave up a shot to pass that went nowhere

  93. redden allows henrik to get drilled and laughed trade him. hyena renney loves him and told him to get redden. fire pearn and pelino too.

  94. not too sound too disrespectful but sam where have your posts gone the past 2 days? you promised us “more Later” in today’s post…. well i guess we all do know what happened in the game, refs screwed up first half of game and rangers never seemed to match up with speed of capitals….also am i the only one thats noticing that dubinsky is not doing anything”special” the past well i’ll say 5-7 games? he has been outplayed by voros past 2 games, by zherdev past 5 games at least.. ever since he took those 2 early penalties in the game (i forgot the opponent) he hasnt been the same

  95. Dawes is nowhere. Also F’en fight someone. Beat the crap out of Ovechkin. Stop being wimps play tough. What the F was Dru doing on that penalty shot he never goes to the backhand. Dont try something new stick to the stuff you know.

    Redden for 6 years? i cant even take him for two months.

  96. Our next ten games are as follows: 6 at home, 4 on the road

    New Jersey-Away

    I see no reason why we can’t win every one of those games. The only team on that list that looks REALLY good right now is Boston. This team needs to do some serious soul searching and come out and start playing 60 minutes of solid hockey. Hell, I would even settle for 50 minutes of solid hockey. No team can completely control the game from start to finish, but you do have to give it everything you have. If this team is soooo well conditioned then it should not be a problem. I hate losing games that we could have won. And I will still sit here and say that every game we lost, aside from the Buffalo game, we could have won.

    Dammit! I am so annoyed right now!

  97. The most recent signings (Redden, Naslund, Rozsi) are proving to be wildly ill-advised. And the coaching staff shows no ability to stem the regression of players like Girardi and Prucha and Dawes.

    How these a-hole teammates permitted Lundqvist — their best player by an exponential factor — to get run as he was and NEVER retaliate shows an unhappy reality: Renney does not have the meanness, the sack, the will to overcome his desire to be liked to make this team a true Cup contender.

    After the 2nd time Hank was steamrolled, a good coach stops the phocking game for as long as it takes until 1) the refs explain to him why no penalty was called and 2) he tells his players to exact a higher physical price from the opposition! In other words, Johnson is put through the dasher hard!

    Again, if Henrik ain’t on this team, we are battling hard for 12th place in the conference.

  98. Ken Daneyko on the postgame said a little birdie told him Shanny will go with the Devs with all their injuries. maybe that birdie was Lou Lamarillo

  99. There were red jersies everywhere that we wanted to be. The Caps clearly wanted the win more.

    I can’t think of why nobody stood up for Hank either. Do you think the coaching staff orders them not to retaliate when they think they’re still in the game? I’m tired of teams knowing they can maul Rangers.

    Two funny things: Caps fans don’t know a thing about hockey, they just know to chant when that stupid horn honks.

    I met Brashear out drinking and he’s just a big dumb smiley goon, seriously like a 5 yr old..I’ve wondered if they hold up cards for him like in Forest Gump, “Hit” “Shoot” “Fight” “Stop”

  100. Sam Weinman

    No problem at all with the argument you make for linking stories from your competitors on this blog. It’s a handy and generous thing to do.

    But that doesn’t erase the fact that you have not broken a single story in your entire time on the Rangers beat. Not one.

    I’m a reporter too. (Metro desk, middle-sized city in New England.) And if I performed that way in my job, I’d a been canned a long time ago.

  101. nutgirl
    November 8th, 2008 at 11:41 pm
    There were red jersies everywhere that we wanted to be. The Caps clearly wanted the win more.

    I can’t think of why nobody stood up for Hank either. Do you think the coaching staff orders them not to retaliate when they think they’re still in the game? I’m tired of teams knowing they can maul Rangers.

    Two funny things: Caps fans don’t know a thing about hockey, they just know to chant when that stupid horn honks.

    I met Brashear out drinking and he’s just a big dumb smiley goon, seriously like a 5 yr old..I’ve wondered if they hold up cards for him like in Forest Gump, “Hit” “Shoot” “Fight” “Stop”

    lol Nutgirl you need to post more. Also once again great handle.

  102. :-) I’m out for the evening but everyone should try to post more so Franco12’s jealousy gets buried.

  103. ha Ken needs to stop using the word “we” cause he aint on the team anymore.

    Ron Duguay is by far the weirdest dude, he is still in the ’70’s and i dont think he will be coming out of it anytime soon.

    That horn was annoying all game. Someone should have told that person to stop it. Idiots have to use horns cause they dont understand beats or w/e.

  104. “I see no reason why we can’t win every one of those games.”

    Tom Renney

    November 8th, 2008 at 11:19 pm
    The most recent signings (Redden, Naslund, Rozsi) are proving to be wildly ill-advised. And the coaching staff shows no ability to stem the regression of players like Girardi and Prucha and Dawes.

    How these a-hole teammates permitted Lundqvist—their best player by an exponential factor—to get run as he was and NEVER retaliate shows an unhappy reality: Renney does not have the meanness, the sack, the will to overcome his desire to be liked to make this team a true Cup contender.

    After the 2nd time Hank was steamrolled, a good coach stops the phocking game for as long as it takes until 1) the refs explain to him why no penalty was called and 2) he tells his players to exact a higher physical price from the opposition! In other words, Johnson is put through the dasher hard!

    Again, if Henrik ain’t on this team, we are battling hard for 12th place in the conference.”

    great post!

  105. Sam Weinman is a lot like Tom Renney they both love being liked and aren’t able to go a extra step because somebody might dislike them in the process.

  106. Sad to see how soft this team is again. They don’t go to high traffic areas enough they really don’t stick up for each other. The other night Zherdev is getting ganged up 3 on 1 and Redden stands idly by. Tonight Hank gets steamrolled time after time and Redden again stands there. He obviously isn’t the only one. He is showing not only (so far) to be a crappy player but not exactly showing himself to be a great teammate. Nutgirl I guess franco12(whoever he is) is your bf huh? Intersting that we have couples here.

  107. All Hail King Henrik on

    The was the worst example of officiating that I have ever seen. What a f–king joke! Lundqvist gets RUN THE F–K OVER by Semin and no call?! Are you kidding me? Not to mention the net was clearly off it’s morings on the goal. The Refs and Toronto are cluess.

    Colton Orr should’ve run Johnson like he was f–king Ray Lewis. That is absolute bullsh-t. Lundqvist is THE FRANCHISE…how are you going to let that happen? If not running Johnson, he should’ve knocked Semins teeth out just like he did Ovechkin.

    This game was so aggravating to watch it’s ridiculous–An absolute mockery of officiating, and no real retaliation by the NYR for Lundqvist being ran.

    I seriously would not have cared had Orr (or anyone else for that matter) taken 15 minutes worth of penalities running Johnson or Ovechkin or Semin or SOMEONE and Wash scored 10 goals on the powerplay. I know that sounds idiotic, but it’s the truth. You just can’t let that shit happen as a team.


    Other teams are going to watch tape and think they can get away with the same shit as well. If Lundqvists knees are still sketchy, the LAST THING he needs is people falling all over him. If Lundqvist goes down, we almost certalinly miss the playoffs.

    Renney should’ve had Orr out at the next shift after the powerplay was over to take care of business.


    Semin and Nylander are scumbags, and NYR did a shitty job of retaliating after FLAGRANT fouls against their goaltender.

    Dawes and Prucha are useless, this game showed that we can really use some more size and toughness on the wings, if our smaller players aren’t going to score. If they’r scoring, then their presence in the lineup is justifiable, but we’re a small team as is–Korpedo at the wing at least provides some size.

    It’s a shame that our PP couldn’t convert and pull a point or two out of this game, that would’ve really softend the blow of what was a complete disaster of officiating.

  108. All Hail King Henrik on

    Not sure why there is a line through “Lundqvist GETS RUN THE F__K OVER” in my above post. Hmm?

  109. oops not sure what I’m thinking nutgirl was referencing Franco’s dopey post sorry my mind is fried.

  110. All Hail King Henrik on

    I know it’s redundant, but I’m so pissed about this game, all of this stuff bears repeating.

    The officiating in the NHL is the WORST in all of major sports. I really do not even think there is an argument to be made otherwise. If so, someone please make it.

    In no other sport can you watch ten mintues of any given game, and see things that are a penalty one time, and then no penalty the next (i.e. cheesy hooks, slashes, etc.)

    The worst part was the calls tonight were FLAGRANT FOULS, and the Refs STILL blew it. How do you not call goaltender interference TWICE?! How can their possibly be such a discrepancy within the officiating? It’s a joke, and the NHL is a joke for allowing it to continue.


    The coaches and players need to be able to criticize the officiating without being fined as well.

    With no accountability often comes corruption. The Refs simply have to be held accountable to some degree.

    And when the Refs aren’t taking care of matters, the players need to take it into their own hands. It is a disgrace to the jersey, the logo and the franchise to not retaliate after something like that. The players need to take time to think what the 82 years of history behind the crest means. You need to honor that by showing the other team that disrespect such as clearly running your goalie will not be tolerated, and anyone doing so will pay a PRICE.

    Colton Orr is our enforcer, HE SHOULD HAVE ENFORCED. And in a serious way too, not just fighting (and KOing) Brashear (which he didn’t even do!), but by setting an example. You could argue that Semin had intent to injure, or at the very least absolutely no regard for Lundqvist to just barrell into him like that. Colton Orr should’ve reacted properly. I’m sure no one would’ve minded a game or two suspension.

    I hate to compare teams to NYR, but Washington would’nt pull that shit with Anaheim or Philly.

    Colton Orr is one of my favorite players on the Rangers, but he and the entire team let the fans down big time by allowing them to run Lundqivst in such egregious fashion.

  111. I didn’t really read most of the comments because there are over 200 of them, but the a lot of people seem upset with the officiating, for the most part. Yeah, it was bad. So was the Rangers’ power play. But let me say what I’ve been saying SINCE JULY 1ST…

    THIS TEAM CAN’T SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AHHHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHG, Jeez, it’s so frustrating to watch! Did they even get any good chances?

    I’m so sick and tired of hearing about speed and defense and puck pressure. How about someone who can rip one into the top corner. Anyone? No one? Alrighty then.

    This team isn’t winning the Cup without a top-flight goalscorer. Might as well stop watching now.

  112. I’m not a whiner as most of you guys here know, but why did and ESPN take off the highlights from the game. I saw the 1st 2 goals of the game and then had to go out to dinner, but its just weird that this game was so controversial and then both and take off the highlights. Is this game being looked at by Campbell and the other guys in Toronto or does the NHL just not want to show the awful reffing their guys did?

  113. Brooks hits the head on the nail today:Why the Rangers did not pursue Brooks Orpik on July 1 is as baffling now as it was on the first day of free agency, when the mean defenseman was there for the taking. The decision to build around blue-line finesse exclusively rather than acquire some muscle will reverberate throughout the season

  114. onecupin67years on

    I still don’t know what kind of team Sather has assembled? High scoring ? nah, defensive minded ? mmmmaybe, weak, push over ,soft,? definitely !Over paid as usual.
    What kind of coach is renney, well he isn’t a task master.
    Looks soft is soft.
    I’m still waiting for the rangers to draft a Stud. like Crosby, Ovechkin, etc.
    Never mind hank and Staal (very soft) he needs to get tough.

    Hank is the only player who can dominate a game for the Rangers too bad ha can’t score goals.

  115. GRAVES

    Jesus H Christ, how do you know they didn’t ??? I heard they did, but HE DID NOT WANNA FUGGIN LEAVE PISSBURGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You cant force that prick to leave if he doesn’t wanna.

    What the fugg would he do ?? Im sorry, but he is one of the most overrated physical D-men in the league. This guy had one big shift in the cup finals, and everyone thinks he’s the god damn shit ?? Fugg that. I would have taken him, but id rather overpay for someone with some offensive upside like Redden, even if he’s not scoring, over someone who throws a few hits every now and then.

    Like i said, this team takes retard stupid jerkoff penalties, but they cant take smart penalties like going after someone who goes after your teammates, or more importantly your fuggin goalie.

    Im so disappointed in this team it makes me sick. How they could let Hank get mauled like that. What a bunch of pussies. I bet Renney was the one telling them not to do anything.

    If that was anyone else, im sure Orr’s stick would be swinging over a head. Fugg, id take a 5 min penalty and give up 5 goals then watch Hank get injured.


    Orr challenged Brash, didn’t you see that ?? Brash ran away like he was the KKK. He was trying to do the smart thing, and not give Nyr any chance of getting fired up.

    And i agree with the guy who said Nyr could use Hollweg for that game.

    I thought the exact same thing. This team needs a physical forward who can throw a fuggin hit.

    PLEASE SLATS, trade Prucha to the Preds for Tootoo. Right now, that’s enough for Prucha, since he cant pot a fuggin goal. With that trade we get a guy who’s like Avery, except he’s smarter, and tougher, and hits way better, and harder.

  117. I think we are going to win 8 of our next 10 games. I also think that there is going to be a move during this stretch. We have played our best hockey this season when we have had a lot of games in a short period of time. I think we are going to benefit from a lot of hockey this month almost every other night.

    And also, I guess it doesn’t mean too much if we don’t go on a nice win streak soon, and we have played more games than other teams, but we are still first in the East until we aren’t anymore.

    Turn this shiz around! Let’s Go Rangers!

  118. I tend to agree on the running of SOMEONE, ANYONE after they ran Hank last night… but at the same time I can see them doing that in a 1 goal game… getting scored on (once, twice?) and then trying to come back and falling just short. Everyone would be screaming that we should have never taken that penalty.

    Just looking at it from both sides.

    Again, I would rather run someone to show the league that they can’t pull that crap. But I’m just playing devil’s advocate.

  119. anyone who is blaming the refs for that loss is just in denial how bad we looked. we have one potentially good offensive winger, zherdev, but he is so inconsistent, probably why columbus got rid of him for basically nothing. dawes should be sent to the minors, why prucha was benched at the end and not him is beyond me. and then sam/joe go on about how prucha isnt finishing, no one on the team is finishing and i dont see much relief in sight.

    hate to be overly negative, but roszi and redden have just looked terrible so far this season and i dont see the team doing much as long as they are leading our defense corps

  120. graves9 – Good job outing yourself as Bob.

    After the first period maybe, I think the Rangers did a good job of matching the Capitals’ energy, which they should have known was coming since the beginning. They were just taking some pretty bad shots, and the Rangers had already been beaten down by the referees’ awful non-calls. Even if I wasn’t a fan of the Rangers, I would not be able to understand why there was no goalie interference called against the Capitals, since they always call that so tightly. I was really disappointed that Drury didn’t score on that penalty shot, but he made the right moves; Johnson just made a better lucky pokecheck. For the last power play, I was glad that Dubinsky’s unit came on the ice second because that meant that they would be on the ice for the end of the game, though Drury and Gomez showed up there, as well.

    The worst defensive play that I noticed in this game was by Redden, but I really can’t remember when it occurred; maybe someone else can help me out with that. For some reason, he thought he should go play the middle even though the two guys there were already covered, leaving a Capital all alone to receive a pass going down the left side. Redden just followed the puck after that same player passed it towards the middle. I thought we only did that in elementary school!

  121. Dubi or not Dubi on

    The worst part of that game was that it was one of the most entertaining games they’ve played all year and that it was ruined by a loss!!!

    This team was built for games like that, but Renney doesn’t know how to coach a transition offense. They go in on odd man rushes and always just skate it behind the net and wait for everyone to get in the zone. Why!?!? Every other team can score on odd man rushes, the ISLANDERS score on them, but aside from two games ago, the Rangers can’t even get shots!

    Why did they sign Redden? I believe the answer was that he makes the BEST breakout passes EVER, but if they have no transition offense, what’s the point?

    I’d still take my chances with more games like last night and the Detroit game because that was how hockey should be played! (Sans the running of Hank, defense, grow a pair)

  122. Orr bullshit he didn’t get along with Therrein and was hoping for the Rangers to join and start a bidding war but the Rangers signed Rozsival and Redden right away they never made him an offer it’s been mentioned by Brooks, and in the Hockey news among other sites.

  123. Kalinin’s escort service to Semin leading to Poti’s goal was at least the equal of any other dreadful play by the D last night. It was pitiful.

    The team is squishy soft. Very easy to play against. No physical price is exacted: Renneyism to a T.

    Naslund is a ghost at $4m. Redden even worse at an incredible $6.5m until, what, 2037?

  124. Orr you haven’t got a clue really. Orpik is one of the best defensive dmen in the league. Redden is average offensevely and below average defenevely.

  125. last nights game is a perfect example of how useless colton orr is. game was physical, hank gets run, and orr cant catch up with anybody to throw a check. he is to slow, and no ability to play the game. he and he alone needed to run johnson last night, otherwise why is he here.

  126. That game last night just showed Nyr’s “speed”. Ugh Nyr fans are so fuggin moronic, acting like the teams speed is unreal, and will get us all the way to the fuggin cup. Get the fugg outta here.

    This team is still behind. Pete is right, they looked like retards last night, playing only 25-30 mins, once again. Fuggin ridiculous.

    Redden made a bad play, but he saved a goal too. Nobody is really giving the guy a chance. They take one look at his pay check, then so he’s worthless. He’s been decent. He hasn’t been awful, he hasn’t been great. That’s how it is.

    Dru’s comments in the last game aboot Pearn, that was only cause he likes the guy and knows he’s close to getting fired.

    Renney is a moron. This guy has to be the dumbest coach in NHL history. He played pre season games with Gomer-Nazzy-Nicky Z, but when the season starts, boom, they’re split up. Why ??? Put them back together for a game, see what happens. If we went by what pre season was, then we’d all think Hank was the worst goalie in the league.

    And i love Voros, but the guy should be playing on the 3rd line. Put Cally in between him, and either Dawes, or Prucha.


    Who cares if Pruchs was benched at the end of the game. What was he gonna do ?? Score a fuggin goal, lol not bloody likely !!! Dawes had a better game.

    They better get their shit together, cause they’re starting to look like shit, and now the tough games are coming. I cant wait to see how they look against the Habs, B’s, Sabs again, Sens, etc.

  127. BULL DOG

    Don’t blame him. He did what he could, Brash didn’t wanna fight, cause he out of nowhere grew a brain.

    With a coach like Renney, nothing bad will happen. That’s why i don’t like the guy, he’s to nice. He’s not gonna scream at the other coach, like Ruff did, and go nuts, he’s not gonna send his players after another player if he’s playing dirty.

    Renney probably told the guys, don’t do anything stupid. Ugh, they should have done something stupid.

    And another thing, when Pruchs got elbowed by that fag Exelby, and Orr went after him and threw a punch, all these stupid idiot Nyr fans were bitching that he took a dumb penalty. Make up your fuggin minds, do it, or don’t do it.

  128. Orr why aren’t your posts ever coherent? Btw no Ranger fan made any grand projections like you’re claiming.

  129. it is orr job to protect (take stupid penalties if needed) he failed at that last night. on renney, he is only going to take a team so far, no matter what they do in the regular season he will fall short in the playoffs. he coaches scared, and coaches not to lose, when you need to coach to win.

  130. He’s a defensive coach 95% of the coaches in the Nhl are just that. A Tom Renney team will never play a run and gun game whether that’s good or bad is depending on your perseptive. The Rangers were a puck possesion team Jagr’s first two years but that changed when Nylander left and Straka’s game slipped.

  131. Korpikoski scored a hat trick, Saturday night, including two even-strength goals, plus the game-winner in O.T. Time to ship Dawes out and put Korpi back at his natural left wing position. TIME IS NOW – Sather – Renney, not four months from now.

  132. I want a win tomorrow. wah

    Watching Mike Game Over Green play makes me so angry! I know this is hindsight bias but: Al Montoya or Mike Green hmmmm.

  133. The problem with the refs is that, with two of them, they can pass off 50% of the blame for bad calls on the other guy. Such as with the second Washington goal when the goal post was off the mooring. With one ref that gets called and the goal is disallowed. With two refs they just shrug and move on. God damn that fuked-up Bettman, anyway. There must be another dozen ways he can fuk up this great game he hasn’t even unveiled on us yet. Just keeping a low profile since “bigger nets” didn’t fly.

  134. “Korpikoski scored a hat trick, Saturday night, including two even-strength goals, plus the game-winner in O.T. Time to ship Dawes out and put Korpi back at his natural left wing position. TIME IS NOW – Sather – Renney, not four months from now.”

    That’s good news, thankyou! Dawes wasn’t terrible last game but I really wonder if he has what it takes to be an NHL player. He’s 5’9 and it’s not like he’s one of those special players like Rafalski.

  135. neither prucha or dawes had a good game, but dawes was way worse, he gave the puck away almost every time he touched it and the only chance he had was set up by prucha. i wasnt even saying prucha would have scored or should have been on at the end, i just think its absurd that dawes doesnt get touched by the coach nor matter how bad he looked

    but it was really dick for renney to put on prucha w/5 seconds left

  136. onecup – the only way to draft an Overchkin or Crosby is to fall to absolute bottom of the league and hope a stud player is available that year. whwen did we ever draft 1 or 2 in the past few decades. doesn’t look like we’re anywhere close to that type of pick despite the sky is falling posts of many

    malik8 – Orpik stayed with Pitt for a hometown discount. can’t put a gun to a guys head to come here if he wants to stay with his current team.

  137. I’d rather have Mara and Girardi than Orpik.

    Girardi I expect bigger things from like more hitting, but don’t they get less than Orpik combined?

  138. Renney is the architect of this disastrous combination of non performers, but it was Sather who saddled him with the likes of Kalinnin ( didn’t he ever watch him last year with Buffalo?), and everyone’s favorite…Roszival.

    Here he is, ROZY, lord of the blueline on the PP right? So every now and then he has a release from his coma and actually tries a slap shot on goal. ( His slap is about the same velocity of my granddaughters wrister.) Mostly he pauses, when the puck hits his stick ,( looks around for Jagr) oh yeah he’s not here now, contemplates his navel, makes a soft pass to someone – ANYONE – just so he’s not gonna be asked to actually shoot the bloody thing, and then tries to out duel someone at the blue line for the puck. Loses it of course or puts it right on an opponents stick, and then seessomeone bearing in on him that he has to check. (My oh my is he shy!) He avoids body contact like a Matador in a bull ring.) And THIS is the guy that is Renney’s go to. The best gunner on that team from the point is Mara, but he watches it all from the bench. Mara also is best at riding a speedball like Kovalev out of the play rather than out duel him for the puck. He skates him shoulder to shoulder and forces him eventually to run out of space. He is their best and most unheralded defenseman. Bar none!

    Renney has the reaction time of a 3 toed sloth when he’s on the bench, and has no clue at all of the proper lineup combinations, and no situation awareness at all. He belongs in an Ivy league Prep school – not the NHL.

  139. I agree – I have never used any of the above named restrictive statements, and I never will. Don’t beleive in them. Strong criticism yes, but that’s it.

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