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It seems slightly ridiculous now that we were all up in arms over the Rangers’ two-game losing streak. Heck, there was a time a few years ago when a two-game losing streak could have constituted a good week.

But it only underscores the point that now even 16 games into the season, no one is still quite sure what to make of this team, which has the best record in the Eastern Conference and the second-best record in the NHL.

Are they as dominant as their record suggests? Or are they just a team that got off to a fast start thanks to favorable scheduling and excellent goaltending?

I vote for somewhere in between. Truth is, dominant isn’t the word I’d use to describe these Rangers, especially with a power play that still dwells in the NHL’s bottom tier. But they’ve won. They’ve come up with big performances when they’ve needed to, and the more the sample size grows, the more there’s reason to think it’s a trend that continue beyond just a couple of weeks.

I have little doubt that there will be more skunks like Tuesday night against the Islanders. But I also don’t doubt that they can bounce back as they did against the Lightning.

Some notes:

<li>I will check in later, but I’m tied up a bit today so I might not make it to the Rangers’ skate. A question worth asking: Does Stephen Valiquette get a start tomorrow in D.C., especially with a challenging week ahead?

<li>Nice to see Ryan Callahan cash in last night seeing how his spot on the power play is something I’ve been lobbying for all season. I take no credit. I just thought it was evidence of what he could provide.

<li>And finally, a response to some pointed criticism here for my linking to other reporters’ work:

Let’s be clear that the goal of this blog has been, and will always be, to provide original reporting. Unless I note otherwise, that’s what you’ve been getting here for more than two years now.

I’m a competitive person whether it’s pick-up hockey or journalism, and I don’t particularly relish trumpeting the fact that another reporter has beaten me to a story. But the reality is there are other reporters who work just as hard as I do, who have been doing this a lot longer, and who have been doing it quite well.

So on those occasions when there’s a story out there that is not my own, I see myself as having two options: to pretend like it doesn’t exist. Or to continue to try to provide fans with the latest news, and to give due credit to the people who are responsible for breaking that news. Personally, I’d rather be honest than proud.

Again, that’s not to give myself a pass. The Blog will continue to work hard to be out in front of stories in Rangerland, and I feel we’ve made encouraging strides on that front since first starting out. But this spot is still more about servicing readers than my own ego, so if that means occasionally acknowledging the work of others, that’s OK by me.

More later…

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  1. Ugh stupid has Blake Wheeler as one of the 3 stars of the night. Wheeler scored a hat trick but one was an empty netter, Dru scored two PP goals, and a Shrothanded goal, no empty netters, why isn’t he in that spot. Eh, just trying to start some early morning controversy to get myself going for the day.

    Speaking of Wheeler, some fans threw hats, and some threw some bra’s down. Sweet !

    As for the game last night, i was happy with it. 3 PP goals, Dru with a hat trick, Staal with his first of the season, good fuggin stuff. Hopefully they don’t go all Jessica Alba on us, and tease us. Gotta keep it up.

    Tomorrow’s games gonna be tough, Backstrom, Nylander. Federov, and yes, Ovechkin, but im more worried aboot Alex Semin, he’s been tearing teams up, and he scored two goals in the final 2 mins last night to beat the Canes. Ouch that loss is baaad.

    I think Hank should get the start though. Caps are a tough team, might as well put him in. He’s usually good against them.

  2. Keep up the good work, Sam!

    Those who pick nit-pick your reporting style are probably the same know-it-alls who think they have the answer to the Rangers power play woes and still call for Tom Renney’s head.

    This team is finding ways to win, which is really important — i’d argue for the past few years we actually found ways to lose. We were more dominant last year and the year before at times, but we found ways to lose those games.

    This year, we’re less “dominant” but we’re winning those same games.

    Pick your poison.

  3. Oh yeah, as for the Cherepanov compensation…

    I think it is fair, in a way. Even if it sounds like a dick thing to say. When you look at it, the Flames, and Rangers drafted two players that actually couldn’t play this game, so i think its fair that they get compensated. But that’s my opinion on the whole thing, i can care less if we do or not, cause it wont replace the high hopes i had for Cherry.

    Did the Flames get compensation for that kid with the HCM, or what ever it was ? Kinda the same deal except he was a later round pick i think.

    Also, if they do get compensation for Cherry, how does that whole thing work exactly ?

  4. my quick thoughts on the game last night, other than it was SORELY needed after a bad week and a bad day.

    Gomez looked kinda out of it/lost/not all together last night. Not to call him out, just saying it looks like maybe there’s something going on we don’t know about?

    Callahan. (Beer will like this one). I have his jersey from a couple years back. I was thinking maybe I over-rated him, then the past few games, and last night, he redeemed himself in my eyes.

    as far as the Smith/Voros thing, I think the goalies are too protected in the game now. I might be a purist, but I think goalies are coddled. If a goalie’s blatantly slashing a player like that (correct me if I’m wrong, but Voros wasn’t even in the crease!), he needs punishment. If a skater started whacking away at the back of somebody’s leg, they’d be thrown out of the game.

    I know this is an out-there idea (maybe) but maybe for blatant penalties like that, a goalie should actually have to serve his time, instead of having a srub 4th-liner in the box for him.

  5. “Hopefully they don’t go all Jessica Alba on us, and tease us. Gotta keep it up.” – Orr

    Orr, you’ve been lucky enough to be teased by Jessica Alba? you dog you.

  6. Agreed Jeever. The NHL is treating goalies like the NFL treats Quarterbacks. Can’t touch them, can’t go near them and they’re never in the wrong.

    While I don’t think “running goalies” should be allowed, they’re going to get bumped from time to time and if a guy falls into the crease from being pushed, it should never be “Goalie Interference”, especially if it doesn’t have an effect on the play.

    Also, anytime you drop the gloves it’s 5 for fighting. Smith dropped them, left his helmet on and stayed in the game. How does that make sense?

    If a light hook effects the flow of the game, a sisemic slash on the back of a player’s knee has to count for something.


    Yeah she flashed her fat pregnant stomach, it was nightmarish but her monster pregnant cleavage saved the day. Still a tease though.

    Smith should get suspended, he should have been thrown out of the game, doesn’t matter what time there is remaining. He should be suspended, the retard refs let him get away with it the whole game.

    The refs were pathetic last night. A Ranger got boarded last night, and they didn’t call it, ten seconds later, three players are throwing shoves / punches at Zherdev, and he shoves back, then shoves Roberts again, and they call only him ?? Such BS. THAT is why i hate refs and have no respect for them. They never explain why it wasn’t called. I hate it, it pisses me off every fuggin time.

  8. Hank got interfered with last night, and they eventually called a penalty on Nyr. It was a little bump, but he was in the crease and he made enough contact witht he goalie for a “soft call”. It always gets called, but they didn’t call that. OF course of Hank dove like Martina, then maybe it would get called, but Hank has a little more respect for the game, and a little more class than that bloated son of a bitch. I don’t understand the way the refs go aboot the game. Some nights they call soft, some nights not. Its almost like they’re gambling with the game, trying to get the game to a certain score so they could win big.

    Did anyone else see that degenerate gambler Tocchet crying aboot the penalties after the Smith thing. Ugh, you’d think he’s understand what the refs are going through.

  9. Repost

    Staal Wart November 7th, 2008 at 10:18 am

    Kasper…what brings you up and out so early…your first post is usu. around 1pm…but its nice to hear from you this early. I agree that beating the Debbies with Brodeur is better than Weekes but I just thought it was pathetic the response on the blog, on finding Marty was out and needed surgery…I am in no way a Devils fan and I can’t stand Marty but you can’t knock his accomplishments. He’s a great goalie and to be happy that the guy gets injured just shows lack of class…its pretty lame.

    MikeyNJ…I honestly didn’t see much from Prucha last night…and like I’ve said before I’m not a huge fan but I do like that he’s getting a chance and I want to see him succeed. I thought Dawes was more noticeable.

    I like the way Naslund is playing
    Gomez seems to be coming around.
    Voros played his best game in a while, and thats the way he has to play to make his mark.
    Dubinski seems to have lost his confidence and like Prucha I want him to bury one…and get going again.
    Zherdev is also playing very well, I like how he gets his hands dirty, and has been playing a pretty gritty game.

    and Sam…Good Job! I’m happy you finally responded to the morons who bash you for not breaking a story…
    I come to the blog everyday because you do link to other stories…that way I don’t have to go look for them…Yup. Lazy. Oh and also for the incessant dialogue both both informed and well…uninformed for the regulars below

  10. I don’t see Vally getting a start tomorrow night. Not after the meltdown he had last Saturday. I know the best way to get past it is to just get back in there but not against Ovechkin, Semin and the others on the Caps. The Caps are a tough team to play on the road. I would expect Vally to maybe get a start at NJ next week on Wednesday. Not that playing the Devils is any easier but I would expect Renney to ride Henrik right now with no back to back games for awhile.

  11. 17th pick. Interesting. Does a poor team have to give theirs up ??

    Side note. Brian Boyle played last night for the Kings and scored his first goal of the year in his 6th game of the year. He had 4 goals, one assist last year in 8 games, one goal against Nyr. He’s a big kid, kinda like Jessiman. Whyyyyy couldn’t we draft him at leaaast !!! Im sorry i just cant let that go, and its even worse now that Jessiwoman’s gone. I like Boyle i think he might be a 25-30 goal scorer for the Kings, but that’s just what i think.

    I don’t remember anything from 2003, my life, what i did, what i was into, any trouble i got in, anything. The only thing of 03 i remember is that fuggin draft !!!!!!!!

  12. I had like 4 thoughts about that thing with Zherdev and the 3 Lightning players around him.

    1. Zherdev has balls of steel to just start throwing down while completely surrounded. When I heard of the trade, I thought he was high-skill, but a weaker physical guy. But he’s willing to get dirty too. LOVE IT.

    2. The refs SUCKED on that, where the hell were they to break THAT up? But if Voros gets tired of getting his shin hacked, they’re in between him and Smith in seconds.

    3. NO Ranger could come to his defense? What the hell??

    4. I always thought Gary Roberts was over-rated. But last night showed me he’s a great agitator. He knows how to toe the line, and not go over, and get reactions. For that alone, he’s kinda valuable.

  13. Smith deserves a suspension – he crossed the line from defending his crease within reason, to attempting to injure an opponent.

    As for the draft pick, whats the point – we seem to draft cr8p in the first few rounds. We’re better at picking up late round players and undrafted guys? Staal, Tjutin and Dubinsky are our only successful 1st/2nd rounders in the last decade. We’d be better off using the pick(s) to trade or asking for 4 5th round picks!! We should send Prucha, Roszy and a 1st rounder for Kovalchuk(UK4)..!!

  14. Just to drop in real quick. Sorry, didn’t read any of the 100’s of posts from 4:30pm yesterday up to this point. I’m sure it was a lot of people saying they were wrong about the PP personel, wrong about Dru, wrong about the team not being as good as the record suggests. So I don’t think I need to go back and read them anyway.

    Sam – Whomever criticizes you for linking other stories can go bite a big one. If it’s news on the Rangers it belongs here. What difference does it make where it comes from? Unless it’s your boss criticizing you for it, tell them to go take a flyin leap.

    I agree with Renney, Smith should get 1 game to sit. (and he’s on my fantasy team, but I still think he should!)

    Compensation for Chery…I think the dust has settled enough for it to be addressed. And it certainly sounds like this is “in the spirit” of the CBA language.

    Very entertaining game last night. Bit of a track meet at points. And shows there’s lots of ways this team can win a game. What a fuggin goal by St Louis man. Hands hands hands.

    Jeever – “beer” barely caught my eye as I scrolled down. You should really see someone about that addiction man.

    On pain killers today, and going to rest a sore back.


  15. JEEVER

    Yeah, and Nicky Z also gave a shot to one of the Bolts when he was shoving Dubi, or Voros. Im loving the kid, Tyutin can cry a river in boring ol Columbus. I feel bad for him. They gave up on that kid waaay to early.


    Who cares, it would be nice to get another pick. Anisimov was drafted in the 2nd round i think, i have high hopes for him, maybe he can take Betts’ spot soon. Also Dubi, Dawes, Cally all came in later rounds, you never know. It never hurts to get a few picks for free.

    I just hope they use it well, if they get it.

  16. Repost

    Out early because I didnt have to get drunk after last nights game to sooth depression…this time I just got happy-drunk man!!

    Some people just need to be on the “winning” side and they dont care how it happens….if the only way rangers can win a cup is that they stay healthy and everyone else loses star players I’ll take it ( conditioning is part of the game too)but I will not celebrate…

    On Peter Prucha…I dont know waht to say, I always thought he got the shaft from Professor Renney but it may be time to just admit that he is what he is…a guy who competes but has lost his scoring touch bit by bit as the new NHL adapted to rules changes…thrived in wide-open 2005-06 and has steadily decreased


    Sam, you do a great job!
    Your comments above brought me to tears for first time since I saw Anna K and that Slavic banjo player on the beach in Croatia

  17. A couple observations from last night:

    Let me preface this by saying my indoor soccer team won our semifinal game last night so by the time I watched the game on DVR I was a few shots and some beers deep….

    Drury: Here is the thing: His career goal scoring stats tell me that he scores in 30% of the games. 3 goals every 10 games roughly. So that means he is roughly a 1 in 3 chance to score any night. If you bet $1 every night that he would score and got 3 to 1 odds on a goal, you would have lost $14 (the 14 games he didn’t score). In the two games he scored, you would have won 6 (Isles game) and then 9 last night. So you would be up $1. He is scoring as he has throughout his career. In streaks. You make take issue with his -4 or whatever else, but guys we need to get off his back in terms of his point production. He is in-line with his career stats. Whether he is worth $7mm, well, that is a whole other story. But to expect him to score 50 goals or put up 80 assists is just unreasonable. Again, chide him for other stuff. Fine. But harping on his point production is foolish. Isn’t it weird that after last night he is tied for the team lead in goals?

    Smith is a scumbag. The guy looked like Billy Smith out there. And BTW, if that Piece of S wants to fight, he should take of his stupid mask. Real guts on him to fight in the armor suit that goalies wear and keep his mask on. A joke.

    Voros should just camp out and live in front of the opposign goalie for the rest of the season.

    I thought Dawes outplayed Prucha last night. Again, mind you all that I had a few adult beverages in me, but I saw Dawes make some plays, get in a fight, draw at least one penalty. I only really noticed Prucha when he was coming into the locker room in between periods.

    Cally has spark. He’s feisty.

    Zherdev continues to impress. He reminds me of Kovalev. At times has you saying, “Wow!” Other times has you saying, “WTF?”

    Giradi is a puzzle. In the O zone he seems comfortable. In the D zone, at times, he seems clueless (more in front of the net than behind it, I will add.

    Glad to see Staal get one. He is solid.

    That’s it for now.

    I am curious to see how we would do in 4 games against Montreal, Buffalo, Pitt, and Boston. Clearly we have the skill to beat the Thrashers, Islanders (unless we beat ourselves), Lightning, Columbus, and Toronto (ditto).

  18. Sam

    Don’t take any of these fools who criticize you to heart… remember, the ones telling you to do a better job and work harder are those who are either sitting at home unemployed or wasting time at their own job which they should be working harder at (myself included). You do a great job on the blog, and the links to the other reporter’s stories are appreciated when there is breaking news.

  19. So I get to the game last night with Mrs. Nasty and my daughter. She is sooooo amped at going to her first Ranger game. Two funny things. One, we were meeting my friend Eddie there, and in the pre game video thing on Gardenvision they show when Giacomin returns to the Garden and the crowd is chanting Eddie, Eddie, Eddie. So my daughter wonders why they are chanting for uncle Eddie. Second, I am addicted to my blackberry and my wife was razzing me for checking it constantly. I said, I am checkinf Sam’s blog. So my daughter goes, where I Sam, I want to meet him. Good stuff. Would have liked to see a few less shots against, but like I said all season long so far, I will take the 2 points how ever we can get them.

  20. NorthCountryRanger on

    Valiquette should ride the bench for at least 10 games after falling apart like a second grader’s macaroni art in the third period in Toronto. If he starts tomorrow Renney will again be ignoring a glaring problem. I wouldn’t have felt as bad if he’d made a save after the first goal but come on 3 of those he should have had or at least challenged more…

  21. Sam- You do a great job and work your butt off to get us great, timely info. The fact that you are man enough & self-assured to acknowledge good info from your “rivals” does provides a great service to us, & also shows great class on your part. You “get” that acknowledging others’ efforts in no way diminishes you & helps raise the bar for others to emulate.

    So far, the Rangers are showing me to be a good team, able to win even when not hitting on all cylinders, often due to the great goal tending Hank has provided in the all too many times he is left hanging out to dry. I believe there is great potential for this team to improve in view of the number of players who are definitely under-performing.

    In spite of some obvious flaws, this team seems to have a lot going for it, & will continue to get better.

    As sensitive & perhaps sleazy-like as it is to even mention, Cherry was a sure-fire future star & wanted to play for the Rangers, & the spirit of the rule would be for the Rangers to get compensation, which will no way be close to equal to what they lost. Any other team would feel the same way & would merit the same consideration.

  22. “…after falling apart like a second grader’s macaroni art in the third period in Toronto.”


    Fusili Jerry and Valiccettis!!

  23. Dubi, what a tool,

    Sam, you are in a different class then that guy, but if you want to be like him, create Rangers Report + that you call RR+, charge people to view it and grow a fat stupid beard

  24. I don’t understand the complaining about Sam linking to other writers’ stories. He has plenty of his own material and links to his own stories in _The Journal News_; this just provides us with more information if we only read his blog, which is usually the case for me. Even in last night’s post about Cherepanov, Sam did his own reporting on the email response from Cam Hope, so stop your whining!

    In case you’re wondering why I haven’t been here as much, my laptop went kaflooey and my desktop is not in the same room as the TV and is less comfortable to use. I’m sure I am missing out on some gold in the comments section; I am still reading Sam’s posts.

    I notice that the blurb about this blog has been updated to remove Sam’s age and just mention who the writers are. hehe

  25. I have to say, Drury really showed some skills on those goals. I loved the shorthanded one when he faked Smith out of his crease.

    That video of Smith fighting Drury is great, then needing two different guys to serve his penalties, including St. Louis, according to the box score.

  26. some people just love complaining… they could do ANYTHING, and would still notice the negative of the situation… OBVIOUSLY Sam’s blog offers value and entertainment otherwise these whiny bitches would go someplace else. But this blog is the best around, and THAT’S why I waste 1/2 my day on here…

  27. Yesterday afternoon I posted- “can you guys remember the last time anyone on the NYR had a breakaway?” Sure enough Shoes had one 30 secs into the game, and of coursee Drury scored on one. So I’ll try it again. Can you guys remember the last time Lunqvist had a shutout?

  28. haha NRYinPHX – when’s the last time the back-up had more shutouts than the starter? I don’t know the answer, but I never thought I’d have to think that a month into the season….

  29. These are the games they should be winning. The next game is the last of 5 cupcakes in a row – so far we’re 2-2. Not sure how firma that makes our terra.

  30. PEMOCO

    Exactly, we’re 2-2-1 against actual tough teams, i count the Stars in there just for the hell of it.

    Now we have to go against some real teams, that are definitely making the playoffs, unless something crazy happens, like the Sens last year, but worse.


    He is a tool, and looks fugly with that beard. I saw him on the Graves, Leetch, Messier, Shanny, Staal or which ever special it was. He kinda looks like a child molester. The ones you see on those “Wanted” sketches on America’s Most Wanted.

    Don’t forget that reject retard side kick who is so far up Dubi’s ass he probably sprays more black spray paint on his black greedy heart ! Ugh, i hate them so much, why !?!?!

  31. By reading the comments last night during the game, I would have figured that we lost 5-2 and we were 1-11-4.

  32. NYRinPHX

    Lol, i thought of you’re name when that happened. Kind of ironic. Keep it up, maybe you got something working for you. You should do something like “Orr wont knockout Brashear” and hopefully he does. Mwahaha i hate that fugly fuggin Brash. He looks like Mr Potato Head.

  33. I was only able to watch Rangers in 60 last night, but this was an important bounce-back game for the team. I think it’s the type of game they’re capable of playing every night. Everybody had energy, all 4 lines created chances. I don’t mind the Rangers getting into somewhat of a “track meet” at times, as Beer Me characterized this game…they have the speed to do it and they have Hank. There was great action at both ends and the Rangers prevailed.

    Also, as a constant basher of Drury, I will give him props. He’s been driving me crazy this year because I know he’s better than he’s played. Last night, he was relaxed and shot the puck beautifully. It was also great to watch him fake Smith into the balcony with that move on the SH goal. I know he’s not going to score a hat trick every night, but Drury can play the same assertive, offensive-minded hockey he did last night every night.

    11-4-1. That’s a beautiful record.

  34. My only gripe with the blog is that we seldom get any post game information any more, like Renney interviews, player interviews, etc. Most live game updates don’t even include how the game ended.

  35. NorthCountryRanger November 7th, 2008 at 11:20 am

    Valiquette should ride the bench for at least 10 games after falling apart like a second grader’s macaroni art in the third period in Toronto. If he starts tomorrow Renney will again be ignoring a glaring problem. I wouldn’t have felt as bad if he’d made a save after the first goal but come on 3 of those he should have had or at least challenged more…

    I have to disagree…our backup goaltender is not a glaring problem. Valli played great last season and also played in his first 2 starts this season. Let me ask you which backup in the league would you rather have? Weekes?

  36. BTW I read the article in the NY Times today about last night’s game. I must say I nearly puked when I heard Drury’s comments about the PP success, “I give a lot of credit to Perry Pearn…” Are you kidding me? We score 2 ppg in a game, for I think the first time this season (on a 5 on 3 for one, no less) and Pearn is a genius all of a sudden? Puh-lease.

  37. I hope the King gets the start.

    No need to apologize, Sam we appreciate what you do.

    Honesty > pride (and pride goeth before the fall)

  38. OK I was also screaming for another Ranger (or 3) to jump in when Z was getting molested, but the Captain put in for him in the way it counts on the scoreboard!

    I also want to pass along a recommendation for “The Greatest Hockey Stories Ever Told: The finest writers on ice” edited by Bryant Urstadt to any fan out there looking for entertaining reading material. I can’t remember if someone mentioned it on here or a post just led me to hunt for a good hockey book, but thanks for the lead. I was humbled, amused, upset, thrilled, and kept great company for the whole long bus ride to the garden.

    I really don’t want to bash Roszival but wow he can vary between great and awful within the span of minutes. Maybe he has a brain tumor sitting on an artery and it only sometimes cuts off the blood flow.

  39. Nutgirl…I agree that Roszival is at times infuriating to watch. He had a horrible game against the Islanders, but looked like he had a pretty solid one last night. I think he’s a good hockey player, and despite the oversized contract, booing his is unjustified in my opinion. He’s not developed a consistent pattern of AWFUL hockey to justify being booed. Just my 2 cents.

  40. Valiquette’s start against the Capitals last year didn’t go so well, with that BS delay of game penalty for holding onto the puck instead of putting it back in play, then Mike Green rifling the OT winner.

  41. I would certainly like to see Hank in tomorrow. I’d rather see Vally up against the Oilers. He made some glove save last night in the 2nd period, I believe on the PK. Also, St. Louis goal was top 10 material, great hands.

    Personally, I’m very entertained by Sam’s writing. Very intelligent, informative, humorous, and most importantly, honest. Having multiple reporters/writers working on one team is a treat to any fan. It allows you to view opinions from different angles, whether they’re positive or not. It’s like politics; one writers opinion can completely piss you off in disagreement. That’s why there are other options to obtain information. Sam is able to thrive in his situation. It keeps his field of work constantly competitive, which makes you better at what you do.

  42. BillyDeeWilliams on

    Hate to nitpick Newman, but it was three power play goals. Not that it gets Pearn off the hook or anything.

  43. Hey guys. I always see people posting asking how to watch games online. This is how to get games for free with great quality. Every game that you want, whether it be the Rangers, Edmonton Oilers, Detroit Red Wings, etc is on. Go to www(dot)hockeystreams(dot)com. Then the middle box says sign in. On top in little letters it says You are currently not signed in! Sign in below or (register now! (in blue)). Fill in your information and have it set to “regular”. Agree to terms. Click submit. Go back to the middle box where it says sign in. Type in your username and password and click sign in. Down the left side, there should be games listed and when the games are on it will be in a red box saying “watch live”. Click on that. A new page will load and it will say “To watch (Team A) vs. (Team B) you must be a Premium member blah blah blah. All the way to the left it should say “or click here” (should be in blue, because its a link) It will take you to your windows media player and will take a minute to upload. It should work if your windows media player is up to date. I do this every game and its free and much better quality then justintv or any other source. Its a loophole in the system but it works well. Try it out.

  44. A couple of things…
    1. New Newman, no surprise about Drury’s comment. He never says anything negative about anyone. He is a ‘team first’ guy, sticking up for his team, including the coaches, even if that sometimes defies logic.
    2. Ryan Malone is a wuss. I just watched a replay of his fight with Voros. Voros lost his helmet early (may have even taken it off himself), but Malone wouldn’t do likewise. I even saw him pushing it back on when he felt it coming off halfway thru the fight.

  45. nasty – who had a better time your daughter or you watching her. did she stay up all game and did she get a puck

  46. Just one comment from last night. The game was the first game out of the last 5 when the NYR came out with speed and aggressivness. They got off to a 5-0 start playing a “heavy” game then stopped and went 5-4-1. Last night they played the “heavy” game that they showed at the start of the season. It paid off. Keep it up boys!!!!

    SAM you are awsome. To hell with anyone who thinks you do not bust you butt. I have known you for a long time and you always work your tail off if it is hockey, school, life and family. Keep it up bro.

  47. Agreed, Rob C, I’m glad that Malik was there last night so everyone had someone else to boo and laid off Rosy mostly. As much as Montreal fans are incredibly annoying babbling crazies, they are at least always always always cheering for their team and I have seen it help lead many wins and comebacks. Like Sam said, save the booing for when people aren’t even trying.

  48. Hey bull dog!

    I havent been looking at numbers but….it does appear that Dubi isnt getting enough ice time

    Anybody else thinking this?

  49. I don’t know if this was mentioned earlier, but why is it that we are going to start Valiquette tomorrow night? Lundqvist should be playing these games. I know that Vally can handle it, but we need our starter to be our starter. Brodeur started 51 straight games for the Devils at 34 years old. He has to average at leats 70-75 games a year.

    We have a game every other night for a week. one day between should be plenty of rest.

  50. And I also enjoy Sams writing. He actually mentioned me in his second sentence, and I am thankful that he has the time to talk to me personally. Speaking of the game last night. Drury sure looked good. I am one of those people that were nagging on Dru. I hope he is not satisfied with just last night though. I hope he continues to be productive and will play like that every game. Is that going to happen every game…no and I dont expect it. And I actually can’t complain about him now seeing that he is the top scorer on the team. Smith needs to get fined and suspended for his actions last night. Not that I’m there mother, but I’m very proud of them for not responding irresponsibly to the Lightnings actions. Anyways it was a good win last night.

  51. billy – and brodeur was extremely fatigued at end of season. so valley getting some games will keep henrik fresh. valley is 2-1 and henrik has that much more in the tank because of those days off

  52. I see no reason to start Vally against a team like Caps/Habs/Bruins. He’s a good backup but start him against garbage Southern teams and not risky games. I hope Hank is in net tomorrow night.

  53. I love how after a win we stop arguing about who to dump, trade, waive or send to minors…everything is ALRIGHT and everyone has a place in the Ranger universe…..even Perry Pearn ( how’d he get those initials anyway?)

  54. SIGN SUNDIN !!! I still stand by that !


    I mentioned that last night, it pissed me off. Orr had more ice time than Zherdev, and Dubi last night.

    I really cant stand Renney. I don’t know why he does the things he does. Im happy with the win, but you’re not gonna win games giving your enforcer more time then your leading scorers. Fuggin ridiculous.

    He better stop with this shit. Freddy is one thing, he’s good, and in some ways i think he should take Pruchs’ spot, but Orr, and Betts ?? Makes no sense.

  55. LI Joe
    “and brodeur was extremely fatigued at end of season. so valley getting some games will keep henrik fresh. valley is 2-1 and henrik has that much more in the tank because of those days off”

    I completely understand, but my point, which I might not have made very clearly, is that Brodeur, who is 9 years older than Hank, may have been fatigued last year, but look at the years that NJ won the cup (excluding the strike year), Brodeur was playing an average of 73 games a year. Lundqvist is 26 and we have to give him a night off every 2-3 games this year? We should definitely be saving Vally for the lesser teams at least for now. We are in 1st place, but in order to get a rhythm, Hank should be starting regularly. I would definitely want to see Hank go against Ovie and Semin tomorrow night.

  56. I’d rather be winning these “iffy/close” games in October than worrying about it in April!!

    Montreals power play sucks as well…..

    Rangers looked good last night, and I’d like to see Henrik in net against Washington.

    Voros was great last night!! His ice time reflected the 12 minutes in the penalty box.

    No Sundin….you would have to unload some serious salary to sign him….I’d rather see a cheaper Shanahan.

    As a 4th line center, Betts needs to improve his face offs.

  57. Yeah, Hank needs to go against the Caps tomorrow. Mainly because they’re a challenge, and they have two players that are turning out to be just as good a duo if not better then Sidney Crybaby, and Milkman. Along with some other dangerous players. Gotta give Hank the start.

    I wanna see Staal bitch OV like he did last season, that was classic. OV throwing a hit at him, and bouncing off him like a ball, sweet !

    I don’t wanna make it seem like i don’t have confidence in Vally, but i just want Hank to play the next few games. Give Vally the Oilers, or Yotes, those games are coming up i think.

  58. ORR, renney is the type of coach who will only take you so far. he coaches not to lose, so he will play his safest players often. no matter what the regular season record looks like, with renney as the coach it will always be on round and out in the playoffs. he is roger nielson, we need the next mike keenan.(tortarellais out there.)

  59. By the way…only one goalie has played more than 70 games a year and won the cup in the last twenty years…that is Brodeaur…love him or hate him he is “one of a kind great” in a lot of ways

    To begin expecting another goalie to play 70 games and lead a cup win is crazy!! This is the new Cap-conscious NHL GM-speak going on here…where you can only pay one goalie….that doesnt make it a “great plan” to start a goalie 70-75 times!! Not every goalie is Marty B…

    40-45 games a year was good enough for Dryden and Smith it should be good enough for the nodern goaltender

  60. I also think Hank should start against the Oilers on Monday. But that’s only because I’ll be there (1st game of the year, yay!), so I’m biased.

  61. Hey Sam, I agree with naked joe, this is the only Ranger blog I go to, because you rock !
    I tried the rest, & I love it here – keep up the good work

  62. valley should get say 2 more games in nov. pref vs a west team or one of the fla teams. and if he can play and win the next he plays takes away the toronto sting

  63. Start the King on Sat. Valley against Edmonton. Caps will be tough at home. Lets get the points now so we don’t have to wear everything out just to get in. I vaguely remember getting a bs call last year at the Caps and losing in OT.

  64. “next time you make a fuggin post…do a little fuggin research”




    dont fuggin worri

  65. staal,
    sjostrom played more than both dubi and zherdev and about 10 seconds less then calli.
    that is an issue

  66. your boy Malik on

    Play Hank vs. Edmonton – I’m going to that game – Sam….you have the best blog – never apologize – we love this blog just as you write it!

  67. onecupin67years on

    Sam , like that paper who’s motto is “all the news that fit to print” , its your blog .
    The difference with the p/p last night was the one timers and speed getting the shots off instead of overpassing and and setting up the shots (teeing them up) which seemed the routine in the past games, which gives the D time to react.

  68. I dont know what Ottawa’s stats are on PP, but last night during breaks in NYR game I watched the Sens against Philly..

    When Heatley-Spezza-Alfie are on the ice they should be filmed; the title of the film should be “This is how to run a F&^ing Power Play”

    They are dynamos, quick passes, rapid fire shots, pursuit of rebounds and misses and then it all happens again and again until they score…

    Even when they dont score they totally dominate and “wind’ the opposition

  69. That GD Mike Smith is cut from the mold of the dirtyest goaltender of all-time, a sewer rat named Billy Smith. Voros should have taken his GD head off, by the second cheap-shot. I say park Orr on his doorstep, next time we play them.

  70. staal,
    sjostrom had more even strength time than dubi, zherdev, and calli. so i guess the issue is your better players are not playing as much as the 4th line players. sjostrom plays so renney can stay safe. cant tell me sjostom is more of a threat( or any of the 4thline players for that matter) than dubi, zherdev, or calli.

  71. The Russian Diva on

    get prucha off this team and let fritsche stay on. how much more do they need to see of both players? it’s clear prucha isn’t as good.

  72. bull dog,
    I tried to do a little more fuggin research but couldn’t find the actual breakdown of time on pp,pk and ES so I wrongly fuggin assumed it was because of pk time.
    Fugging sorry!

  73. Actually i think Hank should play against all West teams. Just for the hell of it. Except the Kings of course. I think he’s 0-2 against the Kings in his career. Might as well give it to Vally, but that’s not till next month.

  74. just wanted to defend sam on the linkin of other reporters. in this day and age of technology, that’s how it works. while the articles sam works on for the paper are all his original reporting, the practice of linking to other sources on a blog is commonplace. for example, the daily news Daily Politics blog will link to stories in papers from around the state everyday, including other city papers. Also, the NY TImes does the same thing in its city room blog daily.

    sam, keep up the good work, and please continue to provide us w. as much info as possible.

  75. Leetchhalloffame on

    I hope the Rangers sent in film to the league of Smith’s bush league attacks on Voros last night. He (Smith) deserves a few game suspension for deliberate attempt to injure.

  76. Don’t let the bast@rds get you down. You and zip rule the NYR blog world, and larry brooks and rodent give us context.
    Blueshirt bulletin ties it all together. that’s all I need for my coverage, and it’s excellent. keep it up. cheers.

  77. If Smith had went after Voros’s head I could see a few games suspension, but chopping at a guys legs? Naw. Voros will think twice next time he’s standing in front of Smith.

    Either way. That’s how the team has to play, game in and game out, but they need more players to show up in the physical department. Orr and Voros ain’t enough.

    Something I think was worse was the Kaleta take down of Witt a few weeks ago. Dirty, nasty stuff. I can’t stand that cheap shot Patrick Kaleta in Buffalo. I hope Orr hands em his arse one of these days, but doubtful cuz the pansy skates around with a visor on.

  78. VOGS

    Kaleta is a clean player, he hasn’t thrown any cheap shots at anyone. He’s a good player.

    Smith should be suspended. If a player kept slashing Crosby, or Ovechkin, 6 or 7 times, and throwing a shot to the back of their head, and jump them and fight without taking their helmet off, then im suuure they’d suspend that person.

    Its BS, you shouldn’t be allowed to do that. I don’t care if that’s “real hockey”. “Real Hocey” is gone, this is the “new NHL” and you cant get away with that shit. So either punish these players, and make them pay for that shit, or fuggin change the god damn rules. Stupid fuggin Campbell !!!

  79. Orr- Kaleta is a clean player? What about his two attempts at taking Mara’s head off? He doesn’t get as many PIMS as he does for being a boy scout. Tough player? Yes. Clean? Not really.

  80. RangersvsCapitalsTomorrow on

    What Bush will say to Obama in transition speech:

    Son, we live in a world that has axes of evil, and those axes have to be fought by men with guns. Whose gonna do it? You? You, Senator Obama? I have a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom. You weep for Afghanistan, and you curse Iraq. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know. That Afghanistan’s
    bombing, while tragic, probably saved lives. And the Iraqi incursion, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives. You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want me in this office, you need me in this office. We use words like revenge, strike, preemption. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent attacking something. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain this office to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I coerce, and then questions the manner in which I coerce it. I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon, and stand a post. Either way, I don’t give a damn what you think you are entitled to with this presidency.

    What Obama will say to Bush in response:

    Sir, we live in a world that needs change, and that change needs to be brought about by men with vision. Who was gonna do it? You? You, President Bush? I’m undertaking a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom. You laud Afghanistan, and you extol Iraq. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know. That Afghanistan’s bombing, while necessary, was botched. And the Iraqi incursion, while logical and gratifying to you, destroyed lives. You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want me to take your place, you need me to take your place. We use words like yes, we, can. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent fighting for something. You use them as a
    punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that he is degrading, and then questions the manner in which it is being degraded. I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a approval poll, and stand down. Either way, I don’t give a damn what you think you are entitled to in handing me this presidency.

  81. Kaleta is a cheap-shotting, blind-siding, feet-leaving-the-ice gutless puke. He’s about as clean a player as Claude Lemieux was, with a fraction of the talent.

  82. I’ve come to a decision on why some of us hate Chris Drury. That is that none of us actually hate Chris Drury, we just hate the hype and money that he is given. Why does Joe Micheletti point out every time he does ANYTHING on the ice? Then if he makes a bad play, there is always an excuse “Ohh, you know what Sam? It was a bad line change” or “Ohh Sam, you know what happened? His stick got caught in his jersey”. He is never held accountable for ANYTHING. In the Buffalo game, which has to be one of his worst games ever, he played over 20 minutes, why wasn’t he benched? Because he’s the CAPTAIN… so what?

    The intelligent fans here know that Drury is overpaid and that he is probably the best third line center in the NHL. Unfortunately the Rangers think that he will be this scoring juggernaut, which he’s not!

    What that all amounts to is that the expectations, hype, and salary are what we dislike about Chris Drury, so when we say we dislike Chris Drury, THAT’S what we mean. Of course if he wants to score a hat trick every night, he is welcome to!

  83. Dubi Rules – and the exact same thing you said about Drury can be said about Dubinsky. the way some want to annoint him captain and 1st line center represents excessive hype. and those who pray at that altar want everyone moved out of his way so he gets prime pp minutes and becomes captain at the tender age of 22.

  84. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Li Joe, I completely disagree. It’s completely different. Dubi has more production in his average 14mins/game than Drury. He’s also not the C or the A. He’s not the top center. And he makes less than a million.

    So, your point basically says, Dubinsky and Drury are exactly alike, except not. Hahaha…try again.

  85. my point about saying exactly the same was the hype some give to dubinsky. oh he’s not captain yet, he’s not on the AS ballot, he should be # 1 center, he should be making $ 6 mm. you do know that zetterberg at approx 27 is making less than $ 3 mm. yes zetterberg becomes a free agent and will make much more. well dubinsky will be restricted and the Rangers do have arbitration rights. which should keep his salary in the zetterberg range (this yrs numbers for at least 1 year maybe 2)

    the exactly the same was the overhype not salary and things like that. to some drury can do no right even after a hattrick. espeially to posters with dubi in their name or so called true fans.

    so just like some of the media talk turns people off about Drury some of the overhype re Dubinsky in the comments can be a turnoff too – especially the williness to throw others who play the same position under the bus.

    i thought we were all rooting for the NY Rangers TEAM. I could be wrong though.

  86. MARK

    Unless im going blind at 18, im pretty sure those were clean hits. I think they just butted heads, and that’s how Pauly Mar got injured. I could be wrong but it was a clean hit. The 2nd might have been a little late, but he did his job.

    Id take Kaleta on Nyr. Hell, if you’re willing to have Aves on your team, you can have anyone.

    I prefer Carcillo, and Tootoo though.

  87. from espn buccigross article of 11/5 linked in my name

    As Aaron Portzline of The Columbus Dispatch touched on last week, the slumping economy has hit the NHL with a sharp dip in attendance, and the Blue Jackets had their smallest crowd in history (10,494) against Anaheim on Oct. 27. According to the report, other markets also are struggling — Tampa Bay is down 2,909 per game, and Colorado, Dallas and Detroit have played before smaller crowds.

  88. Great post Joe. As much as I love Dubi, he had 14 goals last year, not 40. How much $$$ these guys make should really have no bearing on us as fans (maybe moreso now with the cap, but regardless) They all have a role to play and bring different aspects to the table.

  89. That’s weird, I just heard the other day that attendence was up this year. Think it was on NHL Live

  90. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    This is just for Papa Beer Me, because I know how much he misses him…
    Avery, 2 G, 5 A, 7Points in 12 games (projected: 48 points). +2. 3.5million
    Drury, 5 G, 3 A, 8Points in 16 games (projected: 41 points). -4. 7.1million

    And…where’s your soap box? The best part is -4!! Plus the fact that he’s only scored against the NHL’s 30th best team (aka, WORST) and another team tied for 26th.

    Maybe he’ll turn it on now, and I pray this hat trick was a sign that he will.

  91. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Joe, I agree with your point. Posters with Dubi, Salt, and True Fans don’t generally love Drury as much as ya’ll.

    That doesn’t mean we want him to fail! That doesn’t mean we want him to be terrible though. That doesn’t mean we want him to play the last 90 seconds of games we’re tied or trailing and slump in the clutch, wasting space on the PP, helping Naslund be useless on the even strength, or not be captain-like in his leadership of the team on the ice (with the ref’s), or in the locker room having closed door meetings (which it sounded like Naslund arranged after the Isles game). It doesn’t mean we want Drury to have an almost 0% shooting percentage, be playing poor defensively and go -5. But guess what, that’s what he had done until scoring the hat trick.

    Listen, I hope the criticism is proved wrong, I hope that more than anything because it will help our team win. But to not recognize Drury is actually a bottom second line center/top third liner is your problem, not ours. The fact that a poster here can say you ignore the salary (because each player “has his role”), especially now that there’s a cap, mean’s he’s bought the media B/S hook, line, sinker. And when this team is held back from signing truly elite players because he bought that B/S, and his season 200 level seats, WE’LL ALL be the ones suffering.

    Kovalchuk will be free soon. What about re-signing Dubi and Zherdev? Big problems when you have Drury, Gomez, Rozsival, and Redden locked up for $25.6million and none of them have shown flashes of being in the top-25 players in the NHL. But they earn in the top-25!! Lundqvist is the only guy on this team earning his keep.

    And so I hope you realize, the disgust isn’t necessarily for Drury!! It’s for the media hype. Giving Drury a pass on every mistake and stroking his ego with the mildest of accomplishments. It’s Glenn Sather for handcuffing this team’s future and giving Drury the C, perhaps before he was ready for it…but the disgust is not for Chris Drury.

    Sorry for the long post.

  92. All Hail King Henrik on

    Nice win vs. Tampa!

    Great to see Drury get the hat trick. I still think he could score 30 this year, especially if he’s ever moved back to Gomez’s or (Sundin’s??) wing.

    Hank had to stand on his head in the third period, but he can handle it. I would like to see them give up a few less shots vs. Washington tomorrow.

    He should start the next several games; there is a day off between the next three and then a two day break until next Saturday. He should play all four.

    Throw Valley in there next Saturday vs. Boston, or preferably at home vs. the Sens on Monday. Or let Henrik take off the morning skates and hold off on Valley until the Yotes on 11/24 (Monday).

    Just noticed we play the bolts again in two weeks. Should be interesting.

  93. LI Joe, I like Chris Drury, I generally like the way he plays, I’m not sure if he should have been given the “C” over someone like Naslund, who has been a captain for many years before coming over. My opinion doesn’t matter, that’s why I get my opinion, you get yours, Weinman gets his.

    All I’m saying, and at least I have one supporter, is that the hype over a better than average player is nauseating. If the media had realistic expectations of him and portrayed him as a grinder and not this god-like hockey player, I’d be a happy camper! Unfortunately, between the media and the salary, particularly when there are a couple of guys on this team who have earned much higher paychecks for next season, it upsets me.

    Also, as much as I am obviously a huge Dubinsky fan (and now a huge Zherdev fan too!!), there is NO WAY he should be the captain, he’s 22 and second year player! I think he certainly looks like he could be the next captain… Of course that’s until Sather signs Colby Armstrong to a $9 million a year salary and names HIM the captain!!! I totally made that up, relax.

  94. I just realized something, why hate the hype and the salary of Drury when I can just hate the root of the problem, Sather!!!

    There is no argument for him being a decent GM. He’s made 2, count ’em, 2 good trades and THAT’S IT. Do you realize that after trading half the team before the lockout, the ONLY player received during all of those trades who is on the current roster is BLAIR BETTS?!?! Korpikoski is the only other who has a chance, and hopefully he makes it, otherwise Leetch really was traded for nothing. Oh, that’s right, Tom Renney was in charge of player development…

  95. Dubi and True – i do understand your points. I will agree that the top 4 salaries other than Henrik are not worth it. I am much more concerned about the 2 dmen salaries in terms of length and $. and I liked Rozy at $ 2.5 mm last yr. I think at least 1 of the 2 dmen will be gone next yr or the yr after. maybe not by trade but buyout or allowed to go back to europe.

    heck it’s the salary issue that turned me against Shanny. so from that perspective I see where you are coming from. and i agree that salary does matter and matters quite a bit.

    We can’t get AO or Sid the kid or Malkin. never finish that far down. i am concerned about the Isles getting that type of player. wish they’d win a few games to be around 5 or 7 from bottom.

    so yes there is hype re Gomez and Drury and to some degree Redden. but the 2 centers do bring a good amt to the table too. I certainly can’t defend 1 pt in 12 games like Drury had. But I expected better and still expect a typical Drury season of 25 goals 70 points. and good 2 way play. see how he covers the dman when the d man pinches. it’s natural for him and other players pick up on that too. that is not just hype that is my own eyes seeing.

    so I too am concerned about signing Z and Dubi. more so Z this yr since he could go to Russia. with Dubi we can get a medium type salary for 1 or 2 yrs. heck I want to keep Mara love his play this yr and did not think much of him last yr.

    I think Sather screwed up more this yr than last with the 2 centers. and I do expect the cap to go down at least $ 2 mm next yr maybe $ 4 mm or $ 5 mm. so my eyes are wide open.

  96. Did anyone else see the Matt Carle trade ?? Maybe the Flowers are making room for Shanny ??? Nooooo !! Or not, who knows.

    Sucks for Downie though, cause he’s the perfect Philly Flower. Crazy, Pyscho, Cheap Shot Artist, etc.

    And Eklund has one of his trade rumors up. He has Prucha going to the Nucks for Ohlund. Hmm, i wonder how Ohlund feels aboot being the 7th D-man, poor guy.

    Cant wait for the game tonight. Hopefully Nyr plays a full 60 mins, and beats them up beyond belief.

  97. Trade Rozsival, and Prucha, and sign Sundin !! Then dump Mats and re sign Dubi, and Nicky Z, and give Staalsy an extension !!

    I hope we can trade Rozi somehow. But the more i think of it, i just cant see it happening. I don’t think Slats has the balls to do it.

    Unless we buy his ass out, and trade Pruchs for a D-man.

    I liked that trade that one guy here said a few weeks ago. Pruchs, and Rozi to the Yotes for Phoenix Coyotes Zbynek Michalek, and Carcillo, Although i highly doubt they’d wanna get rid of Carcillo, but then again Maloney knows Pruchs scored 30, and 22 in two seasons, and Rozi can be a “threat” on the point, if you can believe that. Who knows.

    Either way, gotta start making room for Dubi, and Nicky Z, and eventually Staalsy.

    Even though Redden is making a lot more than Rozi, and everyone already doesn’t like the guy, in typical New York fashion, i still like him. He hasn’t been great on the PP, cause i don’t think Renney, or Pearn is using him the right way on the PP. They need to figure that shit out, cause there wasting him away.

    BTW – Mark Parrish made his debut with the Stars last night, and scored a hat trick. Ummm, Shanny, Sundin ?? Pleeease ? That would be nice.

  98. Carcillo’s been bad this season. I don’t think he has any points yet; yes it’s early but I’m beginning to think that last season was an anomaly and he overachieved.

    I’m happy the Stars got Zubov back from IR. That Fabian Brunstrom kid is no joke too!

  99. I only skimmed the comments from the past few days but did anyone notice how nice that move by Zherdev was in the corner on Staal’s goal?


    Tough one tonight… and I agree. The terra isn’t all that firma after one win (though it was a solid game… up to what 50 minutes of hockey now? Only 10 to go).

  100. Vally should get the Oilers, not the Craps.


    Yeah, he made that Kreicik (how ever spelled) look like a fool. Slipped it through his legs, went left, and Kreicik went left, lol great stuff. Staal ripped it, there wasn’t a huge space open, but enough space for someone with a good shot to put it in.

    Like i said a few posts back, i think Mara should play in front of the net on a unit, and have Staal on the point with Rozi, or Danny, or Wade. Pauly Mar is a big body, he can cause some chaos.


    You’re right, he has 0 points in 9 games, and is a – 3. But he’s one of the great agitators in the game today, who can play the game. He’s exactly like Aves. He has potential, i don’t think he’d be any more than a 20 goal scorer, but id definitely take him. Id much prefer Tootoo like i said.

  101. Orr, I picked up Carcillo as a goon on my fantasy team because PIMs count, and he led the league last year in that. Of course now that he’s on my team he goes all Sandy McCarthy and forgets how to fight! So I dropped him for Milan Lucic.

  102. i traded for carcillo on 09 n got rid of prucha and rozy n 1st rd pick for sundin. its funny cuz in 09 i always get 30th pick cuz i win the cup every year so if i want the #1 pick i just trade for him next season.the AI is stupid at times and sometimes i pick up a high ranked free agent and trade him for a prospect. i must have at least 10 guys in the minors all with high potentials and all like 19 or 20 yr old lol. theres so many finnish guys i never heard of in the F/A list. anyway i just got live and i’ll be settin it up soon and i wanna play you ORR!!! i know u would be a fun matchup ur always talkin shit i love it. hey beer me and nasty and all u guys do u guys all play against each other on live?

  103. well carcillo isnt that good in 09 hes like a slower callahan. in my game hes got 9 g 7 a, n callys got 12 g 16 a. zherdev is freakin amazing in 09 and even on all star i got 50 g”s in a season with him. does anybody have 09 for ps3? my friend overseas has played it and i just wanna know which version is better i doubt theres much difference but he told me online is free for the ps3. if so im gettin 1

  104. and i hope hanks in net tonight not vally whoever mentioned that. not because of his bad game at toronto but the guys the caps have are scary offensively and i think hank would be able to win for us hes ben hot since game 1. we just better be tighter defensively because semin is on firwe lately and i dont wanna see what happened to the canes happen to us

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