To boo or not to boo (Updated)


In tribute to our old friend Marek Malik, who will be returning to the Garden tonight, a familiar topic:

If you felt the desire to boo Michal Rozsival after his role in the two Islanders shorthanded goals on Tuesday night, that’s certainly your right. The game was probably out of hand, Rozsival was admittedly at fault, and seeing how he’s not exactly making minimum wage, the defenseman leaves himself open for such treatment.  That’s the reality of playing with the big boys.

But tonight is a new game, and in one sense, it’s a clean slate. Just about every NHL player will say that booing doesn’t affect him (Malik included), and yet I happen to think otherwise. With the power play in general and Rozsival in particular struggling, there’s a case to be made that booing only reinforces the self-doubt that this team is already contending with 15 games into the season.

Personally, I’ve never been much of a fan of booing, but if I was going to do it, it would be toward players and teams that display a clear lack of effort. In that case, they’re deserving. But if the intentions are there but the results aren’t, you then have to start wondering what it is you hope to accomplish.

Like I said, if you want to boo, have at it. It’s a free country, and most of you are paying a ridiculous amount for the privilege of watching a hockey game. Just don’t confuse voicing your frustration with trying to help a team win.

Some other notes:

<li>The Rangers are on the ice at 10:30. As of yesterday it looked like Tom Renney hopes to keep the same lines intact.

<li>In today’s paper I have a story on Mark Burg, a Westchester native and Hollywood producer who “is now a 10 percent owner of the Lightning”: For the record, he was not one of the guys accused of diagramming power play schemes in between periods in Prague.

<li>”How about that Kevin Weekes?”:

Update, 11:13 a.m.: Same lineup for tonight, as well as the same lines. Patrick Rissmiller and Dan Fritsche will again be scratches.

Scott Gomez missed the skate for “maintenance” to an undisclosed injury, but will play.

Tom Renney expects the Lightning, losers of two straight to the Rangers in Prague, to come out with an edge.

“They’re going to come out hungry,” Renney said. “They’re going to try to certainly remind us that they are a better team than they were in Prague.”

Finally, the line of the morning goes to reader Richard responding to the above post:

“Maybe if we cheer for Malik tonight at MSG, it will throw his game off.”


More from the Garden later….

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  1. Malik actually had a decent game last night. Lightning have improved too.

    Weeks looked better than Lundqvist last game that’s for sure.

  2. Id put Bob on the bench if Hollweg was still on the team. He’d eventually board his ass, and put him in the hospital.

    I cant wait to see how Rozi plays tonight. He better score a hat trick, to make up for his pathetic overpaid ass.

    Id love to see what that delusional old bastard Stan Fishler has to say aboot Rozi. He cant blame Jags anymore for the guy not shooting, so who’s to blame now ? Redden ? Ugh. I hate that guy, he’s so classless. He talks crap aboot Avery, then he gets an interview with him and tells him how much he misses him. He thinks he knows everything, ugh he needs to get let go, as does Giannone, and that idiot Scott Lasky who thinks he’s the shit. Ugh, why cant MSG have cool people, cant they just bring back some old Rangers to do all that work.

    Sam & Joe are the only ones i like, cause they’re actually funny.

    As for the lines…


    I hope Nazzy can keep the scoring up. He’s been a lot better than how he was early on. And if Gomer, and Dru are gonna play like retards, we need him even more than before.

    Im loving the 10-4-1 start, but this season is making me sick. Dubi, Nicky, and Nazzy are having the good starts, but Dru, and Gomer are pathetic, that’s not good at all. Plus Voros is tied for the most goals on the team, which is not good either.

  3. I’m pretty sure the people booing at games are the same people blaring their horns on 33rd street after the game because they think it will turn a red light green.

    And I hope Weekes steps up and keeps his team competitive until Marty returns. I’m a die hard Rangers fan but I look forward to those division games and I’d much rather see a grind-out battle than some lopsided trouncing of the B-team.


    Fugg that, i hope they rot, and get bitched game in and game out. I want Devil fans to have a taste of what their lives will be like, 4 or 5 years from now, when ever this guy retires.

    Devs aren’t a high scoring team, they’re not gonna win 4-3, 5-4 games all season long. So they better hope their D gets in shape, and protects Weekes, cause he’s not gonna be getting shut outs when he faces 40 shots a night.

  5. your boy Malik on

    Boy, that Orr is a happy camper – isn’t he? I’m happy for Weekes….not that I want the Devs to be winning all the time, but good to see Weekes get a good game in. Hoping for a good one tonight! And I’m not booing Malik or screaming for the Rangers to shoot!

  6. onecupin67years on

    Well is is the enemy now.
    Boo him when he steps on the ice and Cheer when is makes an error !

  7. Malik is going to get booed so hard. As for me, I never boo the Rangers. Ever.

    As much as I hate the devils, Weekes seems like a decent guy, so it was cool to see him have a good game last night against Tampa Bay. The pressure on that guy is just enormous.

    I really hope the Rangers walk all over Tampa tonight. They’re coming off a bad loss to a bad team, and Tampa is really starting to get their act together. Blueshirts need to come out hard, score early and often. And most importantly, they need to start finishing on quality scoring chances in front of the net.

    Do any of you guys read Forbes? They rated Colton Orr as the best fighter in the NHL, in terms of his record in relation to his paycheck.

  8. Might also be worth consideration that players don’t boo each other. That doesn’t mean a guy won’t be forced to sit out a shift, or that after the game a coach or veteran won’t take a guy aside for a talking to. But an NHL player knows a mistake when he makes one. And if as a fan you believe that crowd participation has an impact on the game, it’s pretty hard to imagine that booing would be better than a solid let’s go rangers chant.

    Or, of course, you could just grunt and boo and throw hotdogs at the ice…but that’s more of an Islanders thing…

  9. Renney has the Rangers playing much like the Devils with his defensive emphasis and tactics. Lundqvist has been what Marty has been for the Devils his career this season. It’s sad to think NJ has an easier time scoring goals.

    Dont boo Malik. It’s a wonder he ever stayed a + with our defensive core, with that said i’m glad he’s gone. There’s nothing more frustrating to see a giant dman not physical at all.

  10. Can the Rangers just start putting the PK unit out instead of the PP unit? It seems safer.

    “#8 Tampa for hooking. The penalty is declined. Faceoff in the offensive zone.”

  11. Would like to see these changes for tonight.

    The team is young, fast, and scrappy but too many key forwards are too small. Callahan, Prucha and Dawes fits into this mold. Dawes has the weight but has short arms which limits his puck carrying ability and needs to be fed the puck in the open and shoot at the net. He’s had many chances and has flubbed on just about all of them. Prucha, 170 pounds, gets tossed around like a ragdoll and forgot how to score. Callahan is the best of the three and plays a good aggressive game but usually comes out second best in one on one battles. What a tremendous player a 210 pound Callahan would make. No, I don’t want Callahan to overeat and put on 30 pounds. :~)

    I would trade or send down to Hartford Dawes and Prucha. Bring up Korpi to take Dawes place and put Fritsche back in there for Prucha. Fritsche was a better player for Columbus than he has shown here but that might be because Renney hasn’t really used him.

    Those changes would add some size and an imaginative coach (nobody named Renney) would try it.

  12. doodie machetto on

    Malik is finally going to get some assists on NYR goals!

    It’s TB’s 2nd game in 2 nights, and if there is one thing to say about our team, it’s that they are EXTREMELY well conditioned. They should come out at full speed and not let up until the game is over. TB will crumble by the middle of the second if we can push the pace, especially when their top guys on defense are pilons like Malik.

    As for the PP, which I have yet to weigh in on since Tuesday night’s debacle, I must continue to blame Perry Pearn. Sam made the argument the other day that clearly, Pearn isn’t looking at what’s happening and thinking to himself “Just how I drew it up!” But at what point does he look at what’s happening on the ice and say “OK, clearly, what I want to happen isn’t working with the personel on the ice, and it’s time to change either what I want to happen, the personel, or both.” Any idiot who has watched a single hockey game could tell you that our PP is just AWFUL. -2 on the PP, it’s unheard of!

  13. Athletes say it all the time, and even at the game in Toronto, the crowd didn’t get down on their team, they got behind them. Don’t underestimate how much impact we as fans have on our team. When the crowd is cheering you on and behind you, even at shitty times in a game, it can be like having an extra skater on the ice. Do whatever you want, but I will be cheering from start to finish. You want to boo the visiting team, fine with me, but your own home team? I find it to be moronic and childish as hell. You want to come on here and complain, fine, that is what a blog is partly for, but have some class.

  14. AUDIO

    Actually he’ll wear number 22.


    Huh, Devils, a bad team ?? Maybe they’re goalie isn’t the best in he world, but they’re still dangerous.

    Smith, or Kolzig will look like god tonight, cause that’s how the Rangers do it.

    BTW – Kinda funny that Malik and Kolzig are teammates now. I wonder if one of them brought up “the goal” yet.

  15. NASTY

    I agree. I can definitely be hard on the team when they have a bad game, or after a loss, rightfully so. But i just cant stand up at a game, and say “booo”, not only for the fact that its classless as a fan, but it just sounds retarded. But then again, you gotta let the players know, you’re paying WAAAY TO MUCH FUGGIN MONEY, to watch them play like shit. They’re not gonna win every game, but still, fans wanna see effort, not crap.

    If only we had Renney’s cell phone number, maybe we can choose one fan of the Rangers, and have him call Renney every time the teams playing like shit.

  16. Personally I’ve never been a fan of the media wagging their finger at fans for booing players. It is a tiring subject and the debates are dumb. Let’s move on to the games.

  17. onecupin67years on

    Anybody who played or plays a sport knows what it like to play with guy(s )that elevate your game or deflate it, who on the pp is the killer? There ‘s got to be a negative thinker on the ice who’s always bringing the neg factor to pp.

  18. Weekes is the rebound king the Devils did a great job of clearing his big rebounds. He is one of the worst goalies around and he’ll get exposed sooner rather than later.

  19. Anyone see Melrose keep trying to get St. Louis to shutup after he scored his second goal of the season?

    He was winded as ever and kept trying to talk to the one of the guys who assisted him (not Vinny LC), would not sit down, and looked deranged. LOL

  20. “I’m pretty sure the people booing at games are the same people blaring their horns on 33rd street after the game because they think it will turn a red light green.”

    I like that.

    But at the same time, I’ve boo’d the team before. I’ve boo’d lots of teams that I like. Especially one’s that sign a guy named Poti. When they play like sh!t, they should be aware that the one’s supporting them don’t appreciate a lack-luster effort. I see nothing wrong with it in CERTAIN INSTANCES. Unfortunately, some people seem to just go to the game for that right alone.

    That passion is what makes NY fans, NY fans. Of course it’s all circumstantial.

    So if you ask me: Is it “ok” to boo your home team? Yes, when it’s called for.

    What’s worse… Yelling shoot? Or booing when your pp goes 0’fer and is a minus?

  21. If you boo the PP it might make it tougher for Renney to change personnel. You don’t want to encourage that kind of moron.

  22. if im gonna pay hundreds of dollars a game to watch the rangers play, i dont think its unreasonable to expect a certain quality of play. effort is great and all, but its the results that matter. if not drury would be the mvp rather than a $7mill 3rd line center

    booing shouldn’t do anything either way and if a play who is making $5mill a year to play hockey is rattled by some boos, then i def dont want him on the team.

    regardless roszival shouldn’t be on this team, so maybe we cant change the fact that he is, but i see no problem holding him accountable on a nightly basis.

    kind of related, but does anyone still think redden was a good signing, every game it becomes more obvious to me why the sens wanted nothing to do with him as almost every other team in the league

    and lenny, those changes wouldnt make much of a difference if gomez and drury arent playing well. prucha/dawes aren’t the reasons we are struggling on the pp, neither get any time there and niether play enough even strength to make that big a difference. the real issue is we dont have enough finishers on this team….we need a legitimate goal scorer, not different hustle guys. id love that to be prucha, but doesnt look like that will happen again while he is on the rangers

  23. I disagree about Gomez having a bad start. He’s been amazing. The problem is he doesn’t have an elite winger. How many times has he pulled off a ridiculous pass, only to hit the stick of Dawes or Callahan, who can’t do squat with it.

    Our best wingers are Naslund and Zherdev. Put them with Gomez and don’t even think about changing that line until July 1, 2009.

    Drury is not a goal scorer, nor is he an elite forward, but he’s our captain. Put him with Dawes and Callahan, because that line worked great in the past.

    Dubi needs to continue developing, and I love Voros on his line, but they need a semi-elite winger to compliment it.

  24. When was the last time you guys can remember any NYR having a breakaway? I think niedermeyer had one a minute into the game last night, and it just made me think aboot it. maybe too defensive minded

  25. Pavel – agreed. Gomer was leading the NHL in SOG going into last nights games. NO ONE can bang in a f’n rebound? Maybe Nas will make the difference now.

    We’ll find out.

  26. Oops, forgot to add about Gomez:

    He’s not a shooter. I’ve seen him take too many shots where he looked uncomfortable doing it. I can’t blame him with Dawes or Cally on the wing.

  27. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Gomez is playing fine, Renney keeps putting him with the likes of Drury and Dawes who are both in slumps. Keep Gomez with Naslund and/or Prucha, Zherdev and you’ll see his point total accumulate.

    And concerning Sam’s quote: “With the power play in general and Rozsival in particular struggling, there’s a case to be made that booing only reinforces the self-doubt that this team is already contending with 15 games into the season.”

    When was the powerplay expected to be good?! It’s bad. Part of that isn’t because Rozsival is struggling, but just because he’s BAD! He’s not a very good PP guy either…never has been. You’re insane if you expect different.

  28. Dawes has to go back to Hartford. I hate to say it, but that’s just how it is. He’s really disappointing right now, and he needs to get his confidence back. It worked for Cally, maybe it will work for Dawesy as well, or not. Either way, it has to happen.

    Korpedo needs another shot at the big club, he didn’t get a good enough chance. Renney screwed him over, which pissed me off, cause he was playing pretty good, he wasn’t doing anything wrong. So i hope he gets another shot real soon.

  29. Sam:

    So This is Renney’s Logic?

    It doesnt work, Hasnt worked, and isnt scoring, so I’ll KEEP THE SAME UNITS TOGETHER?

    I mean are you KIDDING ME?

    WHy does Renney have such a hard on for the PP units to stay together. He changes every other line every game except for the 4th.

    Is he that thick headed to not see that MAYBE Staal, Prucha, Dubi, etc. SHOULD BE ON THE PP?

    Whats the worst that could happen?

    Short handed goals – CHECK
    Zero Shots on 5 on 3’s – CHECK
    Zero goals on the PP – CHECK
    Predictable PP – CHECK

    Just becasue you pay your top players top dollars, does NOT mean that when they eat shit on the PP you should keep them together.

    This jsut makes zero sense to me

  30. gomez hasn’t been horrible, but he has made plenty of bonehead passes, that game against pitt he almost single handledly lost the game for us in ot. i agree he doesn’t have much to work with playing with dawes/cally (who i like but as a third liner), dawes shouldn’t be playing but I dont see that many better options in hartford. we don’t have scorers in hartford (unless parenteau could every play on the nhl level tho ive never seen him play so cant say either way)

  31. The powerplay has been struggling, and so has the offense in general. How many times have we scored more than 2 goals in a game? I think I can count it on one hand. This team needs a natural finisher to put the pucks in the net. Kovalchuck maybe?

  32. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    I personally have never booed my team nor have I ever turned a game off (I have put it on pause for awhile but always finished watching) My roommate can always tell how they’re doing by how loud or quiet the den gets.

  33. Since Joey Mac gave us a Vezina trophy performance the other night, I expect to see Malik turn in a top Norris trophy game tonight.

  34. I also do not think booing is going to get us anywhere and I do agree with Sam that the effort is there. It is just so frustrating getting 35+ shots and only having one barely go in. Every game I feel we get a ton of shots, just none hitting the back of the net.

  35. Drury has been far more disappointing than Gomez. Any line he’s on is just brutal. It’s looking more and more like his two golas were flukes, because he hasn’t accomplished a thing since that game. I haven’t seen a single captain-like trait from him all season. Shanny with an “A” last year was more of a captain than Drury with a “C”. The lack of on-ice leadership has to be as much of a problem as the PP coaching when it comes to awful PP production. The team getting younger absolutely necessitates a strong on-ice figure to lead the youngsters and right now this team does not have that.

    To paraphrase a quote, “The true definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different outcome.”

    How long does Chris Drury get a free pass for his $7m/year lack of production? Dubinsky makes mistakes, he gets benched. Zherdev makes a ludicrous turnover and some questionable “pretty” plays with the puck and gets talked to. Roszival blows the game and sits out the rest of it. Etc. Renney’s not willing to step up to his veterans, look at how Jagr completely dominated the PP strategy while he was here because Renney wasn’t willing to overrule him. That went well! But if a Hartford kid steps out of line, Renney’s there to coach them or send them down.

    The reason people boo is just because there’s SO MUCH POTENTIAL and amazing talent on this team, that for them to perform as poorly as they sometimes do is sad to watch. We all love this team and we all know they have the right tools to get the job done. That makes it much harder to swallow when games like Toronto or this past Tuesday happen.

  36. love to get kovalchuk, but it would take one if not both of staal or dubinsky, not to mention bobby s or del zotto, anisimov and picks

  37. malik8 – why am i not surprised about your post at 11:15. it’s ok for you to boo but not ok for others (media or other posters) to call you on it. i giess free speech only works one way. i only hope you live too far away to attend any games.

  38. “Korpedo needs another shot at the big club, he didn’t get a good enough chance. Renney screwed him over, which pissed me off, cause he was playing pretty good, he wasn’t doing anything wrong. So i hope he gets another shot real soon.”

    Orr – I’m not picking on you here, cause I get a good chuckle out of some of your posts. But you always seem to think that a head coach calls the shots. Korpi was a victim of #’s and a contract that can be moved from N-AHL without waivers. He had either NO or 1 point. A refresher in the AHL is probably something he’ll benefit from.

  39. id say we dont have all the tools to get the job done and that seems to fall more on sather than renney, tho continuing to use the same pp units is on renney

  40. “love to get kovalchuk, but it would take one if not both of staal or dubinsky, not to mention bobby s or del zotto, anisimov and picks”

    Rather Kovalchuk than Gaborik. Gaborik’s glass groin is a liability, and an expensive one at that, given the amount of money he’ll probably look to collect.

    ps Nigel “Pipsqueak” Dawes to Hartford 08/09!

  41. Guys–Gomez has been fine. He’s been lacking an elite winger all year and has finally been given a line where he has something to work with so why not stick with it?

    Drury is playing like the player he is–an underachieving third line center.

    Lundqvist needs to step up his play. One of the Isles SHGs reminded me of Malik’s last game last year in the playoffs. Malik catches up to take away half the net on a break-away and Lundqvist lets in a softy. Of course Malik got benched for that.

  42. Malik should be cheered tonight because without him our defense is vastly improved. But I expect him to be soundly booed every time he touches the puck because Rangers fans seem to want to be just as ignorant and Devils and Penguins fans who booed Gomez and Jagr last year.

  43. “Guys—Gomez has been fine. He’s been lacking an elite winger all year and has finally been given a line where he has something to work with so why not stick with it?

    Drury is playing like the player he is—an underachieving third line center.

    Lundqvist needs to step up his play. One of the Isles SHGs reminded me of Malik’s last game last year in the playoffs. Malik catches up to take away half the net on a break-away and Lundqvist lets in a softy. Of course Malik got benched for that.”

    I agree. I’m not worried about Gomez. The problem is, an underachieving 3rd line center probably shouldn’t be the captain of the team.

    Agreed on Henrik, he started off the season super-sharp but looked weak on Tuesday.

  44. First of all, do people on this blog really think that as paying fans they need to always be supporting the team and turning a blind eye when the team screws up in order to help the team win?

    So basically the NYR need the fans to say, “Rah rah, go team, you are superstars, you can do it…have confidence, etc?”

    If the Rangers need fans to be all cheery and lovey-dovey to win games, we are screwed and going nowhere. We can’t skate with them, we can’t work the power play (though some of us might not do much worse), we can’t make the plays.

    Sam….you said that (a) you are not a fan of booing and (b) those who boo shouldn’t confuse expressing frustration with trying to help a team win.

    That’s a statement that has to be challenged. You are not a fan of booing because you need those very people you are booing to do your job. So there is a massive conflict of interest. Please don’t go the route of DellaPina and sugarcoat and not tell it like it is and then try and defend your position. What if Chico Resch said, “Oh, I can’t really criticize the Devils.” We’d be all over him like white on rice…..I already hate listening to that guy more than anyone else in hockey because of that. (Anyone hear him last night try and take credit for Clarkson’s goal because during the day he told Clarkson to shoot high? Pathetic.)

    If this team sucks because the well paid players are messing up, they deserve to hear it. You think shareholders of companies should sit on their asses when CEOs and other executives are acting like idiots? Come on man.

    And if you are telling me that the NYR need the fans to kiss their ass and say only nice things or else they can’t win, then we are in a heap of trouble.

    Rosy makes a ridic amount each year. This is the big leagues. This is NYC. If you cannot handle your job, get the heck out. You think I sit around waiting for the people who pay my salary tell me I am so great if I don’t produce? That is just BS.

    All this political talk recently about socialism and whatnot….I work my ass off. I get paid OK. But not for a second do I expect the people who pay my salary to go easy on me when I mess up or don’t produce. Nor do I expect to get paid a ton if I don’t put up the numbers. I eat what I kill. If I don’t kill, I don’t eat. Rosy could keep screwing up relentlessly and he is still getting paid (a shedload too). So we should give him a free pass and be nice to him and tell him he is the man? Sorry. Not here.

    I try to be glass half full with players and give them the benefit of the doubt. But when a guy like Rosy plays as consistently poorly as he does, how anyone can say, “Oh, go easy on him, he’s under a lot of pressure,” is just beyond me!

    A lot of guys can feign playing hard, so your “only boo people or a lack of effort,” is rendered useless. Manny being Manny anyone?

    And to think that if Rosy hears boos he might play worse means that Rosy is more of a pu$$y and less of a man on the ice than I ever thought. That’s a guy who will get us to the Cup? Oh jeez! If he is under pressure in regular season games, what the heck happens in game 7 double OT?

    Sorry Sam. You know who I am. My bro and I have known you for a long time. You have a tough job. You want to see the team do well (we all do) but if you call it just like you see it you are bound to bite the hands that feed your stories. Not an easy job.

    I still think you are the man! And, I am jealous that you are so close to all the action. But I have to take you to task once in a while.

  45. “The problem is, an underachieving 3rd line center probably shouldn’t be the captain of the team.”

    So true. I’ve been saying all along Gomez should be C. I could not believe the opposition from fans who think Drury automatically deserved it by default due to his past achievements.

    Gomez has all the leadership qualities needed for a young team and is the best zone to zone puck-moving center in the league. He’s starting to shoot too–not great shots but at least he isn’t passing often half the time it is to the tape on the opposing players’ sticks.

  46. Rosi deserves boos but out of tough love. When he picks up his play fans will cheer.

    I hope he’s hard on himself for literally losing the game Tuesday.

  47. Go Go Gomez needs Shanahan, Dawes needs to be sent away…far far away.

    Drury is NOT a first line center….so use him with Dawes/ or Betts or Sjostrom… the line of Dubinsky/Voros/Zherdev and Nasland/Gomez/Callahan.

    Redden is the D-man that has me throwing stuff and booing, he should be playing a lot better than he has been.

    I think the Rangers will be OK tonight.

  48. newman – i agree with you on hockey matters more often than not. but don’t agree with the last post.

    just like people certainly have the right to boo the team or certain players others have an equal right to boo those who boo. especially because those who boo are a vocal MINORITY and will boo said player from the get go once they find their victim even when that player does well. in fact they thrive on this and want that player or players to keep doing bad so their point of view is validated.

    i’m not saying that i am glad that certain people are on the team. would love for some of the big money to move on d. and i do change my mind as time goes on. before this yr i liked rozy more than mara. now especially with the contracts i like mara more. his game has really improved.

  49. In the midst of all the negativity, I’d just like to say that Paul Mara is my favorite Rangers defenseman and I love his style of hard-nosed, intelligent defensive hockey. Here’s hoping he remains a solid asset.

  50. Kovalchuck would be far better than Gaborik, but I think giving up Dubi and Staal would just be far too much, wherever Kovalchuck goes (probably gonna be a rental for someone) we’ll see if he resigns there, if not, I think you look for Sather to do some moves and then give an offer out to Kovalchuck, because we all know Glen goes after the high priced talent come the summer.

    Btw, Rangers are 27th in the league in Goals Per Game (2.47). Pretty dreadful. The powerplay has gotten the most opportunities in the league, and yet they are 29th in the league, and have given up the most shorthanded goals in the league, along with Columbus (

    To me, that is more than enough reason to boo if this team does not start scoring, period.

  51. doodie machetto on

    Josh, it’s a moot point on Kovalchuk. He’s not going anywhere this year, not with a year left on his contract.

    And Gaborik is far too injury prone to take a chance with.

  52. Audioserf….I agree. Paul Mara the MVP on D this season for his low cost, high degree of toughness, and all-around solid play. He and Staal our top D-men. Hands down.

    Josh you raise an interesting stat there. The cynic in me says that teams are saying that they cannot keep up with the Rangers so they trip, hook, hold them but aren’t concerned cuz their PP stinks.

    So the other teams know the team as we do here on this blog. Again, not rocket science really.

  53. doodie machetto on

    Newman, that’s something all teams do. When a team’s PP is lethal, you play less aggressively because you’re afraid to take a penalty. This is the flip side of that: When you know the other team’s PP is lousy, you play more aggressively because you aren’t afraid of taking a penalty.

    The same goes for teams with great PK units. They can play more aggressively because they know they can lean on their PK unit to kill it off. And, again, the flip side being that if your unit sucks, you play less aggressively to avoid having to put it on the ice.

  54. “The cynic in me says that teams are saying that they cannot keep up with the Rangers so they trip, hook, hold them but aren’t concerned cuz their PP stinks.”

    If I was on the opposing team and got beat by a step I’d hook the mofo down so hard the refs would blow the whistle on Sidney Crosby himself every time. The PP is THAT BAD!

  55. Confusing blog;

    Conceding Staal “and/or” Dubi plus Bobby Sang and Delzotto for Kovalchuck? You’d think he’d actually won a playoff game in his career or something…stats are for the A-rods of the world

    Happy that Marty B is injured? Hey its much more satisfying beating his ass than beating his back-up(s) isn’t it?

    Blaring a horn on 33rd street DOES turn the light works every time

    Anyone tired of hearing Rosen and Joe Mich say half way thru every game “so and so( any opponents Goalie)has been outstanding tonight!!” as if the Rangers not getting to rebounds because they play perimeter offense doesnt have somethimng to do with it??…

    ….and related to the above…somehow thinking that because we outshoot everyone 2 to 1 with this “soft-perimeter game” that it actually means we are playing well??

  56. Guys… where in the heck are the Rangers going to free cap space for Kovalchuk? Think a GM is dumb enough to accept Drury’s salary (besides Sather)?

  57. Anyone else notice that our PP is completely useless against an AGGRESSIVE PK? The Piles didn’t give anyone more than a second when they got the puck!

    Gotta exploit an aggressive PK.. what’s the best way?

  58. “Anyone tired of hearing Rosen and Joe Mich say half way thru every game “so and so( any opponents Goalie)has been outstanding tonight!!” as if the Rangers not getting to rebounds because they play perimeter offense doesnt have somethimng to do with it??…”

    That drives me crazy. The shot ACTUALLY GETS OFF AND HITS THE GOALIE and there is nobody there to get the rebound.

    Is Renney relying way too much on D?

  59. pavel – pitt was extremely agressive vs our pp in the playoffs last yr. our pp has been terrible last couple of yrs at least. and last yr we had jagr and shanny and the pp was still terrible. i have no freakin idea how to fix it.

  60. Took quite a few posts, but Noonan got it. You can’t trade dubi/staal/rooks for kovalchuk. They don’t make any $. Way to put that one to bed noon.

  61. im not saying they should necessarily give up those guys, but thats what it would take. newman i dont always agree with u, but def in this case i do. msg does not allow you to challenge their players/personel very openly. the only announcer who will really call people out is maloney and no way theyd let him be the color guy if he was going to continue to be so outspoken….i dont think dolan has any understanding of the concept of freedom of the press

  62. Just look what Pittsburgh had to give up to get Hossa… a first rounder, two third liners and a semi-decent prospect..

    Dawes/Prucha/1st + Sangs?

  63. except hossa was going unrestricted that year, kovalchuk is two years away, so itd take more to get him this year

  64. New Newman —

    I hear what you’re saying, but I can tell you my opinions on booing have nothing to do with my job or some unwillingness to criticize the team.

    First, I think we can all agree that if I stood up and started booing in the press box, it would be just a little unprofessional (of course, if I was going to do it, I’d go all out and throw my laptop on the ice, too).

    This is just my opinion as a fan at other sporting events. I understand why other people do it. I just don’t do it myself.

    Like I said, you’re all free to do whatever you want. Rozy has struggled and I’m not afraid to say as much (for what it’s worth after the Islanders game, I was the first guy to walk to his locker to get his explanation the two goals. And if you read what I wrote in the next day’s paper, it’s not like I sugarcoated anything).

    My simple point is to ask what your intent is when you boo as a fan? If you boo because your ticked off at the team and you want to let them hear it, fine. I don’t have a problem with that at all.

    But if you’re under the belief is booing is going to give a guy some needed kick in the rear — i.e. “Wow, the fans are booing, maybe I should start playing better” — I would say there are better ways to go about doing it.

    Anyway, that’s my opinion. You’re free to disagree. Just don’t boo if you do.


  65. Did the fake Sam make his first appearance since the summer of 07 ?????

    Kovalchuk is a giveaway machine, he’s exactly like Zherdev, but he’s such a wicked sniper he gets away with it. Like the other night i think he did exactly what Rozi did, which led to a shorthanded goal.

    Would love to have him though, for sure.

    If Nyr cant land Mats, and Dru has a shitty season, and Dubi has a damn good season. Id consider signing Hossa next year. Just a thought. Of course, we’d have to say bye bye to Dru, and Rozi.

    Im not trying to panic, but Dru is just destroying himself right now. He’s making to much money to show up when there’s 2 months left in the season.

    I think this is gonna be the year where Nyr does something big at the trade deadline. I have a feeling aboot it, they might get rid of some young talent for a shot. Who knows maybe they’ll go after another All Star like Ozolinsch, or Sykoraaaa, mwaahaha.

    Cant wait for the game tonight, i need a Rangers win badly, to forget aboot the last two.

  66. Sam-I never boo anybody, even Sindy.

    Richard-nice to get into the main blog.

    Everybody-Please stop with trade proposals, they all usually suck.

    Everybody calling for Dawes to be sent down, I think Renney is playing him like a slot maching. He’s put in alot of $$ but knows if he leaves it, it will hit.

    Nasty, taking your girl up to the blues? You’re toughing her up at a young age:>

  67. Ranger fans are classless anyway, they’re just like Flowers, and Islandorks fans. I remember last season some retard through a beer in the crowd, and it went all over some kids. Hopefully that guy played in some heavy traffic, they give us bad names. Along with “fans” like Bob. Maybe he should play in traffic too, unless he found out that was one of Betts’ hobbies, then forget it, he doesn’t wanna do anything Betts likes to do. Even if that means doing it with Jessica Alba, pre prego.

  68. Booing a player on your own team makes absolutely no sense. It’ can only compound the problem. Boo the opposing team not your own.

  69. someone above mentioned that if we had renneys cell phone # someone should be designated as the person to call him each day. i vote for Bob to be the one to call renney every day. would love to have the transcripts.

  70. Hey Orr

    Every once in a while I go to youtube and watch examples of Glitches in the NHL09,08 etcc series…there are some hilarious ones like Zetterbergs head going thru the boards, new players without heads inside their helmets, guys trying to get up from falling dowm and spinning in place for like 30 seconds!!

  71. All I can do is speculate here. But…

    Gomer took ‘treatment’ again today instead of skating, and its been the same for a week or so (on and off maybe). But could this be part of the reason he was skating with Dawes/Cally? Perhaps to limit is ice time??

    I really don’t know how many practices he’s ‘missed’. But I can’t help but wonder how that may effect the TOI/combos.

    (mmmmm Combos)

  72. to move away from the negative for a bit. these are some of the reasons to view the comments section and i’m sure i’m leaving out a couple. and i don’t agree with them all the time but certainly most of the time.

    jonny d

    did this from memory and i know there are others from past who don’t post much like colorado mark. so did more of regulars who are notable for frequency and quality of posts.

  73. Not for nothing, It disgusts me how 90% of the Rangers fans think Scott Gomez is this amazing player and he’s the workhorse of the team, etc. I think Petr Prucha is more productive than Scott Gomez. Yes, he’s a talented player, when he has the puck. He’s a dog without it, he doesn’t skate unless he has the puck or a chance to get to the puck. He made the pass out of the zone in Toronto which led to their first goal, and let’s not forget his inability to backcheck on the 3rd goal by Toronto.

    If Renney wants to improve his power play, get Gomez off it, get Roszival off it, and get Girardi, Mara, and Staal some powerplay time with Redden. And unless Roszival starts scoring and getting his game back 5 on 5, don’t reward him with Powerplay time. Everyone who I just mentioned has no problem letting go a shot, and none of them would even think of making such terrible decisions with the puck or without it.

  74. KASPAR

    Lool, i love that spinning 360 players do. I wonder why Shanny and Knuble didn’t do that when they collided, eh they’re no fun.

    The glitches are annoying, but you can help but laugh at them. I love the “visor hat” style helmet, when you see the top of the head sticking out.

    My personal fav is when you score a goal, and instead of the player that assisted on your goal hugging you, the opposing teams goalie comes over and huggs you, its the weirdest most funniest thing.

    FIRE EA !!!

  75. Maybe we should just put Rozsival on one of the top two forward lines. He has such a “great shot” so if he’s afraid to use it on D, might as well put him on Gomer’s fuggin wing. Ugh, such a waste of money.

    Someone mentioned the All Star ballot. I really don’t care aboot it, but im kinda getting pissed the fugg off, i mean Dubi, Nicky, and even Danny should be on there over the ones that are. NHL sucks, they are like wild monkeys with damaged brains.

  76. Beer,

    Good reasoning with Gomez and limiting his ice time but he had just under 24 minutes against the Isles.

  77. Gotta love gomer but so9mething isnt right; maybe its just linemates or an injury but he looks unfocused…

    Except…did anyone see his interview during the Toronto game on MSG when he made fun of the interviewrers suit?

    he said “halloween is over”

  78. markets down 10% over last 2 days so it has been horrible.

    zip at newsday reports that swedish sean avery is going back to sweden. i do think in next yr or 2 rozy will go back to europe as well – we’ll pay real $ still but no cap hit. the kaspar treatment.

  79. oh wait…i think I gave you the think to what you were talking about wasn’t working for you.

    If so, sorry about that!

  80. oh wait…i think I gave you the link to what you were talking about wasn’t working for you.

    If so, sorry about that!

  81. sorry for the double post…i screwed up posting my comment. Its been one of those days

  82. I think we’re all having bad days.

    I woke up this morning, took a shower. I bent over to dry my feet (don’t try to picture it, you’ll be HORRIFIED), and stood back up and WHACKED the back of my head on the towel rack. I’ve been nauseous and light-headed since. We need a win tonight.

    And I’m DEEPLY honored by LIJ saying my posts are worth reading. Although that’s another statement he made that 99% of people will disagree with.

  83. jeever – not 99%. just maybe 5 or so i have issues with and vica versa. and then there are middle of the road like orr – like some of his posts just not the language. and bob is moving up the favorable list if for no other reason than entertainment value.

    but you are fairminded and well informed and generally in good humor.

  84. Jeeves
    Thats one of the biggest reasons I never dry my feet; attack towel racks!!

    Yeah, LI JOE thanks for the inclusion..hey? didn’t we once get banned together from Blueshirt Bulletin?

  85. kaspar – i never got banned there. usually played nice. like some of the posters there like matty and ranger bill. and like the links. i sort of stopped posting there voluntarily or would have had some fights with “powerful posters” and then i would have gotten banned.

  86. thanks man. I’ve been assaulted at work today. Then, for some odd reason, a co-worker photoshopped my face onto one of the Oompa Loompas from the new Willy Wonka movie and forwarded it all around. THIS is what I deal with. Nasty has more mature people in the room with him. So a compliment’s nice.

    Kaspar – doesn’t the water freeze as it hits your body in Siberia?

  87. LIJ
    I know I give BB a hard time ( only because they gave me one! when I used to post there) I thought I remembered you defending me there once and then having Jess or someone right a long-winded reprimand about the evils of laughing at Kaspar…

    but they actually do a good job of collecting Ranger stories, as you said.

  88. “Kaspar – doesn’t the water freeze as it hits your body in Siberia?’

    Jeever; One word man……


  89. Ill be in the stands tonight, look out for a big sign with a refrigerator drawn on it with the model number 22 and brand name “Malik”.

  90. uhhh Kaspar? when it comes to cold water & a naked body, I’m pretty sure the FEET are the LEAST of your problems.

  91. LIJoe….Newman who just posted is not me. Just FYI. By the way, I think you and Dr. House really have something for each other that exhibits itself in the back-and-forth banter you guys have. You should meet up for pre-game at Mustang Sally’s or something. A few shots and some beers and some Ranger stories and who knows!?!?

    Sam…I hear your point. I also need to read your articles AND the blog posts, not just the latter. I don’t boo to light a fire. I boo to tell the player that his effort/results are sucky, I pay a lot for the season tickets, and he is contributing to my feeling of getting ripped off when the effort sucks.

    I’ll make you a deal…next time you are going to talk to Rosy, bring me with you for a 30 second “Fan Q & A.” I will ask him a few things (no swears, no yelling, I promise) and when he has heard my displeasure and frustration with his efforts and results, then I won’t need to boo anymore. LOL.

    I mean would it be OK to show up to Casino Night and BOO (or have my own frustrated Q & A)? I mean that’s an expensive way to make the above deal come to fruition.

  92. Mike and anybody else that wants free crystal clear games from now on…listen to my instructions carefully. This is how to get games for free. Everygame that you want ever, whether it be the Rangers or Detroit Red Wings. Go to www(dot)hockeystreams(dot)com. Then the middle box says sign in. On top in little letters it says You are currently not signed in! Sign in below or (register now! (in blue)). Fill in your information and have it set to “regular”. Agree to terms. Click submit. Go back to the middle box where it says sign in. Type in your username and password and click sign in. Down the left side, there should be games listed and when the games are on it will be in a red box saying “watch live”. Click on that. A new page will load and it will say “To watch (Team A) vs. (Team B) you must be a Premium member blah blah blah. All the way to the left it should say “or click here” (should be in blue, because its a link) It will take you to your windows media player and will take a minute to upload. It should work if your windows media player is up to date. I do this every game and its free and much better quality then justintv or any other source. Its a loophole in the system but it works well. Try it out.

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