So maybe it WAS the game plan


So remember all my grandstanding about how all NHL power plays are the same and that you can’t blame Perry Pearn for not making the necessary adjustments?

What do you do when everyone wants to now give Pearn credit….for making the necessary adjusments?

That was the case tonight, when both Chris Drury and Tom Renney acknowledged that Pearn made a couple of tweaks to the power play that opened the door for the three power play goals. No one wanted to get too specific, although seeing how both Ryan Callahan and Drury scored their goals in similar fashion on the rush, it’s fair to say it had something to do with the space the Tampa Bay defense was allowing the Rangers in the slot.

So there you have it. Perry Pearn is a genius. Which of course means the last few weeks he has been anything but.

I am officially confused.

In other news, Renney came out and said he thought Mike Smith deserved to be suspended for his stickwork late in the game on Aaron Voros. So stay tuned on that…

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  1. Smith whacking Voros in the knee with his stick was totally uncalled for. Complete lack of cojones. Let him try that when Voros is facing him, instead of with his back turned. Smith deserves a good, long suspension.

  2. I was shocked Voros showed as much restraint as he did. I’d have 5 misconducts if Smith pulled that crap on me.

  3. Same for Z – He had 3 guys surrounding him punching him in the back of the head, and only took a cross-checking minor. I’d have racked up 16 penalty minutes.

  4. Guys that’s what happens when you play in front of the net like Voros. Smith just happened to get away with a few more than he probably should (especially on home ice with the fans pointing and screaming).

    Voros has mad discipline and gladly took the price–that’s why I like him he is a hard worker. Plus if the goalie is hacking away, like he said in the interview, he’s not concentrating on where the puck is going to go as much.

    Hey Sam, don’t go getting too fuzzy on Pearn just yet, this game was against Tampa and they had a 3 on 5.

  5. You never ever see Henrik hacking at people like that, because he has class. Maybe Smith is Billy Smith’s son, we all know what he did to anyone within stick length away from him. Why do the refs turn a blind eye to these things, and ignore what is in their rule book. He could have broken his stick on Voros the way he was chopping.
    Oh well, he was beaten on the scoresheet. Somebody along the way will teach Smith a lesson.

  6. I’m catching up on ‘Rags in 60’ but credit where it’s due, Drury’s SH goal was a thing of beauty…nice to see and I’m genuinely proud/happy for him….really would like to see tonight shake him out of it.

  7. I don’t have the game recorded, but if I did, I would watch that Drury one-timer a few more times. Pretty nice.

  8. topcorner:

    I agree Smith got away with way too many whacks on Voros but come on this is hockey.

    Drury one-timer was sick just watched it again in 60.

    Great assist by Nik the Kid to Staal that was hard work by him and Voros.

  9. Sam, it is not all that confusing, and nobody is worshipping at the altar of Renney or Pearn for doing what they should have done a while ago. I’m just happy they stopped their misguided control stuff. They both needed to be woken up with a big fat slap in the face, that they need to get out of the way of the talent they have.
    I hope they have been humbled and learned something from their players. Tonight was very refreshing indeed.

  10. If Nik can learn some discipline he will be not a good but a great player. He can play both ways if he wants to buy into it; he’s that good and strong (and young).

  11. Leetch is the man on

    How many people were so happy Drury didnt take a slap shot on that shorthanded breakaway? That was a first in his career.

  12. How many people were so happy Drury didnt take a slap shot on that shorthanded breakaway? That was a first in his career.


    yeah…. I couldnt believe he actually pulled a move and scored on it… good job…wold love to see him actually become the *legitimate* threat he was brought here to be.

  13. Sam, ask Drury if he scored because of his new haircut?

    And ask Gomer if he likes my new nickname for him, The “Big Apple” Turnover. haha. he really needs to chill back with some of the brutal giveaways.

  14. Wow, do I disagree. Drury is good, just let the guy play. Coaching and strategy has been the problem.

  15. leetch, youre right i was shocked the way he deked smith out of his panties. great night by dru, perfect way to get him going,and as for our d. im still pissed that we let that 1 line dominate for stretches at a time and if it wasnt for hank, man this couldve been a 6-5 loss. wow henrik is really getting better i gotta admit the diference between this year and last is amazing. hes really getting better and i think hes ready to lead us to the cup. and did anyone catch that play in our end where staal and mara just let the puck sit there for the tampa player to pick up. crazy miscue there but yea we really need to play tougher d i liked that play by kalinin to force lecav wide. hes doin ok. overall a very exciting game and despite the fact it was tampa, they were a much better tampa team than earlier in the season

  16. well its nice to see Malik screw up another team. He must have had 4 turnovers and the penalties turned into great scoring opportunities. He was such a waste on the Rangers and I couldn’t be happier to hear the boo’s knowing that he was screwing up somewhere else.

  17. also great work tonight by nikky z and voros. i love how nik is becoming a better all around player as he matures and will be an integral part of this teams future along with duby, cally, dawes, staal and hopefully korpi and del zotto. ohh and artie too. and with henrik between the pipes the skys the limit. keep kickin ass boys!

  18. noone will remember but i called Cally a finisher. He can do it and can play on the top line. I wish more players checked like him.

  19. No kidding about Callahan, the guy always shows up, and what’s good about him is that he keeps reminding us what a great shot he has. He is kind of a sleeper, we tend to forget what he does, he just keeps contributing.

  20. Hey, this game showed why Voros may be a thinking man’s Avery. Bugged the crap out of the other team’s goalie, and then DIDN’T lose control of himself as well.

    Well played.

    Fun game.

    Great to see Drury nail it.

    Go Rangers.

  21. Callahan has been the most consistant forward night in and night out he plays well. He has not played a bad game yet not even close.

  22. from last thread:

    I laugh when people think Drury magically appeared for no good reason. He couldn’t really appear until the coaches got their heads out of their asses and took the clamps off. Screw Renney’s scientific system when it causes high priced employees to doubt themselves. Let the horses run, Renney, let them run.
    I’m sorry, that’s based on what information exactly? I could understand if you’d said with a true offense first guy like Zherdev, but Drury? Wake up. The guy was getting scoring chance after scoring chance and simply not putting them in. It happens. It’s called a slump.
    Love it when Rangers fans don’t have an explanation for something bad happening, so they instantly go to a favorite catch-all word – Renney.

  23. Renney should be fired for playing Betts near 15 minutes. 14 hits in 16 games and a faceoff percentage under 50% pathetic get rid of this puss. Sjostrom was terrible tonight won’t hit and can’t score play Rissmiller.

  24. chris f and topcorner – nice posts the last couple of threads. you guys should post more often

  25. SteveTheBear

    Oh, I guess there is never evidence. Just my ranger-discussion-board worthy thoughts and feelings. So, I guess I am guilty there. In a court of law, I would have nothing to stand on. You are right there, sir, righty-right.

    I have a feeling, oops…no evidence, that Renney and company kind of realized a few things. Such as don’t have multiple forwards so deep they cannot possibly score, and also to quit worrying so much about your back that you forget to use your talents for scoring.

    I really do think the slump experienced by Drury and some others is due to those players being hamstrung by a system enforced by the coaches. If I’m wrong, I’m okay with that. All I want is success. I really liked the forecheck tonight, that was a nice return to what we should always see, every night.

  26. And also, to go for it. Much better offensive teamwork tonight. And, with no doubt, offense is defense.

  27. topcorner – cool, sorry about coming out so aggressive. I generally tend to hold off scrutiny on the coaching staff while the team is successful, and the negativity that comes up around this blog gets to me at times. Appreciate you taking the high road, I will aim to do the same.

  28. No problem Steve, lots of fan stuff is subjective. I’ve contradicted myself a few times while trying to figure this team out. I learn from lots of people reading their stuff. I just love the Rangers, don’t live in NYC but can’t wait to see them live at MSG!

  29. Ted the Nature Lover on

    topcorner – same here. I’m wayyyy out in Arizona. Hoping to make my first trip back to the Garden in 6 years this winter.

  30. This is one of the reasons i always have faith in Drury, even when he’s not on the stat sheet he is back-checking, breaking up plays, killing penalties and taking important face-offs – you can’t measure most of what he does (and he’s not the only one). I’m happy he got his hat-trick, that deke for his shortie was sick and so was that one-timer.
    Way to go Captain!!

    How did Prucha look last night? I see he got a PP shift.
    Malik was +1 last night, Ha! how does he do it?

  31. Malik is a plus because he takes penalties on his shifts and is in the box when the other team scores.

  32. because malik generally isnt that bad. he just seems to big to get out of his own way most of the time. he doesnt hit and makes some bad plays as do most d-men. but honestly i dont know how hes a plus player. but also 4 of our goals last night were special teams and i dont think they count towards plus minus. either way hes still an ok defenseman that if utilized his size could make up for his lack of speed.
    also how bout kalinin? hes a minus 5 yet some people say hes better than malik. i just dont get it. id still rather have potter up here and hope del zotto and even moreso now sanguinetti to develop into their potential . another thing, are the rangers gonna get a 2nd rnd pick this year for compensation for cherry? if so thats good but man you gotta wonder what if. i dont wanna upset anybody here and if i do just let me have it but man picture cherry, artie and nikky on our 1st line. sry for bringin that up everyone.

  33. hey bob, why do u constantly complain about our 4th line? they cant be scoring when theyre getting matched against st louis, lecav, and prospal all night. even though that line were givin way too much space to work with i think its more of a defensive lapse of not clearing the puck and man hank saved our asses again. if nikky doesnt get that puck for the blast by staal we most likel;y wouldve been in a s/o. i love the win and many individual performances last night but for evryone complaining about our scoring issues its because we have to constantly backcheck like demons to make up for our soft d. that said, the pp won us this game. the pp is gonna make or break the season for us this year. i hope our d can tighten up to give our forwards a chance to score more.

  34. Mike A

    When is Mike Gartner night?

    I would say “no”. I am by no means a Caps fan and live out in Sterling. I do not like the Verizon Center, that being said, if someone gives me tix I would go. haha

  35. and bob our 4th line and (mostly hank) kept their top line to just 1 goal and it was a bad change that led to it. betts and shoe and orr are even gettin some decent chances. compared to last year our 4th line is much better, so please stop complaining about betts, id complain about our d over our 4th line right now. in fact, lets not complain about anything. how bout that. were 11-4-1.
    oh hey somebodty told me yahoo plays ranger games free but i cant find it. im needin some help if anyone cares to help out a fellow, black n yellow, HELLO!!!!!!

  36. Not to take anything away from Drury, cause had a fantastic night…but Smith played that breakaway he had TERRIBLY! Drury barely did anything and smith was already flopping on the floor. Saying that….glad Drury came out of his shell….three shots on goal all resulting in goals. Gotta love that!

    Also, to the people complainaing about the fourth line….I am very impressed with them this year. Betts and Orr look so much more offensive this year its unbelieveable. I think Betts will get a few more this year, which is nice becuase he really isnt even a goal scorer.

    Lets Go Rangers!! Keep this up!!

  37. Oh and also to the people saying “Thats hockey” to what Smith was doing to Voros is ridiculous IMO. He was slashing him with such force that it looked like an intent to injure to me. That is not hockey and i agree with Renney that the tape should be looked at and he should be suspended for a game or something. I cant stand how goalies always get away with crap like that.

  38. I missed the game because of work. I saw all of the highlights on NHL channel. They do a great job of highlighting a game in 3 minutes. My question is, how did Rosi look? Did he give up the puck as usual? Did he do anything on the PP?

    What reaction did Malik get? Boos as usual?

    Maybe all the Drury bashers can take a couple of days off. He’s pretty much on pace to put up his usual numbers.

    Topcorner hit it with Smith being related to that wig wearing Billy Smith.

  39. “Oh and also to the people saying “Thats hockey” to what Smith was doing to Voros is ridiculous IMO.”

    That’s because you’re a girl. No offense. I’m a bit angry about it too, but that is hockey. It’s the refs job to call it and they looked the other way like it was Sidney Crysob hacking at him.

    You should see Marty Turco (the guy he played under and learned from)! You also get a punch in the face if the ref isn’t looking and you turn around.

  40. 22…malik was booed…which IMO is totally classless…just like when people are happy that Farty Marty has to have surgery and is out for 4 months…Completely classless.
    its like finding out the kid you got in a fight with in highschool got into a car accident…and being happy about it…yeah!!!
    I thought Rozi played much better I can’t really remember any specific blatant turnovers so yes…much better from Rozi

  41. To all Ranger fans that hate on our Captain and hate on our coach… we don’t need you.. find another team… don’t come to the games.. don’t jump on the bandwagon during the playoffs.. and if it happens over the next few years.. please don’t come to the parade.. just keep hating on the blogs… cause it makes me feel good about being a true Ranger fan…

  42. noonan – how does being a girl affect anything? That statement made no sense to me. I have been watching hockey and the Rangers my whole life. The fact that skaters get penalties for doing those things but the goalies get away with it all the time makes NO sense. Voros wasn’t physically obstructing Smith or anything, he was screening him and he couldnt take it so he started slashing him. I believe there are rules against that in hockey, despite being a girl or not!!

  43. RichtersGirl,
    I though noonan was saying that Smith was a girl…but hey its early and I may have read it wrong

  44. Staal Wart
    Couldn’t agree more…beating debbies w/o Marty ( not that we have yet)isn’t the same as beating Marty…

    hey about Voros last night? You dont get a star of the game place with 0G 1A but he was “the main man” last night…two fights, planting himself, screens….next thingb you know…he’ll be working at Vogue

  45. i’m sorry if i misunderstood, I get that “you’re a girl, how can you understand hockey” business sometimes and it hits a nerve. So i apologize if it took it the wrong way :)

  46. Only thing that didnt happen last night that I was hoping for was for Prucha to get on the score sheet.

    Was he on a PP unit at one point? Maybe Renney is coming around to using him more.

    Great game all around. Guess the back to back losses really woke them all up.

    Im not convinced AT ALL of Perry PEarn’s PP plans. It was only one game, so let’s see if they can keep it going.

    And why would anyone bash our 4th line last night? They do there job, have a fwe goals, go out against the top lines of other teams, what more do you want?

    Anyone know if Smith will be considered for suspension? I’m sure Renney will be bringing it up.

  47. 22figure8, I thought Rozy looked really good this game. His play in the corner of the defensive zone was directly responsible for Callahan’s PP goal. TB was forechecking hard, and Rozy waited and took the hit to make a good outlet pass. He also made a bunch of patient plays while being double teamed by forecheckers to evade them and make a clean breakout. He might have had a couple gaffes here and there, but overall a strong game and a good rebound

  48. It was fun at MSG last night for this game. Some points worth noting:
    – Don’t be too happy with the PP just yet. Two of the 3 PP goals were on the rush, so there’s more work to do. They need success in multiple games.
    – To me, it looked like Drury, in how he got the SH goal, had watched the shootout of Bolts game vs. the Devils the night before. Two of the Devils deked left and shot glove side, one high and one low. A glaring weakness in Smith’s game, if you ask me.
    – I don’t think it was shown on TV, but during the Voros-Smith fight near the end, Henrik came all the way out to his blue line and stood watching, seemingly ready to jump into the fray if the situation called for it.

    On to Washington!

  49. Kasper…what brings you up and out so early…your first post is usu. around 1pm…but its nice to hear from you this early. I agree that beating the Debbies with Brodeur is better than Weekes but I just thought it was pathetic the response on the blog, on finding Marty was out and needed surgery…I am in no way a Devils fan and I can’t stand Marty but you can’t knock his accomplishments. He’s a great goalie and to be happy that the guy gets injured just shows lack of class…its pretty lame.

    MikeyNJ…I honestly didn’t see much from Prucha last night…and like I’ve said before I’m not a huge fan but I do like that he’s getting a chance and I want to see him succeed. I thought Dawes was more noticeable.

    I like the way Naslund is playing
    Gomez seems to be coming around.
    Voros played his best game in a while, and thats the way he has to play to make his mark.
    Dubinski seems to have lost his confidence and like Prucha I want him to bury one…and get going again.
    Zherdev is also playing very well, I like how he gets his hands dirty, and has been playing a pretty gritty game.

  50. Staal
    Out early because I didnt have to get drunk after last nights game to sooth depression…this time I just got happy-drunk man!!

    Some people just need to be on the “winning” side and they dont care how it happens….if the only way rangers can win a cup is that they stay healthy and everyone else loses star players I’ll take it ( conditioning is part of the game too)but I will not celebrate…

    On Peter Prucha…I dont know waht to say, I always thought he got the shaft from Professor Renney but it may be time to just admit that he is what he is…a guy who competes but has lost his scoring touch bit by bit as the new NHL adapted to rules changes…thrived in wide-open 2005-06 and has steadily decreased….

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