Rangers seeking compensation for Cherepanov


The Rangers have confirmed a report that they are seeking compensation for the loss of Alexei Cherepanov, the first round draft pick from 2007 who died last month in Russia.

Citing what might be described as a loophole in the CBA, in which teams can be compensated for unsigned draft picks, the Rangers first raised the issue at the general manager’s meeting two weeks ago in Chicago.

According to Larry Brooks, who “first had the story”:http://www.nypost.com/seven/11062008/sports/rangers/rangers_seek_pick_for_late_prospect_137397.htm, the Rangers would seek a second round pick in the 2009 draft.

Update, 10:08 p.m.: Here’s Cameron Hope, the Rangers assistant GM, with his e-mail response to me:

“In our opinion the CBA provision does provide a protection that extends to cover certain eventualities, including tragedies like what occured with Cherepanov, both in a reasonable reading of the CBA provision and certainly in the spirit of the provision.

We know that it’s new ground for the League, this terrible circumstance (not the usual way that a Club loses the rights to a pick), but once it is considered and we work through any concerns, we think we have good arguments for our position on this.”

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  1. They are just trying to make sure that its fair. I’m sure they feel horrible about what happened to Alexei, but they have to do this.

    Also nice of Drury to wake up tonight. Guess he thought the season didn’t start until November. And PP, keep it up, keep it simple, and keep moving around and getting pucks to the goal with traffic. Was it really that difficult? No. Renney finally got what he wanted…but its one game. Do this for the rest of the year and I’ll be happy.

  2. I think that’s what Cherepanov would have wanted for the Rangers………..Eh, just kidding, kind of, i guess. But that’s what all the people say the dead people would want, which is something they want, the living person i mean, eh what ever.

    Hope we get a pick, that would be nice. But it wont help this out. Still cant believe he’s dead. I got a Cherepanov jersey im hoping to win, has number 07 on it, might as well buy it, i probably would have eventually.

    As for the game, fuggin awesome that Dru scored the hat trick, along with Nyr scoring 3 PP goals, and a shortie. Nice !

    Smith is a bitch, he should have been thrown out of the game, the guy fought with his helmet on, what a bitch move, from a bitch team.

    Nice win, though, that’s all that matters.

  3. Nehooooo great game by the Rangers. Good to see Voros back in the middle of things that’s exactly what he needs to do to make that potent line successful.

    Lundqvist let in a freaking softy again…

  4. I’m not going to lie: compensation crossed my mind a few days after his death. And I felt guilty about it.

    I would understand if there were some rule (ex-suicide, drugs) that compensated teams where a young draft they put so much time, faith, and money into died.

    I just didn’t know there was anyone with the balls to ask for it.

  5. oh yea excited about the PP def. Drury’s hatrick well hopefully that’ll get him going. I hope he gets cocky or something the guy looks so damn depressing all the time.

  6. I don’t see how this is a loophole or a d*** move. Like in baseball, if you don’t sign a draft pick, you get a pick in a future draft. Just like if another team didn’t sign their 1st round pick, the Rangers cannot sign their 1st round choice from that draft. They should be compensated for that, regardless of the circumstances.

    This is no way, shape, or form meant to be taken as having forgotten Cherry. But the fact remains that the Rangers will be without their 1st round pick of that draft, leaving a huge void in the prospect depth chart. Days after his tragic passing, I began wondering what round the Rangers compensation pick would be in, similar to what the Coyotes will recieve for Blake Wheeler’s pick.

  7. Noonan Lundqvist was flat out great. Yes the second goal was soft but who cares? If not for him Tampa might have taken the lead.

  8. Repost:Great win in a very entertaining game. The score would suggest that it was a blowout but it was far from that. It got scary when the Lightning had cut the lead to a 3-2 game with St Louis and Lecavlier flying. The Rangers got a clutch goal by Staal due to great plays in the corner by Zherdev and Voros(along with Voros getting in Smith’’s grill. The Lightning seemingly took leap of their senses after the Rangers took a 3-2(lead by their goalie and grizzled vets) Voros had Sean Avery type night. He was throwing the body, agitating and throwing the opposing goalie off his game. I though he and Zherdev were as good as it gets. Smith dropping the gloves and throwing punches was hysterical. Lundqvist was a huge reason for the win as usual. He made several remarkable saves on Tampas top players. Great to see the pp show up. They even got a shortie(mostly thanks to Smith) They won special teams game (for once)Drury had easily the best game of the year nice to see him pull the trigger. Rozsival had a rough start but he picked it up and was even effective on the pp. The Rangers got pretty rough games from Gomez(outside of his nice rush on the first pp goal)as well as Redden and Girardi(turnovers and penalties were the story of his night) but it didn’t matter. Dubi also was very quiet. Good job by the 4th line setting a tempo too.

    Ruh-oh Ovie and Semin had a monster 3rd period leading to a Caps comeback against Carolina. Once Ovie gets hot he’s unstoppable. Plus the Caps pk actually doesn’t back end like crazy on the pk. Actually the have a top pk but their goaltending is subpar.

    Dawes and Prucha had good games imo. They drew numerous pps and backchecked hard. I hope their offense gets in gear.

    I don’t think any systems changed. Renney has and always will be a defense first coach. They looked like an offensive juggernaut partly because Tampa’s defense and coaching staff is bush league level.

  9. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Noonan, are you for real? You’re f’ing jaded. Lundqvist stood on his head this game. If not for him, we get blown out. Did he face 3 breakaways? How many odd-man rushes, I lost count? How many guys hacking away at pucks in front of the net where the SOFT defense is? Geez. Lundqvist earns his keep. It’s nice to finally see Drury start to as well.

  10. A win against a very undisciplined team.

    Lundqvist is huge, Smith not so much.

    Vinny, Prospal and St. Louis skate circles around us.

    we’ll get creamed on Saturday by a team that is an offensive powerhouse.

    Renney is a wuss coach, can’t stand him, this team leaves Hank out to dry all the time.

    Anyway, I’ll be in DC Saturday being that I live in VA, won;t be at the game because I refuse to buy tix for my entire family and spend $300 to watch the Rangers lose.

    Aren’t I a great fan? lol

  11. Sam

    Will you please wake me when YOU actually break a story? I have been reading this blog for many moons, and it is comical to consider how much you cite your COMPETITORS for generating stories and leads that show they are doing their jobs better than you! Stop being a follower and work harder.

  12. vogs are you gonna go to Mike Gartner night in late December for the Caps? I used to live down in DC and have thought about going to that game if my job doesn’t find some way to screw me over yet again.

    Gartner was one of my first fav players on the Rangers, he was a thrill to watch, i was really upset when he was traded in 94.

  13. This is in no way a dick move. Let’s face it, the players are assets to the team, when an asset is lost they should be awarded compensation.

  14. Sorry you guys are right Lundqvist was huge I just have problems of how he handles breakaways recently when a player takes away nearly half the net.

    Was hating.. The King is back!

    Cally can finish can’t he? And I like the lines a lot.

  15. If Lundqvist decided to be an alpine skier instead of a goalie, Tom Renney would be selling apples in front of the NYSE.

    Is everyone so blind that they do not see that this team is about the goaltender? The coach is not a joke but completely ordinary and not close to being a Cup-caliber guy. The defense is borderline laughable: Dan Girardi has a lot of Malik in him in his own end, though he is not without a clue in the offensive zone. Redden? Please. Rozsy? Come on.

    Put Smith or Biron or Nittymaki or Weekes in the NYR net and you are looking at a sub .500 team.

  16. It was awesome to see Drury get the third goal. Hopefully that gets him playing more consistently. I dont understand Renney’s thought process. They have a 5-3 and a PP for the rest of the game with almost 2 minutes left. Wouldnt it be in the best interest of the team to get Prucha and Dawe’s confidence up. Why not put them out with Drury? Anyway, at least Drury scored!

    Henrik made some great saves. Orr had more ice time Voros, hehe. Let’s keep it up.

  17. All in all the game was ….. AWSOME!!!!! VOROS showed class and never flinched when he was repeately slashed .
    If it was Avery , Avery would never have controlled himself and id say , Voros is big , Avery is so small . Peek over his head. We are better off with Voros plain and simple!

    Gomez – nice heads up passing
    Naslund – works so hard and is very smart , he will get better!!
    Callahan – heart and passion

    Zherdev – Smooth , smooth shot release .Crazy and magical.
    Dubinsky – Powerfull strides and puck control.Very mature
    (could teach Z?)
    Voros – Can’t replace this guy!! He own the front of the net!
    Dawes – shifty sniper need time , too young.
    Drury – Moves ,shot and patience.
    Prucha – hard working and shifty.he needs time.

    Shoey -is a freight train with moves and wild passion.
    Orr – Knockouts and fear , hes very important.
    Bettes – Perfect 4th line center and defensive forward.

    Staal – takes you out of the play , body or stick .He our most valuble young guy.
    Redden – Mature and smart .
    Rozival -good shot and intangibles
    Mara – hard nose and mean.
    Giradi – tough and smart , work very hard.
    Kalinin – creative and can make plays.

    Lunqvist – Confident and clearly the best . Do I see a veinza?
    Vally – Tall and well positioned .

    This team needs time , not Sundin or any quik fix .

  18. Lundy let’s in a softy. Dru is horrible and over paid. When does it stop. You guys need to stop hating on a team that is winning (brod is out months)

    I read this religously (bc Sam is my boy) as you all do but you making it tough

  19. chris: that was definitely directed at me; I did recant my Lundqvist statement and specifically named where he needs work. Maybe because I know how good he is and expect at least one Cup from him!

    Dru still needs to step up like he did tonight. He had a great game but he’s not off the hook yet in my opinion. He’s been getting his chances and gets the benefit of the doubt (from me at least) as long as he keeps working hard.

  20. I have to agree with Dufarge.

    Sam is a great guy, he has a nice blog, for which he deserves acknowledgement, he writes pithy intros every day …… but he never never never never NEVER breaks a story. Or gooses a story. Or pursues a lead. Or challenges the coach. Or…or…or…

    Oh well. Nobody’s perfect.

  21. Yeah Chris one negative bleeping post and you whine. Just read Sam’s blog entry and don’t read the comments section.

  22. this is only his third year as a beat writer. He doesn’t have the sources that long time beat guy like Brooks does.

  23. Sam maybe you do need to second-guess the coach more yourself. I was saying Drury centering the 3rd line for weeks (if not 3rd Gomez and Drury get the artillery wing-wise). I must be in the wrong bidness!

  24. Greg L.

    You are clearly free-basing tonight. Redden and Rozsival and Girardi get gold stars??? On which planet???

  25. Redden – mature, smart, and often really slow getting to the puck. And not really living up to his billing.
    Staal – knocked a couple of people over and played smart. very good
    Lundqvist – simply great, the guy is gold.

    Offense in general – very good, just keep playing like this, regardless of what your coaches tell you to do.

  26. Rosi had an above average game but looked soft at times.. really soft and I give the guy the leeway usually.

  27. graves

    Three years is an eternity. But I hereby cease and desist. Very bad manners to crap on your host as I have done, regardless of the merits.

    (But Sam, between you and me, just a little more Woodward/Bernstein wouldn’t hurt you)

  28. lets hope the pp can keep this up when we play a real team.. and greg L are serious with this:
    Redden – Mature and smart .
    Rozival -good shot and intangibles

    redden has a hot wife thats the only thing he has brought to the rangers so far, hopefully she ages better than his game will over the next 6 years
    and i dont know what intangibles rosi has but they certainly arent’s worth 5mill a year

  29. “redden has a hot wife thats the only thing he has brought to the rangers so far, hopefully she ages better than his game will over the next 6 years”

    Oh man me too you just reminded me 6 freaking years. Ouch but good call damn man i forgot it was 6 full years!

    Hopefully the dollar will be so inflated by then it won’t matter. Or wait scratch that

  30. yeah deppi , I was saying it was based on this game but it kinda went to thier overall play . Each player brings stuff to the team . Rosival after the other night , I did stutter on what to say , he does bring intangibles but worth 5 million … of course not Pete .Every player has his role and we have a team worth keeping together . Everything I said is true , plus its not fair to point out bad things about one player when my whole point was to point out the value in each player .

  31. I really wish Voros had a chance to tee off on that scrub Smith last night. Who does he think he is, Ron Hextall? Guy is a third rate goalie on a second rate team. Renney is right, Smith should be suspended. On the whole, a great game. Drury is back in top form, I think.

    Sam, keep up the good work. What do you guys want to see, scandal and intrigue? It’s hockey.

  32. that guy who loves the rangers on

    Ha and you people called me an asshole for wondering this same topic and the Rangers turn around and do it

  33. I couldn’t believe some of the quotes I read. How is a dead kid eligible for the draft again, reagardless of if he was signed yet or not. Scumbag.

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