A night of historic proportions


Who’d have ever thought we’d see the day…..that the Islanders would score two shorthanded goals in the third period?

Apparently the election “was sort of a big deal, too”:http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/05/us/politics/05elect.html?_r=1&hp&oref=slogin.

In fact, when Barack Obama promises that “change is coming,” is it possible he’s referring to the Rangers power play?

Probably not (OK, definitely not) but the question is again worth asking if the Rangers have the personnel to ever feature more than a middling power play? It’s a worrisome thought when you consider the five players who comprise the top man advantage unit will be making close to $30 million in combined salary in 2008-09.

But even all that has been invested in those players, it’s still possible that the Rangers are lacking an elite finisher who would bury some of the chances that were created last night. And this is to say nothing of the two men at the point, one who seems to have regressed since last season, and another who has fallen short of what was hoped for when he signed a $39 million over the summer. (Meanwhile, let’s not pin this on the loss of Jagr, Shanahan, and Straka since in reality, the Rangers had a mediocre power player last season, too).

Of course, let’s not panic, either. Truth is outside of Markus Naslund, who has arguably been the best player in a Rangers sweater the last two weeks, everyone from Chris Drury and Scott Gomez to Michal Rozsvial and Wade Redden has plenty of room for improvement. The Rangers have lost two straight, but they also had plenty of opportunities to win both of those games, and they’ve still won 10 of their first 15.

If you’re turning on this team now, you obviously don’t have a grasp of the trials and turns of an 82-game schedule. You have the right to be concerned. But as you’ve probably heard plenty of these past few days, now is the hardly time to be giving up hope.

More from practice later…

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  1. Rozival needs to go! He was terrible last yaer and he’s even worse this year. Maybe he can go work for Obama as secretary of defense seeing as how we aren’t going to have any!

  2. I could almost feel it last night after they seemed to really dominate the esp. the 2nd period that things where not going to turn out well, just like the election. There was a point after the first shorthanded goal the I thought, “oh no another powerplay” it seemed that the Islanders best scoring chances came on the PK all night.

    On Prucha Drury and Dawes…Keep them together let them work each other out of their slumps…
    Oh and fugg Obama!

  3. Obama promised change of coaching staff.

    I wish we could get rid of Renney, Sather, Pearn, Rozsival, Gomez, Drury, Redden.

  4. I know scoring goals is not an easy thing to do, but it is getting painful to watch how many great scoring opportunities we keep wasting. Don’t know if it was just a back-up goalie playing out of his head, or we just made him look that way.
    We have to have guys FINISH a play when they are dominating like they did yesterday. Too many guys seem to be in an A-Rod like mental funk when men are “on base”.

    We’ve now taken power play ineptitude to a new all time low.
    How many more YEARS must we have to suffer thru this. How bout making some coaches or players accountable?

  5. Patrick Hoffman on


    How does this team work on the power play in practice? What is Perry Pearn making them do?

    The real question is who is to blame? Should we pin the blame on the PP coach or the players for not listening? If you look at all the other power play’s in the league, they all keep it pretty simple by SHOOTING the puck.

    Why aren’t we doing that?

  6. I am annoyed, but definitely not that worried about it. There is no doubt the PP needs to be fixed. They need to dedicate entire practices to it. It is flat out pathetic. 5 on 5 we are fine, and our PK is amazing. I don’t think Renney is the problem. I do think someone else should be in charge of the PP though. I expect some sort of trade or something soon. What if we sent Roszival down and then brought him back up and had someone pick him up on re entry? We would still have to pay half his salary, but it will rid us of him and around 2 million dollars or so. I like the guy, but if he is not going to shoot, he is just wasting a spot on the team.

  7. When we shot the puck on the PP in the beginning of the season, we had success. We don’t do it now. Teams are pressuring our D up top and making us force passes that aren’t there. This is also part to do with our passes on the PP. Our guys stand still and pass the puck too slow. We need constant movement of players and the puck. One, to open up lanes, and two, to tired down the other teams penalty killers. It is not rocket science.

  8. I’ve neve seen a team miss the net more than these Rangers.
    Dubinsky should have been on the ice in the final minute. He played a decent game and has the ability to get the puck in the offensive with his speed.

  9. Patrick – I think this may help answer one of your questions.
    “Should we pin the blame on the PP coach or the players for not listening?”

    “Unacceptable performance,” Rangers coach Tom Renney said. “The power play let us down. Take responsibility for it. Power play structure, if people are committed to it and work hard at it, it can work. We are playing outside of what we have been teaching our guys.”

  10. Renney is full of excuses. Still a work in progress. Change the lineup Tom, go get a scorer cause we cant score for beans.

  11. OHHHH! There was something that I really wanted to bitch about today. It pisses me off so much I can’t stand to look at it again.

    How disgraceful is the NYR All-Star ballot?

    How Brandon Dubinsky is not on that ballot is so far beyond my comprehension, I really don’t even WANT an answer. Drury is on the ballot and Dubi is not.

    Does anyone know who nominates the players to go on the ballot? (I know fans vote for the starters, but who puts them on the ballot?)

  12. “Renney is full of excuses. Still a work in progress. Change the lineup Tom, go get a scorer cause we cant score for beans.”

    Worst post you’ve ever made house.

  13. Nasty1….Word!

    Why is the PP so difficult? Crisp fast passes and movement by the players. Right now we are getting lazy half-assed passes and no movement. And tell me how it’s so f-ing difficult to see that when the 2 forwards on the PK are hounding the pointmen it creates a 3 on 2 down low where the wings just need to hug the boards and will be open to get a pass? I mean it’s not f-ing rocket science.

    And another thing, 40 shots and 1 goal is pathetic. Every time the NYRs set up for a shot they allow the D to clog the lanes. That is the result of taking too much time to do anything. Set it up, take a f-ing shot (hitting the net would help) and crash for the rebound. It’s not a f-ing hard game. So annoying.

    On Obama…you guys who keep bashing him….it was a landslide. Except for the redneck/uneducated south (where slavery was abolished like a year ago) the MAJORITY of this country voted for Obama and for change. You clowns need to find somewhere else to voice your ignorant comments like, “Fugg Obama.” That one is REALLY intelligent, btw. I mean move on already. Or, keep preaching divisiveness. Take your pick but you are in the minority.

  14. Can we just DECLINE penalties in the future?

    Why bash Renney? He is not the PP coach and he is not out there playing the game and making stupid cross ice passes on the PP, which get intercepted and go the other way for goals. Renney is a defensive coach and the team excels at that part of the game. Bash Pearn and Rozi and others that are not pulling thier weight but lay off a coach who has done a excellent job the last 3 years and continues to succeed. 10 wins in the first 15 games like Sam said is pretty good.

  15. I think if Renney has the option he should decline the PP.

    Oh yea, don’t blame me cuz Sam mentioned it:

    Fug that socialist empty suit stooge Obama!

  16. I’m not a fan of Pearn but Rosi did not help his case last night. Murphy’s law?

    He should go if they don’t figure this it soon..

  17. yea it actually was. HAHAHAHHAHAHA.

    well Obama is soon to be your president keep on bashing him. Jealous are we??? Give him credit.

  18. “On Obama…you guys who keep bashing him….it was a landslide. Except for the redneck/uneducated south (where slavery was abolished like a year ago) the MAJORITY of this country voted for Obama and for change. You clowns need to find somewhere else to voice your ignorant comments like, “Fugg Obama.” That one is REALLY intelligent, btw. I mean move on already. Or, keep preaching divisiveness. Take your pick but you are in the minority.”

    Newman…a breath of fresh air on the blog. I wish politics could stay out of one FUGGIN forum, but I guess it’s too much to ask for. I feel like giggling knowing the losers are crying the same way devils fans were yesterday. Get over it. You’re part of the solution or your part of the problem. “YOU” decide.

    btw Newman…you’re right on the pp too. richard, correct as well. nasty…the same.

    I may take the rest of the day away from the blog. Really downhill since the start of the season guys/gals. Worse than our pp sometimes.

  19. Bob again proving his vison….blurred and crosseyed, that is.

    Richard…LOL….”The Rangers have declined the penalty…”

    Noonan…it sounds like you have the IQ of a rock. Obama is a stooge…right.

  20. I was just watching NHL on the Fly, they were showing the highlights of Anaheim’s OT game winner. They were set up in the offensive zone, and passed the puck quick and crisply, one touch passes back and forth got Labarbera to move laterally and finally the shot came from Pronger top shelf. Labarbera stood little chance. It makes me wonder why we can’t do stuff like that. Honestly, I think it comes down to coaching. These are all plays that get rehearsed at practice, and when the team is pulling the crap they pulled in the game yesterday in practice, and there is no authority telling them that it’s not acceptable, then we’re going to get the status quo. I don’t think it’s a matter of talent, we have that. And I fail to believe that Rozsival is as bad as he was last night, he is a servicable defenseman. Redden could be a constant offensive threat the way he sneaks in from the blue line, but the forwards need to cognizant that he’s gonna be coming in and to get him the puck, and that one forward needs to hang back on the point. I’m convinced that our PP woes are coaching related, and with a new perspective we can really get the train rolling

  21. Can we decline PP’s…priceless!
    Just like football, the Rangers decline the penalty.

    BTW…after 2 years of empty speaches I still don’t know what the Messiah is gonna change…all I do know from the most basic economics class is that redistribution of wealth will never work…cause I will have no desire to work to give handouts to people who don’t want to work…so I will end up on the handout line myself.
    And Socialism has not worked anywhere in the history of mankind…not anywhere…but hey…bring on the change we all need…don’t forget he’s THE ONE we have been waiting for.

  22. so glad I went to a PARTY last night instead of the game!!

    Of course, I had to watch rewind later. Rosi blew it twice-what gaffes-especially the second one. I just want the Rangers to finish 1st in division and improve, and they will-especially given that Hank will be the best in our division.

  23. “the shot came from Pronger top shelf.”

    Joe – you nailed it right there. We don’t have guys that will shoot the puck on the PP. And if they do, they take too long, miss the net, or shoot right into a defender.

    Just sayin here…You know who has a great quick release and has potted over 600 with it?

  24. So how long does Pearn get to coach a powerless power play and keep his job? Obviously the answer isn’t one year. Is it 2? Is it 3? Is it forever?

  25. Just got tix for tomorrow night’s game. I am going with Mrs. Nasty and my 3 year old daughter. Her first Ranger game. Should be fun. I hope they win for her.

  26. Renney is the reason we’ve won 10 games. He’s a top 5 coach in hockey.

    He is the Rangers. He doesn’t have half the talent other teams do in the league. Imagine if we had Semin, Ovechkin and Green like Washington does, or Crosby, Malkin & Staal like Pitt does or Briere, Richards and Carter like Philly does.

    Those players individually are better than Gomez, Drury Naslund — and younger too.

    However, we have Renney, and that’s why we’re better than those teams. Say what you want but he gets more out of less.

    Fire Bob

  27. Perry Pearn has been in charge of a poor power play for the last two seasons, with and without Jagr. If the personnel cannot perform his strgedy, than either change the personnel or change the stragedy! Rozy refuses to shoot, for whatever reason. Sometimes, the shot isn’t there, but last night was a perfect example of his shortcoming on the PP; on the 2nd shorty, he tried to force a pass across point instead of flipping it at the net. The Isles PK easily stayed high on the points and were able to pick our pockets!!! Plus, he telegraphs his passes since everyone knows he won’t shoot!! Renney & Pearn can’t execute onthe ice. Gomez had a pretty bad game too on PP so it isn’t all Rozy. And we all have to give Redden some time to adjust to a new team!! I mean, Drury came out and said how uncomfortable he was in his 1st year. Leave Redden alone and be patient. 10 wins out of 15 games is pretty damn good for a Ranger team, especially one that was constructed by Glen sather!

  28. My lone political post. I don’t like to shit where I eat and I don’t like to talk politics on a hockey blog.

    – I’ll take socialism over the incessant top heavy greed that’s put us in today’s recession and extreme class division — the same division that makes it so only certain people will be able to go to Yankee/Mets games next year b/c of the anticipated astronomical prices.

    – Also, “socialism” is loaded term — a scare tactic — in fact, most people who use it don’t even know what it means. Obama’s policies will offer some much needed relief to the middle and working class families via tax breaks. He’s not going to be taking money from the rich and giving it to the poor like Robin Hood, he’s just going to be taxing taxing the corporations and high society that can afford the increase. We’re talking about people who don’t “need” the money. If you consider some shmuck on Wall St. who gambles other people’s money for a living, but never actually CREATES anything himself a “hard worker”, then we can’t see eye to eye. The big businesses, corporations and elitist families can afford a greater tax burden. The average man needs a break.

    – The people have spoken. The Obama haters had THEIR president for the past 8 years. News flash, those were 8 of some of the worst years in the history of our nation.

    It’s like a bad powerplay that doesn’t work. If you wanted to keep trying the same old thing and hoping it would just eventually get better, than McCain’s your man. If you want some young stud with a laser shot to come in a quarterback the pp and give you a different look, then Obama’s your guy.

    Me, I want a new power play.

  29. I agree with keeping the Dawes Drury Prucha line together.

    “Noonan…it sounds like you have the IQ of a rock. Obama is a stooge…right.”

    Sorry to point out your Messiah is just another politician toeing the line like every other good puppet.

    Stooges vote for FISA and to fund wars and then promote empty-rhetoric ‘change’.

    But nevermind shhhhh go back to sleep keep watching Keith Olberman.

  30. Thanks Beer — talent wise, we’re not off the charts.

    We have a lot of soldiers, but no heros. Our advantage is our General.

  31. Gee Sam, I think you ignited some fires with the Obama talk. Since I’m here to talk hockey, because that’s what I thought this blog was for, I think I’ll go ahead and state my peace about the all-star ballot. I too am disappointed in the Ranger picks for the ballot….Nikolai Zherdev anyone? Ok, maybe I’m a little biased since I’m his biggest fan in Columbus, but the way he has been playing more than proves that he deserves to be on that ballot. As for Scotty, his numbers don’t speak for what a great player he is so I’m ok with that pick, but I’m on the fence about Naslund.

    Anyway Sam, if you happen to talk to Niky today tell him HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (hey, at least someone in Columbus appreciates him)


  32. Maybe Sutton was smart to not drop the gloves with Orr last night. If that happens, Orr knocks him the fugg out and maybe that sparks something for us. He P’d out and skated away and they Isles won. No respect for the guys who go after smaller players and back down from enforcers.

  33. I agree tax the businesses and people that employ me more for staying in America.

    Trickle-up poverty works!

  34. Enough with the politics. Why don’t some of you go on a political blog and start talking hockey? Why? Because it is fuggin stupid. I don’t need to hear about it. I don’t care who any of you wanted for president. Obama won, by a landslide. What’s done is done. Next caller? Seriously. Let’s stick to hockey here.

  35. Sutton was smart he would have gotten KOd.

    Huge pansy for almost shaving Dubinsky with his stick pre-warmups. I really wanted him to pay for that.

  36. Same old same old. Rozival is getting worse by the minute and redden has been a complete waste of 6 million bucks. Is renney watching a different game than the rest of us? Just another thougth, why is Dawes continually getting prime playing time. He couldn’t hit the ocen if he were dstanding on the beach. The more things change the more they stay the same. Renney has to give Prucha more prime time. He is a proven scorer when give the opportunity to play. How about bringing Korpokowski back and having Dawes take a nice long rest.

  37. corrine – thanks for chiming in on the ballot. I sent sam an email asking to find out how those are decided. We’ll see if we get a response.

    The NYR A.S. Ballot is a “Traveshamockery”!!
    (anytime you can work that in, is a good thing)

  38. “He is a proven scorer when give the opportunity to play.”

    So is Shanny. So is Sundin.

    “How about bringing Korpokowski back and having Dawes take a nice long rest.”

    I think that day is coming.

  39. Rozi NEEDS to get traded. Its one thing to have a bad season, of plays like last night. But we’re gonna have to deal with that for the next 4 years. We got cap problems up the fuggin yin yang right now. Dubi, and Nicky are playing damn good hockey, and are leading the team in points, and are both free agents after the season, with Staalsy following, we cant move Dru, Gomer, or Redden. We HAVE TO TRADE ROZSIVAL !! Sign Sundin for one fuggin year, that’s it, what’s the harm in that ?? Seriously, i mean we need to shed his salary and put it towards those three. They’re the future.

    Im really worried abooot this team, cause the challenge hasn’t even started yet. They won against a lot of weak Eastern Conference teams, and lost to two weak East teams, pathetically. They beat the Devs, who have trouble scoring on Hank for some reason, they beat the Pens who are struggling, and fugged up the ass with injuries. They beat the shitty Brat Hawks, and Blue Jerkoffs, who are not tough teams, i don’t care what anyone says, they’re not making the playoffs. They haven’t even versed the Bruins, Sens, Habs, the teams that will give them trouble. They lost to three tough teams. Maybe you’re all not worried, but i am, just a little.

    Another thing, last night, Hank wasn’t that great. He was good, but he let in a soft goal on Park’s goal. This guy SUCKS, he doesn’t have a good shot, he should of stopped that fuggin shot, and he didn’t. Both plays obviously Rozi’s fault, then he stands around like a retard staring at the puck while its in the air, waiting for it to come down, but Thompson pops it in. Ugh, trade the guy, sign Sundin !!! Im still sick over that game.

    BTW – Are all of you gonna keep using my “fuggs” ?

  40. fire pearn??? how come earlier in the season when we were ok on the pp and great on the pk nobody mentions that, but because the PLAYERS, not coaches are the ones executing it, it has to be pearns fault. im sure pearn told rozy to make stupid passes and not shoot right?

  41. Last night was really unimpressive. I know the Rangers are off to a great start and they’re still at the top of the conference, but there are some trends that really concern me.

    Teams that go on deep playoff runs, especially championship contenders, should wipe the floor with the league’s worst teams every time. That’s true in any professional sport. The Rangerst trailed the Thrashers briefly last week, got creamed in the last five minutes by the Leafs, and didn’t even come to play last night in a loss against the Islanders.

    So far, the wins have come in spite of some glaring gaps in the Rangers’ game – a powerplay that’s gone from lackluster to inept, and a some top-tier talent that’s off to a slow start (Drury, Gomez, Naslund, etc…). Now, though, these shortcomings are resulting in bad losses. A loss to the Islanders (or Leafs, for that matter) in regulation is much different from taking the Red Wings to OT at the Joe and losing. Watching them play last night, the Rangers didn’t even look like an over .500 team.

    On the other hand, it’s an 82 game season, and there’s plenty of time left to figure things out. I just hope they figure them out sooner rather than later.

  42. a casual observer on

    The problem is beer me, fat newman, house & others are probably only 16 or 17 years olds (judging by most of their posts).thay probably don’t remember the worst president of the past 50 years, Jimmy Carter. Obama will give him a run for his money. The other clown who said he would take socialism over the past 8 years shows the clueless nature of blind Obama supporters. I pray he moves to the center, if he doesn’t he will become more hated than Bush.

  43. “then he stands around like a retard staring at the puck while its in the air, waiting for it to come down,”

    I could not believe that. Most frustrating game to watch of the season IMO

  44. casual observer: agreed.

    whoever said they’d take socialism then made an analogy of Obama on the PP (LOL) has lost all credibility.

    Having worst day ever going to go skate.

  45. casual – maybe maybe not. but we’ve got him for 8 years (no way a republican wins in 2012) so we’ve got to hope for the best. the country needs a 3rd party real bad which is why i voted that way.

    orr – we may NEED to TRADE ROZY or REDDEN but the reality is NO ONE will take them even as waiver pickups. too many years at too high a salary / limited production. can’t force a team to make a deal with us just like we could not force orpik to sign here when he wanted to stay in pitt. i don’t think they would make the deal even if we threw in a 1st rd pick and i’m serious

  46. It’s Jagr’s fault … if they just get rid of him then Drury will thrive as captain, the powerplay will be number one in the league and Tom Renney can give icetime to all the young guys in key situations – Korpikoski, Callahan, Prucha, Moore.

  47. Casual observer,

    You don’t have to be a Geriatric to have an opinion.

    Sounds like some sour grapes from a guy who woke up this morning and saw 349 – 162 and thought to himself, “Wow, I thought it’d be close.”

    You also don’t have to be a historian to know that comparing Jimmy Carter to Obama is completely irrelevant to the argument.

    The Republican party is in complete disarray. There’s absolutely no cohesion — which is why more than half of Republicans have been jumping ship the past year and joining the good side. Why would anyone vote for a party that can’t even back their own nomination?

  48. the Rangers are exectly like a football thats great at moving the ball between the 20’s but can;t score,and there is know one to blame but the coaches.
    Pern is the one to blame the most,cause of the pp.(its his responsibility,AND ONLY HIS).

  49. enough with the politics. Just because Sam mentions the world’s biggest event in his entry doesn’t mean we should mistake this for a political forum

    The only player on the Rangers whose name should come close to All Star is Hank.

    And Pearn needs to try organizing a PP his players CAN execute instead of insisting they try one they can’t. And Renney is responsible. Be’s the freaking HEAD COACH.

  50. This just in: Sather signs Roszival to lifetime contract at $10 million per year. What a stupid waste of cap money on #3. Also I’ve seen more than enough of Prucha and Dawes. Get them out of here.

  51. The banks are owned by the government. That is socialism. The taxpayers are footing a $700bln bailout. But it’s Obama who is the Socialist? That makes total sense! Even McCain told Meet the Press that in that instance (gov’t intervening to help the banks in order to rescue the economy) it was OK. So when he says it’s OK it is allowed, but when Obama makes mention of it then it’s socialism. I get it. (McCain also talked about taxing the rich and tax cuts for the poor from 2000 to 2006 when he was running against Bush and then pandering to people). So anyone who says that Obama is a socialist and McCain wouldn’t be or isn’t is just believing the right’s spin doctoring.

    All you bashers: You are telling me that in the last 8 yrs your economic situation has gotten better? The cost of living has come down? America as a country is more or less respected in the world?

    And by the way, the opposite of socialism is fascism. So we have been reaping the rewards of fascism (thank you Cheney and Bush) over the last 8 yrs. You guys are right…we were much better off in the last 8 yrs. Sure.

    The best line of the night was this: “Let’s look at the demographics…those with higher education tend to vote with Obama…that is where he gets a lot of his support.” Translated: Dumbass hicks and rednecks with homophobic and racist tendencies and who have little or no education support McCain.” You guys are in an elite group!

  52. orr – If it WERE that simple, I’d almost be ok with it! haha At least it’s a reason.

    a casual observer…is just that. And brings a comment based on pure speculation. Then ties it all together with the last line summing it up as a popularity contest. Good show.

  53. The biggest mistake Republicans make, when their current President or presidential candidate is not up to speed, is showing their discontent by voting for the Democrat candidate. This is how we got saddled with Jimmy Carter, who started the whole international terrorist mess by deposing the Shah of Iran, and that Oral Office cowboy. “Here we go again,” as a great man (and real American) once said. Enjoy your higher taxes and first grade children’s “alternative” sexual life style indoctrination in every public school in the nation, in the interest of “equality,” of course.

  54. nasty – I personally apologize for getting invloved with it. There’s plenty of political blogs for people to talk about the election on. While it is more important than anything else in the world today, there is a place for it. And it’s not here.

    newman – Forget it man. The majority of America understands the situation. No need to defend your vote. It’s a free country.

  55. Brandon- Stop spewing the same old rhetoric you heard on MSNBC. It’s obvious you just heard that now you are spewing it as though you are smart. And if you really do believe anyone who actually earned his money fair and square should simply give it away, that’s fine. It’s your opinion (though you obviously have a low paying job). But no one here really wants to here it.

    It’s a hockey site and we all love NYR so keep your ignorant political posts to your self. And get a higher paying job, once you do you will be voting GOP in 2012…

  56. Let’s talk about accountability, and let’s take a gander at Toronto. When Jason Blake wasn’t playing to Ron Wilson’s system, he benched his ass. That was a wake up call to everyone across the team. Rozsival should sit a game. Not a shift, a whole game, just to prove a point. Give a team like the Leafs credit, there is no quit in that team. The Rangers haven’t found that intestinal fortitude yet, but it can be built by holding players accountable for lousy play or lackluster effort.

    Pearn should be held accountable for the atrocious PP. I can’t get on Renney too much because let’s be honest, we really don’t give up many goals, and a defensive first system is what it is going to take to win. Also, the team is in superb physical condition, and our 5-5 play is outstanding. But our PP is unwatchable, and that’s Pearn’s responsibility. Renney though, as head coach, needs to step up and do something about it. Ultimately, he is the captain of the ship

  57. wow, i cant escape having to listen to politics. Having you gotten your fill yet? People really need to stop uses every form of medium (especially those dedicated to a specific topic: hockey) as a vehicle to spew their political rhetoric.

    I’m starting to get tired of Renney and his mixing and messing of lines and his management of ice time. Note, i did not say fire him but his act has become tiresome.

  58. Question:
    What did one asshole say to the other?

    You stink, want to get together on a hockey blog and talk politics?

    It almost makes me miss bob and his Betts bashing. And I am not kidding.

  59. Also, for someone who’s been around for a century, you should be able to tell that Obama is much more of a moderate than Clinton was.

    Clinton was regarded as a radical liberal. He became more conservative in his third year and was reelected for a second term b/c he was a shell of his former liberal self and leaned much closer to the center.

    Here you have a guy who’s not nearly as radical as Clinton in Obama so you’re already halfway there if you’re looking for “moderate”.

  60. Joe – I had this long post typed up before on that subject in TOR and didn’t post it.

    The long and short of it, is it’s two different teams in completely different situations. Two different coaches. Two different players. While they play in the same league, even the same conference, it’s two diffent situations.

    Rozy’s season would be lost if you sit him for a game. Lost to NO confidence. He has barely any to begin with. I’ve even had some face time with him (’07 Casino Night) and at best, I’d say he’s just very ‘reserved’. Malik, Cullen, even Straka were picking on him, and he had no response to any of it. True story.

    But in the end, it works for some, and not for others. I think it would be a detriment to sit him. HOWEVER, I think it would be a positive to deal him!

  61. The PP hasn’t been good for a while, why are we persevering with it? Either the coaches are right and the players aren’t executing, in which case play guys who stick to the script and bench the stars, or the coaches are wrong, in which case switch coaches, or sack Pearn and hire someone else to take over.
    It should be fairly easy, move the puck quickly to get the goalie out of position, get a man in front of him and shoot quickly. If the player has to ponder his options when he gets the puck, the system is no good. If in doubt fire it at the net, don’t make risky cross ice passes.

    The PK has always been good and still is, but our PP sucks long time….

  62. Rmant, I didn’t start the political conversation so don’t blame me for the posting. However, when I read ignorant comments, it’s hard not to respond. I have no problem only talking hockey — obviously that’s why I come here.

    As far as my salray is concerned, I have 2 degrees, live in Midtown Manhattan and date a lot of attractive women… so, I guess I can’t be doing that bad.

    You don’t have to be poor to root for a more class system.

    Maybe if I knock up some homely bitch, start watching Fox and Friends, trade in my tight fade for a hair peice, buy a gun and start attending dinner parties instead of kicking game at the club, I’ll vote GOP.

    We can agree to disagree.

  63. i do not see why after 15 games renney still insists on putting gomer drury and naslund on the first PP group… i wanted to see them get some more time together earlier in the season but enough is enough it just has not worked.

    new pp:
    naslund dubi zherdev
    callahan gomez voros

    mara girardi
    redden staal/kalinin?(he has the offensive ability)

  64. beer – the reality is no one would take him with that contract. especially since the cap will come down with the economy and currency rate in canada. i’m hoping he gets the kaspar treatment and “allowed” to go back to europe after the season. i liked him until the new contract. way too much money for too many years. big mistake as is redden’s contract.

  65. LI Joe – I agree with that. I shoulda added “in a fantasy world” at the end of that post. haha

    incident – Kalinin on the PP? Look, I know we lead the league in SHG’s allowed. But there’s no reason to go for the fuggin(thanks orr) record!

  66. We know Rozi will not be traded but can any of you see him riding pine for a game or at least sitting out the PP.
    how bout bringing up Potter?

  67. Ok to bring it back to hockey… anyone know where I can locate a 1994 away Leetch jersey… the boyfriend wants one and I really want to get him one for Xmas but all I can find on ebay and whatnot is the white home jersey.

  68. I wonder if the Rangers would consider using a forward to QB the PP. Cullen used to do it, and he did it for Carolina in their Cup year. I know it’s a defensive liability, but considering we’ve coughed up 5 SH goals in 15 games, I guess it can’t be any worse than what we’ve got. Maybe Drury, who has a good shot and is still defensive minded, on the point with a D man? Pittsburgh plays Malkin on the point during the PP.

    NYR have a big problem getting those point shots through because they take too long to let them go. The defense has time to move over and crowd the lanes or block it, which has often led to odd man rushes shorthanded. Instead of trying to make the perfect shot, just get it through to the net. Anything can happen to that puck on the way in; deflection or redirection, or make the goalie give up a rebound. The puck just needs to get to the net.

  69. bring her down by the ice for the pregame. if you plan on doing that let me know where you’ll be. maybe a player will see her and she’ll get a puck.

  70. “Renney is full of excuses. Still a work in progress. Change the lineup Tom, go get a scorer cause we cant score for beans.”

    Great post, dr. house.

  71. Brandon- I’m sure all of that is so true… And if you live in Midtown Manhattan, then you must be dating attractive guys…I’m not shocked. Let’s Go Rangers!!!

    I’m a big fan of Gomez but if you look at his historical numbers he has never been a huge scorer so he shouldn’t be expected to be one now. The Rangers need a bona fide goal scorer or they will remain limited.

  72. “Why bash Renney?”

    Insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. Renney keeps sending out the non responding clowns.

  73. Joe in De- that’s not a bad idea at all. Especially now when they have nothign to lose. I’d like to see them try something like that, and I agree Drury might be the best candidate….!!

  74. Staal Mara
    Voros, Dubi,Zherdev

    Girardi, Redden
    Prucha, Drury, Naslund

    WHY THE FUCK Cant Renney try this?
    Or ANY OHHER COMBO Other than the two shitty ass units he has out there now?

    And dont say MOney, cause thats total Bullsheet. You go with what works, these two squads dont work. Period. How many games do we have to watch them fail to realize it IS NOT WORKING

    One game? Whats the harm?
    Shorthanded goals?
    Well we had two of them with our top D pair out there and look what that got us

    I’ve been bitching about Pearn since early last year

    Either remove the players or remove the designer

  75. Time for me to play cheerleader (or at least try).

    How ’bout that Marty guy, huh? Sucks for THEM.

  76. JOE IN DE

    Loool, yeah right. Renney is a moron when it comes to the PP. Instead of putting Cullen on the point where he always plays, he put him at center, then instead of putting Drury where he belongs which is in front of the net, eh puts him on the point, along with putting Straka on the point. He’s clueless when it comes to the PP.

    Im not one of those crazy fire Renney guys. I don’t like him that much as the coach, and i haven’t for the last 2 seasons a more. He’s to soft with the players, he’s to nice. Sometimes he needs to get a little fired up, cause he never does. He reminds me of Mel Gibson in the movie “Signs”.

    Pearn HAS to get fired. If anything it will wake up the players, and they’ll know its their fault he got canned, even though i believe its Pearn.

    I do think there are teams that would take on Rozi’s contract. I could see the Kings, and Yotes considering it, if Pruchs was thrown in the mix as well. Seriously id dump those two for Carcillo in a heart beat, even if he’s a 10 goal scorer or what ever. Who knows maybe throw in Dawes.

    Im not willing to give up on Dawes yet. Nobody was crying to trade Cally last season when he wasn’t doing shit. At this point the kid needs to go to Hartford, and they should bring up Korpedo, and see what he does, given the right amount of time, by Renney. Let Dawesy tear it up in Hartford, then call him back up, and see if he can hold his spot.

    Staal is still going through his sophomore slump, but the Pens haven’t considered trading him yet. Not saying Dawes is as good as him, but didn’t he have more goals than him last year ? Who knows.

  77. orr – i disagree about rozy. several high priced d men were put on waivers (mclaren, schneider to name 2) and not one team claimed them. and they have much shorter contracts and in the case of mclaren much lower $.

    i would be shocked if a team traded for rozy until his contract duration is much shorter or they give us back an equally painful contract in duration and $.

  78. things are gonna get ugly against tampa tomorrow night. Good luck sitting through a massacre tomorrow night for whoever is going to the game. It just has that eerily 6-1 domination by tampa type feeling to it.

  79. ‘flash in the pan’ in terms of goal scoring that is. J Staal has a rounded enough game, and plenty of size to be an effective player without scoring tons of goals.


    Why the FUGG, do you want Drury on the PP. He has done jack shit.

    Id consider putting Freddy Shoes on the PP. Or why not put Mara on the PP in front of the net



    I wish they would have used Malik like that, which his big tall fuggin ass. Maybe the goalie would have a harder time seeing Jags’ shot.

    Eh, just a thought.

  81. I am a big fan of Renney’s style. I think the calm, cool coach who supports his players, yet let’s them know what he expects of them in no uncertain terms is quality. From the outside watching the games fans may want the big mouth Sutter style screamer but for one second put yourself in the players place and ask if you had a boss who constantly yelled and screamed, what would you do for him? I’d walk through walls for Renney…Sutter I’d hate and play for myself…

  82. Its a long season for sure..no reason to panic…


    It has been over two years now of Powerplay impotence…it is NOT panicing to say fire Pearn…Jagr, Shanahan, Gomez, Drury, Straka, Naslund have all been on these PPs….Allstars and hall of famers….2,000 goals scored BETWEEN THEM…what?? Does he need Lidstrom and Mario to make his PP work?
    It cant be the players…NOT ALL THOSE PLAYERS LISTED!!!!

    Ax him and move on…while we are at it…when did hockey become a sport that needs six guys behind the bench??

    Fred Shero is turning in his foggy grave

  83. So no more politics….here’s one that will make most people here happy I think. Seems like Avery is winning the admiration of his teammates…specifically Mike Modano:

    I read this:

    Really amazing quotes from Mike Modano after a loss to the Bruins this past weekend. Modano was not happy. Although he didn’t mention any players specifically, you have to wonder whether he was targeting teammates Steve Ott and Sean Avery. Check this out, yo: “Tonight, it was idiotic and stupid. It was one of the most embarrassing things I’ve seen. If that’s what we’re going for, then they need to find me an off-ice job.

    “It was dumb penalties, dumb situations — that’s kind of been the trend all season,” Modano told reporters. “There’s no mental toughness. We’re allowing the refs to get involved in the game and spending more energy on them than the details of winning the game.”


  84. From the Boston Hearald:
    Might the Bruins have an interest in signing free agent winger Brendan Shanahan? The rumor was mentioned by a couple of sources yesterday.

    The 39-year-old Shanahan, who has a home in the Boston area, has been shopping his services, reportedly having a long visit Monday with the Philadelphia Flyers. He has been skating in New York, where he played last season for the Rangers.

    The B’s have only some $680,000 in available salary cap space, so even at a cut-rate Shanahan would be a tight fit. . . .


  85. Under laissez-faire capitalism, government activity is restricted to the protection of the individual’s rights against fraud, theft and the initiation of physical force.

    You can decide whether we have in an unregulated laissez-faire economy. There are 15 cabinet departments, nine of which control various aspects of the U.S. economy. They are the Departments of: Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, Health and Human Services, Education, Energy, Labor, Agriculture, Commerce, and Interior. In addition, there is the alphabet soup cluster of federal agencies such as: the IRS, the FRB and FDIC, the EPA, FDA, SEC, CFTC, NLRB, FTC, FCC, FERC, FEMA, FAA, CAA, INS, OHSA, CPSC, NHTSA, EEOC, BATF, DEA, NIH, and NASA.

    Here’s my question to you: Can one be sane and at the same time hold that ours is an unregulated laissez-faire economy?

    Obama = government is the answer.
    McCain = government is not the answer.

    On that note, when are we signing Sundin?

  86. BEER

    I know, im just saying its continuing.


    Trahsers traded for Schneider. They sent Klee, and two other people over. But i think the Ducks dumped one of them.

    Ugghh, i just traded Kalinin to the Ducks for a 1st round pick in NHL 09. If life were only that easy.

  87. I rather my taxes go to feed the poor than to go to war with the poor.

    I hate Republicans aka fascists and their lies and propaganda.

    I rather have socialism than the failed trickle down system.

    And fire idiot talking head Renney and replace him with someone who has some clue.

  88. As rangers fans we all know that when it rains, it pours in rangerland so there is no quick fix to this losing streak yet!

  89. I don’t know about the rest of you, but, after seeing yesterday’s debacle. The rangers might want to consider bringing Shanny back and demoting Dawes…

  90. Rmant, the type of people that bring homosexual conversation into a debate about politics are usually indeed not straight themselves.

    Furthemore, anyone who’s ever been to New York City, let alone lived here, knows that Midtown is associated with young adults, new york nightlife and more importantly.. MADISON SQUARE GARDEN.

    So I guess you’re implying anyone who’s ever been to a Rangers game plays for the other team, so to speak. Which I guess would mean, everyone in this blog.

    Some Rangers fan you are, you don’t even know where the building is located.

    Must be hard to identify with NY from your redneck shack with dead animal carcasses displayed on your walls in cow country.

    For your culture lesson — Chelsea and parts of the East Village are known as predominantly homosexual areas. Which is completely irrelevant since places like Chelsea Piers is in Chelsea and anyone who’s in this blog who lives in NYC, including myself, play hockey there on a weekly basis.

  91. and stop the bob bashing already, he is not the reason the PP stinks and the team can’t score.

  92. Theres a moving van backing into the loading dock and Prucha, Dawes, Fritche, Rissmuller are being asked to go inside and look for a missing widget….

    slam the doors, whistle to the driver ( Sather) and slap the bumper..


  93. orr – the point was in the schneider deal klee and the other 2 players were bad contracts too. i think the ducks sent klee down and when they brought him back he was claimed. so they got stuck with 1/2 of klee’s contract as dead money on their cap, this is reality not a video game. WE CAN’t TRADE ROZY NOONE ELSE WANTS HIM

  94. kaspar – don’t think so. but the contract is extremely hard to deal without taking equally bad and long contracts. think we can kaspar him. hate to say it since i used to like rozy. just don’t like the contract.

  95. Brandon- It’s plain to see you haven’t walked 5th Ave lately. Definately not what you are trying to portray. But keep trying. By the way, do you use figure skates when you play? I wouldn’t doubt it.

    Anyway, do you have anything in response to my Renney comment, afterall, as much as you’d like to spew politics this is a hockey blog.

  96. Fifth avenue is what is is — a shopping headquarters. And if I did use figure skates, I’d probably still be a pretty decent hockey player. I can go all day, but if you want to stop here, that’s cool with me too.

    As far as your assessment on Renney, I happen to agree. I think he’s the reason we’ve won 10 games and as someone who’s played for the Brent Sutter type coach, I agree that its not as the Joe Torre type, which is one Renney emulates. Yelling and screaming gets old fast and the players eventually turn on you. Now, when a mild mannered coach yells and screams, the player know he means business. I don’t understand the people that knock him. He’s on the trail of being one of our most winningest coaches of all-time. No small feat since the Rangers go through coaches faster than the garden raises season ticket prices.

    Top 5 coach in the league. Power play is not his fault. There’s no magical system — it’s all personnel. That’s why the high scoring teams have good pp’s and the low scoring teams don’t… personnel.

  97. I had guys, girls and things I couldn’t tell which…try to pick me up around the garden…


    They were all usually successfull too!!!

  98. I notice that Republicans and Conservatives, who stand for God, church, family, sexual morality and responsibility (instead of unabashed life-style decadence), and for basic individual liberty and free enterprise (rather than government control and monitoring of every aspect of what used to be our private lives), are more hated by the Left than our mortal enemies who have already killed thousands of us on our own soil, but whom the Left would like to sit down with and have tea and polite conversation with.

    Seems to me a jerk named Neville Chamberlain tried the same approach with Hitler and got an extra four million people slaughtered in Europe because of his timidity and hesitancy in surgically removing the cancer.

    I give up on the inhuman race, it just refuses to learn the lessons of history. Instant gratification is the mantra, for most American citizens, now, and they got their man in there, and all he had to do was prostitute himself to win the big prize. Already he is telling us we have to make sacrifices and that it “will take time,” a minor point he forgot to mention when he was giving all those aural blow jobs on the campaign trail. Good luck with your “free lunch” incoming administration. The party will be over and reality will set in within the first 10 days.

  99. I’m still studying from you, but I’m improving myself. I definitely love studying every part that is written in your blog.Hold the tales coming. I liked it!

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