I take it all back


Loyal readers of the blog may recall me bashing my friend Katie for leaving that Oct. 25 Pittsburgh game after the second period with the Rangers down 2-0.

Well, here’s proof she stayed until the end. Props for the quality photo off her iPhone (presumably of Nigel Dawes) and the even better seats.


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  1. If I see Shanny in a Flyers jersey I am gonna puke.

    This is the last straw. I can’t take Glen Sather anymore.

    He goes out and gives a million to Rissmiller, trades for Fritche meanwhile we have a glut of these guys in Dawes, Callahan, Prucha, Sjostrom, Moore, etc. yet can’t pay Shanahan? A proven winner?

    Now he’s gonna sign with the Flyers?

    I don’t care if Shanny plays 8 minutes per night and gets all the PP time and a few scratches here and there, he’d be a Ranger.

  2. VOGS

    Yup, i got my bucket ready for the news. I don’t know why we cant just sign him. If we go into the playoffs, id prefer Shanny over Pruchs, cause Pruchs in 3 years has 0 goals, and even if Shanny doesn’t show up for the playoffs, and score goals, he’ll still be better defensively. But that’s my opinion. Sign the guy already, or Mats.

  3. Lev, Section 341 is in the corner, thrid tier from ice, where the Rangers defend twice. Used to be the green seats now they are teal. BTW those Section 32 ticket prices are between 230 and 275 just depends of your luck and the seller.

  4. I’m just so happy, I can’t stop smiling. I’ve been “predicting” a major injury for Marty every year for the past 5 or 6. I’m just so happy I’m finally right!

  5. hey Lev – you interested for tonight? I have a friend looking to get rid of a pair, in the 400s, for face value.

  6. C’mon! I like Shanny, but the guy is really more of a Devil or a Red Wing, anyway…might be fun to see him get pasted.

    Sweet photo.

    Go Rangers!!!!

  7. Actually, the problem with the goal seats is you can’t see much of anything on the other end of the ice. I sit in section 343 and see a lot more.

    I suppose the best seats are on the bench in front of Renney. They pay you to sit there…

  8. Also, I think that rejoicing in Marty’s injury indicates a fundamental lack of competitive spirit. The best always want to win against the best. And like it or not, he is very close to being that.

  9. doodie machetto on

    “Marty’s out 3-4 months, yaaaaaaaay. Crack open the Sam Adams, and the Wine Coolies, yipeeeeee !!!”

    Agreed. MB30s are finished. WEAKes is going to lead them right into the toilet.

    So, with that, I’m feeling a lot better about the Blue Shirts’ chances at the playoffs.

  10. Ilcat…I could care less about the competition. No matter what, making it to the Stanley Cup is the ultimate goal and that is never easy. Id rather win the cup and lose to the Devils every time in regular season then the other way around. Brodeurs injury news is just as good as…should i say it…ah what the HECK,…as good as McCain winning the presidential election. I would be 2-0 for the day and it would be successful in my eyes. Sorry I had to go there.

  11. vogs – I’m surprised that Sather hasn’t offered him something like a $1.5 million contract at this point, freeing up space by demoting Rissmiller. However, Shanny might not want to sign for that amount, even though he claims that he wants to be here. I think we are still better off without him.

    I’m just happy to see Brodeur get injured for once because I dislike him, and it’s not a debilitating injury anyway…he can still walk. Hopefully the addition of Weekes to all of my fantasy teams pays off. I only had to drop Manny Fernandez for him. Secondly, DiPietro’s injury is funny because it seems chronic and they are paying him for 15 years. On the other hand, the Islanders will have a better chance at the number one draft pick, so it’s not as funny for this season alone.

  12. yahoo….
    Holmgren said he never discussed salary with Shanahan, who scored 23 goals for the New York Rangers last season. With the Flyers only about $700,000 under the $56.7 million cap, the club would have to be creative to sign Shanahan, even if he signed for a bargain-basement price of, say, $1 million.

    “It’s just very exploratory, on Brendan’s part and on our part,” Holmgren said. “But if you have an opportunity to add a good player who doesn’t cost you any assets, you have to look into it. He’s an experienced player and has been on three Stanley Cup champions, and his presence on the ice and in the locker room would be invaluable.”

  13. i hope shanny doesnt sign in philly. that would suck. even if hes slow he can still score goals n pk. hope he goes out west. as for farty, good, screw the rat bastard. hey orr, that was some funny and pretty wierd stuff about the injuries to dpee and farty. thank god they got the wrong lundqvist.lol

  14. A win against the Devils, especially in the playoffs, with Weekes in goal really cheapens the victory for the Rangers. Besides, the Blueshirts took them in five games in the first round WITH Marty in between the pipes. The guy isn’t a gamebreaker for the Rangers anymore, they have him figured out.

    Moreover, whether you like the guy or not, cheering his injury is sort of classless. I’d much rather go to a Rangers/Devils game and watch Brodeur play that Weekes – it’s more exciting and there’s more at stake. Besides, taunting Marty is half the fun (even though something tells me that Marty, like Potvin, will taunted in the Garden for the rest of time).

    And as for Shanny, seeing him in a Flyers uniform is going to be a real bummer. He might not be a great fit for the current squad, but Sather should have singed him anyway. Bad form, Slats. Also, this begs the the more important question: do I wear my Shanahan jersey when they play Flyers?

  15. Dan, he will be back in time for the playoffs (if they make it) and its not a serious injury, so making fun of him isnt that bad. They have to get used to it anyway, he won’t be there forever.

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