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A strange scene tonight, when Tom Renney had the door closed to the locker room for 10 minutes after the final buzzer.

When the doors opened for the media, we cascaded through, only to have Markus Naslund ask if the team could still have a few minutes to itself. It was apparent that Naslund wanted players to have a chance to talk over the loss internally first. But enough reporters were in the room that we couldn’t just be escorted out, so that conversation was forced to wait.

Meanwhile, give Michal Rozsival this: He was bad tonight, no one is going to dispute that. But he at least stood up after the game and blamed himself for the loss.

“I will take responsibility for this game, for sure,” Rozsival said. “I made two poor decisions on the power play that cost us the game. There’s no excuse for that.”

That’s it from the Garden tonight. More tomorrow…

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  1. to be honest I love the fact that nazzy did that. That’s true leadership. And roz taking the blame was a smart move. We have a lot of time left with him, might as well appreciate his character. Dissapointing day and I hope nazzy leads them to bounce back cus we all know drury won’t.

  2. trade Gomez and Rozsival for Hamhuis and Legwand.

    Trade Redden for Commodore

    sign Sundin for remainder of the season.

    get rid of Rissmiller and Fritsche

  3. all hail,
    Regarding your last statement. If we trade all of those players who do we have left?

  4. dr house – i would really appreciate if you don’t mention me in your posts. i think you’re a low class POS. meanwhile continue your shanny fetish. although i doubt he’d be interested even if he were single.

  5. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Sam, what’s the news?
    Rozsival HAS sucked for the past year…if not more.
    Naslund has been the captain on and off the ice (speaking to officials, leading on the score sheet, big goals, etc…)

    This post only confirms things we already knew.

    And on that note…where’s Don Mattingly? err. Chris Drury? err. I don’t care, geez, score a goal already! No crappy goals, just get a clutch goal. Look like you care! Lazy POS looks like a fat cat strolling around with a stick on his shoulder.

  6. Gomez, Redden and Rozsival is the worst return for anyv team that spent as much as Sather did for the 4 of them.

    Rozsival may be a man, but he sucks as a D.

  7. onecupin67years on

    what is rozival’s problem? shoot the f in puck, he plays scared , afraid of making an error and guess what, you play shitty with that losing attitude.
    The weak power play has been a problem for years without a fix.its time for a trade, not because they lost tonight but because its an underlying problem which is going to screw them in the end.

  8. lenny think you left off our $7 million third line center, where’s cullen when you need him. until this team has a legitimate scoring threat we will not be a real threat. we can be competitive and you can’t win every game, but we definitely don’t look like an elite team, minus the goalie of course

  9. All Hail King Henrik on

    What the heck,

    Regarding my statement:

    “Trade Roszival, Trade Dawes, Trade Prucha, Sign Sundin, Recall Korpikoski”

    If we trade those players, the only one who will really need to be replaced is Roszival. Corey Potter would be the likely call-up, but that does leave us with no seventh d-man to call up if Fahey’s injury is serious (haven’t followed the news closely, so I may be lacking some info here). I do realize that Roszival isn’t easily replaced, but his contract is going to kill this team when it comes time to resign Staal.

    As for Prucha, they’re never going to give this kid the chance he needs, so they might as well give his spot to The Korpedo and let him develop (i.e. scratch him as infrequently as is possible).

    As for Dawes, I don’t know. They would have to call someone up. Perhaps a better option would be to trade Fritsche and keep Dawes as a reserve forward.

    Lines would be something like:

    Naslund-Sundin-Callahan Line 1A
    Korpikoski-Gomez-Drury Line 1B
    Voros-Dubinsky-Zherdev Line 1C
    Sjo-Betts-Orr Line 4


    A lot of tinkering could (and I’m sure would) be done by Renney. Switch Callahan and Drury, Dawes in for Korpedo, Switch Zherdev and Callahan, etc.

    I do not think the sky is falling, but I do think that Sundin would be a great addition to this team. We have top 5 forwards, but lack a 6th; Sundin would fill that need.

  10. You can’t make Roszival into something he is not. He is crap though, watching him look at the Islanders PK and still eff it up made me lose faith in him as ever being a thinking hockey player. We didn’t get a heavy for the blueline, and we didn’t get a powerful forward. The powerful forward is way more necessary than the bruiser d-man. Someone who simply disregards the coaching, and teaches the guys what to do. Forget the Renney worship, how much more proof does anyone need that he is lost on the offensive aspect?

  11. All Hail King Henrik on

    All said, my responses are the product of frustration at the past two losses. I am not a fairweather fan, and will always support the Rangers whether 82-0 or 0-82.

    I do not think the moves I’ve suggested would be too controversial among Rangers fans. Renney has stated that korpedo will likely be called up, Sundin has been linked to NYR since June, and Prucha and Dawes have more or less had one foot out the door since the preseason (far longer for Prucha).

    As for Rosi: I did not like his contract when he signed, nor the fact that we resigned him at all. But, since he’s a Ranger–I supported him. His defensive play as of late (and unwillingness to shoot) are really starting to challenge my loyalty to the player, though.

    He has such a good shot, if he would just use it consistently, the fans would adore him rather than abhorre him.

  12. This team is a fucking disgrace. Sign Sundin and Dump Dawes, Prucha, Callahan, Rozsival and Dawes.

  13. All Hail King Henrik on

    P.S. Rosi comments in the postgame were honorable; my disdain for his play subsided somewhat after his comment on accepting the blame for the loss and recognizing his poor decisions on the PP.

  14. Yes, Roszival is an honourable guy. I like him, and I get mad because I keep wondering why the opposing team shows no respect for the Rangers powerplay. They know damned well that if they push the point men they will panic an eff up. I saw it, did you see how they crowded them? And they knew the pass to the other point man was coming, because there was nobody else near the hash marks moving into the slot to take a pass. Pathetic.

  15. Dawes was actually ok this game, he had some good chances and dropped the gloves.

    They need to allow coaches being traded just like players. Then maybe we can package Renney for some sweet coach.

  16. Leetch is the man on

    Our team is just a very solid team. We dont have that bonafide guy that we need to turn to that will score. Zhredev could be but not yet. Jagr was but he go older and slower and cant keep up with the team we are trying to build. We should really try and trade some players and make room for a Kovalchuch or one big name player. On the other hand out two most expensive d-men are the slowest and make more mistakes then Khalinan. Hey its early but with out a powerplay were screwed. Thats why 1994 was soo good becuase our special teams were number one on both sides. Sather is crazy and will make some sort of big move soon.

  17. L.i how bout showing some respect to a lady? Geez. You can disagree without a classless post like that. House since Joe isn’t classy enough I’LL APOLOGIZE FOR HIM.

  18. I give Rozy a lot of credit for owning up like that. I really want him to be better, I think we all do, but I dunno if hes good enough to be.

  19. At some point, in some season, it will be time for a coach (PP) to be held accountable for the PP. This is simply unacceptable. Enough loyalty. Fire PP or accept that the PP must be practiced more than twice a season.

  20. I am not panicking. I will just say this, the team will NEVER be in the elite of the NHL with a powerplay that is successful 13% of the time. Period.

  21. Im new to this blog, and since the beginning of the seasosn I have just been a reader. And now I wish to voice my opinion. I hope I have some people agree with me on this issue, becasue if not im going ot be alone for sure.

    But it’s the comments I read from you people that gives me a knot in my stomach. All you guys/girls come onto this site and start criticizing players, and coaches and giving your solutions as if becasue you have been a rangers/hockey fan for many years, you surely must know more on the issue than the guys on the ice, or the coaches. I mean maybe Im wrong but does anyone give a shit what you think the lines should be? I come to this site to read about Sam’s reports of what actually is going on.

    Im a Rangers fan and i love the players. So I get pissed when people start talkin shit on my team. Yes we had a bad past 2 games but we are in first place in the Nhl. You can’t expect everyone to play perfectly every night.

  22. If you come to the site to read about Sam’s reports of what’s actually going on, then don’t read the Comments section if it upsets you so much.

    People have a right to be pissed off and disappointed when a team with so much potential manages to consistently mess up the same things (defense, powerplay) multiple seasons in a row.

  23. Eric – It’s taken me 2 years to just let some of it go. I like to believe that the NYR have some of the best fans in all of sports. But if you read this blog on the wrong day, you wouldn’t think there were any.

    On the game:
    $5mil/yr 4yrs. Shoulda just used that towards the MSG renovations. I guess he answered the question that a lot of us hoped wasn’t true. It wasn’t deferring to Jags (on the pp) that was the problem. It’s his hockey-sense that was, and is the problem. He can take whatever blame he wants, it doesn’t make him any better. He deserved the boo’s he got last night.

    5 shorties allowed so far this year to lead the league in 1 more stat. Wonderful. Our own pp cost us the game.

    Not discouraged (from a season perspective) yet though. They’ve done a lot of things right. And they were bound to hit a few speed bumps along the way.

  24. I always try and look at things positively – in my opinion we have one fault – the powerplay: its not scoring and its giving up shorties. If we sort out the PP we’re fine.

    We don’t need more scoring wingers if Dawes, Cally, Nas, Z, Voros play to their potential and we continue to have a GAA of around 2. It would be nice to see us scoring 4,5,6 a night, but if we only concede 2 goals on average, then we only need to be scoring 3 a night to win.
    However, if Dawes, Fristch, Pru and Riss aren’t up to the task then ship em out and bring up or trade for someone who is….

  25. I’ve been a big defender of Roszival for years but that last giveaway was just brutal and to compound the problem he stopped skating on the back check and went to the wrong guy.
    when are the Rangers going to realize that their 3 best defenseman are Girardi, Staal, and Mara. Those 3 guys should be playing the point on the PP. Rosie and Redden shouldn’t see the ice.

  26. I’ve been on Rozy all year so last night only confirms my thoughts on him. Where was the angry Rangers team that I expected to come out flying to make up for that disgraceful effort in Toronto? I think they’ve been looking at the standings and feeling too good about themselves. Time to get back to work.

    Now is the time to get rid of the extra forwards, bring in a 7th D and sit one of the D if warranted. I know Pearn is in charge of the PP, but what about a PP coach? The Rangers certainly have the $$ to bring in a specialist just to work the PP.

    Lastly, with our lack of scoring, I can’t help but think that Sather is waiting to bring in Sundin.

  27. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Bring Shanahan back – not on the bench – behind the bench. Maybe something to do with specialty teams!!!!

  28. all hail,
    Yeah I guess your right that they are expendable, but I feel like you just want to take our ahl team and expect pro level playing. And why don’t we just trade drury and roz instead of others? Pru is at least a hardworker. He will score if given time. That pass to dawes was great. Anyways my prf just yelled at me for being on my iPhone. But rangers are more important. We will come through this

  29. I have been extremely patient with this team. Considering they still have a great record (better than I expected at this point), we should all be patient. Last night, they ran into a goaltender that was in the zone , and made it VERY difficult to get goals off of. They didn’t play bad at all yesterday, had complete control, and certainly looked like the better team.

    I’m not as upset about Rozy as I’am with Redden. He has been nothing but silent all year. I haven’t seen ONE breakout pass from Redden that resulted in a good play/goal. He was supposed to be this “breakout passer” that the Rangers needed so badly for their transition game. Both Rozy and Redden should be ashamed because Girardi looks like the more gifted offensive D-Man and makes the other two guys look like rookies. Rozy made a rookie mistake last night. It’s time to put a foward on the point for the PP.

  30. Eric,

    You make a good point. Just know that Bob who responded to you, is maybe the least listened to poster on the blog. For weeks now everyone has been saying “Trade Bob.” Clearly we have not been able to find a used puckbag to trade him for.

    You are right that people are too negative. But remember, as New York fans when we are paying through the nose to watch them live or get MSG to watch them, we have a right to voice our displeasure. Sometimes people fly off the handle, granted.

    You are 100% right about the lines. I think that is the biggest waste of time and energy. It’s one thing to suggest things and whatnot, but to constantly put line suggestions in this blog is a waste.

    Like Beer Me! said, don’t be discouraged by some of the peabrains on this blog.

  31. malik8 – re your post at 1:58. just look back a few threads ago and see the language that person used on me. i washed my hands of her then. she may be female but certainly is no lady. and you are certainly no gentleman. and as for your hockey opinions …….

  32. New Newman, Beer Me,
    thanks for hearing my argument and being cool with me even though I indirectly called you guys out. After a couple hours of being at work, I realized that I am also very frsutrated with what’s been going on and I was taking that out on the comments that bugged me.

    Some of you guys definitely have very valid and interesting points of view on the team and sport, and after more time being spent on the board I will learn.

    However i consider myself an anti-cynical fan, it’s one thing to voice your frustration, its another to be cynical and arrogant

  33. eric – you had some very good posts. so don’t let the actions of a couple or even more than a couple discourage you

  34. Rob L. Could you go lighter on Redden, our best offensive D so far, and dump all over the worst D in the division, Kalinen, please? Thank you.

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