From the Garden: Rangers-Isles Part 2 (Updated)


Until the Blog crashes again, a few quick updates:

<li>How does a coach react when the living legend goalie in his division is now on the shelf for the next four months? Actually more to the point, how does a coach react publicly* when said goalie gets hurt?

(*Because for all we know Tom Renney was doing cartwheels when he heard the news about Martin Brodeur. Probably not, actually, but I’m happy to at least provide you with the image. Can Renney do cartwheels? Does anyone do cartwheels beyond the age of 9?  If an NHL coach is caught doing carthweels behind closed doors, does the league have to intervene?)

“It’s unfortunate,” Renney said. “It’s too bad. You want to see the best players in the game playing obviously. We all have a lot of respect for Marty and what he’s done and we want to see him get healthy. But in the meantime, let’s make hay.”

In reality, I really don’t think the Rangers look at these sort of setbacks for other teams as anything more than background noise. It might make their jobs easier next Wednesday when they face the Devils. But it would also make a loss that more difficult to stomach.

<li>If we’re in agreement that neither Dan Fritsche nor Petr Prucha have exactly distinguished themselves so far this season, it’s fair to ask if the two players have been given the opportunity to do so. With Prucha’s reinsertion into the lineup, neither player has played more than two games in a row so far, but Tom Renney said that’s because neither player has made enough of a mark.

“If somebody’s locked in, they’ve nailed it and I’m happy with that,” Renney said. “In the meantime that hasn’t been the case.”

Curiously, Renney reintroduced Patrick Rissmiller into the conversation about possible lineup selections. The winger was put through waivers nearly two weeks ago, but is eligible to be put back in at the coach’s discretion.

“It certainly has crossed my mind of late,” Renney said. “He’s a good player and he can skate. I think there will be a time when we’re fortunate we have him.”

<li>The Captain is in the building. Mark Messier was buzzing around downstairs…

Update, 6:57 p.m.: A late arriving crowd, which one would have to assume is related to people heading to the polls after work. C’mon people, priorities. You’ll get another chance to vote in four years…

Update, 8:29 p.m.: Just think, you’ll be able to tell your kids you saw the game that began Joey MacDonald’s improbable march to the Vezina Trophy. At this point, it’s hard to say if the Islanders goalie is playing as well as the numbers suggest, or if the Rangers are simply making him look this good.

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  1. i read this blog everyday but enough is enough, seriously youre not funny stick to hockey please.

  2. The Islanders broke their losing streak last night, so it’s time for them to start a new one. I still don’t understand what was in Dubielewicz’s mind when he chose to play overseas; must have been more money. He could have had a starting job on the island!

  3. Some guy called McCain is an experienced Vet – he’ll be looking for a new job tomorrow, maybe Lou can give him a call and see if he’s any good at stopping a puck, and while he’s there see if Palin wants to play (very) right wing..!!

  4. i see renney is running for office today when he says neither fristche nor prucha have done well when they have gotten in there. WELL TOM U DONT GIVE THEM ANY OPPORTUNITIES TO DO WELL, BUT U GIVE DAWES ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD!!!!

  5. anyone know where I can watch online? Justin TV doesn’t seem to have it.. The boyfriend is watching election coverage. :(

  6. After a terrible loss Rangers look like crap against one of the worst teams in NHL. And the PP still stinks. Fire Renney already.

  7. Streit is manhandling Rangers for 2 games in a row and nobody has the balls to do anything about the little bastard.

  8. Renney talks about people in the lineup “nailing it” and you have to laugh. Dawes? Kalinin? Pure crap, and no one on the beat challenges him!

  9. beth,
    you can watch it for free online through yahoo. just go to their page for this game and click on watch live at the top…

  10. Graves 9 I agree w/ you Sutton blatantly measures himself against opponents. I suppose it’s natural, but to be so obvious about it? I’m just embarrassed for him.

  11. Bob your post are too funny! Do you even enjoy watching Ranger games when they win or is it 2.5 hrs of complete freak out and stress?. Go enjoy yourself. Go Rangers!

  12. The number of shots were a bit skewed by alot of shots were from the perimeter. Imo Voros and Dubinsky have been the best Rangers.

  13. MacDonald has always been a solid goalie, just never got a chance. He’s been playing really well for the Isles lately but tonight he’s starting to hunch over though so they have to start aiming high. He’s definately been getting lucky on some of the saves but the kid is good.

  14. Typical Ranger hockey against a backup goalie.

    I cant wait to see Nyr verse the Devs, cause they’re gonna make Weekes look like how we hoped he’d look in game 1 of the 05-06 season, before Hank saved the day.

    Hopefully they help out Hank, and keep the shots below 20 by the end of the night, and start putting some fuggin goals by this AHL goalie !!!!!!!!

  15. Notice that whenever the “1st” PP unit is out there, they give out more SH chances than their own PP chances.

  16. how many lame low probability shots does this team take? Use your damn time to make better plays and take better quality shots.

  17. I really hope Drury, Gomez, and Nazzy aren’t out there again for this. More important, I hope Rozy and Redden aren’t out there.

    The 2nd PP unit clearly gets it. They move around, rotate, and get great chances. The 1st PP unit is asking to give up SH goals.

  18. I actually hate getting power plays because not only is it 2 minutes I know we won’t score, but we may give one up too.

  19. Didn’t Renney state he’d start changing the pp units if it continues to struggle? So far he continues to put the same clowns on the pp and expects something different.

  20. and no, hes just moved to the 2nd one.

    AWESOME JOB ROZYYYYYYY. CUT CUT CUT CUT. please cut him now.

  21. “Michael Rozsival is going to play himself off the power play”… if only we were so lucky

  22. Get Renney scum off the team. The guy simply can’t coach. Pathetic idiot gives up 2 Shorties in a 0-0 game.

  23. Looks like Voros has been benched wake me up when he benches Redden or Rozsival let alone Drury.

  24. Notice whenever Rozy is on the ice, the PP sucks. Whenever hes not on the ice, its so much better.

    I really hope Renney realizes that before its too late….oh wait its too late. haha.

  25. Renney is a turd. Why can’t we ever get a coach with a proven record? Somebody that has the balls to hold the veterans accountable?

  26. What a fuggin embarrassment. We’re at home, and we pull this kind of half assed shit. I’d make this team skate till their legs are jello tonight. Perry Pearn should be burned at the stake. This is still a winnable game, but Jesus Christ, they look like a buncha fuggin retards out ther

  27. Bob,
    breath in…….breath out……

    Rangers gotta be able to do something with these rebounds..

  28. Did car salesman Renney lose this team yet? Did everybody except the Betts line tuned off the Renney BS station?

  29. Joe in DE

    Pearn is aside the point. Renney “grounded” Roszival for thirty freaking seconds, and has the balls to talk about players like Prucha not “mailing” their opportunities when they get ice time. How anyone can take the guy seriously as a bigtime, possible-Cup-winning coachis beyond me.

  30. haha they are booing Rozy. Somewhere Malik is smiling and saying “I told you it wasn’t me”.

  31. Rozsival is brutal, and I can’t believe idiot weakling Renney hasn’t benched him for the rest of the game

  32. this team has been exposed. two shorthanded goals? sather needs to see some games and realize the failures he has made and fix them fast.

  33. Sam, this walking the fence thing you do is a bit tiresome. The Rangers are stinking. Can’t you say it?

  34. Pearn is the PP coach, so his ass is responsible for this debacle. I’m so pissed I can’t even see straight. How long do we need to put up with this bullshit? The PP has sucked for 3 years…. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT GLEN!

  35. I said it last year on this blog I don’t want rosival, do not resign him so what does sather do, not only resign this bum but resign him for 4 mil a year. Rosival and Kahlin stink, at least kahlin is signed for one year. The second goal was another terrible play by Rosival but to be fair you would think that our 6.5 million dollar goalie could make a save from a wrist shot from the high circle with nobody in front of him. If Mcdonald can make saves with people in front you would think Lundqvist could have made that save.

  36. Roszival has sucked since last season but had Malik to take the spotlight off him. He’s been a liability this season and should be scratched. And don’t get me started on Dawes.

    This is such a load of crap.

  37. Never thought i’d say this but……Sundin may be needed to do something about the powerplay. Even shanny at this point

  38. Shanahan used to sit in the high slot and fire one timers. The opposing team couldn’t get over fast enough to block them. NOBODY on this team has a quick enough shot, everything gets blocked on the way in

  39. “Sam, this walking the fence thing you do is a bit tiresome. The Rangers are stinking. Can’t you say it?”

    He is an asskisser

  40. Why is Drury still on the PP. The guy gets large amounts of ice time. The guy has 2 goals (one a complete fluke) and a whopping 5 points. I realize that points dont tell the whole story. However, he is minus 6 and his defensive prowess has been suspect at times.

    I agree it’s a joke with Renney talking about Prucha needing to earn ice time. Hard to do anything playing only 10 minutes a game every few days, let alone playing with Drury.

    I love the fact that Gomez is the league leader in shots, but has only 3 goals. I’d hate to see his shooting %. Perhaps he should go back to looking for the pass for first. It also reiterates the quality of shots the Rangers take.

  41. We pay 6.5 million to Redden because he makes a great pass? With plenty of room and time this idiot can’t make a clean pass.

  42. Why does Pearn still have jurisdiction on the PP?

    He’s had two years now to get it to work and he has FAILED MISERABLY.

    Renney needs to do it himself and try and change things up to something that works, or bring in personnel to do so. Whether personnel is a coaching change for the PP, a sniper from the point, anything, really.

    ps Impeach Roszival.

  43. Everyone needs to take a look at the NHL all star ballot selections…and with that they have Redden on the list and Drury, who are having horrendous seasons…but yet no Zherdev who is flying…and to add icing on the cake they have Ryan Whitney and Sergei Gonchar who has not played a game this season

  44. Mac Attack, I’ve been a Rangers fan for over 40 years through thick and thin, don’t know your story but if you’re happy with the play of the team and the coaching then I hope you have recorded the game so you can cheer them through it a few more times. Thanks for the holier than thou comment, though.

  45. The Rangers pp sucked last year with Shanny on it. To expect him to he’ll it this year(when he was a big reason it sucked last year) is sheer lunacy. Sather has a chance to fix the pp by signing Streit and add an edge to the blueline by signing Orpik and he did neither.

  46. scott smith,
    Speaking of Zherdev, from what i’ve seen the last two games it appears that the knock on Zherdev is true. The knock on him is he takes games off. Where the hell has Zherdev been the last two games.

  47. Drury isn’t half the Ranger Theo Fleury was.
    Even Holik was a better investment.

    Don’t draft (Hugh Dissapointment) and give millions to guys because they are from the area, please give the money to Ontario abd BC boys who grew up Leaf and Canuck fans.

    Atleast they know how to play.

  48. Are you kidding me? Because he didn’t score doesn’t mean hes taking games off. The guy has been trying to do stuff but just isn’t scoring or getting as many shots. He’s been one of the best players though still outside of the 4th line. Just because he isn’t showing up on the score sheet doesn’t mean hes not trying to do something.

    Not to mention every time he makes a play that doesn’t work out, he gets so mad at himself when he goes to the bench.

  49. GRAVES

    Soft play ?? He was taking a mother fuggin shot, something Nyr fans always bitch and moan to do. It was Rozi’s stupid shit head play that put Redden on the spot, then who else rapes his own team yet again. Rozi. He’s really earning his money.

    Lets see, a pathetic loss to the Isles, and Leafs. Does Sundin still wanna sign here ?? I hope so. Trade Rozsival, trade Prucha, SIGN SUNDIN FOR THE LOVE OF GOD !!!! Gomez is retarded on the PP thinking he can split through 4 players, Drury is doing jack shit on the PP, Rozsival is an idiot. Pearn needs to get fired like i need to see Megan Fox’s boobs, which means i need it bad, and i need it now !!

    This is more embarrassing than the last loss to be honest. I didn’t think we could top that one, but we did, giving up two shorties to the worst team in the league.

    Worst part is, the Habs came back down 4-1, then the shitty Blue Jerkoffs came back, down 3-0, we’re down 2-0 and couldn’t even come back.

    Im sorry to say this, but the start this team has had, it could be a total fluke. We’ve only versed two teams that are tough, and that’s the Devs, and Pens. All the other teams sucked ass, Leafs, Trashers, Bolts, Isles, Flowers at the time. Im seriously starting to worry aboot this team, if they cant beat an AHL backup putting more than one goal past him. I seriously cant take this.

    They make me sick, i just wanna throw up. Im so happy for Jagr. Nobody can blame poor Jags, because THIS YEARS PP IS WORSE !!!!! Fuggin pathetic !!

    I need to put my head through a god damn fuggin window.

  50. didnt watch the game but it seems our pp hasnt been clicking. lol. PLEASE FIRE PEARN!!!!!!!!!! i think rennys a tool he cant motivate this team hes too soft. add his soft coaching style with soft players and u get jello on ice.

  51. 6 million for Redden? Why was that again? Wasn’t he supposed to be an offensive forward? The opposing team just shadows Zherdev, like they did to Jagr, but Zherdev isn’t strong enough to fight through it like Jagr could. As for Drury — meh. Still waiting for him to show up.

  52. And once again, our vaunted offense makes the ISles backup look like Patrick Roy.

    Our offense is such a joke. Everything along the boards, nothing in front, we can’t make other teams’ defense collapse, most of it is from behind the net.

    We don’t get breakaways or odd man rushes.

    I really dislike the way this team plays. I really dislike how little passion we have on defense.

    However it will not change, folks. Our team mirrors the ownership. soft, all image driven, high priced.

    I much rather prefer a lunch pail like team with a more efficient offense. I thought we had that type of team over the last few seasons. We need to get tougher and more efficient with the puck.

  53. Nazzy, and Hank need to gang up on Sundin, and force him to sign here, or else he’ll have to deal with the Swedish Mafia, and Kaspar’s ex wife.

    I hope Slats is crying over signing Rozi. Such a retard move. He better dump his pathetic ass.

  54. So Where is Captain Clutch again? This game was just an embarrassment to all Rangers fans…but to say fire renney, I think thats over the top…who are you going to replace him with? If you want to fire him give a suitable candidate that you think will do the things that Renney has done the past 3 years. Hank looked bad on the second goal, although altogether, it was Rozis fault. He looked aweful today and I am usually a huge advocate of him. I really am beginning to believe that Drury’s “big game” was more of a fluke (both goals were off Islander sticks). Maybe Renney will do the right thing and bench him for a game or two just to get his head straight. And why do we always always make crap goaltenders look like future HOFers? EVERY TIME. Does anyone know how many sh goals weve scored in comparison to pp goals? Oh yeah, and we actually played a great game today besides the two repulsive pp plays by roz and redden.

  55. OMG Renney is defending Rozsival. If it was somebody like Prucha making these plays they would be waived already.

  56. This team cant do anything right. They get an odd man rush, and they’re bumping into each other, or passing up a shot, and blowing the pass.

    Im disappointed in Gomer. He’s been pathetic. He was better when he had the flu. He cant do anything right these days. Jagr probably would be doing a whole hell of a lot more than him, and Dru are. Ugh, so sickening. Cant wait to see how we make Smith look on thursday. Probably the same as always, a future HOF.

  57. Rangers are the only team that has a negative percentage power play. Can we waive Rozsival to Hartford and recover his cap?

  58. HECK

    Torts is still out there, but supposedly everyone hates the guy, cause he can be an asshole coach. I wouldn’t fire Renney though.

    But Renney IS an idiot, if he’s really defending Rozi. Such a tardo. Im not into the booing thing, but after Rozi’s performance, he deserved to get boo’d.

    I need some sleeping pills, its gonna be hard to go to sleep for sure.

  59. HockeymanRangers on

    I am worry free here, they will get this turned around. But I am thinking maybe they should take another look at Prean if he is coaching the power play. It’s not working AGAIN this year.That’s just a little much to explain. New players and still the same PP disapointment. The PP tonight went form bad to worse.

  60. Orr,
    Who is Torts? I agree with the sleeping pills statement, and maybe some vodka. The past two games I have wanted to crash my head through a wall, and I dont mean to stir things up politically, but Obama is going to win…which is basically the whipped cream on the shit tonight. This night officially sucks as bad as the Rangers the past two games.

  61. First off, the PS3 line has to be the first squad out on the PP, secondly, we need to fire shots on net and hopefully get to rebounds. When was the last time you saw a rebound goal? They just dont get to them at all. The Islanders exposed a tiny hole in our game and tore it like tissue paper.

  62. can someone send the potential list of coaches and GMs to the Rangers ownership? You have my permission to include my candidacy for either.

  63. HockeymanRangers on

    Some of you fans need to learn to relax a bit. We can’t win them all, it’s a looonnnggg season. CHILLAXX.

  64. There was 1 good thing that came out of this game…atleast the fishsticks didn’t get a shutout. I don’t know if I can bare a shutout to those *%$#@#$%.

    WTF is the deal with Rozy???? I think he forgot which team he is playing for. BEATINGS must await him. I still can’t believe Renney gave them the day off after Toronto. PLEASE WORK THEIR ASSES OFF! How can anyone actually dread a PP????

  65. Your right hockeyman, but the past two have been embarrasing and against $h!++y teams. I dont think this calls for any overly drastic moves (ex:trading for anyone, firing renney), but I do think Perry Pearn has to go because the PP gets worse every day and I think we should sign Sundin for the pp. That is a bit drastic, but I need to see change, and no Im not calling for Obama

  66. bob – why don’t you send your resume to the isles. you used to root for them and i think you secretly still do.

  67. Graves, I didn’t mean to say that Shanny is the answer, but I used him as an example to prove a point. His shots got through because he got them off so quick. His 1 timer is legendary. Several times tonight there was a moment of opportunity to get a point shit to the net, but instead of getting the shot off fast by 1 timing it, or even just wristing it at the net, the point man cradled it got himself set trying to make the perfect shot, but in that fraction of a second allowed the defenders to get over and block the shot.

  68. Nobody goes to the net with a passion because Renney wants them looking backwards in preparation for defensive coverage. You be the judge whether that is good.

  69. I love how Roszival is the only one getting booed at the garden. This was a collective effort of sucking

    one more thing… put Pru on the effing power play! He couldn’t be any worse than the bums they have now!

  70. I think everybody has stunk lately and the reason might be they want change. A coaching change, they are fed up with Renney, they won’t openly admit it to the people like Weinman, but they want a coach with a clue, someone who would be able to make them have more fun by improving offense. Renney lost everyone except the 4th line which has been playing great.

  71. dcloutier

    You might not be able to replay it, but if you can, watch Roszival’s last blatant giveway at the point while on the powerplay. Remember what they say about talented players, how they ‘see the ice’. This was so incredibly bad. The Islanders penalty killers were waiting like panthers for Rosi to make the pass. Rosi gave them what they wanted, even though you could see he was under absolutely no pressure. He lobbed a nice softy over for the interception.

    This stuff loses you games. Enough crap from our powerplay. Enough.

  72. Top corner,
    Another thing that we need to start doing, is putting it top corner. 1- we need to start hitting the net. 2-we need to start playing it down in the low areas. All we ever do is play the puck high. 34/39 of our goals have been from under 40 ft. I dont know why we always need to make sure we shoot the puck from the blue line…58 feet from the goal line. We dont have a good point shot, or any sort of a sniper (NAslund is iffy in the category). We need point blank shots and lots of rebounds to score.

  73. Rozsival had a fugly year last year and was coming off an injury and has a wonky knee so what does Sather do? He gives Rozsival a 4 year deal.

  74. Pavel is just another Russian racist, 95% of Russians in USA hate blacks and Muslims and they are convinced Obama is a Muslim

  75. renney just lost all credibility with that statement. Its just like him only benching dubinsky and zherdev. he picks on and punishes younger players and leaves the big names and his guys alone

    easy on the stalin comparisons, pretty sure no matter who our next president is, he won’t cause the death of millions of our own citizens

  76. About the power play: Roszival deserves a harsh talking to and banishment from PP duties for a while. I agree with those who are calling for Perry Pearn’s firing if there is one more PP in the next few games that show lack of preparation or movement.

    About certain players: Naslund is infuriatingly slow and Voros is showing hands of stone with the puck on his stick (though invaluable as a crease squatter/deflection man). Zherdev has proven that he cannot be on the PP, skilled as he is, without Gomez to set him up because he’s a sniper with no support. Dubi, Dawes and Pru deserve second unit PP time; they were a combination that clicked a year ago and never got another chance.

    The best chances came when defensemen threw pucks into traffic looking for deflections, a game Drury, Prucha, and Voros play all too well. Maybe they should form a line…

  77. All Hail King Henrik on

    TRADE ROSZIVAL, SIGN SUNDIN!!!! I don’t care if Sundin scores 3 goals this entire season, if it means getting rid of Rosi’s contract for 3 years, then DO IT SATHER.

    I’d rather see Colton Orr play the point than Roszival at this point. Shit, throw Valiquette in there and let Hank shoot form the point.

    Two embarassing losses in a row; they have played pathetic hockey the last two games.

    And for those saying Lundqvist should’ve stopped the second shot–yeah, he probably should have. However, he also shouldn’t be facing higher quality scoring chances when the Rangers are on the power play, as opposed to when they are on the Penalty Kill.

    Fire Pearn, Trade Roszival, Trade Dawes, Trade Prucha. Sign Sundin. Recall The Korpedo.

  78. see if Rosival clears waivers , send him downn . Trade Dawes and Prucha and fritchie . Bring in dman for trade. Sign Sundin and Shanny because speed is just speed , ya need a lil east-west to make a desent play . Speed only works on the 2 on 1 or good break-outs , not every play scores with speed.

  79. Naslund is not a big problem. Same as zeroing in on Gomez as a problem is not the answer. The team is not playing to their strengths. No frigging way do I see a proven performer like Gomez struggling and not blame it on coaching. Doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed, but I’m not sure the coaches know what to do. Beats me. Something is clamping down and stifling what these very talented players are capable of , and all I can come up with is the coaching.

  80. i would love to trade rozy. BUT i really don’t think any team would trade for him or even claim him if he was waived. same with redden. that;s the problem with too many years at too high dollars.

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