Election Day special tonight against Isles (Updated)


Lots of election talk at the morning skate, as one might expect. The Rangers have a healthy seven Americans on their roster, and while I didn’t put any on the spot to ask who they voted for (Brandon Dubinsky, for one, had already made clear to me that he’s not comfortable talking politics in public), the subject of long lines at the polls was a popular one.

Paul Mara said he already voted, while Dubinsky, a continent away from his native Alaska, had to submit an absentee ballot.

Meanwhile, some quick notes before tonight’s rematch with the Isles:

<li>By way of Zip, it sounds like “Brendan Shanahan to the Flyers is imminent”:http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog/Tim-Panaccio/The-Skinny-on-Shanny/2/17670. Yes, the source is a web site of questionable repute, but the writer is a credible former beat writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer. As for the sentiment that the Flyers are misguided in Shanahan when they really need help with team defense, let’s not forget that Shanahan was one of the Rangers’ top penalty-killers, and in the defensive zone at least, has been able to make up for his lack of foot speed with smart positioning.

<li>Expect the same lines I reported from practice yesterday, most notably Markus Naslund with Scott Gomez and Ryan Callahan. Tom Renney did reference the possibility of swapping a few guys around, but I think you can also count on the Dubinsky with Voros and Zherdev and Chris Drury with Nigel Dawes and Petr Prucha.Dan Fritsche will be a scratch along with Patrick Rissmiller.

<li>Wade Redden is now skating without a visor, which means practically nothing to everyone expect hockey gearheads like me. “Just to change it up,” Redden said. “It’s more of a feel thing.”

<li>Henrik Lundqist, who will be going for his league-best ninth win tonight, on last Monday’s win over the Islanders: “It was a typical Islanders game. They came out flying and then we settled down and took over a bit. But we know we have to be ready.”

<li>You haven’t really experienced the electoral process until you’ve hauled a 10-month old and a 3-year old into a voting booth. My son Charlie said he wanted to vote for Matt, who is his best friend’s father (I won’t take offense that he never considered me. Maybe I’m in line for a position in the cabinet).

“But where does Matt stand on the issues?” I asked.

“He stands at his house,” he said.

So there you have it.

Update, 1:oo p.m.: Paging, Mr. Weekes…

It’s getting lonely at the top for Henrik Lundqvist. First Rick DiPietro’s knee, now Martin Brodeur’s elbow. The Devils goaltender “will miss three to four months thanks to surgery on his elbow”:http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=254775&lid=headline&lpos=topStory_nhl.

Laugh all you want, but it does take some of the juice out of the early part of the season, with Brodeur’s chase of Patrick Roy’s win record supposed to be a major storyline. Of course, if Brodeur doesn’t come back until after February, he still should have no problem getting those seven wins.

Tom Gulitti at the Record “has more here”:http://njmg.typepad.com/devilsblog/2008/11/brodeur-out-three-to-four-months-with-torn-biceps.html#more.

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  1. Sam, good stuff. I would like to say that my 3 year old daughter is voting for me. “Nasty for President”. Wow, what a perfect world it would be.

  2. I am definitely voting for Matt. I like his political stances better then McCain and Obama combined…plus he probably isn’t 90 years old or born in Kenya.

  3. Adam and his Apple on

    sam i think you should poll the foreign rangers who they would vote for, i think itd be interesting, im sure there might be a few of them who have no idea whats going on(which would be a real shame) but i also think that most of them would and should know

  4. Glad to see Renney endorsing Prucha. Play him for 100 days. Impeach his ass to another team if he hasn’t put up the numbers.

  5. I would just like to point out that if Obama were born in Kenya, the laws of this nation would not permit him to run for President.

  6. Charlie might be onto something…what party does Matt represent? He may be the best candidate today!

  7. “If I knew it was going to be this kind of party I…………….in the mashed potatoes.”


  8. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    I am so tired (already) of Renney playing musical benches. I’m sorry, but changing the lines every 30 seconds is not going to make for any kind of line chemistry or consistency. Every time a line combo gets it going – it’s changed.

  9. “Every time a line combo gets it going – it’s changed.”

    Problem is that not too many line combos have gotten going. There have been flashes, but nothing had stuck out as consistently successful.

    Fortunately, there’s 1 or 2 lines flashing per game, plus Hank, so we can win. But we need 2-3 solid consistent lines to maintain a high level of success over an 82-game season, plus to contend in the playoffs.

    Hopefully Voros-Dubi-Z find that spark again, Drury finds someone who can help him get going, and Naslund can be the finisher that Gomez needs.

    Also, I love our 4th line. :-)

  10. CCCP,
    That makes me sooo happy. Thats probably messed up considering he’s another human being, but then again he is a Devil, so technically not human.


    That’s the best news The Rangers will hear all day (except for the political news Dubinsky will hear later on)

  12. www devils nhl com/team/app/?service=page&page=NewsPage&articleid=390407
    Put .s in where there is spaces. He has to get surgery, Im not sure how long that will take, but sounds great to me.

  13. Drury with Prucha and Dawes, could be the right recipe to get them all going. Let’s see if it works on a “weak” team. I enjoy watching talented hockey players that can hustle. Say what you want about Prucha and Gomez, their speed with the puck is almost worth the price of admission. I hope Prucha can find the back of the net so we can watch him more.

  14. I’m disappointed Marty’s injured — there’s nothing better than beating him and we were on a serious roll.

  15. you think the reason the 4th line plays well and more consistent than the other lines is because they have played together now since like last March? (Hollweg barely played once Freddy got here)

    Imagine Renney giving any of our other lines a chance to play that much together

  16. I’m not going to glee with Marty being hurt, it always feels better to beat him. Same with that fairy DP. I wonder how Marty is going to get the twinkies to his mouth with a bad elbow?


    I don’t care if im being a prick, buuuut AHAHAHAHA YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAH suckaaAAAAAAAAA. WooOoooOOoOOt !!!

    Devs can still make the playoffs but, im soooo happy that he’s injured, LETS GO ROY !!! Your record’s safe for now buddy. Yeeeeeeeeeeeee Haaa !

    Fatso is gonna be hitting the Little Debbies boxes for quite some time. So much for that “weight loss”, ahahaha that’s what he gets !!! Funny how it had to happen this year, lol. Good luck Weekes, NOT !

    Hopefully Hank doesn’t do what ever these two tools are doing, and get injured.

    Ahh, now that i got that out of my system. Here’s a link to a little Wolf Pack video of their month, has some goals, fights, and even two assistant coaches screaming at each other. Good stuff.


  18. I gotta wait till my brother gives me the $20 he owes me, cause i just used my money to buy DiPee some flowers. Eh maybe there’s a picture of Martina’s brothers wife somewhere online, maybe he’d appreciate it. Give him some wanking material.

    You’d think all of his diving would injure his elbow. I didn’t see what happened, does anyone know how ?

  19. it is funny to read what the NJ Fairies fans are saying about twinkie lover… and i quote

    “Well. This sucks.
    But I believe in Weekes.”

  20. I feel good for Weekes because hes finally getting starts. They promised him 10-15 a year and he had like 5 last year at most. Only part that sucks is we can’t beat up on Marty for a few months.

  21. ORR… Marta fell on her elbow pretty hard while make a save… then she got up and really felt the pain :)

  22. Shanny Nooooooooo. As much as this displaced/misplaced Rangers fan would love to see ya more here in Philly…not like this! not with them!

  23. Loool.

    I bet Weekes is saying to himself “What the fugg, i didn’t sign up for this shit”

    Poor guy, he signed here for the free Prudential food, and extra vacation time, and a chance to get his name on a cup while doing nothing. Now he has to actually do some work. Ugh, gotta feel for him.

  24. Wow to Brodeur being out 3-4 months. You gotta figure the Devils will make a trade to get a guy like Roloson to at least share the job with Weekes.Don’t buy into the Shanny to Philly rumors. They don’t have much cap room and are very deep at forward.

  25. This is like Final Destination in a way. DiPietro makes it to his first all star game, only to get injured, and miss the majority of the season, and the start of this season, and now he’s out for another 3-4 months. Then Marty is chasing history, he’s close to beating two huge records, but gets injured for the first time in a long time.

    Hank needs to stay away from the All Star game, and any other records.

    Or maybe Lundqvist did get injured, but fate hit the wrong Lundqvist, and injured Joel. Damn, thank god for twin bro’s.

  26. “Laugh all you want, but it does take some of the juice out of the early part of the season, with Brodeur’s chase of Patrick Roy’s win record supposed to be a major storyline.”

    HUH? WHAT? Juice? wtf does that mean Sam?

    I was praying for something like this to happen. I hope he gets an infection after the surgery, then misses the whole season…THEN the dr’s tell him if he plays again, they’ll have to amputate it. Leaving Roy with the #’s.

    Screw Brodeur.

  27. You’re right graves9, I’m trying not to freak out unless something is signed. I have a list of acceptable teams for him that have cap space and the need, but nobody has asked me yet.

  28. My experience at the polls in my small upstate NY hometown was not a happy one. I am overly paranoid from my phone being constantly tapped, going on four years, now, due to some malicious gossip about me here a few years back.

    So anyway, the polling place here is just a three minute walk from my home. As I was arriving there, a pick up truck pulled up in front of the building and out stepped a man, crew cut, burly build, who entered the polling place just before I did. Moments later, as we were awaiting our turn to vote, he was reading some instructions on the wall and turned to me and asked if I wanted to read them too. Hmmmm. Then he voted. When he finished I went into the booth, emerging after about two minutes to notice that he was still hanging around inside the place. Hmmmm. Then I walked out, and he did too, at the same time I did. He then turned to me and said: “I must be the only one who voted for McCain.” I replied with the throwaway line: “McCain is 2-1 in Lewis County.”

    To recap, a guy with a close cut crew cut shows up when I do, talks to me inside and outside the building, and asks me a probing, leading-type question in an attempt to monitor where I am coming from, politically, to determine how right wing “extreme” and “dangerous” I may be. Well you draw your own conclusions but I say Gestapo Germany had nothing on the U.S.A. when it comes to our being monitored and put under surveillance by people with a life-wrecking agenda constructed on the altar of their own fanatical career ambition and freedom of choice intolerance.

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