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There was no sense of panic from the Rangers after their blown two-goal lead in Toronto on Saturday night, and really if there was, you would have to wonder if they were cut out for this line of work. But what also doesn’t hurt is that many of the same players were part of last season’s utter collapse in Montreal, when they had a 5-0 lead midway through the second, went on to lose 6-5, and yet still rattled off wins in seven of their next eight.

(The lesson learned is that you should never get comfortable against an Original Six Canadian franchise in their own building, among other things).

“You turn the page as quickly as you can,” said Tom Renney, who also added, “It bothered them a lot, and it should. That was a meltdown. But we know why it happened and that it was preventable.”

So in other words, I don’t think the Rangers will be carrying any scar tissue into tomorrow night against the Islanders. If anything, I suspect it will help bring them back to earth.

Some notes:

<li>I mentioned Larry Brooks’ plea to Renney “to get Scott Gomez new linemates”:, which was titled, “Memo to Renney: Stop Wasting Gomez”. Proving that he does peruse the clips about the team (even this blog, but sorry, not the comments as far as I know), Renney greeted Brooks this morning with a smile. “Got the memo,” he said. “It was a little long, though.”

Either the coach took the advice to heart or  he was thinking the same thing, because today he had Gomez skating with Ryan Callahan and Markus Naslund, while Chris Drury was between Petr Prucha and Nigel Dawes (the other two lines remained the same).

I spent some time talking to Dawes about his slow start to the season, in which he has a mere goal and an assist in 11 games. The winger admitted to not being thrilled (I suppose you should be worried if he was), but said he wasn’t getting frustrated.

“With the way things are going, you can’t get frustrated, because that’s when you start squeezing the stick even more,” Dawes said. “I’ve been scoring goals my whole career, so it’s going to come.”

When Renney asked to assess Dawes’ play, the coach noted that the winger has been getting an encouraging number of chances in every game and just not finishing, which is a better sign than getting no chances at all (of course, one would think he’d get chances playing with the team’s top playmaker). And when I asked Renney if Dawes coming out of the lineup was an option, he said, “Not yet. We’ll see later on.”

Not exactly a ringing endorsement…

<li>A couple of Hartford updates: Lauri Korpikoski has fared reasonably well in his first two games back with the Wolf Pack, with assists in each of his first two games. But the player has some conditioning work to make up after sitting out as many games as he did with the Rangers. The worse news is on Dane Byers, the rugged winger who figured to be one of the Rangers’ top call-ups this season: he blew out his knee, and is expected to miss a significant chunk of time, if not the season.

Update, 2:39 p.m.: The NHL has named Henrik Lundqvist its second star for the month of October, which my guess is better than earning the same recognition for the month of August. Here’s the Lundqvist part of the release (noted Sidney Crosby-hater Alexander Semin was the first star. Shea Weber of Nashville was third):


Lundqvist led all NHL goaltenders in victories and backstopped the Rangers to the top of the Eastern Conference by posting an 8-2-1 record with a 1.99 goals-against average and .928 save percentage. Lundqvist started 11 of the Rangers’ 13 games in October and allowed two goals or fewer nine times, including a pair of 2-1 victories over the Tampa Bay Lightning at the NHL Premiere series in Prague, Czech Republic Oct. 4-5. He made 30 saves in a 4-2 victory over Chicago in the Rangers’ North American opener Oct. 10, posted a season-high 40 saves in a 5-4 loss at Detroit Oct. 18 and stopped 27 shots and all three shootout attempts in a 3-2 victory over Pittsburgh Oct. 25.

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  1. I think that a line of Naslund-Gomez-Callahan could do quite well. I like Callahan with Gomez because Callahan doesn’t need the puck the puck on his stick as much, and goes right to the net.

    I also think that Drury might benefit from some time on a line with Dubinsky (Drury on the wing). Of course, that could only be possible if Korpikoski was deemed worthy of another chance at 3rd line center, or if Fritsche was trusted enough to get a shot at that same spot. Decisions, decisions. One thing is clear, this team needs another top 6 winger, and Shanahan is not the answer, but rather a winger that has speed. In a perfect world, I would love to see a package including Dawes sent to Ottawa for Vermette.

  2. HA your not gonna get Vermette HAHAHAHHAHA.

    Guinness, i am not giving up either on Shanny. I hope he signs i really do.

  3. So if this hold true it will be:

    Naslund Gomez Cally
    Voros Dubi Zherdev
    Dawes Drury Prucha
    Orr Betts Sjostrom

    I kind of like it. Let’s hope this works for the best.

  4. Renney: Now please just let Prucha play for 10 games without fear of being yanked if he misses a check, etc., and for chrissakes give him some meaningful PP time. If under these circumstances he doesn’t produce, I will be just as harsh on him as I have been on Dawes.

  5. Look out for Sutton in the next game. He’ll be looking for Poor Pruchs’ head to be down. I hope Orr knocks this guy out, and ends his season.

    That must have been awkward for Brooks, seeing Renney after that post. Funny stuff, but at least he’s switching the lines again.

  6. REPOST:

    MikeyNJ – The league has given each team the opportunity to wear it’s home white sweaters, at home, 6 times during the season.

    All you clowns that are calling for player’s and coach’s heads after one unfortuneate let down give it a rest. If it continues for 5 games then we can start the bashing. 10-3-1 is awful. If we were 1-10-3 then all this ranting would be understood.

    BTW, BOB you must have taken the short bus to school cause your comments are dumb as rocks. Are you even a Ranger fan or understand hockey. GO AWAY!!!!

  7. new newman

    How’s that Kool-Aid taste? Please spare us the economics lesson on a hockey blog.

    If you want to vote for Obama then go ahead and vote for him, but stop shoving it in my face. Tired of you Obama supporters with your despicable bumper stickers your outwardly anti-government, anti-Bush crap.

    You get your chance to voice your opinion every four years. Do it and then shut up.

  8. I’d switch around Prucha and Cally but I don’t get a vote.

    Naslund Gomez Prucha
    Voros Dubinsky Zherdev
    Dawes Drury Callahan
    Orr Betts Sjostrom

  9. Rob, I kind of agree with you there. Wasn’t there a time last year that the line of Dawes Drury and Callahan really clicked?

  10. That’s right. Thanks man, I knew someone on here was. I got in a pretty bad car accident the same day shanny got his concussion when he collided with Knuble. My back is still all fugged up.

  11. Please sit Colton Orr … we know what he can do … he can fight, is pretty responsible as a skater … and will score 2 goals a year … well the puck will deflect off him 2 times a year …

    Play Fritsche and Prucha continually and sit Orr except for Philly and Devils until we see what Fritsche and Prucha can do with EXTENDED ice and game times.

  12. Naslund – Gomez – Callahan
    Voros – Dubinsky – Zherdev
    Dawes – Drury – Prucha
    Orr – Betts – Sjostrom

    I actually really like these combinations. Finally, Drury and Naslund aren’t attached at the hip. And I think Drury is best served as a third line center, with PK and PP time. Now, let’s see Renney change up the PP units and then I’ll be even happier. Wouldn’t mind seeing something like this for the PP:

    Zherdev – Gomez – Drury
    Staal – Mara

    Naslund – Dubinsky – Voros
    Roszival – Redden

    hell at this point, I wouldn’t mind seeing how Prucha and Sjostrom would look on the PP with maybe Gomez in the middle. PP needs to wake up, it is our biggest glaring weakness that must be fixed in order to succeed. Can’t keep relying on Lundqvist playing out of his mind good all season long…

  13. Ha, not in the least. I need to get back to mine soon. This change in the weather is messing me up. At least that is what I think it is. L4 and L5 haven’t been kind to me at all lately.

  14. Nasty 1
    ah yeah the fronts do seem to have an impact on how people feel…I’ve been hearing it all morning.
    So you do see someone that is good.
    I think New Newman has a problem with us…I’m I’m not mistaken…at least someone last season had a whole lot of nuthing to say about me and what I do.

  15. Vogs….I’ll stop. Rangers blog good for Rangers banter, not political banter. You right. I would say that either way, no matter who wins, the US is pretty f-ed up regardless.

    Onto bigger things….Rangers Isles tomorrow….anyone catch Mitch Fritz fight versus Laraque over the weekend. Fritz won it. Still like to see Colton Orr take that little Mitch Bitch Fritz on….

  16. vogs, thanks for the rant…I love politics but I usu. don’t want to get involved on a Ranger blog…but sometimes its necessary.

  17. what if we acquire Mats Sundin:


  18. THE JEFF

    Are you kidding me ?? Girardi NOT on the PP ????? He has 2 goals, and he’s the best d-man on this team at getting the puck through to the net. If you wanna put Staal on the PP, it has to be for Mara. But id put Danny with Rozi, and Redden with Staal.


    Take Pruchs off of that lineup, cause he wouldn’t be on the team, probably Rozi wouldn’t either, so yay ! Bring on the Mats !

    Ugh, id rather read annoying Nyr fans whining aboot Renney getting fired than politics. I hate that friggin subject.

  19. Pfffff Orr deserves to stay in the lineup, he’s been working harder than the majority of the team. Which is sad.

    Fugg Fritsche. i don’t want him in the lineup unless he’s replacing Betts, that’s it.

    Pruchs deserves the shot obviously. I don’t think he’ll ever be what he was, but it would be nice if he can chip in a few timely goals every now and then.

  20. I don’t have many pet peeves with fellow fans but I’m getting really tired of the people coming in here saying sit Orr–for not scoring.

    He doesn’t get paid to score. You need tough guys on your team and his overall game has improved greatly.

  21. fugg, aboot do you know how retarded that comes across as I’m reading…
    and Welcome Mats
    why move Gomez to the wing…he is NOT a winger and he’s not a finisher so to move him to the wing is stupid.
    Sundin can fugg it and its aboot time he just retires. I don’t fuggin want him on this team.

  22. Orr needs to play and so does Prucha. Sit Fritsche and play Prucha, it’s as simple as that.

  23. some peeps just dont get it

    where these same ppl crying to bench Orr calling for Hollweg’s head last year?

  24. I saw a post today about Boston’s defense and how they look to take the body, where our defense looks to poke check,

    This is true to an extent. I’ve seen Staal take the body this season, but that’s about it.

    I’ve said it before many times and I’ll continue to say it. This team is small up front and although not small, isn’t physical enough on the back end.

    Taking Orr out of the lineup is just not an option at all. He’s the only one on the team that can win a fight. Voros might be big, but we’ve all seen how poor a fighter he is.

  25. Unless there is some sort of coaching or personnel change…

    Here’s a headline we won’t see this season re: our beloved Rangers

    “Red Wings Beat Canucks On Three Power-Play Goals”

  26. I hated what Staal did on the first Toronto goal the other night. He didn’t drop and try to block the shot, or look to make a hit when he could have. He dollied up and did a little spin. Come on man. I know this is only his second year, but damn. I was very disappointed in him on that play.

  27. Vogs, Mara has also been pretty physical.
    I have to say the most hit shy defenseman is Redden. In fact I can’t remember which game it was but he took a hit in the corner and he seemed to catapult into the boards. I thought he splattered!

  28. i used to feel sorry for Dr House regarding her fixation regarding shanny. that is no longer the case.

    I would offer to drive shanny to the airport free of charge and buy him a 1 way ticket to his new destination. hopefully this week he’ll (and Brooks) move on as the Rangers have.

  29. NOONAN

    Some retards think, if Fritsche and Pruchs play on the 4th line, they’ll score some goals, with aaaaalll that ice time they’re gonna FUGGIN get. FUGG that. A 4th line is not for scoring, if it is then that’s great but not for this team it isn’t. Why have Fritsche do nothing in that spot, when Orr an hit and kick peoples asses. Some people just don’t get it.

    Back when Orr was scratched for the Flowers game, everyone was happy ABOOT it, but when the Flowers bitched Nyr, and treated them like a bunch of nerds, and bullied them, there was no Orr to save them, and they blamed Renney, even though they were calling for it. FUGGIN losers, argh !!

    Anyway, Joe. Who cares ABOOT House’s fixation on Shanny. I think you secretly like it cause it gives you something to talk ABOOT.

    Fugg, fugg fugg, aboot aboot aboot, boobs blasting nips, dirty waitresses, don’t get enough tips. Sign Shanny or sign Mats, Ohh Fugg !!!

  30. Isles will be without DiP for a month if not more. Surgery on his knee.

    Either way, the Rangers will make their backup look like Jacque Plante or Patrick Roy, or some other hall of fame, french canadian goaltender.

  31. orr – no i don’t like all the shanny talk just like all the prucha talk. both are very annoying. i really hope shanny signs with a contender (not the NYR) so i don’t have to read about people wanting to trade for shanny at the deadline. stick a fork in shanny he’s done.

  32. Richard.”If it continues for 5 games then we can start the bashing. 10-3-1 is awful. If we were 1-10-3 then all this ranting would be understood.”
    It’s not that their record is too bad – It is the WAY they lost, which questioning the very core (essence) of a team we’re been told by “close observers”: spirit, chemistry, character etc. based on talents of individual players – which make a team the TEAM, we all, Rangers fans want to see. Now, after near heart attack, I’m really scared in anticipation to see yet another gutless “performance” – I could not survive… It feels almost, like someone cheated on you. Disgusting.

  33. the 4th line has been our most consistent…man that sounds like a broken record one year to the next. orr does his job and is most improved on the team. betts is a great player. freddy shoes is the man. if all our lines had their work ethic every shift, we’d be undefeated right now. fyi, on saturday night, this line was all +1 while guys like drury, gomer, fritsche, and zherdev were -2. please enough of the bench orr, betts has to go, etc.

    orr, good point on a new look 4th line that MIGHT give us more shots on goals but surely makes us a lot less tough. all of that based on IF Renney would have confidence in that kind of a line (assume: fritsche, prucha, betts or betts pru shoe). how the heck is renney going to play those two guys (pru and fritsche) if they can barely crack the line now with higher ranked players at their side? fat chance. renney best served by keeping the SOB line together.

    the other thing that is driving me nuts is the line jumbling. we are 15g into the season or almost 20% and renney is still tinkering. it worked last year….it’s a system….blah blah. fine. whatever. but please, keep the SOB line. keep the dubi zher voros line. drury w cally and dawes. and fine, try naz gomer prucha (THERE PRUCHA, I SAID IT…BTW THAT HIGHLIGHTS HOW BADLY WE ARE MISSING A TOP 6 WINGER!!) but whatever it will be, fix some f-ing lines, and keep it there for 15 games. these guys have to work together and gel.

    i wonder if someone who has more time than me can come up with a stat of # of different line combos teams have used this season and i gotta think NYR is near the top? if they are, that is a weird stat from the top team (in points) thus far…IMHO.


    I can’t wait til tomorrow so they can STFU about their Messiah…

  35. I did it! I went the whole work day without posting! I knew I could do it!

    I have ZERO to add to any of the conversations. It’s the same old crap over and over, and I really don’t think there’s enough minutes in a day to try to make sense of some of the foolishness that’s brought to the forum lately.

    Newman – You had a post this a.m. that pretty much covered what I would said anyway. thanks. Also, its funny you mention line combo changes. The same thought ran through my head this a.m. right before I saw THREE separate articles relating to DET, OTT, PITT all still trying to get combos straight. Then a few minutes ago I saw one on DAL. Sure, some teams were forced into by injury, others just still tinkering. It’s not just the NYR. You really gotta try to make a ‘sh*t pie’ outta sh*t with the talent so thinned out in the NHL nowadays.

  36. no commentary on this but i have cnbc on and they just reported obama’s grandmother died. may God bless her soul. (and i am not pro Obama not am I pro mcCain)

    ok back to hockey. let’s beat the fishsticks tomorrow

  37. Patrick Fuggit !!!!

    Lundqvist is a GOLDEN GOD !!!!! And he’s NOT ON DRUUUUUGS, hopefully.

    I fuggin hope, that Dipeeetro injures his ass, and his toe. Its like a fuggin fun game now, what will he fuggin injure next ???????

    And no Martina Fuggin Browhore tonight against the fuggin Sabs. Good luck fuggin Weekes.

  38. So where is everyone getting these lineups from. I like what I’m saying, but is Renny actually playing those lines? Hopefully Islanders get humiliated today and have no confidence for tomorrow. We need to destroy them to get back to our chipper 10-2-1 form.

  39. orr – done as a Ranger and as a big player. still will score a few goals but rest of his game is shot. especially at end of season. and even missing a month only delays his fall off by a month from jan to feb. he will not be a factor come spring.

    i would rather the isles win a few games except against us. i don’t want them getting a top 3 pick in the draft. so tonight i hope the isles win.

  40. From

    “Shanahan, who will turn 40 in January, had 23 goals for the Rangers last year. He has scored at least 20 goals in 19 straight NHL campaigns.”

    20 goals for 20 years.

    Prucha, Dawes, Sjostrom, Fritche, Rissmiller, Callahan…whatever

    Who do you want taking an OT shootout to win the conference or make the playoffs? Shanny or Sjostrom/Dawes?

    I don’t think Shanny would put himself out there like he has if indeed he didn’t think he could play more hockey.

    We need him on the PP, we need his goals.

  41. vogs we do not need him as 10 wins already indicates. did you see him the last 2 second halves of seasons. and 40 yr olds do not get better they get older. how many goals did shanny score in the playoffs. he was the 2nd to worst player on the team besides # 44.

  42. dr – when shanny signs somewhere else i will be happy. very happy. you can still wear your shanny jersey to games. people wear ex players all the time.

  43. LI JOE, you think your a f’en coach. I will say whatever Shanny sh*t i want too. Too bad soooo sad. You f’en loser, coming on here and go straight to ripping my posts. You f’en makes your own comments and dont rely on mine. You pain in the ace.

    I am a big Shanny, Jagr, Drury fan soo f’en deal with it. Mine your own business you republican. I never say that but you crossed the line with ripping on me. Loser.

  44. dr – the team is 10-3-1 without your boyfriend. grandpa shanny is gone deal with it. i really hope you’re 16 years old with your childish tandrums. then there is still hope for you to grow out of it.

    i am voting 3rd party. so the republican comment is?

  45. Joe-

    I know we have 10 wins, but I think they were wins against non-playoff teams and they were due mainly to Henrik, not our whole game.

    I think we need a guy like Shanny on the PP, and with Zherdev, Naslund, Dubi and Cally, I think his minutes could be limited and he could be ready for a playoff push.

    Just saying, I have seen our game this season, especially our offensive game, and it needs goal scorers.

  46. i am not 16 you long island piece of shit. You shouldnt vote at all your sooo retarded. You aint the coach you dumbass. If you are soo smart then why are you f’en typing on this site.

  47. vogs – i am looking to the spring when shanny will be at his worst. so even a few games where he scores in nov dec and jan does not help that much. he will also cause some goals against with his lack of speed.

    i’m not sure renney can limit his games and minutes without damaging shannys morale and the teams chemistry. when he tried to move shanny to 4th line supposedly there was friction between the two. i really don’t think renney wants that problem again.

  48. ha OMG Renney had a problem last year HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. There was no friction between them lay off the gossip pages smarty pants. who gives a crap about speed. Maybe the yankees should drop posada because he is slow as shit. Whocares as long as they score.

  49. dr – you need help grow up. i am done with you
    i read that in blueshirt bulletin not the gossip pages.

  50. Ahh Fugg, now everyone is all fuggin mad. What the fugg went wrong, ugh fugg it all, i don’t know what this is all aboot, but its just a blog full of fugg right now.

    Looking fuggin forward to Weekes first official start of the season. Should be a fugg fest full of fuggin goals.

  51. Has everybody heard that the bird is the word?

    And by the way…Nick Manning is a comedic genius the way William Shatner is.

  52. HOUSE

    Thank yooou. I agree, Dubi knows jack fuggin shick. Him and his pathetic side kick are a bunch of fuggin losers. Ugh, cant stand them. They think im not a real Ranger fan cause i refuse to pay them for their “knowledge” when i can just get Sam’s for free. Fuggin jergoffs.

    Anybody else watching the Devs get raped by the Sabs ? i think it was 20 shots to 3 after the 1st, and the Sabs scored a PP goal. Their PP looks amazing, or maybe it just looks basic compared to others, but compared to ours that’s a HOF PP. Surprisingly Weekes isn’t letting in a lot of goals, so its not much of a fugg fest full of goals, but its still early.

  53. onecupin67years on

    I agree with Beer me, nothing more can be said except that the Roster will change , hopefully for the better.

  54. So, Ill say it again since nobody answered me earlier. Where are the lineups with Prucha coming from? Btw, Backman just caused a goal for the Islanders. Hopefully they dont get too much momentum from this game. Also, how is Kevin Weekes looking good?

  55. Well if anyone needs any Ranger help or advise , im here to FUGGIN help . I dadnt become a Rangers fan tiLL Messier talked at the news conference , perty coowell ming !!

    Lines look great right now , and no prucha on the first line , it looks perfect . Callahan with Naslund and Gomer is sweet. Dubi’s line is the same , awsome ! Drury, Dawes with prucha…come on , its goooood . Like butta ! Betts and shoey , nice mix of talent with ORR , Orr is skating better , playing smarter , is looking wayyyyy better. Take out Orr ??? Whos the idiot who said that?

  56. “i read that in blueshirt bulletin not the gossip pages.”

    lol… and just WTF do you think BB is? legitimate reporting? it’s a piece of garbage and so is the guy who runs it and that lackey sidekick stooge of his

  57. Very nice Joe in DE. I’d love for that to happen. Wet Fishsticks on Artie’s Cupcake.. Go back to the Island you arrogant…….(I’m sorry, I grew up on LI as a Rangers fan in the late 80s and early 90s when Leetch, Richter, Granato, Turcotte, etc. were first coming up and those Islander fans talked so much trash to me and I was like 8-9 years old. I got ganged up on, so I have ZERO sympathy for those lovely people).

    I seriously HATE the organ at the Colesium. It makes me sick.

  58. HAHAHA. Blueshirt Bulletin is ridiculous, paying for a site??? who basically is not really that credible. Please! plus that guy Dubi is gettin political over there whats wrong with him?? You dont do politics when you have some kind of rangers blog.

    Dubi aint a real ranger fan he basically disses alot of players……

  59. wait, what happened here? what happened to normalcy on this blog. too much to drink tonight. must re-read tomorrow at work.

  60. Sally – what sort of dog has Hank got? (just curious, am a dog owner myself and i would think living in Manhattan limits your choice of breed).

    The only useful thing Blueshirt Bulletin does is post all the links to other people’s articles on the Rangers and WolfPack – the Islanders will win the cup before i pay to sign up to a website like that.

  61. where do you guys get your info from? BB is free, if you subscribe to the paper you get access to BB+. I don’t think they made up that Shanahan story. SAM can you verify?

  62. they made it up. Shanahan was an asset to the lockerroom, its not his fault Renney was weak at times.

  63. wow trouble in Texas..

    hey what happened why is everyone breaking down into personal attacks? Where are the nice peole on this blog, the Ranger fans who voice their opinions, agree, disagree complain about but always love the blueshirts?

    Is it hte electin, is that whats getting to everyone? I can’t wait for this election to be over, it feels like its been being campaigned for for all four years, I’m just afraid no matter who wins the other side will just start campaigning right away, so sick of it by now (have been for a long while yet)

    I think the lines came from Sam, what he saw in practice didn’t they? Whether there was friction betwen Renney and Shanny about him being on the fourth line or Renney and Sather about putting a superstar ont he fourth line I think we can all agree it didn’t work… what happned? The fourht line became the third line and got many more minutes then they normally do get.

    I wonder if we shouldn’t change it to never talk about politics, religion and Shanny or Pru in public… it may cause unhelathy consequences…

    and btw house, you said BB isn’t really Ranger fans they just dis the players (I haven’t been to bb) well isn’t that what peole say Sam is doing by singling out Kalinin, and half the posters here are negative towards players on occasion, it doesn’t mean they like the Rangers any less (note the Captitol R I mean the team not the individual players) Nasty chooses to stay positive (I lke that approach as well, I think its healthier, and ther eare too many thins to worry about seriously (As Rigs would sayYou know why I don’t have an ulcer, cause I don’t give a fugg! But he did and so we have great movies. I do give a fugg but I’m gonna do it with a smile)) Or you could take the negative approach that Orr takes, which isn’t so much negative as brutally honest. He calls them like he sees it, and no matter how the negativity may where down in pointing out what went wrongrather then include what went right, There is no dbt in my mind both these posters love the Rangers!!

    So anyway, we ave a game today, the election will be over, the economy will come back becuase finally some of thi radical uncertainty will be gone… whichever candidate wins the stock market wil start to recover, the investors will know where to switch to.

    Let’s all just try not to kill eachother until 7.

  64. HOUSE

    You said it right. What a tool that guy is, i wouldn’t pay a fuggin dollar for his crap site. He looks like a child molester. He’s not funny at all, ugh, why cant he be an Isles fan or something.


    Lol, its free NOW. But that’s cause true fans like UK, House, and myself wouldn’t stand for his greed, and now he gave up on it, for the most part at least. I remember right after he bashed poor Cherepanov, and i bashed him, he said that at the end of the month he was gonna cancel BB, and only allow people who pay to go on the site. What a looooser. I seriously feel bad for anyone who pays for his garbage. They must not know how to spend their money.

    Anyway, thank god the Islandorks came back to win that game last night. Lol, blowing 3 goal leads in the 3rd period in 2 straight games, ouch. Now if Nyr loses this game tonight, it would be even more pathetic. Hopefully these lines work out tonight, and Nyr gets back to their winning ways.

  65. BOB

    Loooooooool, that’s fuggin priceless coming from you. If it came from anyone else, i think my feelings would be semi hurt, but coming from you, it made me laugh a bit. Ahahaha, go back to getting abused by your dirty daddy, you sicko !!!

  66. AG

    Yup, you’re right aboot me, im brutally honest, and can be negative, but i do it for the love of the team. As for BB, my only problem i had with that idiot was because he banned me for making Jess look like the tool he is. I started hating him when he bashed Cherry, after he “thought” Cherry bashed his stupid magazine, and he dedicated an entire post to bashing him, and basically calling him a pussy, and saying he’s afraid of the NHL, and Brandon Sutter. Ugh, what a classless bum he is. I bet he felt like a stinky vagina after the kid died. But i guess to him, he’s still afraid of the nhl. Loser !!

  67. alright all, let’s get some perpective here.

    Crosby – hurt (he came back, but who knows how he’s REALLY doing).
    DP – another knee surgery.
    Marty – Messed up his elbow. Weekes compared it to his injury that he needed surgery on.
    Rangers – In 1st. not in the division, the LEAGUE.
    Flyers – downright SUCKING.

    What more could you ask for???

  68. …a decent candidate for President. So glad i don’t have to choose between those two… you not have minority parties that you can use as a protest vote to put the wind up the big 2?

  69. pesonally I’m just happy to have a game so its an excuse to not watch election coverage… I thin we will go into MSG and watch at Molly Wee’s…

  70. JEEVER

    I don’t know what you’re talking aboot. The Philly Flowers got their shit together. They still have a losing record but they’ve been better. Still dangerous though, especially since Knuble, and Gagne are producing now, and Carter is looking like he’s gonna have a breakthrough year, and of course there’s Richards, and Briere.

    Still tough, and i never look forward to versing them.

  71. Orr – That’s all correct. But unless one of those guys turns into a consistant goaltender, or shut-down dmen, they’ll lose a lot of high-scoring games.
    From Zip…

    November 4, 2008
    Shanny to Philly?
    That’s what former Flyers beat writer for the Philly Inquirer Tim Panaccio is reporting on Hockey Buzz:

    “(GM) Paul Holmgren told me tonight that the club did indeed meet with Brendan Shanahan today (Tuesday). Rick Curran, Shanny’s agent, seems excited. I expect a decision by the weekend. I also don’t think this move helps the Flyers. They need their forwards to play more defensively.”

    I certainly agree with the last two sentences. The Flyers have serious depth up front, and are thin on the blueline. And they’ll have to free up some cap space….FYI, Rangers don’t face Flyers until Feb. 15., then twice in March and close season with a home and home on April 9 and 12.

  72. Ah, Beer Me got it.

    And oh yeah, i forgot Briere is injured. But you’re right, they will play a lot of high scoring games. That is true.

    I really hope this guy signs with the Blues, if Slats doesn’t sign him. It would suck beyond belief seeing him sign with a division rival, or just a random eastern conference team.

  73. dont start this maverick stuff. He was NO maverick during these debates or actually anything.

    Glad there is a game, but completely depressed about Shanny. a Flyer? thats disgusting.

  74. two goals by Umberger last night

    Isles win in OT after blowing the lead, but still get the win.

    Prediction: ONe of the following two will be president. John McCain or Barak Obama. I know, it’s a bold prediction, but someone has to do these things. haha

  75. NHL.COM –
    After the loss in Phoenix, Jordan Staal candidly expressed his views on the Pens’ struggles.

    “We just didn’t come out prepared for this game,” he told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “It seems like the guys aren’t buying into our system and working hard, basically. It’s really frustrating.”

    Crosby, though, believes it’s something else.

    “I don’t think it has anything to do with the system,” Crosby told the newspaper. “It has to do with urgency. … The first period, we didn’t have enough urgency, and it takes more than a system to do that, so I don’t know if I would agree with that. I think it’s more urgency and attitude for wanting the puck.”

    Defenseman Hal Gill said the issues might be related to the massive roster turnover from the summer.

    Coach Michel Therrien was blunt in his disagreement.

    “That’s an excuse,” he said.

    Sounds like the coach/captain needs to get his lockerroom in order.

    To continue Jeevers thought of ‘perspective’. It makes the NYR lockerroom look like the model to replicate.

  76. So when do I start calling ya’ll “comrades”. :(


    possible best post out of you ever, good show pavel.

  77. you guys may want to kill me for this statement, but, Shanny would be better in this line-up than Dawes. I am not crazy about him being in the division(Flyers?)….

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