Shanahan weighs interest from Blues


Does anything pertaining to Brendan Shanahan still count as news when the winger definitely isn’t coming back to the Rangers?

I say yes, otherwise I wouldn’t have posted this. The 39-year-old free agent “apparently has some interest from John Davidson in St. Louis”: but is taking his time making a decision (I suppose if you’ve heard Glen Sather say, “Be patient,” enough times, you learn how to repeat it to others).

Another report says Shanahan shot down an offer from Nashville, which would have at least put him under the same umbrella as another jettisoned power forward, Hugh Jessiman.

In other news, Larry Brooks “makes the case that Scott Gomez is being wasted”: between Ryan Callahan and Nigel Dawes. I agree when it comes to Dawes, but am reserving judgment on Callahan, who did come up with his second big goal of the week before the roof caved in against Toronto.

And speaking of which, the Rangers are back on the ice at 11 to try to put that disaster behind them. More on that then…

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  1. who knows anymore. maybe a miracle is gonna happen with shanny…. whatever i cant take this and the election tomorrow its stressing me out.

  2. Well usually you pay a 7 million dollar player that amount of money to make the players around him better. Gomez has made his career off milking off players like elias and Mogilny. Lets see if he can help out the young guys. BTW what about Ryan Callahans game would someone like to criticize. He has a great shot and plays a physical game. I have never seen him not finish a check. The only thing I will say is he doesn’t really pass the puck and on this team who can blame him? He probably thinks someone will pass it back to him 3 or 4 times.

  3. Sam I agree on Dawes. He has done nothing and to be honest, I haven’t even noticed him out there. Callahan on the other hand is noticeable on every shift and I can’t say he should’nt be with Gomez. I think the 2 are starting to show a little chemistry. I say sit Dawes and give Prucha a shot. His last to 2 starts he like Cally has been visable on the ice.

  4. A few things:

    1) I was out with the wife for a big night Saturday and when I got back to watch the DVR, I was a little sauced. But with 10 mins to go I figured they were on their way to scraping by and getting another win. 7 mins later it was over. WTF? I will chalk it up to an anomaly and a major brainfart and move on.

    2) READ THIS: Prucha needs to play for Fritsche. There I said it. There is even a chance that he should play for Dawes. I am not convinced that he is the answer by any means. It is moreso that Fritsche doesn’t have the skill and Dawes continues to miss opportunities. Dawes and Prucha need to have a cage match perhaps. I tell ya, Sundin would go nicely into this lineup.

    3) To all those idiots calling for the firing of Renney: Get a f-ing clue. Come on. There is no space on this blog for idiots of the first order. Go root for the Isles or the Devils with that crap you spew.

  5. Naslund – Gomez – Zherdev
    Dawes – Drury – Cally
    Voros – Dubi – not Prucha

    or the season’s over.

  6. Larry Brooks- Rozsival has picked up almost exactly where he left off last year, and that is not a good thing.

    I really tried to look at signing him from a positive position. I was hoping he would return to 2006-07 form and that last year was just a bad year. BUT, this guy is horrible. His give away and subsequent poke checks, that resulted in Toronto tying it up, is too typical of his play. We’re going to wish we still had Ozolinsh and Malik if he keeps this up.

    Vally on Sat? He looked worse in the 3rd then Weekes ever did. Every Ranger has to get back on track and make us forget Sat’s game by blowing out the Asslanders tomorrow.

  7. Everybody wants Sundin he confuses me and i tell ya he is worst than Brett Favre. Atleast Favre did this before the season started.

    Staal Wart,
    If your not stressed out it means you dont care. I am glad you are stressed out about it. Welcome to the club!!!!!

    PS. drop fritsche, dawes. Bring in Prucha, and honestly we really dont know what goes on behind the scenes with Shanny and Sundin etc.


    ohhh, that would be awesome. Id love to have Fisher here, that would be awesome. He’s a physical player, good defensive player, great PK’er, id give Rozi up for him any day of the week.

    But if not, then bring on Mats or Shanny. I can give a flying fugg what anyone thinks of that.

  9. Its sad that Dawes has played so poorly. They have given him a shot and he has done nothing with it. I can’t believe I’m saying this but play Prucha. That least he hustles. He can’t seem to score anymore but at least he skates hard.

  10. The last thing this team needs is Mats Sundin. These guys who wait out the first half of the season to pick which team will give them the best shot at a deep playoff run really irritate me. I think it really just shows a lack of class – pick a team at the beginning of the season and grind it out like a pro. That’s what wins championships.

    Anyone have any idea why Dawes is still in the line up? The guy is completely transparent this season, and Callahan’s work ethic and grit make him look lazy. I think Prucha would fit in really well on that line.

    I get a huge kick out of the “fire Renney” contingent. I think it’s kind of unusual for teams that are first in their conference to let their coach go.

  11. Hmm just caught up… kind of glad I asn’t here when the shit hit the fan…

    in case anyone was wonderng my harddrive died… I lost a lot of stuff (but thankfully not my photographs or videos which I keep on a backup drive…) Still not on my computer borrowing someone else’s right now, but thats where I’ve been.

    Looking forward to Tues and how the boys respond… and is Sam ging to ask about the possibility of Pru getting PP time? Since the guys aren’t doing it…

    Nasty had a drunk post a long while ago about how we need to take this game as a wakeup call and the true challenege is Tues, thats how I feel.

    Orr posted d lines that kept Redden and Girardi then changed it to Rozi and Staal, Mara and Kal… I agree wholhearetdly. I think Mara and Staal compliment Rozi and Kal alot better then combning the two.

    thats all that stands out in m mind frm reading the blog…
    oh yea… one more thing…

    Trade Bob!

  12. Sit Dawes
    Put Purch’s in on Gomer’s Line.

    And yet AGAIN Renney refuses to change the PP line up!
    Put Staal out there for chirst’ sake!
    Hell I’d even try Prucha again, if he dresses, on one of the units. Maybe get him a goal, some confidence?

    Im not worried about Vally. One bad game, thats all. ANd it wasn’t totally his fault, The D disapeared int he end of the 3rd.

    Let’s see how we respond against the fishticks.

    PS Are the home teams this year choosing whether to wear the white uniforms?

  13. Dubi needs to step up and get his confidence back. He needs to play with that borderline cocky edge that he had in the beginning of the season. He needs to in order to be effective like he was to start the season. I know cockiness can completely ruin a team. That is true when it is a TEAM cockiness, but some individual players need to have that trait in order to be effective. Dubi needs to get it back.

  14. Nasty,

    I am worried about these penalties Dubi is taking… the Islander game and last night… I know what you mean about cockiness but he may also need a step back a bit…

    btw, the whole crybaby thing, did the league issue the statement about teams not havin gto disclose injuries becuase of him being injured and the pens not wanting to say what it was? I was wondering why all these hockey shows and such were talking about disclosing injuries..

  15. Brooks’ article talks about it and I could not agree more…There is no intimidating physical presensce on the back end. This is what some of us here have been talking about for at least one full season. I have said before, that and our inability to play defensive physical hockey (by the backchecking forwards) in our own zone will be our Achilles Heal.

  16. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Can anyone explain why Naslund is tied to Drury’s hip? Does Renney setup the lines using a sticky pad that has each player’s names and the Drury/Naslund ones stuck together?

    Put Naslund with Dubi and Zherdev. Put Prucha with Cally and Gomez. Put Drury with the wolfpack. Solved.

  17. Prucha Gomez Cally
    Naslund Dubi Z
    Voros Drury Dawes
    Orr Betts Sjostrom

    That could work.

    I would try that if:
    Naslund Gomez Zherdev
    Voros Dubi Prucha
    Dawes Drury Cally
    Orr Betts Sjo

    Doesn’t work.

  18. TrueFans, Renney refuses to accept Drury as an above-average two-way player. He needs to swallow his pride and put Drury on the third line where he belongs.

  19. Uncle Larry really needs to hang up his typewriter – the rubbish he’s been putting out there recently is just not true. He makes an occasional valid point (in this article he’s right about Dawes) but then his over-zealous attempts to make his point make him look stupid. How many times do you have to emphasise the point he doesn’t like Cally and Dawes with Gomer? He’s a Debbies fan isn’t he?

    I’d much rather read Sam and the Zipper, and the occasional Andrew Gross column….

    My current opinion on personnel is:
    Send Fritsche to Hartford, let Prucha get 10-12 games under his belt – if neither find their game, trade them both for someone who can provide goals and value for money as a 2nd/3rd line RW.

  20. From Brook’s today:

    “The Rangers have committed $51M over seven years to Gomez, yet they’ve assigned him to play with Nigel Dawes and Ryan Callahan, wingers who probably are more compatible to third-line responsibility. They have taken their most talented center and all but marginalized him as an offensive force.”

    Where Brooks shortsightedness comes to show is that the Rangers tried the Gomez, Naslund, Drury line for the first half-dozen games and it didn’t work.

    So Renney mixed em up to get Drury and Naslund going and to some extent it worked.

    So he tried to get Callahan and Dawes going, and for a few games that line played well together.

    Everyone likes to play Monday morning (no pun intended), but Renney is doing his best to get the most out of a roster that really lacks any bonafide, consistent scoring threat minus Zherdev.

    Who cares what the Rangers are paying Gomez. He is an asset to be used for the betterment of the team, and if the team can pick up points with Gomez having lower numbers, who cares, he’s the Rangers asset for now and thus far Renney’s moves have worked well.

    Do I agree with Renney’ss overall approach to the game? No. I think a lot of you are aware of that. But Saturday nights loss was really due to Valley not stopping some easy shots. Although I was out and misse the game, the highlights showed Valley really missing some easy saves.

  21. At this point, I think it is safe to say I have made up my mind about two votes –

    One for President and the other one is for Brendan Shanahan to be back on the Rangers roster ASAP.

  22. After turning away from the Rangers game in disgust during the 3rd on Saturday night, my buddy and I put on the Bruins/Stars game. I really love watching Bruins hockey. They’re an exciting team to watch, but above and beyond, watching the Bruins highlights what a colossal group of pussies the Rangers defensemen are.

    The Rangers don’t have one guy who will stand up at the blue line. They all skate in to the zone backwards, poke-checking and hoping to knock the puck loose. Almost everyone on the B’s is prepared to dig in, stand up, and PUT THE MAN ON HIS ASS rather than yielding the zone. Every time I see it, I wish even one d-man on the Rangers would do this consistently.

    I love the Rangers, I’m excited about being in the Garden next Monday against Edmonton. I’m happy with the start of the season, and all things considered, we shouldn’t be bitching with the way we’re doing right now. But damn do I want a more physical group of defensemen out there.

  23. Oh, and one more thing… Dawes is worthless. I’d support swapping Prucha into his spot in a heartbeat, and I’m not a Prucha lover by any stretch of the imagination. Gomer is doing his best and Callahan is one of my favorite Rangers, but Dawes just floats around half the time and misses chances when he does get them. Sit him.

  24. If Fritsche is going to play instead of Prucha, how about moving him to the 4th line and Sjo up to play with Drury and Naslund?

  25. News flash Dawes out prucha in tomorrow,Also I work with a guy whose friend is a friend of Shanny’s and he says Shanny is still only interested in staying in NY,he says Shanny will wait til the half way point before going any where else unless a top $$$$$$ offre comes along. He just talked to Shanny on Saturday.

  26. I think Valiquette should start tomorrow night. Let him forget the Toronto third period immediately. The team will be glad to have the chance to help him out in that regard. I think it makes sense, especially given the opponent.

  27. When I saw the topline to Saturday’s game, I thought to myself, “How could Valiquette give up five goals in under six minutes and still be in the game long enough to still make 30 saves?” Well, that must have been an ugly one. A good one to miss for me, I’m sure. At least the other local teams were having problems with their top goalies around the same time. I knew we wouldn’t be able to collect all ten points from this stretch of five bad teams.

  28. deja – where is dubinsky signing autographs in scarsdale? i live about 5 min from that area, was wondering where he’ll be, and where can i get tickets?

    Also, I agree with everyone that’s saying how tomorrow is the true test. Renney, the team, and the fans should expect DOMINATION outta the next game. It’s gotta be there most convincing game of the season so far.

  29. Noonan…stick to hockey commentary, don’t try and sound smarter than you are.

    Which whiny socialist are you talking about? McCain when he ran against Bush in the 2000 primary? (Check Youtube highlights, type “McCain Socialism”, and see his “tax the rich, tax cut to the poor” stance from 2000 to 2006 when he was pandering.) Or are you talking about McCain who says it’s OK to put our banks into government ownership (because we are in a dire situation right now) and that THAT socialism is OK, but when Obama says it it’s just socialism? Makes SOOO much sense. Dude, the government owns our banks….that is socialism. Period.

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    At the end of the day, are you happy with how we are being governed and the results of that government in the last 8 years? If so, you know how to vote. If not, you know how to vote. Either of these guys will inherit a total bag of poop. You need to focus on how they will govern.

  30. can we just sign shanny and get this over with.

    by the way i am with Orr on this one i dont care what people think about Shanny either.

  31. Sorry for getting political…..noonan took a free shot, so I had to jump in.

    Bigger event tomorrow is Rangers Isles……Fine, let Prucha have a shot.

  32. if Shanny wants to stay in the northeast, perhaps Pitt might be a better fit.
    They need a veteran presence, and have the cap space.

    He’s not heading to NJ, NII, or Buffalo or Montreal or Toronto…

  33. I say, leave Korpi in Hartford. Trade Fritsche and Dawes and let Prucha stay and sign Shanny.

    Prucha Gomez Naslund
    Voros Dubi Zherdev
    Cally Drury Shanny
    Orr Betts Sjostrom

  34. acdaviddc,
    I hope what your friend said about Shanny still waiting for Rangers is true. Hopefully his “entertaining offers from other teams” is just a ploy to get Sather move and resign him now. I’m not giving up hope on this yet. Hopefully Sather realizes that Shanahan will be an important piece to the team, more so then Prucha or Rissmiller.

  35. MikeyNJ – The league has given each team the opportunity to wear it’s home white sweaters, at home, 6 times during the season.

    All you clowns that are calling for player’s and coach’s heads after one unfortuneate let down give it a rest. If it continues for 5 games then we can start the bashing. 10-3-1 is really shi^^y.

    BTW, BOB you must have taken the short bus to school cause your comments are dumb as rocks. Are you even a Ranger fan or understand hockey. GO AWAY!!!!

  36. They must have changed the time of day at LOHUD because new posts are showing up in the middle of all the other posts

  37. New newman…Go kill yourself and your politics…This is a hockey site…Just because someone makes a comment doesn’t mean you have to go on a rant and put us all to sleep with your BS campaign rhetoric. Keep it to yourself.

    As for Dawes..I do like the guy and see talent, but for god sake he does nothing out there. The fact is the make up of the Rangers is the problem. It’s like having too many pieces of a puzzle but not the one that actually fit. There needs to be some movement to find a solid second line guy. Dawes, Pruch a Fritche would be solid 3rd line guys on other teams. But we have enough 3rd liners. We need a second liner.

  38. New newman…Go kill yourself and your politics…This is a hockey site…Just because someone makes a comment doesn’t mean you have to go on a rant and put us all to sleep with your BS campaign rhetoric. Keep it to yourself.

    As for Dawes..I do like the guy and see talent, but for god sake he does nothing out there. The fact is the make up of the Rangers is the problem. It’s like having too many pieces of a puzzle but not the one that actually fit. There needs to be some movement to find a solid second line guy. Dawes, Pruch a Fritche would be solid 3rd line guys on other teams. But we have enough 3rd liners. We need a second liner.

  39. Interesting convo on 1050 between periods 2 and 3 Sat night (admittedly don’t know by who cause listening to games isnt my thing but whatever).. but basically they were summarizing the game.. Rangers up 2-0 at the time.. and someone said that stylistically it looked like a Devils game.. then they brought up that Renney was asked if he would mind the Rangers becomming like the Devils (of old).. Renney was careful in his response..
    because the fans obviously wouldn’t be too receptive to a Devils like brand of hockey.. but Im sure if it was worded would you like to win 2 cups in the next 4 years his answer would be alot more telling and accepted..
    anyway im rambling.. and the rangers ended up blowing that game.. but with a goalie that is as much an asset as Brodeur used to be (Lundquist in case anyone wasn’t sure).. this might be the direction this team is going in.. and while it is not fun.. if it gets you a cup or two.. can you argue against it???

  40. i used to feel sorry for Dr House regarding her fixation regarding shanny. that is no longer the case.

    I would offer to drive shanny to the airport free of charge and buy him a 1 way ticket to his new destination. hopefully this week he’ll (and Brooks) move on as the Rangers have.

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