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If there’s a reason why teams don’t normally win at the clip the Rangers have been winning at, it’s because a) other teams start gearing up for you more than usual; or b) there is a chance that even subconsciously you start to get ahead of yourself.

It’s hard to say which factor was at work last night in Toronto, although it’s fair to say the Rangers in the third period started to stray from what was working, and that the Maple Leafs began to feed off the possibility of knocking them from their perch.

It got so ugly in such a short period of time, I was fully expecting a text or an e-mail this morning saying the team would be reconvening at the rink today as punishment. Instead, Tom Renney, perhaps taking a necessary step back — it’s one bad loss in early Novemeber, after all — decided to give the team a day off. There’s plenty of hockey in front of them this week, including an Election Day showdown against the Islanders.

Of course, hockey isn’t a complete democracy, so my vote that Petr Prucha get another crack in that game and that Paul Mara sees more time on the power play might not count for much.

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  1. Why is Dawes still in the lineup? I know it was not his fault that we fell apart last night but I watch him play game in and game out and wonder how he is even in the NHL. Bring back korpedo and get rid of this joke!

  2. I think we are about to have a similar season to Senators last season, unless something is done like a coaching change. Renney is a garbage coach who had success only with the Rangers and mostly thanks to Lundqvist.

  3. sure, let’s bash renney now, because we had a meltdown in the third. Cuz it was all his fault right?

  4. off topic… how come it is never mentioned that goalies are given wins for winning in the shootout? This earns two points in the standings, so it’s a win, but we should either start a new goalie record book or put an * next to every goalie from the post-lockout nhl. Brodeur, while he is a great goalie, should not be this close to Roy on the career wins list. Take away all his shootout victories and make them ties. And same for lundqvist breaking single season win marks and getting 30 wins… great achievement but lets not begin to compare his wins with richters or anyone else pre-lockout.

  5. Considering Renney’s utter futility influencing the PP, the only guy likely to see more action on it is Henrik Lundqvist.

  6. Bob, shut the f*ck up. I’m so tired of hearing the crap that spews from your mouth. What garbage. Every post you make gets more idiotic, which on one hand is actually impressive, but pathetic on the other. Are you even a fan of this team? No rational basis to anything you say, and if you were the head coach of this team we’d be laughed out of the league. Seriously, you’d make Issiah Thomas look like Scotty Bowman. I hope your computer breaks and Blair Betts scores 40…just for you.

    It was a bad loss, sure. But we got owned by Montreal last year blowing a 5 goal lead, and the team was fine. If getting thrashed like that wakes this immensely talented team out of it’s funk and forces them to play 60 minutes, then we’re better for it. Sometimes you just have to learn the hard way.

  7. This is not the end of the world. Let’s just say we lost last night 3-2. It would be miserable as well, but not as bad as it actually is. I am glad, that if we lost, we lost this way. I hope EVERYONE is embarrassed and pissed off. I don’t think we are going to go on a losing streak now, but if we do, then all of the pessimists can say I told you so and rub it in my face. People are so up in arms over playing these close 1 goal games, well look around the frigin league. The majority of the games are 1 goal games. Even the teams that are supposed to be the ELITE teams in the NHL are winning 1 goal games. So why is it, that our team, that wasn’t necessarily expected to be putting in boat loads of goals, is winning the majority of our games by one goal, is being crucified for it? I am not quite sure. I would rather have a team with an amazing goalie and a good team, than a team that is more goal orientated and has a shit goalie. That is my take on things. And I do think this PP will get going. We saw flashes of it to start the season, and I think we will get back to it.

  8. i dont think this team wll be like ottawa last year because they dominated the early going of the season unlike us where we have an excellent record but i cannot remember a single game where we truely dominated yet. so if this team can get hot and and find its chemistry i think we could be in for an exciting year.

  9. Sam

    The problems last night were not exclusive to the third period! The second period was brutal too, and the first wasn’t exactly one you put in a time capsule either.

  10. Up until Toronto scored their first goal, the Rangers played a textbook road game. They held a team that normally has been getting 40-50 shots to a fraction of that, they kept the crowd out of it, they were perfect on the PK. Then they failed again to convert on the PP, Toronto scored once and suddenly the entire team – including and perhaps led by Valiquette – panicked. It was the second goal that killed them, not the first, and that should definitely have been stopped.

    I mean, I’m not in the locker room so I don’t know what goes on, but it is just so abundantly clear that if this team plays the type of forechecking, uptempo, pressuring game that they’re supposed to, they win and can compete with anyone. Unfortunately its the kind of system where if you take your foot off the gas you’re done. How these guys forget that for periods at a time is beyond me.

  11. Obviously this team has an elemnt of laziness to it. Somewhat understandable given 82 games but they get paid very well to work hard night in and night out… shift in and shift out.

    No excuses… just a fluke (hopefully).

    Last year against Montreal they responded well to that fiasco.

    It’ll be telling how they respond to this. Just by the post game comments from the players I think they’re going to handle it differently. Maybe not as well.

  12. They got lazy, that’s the bottom line. Every team has 2-3 weird games like this in a season. THE PP units need to change; put Voros with Gomez and Naslund and Drury with Dubisky and Zherdev and if those don’t work, get Callahan and either Dawes/Prucha some time.

    Prucha NEEDS to play next game, Fritsche sits.

  13. Laziness and arrogance will lose you a lot of games. They need to be humbled, embarrasses, and pissed off by this. I am expecting a very solid effort and a win on Tuesday night. And I agree. Prucha needs to play. If it is between Fritsche and Prucha, Prucha should be in there. I think we can all pretty much agree on this. Prucha has done more with his time in games than Fritsche has. And they need to stick Prucha in front of the net on the PP as well.

  14. Can we break up the Bozsival-Kalinin pair? Plus how bout waiving Fritsche and giving Prucha a fair shot?

  15. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    I’ll also be at the Tampa game on the 26th. I’m looking quite forward to it.

  16. gotta agree with Graves9 on this one.

    Tuesday night is a way tooo stressful night i am sure for all of us.

  17. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    And I’m going to agree with House and Graves. Dawes, Fritsche, Rissmiller, and Korpedo have all been pretty bad.

    Prucha plays well every game he’s on the ice…can he get a fair chance? Didnt Renney see Prucha’s shifts with Cally a couple games ago and the late shift with Drury and Sjoestrom? Looked pretty good.

    And how about giving Gomez a hand? I don’t care if Drury can’t F’ing score – make him a 3rd line center focused on Defense. Put Nazzy on Scotty’s line and try Sjoestrom and/or Prucha on the wing. Drury can skate with whoever’s left.

    It’s terrible when Blair Betts is a better offensive and defensive center than Drury.

  18. how long has this team been criticized for being lazy and coasting thru 1 or 2 goal leads late in a game? its like they just dont learn from it until they get embarrassed like last night. and dont think just cause they’ll be pissed that they’ll beat the isles. im sure the isles feel the same after their horrible game and season so far. i dont care if they lose a game but i noticed during the past few games that our d like to play with the puck instead of gettin it out. id like to get rid of redden so bad i thought at first he could replace and be an upgrade over rozy but now i see why ottawa didnt want him

  19. I would play Naslund and Zherdev with Gomez. Your best playmaking center with your best finishers on the wing.

  20. the only thing I can think of is renney is waiting for fritsche to score so we can ship him off somewhere. Pru is clearly the better player. Last game was just a perfect example of momentum . Luckily the islanders gave up a three goal lead so there in the same boat as us and we can use them to get on dry land again. As long as we recoop and play full 60 minute games we will be fine.

  21. Heck, I have to agree with you there. But I am not sure anyone is going to want the guy after last night. I don’t quite think we will blow the Isles out of the water on Tuesday night, but I do think we will win the game. We have to throw everything at McDonald. We should rattle his ass early and get him off his game. He seems decent, but looks like he can get easily rattled.

  22. our roster is at 22 including 1 who never plays so really its 21. means 1 healthy forward is sitting. people act like an injury will never happen. whereas we actually are very lucky in that regard and that can’t last. if prucha is the answer i don’t even want to know the question.

  23. oh im sure tuesday will be a great game for both teams after 2 embarrassing losses but yea we really need to blow gordons fishies out of the water. i dont wanna just win i wanna see some carnage. if we do jump out to an early lead i wanna see more pressure till the very end. i dont wanna see an ot/so game.

  24. Gotta agree with whomever said Renny must go!!! His system sucks and his evalulation of personel is even worse. He`s been coasting on Henricks glory and that aint right. This is supposed to be the NEW high scoring NHL YEA RIGHT not with Renny coaching. Redden, Fritsch, Dawes gotta go its addition by subtaction and why theyre at it get rid of Pearn and Pelino together they = pathetic

  25. li joe, ur right in the fact that there will be injuries so theres no need to dump either one of those guys right now. wait for the trade deadline i bet we’ll get a better return for them then anyway. i just cant undrstand why prucha isnt playing every game. and when he does play he doesnt get pp time. im sure he feels less pressure with riss and korpi out of the picture for now and you put him on with gomez hes bound to put a few in because that 1st pp unit sucks ballz. i guarantee you we score that 3rd goal last night we win.

  26. Blue to the Bone on

    We’re all asking why Prucha hasn’t been playing. And, when he does suit up why Renney doesn’t give him PP time. But, I haven’t see Sam or any of the local beat writers ask Renney the question. Renney noted how Prucha was the fittest player at camp and how he deserves more ice time…so, why not do what you say?

  27. L.i who said he was the answer? He isd better than Fritsche for sure and Dawes has been pretty awful too. If Prucha got 15 minutes a night like Dawes and he stunk it up I’d stop calling for Prucha to be given a shot.

  28. Put Dawes with Drury as those two had chemistry. I like Gomez and Cally but they need a sniper either Zherdev or Naslund so Cally can do all the dirty corner work for them.

    I don’t wanna hate Redden this early but he needs to do more offensively. That first PP unit is a mismatch. It’s like the computer in those EA Sports games made the Hero Line.

  29. don’t get me wrong. last yr renney played hollweg and sat prucha. realize prucha is not a 4th liner but even i was pissed about that.

    just when i see people want 2 or 3 players waived or whatever so prucha can play. i think thats crazy especially since we’ll need depth sooner rather than later. i sometimes wonder if its because he is on someones fantasy team or they have his jersey.

  30. Kurt, Nobody is firing Renney.

    Prucha should play he has proven more to me in the last couple of games than Fritsche.

  31. Waived maybe not but he should be at least playing over Fritsche(who played 13 empty minutes last night)

  32. Nasty,
    I’m hoping that nobody in the league saw our game last night..haha. I really wish I had not watched the game adn had gone to the Joe Satriani concert in town, but I was too devoted. Nobody seemed to be on there game yesterday and thats what I feel led to our downfall. Usually we’ll have a couple guys step up a night. Two games ago: Zherdev and before that was Drury if I remember correctly. In the beginning of the season it was Voros…but where has the fire been under his butt? Did something happen to his family or something that I wasn’t aware of? Anyways, I hope they all start picking it up again real soon.

  33. Satriani concert? Sounds sick. That guy is great live. I’m excited for his new project which is now called Chickenfoot but will have a namechange. It features Satriani on guitar, Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers on drums (a GREAT and underrated drummer and he’s a multiple time MSG Super Skate Alumni) and Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony from Van Halen on the mic and bass. Should be out in like 4-6 months.

  34. Yes Mark, tore his ACL and he’s done for the year. That sucks as the injury comes at the worst time for him because he’d have a shot next year with all the UFAs.

    I hope Sauer is doing well.

  35. Helminen was in the Rangers system but he never was looked as a prospect more like a suspect. He came over in the Nedved trade(along with Valiquette) back in ’04.

  36. Chad smith or will ferrell? Haha. Rhcp is my favorite band. But this blog is not supposed to be about that sooo, let’s go rangers!

  37. Actually Helminen played ona line with Dawes for a year or two and the two of them lit it up together. Personally I was surprised the Rangers treated him the way they did. I’m not at all surprised to see him in the NHL.

  38. i really dont want to hear from LI Joe about Shanahan cause i aint gonna shutup unless he officially signs somewhere. So save it.

  39. You know you’re getting old when the Helminen that comes to mind when the name is mentioned isn’t Dwight but Raimo.

    GP G A P
    1985–86 New York Rangers NHL 66 10 30 40

  40. Renney is like anyone. We all find it hard to change our outlook at times. Damn tough job being a professional coach at this level. I do wish he would look hard at his system and see if he can get more old style hockey creativity happening. Me thinks it’s a bit stifled, okay even up, but a real negative on the powerplay. Too much system maybe.

  41. HOUSE

    Gotta go with Dru, and Gomer, cause the other two will retire in a year or so.

    Faglund thinks he’s gonna sign with the Pissburgh Penis’. I could definitely see that. Ugh, they sure could have used him in that shootout. I hope he signs with the Blues, but the Blues writer says he thinks he’s not gonna sign there. They could use him too, with all those kids, Perron, Oshie, Johnson, etc. You can never have to many vets who can play the game, like him and Tkachuk.

  42. i said it in the blog a couple of days ago. Shanny is gonna sign with either NJ or Pittsburgh. Im leaning more towards Pitt though because the Pens havent stopped jumbling lines all season to find someone to play with Cindy C. I still wanted Shanny back (under the right contract) b/c I think Shanny is capable of scoring 20-30 goals, esp now with Crosby possibly passing to him.

  43. Now that Korpedo is down with the Pack. I actually want Shanny to sign here. Unless we can get Sundin. The way i see it, its either having Fritsche with Nazzy, and Dru, or Shanny with them. Which would you choose ? I mean, it seems like Pruchs just isn’t gonna get his shot.

    Sign Shanny, or sign Sundin. Id prefer Mats, but at this point im not against them. This whole “speed” BS, means jack shit. Our “speed” couldn’t break through the Stars, and Sabs. Our “speed” didn’t help when we got a 7 minute raping by the Leafs. Our “speed” didn’t help when we lost to the Wings. There is no speed, this team isn’t gonna be flying up and down. So we mine as well use him here.

    You know what, in a way, i think this can be the best for Shanny. This could be the ultimate motivation for him, and he’ll start putting up some goals quick. If Slats doesn’t sign him, i seriously hope he goes with a West team, cause i cant take it if he’s on the Devs, or Pens, or any other East team. Ugh, the thought makes me wanna put my head through this comp screen.

  44. I hope we realize that Sundin is a longshot, No offense peoples. Who else trains out in LA? I cant imagine shanny somewhere else for some reason.

  45. How great would it be if we could trade Rozy for Vermette (Ottawa has been reported as being “desperate” to obtain a puck-moving D-man, and will trade Vermette or Fisher to do so). Then, bring up Fahey or Potter or both since we currently have 6 D-men on the roster anyway.

    We would have around 2.0-2.5 million in cap space, all while acquiring a top 6 forward, and shedding some long-term payroll.

  46. joe satriani? sweet!!!! heck ur only 19 and u dig satriani huh? good shit man. anyway i hope we save the cap money for the trade deadline if need be or to help sign duby and stall or nikky. sundin would help but as time goes on id rather not see him here. maybe if he started the season with us but now i just dont know, i mean yea i like the possibility of him adding more scoring and maybe put dru on a wing somewhere cuz his f/o % sucks anyway, but i think if this team gets its shit together we really dont need him. id rather see the team try to win w/o adding another aging superstar. it just never seems to work for us. hey maybe im wrong but if jagr couldnt give us a cup, sundin sure as shit wont

  47. just for an example of why we dont need sundin. the detroit game. we showed we can hang with the cup champs and forced them to ot in a hard fought playoff like battle. if the guys can muster up that kind of spirit night in night out, and for 60 min. not 55, we dont need him. i think sjostrom deserves more icetime. hes been great lately. and what happened to the playstation line? voros has dissappeared and duby looks to be struggling a little. and for god sakes redden will you play with some intensity? if ur not gonna score at least throw some mean checks. and i could go on about dawes i dont know how this guy is on the 1st line let alone in the lineup. if any one of those players stepped it up including dru who basically got 2 lucky goals, wed be set. whoever said that every game it was a different guy comin thru for us was right. we need all the guys to come thru not just a few cause voros or nazzy or betts etc.. arent gonna win us games that often. ok ive had 1 too many cups of coffee, im gonna stop. we’ll be alright but lets crush the fishies and get back on track

  48. I have to say that Zherdev is reminding me of a young Alex Kovalev (early 90s) with his stick handling as of late. Little bit of a hog with the puck. I hope Renny’s talk nips that one immidiately.

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